Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For January 4.


Austin and Rafe tease Carrie as she fusses over the plants in her new office. She sends Rafe away and then hugs her husband. He makes some snarky remarks about her new business. This ruffles her feathers so he assures her she has his support. They get lovey-dovey. Rafe and Tilley walk in. “I’m desperate!” bellows the animal print wearing woman. The love of her life has gone missing and he has an eye for the ladies. “I guess I love him more than I hate his bad habits,” she says, asking them to pick him up and bring her ‘snugglebunny’ home. Finally, she explains that she’s looking for her cat and gives them some pictures and five bucks. After she leaves, they chuckle and go out to search for the cat. Rafe finds him under the clam delivery truck. The cat escapes. As they return to the office, they worry about what this will do to their reputation. Tilley calls and thanks her and ‘Ruff’ for sending her cat home. He showed up on her doorstep. Carrie and Rafe bump knuckles.

Chad walks the square and thinks of locking lips with Mel. She magically appears. As he’s about to pull her into another kiss, Abby shows up and demands to know what’s going on. She already knows and they can’t stutter out of it. Abby accuses Mel of betraying her. Chad insists that there was no betrayal. She still thinks this is too soon and reminds him that he claimed he had no feelings for Mel. Abby tears into them and runs off. Mel whimpers. She worries her friend will never forgive her. “We cannot be together,” she tells him. He calms her down and she suggests they start over.

Abby wanders into the pub. Austin is there and she cries on his shoulder. They sit down and she spills about her break-up and how Chad wasn’t into her after all. He takes her hand and tells her how special she is. As he gets her to open up, she admits that she ended things because she had feelings for someone else. He encourages her to tell that person how she feels.

Will drops by the mansion to give Sonny some computer doohickey. Sonny assumes something is going on with him. Will is stressed about stuff. Sonny put his hand on his shoulder. Will wishes he could leave town and start again. Sonny used to feel that way but realized it’s pointless because you can’t escape yourself. He advises him to face his problems head on and relates how he came to terms with being gay. The topic turns to Sonny’s latest business idea. He’s thinking of taking over the Cheatin’ Heart and turning it into a coffee house. Will likes that idea, but he doesn’t know what to do with his life. Sonny suddenly encourages him to leave town, saying that it seems like he needs some distance to figure things out.

Bo and Hope drop by the penthouse for their session with Marlena. The couple tell her that things are better for them than they have been in a long time but they still have to face what happened with Zack. They talk about how they lost their trust in each other. Hope becomes distraught but keeps herself together to rehash the entire Zack story. Bo blames himself for what happened. He cries and his wife hugs him. She admits that she often feels alone because she can’t show how much she hurts. They go over the Ciara kidnapping and him taking Carly in. This leads to some arguing and she accuses him of replacing her. Finally, they apologize to each other. She tells the shrink about her pill addiction but glosses over her psychotic rampage. They both cry and hug each other. The shrink tells them they can make their future fluid, whatever they choose to do with it. They promise to always work out their problems together. The hour is up so Marlena ends the session.

Salem Spoilers For Thursday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“I just need to know if there’s any future here,” Jack says to Jenn.

“I knew you were getting your test results today and didn’t want you to be alone,” Maggie tells Daniel.

“Stop coming up with reasons to derail this idea, alright,” Brady says to his father.

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    well, ruta lee was so funny today. glad to see some humor on the show. carrie and rafe’s 1st case was a cat, so funny..
    i am so glad abby saw melanie and chad together. she should just get over it and move on, preferably out of town, aybe with her dad, that would be good..
    it would have been good if will had opened up to sonny, he is probably the only one who really knows what he is going thru with his sexuality..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    Not sure of the point to the Cat story but I did love it. Ruta Lee was born in 1932 so that makes her 80, she looks wonderful.

    I think when Abby has time to think about it, she may realize her infatuation with Austin had already affected her and Chad’s relationship. Many years ago I was in a similar situation if Abby and Melanie’s friendship was strong, it will be again.

    Hope and Bo a very telling moment for their relationship from what we saw on the screen with Zach’s death until Hope going to prison. They’ve come full circle and I’m glad the writers covered that time period so we could believe their relationship has been rebuilt and as strong as ever.

    Sonny and Will were terrific. The writers have put a lot on Chandler’s plate dealing with the other albatross around his neck (Sami & EJ) and with his sexuality story line he’s doing a wonderful job. The things Sonny said to Will to today we’re so believable and the questions Will asked I can imagine many young people going through the same experience. Hopefully they all have a ‘Sonny’ to be there for them.

  3. From SandyGram

    Well starting the New Year off with my first OOPs:

    Will to today we’re should be Will today were

  4. From patty

    Loved the Bo and Hope session with Marlena. Those two can really bring it to the screen when they remember Zack. I hope this will make their marriage even stronger and that nothing can ever tear them apart again.
    I’m with you SandyGram when it come to Will(Chandler). That young man is brilliant in this new role and I just want to reach out and hug him. I’m saddened by the fact that he gets mixed up with EJ because the poor kid has enough on his plate. Leave it to EJ to use his being sexual orientation against him.

  5. From patty

    oops! That was meant to say “his sexual orientation” or “his being gay”. You get the drift.

  6. From SandyGram

    #4/5 patty
    Yes EJ’s turning the table on Will is typical for this character; but I would like to of seen EJ take the high road for once and reached out to help Will understand what took place with his mother. I’m sure it was written this way to show him responding to being backed into a corner. Just when we thought he quit trying to hurt Sami, he takes advantage of Will. Kate is not going to like this.

    There’s also a spoiler for Weds January 11th that says “Kate and Nicole become suspicious of those around them”. Wonder if that means they fell this independent from one another, or feel this suspicion at the DiMansion?

    By the way I don’t know who’s writing the Video Summary’s but the style has changed since September 26th when the new writers came on board. I’m not liking the personal touches they put on the summary, just give us an overview, no editorializing please.

  7. From patty

    SandyGram, EJ taking the high road would probably knock me right off my chair. What I’m wondering about is how does EJ even know that Will is gay if Will doesn’t even know it himself. I don’t recall EJ seeing Will kiss a guy as was predicted in the spoilers and in tomorrow’s previews, EJ is already telling Will that he knows something that he would not want to be made public. I guess EJ has a better “gaydar” than anybody else in Salem.

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