Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 6-10.

The past comes back in a big way.

With the election a close call, Jenn starts doing all she can to out-DiMera the DiMeras. She does her best to lie her way into helping Abe squeak out a winner. Meanwhile, Brady has a big question for Madison. Nicole gets wind of it and doesn’t like it. Madison has more to worry about though, like the man from her past who happens to be waiting for her in her hotel room. His shadow quickly starts casting itself over Salem.

Stefano seems more worried than he’s letting on about the secret Alice had on him. The secrets continue to uncoil in unexpected ways. The other big revelation from the mystery box leads to Hope re-evaluating her marriage. It turns out that her union isn’t quite as solid as she thought it was. News about her ties, legal and otherwise, with John reach him. He, Hope and their spouses all head off to confront Stefano about the secret marriages which they weren’t even aware of. John and Hope realize that they have to take a trip back to their past to save their present.

Sami starts to heave after catching Rafe kissing her sister. It isn’t long before she starts lashing out at him. Since she is still feeling guilty about her little trip on the creaking couch of carnality, things get especially ugly. Even Carrie’s upset and confused about what’s been going on and turns to Marlena for a little advice about how to cope. She and Rafe begin contemplating cutting all the ties they share in order to save their marriages. Her husband, meanwhile, is busy drunkenly seeking some solace from the pain of his crumbling marriage by turning to Abigail. Young Abby is more than happy to give him a shoulder, and anything else he needs, to cry on. When he wakes up after blacking out, he assumes that they had mixed up the peanut butter together and she doesn’t tell him he’s wrong.

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  1. From dc

    well, sami has no reason to be upset with rafe. a kiss is not like her having sex with ej, which i hope will lets her know that he knows what she did..
    another storyline with the john, marlena, hope and bo thing. i guess it will be good, have to wait and see..
    i wish they would just do something about this fantasy abby has with austin.. she needs someone her own age..
    can’t wait to see this guy madison has been talking to and how he will fit in..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    It looks like Friday this week Will will unload on Sami about her romp with EJ. That should be just about all Samantha Gene can handle, this boiling pot should explode. She will probably of driven a wedge so far between her and Rafe by then she will have no one to turn to.

    Secret marriages, yep marriage is plural in the Summary. Could it there is another marriage besides John and Hope, but who could it be? And “ties, legal and otherwise”, it’s the ‘otherwise’ that is the most curious here. It would seem since the marriage was done while under Stefano’s control it shouldn’t be so hard
    to fix that, but if something else comes along with the relationship…what a tangled web has been weaved.

  3. From Irene

    I am a little discouraged with Days. I thought once my favorites, Marlena and John, came back story lines would be better. I think Marlena is best when she interacts with others. With John, it seems all they do is have sex.

    I, for one, do not want Abby with Austin. As for Sami, I have always wanted her with Lucas. Also, when are we going to find out what really happened with Rafe and the woman (forgot her name) he was engaged to.

    I do not even watch Days at its regular scheduled time anymore. I catch it on Soapnet if I am in the mood. Sorry for the babbling. Have a good day and night everyone.

  4. From Pat

    Enough with Abby and Austin. It stinks!!!! Don’t mind going back in time and revisiting the Hope and John thing. It was exciting. I’m also tired of all the “sex” on Days. Enough of the half naked actors.

  5. From Daysfan25

    I really dislike Madison & Brady. The scenes today were just gross. So over the physical with them, they don’t seem to have a connection other than that.

    I don’t mind the whole Austin/Abby thing, I just don’t particularly like Austin with Carrie. I don’t know what happened, cause I rooted for them the first time around. I can’t believe Rafe is gonna kiss Carrie, I thought he was in love with Sami. I agree with Irene, I like Sami w Lucas.

    Richard, I forget how everyone ended up forgiving Lexie. You seem to really remember the history, how did it come to be that Lexie is now friendly with everyone after kidnapping Zack?

  6. From Jack Kanov

    As of 3:12pm eastern time, 4 days, 3 hours,47 minutes, 22 seconds till kick-off. Go Pats!!!!

    Can’t stand the Austin/Abigail thing. First off she needs to go and get 38 dd breast implants to match her huge bubble lips and gigantic eyes. My daughter is 17 adn Abigail looks about 17. It’s discusting to think they would match up. I mean Austin has to be in his 40′s. Get a grip ya wanna be Rob Lowe. Hope please eat! Now we are going back in the past. Kinda boring. yawnage
    Rafe agent snapperhead, what are you thinkng. Get away from Jack-O-Lantern face Scary Carrie. You can do better than that and I don’t mean psycho Sammi. You could be with the voluputous Carly. I know she isn’t on the show anymore but go get her then. Hey Samantha, Rafe doesn’t want to be caught up in your troublesome world anymore. Who would and get rid of the fake eyelashes. Can’t stand it when a woman puts those on or better yet plucks their eyebrows. Too much maintenance. Nicole doesn’t need fake eyelashes either. It’s up there with Kate wearing Muppet fur around her neck once in awhile.
    Austin seems to talk like he just toked on Billy Bong Thorton or Wesley Pipes. He has a stoner’s voice.
    Go Will, let the cat out of the bag already. Can’t wait to see high strung Sami’s/Whore’derve face. Well I gotta go. Let’s go Pariots!!! Peaces

  7. From MAB

    Sami has every right to be upset w/ Rafe for kissing Carrie, and Rafe will have every right to be upset w/ Sami her for her tryst w/ EJ. Even tho Sami did what she did w/ EJ, there were extenuating circumstances involving THEIR son’s disappearance and the fact that they thought he was dead. Not that there’s an excuse for Sami to basically cheat on Rafe, but I saw it for what it was…2 people completely devastated over what they thought was their son’s death. Sami went to the person who was on the same level as she was, and that was EJ, because there was no one else that could understand how she was feeling except for him. So I find it more disturbing that Rafe would be having feelings for Carrie for no apparent reason other than they work together. He surely can’t love Sami the way he says if he’s having the thoughts he’s having for Carrie, and then acts on them by kissing her. Oh well, just proves Rafe is just like the rest of them, and not the saint some perceive him to be.

  8. From MAB

    Is Hope gonna become Princess Gina again, or is the real Princess Gina alive?

  9. From Nascarladi

    Leave Hope and John’s past where it should be in the past. Carrie & Rafe, no way. Leave the two couples together. And the Abby & Austin thing, so stupied. Don’t these writers think he’s a little to old for her, come on.

  10. From bil

    I am disappointed. I hope the fact that John and Hope are married, is just the tip of the Horton secret. Because that is not such devastating news. Go to court– get a divorce– voila– problem solved. Then Hope and Bo along with Marlena and John could easily have a double wedding. Smiles all around. The “otherwise” is where I hope the writers will save the day. We are all hoping for BIG NEWS– please.

    #5 I agree. I was a huge Carrie/Austin fan. Here is the problem. The current couple does not have any chemistry nor do the writers reminisce about the past. These two were star crossed lovers, fighting their way to each other. This silly little Abigail and Rafe thing is so plain silly– compared to what they previously went through. It’s just not believable that it would rock them the way it is rocking.

  11. From Daysfan25

    Your right Bil, they don’t really talk about the connection Austin & Carrie had, but then again everytime Carrie gets Austin she cheats (Mike, Lucas etc.) I don’t mind the Abby/Austin storyline, I’m not rooting for them, but I’m not completely against it. I just feel sorry for Sami, I know I’m in the minority. But, she was upset over her son being missing & I think she was just trying to have any other feeling other than heartbreak when she slept with EJ. That is a COMPLETELY different thing than making out with her sister like Rafe is going to do. Carrie & Sami have always had such a rivalry, and Rafe doing this is just terrible, especially since he doesn’t know what Sami did. Can Rafe only stay faithful if Sami is home waiting for him eating bon bons as he said on today’s show? I hope when Lucas comes back he reconnects with Sami, so over Rafe as a character.

  12. From Lynne

    I can’t stand Sami and can’t wait until Will tells her and hopefully everyone what he knows. I don’t mind Carrie and Rafe even though I think it may be a little boring. John and Hope? I took a break from watching the show during that time so I’m not exactly sure the history there. Austin and Abby is just plain discusting! I cringe during the fantasy scenes. PLEASE STOP IT!

  13. From patty

    I agree bil. I loved Austin and Carrie too but since their return,the magic seems to be gone. As a matter of fact, the magic seems to be gone out of all the relationships. I just don’t get the Rafe and Carrie , Austin and Abby thing, there is nothing there except maybe physical attraction and infatuation. Being cooped up in a cramped office together is not really my idea of a romantic setting to fall in love and having a busy spouse is not an excuse to turn to someone else.

  14. From MAB

    I like how Alison Sweeney explains about how Sami feels about sleeping w/ EJ when Willl admits he saw them. Here’s an excerpt from interview:

    SOW: Will finally admits he saw Sami and EJ having sex. What happens there?

    AS: He has a total flip-out. She knows exactly what Will is going through, because she went through the same thing. He is just not even trying to understand what she’s been through or what her perspective of it is. She really does feel like it was this crazy thing and she literally was insane from grief over thinking she was losing Johnny. She really feels that’s what happened and that he should understand that, but he doesn’t. Her heart breaks for him and she loves him so much and she hates that he has been mad and blaming her.

  15. From MAB

    Daysfan25 – I’m glad someone else sees it for what it is. Sami & EJ were devastated over Johnny’s supposed death, and it happened. Completely different w/ Rafe & Carrie and them just basically making out. I’m just glad Rafe is starting to show his true colors, and he’s like everyone else. I hope Sami realizes now that he’s the perfect man she thought he was.

    I’m not completely against the Abby/Austin thing either. I like them exploring new territories.

