Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For January 3.

My Sins Have Come Full Circle.

Brady and Madison are at the mansion flirting. She’s trying to work and complains about having to hire a replacement for Sami. When she says she’s going to push back the release of the men’s line, he forbids it because it would mess up all the cross promotions. They bicker and she refuses to bow to him. She accuses him of being extra hard on her because they are dating but he insists he’s just being fair. “Maybe we shouldn’t be sleeping together,” she suggests before backing down. They decide to try to make things work by compromise and plan things out. He starts to worry that Sami might betray them but then dismisses that, confident she would never do anything so stupid. They make out.

Sami is at CW with Kate. She’s finished all of her HR paperwork and thanks Kate for the job. Kate demands that she tell her everything she knows about MadWorld. Sami realizes that’s probably illegal and claims that she has too much of a conscience for that. Kate tells her to stop the nonsense and spill. Samantha refuses. “When have you ever cared about what’s right?” Kate asks. Sami claims that she’s being just as ‘self-absorbed’ as ever. The only reason she isn’t committing espionage is because it could land her in jail. Her boss tells her to be a ‘playa’ or be fired. She accuses Sami of being even more mercenary than she is and suggests that she should be as brutal in business as she is in her personal life. Sami caves and starts to spill. Kate’s thrilled. She sends Sami home to get the rest of her info on her laptop.

Nicole and Elvis join Jenn, Abe and Lexi in the square to discuss the debate. The men make jibes and then each leaves to take a call while the women debate about the intelligence of the average Salem voter. Nicole thinks they’re idiots who care more about reality TV than politics. The men stand in a corner and point out that the women haven’t even noticed they’re gone. EJ wishes this was all over. Abe points out that if he wins, he will be working for the public and that means going in the dunking booth at the county fair and dealing with the city council. The men return and announce that they have hammered out how the debates will work. The women laugh at them and explain that they came to the same decision. As Nicole and EJ leave, she assures him that she will get them the upperhand.

Will wakes up at the penthouse. His grandma starts pushing him to say more about Sami sleeping with Elvis. He’s reluctant but she thinks he needs to get it all out. Will rants about how his mom betrayed their family. He explains it all happened while Johnny was missing and Rafe was looking for him. As he fidgets, he tells her all the gory details. He wishes he could erase what he saw. “I never knew what a heartless, evil slut she is,” he says, saying that the only person she can love is herself. He hates her for destroying his family. Marlena makes excuses for her daughter but he doesn’t buy them. The shrink rationalizes what Sami and EJ did but Will doesn’t care why she did what she did. She continues defending her daughter because she made the same mistake. “My sins have come full circle,” she says, claiming it is not their place to judge her. She urges him to forgive Sami for his own sake or he might turn out just like his mom. He heads to the loft. Sami is on her computer. Kate calls to tell her to hurry up. She putters off before Will can say anything. He calls Marlena to tell her what happened. She urges him to try again but he doesn’t think he can ever forgive her. Meanwhile, Sami arrives back at CW and Kate says they will be an unstoppable team.

Salem Spoilers For Wednesday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“I’m responsible for what happened to our little boy,” Bo says to Hope and Marlena.

“You can tell me anything,” Sonny offers Will.

“What the hell is this?” Abby asks when she catches Chad with Mel.

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