Days Of Our Lives Poll: Sami Vs. Carrie.

Back to basics.

It looks like Carrie and Sami are going back to their long honored habit of stealing men from each other. While this is firmly in keeping with some of “DOOL”‘s strongest traditions, it’s not exactly winning a lot of people over. How do you feel about it?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From patsy

    iTHINK THE writers are ruining the show with the same old story line year after year and they are ruining two of its biggest charaters to do so . and why I am on it BOY am I glad that brat WILLis not my son going to EJandLIKEINGit IS BAD SO BAD FOR THE CHARATER hellWANT HIS MOM ONE DAY AND SHE WONT BE THERE .andejIS THE COLDEST HEARTED PERSON on the show I dont care how much he pretends to love his kids .HEhas no heart so how can he love

  2. From jenn

    Patsy, what two characters are you referring to?

    In regards to Will’s behavior, did you watch when Sami was a teenager? If so, you can see they are more similiar than different. I think whatever Will does, his mother will always be there for him.

  3. From Sue

    First, I don’t like that EJ and Sami cheated. Their reason was WEAK! I’m sure sex is the reaction most parents have when they find out their small child is dead (even if he really wasnt.) Come on, let’s try and be real for a sec! But to take a bad cheating storyline and make it worse, I really hate the idea that Rafe and Carrie will do the same. What’s with sisters in this show? Do they always have to target their sister’s husband?

  4. From dc

    well, according to survey everyone thinks this swapping thing is boring.. after all, sami and carrie have done this before, whay they would do it again is beyond me..
    would love to see rafe and sami get along as well as austin and carrie (with each other)..
    i like the drama of a soap opera, not so much the sex.. this thing about alice horton is exciting, to think she had something on stefano.

  5. From Lynne

    I hate any story line that gives Sami more of a reason to whine. Can’t stand it! Set up Rafe and Carrie and be done with it. Sami and EJ back together and hopefully leaving Salem. Like EJ but its been the Sami show for years now. Time to move on. New story lines please!

  6. From bettyg

    I’m not happy with Carrie falling for Rafe. I always pictured her as the “good” sister, whose life was made miserable by Sami. Now it seems like she’s the predator. BTW, I thought the group therapy scenes were AWESOME! I had tears in my eyes. Good job, DOOL!

  7. From CW

    The only good thing about the Rafe and Carrie scenes is that if they do end up getting together that it opens the door for Sami to get back with Lucas when he comes back in the next month or two.

    I also thought that the PTSD scenes were very well done.

  8. From dinky

    Carrie and Rafe is forced not natural. Need other actress that played Carrie along time ago. She would make a better ‘adult” carrie. After everything Sami and Rafe have been thru they should stay together. Days needs to build “super” couples that is what made the show so great in the 80s and 90s. Stop building a couple and destroying the couple. give us a break. give us someone to believe in. thank goodness you got bo and hope back together. keep couples together a write a good murder mystery storyline. i agree with the above ost, the alice storyline is the best right now. also, nicole and ej can be a great super/ evil couple. keep them together.

  9. From Lee

    I must be the only one who like Carrie and Rafe together. They have more chemistry than Sami and Rafe. Whatever happens between them is not intentional to hurt Sami, while most of Sami’s antics in the past were.Sami has always had th hots for EJ since day one and she proved it with thier romp on the couch. And a poor excuse it was.The only one I feel bad for in this whole thing is Austin.

  10. From cj

    I agree with Lee. I like Carrie and Rafe together. They have much more chemistry than Sami and Rafe. Sami is just out for number one and whines when she doesn’t get her way. Keep Rafe and Carrie together.

    As a side note hurry and get Chad and Mel back together – and hurry and bring back Daniel for Jen.

  11. From Carly

    I do not like Rafe and Carrie together. Let Sammi and Rafe and Carrie and Austin stay together and be an example for the younger generation. Why does it always have to be about sex and breaking up happy families. I know it is a soap opera but I am sick of all the mess of Carrie and Rafe.

  12. From Kittie

    Rafe and Carrie suck!! They have no chemistry and it was a poor plot choice in my opinion. Sami and Rafe have a balance, he is good, she is bad and it levels out, Carrie and Austins love scenario was so drawn out, they were supposed to be star crossed lovers and now she cheats on him? That’s ridiculous. Rafe and Sami need to come clean to each other, forgive each other, get back together and rub it in Carries face, then put her butt back on a plane. Any scene with Carrie and Rafe deserves the fast forward option. Rafe saved Sami, he was supposed to be her knight in shining armor and they ruined it. Leave Rafe and Sami together and stop with the sister swapping.

  13. From Casey

    Love the Will story, the Alice story, Chad and Mel, Jen and Jack, EJ and Nicole.
    Sami and Rafe were bound to break up, Sami can never be faithful. But why Carrie, same old, same old. Austin story interesting, not unusual for young girl to get a crush on older man, perhaps looking for a father figure. Wait till Jen finds out!!

  14. From Debra Loughery

    I never liked the story line with Carrie and Austin. I was happy when they left the show.I cant stand her with Rafe. Why not put him with some one else. If that is the direction they want the plot to go. Have the writers no imagination. I haven’t watched the show in 3 wks. Watched it today . Still dont like it any better .

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