    You mean the big secret is that John & Hope are married? How stupid is that?? Couldn’t the writers think of something more damaging? Like bil said, go to court, get a divorce. Problem solved. There has to be a lot more to this story if it’s gonna be interesting at all.

  16. From dc

    well, after all is said and done, it appears the only person sami may have is lucas, when he returns..
    i am still a rafe and sami fan. also carrie and austin.
    abby’s fantasy with austin should be ended. they should either find her someone else or let her go..

  17. From MAB

    Spoilers say Daniel is returning at the end of February (good I’m glad he didn’t stay gone long, so hopefully he’ll still have a chance w/ Jen).

    There will be 2 wedding proposals in February.

    It’s been confirmed that Dirty Soap has been cancelled.

  18. From Barbara

    At this point I’m wondering why I’m still watching. It is a total train wreck. The writers are determined to make me hate everyone that I liked before.

    Herman and Abby is just creepy and don’t get me started on Sami. The thought of that couch incident makes me want to puke and I’m not liking this whole Rafe and Carrie thing either.

  19. From Melissa

    I personally loved Princess Gina! That S/L was brilliant so even if this one is bad it’ll still be good!! I have a feeling EJ will be John & Hopes son because it has to tie in with Susan somehow (but I was always thinking the new Susan wasn’t who she said she was but Kristen since that was on the actress wiki but they might have dropped it) & it’ll explain EJ crazy Sora! Just saying

  20. From holly

    Hey everyone. Just sitting here agreeing with most of you about the Sami/EJ tryst. Grief that overwhelming will surely cause you to do things you would never even dream of otherwise. I only wish their passion had been more tender and less animalistic. For me, that would have been more realistic in that moment.

    As far as Carrie & Rafe go – silly. No wait – silly and boring. I feel the only reason for this particular pairing is karma. Carrie doing to Sami what Sami did to Carrie for oh sooooo many years. I don’t feel the chemistry between them. Not yet anyway.

    Can’t say that I love Madison with Brady either. I don’t totally dislike her character. I think some new blood will be interesting as her story plays out. Especially with her mystery caller about to enter the picture. I feel the same as those who think they moved too fast with the Brady/Madison relationship. There is no foundation, just sex.

    I’m also glad Daniel will be returning sooner rather than later. Does anyone know if Chloe will be returning?

    Can’t wait for Friday!!!

  21. From Richard

    #5 daysfan
    I’m not sure, but I believe that Lexie saved Zack from being poisoned by Dr Rolf at the Christening and that helped redeem her. If I remember right, Rolf at come up with a potion(poison) that would have made Zack appear to be dead and he could be brought back to life later with an anedote.

  22. From Richard

    #10 bil
    We don’t know what Alice’s secrets were, do we? This thing involving John and Hope is part of Stefano’s secrets. Wouldn’t that be the case?
    I think that Stefano already had the Alice secrets in that letter from Alice to him, that he was laughing about at the mansion. The secrets that Bo and Hope would get, I believe, would be the secrets that Stefano had on Alice. It is very possible that Stefano set up the safety deposit box, hid the 2nd key and hired the lawyers and the banker. If anyone knew about Maggie’s eggs and Victor’s involvement, it would be Stefano.

  23. From Richard

    Tell me if I’m wrong, but we will never know what secrets Alice had?
    Didn’t Stefano make a deal with Bo and Hope that when the box was opened that he would be the only one to see Alice’s secrets?
    The only secrets that Hope and Bo would have access to would be the secrets that Stefano had on Alice Horton.

  24. From bil

    I think we will learn Alice’s secret, but only through Stefano. Because, yes, the deal is that Bo and Hope will only find out what Stefano’s secret was about the Horton family. And only Stefano will know what Alice had on him.

    He stated that the horton secret would destroy people. That is why i would be disappointed if it’s just that Hope and John are married. That doesn’t really “destroy.” Hopefully there will be more meat on that secret.

    True– when all is said and done this could be an elaborate maze set up by Stefano. He very well could know both secrets– or he could be planting secrets to play with their minds.

  25. From Daysfan25

    Thanks Richard. I wish she would be a true Dimera again. She was much less boring during the switch storyline.

  26. From soapSK

    I really have to say that i am getting sick and tired of sami’s attitide….towards marlena, john, carrie and especially rafe! I don’t agree that she was justified sleeping with ej when she thought her son was dead. She should have been at home with her family doing everything she could to find her son…..instead she just leaves everyone and goes to ej’s. This is the guy that kidnapped their daughter and told her she was dead, he kidnapped and tortured Rafe and sent imposter Rafe to her bed. WHen the shooting happened and Johnny went missing she should have been there to support her other kids and be strong instead of lashing out at everybody. I still think that Rafe has not got the proper credit for actually finding Johnny. Sami…grow up!

  27. From SandyGram

    Hey Richard and bil
    Of course we will only know once it comes out whether the whole Alice secret’s (other than Maggie’s egg that produced Daniel) is a rouse or not put on by Stefano. I am just a wee bit confused why Hope and John would have to go on a trip to resolve any issue raised because of the secret. Like has already been said, go to a Lawyer and go to court and dissolve any marriage create while under Stefano’s control, unless there is a child involved, or one of them is not who they seem to be. Then Stefano’s reference to Hope being his little art thief is still making the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Maybe there is some hidden art he wants them to bring to him. Lots of ways to go…so let’s get going. It’s a little aggravating each time there is a good story line it is drug out to a sweeps week to fully expose it.

  28. From SandyGrams

    Spoilers for this week – Excerpt from Days Café:

    - The phoenix is mortified by the secret Alice had on him (Umm so what would mortify Stefano, parentage of one of his children, or himself)

    - Hope and John must deal with a revelation they will want to undo (Umm…undo, that could be a marriage, but you couldn’t undo a child!)

    - John and Marlena are in for a shock (Umm…John/Pawn is married to Hope/Gina, but then why wouldn’t there be a spoiler for Bo and Hope to also be shocked)

    Ummm….everything the fans have talked about so far!

  29. From Mopy

    Okay, I can completely understand Sami hoppin’ on over to EJ’s as part of her search for Johnny or to accuse him after thinking Johnny was dead. Seems rational. He DID kidnap Sydney, after all. So, yeah… That fits. I can also completely understand them breaking down in each others’ arms in grief. It was a powerful, very powerful and heartwrenching scene which was amazingly executed. So, that also fits. Now, what doesn’t fit, what is completely, absolutely, out-of-your-mind bezerk is them finding it even basically or instinctively natural to start suddenly humping. That’s quite the stretch, to anyone. Anywhere. They weren’t caught up in the moment. The moment was intense grief and hate. Sexual arousal doesn’t follow or make any sense. It’s a stretch. It’s not animalistic. Animalistic would be if murder followed. It’s like screaming and hiccuping at the same time. It just doesn’t happen. Nope, Sami cheated. They would have had to stop, spin their wheels, and completely do a full mental reversal in order to be even conscious that sex still existed at the moment, let alone partake in it. So, no. Sami doesn’t get a free pass or excuses as far as I’m concerned. She cheated on Rafe with EJ every bit as much as Rafe may or may not cheat on Sami with Carrie. And, since she had intercourse and Rafe and Carrie will just kiss… Well… I can’t wait to be thoroughly annoyed with her hypocrisy (yet again) when she reacts the way we all know she will.

  30. From patty

    Mopy, your post is absolutely spot on! Even though I don’t get the Rafe/Carrie thing either, what Sami did is totally inexcusable and the grief thing just doesn’t wash with me either. Her hypocrisy is never ending and for her to think that Will should understand because she says she went through the same thing, which in my eyes is not, is just another lame attempt for Sami to deflect the blame once again. I am just pissed that the writers chose to have Carrie and Rafe get close before Rafe finds out about the thryst because of course Sami will use that as her free pass and give her more reasons to shriek and rant at everybody . I doubt the kiss will destroy her marriage but the EJ romp most likely will.

  31. From donna

    Ok, what;s with Carries hair??? Number one, it is too long and the curls??? Gosh, that has to go, it is just not becoming on her. And don;t get me started on Maggies hair- what’s wrong with these people, don;t they have a mirror???

  32. From JiBi

    Past weeks, my opinion was that Kate was Madison’s real mother, and I was so right :)

  33. From Grandma Judy

    Mopy #28, – I so agree with patty that your post is spot on. Exactly how I feel. The only thing I would say on Sami’s behalf is that she has tremendous guilt over what she did with EJ, where EJ doesn’t have any guilt or concern over it at all and, in fact seems to be enjoying Sami’s misery. And added to it by handling the birthday party issue the sneaky way he did. Perfectly natural for him to want to give his daughter a birthday party, yes. To be underhanded about it, NO.

    However, Rafe kissing Carrie is in no way the same as what Sami did with EJ so if I were her, I’d go easy on the blame game. But, again, it’s her guilt talking and she will use it to try to make herself feel better about what SHE did and she’ll go overboard with it.

    WOW! Stefano “mortified”. I think we’re entering unchartered territory with that one!

    The question above, “Are you glad we’ll be revisiting John and Hope’s past”? I voted no.

  34. From Richard

    IMO, If any one person knows all about John and Hope, it would be Stefano, not Alice.
    Alice had Hope/Gina living with her, so she does know some of the story, but IMO, only Stefano knows about Gina, the art thief.
    If Hope thinks that she is Gina, she would definitely want to know if she was or wasn’t.
    IMO, certain circumstances led me to believe that she was Gina when Zack supposedly died.
    I would imagine that John(pawn) and Hope(Gina) would have to revert to their alter egos to uncover certain things that happened in the past. That could be a cue for someone like Celeste to re-enter the picture, because she also knows about the Pawn and Gina.
    Bo was also in the picture, when Hope and Stefano was locked in the turret and hope was pregnant with Zack.

