The Young And The Restless Spoilers December 30 – January 2.

Proposals and parties…

Victor is facing 25 years to life and stuns Sharon with a proposal. He wants Sharon to feel protected and asks her to marry him. Sharon thinks he’s joking, but Victor gives Sharon a jewelry box containing an engagement ring. When she wonders what’s in a marriage to her for him, Victor urges Sharon to wear the ring for a while and insists it’ll be good for both of them. Meanwhile, Nikki talks up a special night and claims to Deacon that it could change everything for them. She finds out from Gloria that she wasn’t at Gloworm the whole night when Diane was murdered – Deacon could have left work without her knowing. When Nikki rushes off to tell Victor, she sees Sharon and the engagement ring.

Patty is letting her emotions get in the way of her plans once again and things don’t go as planned. As she stands outside of Gloworm and listens to Gloria announce Jack and Genevieve’s engagement, Patty wonders how to stop it from going any further. She manages to drug Genevieve’s drink then watches in horror as Jack drinks from the glass.

New Year’s parties erupt throughout Genoa City. Look for sparks to fly at one in particular. As Phyllis kisses Ronan, and Nick kisses Avery, the two exes can’t ignore the passion still brewing between them. Billy isn’t so lucky… As he and Victoria prepare to celebrate the new year, Chelsea shows up at their house and asks Victoria if she can speak to Liam.

Come Monday… When Victoria asks Chelsea what she wants to talk to her husband about, the woman asks Billy if he really wants to do this in front of his wife. Nikki admits to Katherine that she’s never felt so lost in her life, and Patty panics when Gloria screams for someone to get Jack some water.

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  1. From cindy

    Victoria get PG with Billy’s baby and they live happily ever after.

  2. From Milly Piros

    Announce Dian’e killer already. I’m sick of trying to figure it out. Get Victor out of jail so he and Nikki can forever be happy…and Patty get rid of the nut case??? I’ve watched this show from the begining and it’s the same all the time. Same story lines.

  3. From Elaine

    Let Billy and Victoria live in love and peace. They are so good together. There is toooo much bed hopping and evil on this show anymore

  4. From Dorothy

    Who made Victor a god, I used to like him but he’s managing too many lives. He should just be the old man that he is, his storyline is getting sickening.I’ve watched the soap from day one,and I’ve always liked most of the characters-but Victor is really turning me off.

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