Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For January 6.


Kate visits Sami in her office and tells her that they have to get used to bending the rules. She gives Sami the night off. Sami’s baffled and her boss tells her it’s okay to spend her time looking at screensavers of her kids. Meanwhile, Will returns to the loft where Rafe is making a stir fry, including one without carrots for Will. He tells Will that Sami’s late nights will only be temporary, “I hope not. It’s so much better when she’s out of the house,” Will says. Rafe tells him to stop pouting. Will doesn’t want Sami to ruin Rafe’s life like she has with every other guy she’s been with. Rafe claims that things are all good. Sami shows up. Smooches. Will looks nauseous. The small talk begins. Will escapes. Sami doesn’t understand what’s going on so she relates an irrelevant story about how much Will likes the pink play money in Monopoly. They eat and she kisses him. He points out that she’s been overly affectionate lately. She claims that since she nearly lost Johnny, she’s realized how much she loves him. Sami talks about how much she likes her new job and how everything will work out. After he does the dishes, she leaps on top of him and he carries her into the bedroom.

Marlena heads home. John smooches her and asks what’s up with Will. “Just girl stuff,” she says. He tells her Brady made him an interesting proposition and explains it. They start going over their cable bill and then flirt. An anxious Will shows up and asks to speak to his grandma alone. Once John is gone, Will tells her he can’t breathe around his mom. She thinks he should confront his mom but he’s scared the truth would kill Rafe. “Secrets have a way of coming out,” she muses. Will declares that he might leave town and walks out. John returns and she worries that she’s not doing enough to help Will. Meanwhile, Will angrily paces the square. He kicks over a garbage can and then spots a campaign poster for EJ.

Brady joins Madison at the pub. She’s still frustrated about not having a Sami replacement, “Ugh,” she groans. He tells her about his plan to go into business with his dad. She thinks he should think that through some more. He makes his case. This annoys her and she asks him to leave. He won’t and promises he would never leave her high and dry. She doesn’t understand why helping his dad is so important to him. Brady wants to rebuild his relationship with his father but he’s worried it could come between them. She confirms that it will but family should come first. They go back to her place. She decides that his idea to help his dad is great and they hug.

Elvis fumes to his father at Casa DiMera about how he is now losing the election because John has been exonerated. His father tells him to calm down but EJ needs to know how this happened. “I am that one who has failed you,” says Stefano. EJ’s confused so his dad babbles about how he should have spent more time with him as a child. Kate arrives and declares that Sami has been making her smile. She tells them about hiring Sami. “Why would you hire Samanther? She only has one skill and you can’t use it to sell clothes,” EJ snarls. Kate doesn’t explain. She leaves for dinner with her husband. They wander by the pub and Stefano complains about Harold not wearing his suspenders. She senses something is wrong. He confesses that he’s kept a secret from EJ. John and Marlena wander by and Kate invites them to dinner. John would rather starve. He squints at Kate when she tells him Sami is working for her and then angrily walks off with Marlena. Stefano tells Kate they should go find somewhere expensive and have dinner alone. Inside the pub, John gets a call from his son. Meanwhile, Will shows up at Casa DiMera. He tells EJ that he needs money to leave town. He knows his secret and, if he doesn’t pay up, he’ll make sure everyone else does too.

Salem Spoilers for Monday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“What if going though this just tears us apart again?” Bo asks Hope.

“I want to help you like you helped me,” Jenn tells Daniel. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?” the doctor asks.

“I know something that you might not want other people to know,” EJ warns Will.

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  8 responses so far...

  1. From susie

    Geez, I get so tired of the storylines for the younger members of the cast sometimes, the one about Will right now is nauseating. The storyline is making him act like a big baby, also, either they will write him as gay or not, but sure wish they’d make up their minds. As for how he is acting about seeing him mother in a “compromising” position, get over it already, he is not two years old. This can happen any day of the week in real life, not saying it is morally right; but the storyline presented extenuating circumstances. Have him grow up already. Most teens today would not be acting this way.

  2. From SandyGram

    Oh Please…”Will likes the pink play money in Monopoly”…I can hear Sami now when Will finally tells her he’s gay “Oh, Will the pink play money, I just know that’s what made you gay”. What a ridiculous and unnecessary line for Sami.

    If Madison is working with the soon to arrive Ian to do something dastardly to Titan, she should be glad Brady is leaving to go work with John on rebuilding Basic Black. Unless it’s not Titan that’s he’s after since one of his on-screen contacts with be Kate.

    EJ grow up…why go into this he’s disappointed Stefano stuff. I thought he said he (EJ) stole the pension money from Basic Black to help him in his (EJ’s) Mayor campaign. Then EJ’s comment about “Samantha only have one skill and you can’t use it to sell clothes”…gee I’m almost positive the Countess Wilhelmina is a Cosmetic Business.

  3. From jolie

    SandyGram, I was a bit confused over Elvis’ line about Samanthar selling clothes as well but I guess he was thinking about her without clothes.
    I found the pink money comment as ludicrous as well. So all gay men love pink, I would think not. I just wonder where this is going between Sami and Will. He is throwing himself in Elvis lane for a head on collision. If Will thinks he has problems now, he’ll soon be neck deep with Elvis and his problems will multiply exponentially. I find it difficult to believe that Rafe hasn’t used his ace detection skills to determine that Will has a real problem with his mom, bigger than normal, and it is eating him alive. Marlena would probably have this thing figured out as well but she has spent the biggest portion of Will’s life time away I guess. Marlena can’t get John’s face off hers long enough to really bear down and think about anything else for long so poor Will is left to step in over his head with Elvis.

  4. From patty

    Well, it’s official, EJ now “owns” Will. Congrats Old Fart, quite an accomplishement to have a kid do your bidding.
    Does anybody remember Will shooting EJ? I wish I did . Can EJ threaten him with jail if it was something he did as a child? Don’t fall into his trap Will, you’re smarter than that.

  5. From dc

    i had forgotten about ej getting shot when he was about to marry sami.. but i never knew it was will who really shot him..
    i hope this ian character is gonna be a thorn in kate’s side and leaves madison alone so she can stay with brady..
    i would love to see shawn and belle back with claire.. also phillip with chloe and parker..

  6. From DaysFan

    It didn’t actually show the killer, but the lead-up and following certainly indicated that it was Will, especially considering that Lucas took the blame, and Will suddenly went out of the country to Sweden. Lucas was protecting his son.

  7. From DaysFan

    It didn’t actually show the killer, but the lead-up and following certainly indicated that it was Will, especially considering that Lucas took the blame, and Will suddenly went out of the country to Switzerland to stay with Carrie and Austin. Lucas was protecting his son. (wanted to correct the error in the previous post…should have proofread before posting)

  8. From DaysFan

    I’m glad to see this storyline being finished though, and not just forgotten. It was ‘dropped’ or left hanging before, which wasn’t a good thing…. it was too big a storyline to just disappear. I also hope that this will finally prove, one way or another, that Elvis is, after all, a Dimera – a villain. Either he is a villain, or he isn’t — the flip flopping drives me insane. Speaking of villains, now Kate plays that role so well – there is one you really love to hate, lol! I love it when she finally gets hers, like the time Lucas shoved wedding cake in her face. I’m so excited about Bryan’s return as Lucas. The show just was not the same without him.

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