  35. From gerri

    I also agree with MOPY#28.
    when In despair and grief,one might
    seek solace by a hug,and crying on someone’s shoulder,certainly not by wanting comfort,while on your back..this event was purely,like 2 animals,both In heat….No excuses for their behavior.
    some will say,this Is that chemistry,that they have,sex was what It was all about.No love here,that I can see……

  36. From Bastion

    I love that they are going back to the past. They need to resolve everything that went on off screen between “John” and “Hope” back then. Stefano was behind it all not to mention tons of other things (i.e.: Cassie and Rex). The late 90′s was so good!!! I love it all though. It was awesome when they would end the show with a freeze frame and you couldn’t wait to see tomorrow!! So excited! Plus, Lucas, Billie, Celeste all back on the show is awesome!!

  37. From Richard

    EJ could be on his way to getting the kids back.
    In my opinion, he is using the memories still implanted in Rafe’s brain, to make the Fake Rafe come out and flirt with Carrie. He is using Will to help in pushing Sami over the edge and to the point that she could be deemed unstable to raise the kids. EJ has always had 100 percent backing from Kate, his lover/step mother, to make sure that Sami goes down.

  38. From jolie

    Jack Kanov, you are just too funny! You really let it all out.
    MAB, I agree with you on Rafe kissing Carrie, up to a point. I don’t think Sami was right to boink Elvis even in the throes of ‘I’ve lost my son’ but 2 wrongs don’t make it right so Rafe, while married, shouldn’t be kissing his sister in law. In the past, Sami has used some terrible force to get back about lesser transgressions. Sami ain’t gonna take it mildly and neither would I!
    BIL, I’m with you on these pairings of Austin/Abby and Rafe/Carrie. Not feeling it. Don’t watch it but rather FF thru it. I could really see Sami with Lucas again.
    Good spoilers MAB. 2 marriage proposals?? So is that John to Marlena and Bo to Hope when they find out they are not really married due to some Stefano-inspired vows between Hope and John in the past? Or do we have something new in the works? Let’s hope not Brady and Madison though I saw that Brady has a question for Madison…I figure on moving in together.
    Richard, I believe you are correct on who gets access to the secrets. Stefano knows the secret he had on Alice but he doesn’t know the one she had on him that will devastate him. So he gets it and Hope gets the one he has on Hortons but not necessarily the one Alice had on him. And you are right, Stefano might be pulling the strings on the whole thing and leading Hope into digging for the secrets. After all, the original letters that just happen to appear in Alice’s home might have been planted by Stefano the Master Puppeteer. So either he is bored and wants to be back at his games to torment the Bradys and John or he needs something and found a way for John and Hope to go after it. I am a bit amazed that Bo and Hope and John and Marlena would run to Stefano when they find out about the marriage in the past. What do they think will happen except that he will claim innocence and laugh at them over it all? So they could just get a divorce and remarry or there is indeed a child from the union and this is a way to divulge that info. For John and Hope to run off together again…does anyone else think this is dumb when there were problems in the past from this?
    Sandygram, for the Phoenix to be mortified by anything…has to be family. Can’t wait to see what he will do! Someone will be sorry but just hard to say who over what. Has to be that someone has tricked him and for years. Or maybe it was his own birth which will rock him to the core. Then perhaps everyone will have to pay.
    Mopy, loved that you can’t wait to be thoroughly annoyed with Sami’s honest is that and very funny!

  39. From patty

    I’m thinking the Rafe/Carrie storyline is a disappointment and shouldn’t go any further until Rafe finds out about Sami and EJ. Like someone said, this is just payback from Carrie for the things Sami did in the past but it is so not Rafe. He’s a devoted and loyal husband and his interactions with Carrie makes him look so inept and awkward at flirting around. Their daily discussions are so forced and lame that I don’t see how this could developpe as a romance . They don’t have any work yet they insist on having them spend days on end in a cramped little office making small talk. Carrie making up the excuse that she doesn’t want to go home because she doesn’t want to fight with Austin but the reason for their fights is because she’s never home. Rafe not wanting to go home because Sami’s working. What the heck kind of excuses are those? Writers try and come up with something better than that for a reason to push these two together. No dept and no spark whatsoever to this pairing in my opinion.

  40. From Richard

    I’m very curious about Jennifer. She’s not acting like Jen.
    How did she know that EJ was getting the questions ahead of time?
    How did she know that the questions had not arrived at the mansion yet?
    When Abe was changing out the questions, she sort of stood guard for a while and then left and went toward where EJ was. It was, at that time, EJ came out and confronted Abe.
    How did she know that Nicole would have the questions?
    EJ did say that when he had info on certain people, that he would pick the appropriate time to use that info. Did he have something on Jen?

  41. From SandyGram

    #28 Mopy, #29 patty, #32 Grandma Judy, #34 gerri

    Great interaction and sharing of ideas and thoughts, you all say it so well. Thanks.

  42. From jolie

    Richard, I noticed that Jenn did leave right when Abe went for the drawer. I thought it strange at the time. She should have been on the lookout and stepped up to Elvis when he approached. And I thought it strange that she would know that Elvis or Nicole had the questions. So maybe it is Nicole feeding her some info?? We never found out what Nicole found out when she made a call to get info from Elvis’ file. Who did she call and what did she find out? Could she be working for Salem Po-po? She was nosing around for a few days then she backs off it seems. Not consistent in her efforts.

  43. From Richard

    #41 jolie
    Abe is Brandon’s father and Abe had a lot to do with freeing Nicole from her abusive father.

  44. From patty

    I agree Richard that Jen is not acting like her old self of late. Not just the fact that she’s willing to get her hands dirty with this campaign but throwing out her daughter because she took a modeling job? The old Jennifer Rose wouldn’t have strung two men along or turned her back on Jack’s ordeal and make herself the victim. As for your theory, I would be more willing to accept that she’s in cahoots with Nicole than with EJ about the switching of the debate questions.

  45. From Richard

    #43 patty
    I stated before that Jen and Nicole were cooking up something, but EJ could have had something on Jen, like he supposedly had on Will.

  46. From patty

    You could be right Richard, stranger things have happened. Maybe she tried to shoot him too. :)

  47. From Richard

    #45 patty
    Could have something to do with Peter, also. He was an adopted Dimera.

  48. From Richard
    Stefano clones!!

  49. From MAB

    We have NO idea if Sami would’ve said yes to EJ if he’d asked her to come to the party, or to give her one himself. So he did what he had to do to spend time w/ his daughter, and it was NOT underhanded. And by Sami’s actions, it’s obvious she would’ve said no, due to the fact she opted not to invite EJ in the first place. Again, this is not about Sami & EJ, it’s about the kids wanting to be w/ their father.

    I liked the scene between John & Sami, but of course, she took everything he said wrong and jumped down his throat. It would be nice for a change if she would listen w/o being so defensive. John obviously has her best interest at heart. He basically raised her after all. I understand what John meant about ‘was the job really worth taking the time away from her kids’, but he has to realize that she needs this job to make money because Rafe sure isn’t bringing home the bacon. But this really goes back to the subject of Sami rejecting child support from EJ & Lucas. If she would allow them to provide for their kids, then she could’ve taken a part time job to have more time w/ her kids.

    EJ gave custody to Sami after the fallout because he thought it was best for the kids…and at the time, he was right. Now things are going better, he should talk to Sami and try to make an agreement w/ her about sharing custody. Of course Sami probably wouldn’t agree to it, so EJ should file for custody/visitation. But I think EJ is just working the situation to his advantage until he finds a way to get the kids back.

    Again, Rafe shows his true colors, as it’s obvious he is offended by the fact that Sami is making money and he’s not. He practically insinuated that he’d rather have Sami home ‘barefoot & pregnant’. I guess he was raised where the man worked and the little woman stayed at home raising the kids. He sure has a backwoods way of looking at marriage. And the comment he made about Sami doing things he can’t even comprehend and is totally against? Man, is this guy’s morals messed up. He has such a problem w/ her being a mole for Madison, but he was ok w/ her being a murderer when she shot EJ. To me, this just proves that as long as Sami is doing what Rafe wants her to do, he’s ok, but as soon as she makes a decision on her own (stupid or not), he starts turning on her.

    Yep, it looks like Lucas just may be Sami’s saving grace. You know Rafe’s gonna be jealous of Lucas being around Sami, so it’ll be interesting to see how Rafe reacts once Lucas returns. Spoilers say that Sami & Lucas will not reunite as a couple tho. I’m glad because they are better off as friends. Lucas needs to find someone new. He has always lost in love, so I hope the writers hook him up w/ someone really special. He deserves it.

    I just can’t stand the thought of Hope possibly being EJ’s mother. I can understand John, but Hope? I guess I just don’t see her as being old enough to have a son as old as EJ.

    I think Rafe & Carrie have a good rapport w/ each other. I don’t mind watching Rafe in scenes w/ her because he actually is more likeable than when he is w/ Sami. He was funny when he was trying to explain how men handle arguing w/ a woman…’we walk out and say I showed her’.

    I can’t imagine Stefano wouldn’t have already found a way to get into the safe deposit box after Alice’s death. I have no doubt he is in control of the situation, and probably playing minds games w/ them. So where does that letter he already has from Alice come into play? What secrets does that contain? Apparently it’s something to Stefano’s advantage and he was laughing about it.

