The Most Memorable Storylines Of 2011.

The year that was.

With the end of the year now upon us, it’s time to look back and take some stock of the highlights that made up the soap stories of 2011. Our sister site has been doing just that and you might want to drop by to offer your two cents, or at least take a peek at the video clips.

Matt and Christine revisited the trials and travails of the people of Salem, including the sad story of RoboRafe and how, “Bo and Hope ditched work at SPD in order to discover what Alice Horton did while her doughnut dough was rising. They discovered Alice was big into keeping secrets, starting with her knowledge that Daniel Jonas was Maggie Horton’s biological son but that was only the beginning of the rewrites for one of the show’s most beloved bygone characters.”

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Lori counted down three of the most memorable plotlines on “General Hospital” over the past year. These included Nicolas’ departure from Port Charles. “When faced with the truth that Lucky was actually the tot’s dad, he didn’t exactly accept it, but agreed to step aside so as not to put Aiden through anymore turmoil. However, Nikolas couldn’t stick around to watch so he took off, but not before sharing an insightful, humorous and heartfelt goodbye with his brother.”

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Candace took in the highs and lows of the CBS soaps. “The Bold And The Beautiful” had its usual fill of love triangles this year, but also a very memorable psychedelic romp. “Viewers’ tongues were wagging after Brooke and her stepson ate hallucinogenic berries and went on a semi-sexual odyssey while stranded on an island.”

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Meanwhile, the citizens of Genoa City had their fair share of problems, including murders, fake deaths and custody battles. “We watched, enthralled, yet horrified, as Billy and Vikki fell in love with Daniel’s child. We witnessed Daniel’s stunned realization that Lucy was his daughter, and his struggle to do right by her. We held our breath as Phyllis put two and two together and concluded that Billy and Vikki were raising her grandchild.”

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