The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For December 19 – 23.

Patty made another pillow, Devon received a surprise, and Nikki had an accident…

Genevieve accepted Jack’s proposal, and Patty went into a rage. When she say news on Victor and Nikki, Patty made another message pillow. Nikki was thrown in jail for interrupting Victor’s arraignment. Ronan told Nick someone was distracting them by placing the guilt on his parents. After her release, Nikki heard from Gloria that Deacon had been at Glowworm the night of Diane’s murder. She asked for an annulment, but Deacon refused and claimed he’d left work and witnessed the murder. Though Victor allowed Sharon to spend the holidays with him, he turned Nikki away.

As the deciding vote on the Newman board, Tucker voted Adam in as CEO. Victor asked that everyone accept Adam’s new position. After Nick found Sharon talking to Adam, he refused to allow her to accompany him and Faith to the Christmas concert. Devon witnessed how good Harmony was with the children’s choir. Harmony wished she could’ve been there for Devon and Ana. Katherine surprised Devon and Harmony with a visit from Ana. Harmony, with tears in her eyes, watched Ana sing at the concert. Later, Devon told Ana Katherine had an agenda for helping Harmony. Ana reminded Devon that Katherine wasn’t a bad person.

Angelina’s singing improved every time Kevin was present. Though she wanted to sing at Chloe and Kevin’s wedding, Chloe refused her. Angelo warned Kevin to make things happen and threatened to have his daughter sing at his funeral. Chloe finally agreed but warned Angelina would not be joining them on their honeymoon. Angelo dragged Kevin to Devon’s studio and forced him to stay there until Angelina’s demo was finished, claiming Kevin was her good luck charm. Angelina admitted to Kevin that she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby. Later, on their way to the church, Carmine shot at Kevin, thinking he was the baby’s father. Angelina warned Carmine would follow them to the church. In order to protect Chloe, Kevin called the wedding off. Vikki and Billy prepared to remarry in Kevin and Chloe’s place. Nikki raced to the wedding, drunk, and hit a tree. Her guardian angel, her mother, appeared and took Nikki on a journey through her life. She explained that Nikki didn’t kill Diane, but Victor knew who did. When Nikki came to, she stumbled to the church in time for the wedding.

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