    It is not uncommon for people to use sex as a way to grieve, especially when 2 people are grieving the same way, like Sami & EJ. It’s not a stretch for me to understand what they did. As far as Rafe, the writers have chosen to have him & Carrie get close before he finds out about Sami & EJ’s tryst because it’s evident Rafe is not the saint some think he is. He is not immune to screw up like the rest of them, whether it’s intentional or not. It’s time he got knocked off that pedestal some keep him perched on.

    Why should EJ feel guilty over having sex w/ Sami????????? I think he wanted it to happen. I’ll always believe he loves Sami like no other, so when it happened, he didn’t stop it. Also, he wasn’t tied to Nicole at the time so he cheated on no one. And if he is enjoying Sami’s misery, so be it. She treats him the same way.

    EJ & Sami have chemistry if they were walking a dog. So whether they’re having romantic sex or animal sex, it’s all good, and all chemistry driven for them.

    EJ may not care one way or another about Sami’s sanity, but EJ wasn’t a part of what Will did the other day about the birthday party. EJ asked Will what he thought he was doing. Will basically said he did it to piss off Sami, and EJ’s face said it all. He wasn’t happy about what Will did.

    Am I the only one who remembers that even tho Hope was programmed to think she was Princess Gina for a while, Bo brought her back from this, and then the real Princess Gina emerged (as Kristian Alfonso played both parts). Also, it turned out that Greta was her daughter, and on Princess Gina’s death bed, she told Greta who her father was, which I always believed to be John.

    jolie – I have a feeling the one of the proposals will be Brady & Madison. I hope I’m wrong tho, because I can’t stand her! She is not good enough for Brady.

  50. From patty

    Will is not pleased with EJ telling Nicole about the shooting and drops enough hints about there being more to the story to make Nicole suspicious. The fact that EJ offers a new penthouse to keep him quiet makes Nicole even more determined to find out what is going on.
    Will goes home to pack and Sami demands to know what is going on with him.

  51. From jolie

    Richard, indeed, Abe has a history with Nicole and Taylor thru Brandon. We all thought it strange that Lexie and Abe were all over Taylor when she arrived in town last year and seem to ignore Nicole. Maybe there was method to that madness.
    And indeed, I remember that you said Jenn and Nicole were cooking up some mischief together a while back.

  52. From MAB

    Rafe may seem to be a devoted husband, but he’s never really interacted w/ another woman that has peeked his interest like Carrie has, and I think it’s because he sees in Carrie what he wants Sami to be. If his flirting looks awkward, it’s because we’ve never really seen him flirt w/ someone else before. I think Rafe is more likeable around Carrie. He’s not bossy & controlling like he is when he’s w/ Sami. Rafe’s indiscretions w/ Carrie is just proof that he isn’t perfect, and just like everyone else…human.

    Jen got the information about EJ getting the questions ahead of time from a friend of hers at The Spectator. There was a whole scene where she & Abe discussed it. And when the questions arrived at the mansion, Jen saw Nicole put them in the drawer. She then told Abe so he could switch the questions. This all played out on screen, so I don’t know why there is any question as to what happened.

    Jen has changed since Jack abandoned her this last time. She’s sick of being his doormat, and in the process of trying to get on w/ her life, she fell in love w/ Daniel. So I don’t find it odd that this would make Jen act different. She is confused about 2 men – which is not surprising for a soap opera s/l.

    Abe really had nothing to do w/ freeing Nicole from her abusive father. He came back into Nicole’s life as an adult, and he was a thorn in her side until he met his death. Abe has never really helped Nicole very much.

  53. From SandyGram

    #47 Richard
    What happened to the Stefano’s 4 Marlena clones, I don’t remember them in the Possession story?

  54. From patty

    I’m curious as to what the fashion po-po will have to say about Madison’s skirt and blouse. When I saw the skirt, Sumo wrestlers nappy thingy came to mind. :)

  55. From jolie

    MAB-good points. I can’t agree with them all but well put and thought out and good arguments all the same.
    I agree that Abe has never helped Nicole like he did the others. I wondered why. I am a Nicole fan and the way Lexie and Abe gushed over Taylor…well, made me mad!
    I think Elvis enjoyed that Will was conniving against Sami and on his own volition and not at Elvis’ bidding. I think he sees Will in his future doing dirty deeds, not dirt cheap but rather for sports cars, penthouses, etc.
    Nicole likes to be in the middle of things and Elvis promised not to keep secrets. She will get to the bottom of all the secrets Will and Elvis share and she will not be happy as she will see Elvis as betraying her once again.

  56. From jolie

    Patty, I haven’t seen Madison’s skirt yet but if your description is on point, not sure I want to! She didn’t get many points for that red with foil number she pranced around in last week either. Bless her heart!

  57. From Richard

    It’s not what they say or show on the screen. It is what they don’t say or show on the screen that leaves certain speculations or doubt about the real truth.
    What one sees played out on the screen is not necessarily the things that are going on.
    Jen loves Jack and Jack loves Jen.
    Abe Carver as a policeman came to know Nicole’s mother from investigating family distuberance, so he did save the family from abuse from her husband and the family’s father. They all have been grateful for that.

  58. From MAB

    Sometimes things don’t play out on screen, but eventually they do, or we’d never know what is going on. The part about the debate questions was played out on screen. We know Jen’s contact was the one who helped them get the questions, and we know Jen saw Nicole put them in the drawer. Facts are facts. As far as Jen loving Jack, of course she does. She spent a better part of her life w/ him and shares children w/ him. But that don’t mean she can’t love another man. And she certainly loves Daniel too.

    Abe did help the Walker family from the father, but it was more about Fay & Brandon at that time because they were being physically abused. Nicole was a small child, and at the time, her father had never touched her. When Nicole was older was when her father started in on her, getting her into porn, etc. I believe he went to jail for a while, then he returned and made Nicole’s life a living hell, until his death. Abe didn’t have anything to do w/ that.

  59. From MAB

    jolie – I don’t think EJ really cares one way or another if Will connives against Sami, but I don’t think he liked what he did the other day. Either he didn’t like it because Will didn’t tell him what he was planning, or he didn’t like it because Will used Sydney in the equation. I was waiting on EJ’s expression after Will walked off, and actually I thought he was gonna smile, but instead he was stone-faced and shook his head…so it didn’t seem like EJ was too pleased as to what happened.

  60. From Maryl

    MAB–I totally agree with your statement that Rafe sees in Carrie what he wants Sami to be. Well, some of us have always known that Sami was not a compatible mate for Rafe. Rafe is now beginning to see this himself since the old Sami has been unleashed. Getting close to Carrie is starting to make him realize that. This is only going to get worse as his feeling for Carrie start to take over and when he finds out that EJ’s and Sami’s need for each other was consummated behind his back–look out! Can’t say I blame Rafe, but he will find that sometimes love isn’t enough for two people who are so different in their morals and behavior. Sami and Rafe never seemed right for each other.IMO. Nicole is another person who will get the rough end of this. While she seems so perfect for EJ–I don’t think she really is because in her case the morals and behavior are quite alike but the thing that’s missing is true love from EJ. I think his feeling for Sami are still there and always will be. Knowing that some think EJ is incapable of true love, just think of it this way–if he wasn’t obessed with the thought of her in his life, why does he go thru so many lengths to snare her into some of his continuous goofy plans and schemes. Especially when Sami has another man in her life. EJ DiMera doesn’t need to do all of this craZY stuff—unless–he knows deep down inside what he feels for Sami and he can’t accept being denied that kind of love. Even a dark soul such as EJ can and has a right to crave true love. There is a very fine line between love/hate/and the obession that usually plays into that. Besides,all of this is wonderful material for a soap story!IMO.
    I also agree MAB that the look on EJ’s face showed disapproval of what Will had done and his response regarding Sami, did not sit well with him.

  61. From Richard
    Gina is torn between Bo and John.

  62. From Grandma Judy

    VERY sweet bonding between Jack and Abigail today and your gonna love the closing scene. Imagine Jack being the voice of reason and mediator between Abigail and Jennifer! And everything he said was sooo correct. At least it was from what I’ve experienced as a parent.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Madison and Brady today, too, and she seemed so happy. But those mysterious phone calls always bring her down. Hope we’ll know what that’s all about soon. I actually liked the skirt and blouse Madison had on. But I got a kick out of patsy’s #53 Sumo wrestler reference! Saw several skirts and dresses of that style around here during the holidays.

    I haven’t wanted the Gay s/l but today I thought Sonny and Will were good together and I can appreciate the things Sonny told Will about realizing he was Gay and ultimately deciding to “come out”. I can’t wait for Will to dump on Sami that he saw her and EJ during their couch fest!!

  63. From patty

    I think Will is going to outsmart EJ. He had EJ squirming uncomfortably today when he told him and Nicole that if he wants to be honest with the woman he loves why not tell her everything.
    I though it was hilarious when Nicole calls Will EJ’s pretty new assistant. I think Will is playing the game, Will is smart enough to know that threats of jail are just a bluff. EJ has nothing on Will.
    Well, the secrets are out of the box finally. So far, both Hope and Stephano are just holding the enveloppe close to their chests.

  64. From Grandma Judy

    I took that look on EJ’s face as simply being that it was quite a revelation to him the depth of Will’s dislike (hate?) toward Sami.

  65. From Richard

    I’ll admit it. What we didn’t see or hear about in the 1990′s is now hopefully playing out in 2012. We can only hope that we get closure this time.
    We saw or heard about Stefano dying about 13 times, but alas, he is still around. I’m glad for that, because he is a great actor, but I disagree with him winning all the time.
    I can’t wait until they tell us what happened between Bill, Colin, Jack and Jennifer, when Jen met Colin in Africa, left Jack and went to Ireland, where Bo found her. She said that she couldn’t return to Salem, because bad things(or something to that affect) would happen. I’m still waiting!

