Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For January 5.

A Kick In The Face.

At the spa, Quinn is teaching Mel and Gabi how to kick. When Chad walks in and drops his keys, Mel accidentally kicks him in the face. Once they wake him up, the apologies and flirting flow. He explains that he and Abby broke up. Gabi is gobsmacked. When Quinn takes her away for a second, Mel and Chad continue to flirt and insist they are just friends. Gabi returns and the three of them head to the pub. The girls are left alone for a minute and Gabi asks Mel if she thinks Abby would mind if she asked Chad out. Mel puffs out her cheeks. Quinn and Chad join them. Mel gets uncomfortable as Gabi flirts with Chad and Chad gets uncomfortable as Quinn flirts with Mel.

Jack and Jenn are at her place. He babbles about their trip to Hawaii. She thanks him for being so thoughtful, especially when it comes to getting them separate rooms. The topic turns to Daniel and she claims he’s a non-issue. Jack is pretty sure she still has feelings for the doctor. She doesn’t want to talk about this. He’s frustrated and declares that he’s going to interview John. She suggests he bring Marlena but he insists this isn’t therapy.

Brady drops by the penthouse to see his dad about his finances. John explains that he’s pouring all his money into repaying people. His son isn’t impressed by his business rationale and offers him some monetary help. John rejects it so his son offers to be his partner. This sounds impulsive to John but Brady insists he’s been thinking about this for a long time. He likes Titan, but he’d rather build something fresh with his father. John is speechless but eventually says no. He refuses to let his son make such a stupid business decision. Jack arrives and they start the interview. John goes on and on about how important Marlena has been for him. Jack begins talking about how taking Jenn for granted was the biggest mistake of his life. After the journalist leaves, the men discuss relationships before the topic turns back to business. John suggests his son talk to Madison about his idea first.

Daniel paces at the hospital. Maggie walks in on him to offer her support. She didn’t want him to be alone when he received his test results. Lexi arrives. She makes them sit down and explains that he had a minor stroke while he was asleep. His condition is not reversible and the tremors will continue. He assumes this means his days as a surgeon are over. His mom tells him he’ll still be a doctor. He can’t take this though because it means losing his identity. Daniel storms out, leaving the women to worry. Maggie feels like she’s been intruding on his life. They talk about the challenges of motherhood. Maggie thinks her son needs someone else to help him get through this. Lexi tells her to hang in and be his mom. Meanwhile, Daniel literally bumps into Jenn in the square. He tries to avoid her but she starts probing. She offers to be there for him and makes him sit down and open up. The doctor explains his condition and tries to put on a brave face. She feels bad. They hug. Jack walks by and sees them.

Salem Spoilers For Friday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“Your mother knows that secrets have a way of coming out,” Marlena reminds Will.

“We need to talk,” Brady tells Madison.

“What is it that she’s going to do that’s gonna break my heart?” Rafe asks Will.

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  5 responses so far...

  1. From jolie

    Poor Gabi, she is going to be rejected by Chad now. I thought she had acted a bit interested in him lately. Only right that she try to go back to where they had been before. She needs a boost to her feminine confidence with the way these guys are doing her lately. Of course Will can’t help that he doesn’t feel the kind of love for her that she felt for him and Chad has eyes for Mel. So will that leave Quinn for Gabi? If the past was not rewritten, bet Rafe would try to put the skids on any romance with Quinn due to his former profession. I can’t get over it so I can’t imagine that a former Fed and member of Salem PoPo would get past it either.
    So Dr Dan had a stroke. Is he not going to do therapy to see if it gets better? Are we not going on some kind of meds to prevent further damaging episodes? A bit tidy for me but gets him a vacation I guess. Wonder how things will be when he comes back? I really don’t see the point to Jenn and Dr Dan meeting up and hugging, prolonging the agony for us all. If it is over, it is over. Be done with it. Move on. Most of us have by now, even with Jack’s goofiness, if he is what we have, we’ll deal.
    So Brady wants to leave Grandpa Vic in the lurch and go to work for Basic Black? Does that mean he gets to take Mad World with him? He didn’t buy it himself; he bought it for Titan. Victor might not want to have the reins of the company back now that he is a newlywed.

  2. From dc

    well, the look on jack’s face when he saw jennifer and daniel together was priceless.. YEA!!
    don’t think gabe would be a good match for chad.. and quinn eith melanie definitely NO..
    would hope john and brady could work together and reenew their relationship which has been rocky over the years..

  3. From SandyGram

    For the second time, the first being when Jack’s PTSD was disclosed, and now I actually feel compassion for Jack. He’s doing everything that Jennifer has asked, taking one day at a time, giving her space, etc. and still Jennifer seems to be only thinking of Jennifer. I liked the way Jack presented his side today, yea he’s got a little goofiness about him, but it seems even after all these years it’s hard for him to share ‘him’ with Jen. He may have been somewhat of a flake in the past but I think he is sincerely trying to give Jen what she needs to make her decision.

    John and Brady what two bulls in China Cabinet…mucho stubborn, but we can feel the love. If Brady leaves Titan I wonder if that means he turns the control back over to Victor or who could replace him as head of Titan? Let’s see Lucas is coming back to town, would he leave Home and Hearth, his mothers company, to go to Titan, pitting mother against son? Maybe Justin could step up, but I think his only experience is in being a lawyer. I’m thinking Madison will initially be upset that Brady would leave Titan, but she’ll come around. All makes a good opening for Philip to return!

  4. From Richard

    Daniel will probably get help the way that Bill Horton did, when he had tuberculosis in his hand. He was a surgeon too and had a way with the ladies, as Daniel does.
    Jack once had a condition where he stuck his hand on a grill and didn’t feel anything.

  5. From dc

    yea, philip coming back would be a good thing. also read, sometime back that chloe was returning. if all of this is true then parker would have to return also..
    chad being a model would be a good thing, maybe even quinn.. ej has a vested interest in quinn’s spa..

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