Bryan Dattilo Back To Days Of Our Lives. (Updated.)

Another man in Sami’s life.

Updated: January 5.

According to Soap Opera Digest, the producers of “DOOL” are in talks with Dattilo to keep him back in Salem for a few years.

Updated: December 7

It has been officially confirmed that Bryan Dattilo will be returning as Lucas. Look for him to make his first appearance in late February.

Original article: December 2.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Bryan Dattilo (ex-Lucas Horton) has been spotted around the “Days Of Our Lives” set in Burbank, California. This sounds suspiciously like it could mean that his character will be returning to Salem.

Soap Opera Fan Blog has contacted the show for a statement and will keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

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  1. From dc

    yea, sure hope to see him back in the role of lucas..

  2. From SandyGram

    Makes me a very happy camper if it is true! Will needs his father, as does Allie and Sami needs a friend which Lucas always was no matter what she did and she would listen to him!

  3. From dc

    you are so right sandygram…
    will definitely needs his father and sami needs a friend..

  4. From jenn

    I hope Lucas comes back. Even though it probably won’t happen, I always liked him and Sami together.

    I also agree with you SandyGram, Will and Allie both need their father right now. Especially after the Sami and Ej drama unfolds. Sami does need her friend. That is one thing about Lucas, he always told Sami “how it was”. He is not one who sugarcoats things.

  5. From Phyllis

    YES bring back Lucas He was great and WIll needs him now
    I like the old Austin better than this one. WE DON’T NEED MARLENA EITHER SHE AND JOHN ARE SICKENING

  6. From Heather

    Phyllis this is the original Austin. John and Marlena are not sickening and Madison and Brady are good together. Not sure that you have watched this show for very long if you don’t like these vets. Dario doesn’t need to come back Chad and Melanie are cute.

    I love Lucas and Sami together I hope they bring him back. She is going to need him when the drama unfolds and Rafe ends up with
    Carrie (which I do not like). Don’t like that it looks like Austin and Abby are going to end up
    together either

  7. From Paki

    Please don’t bring back Dario. He was so boring. I love Madison and always loved Jack, Marlena and John. We certainly don’t need Lucas. He was boring too. I always liked the current Austin and hated the 2nd.

  8. From Daysfan27

    Ive always loved john and marlena, but this time around the characters are so…..overdone? I dont even know how to put it. Cheesy? John is big clint eastwood fan apparently…I dont know. Could certainly do with out them. Austin…hasn’t aged well. Not fair…but really dont like his scenes at all he is so hard to look at and his acting skill are lacking.

    Lucas….I think it would be smart for Will. He needs help to come out and be happy and stop fighting to hide who he is.

  9. From devinsmom2005

    you know who they need to bring back dont you bell and shawn d

  10. From Doug Nelson

    Sami and Lucas were the Lucy and Desi of soap operas. They should definitely be put back together.
    Rafe’s a nice guy and that’s the problem.

  11. From Mary

    FINALLY!!!! Sami needs a friend.. Even if he’s not a love interest, which he should be, Sami needs Lucas.

    Lucas has so many ties in Salem that it only makes sense to bring him back! With him having almost all his siblings in Salem , (Austin, Billie, Jennifer, etc…to his children….his mother…he’s a Horton…Nieces and nephews and his lifelong bond with Sami that has spanned almost 20 years…that’s 17 more than “save the day ” rafe….There’s so much potential with Lucas! As a Horton and with business with his mom and sister and carrie being back,..everything! You can tie Lucas into almost every current storyline!! About time!!!! I love Bryan!!!!!!

    Ps Bryan and Ali have the most amazing on screen chemistry…I think it stems from almost 20 years of working together and having a real life friendship…they went to each others proms in real life!! Most amazing natural chemistry EVER


    Finally writers!!!!!!!!