  66. From Grandma Judy

    To clarify, I was talking about the look on EJ’s face that Maryl and MAB were referring to.

  67. From Richard

    #52 SandyGram
    I guess the clones are still around, all over the world. It seemed that they could be identified by their earrings.
    Stefano was planning on kidnapping Marlena and he wanted John chasing all over the world for the real Marlena.

  68. From patty

    I agree Grandma Judy that Will and Sonny’s conversation was very well done. Of course a scene with Will reading the newspaper would be interesting to watch. Any episode with Will and Jack in it is a good one for me. Can you believe Jenn was throwing Abbigail out? I’m glad Jack could calm her down some.
    I like Brady and Madison together too but I wish they would go easy on the sex scenes . Oh and that ghastly looking skirt…but at least she had one on. lol!

  69. From Richard

    My favorite Marlena portrayal.
    Hattie Adams

  70. From SandyGram

    Well it looks like Madison’s skirt is getting a lot of attention today, so here’s my 2cents: I liked Madison’s overall outfit it appeared more professional than did the red silvery dress from the other day. As for the skirt itself, the Sumo wrestler reference was really good, but for me it looked like she was wrapped in a cabbage leaf. I did enjoy Madison and Brady today, without the bare skin. There has been a lot of speculation, me certainly included, on whose on the other end of those telephone calls. After Brady and Madison’s conversation today, I would venture to guess it’s not a husband or boyfriend, but her father, that has been mentioned before, after hearing her joyfully say ‘I always have time for you’ when she made her call back. Since the spoilers have told us Ian will be interacting with Kate and Madison, for now I’m thinking it may not have so much to do with Titan but more with Kate, especially after Madison declared her very strong feelings for Brady today. She would have to be a real Kate level snake to lead Brady on like that when she and her phone buddy were planning to go after Titan in any way.

    Rafe and Carry good camaraderie, nice conversation and Carrie had on pretty nail polish and that’s about all for me.

    Jack, Jennifer and Abigail:
    Jennifer Rose you were not being Alice’s grand-daughter today, she would never dismiss one of her children the way you did Abby. It’s understandable with the recent kidnapping she fears for Abby’s safety and is concerned she would get caught up in the glamour of being a model. But, as Abby said she has already lived all over Europe by herself. It would be better for her to know her mom and dad will be there for her, that she can talk to them anytime and will call if she needs help (like Jack said), rather than hit the road and don’t let the door hit you in the rump on your way out. Then Jenn the remark about not paying for classes she would never take…now how supportive and encouraging is that for your daughter. Jack was the only voice of reason today, as Jenn said. Not to mention that terrific last scene with Abby and Jack a very pointed moment for the two of them. Now if Jenn knew about her crush on Austin especially with Abby’s comment about people seeing her as an adult not a child….I may change some of my comments.

    Will and Sonny both deserve best Young Daytime Actor Award. Loved their conversation today, love the pace in which Will is discovering himself, love that he has Sonny to talk to.

  71. From SandyGram

    One last comment about today’s show. Jennifer said ‘I lost my Gran; I lost Daniel; then there was a pause followed, I lost you Jack; and I’m not going to loose my little girl’. But, as many others would remind us,she hasn’t seen JJ in better part of a year. Pity Parties don’t become you Jennifer Rose.

  72. From patty

    SandyGram, those were my thoughts exactly. She doesn’t want her daughter out there alone when her young son has been God knows where all by himself since her return to Salem. Where was this coming from? I was really surprised at Jen’s reaction .

  73. From Richard
    Arianne Zucker, Kyle Lowder and baby.

  74. From Richard
    Days cast does music.

  75. From SandyGram

    #74 Richard
    Wow….almost all the guys of Days sing and good! And our little Melanie is right up in the middle of them, she’ great!

  76. From Richard

    #75 SandyGram
    Indeed she is. I like her.
    Brady and Jack were good on “Bad to the Bone”

  77. From Richard

    I didn’t know that Chad and Melanie was an item off screen.

  78. From SandyGram

    #77 Richard
    When they first came on the show I read they were an off screen item, then I think they broke up, but it would seem they are once again together off screen. That might tell us why they have so much chemistry on screen, but then I thought Chad was really good with Abigail also (especially kissing her, probably a height thing).

  79. From Chris

    When Will told Ej that his mom would go nuts if she finds out that Will brought Sidney to Ej’s house for a party Ej tells Will “that’s the point”. I don’t think Ej really cared one way or another that Will told his mom about the party. I think the look on his face was just that he was surprised.
    As for Jen & Nicole being in cahoots together, well I haven’t seen anything yet to prove that and I hope its not true.
    I can see John being Ej’s father although I prefer Stefano but Hope not at all. They look the same age.

  80. From Richard

    #79 Chris
    Remember the episode that had Abe, EJ, Jen, Lexie and Nicole, sitting at the table and talking about the election? Abe and EJ both got phone calls and left the table. The girls then made decisions on their own and they told Abe and EJ that they didn’t need their input. We don’t know what was discussed there.
    Then when EJ got his hands on Abe’s job program, Jen met Nicole at the square and they had a discussion about the jobs program that Nicole knew nothing about. There may have been further discussion, later on about the jobs program.
    I merely stated that the two of them could have joined together to level the playing field.

  81. From JiBi

    The mysterious phone calls that Madison received is her father IMO

  82. From bil

    Wild thought. Could Alice be related to Stefano?

  83. From patty

    Thanks Richard for the you tubes. Can’t believe how talented some of these guys are.
    As for your theory that Nicole and Jen are in cahoots, would that mean that their little cat fight was staged just like Madison and Sami’s? If so they did a good job because I was convinced they wanted to scratch each others eyes out.

  84. From Maryl

    Grandma Judy, I also thought the same thing about the look on EJ’s face–that it was a revelation to him about how much Will hated his mother but I also saw an indication that he was not too pleased about it. Usually EJ will smirk or laugh about something that can effect Sami in a negative way. This time the look on his face was a little foreign–leave it to J. Scott for making us wonder what EJ was really feeling. He makes his character open to a lot of intrepretations from the viewers–kind of like now you see it, now you don’t. (Ha!)

  85. From Grandma Judy

    I just felt that when Will told EJ it would drive his mother crazy if she found out Will took Sydney to the mansion for the party, and then EJ responded “isn’t that the whole point”, it indicated that EJ handled the party issue in an underhanded way to get under Sami’s skin, and that being the case, he wouldn’t have cared that Will told her about the party. We don’t know if Sami would have agreed to the party or not, because EJ wasn’t up front with her about it, but I think she probably would have agreed because she feels so guilty over what she and EJ did that she doesn’t want to do anything that would make waves. Driving her crazy didn’t go far, though, since Sydney saved the day wanting her daddy. Good for Sami giving in to Syd’s wishes. Even though, again, she didn’t want to make waves.

    I think we all agree Madison’s phone calls are from her father. Can’t wait to see what he brings to the show. From her demeaner after the calls, I’m not sure he’s going to be a positive influence on her.

  86. From patty

    Grandma Judy, I think we can safely assume that whatever the look on EJ’s face , it wasn’t out of concern for Sami. If anything, I’m thinking he was more worried about how Will didn’t follow his orders since EJ’s his “Master” and he’s the one calling the shots. Maybe he realized that Will’s got more backbone than he gave him credit for hence the frown on his face. Just sayin’

  87. From jolie

    Patty, I agree. I think Elvis is starting to see that Will is a bit like his mom, uncontrollable after a point. Will has his own agenda and is doing his thing while doing just enough to keep Elvis appeased. Maybe he does realize that Elvis really doesn’t have anything on him and is really enjoying himself in all of this…making his mom squirm, sometimes making Elvis squirm a bit as well.
    Does anyone else find it strange that Madison has spoken of her brother and her mom but never her father and he must have been in her life at least lately? Well, that is if most of our conjecture is correct and the caller is Madison’s father.
    Sandygram and Richard, I like Melanie as well. I think she made a good bad girl then a good trying-to-be-a-good girl. She is multi-dimensional. Hopefull she’ll get some better storylines coming up so she can show her stuff.

  88. From Grandma Judy

    patty #85, good points. I hope Will somehow turns the tables on EJ, as some have speculated.

    I join with others in loving Melanie. Good actress and needs a dynamic current s/l.

  89. From MAB

    Maryl – oh so agree w/ you as usual. I’ve never thought Sami & Rafe were compatible, which is why I’ve never liked them as a couple. Sami changed too much, and Rafe is too bossy w/ an attitude. They both act better when they are around other characters. Rafe is more likeable, and there’s no doubt that he is more compatible w/ Carrie. I think that is why he’s having feelings for her, wishing Sami was like her sister. Carrie? Really don’t get her motives. I guess she’s just tired of Austin. EJ? I’ll always believe he has feelings for Sami, no matter what he says or who he’s with. And Nicole? I do think her & EJ are a good match, to a point, but their relationship will never be what she wants it to be. I still think Nicole belongs w/ Brady. Lastly, you are right about even a dark soul such as EJ craves true love. All the characters on the show, good or bad, want love, and are capable of it.

    I absolutely loved the scene between Jack & Abby! For the first time, she seemed so happy to be w/ her Dad. And Jack said all the right things. I didn’t like Jen dismissing Abby the way she did either, especially telling her to move out. But I think Jen has too much on her plate right now…the campaign, loosing Gram, Daniel, & Jack. I think that is why she lashed out at her daughter, plus the fact she isn’t ready to let her ‘little girl’ go. I think we all can relate to that feeling.

    Madison’s outfit was horrible! Does the wardrobe dept. try to make her look skanky? Her outfits don’t even look good on her. The skirt was ridiculous & the blouse was ok, until she turned around to show her bra & bare back. She could dress sexy, but look classy…like Sami has been dressing…she always looks great. Madison looks like she’s going to a club, and is dressing that way to get men to notice her. Also, I didn’t see any kind of connection w/ her & Brady when they said they loved each other. Boring!

    I still don’t like the gay s/l, but liked the way Sonny explained things to Will. His advice was good, and could apply to anyone who is not being true to themselves, personally or sexually. The only think I don’t agree w/ is the being born that way. I still say it is something you come to learn about yourself in time, and the choices you make that make you happy & true to yourself.

    The day that Will has EJ squirming will be the day of the apocalypse! EJ is much more experienced, and if Will thinks getting one over one EJ will work in his favor, then he isn’t as smart as I think he is. If he plans on deceiving EJ, he sure better watch his step because EJ will get payback for it, and it could get real nasty for Will if he tries to bite the hand that’s feeding him.

    SandyGram – I’m looking forward to Ian Buchanan joining the show. I have high hopes for his character to stir things up in Salem, so I hope he delivers. I also agree w/ you about Rafe & Carrie’s rapport. I’ve always said I would like him better if he was w/ someone other than Sami, and I was right because I actually like him when he’s around Carrie.

    If you know anything about Sami, it’s pretty much a given that if EJ had asked to give Sydney a party at the mansion, she would’ve said no. She wasn’t even willing to invite him to the party at the pub, although I don’t blame her since no one would want him there other than his kids. EJ did what he had to do to spend time w/ his daughter on her birthday. He wasn’t planning on infringing on her party that Sami planned for her, which is why he told Will it was time for him to get Sydney to the pub before Sami got home. If EJ wanted to be underhanded and piss Sami off, he would’ve encouraged Will to tell Sami that they were at the mansion, and then probably gave Will a pat on the back for pissing Sami off. EJ had no idea of Will’s plans, so I still say EJ wasn’t real pleased about what Will did. Not that I think EJ cared whether Sami was mad or not, but I don’t think he like what Will instigated at the mansion in front of Sydney, and basically disobeyed his orders. Oh, and Sami certainly wasn’t gonna give in to Sydney’s wises until she realized that Sydney wasn’t going anywhere w/o her Daddy. That was all Sydney’s doing – had nothing to do w/ Sami agreeing to anything where EJ was concerned. Like I said, if Sami don’t wise up and stop depriving them of their real father, she will eventually loose them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon tell her they’d rather live w/ their father than her.

  90. From MAB

    jolie – I don’t think Will would’ve agreed to work for EJ if EJ didn’t have something on Will. He was so against anything to do w/ EJ until he brought up the shooting. And I’ve always believed then that Will did it, and Lucas took the wrap for him.

  91. From jolie

    MAB, I agree #89 with you totally that Will would not have agreed to work for Elvis if he didn’t have something on him at the first. And I thought too that Will did it and Lucas was trying to be a stand up guy and sent Will off and took the heat. I just think that Will is making the best of this situation and is enjoying it a bit, enjoying that the perks that Elvis is laying on him, enjoying making his mom mad, enjoying a feeling of belonging maybe. He and Elvis have a rapport that other characters don’t have. So I think Will is starting to come into his own, accepting himself, feeling his way around, and tampering with the dark side. I think the actor is doing a fabulous job and is really holding his own with the emotional scenes and with more seasoned actors too. So basically I am thinking we agree a bit:)

  92. From jolie

    On the subject of Lucas, I have always felt a bit sorry for Lucas. He seemed to be on the outside looking in…a bit like Will seems to be. My problem is that the character seems to be written a bit as a snot (for a better word!). He can be whiny, hardheaded (like many of us), and seems to stand around with his chest expanded. I hope he comes back as a grown man, fully able to take care of himself in business and in his personal life…please don’t let that include Carrie! Or Sami for that matter. And since he and Madison may end up related as some here are thinking, she is out as well. I would just like to see the writers take a bit better care of Lucas as a long time character and a Horton. With Sami as the babymama to 2 of his offspring, Kate as his mom, Stefano and Victor as stepdads, countless brothers and sisters, poor Lucas could use some limelight and good writing.

  93. From jolie

    Rafe and Carrie and the detective agency that isn’t. I thought they were going to work for Bo and Hope’s po-po task force and there was the tablet with all the crooks on it, and the burglary ring to take down, all sort of good crook things coming their way to investigate. Now, nothing. What happened? Well other than Bo and Hope spending all their time with the town’s biggest crook (but I do love Stefano, really I do) in the town’s biggest and newest square for everyone to see while the ‘law and order’ candidate is running against the town’s biggest crook offspring, Elvis. Just too confusing to really get down in words so please excuse my ramblings! But you get the point…why aren’t they investigating for the Salem po-po instead of sitting around looking all googly eyed and making their own lives and those of their spouses miserable??

  94. From SandyGram

    Spoilers…SOD/SOW: Marriage Shocker for John and Hope!; 2/14/12 Issue

    It’s confirmed John and Hope are married. Hope and Bo tell John and Marlena and John says no problem they will just have the marriage annulled. The story twist is they can’t get an annulment, “They have to be in Alamainia to dissolve the marriage. Not only that, they have to stay for a two-week period of time and they can’t take their loved ones.”

    Excerpt from Daytime Royalty

  95. From SandyGram

    Soap Opera Digest/Soap Opera Weekly: Sami Kicks Rafe Out!; 2/14/12 Issue

    SOD/SOW: Abigail Sleeps With Austin!; 2/14/12 Issue (Not really she just lets Austin thinks she does)

    Sorry, but, Due to the Guidelines for posting on this site, I can no longer include the links to Daytime Royalty in my posting.

    To see these articles just search on Daytime Royalty to access the site.

  96. From Maryl

    jolie–I agree with you. Will and EJ absolutely have a rapport between them! Together, they are fun to watch. So glad that Will shows some backbone in his dealings with EJ. He is definitely able to stand up to him–at least for now. Ha! The ironic thing is that Will seems to be actually enjoying his unholy alliance with EJ. I guess all that anger he is haboring is responsible for that. Or could it be that some of Sami’s dark side is evolving in Will? Lucas may have his work cut out for him when it comes to Will.

  97. From MAB

    jolie – no doubt Will is enjoying the perks EJ is giving him, and I’m not surprised he’s taking advantage of it, even if it is only to piss Sami off. I’m just glad he quit crying…that was getting nerve-racking! I like seeing the changes in Will, and I liked seeing him at EJ’s birthday party for Sydney. He actually seemed to be enjoying himself. He was smiling, and enjoying watching Sydney having fun. I agree that EJ & Will have a good rapport, but EJ/James Scott is good working w/ any character on the show, as is Nicole, Sami, Stefano, John & Marlena, Bo & Hope, and a few others…some of them just have it. Also, maybe Lucas will shed some light on the situation about the shooting when he returns, and we’ll finally learn what really happened.

    jolie – man, you & I seem to be agreeing a lot lately – lol. I often felt sorry for Lucas too for a lot of reasons (except when he treated Sami like crap when he married Carrie). And I always felt sorry for him in the love department. He never had a woman really love him, and pursue him. I hope that changes this time around for him, and he finds his true love. Oh yes, they did write him as a snot, and I think that had a lot to do w/ him being Kate’s son. Supposedly this time around, he’s changed (at least that’s what Bryan Datillo stated in a recent interview). He’s become a grown up, level-headed man. I’m looking forward to his return. And I completely agree w/ you about taking care of his character. He has many ties to Salem, rich history, and should’ve never been away from the show this long. I still say they discarded him to make room for Rafe, which was not only a waste, but a huge mistake.

    jolie – I agree (again). Why can’t Rafe & Carrie work on some leads to help Bo & Hope? They asked for their help, so why aren’t they doing some detective work? I’m sure they could do a little digging around for information to help Bo & Hope, instead of sitting around playing cards.

  98. From SandyGram

    Great posts this morning, really enjoying everyone’s incite into the show!

  99. From patty

    Wow, set your PVRs or whatever for tomorrow’s Days, just don’t miss it. Jam packed with drama as Will poignantly reveals to his Mom that he knows about the thryst, Sami catching Rafe and Carrie in a passionate kiss and the undeniable pleasure of watching EJ stammer and stutter on the podium when he realizes he’s been hoodwinked and doesn’t know the answers to the questions. Even better when EJ resorts to the tactic of bringing up the Carver’s pass marital indiscretions and Abe turns the table on him. haha!

  100. From daisy

    85 Patty, I am on the same page with you about EJ s reaction to Wills behavior! Since Will has gotten his backbone, I hope we see him take a good look at his own life and his feelings toward his Mom and decide it isn’t worth the hate and paybacks. After all, he loves Gramma Marlena, and she did the same thing as Sami has, so he can see how it has worked in Sami s messed up life.
    I have a tough time giving Mel much of my applause. On one hand she is portrayed young and silly, and on the other hand she is suppose to be this “wonder woman” nurse, which must have gone through her training in three months. LOL!!!!

  101. From Daysfan25

    Wasn’t Hope & John not even under Stefano’s control at the same time? Was this marriage done when Hope kept going back & forth into Gina mode, or was this when she was missing? Are we supposed to just pretend they were under his control while Hope was missing, even though John found her at Maison Blanch?

  102. From SandyGram

    Yea the box is open. I was getting so anxious with Hope and Stefano going back and forth I could have reach through the TV screen and opened that box with my bare hands, screw the keys. We also know now a few familiar expressions Hope doesn’t want to be called by Stefano, like: my little thief or my dear (Bo doesn’t like them either). Could these later be triggers Stefano uses to get Hope to reinvent herself as Princess Gina, she was looking a little intense and mesmerized as Stefano spoke today.