  12. From Te

    The writing that was dropped that the twins stem cells couldnt help Stefano needs to be revisited..Lucas is Johnny’s daddy.
    The kid looks just like Lucas and he is short too :)- We need ratings and a huge twisted double baby switch that questions not only Johnny’s paternity but Sydney’s would be WILD ! Especially if Kate having knowledge of it is smack int he center.. Come on Days turn it up!!

  13. From Justin

    Agreed, Bryan Datillo does a great job as Lucas…wish Austin Peck would come back as Austin. Agreed on Belle & Shawn coming back as well…makes sense with John/Marlena back on and Bo/Hope on screen. Days has been amazing the past few months…it’s getting back to number 1 show we all remember!

  14. From Craig

    I’m so excited that Lucas is coming back and, as so many have stated, the timing couldn’t be better. He ties into almost every single story playing our on screen right now. It’ll be interesting to see who the show pairs the 30-somethings with. We’ve got Brady, Madison, Nicole, EJ, Sami, Rafe, Carrie, Austin, Quinn, and now Lucas. What a fun group of characters….though I’m not sure what Quinn is going to add to the show yet.

    I recently made a list of other characters I’d love to see make a come back. Obviously, the canvas of characters is already too large to bring on these characters, but they’d be fun to check in on:

    Eric Brady
    Kimberly Brady
    Shane Donovan
    Eve Donovan
    Kristen Blake
    Shawn Brady
    Belle Black Brady
    Mimi Lockhart
    Chloe Lane
    Phillip Kiriakis
    Anna DiMera
    Jeremy Horton
    Mike Horton
    Vivian Alamain
    Carly Manning

  15. From jenn

    Justin, funny you say that! Days rating have increased the past two weeks…yay!

    I am happy that Lucas is officially coming back! Especially with Will have a drink, he needs his dad.

  16. From Doug Nelson

    I think they should reveal that Lucas is Stefano’s son.Remember when EJ was shot in the back? Why didn’t Stefano take Lucas out? Because he knew Lucas was his son.The whole paternity for Johnny could be explained by the fact that Lucas and EJ are brothers.
    Another missed opportunity for Lucas was to have him witness Daniel and Chloe’s break up. Lucas could’ve had a great time at pouring cold water all over Daniel’s holier-than-thou attitude towards Chloe. Infidelity was how Daniel and Chloe got together in the first place.

  17. From bluejay45

    Yay!!!! Lucas is coming back!!!!! I am so happy!! He was always one of my favorite characters!!! I agree with the others about Will and Allie needing their father. And Sami and Lucas are always fun to watch!!

  18. From janice

    please let John and Marlena’s be a short stay..the Sami and Lucas team is over. Rafe glad my fav Billie is coming back. love Nikki and EJ together.Melanie and Chad cute together.Bo and Hope… Stefano and Victor…Maggie takes place of Gramma who died.Kate great with Stefano.Lucas? please not another contender for Jen! that plot is old!TOO MUCH BEDTIME…bring on some murder/mystery. the constant sex is getting old!!!

  19. From DaysFan

    This is the best news I have heard from Days in a very long time. Since he joined the show in 1993, he has been my favorite actor/character. The scene between him and Sami (Allison Sweeney) with the french toast is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. I can still see the look on his face as he forced himself to eat it–priceless. I can still remember the look on his face when he and Tony Dimera were plotting together and the patio door of the Dimera mansion exploded as Sami stormed through it. He’s been a long time fan favorite, and I mean no disrespect to any other actor/character who has returned but I am more excited about this return than any of the others. Days just was not days without him. He grew up on this show, alongside Allison and like she did with Sami, he made the role of Lucas his own. Days just was not days without him. Welcome home!

  20. From Craig

    Uhm, Janice, Lucas couldn’t be a contender for Jen since they are siblings (half siblings, they share a father), lol. I think Billie will be a contender for Daniel, while I think Lucas may try to come between Brady and Madison if he’s not paired back up with Sami.