    Sami and Madison: First of all Sami was stunning today. Although she was extremely mad at Madison her voice and physical movements stayed controlled. It was actually Madison that had an artificial authoritative voice and tense physical stance. We were seeing Samantha Gene at her best, her whole presentation was just so much more than Madison. And what does Madison do when Sami leaves, she makes a call to the secret contact, I’m sure wanting to know what to do as she was visibly upset.

    Now over to the DiMansion, I guess I’m going to be saying this with every posting….I love Chandler Massey, his portrayal of the troubled Will and his interaction with EJ. Then Nicole’s relentless pursuit of the truth of what is going on between EJ and Will. She knows there is something rotten in Denmark and she’s going to find out what it is. Be careful what you ask for Nikki. The looks between Will and EJ through this entire episode were priceless.

    One thing that further caught my attention was when EJ told Will to go upstairs, pack his things and go to his new apartment. Then when Sami walked into the Loft, Will was all packed with his worldly belongings. Was Will living with EJ or Sami? This must be what some refer to as a writers ‘gaff’ or better yet, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is writing. Good story telling is in the accuracy of the details.

  103. From gerri

    Tomorrow’s show sounds wonderful,
    highlight for me,will be E/J’S
    debate answers.
    I’m also ready for Sami to find out,that Will has known all along,about her and E/J’s tryst.
    I also loved Sami’s acting today,and agree she was on it ,and Madison was the one who came off,fakey,probably whomever she has been talking to,they have a plan,to take control of Titan.would be my guess….

  104. From SandyGram

    #102 gerri
    Taking control of Titan is where I start getting confused. If this is to be true, why would the writers have Madison and Brady fall in love? Brady would never forgive her if her and her secret partners intent was to hurt Titan in anyway. And it seems like Madison has been taking order from the beginning, she didn’t take the Titan CEO job with Victor after having a talk with secret partner.

  105. From Chris

    Carrie & Rafe-I still don’t understand why exactly these 2 are in business together or for that fact what is their business about?
    She’s a lawyer, if she can’t make it on her own she should go work for a law firm. Bo & Roman have been fired so many times from the police force and hired back. I’m sure Rafe can get his old job back. These 2 are so boring together.
    Madison & Sami-I hope she tells Kae everything and team up to bring down Madison. I still cannot warm up to her. Brady deserves better.
    Ej/Nicole/Will-I’m loving these three working together but I find it silly that Ej could not answer the debate questions. He is sophisticated and smart. He’s a lawyer and needs to come up with answers on the spot but needs to steal questions to be able to answer them at a debate! I don’t buy that at all and I don’t like it.

  106. From gerri

    SandyGram,this Is just what I’m guessing,I don’t think she Is In love with Brady,(we know how all his romances have ended)There has to be a reason,why she backed off,the deal,with Kate,other than,pressure from Brady,don’t think the writers would have injected this S/L,just to cancel It all out,before showdown with Kate,don’t make any sense.and there has to be a reason,she turned down Victor’s offer,as It was legit.It Is very possible,that A “Demira” Is the secret partner,and we know the relationships,between them,especially business matters….each love to take the other one down.And when they made a pact between them to end the feud,was all for show,not serious
    at all..

  107. From Grandma Judy

    I guess, at this point, I’m taking Madison at her word that Brady is more important to her than MadWorld. I thought she did seem very happy the other day when she and Brady were exchanging I love yous. But then that phone call came and, as I’ve said before, she always seems to me to be somewhat down after those.

    I agree Sami was great in the scenes with her and Madison yesterday, and Sami also looked terrific. But I thught the reason Madison was nervous and tense was because she hated pulling Sami back from their plan, since it had been Madison’s idea in the first place, she got Sami involved, and now she was ditching it. I’m still so-so whether I like Madison or not, until we find out more of what’s going on with the person (her father?) on the other end of the phone calls and what they are up to. Or maybe just what HE is up to?!

    I didn’t mind Madison’s “Sumo” skirt like some have and as I posted before, we saw several skirts and dresses that style over the holidays so I figured it was a new trend. What does bug me, although it’s none of my business, is a woman’s bra showing through her top like Madison’s has from the back the last 2 days. What’s up with that?! Seems to be the style these days for younger gals to do that and, even though the bras are very pretty, with the intention of them of showing through, I think it’s kinda tacky. Some show not only from the back but from the front also. Even the girls at our grandson’s high school! The other thing younger women and girls do is have their bra straps show when they’re wearing tank tops in warm weather. Guess I’m showing my age (HA!!) but in my day we did everything we could to hide our bras! Of course, we couldn’t buy pretty bras in every style, color, and fabric like now.

    Like SandyGram, I was ready to pull that box out of my TV and get the darn thing open! FINALLY it is and I hope the s/l to follow is worth the wait. Bo and Hope and Marlena and John not married??!

    Loved the scenes with Will, Nicole, and EJ. Will’s attempt to put EJ on the spot didn’t succeed, except to raise Nicole’s level of curiosity, but Will definitely knows what EJ is all about.

    About Will’s packing, I thought he either had his belongings at both the mansion and the loft, or that he stopped by the loft on his way to his new apartment (penthouse) especially to write his note to his siblings. I can’t wait for him to lay it all out to Sami today!

    Chris, – I’ve never understood the Carrie/Rafe in business together s/l, either. To me it seems to be just a lame attempt by the writers to get those 2 together. Which it has. But after the kiss, will they pursue things between them any further?! I’m not in love with the idea of a Carrie/Rafe pairing. Mostly because we’ve already been through Sami and Carrie fighting over the same man.

    Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the Super Bowl. At our house it’s “GO PATRIOTS & TOM BRADY all the way!!!!

  108. From SandyGram

    Darn, Darn, Darn….according to Days Cafe it looks like Ian McCallister is going to be Madison’s Husband. Then how can she have this relationship with Brady????

  109. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #107, – Oh, no!! Well, we’ll have to wait and see what the kinks and twists are.

  110. From patty

    SandyGram, I’m shaking my head here! That means she’s been playing him all along. My poor Brady, looks like he’s in for some more heartache.

  111. From jolie

    So with Sami ditching Madison and really throwing herself into the job with Kate, will this take their relationship to a new level? If Sami really goes into full metal-Sami-jacket mode against Mad World and Madison, Kate will grow more appreciative of her. Especially if she isn’t dating any of Kate’s sons.
    #101 Sandygram, that idea that Stefano could be sending Hope into Gina mode by using certain words is so clever! Sounds like you have been hanging out with Richard as he comes up with clever stuff like that. I bet if it isn’t written that way, the writers now wish is way. Such a good idea and would fit right in.
    I too thought it strange that Elvis told Will to go upstairs to pack. Maybe he was staying some at the manse but still had to go to the loft (to run into Sami if nothing else). Nicole’s spidey senses have to be tingling like crazy with the conversation she witnessed between Elvis and Will. She’ll dig further and eventually find out the secret. I always thought she missed her calling by not being a detective. She has always found out whatever she needs to know and in less time than it takes the Salem Po-Po to get from roll call to the donut shoppe.
    Ok, can’t wait for the big blowup today between Will and Sami. Actually I have some trepidation about it as I know it will be painful for them both. But the actors are up to it. This is a chance to do some of their best work and both have been just great lately.
    The debate…I agree with Chris #104 that Elvis could answer any question thrown at him in a debate. That he even thought he needed an edge, well, that bodes ill for him and his abilities. That Abe turns the tables on him about his marriage and extracurricular activities, priceless. He never should have gone there. Whatever Elvis hoped to achieve by running against Abe may be fizzling before his eyes.
    I too am not looking forward to anything coming of a kiss between Rafe and Carrie. The 2 sisters still clashing over a man after all these years, I don’t buy it. Why hasn’t Marlena analyzed them over the years and rooted out that problem so we don’t have to witness it again.
    I thought that Jennifer’s reaction to Abigail’s modeling was ridiculous. Why not be supportive, get the details, withhold judgment before you draw a line that you can’t erase? I get it that Jenn is experiencing lots of change but this is Salem and change is what they do. And that she is pining over losing Dr Dan? Normally a recovery from a hosed up romance lasts about 2 episodes. She should be over it by now and ready to jump into the next. And how will she help Abby thru this thing with Austin because it might get ugly before it is over. Austin is married and Abby doesn’t need to be in the middle of mussing up a marriage at her tender age. She is so sweet and really still young and naïve.
    Madison is a puzzle. She didn’t take the Titan CEO job. Was it offered to her to throw us all off to her real purpose? Yes, it would have been the perfect way to take Victor’s company so perhaps that was not why she is here. Or are her feelings for Brady true and she didn’t think she could do something to hurt his grandfather with whom he has a good relationship? Or is her real purpose to take Kate down thru CW? Or to hit the Dimeras thru Kate? Does she really love Brady? I think he has again jumped too quickly into something with someone he really doesn’t know. Looks like he would be a bit curious of all the calls she gets that make her nervous as a long tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. And if this guy is her dad, why has she never mentioned him? She talked about her mom who seems to have died or at least went out of her life at an early age and her brother. Never a dad mentioned that I can remember. And to just up and stop the encroachment on Kate and CW? I don’t think it has anything to do with conscience or that Sami might be in danger. Something else at play here. Will it come back to her being Kate’s daughter…I don’t think so because Madison has a picture of her mom and her at an early age. Of course there is nothing to say that isn’t really her or her mom in the picture but just a plant to pacify Brady and anyone who asks.
    John and Hope taking off together to get unmarried. Where does this leave Brady and Basic Black and where will John get the cash to go since he and Marlena were complaining about being broke just this week?