    As for the “constant sex”, well, it’s about time the characters at least got some. There was hardly ANY sex (except Chloe’s prostitution which often occurred off screen) it seemed the last few years. It was constant kidnappings, backstabbings, prostituting, drinking, and kids dying or nearly dying. So, it’s nice to see couples who are in love actually making love for a change. Though, like you, I’m craving a good adventure or murder mystery on the show. I fell in love with Days back when there was always an adventure and on location shoots. I know that budgets have pretty much cut out the possibility of an on location shoot now, but a good adventure that involves a good portion of the cast would be greatly welcomed. :)

  21. From DaysFan

    I didn’t realize the comment about a match for Jen was talking about Lucas. I thought everyone knew they were related. Jen even referred to him as her brother in recent episodes, around the time of Alice’s funeral and whenever his name came up. More romance and action would be great. I’d also like for them to stop muddying the lines of good and evil. A primary element in these type shows is a clear good v/s evil theme, and they tend to have the characters flip flop back and forth so much that some of them appear wishy-washy. Now neither side of the audience is happy because the writers or producers can’t decide who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. If a character is a villain, write him as a villain–don’t make him a bad guy, then a good guy, then a bad guy, then a good guy, whether male or female. I could name several characters of both sexes that the writers flip-flop the nature of the character every couple months or so, and that just should not be the case. It frustrates and confuses the audience in the sense that now, the audience doesn’t know whether to like this character or not, or just dislike them all the time because they change so much. That is not to say that there should never be a change in a character but it should be a permanent change, not a constant flip-flopping every few months or every year. And trying to rewrite history differently than it happened… those kinds of things bug long-time viewers who wonder why the writers or producers don’t know anything about the history or nature of the characters or the show that they are writing for. I’ve wondered more than once… Do they even watch the show? And if not, why not? But I’m digressing… whoever they pair Lucas with, I’m just glad he is back. Days just was not Days without him! I think this is the best move they have made in a very long time!

  22. From DaysFan

    I would like to add one last thing–I do believe that Bryan Dattilo’s return as Lucas proves that the writers/producers are at least trying to give Days Fans what they want. Fans have been screaming for his return and some good storylines since before he left, and especially in the recent months ever since it was hinted that some vets were being brought back. It was incredibly disappointing and frustrating when he was not among those who first returned. I am more excited and glad about his return than any other actor or character. He has been a favorite since I first saw him on the show in 1993. To whoever made this decision,… THANK YOU!

  23. From blaine

    lucas would be good to have back on, but when are their any happy couples on days, they make it look like the younger couples can’t make it being married. just hopping from one to another.

  24. From soleowner

    I don’t know if any of you can remember when Lucas first came on the scene. There was an incident between him and Carrie. I remember thinking “Now, there is the “new” couple”!! (You didn’t say “Hot” back then)LOL I have always wanted to see Lucas and Carrie get together. Maybe now…after HOW MANY YEARS???????LOLOLOL

  25. From soleowner

    Sorry “Daysfan” I didn’t read your post before I wrote…SOooo you remember 1993. I could remember exactly. I’ve been watching since the beginning, but I can’t keep the years straight without checking the history facts!!LOL

  26. From Craig

    Well, we got a taste of Lucas and Carrie back when they got married. But, then she cheated on him with Austin on the rooftop of the apartment complex and EJ walked in on them (this is before we knew EJ was a DiMera). That all lead to Carrie and Lucas getting a divorce, and Carrie and Austin having a quickie wedding and leaving Salem.

  27. From RightOn

    I agree with DaysFan about the villian vs good guy issue explained in post #21. I am also very happy Lucas is returning. I think there has been way too much couples-in-bed lately and suck-face kissing. Class it up!

  28. From Nascarladi


  29. From Jessie

    I have been watching days since Julie, Susan and David. The writers are really getting back to the basics and Days is getting better and better each day. Bringing back former characters is great! I record Days everyday and love it. Thanks guys for your great writing.

  30. From Dana

    Please bring back Austin Peck. He is SOOO much better at Austin. I cannot stand this Austin. And.. why is Carrie not the same loveable Carrie we are use too. She is acting wierd!!

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