  112. From jolie

    Sandygram! Madison is married?? So does he know she is laying up with Brady and slinking about Horton Square waiting for the couch to be clear to break it in?? Poor Brady, we thought you jumped into it too quickly. I hope this doesn’t send Brady back to the bottle. I just didn’t like him drinking at all.

  113. From jolie

    Judging from the reaction to Sandygram’s spoiler on Madison’s secret caller as her husband, I’d say a few of us are shocked and mad!

  114. From MAB

    Finally! The box is open, and although I was about ready to smack Hope for constantly changing her mind about it, and them having the same redundant conversations about it, I still enjoyed the scenes because of Stefano. I just loved when he walked in yesterday. Can he command a room or what? There’s really no one better at taking over when he walks in. And I loved how cooled he played it, when Hope said aren’t you afraid of what you’re family will find out about you, and he said, what that I’ve done something bad? Loved it! But as cool as he played it in front of Bo & Hope, apparently he was after all concerned about what is in that envelope. I wonder what it is? I just find it hard to believe that Stefano let the box stay sealed all this time. I would think The Phoenix would’ve found a way to get the contents of the box once Alice died.

    As far as Hope’s envelope, I still can’t believe the secret is about John & Hope being married. That’s it? Really? Couldn’t the writers come up w/ something more explosive as the secret? I sure hope they have something major up their sleeve or this s/l is gonna be a bust.

    I asked this once before, and got no response from anyone. Am I the only one that remembers there was a real Princess Gina, other than the one Hope was programmed to be?

    Sami looked great yesterday, but she pretty much always looks great. Just another example how you can dress current, sexy, fun & professional all at the same time. Madison needs to take note of this, and let Sami take her shopping. Back to the scene, this is the Sami that I absolutely love & adore. She was strong, confident & completely in control. I just wish she could apply this attitude in her personal life…like w/ Rafe…she’s too much of a weakling in that department. I loved it when Sami told Madison she resigned, and then as she left said that CW was gonna crush Mad World. I’m so glad this happened! Now Kate & Sami will continue to work together and bring down Madison!

    Will seemed to be enjoying hanging out listening to EJ & Nicole’s banter, until EJ told Nicole about Will shooting him. Some have said they don’t think Will did it, but the look on his face said otherwise IMO. One thing about him, his facial expressions tell all. Great job by Chandler Massey! He really looked scared when EJ brought it up. And I liked the way Will showed that he could turn the tables on EJ w/ the secret he has about him & Sami, but if he really knew what EJ was all about, he would watch his step. EJ told him in no uncertain terms what would happen if he tries to challenge him again. He won’t win. So Will better take heed of EJ’s word because he certainly isn’t gonna play games w/ him. Will just might become mince meat!

    I agree it’s silly to think that EJ would not being able to answer the debate questions. He’s so witty & smart, he shouldn’t have to know them in advance. And Abe really shouldn’t either.

    I highly doubt Madison has any ties to the DiMeras at all. I think everything concerning her has to do w/ the Ian character coming in. It looks like he’s somewhat of a big shot, and apparently has Madison under his thumb. Spoilers say he’s her husband, but I think most of us were thinking & hoping he was her father. I hope Brady kicks her to the curb when he finds out. She’ll never be good enough for him.

    I’m glad the writers are exploring Rafe w/ another woman, even if it is Sami’s sister. He is more likeable when he’s around Carrie. He doesn’t try to control her like he does Sami. He used to say he loved all of Sami’s flaws, but now Carrie comes along, and he sees in her what he wants Sami to be like, and now all of a sudden he’s having a problem w/ Sami’s life decisions. He’s acting just like every other man in Sami’s life, other than EJ. They all wanted to change her, except EJ. Oh well, maybe one day she will be w/ the man who is ok w/ who the real Sami is. Back to Rafe, I still find it ridiculous that he didn’t seem to have a problem w/ her shooting EJ and leaving him for dead, but he’s totally against her working as a mole for Madison. Makes no sense. All in all, this indiscretion of Rafe’s just shows that he is not perfect like some think he is. He’s human, and makes mistakes like everyone else. I hope they continue to explore him being w/ another woman, whether it’s Carrie or someone else, because he & Sami has & will never work as a couple.

  115. From Maryl

    Right on MAB! I hope the writers split up Rafe and Sami for good. The Sami we know, has come back to life and once again is keeping us interested and entertained. She is a trouble maker and so good at it! When they try to make her a goody-two-shoes, it just ruins her strong character and makes her boring. So if Rafe will continue to be this perfect guy, she definitely does not belong with him. I guess in my impossible dreams I want Sami and EJ to reform and redeem themselves together because they are so made for each other. I want them most of all to become wonderful parents
    to those sweet children of theirs. I know it seems impossible for this to happen, but I can wish. EJ and Sami would still need to keep some of their naughty ways but not use them against each other.

  116. From laprinsipessa

    can’t wait to see how the hell they are going to explain the timing on John and Hope’s marraige! I am a huge Jope fan and considder myself pretty clued up on.
    Their history and if you read my fanfics you’ll probably agree that I can twist the past pretty well to suit my john and Hope/Gina stories, and yet I can’t figure out how they can place a date that makes sense. It has to be after July 1985, when John was taken from Gina and before Hope married Bo… Small window, and Hope was in Salem. Or 1996 – 1999, after John and Kristen got divorced, as well as Bo and Hope, but before J and M’s 1999 wedding.Again, they were both in Salem, except when they both went to the Jungle with Stefano in 97 and Switzerland in 98…

    Anyway, either way I am looking forward to watching the awesome chemistry between KA and DH in the upcoming storyline.

  117. From patty

    Well it looks like some of you might get their wish. Sami tells Rafe to get out when they get home after she catches Rafe and Carrie kissing. Go Rafe, don’t look back…she did much worst than you did.

  118. From SandyGram

    #114 MAB
    Quote: “Rafe’s just like all the other men in Sami’s life, other than EJ.” It’s the ‘other than EJ’ that caught my eye in this statement. EJ may have excepted Sami for who she was with all her endless schemes and lies, as she did him, but he also worked very hard at totally controlling her; including isolating her and separating her from her family. Then when Rafe came along, EJ went into his new mode to destroy her, his own words. And to this day with all that has happened between EJ and Sami, if he still has this deep seeded love for her why does he get such pleasure at seeing her in pain and misery?

    I remember there was a real Princess Gina and Hope was Stefano’s creation. I also, now after reviewing a You Tube video, I remember Princess Gina telling Hope the only way Hope and Bo can ever come together again in a true loving relationship is when she no longer exists in Hope’s subconscious. So I’m thinking this venture that Hope and John goes on is where Hope rids herself of Princess Gina, without destroying herself. Until this happens Hope can never get back to a trusting relationship with Bo. Unfortunately we don’t have any idea what the writers are up to with Billie coming back and how she will play into Bo and Hopes relationship again, or if all.

  119. From jolie

    MAB-that scene with Stefano and his facial expressions were absolutely priceless! He is just the best bad guy that I can think of on screen. When he asked that his family might find out that he did something bad, I lost it. Too funny! He and Hope are so good together. So I am starting to think I wish Hope was his daughter but not sure that could happen. Alice would have shot him rather than let anyone find that out. Stefano does seem afraid of the information because he knew Alice would not have lied or messed around. He knows it is terrible for him. I agree about Hope’s info as well. This is info that Stefano found about Alice’s family members. I think he would have known and used info about Hope and John being married during some of the past escapades with them…just to rub their noses in it. Let’s know this isn’t the only secret. Maybe there is still a baby hiding out somewhere for John and Hope and maybe it is Elvis. I don’t think that Hope is too young for Elvis to be her son.
    Richard, how about it? Is there a real princess Gina? I thought there was one once and then Hope played the part at other times, right?
    About Will shooting Elvis, there were supposedly 3 guns and maybe Will was one of them and Elvis knows who the others are and is only using this info to get Will to do his bidding. It may come out later that Will was not the shooter so he will know enough then to really turn the tables on Elvis.
    I may not always agree with MAB on Rafe’s character and traits but I really think he went overboard on his disappointment in Sami about being a mole for Madison and against Kate. Yes, Kate is one dangerous being but Rafe really appears not to know half of what Sami has done so this is small potatoes in Samisphere and he is ignoring the half he does know about.
    Laprinsipessa, you do seem pretty clued in on the when it could have happened for John and Hope but this is Salem we are talking about. I try to refrain from speaking bad on Bo and Hope as a couple but he seems to subdue her lately. So maybe a few weeks with John, in a foreign town, together, discovering their past…who knows what will happen. Maybe an offspring, maybe some art stashed somewhere, maybe Hope will come back she was with Dr. Dick. Oh dear, I regress!

  120. From jolie

    Sandygram and Gerri, I too am puzzled about why Madison has come to Salem. It did appear that she was there to do harm to Titan but she had the job in her hands and turned it down. Now she is doing a 180 about taking Kate down. Well, she has made an enemy in Sami now and Sami will work long and hard to make CW a success and take Madison down because she feels a bit tricked by Madison. And she was right, at least with Kate, what you know is what you get. Or is this guy, her husband we hear now, going to come in and take the CEO position thru Victor’s headhunters?? And my word, doesn’t Vic have an in-house program to appoint his next successor?? Who would he have appointed if Brady had not taken over the company? Hard to believe he didn’t have a succession plan, as savvy as he is. Maybe it involved Phillip but now he has flown the coop.
    Grandma Judy, I agree with you on Madison’s blouse with the bra showing. But I guess that is big city style…it surely wouldn’t play where I live. You could fully expect your grandma to come after you with a wooden spoon and a poncho to cover you up if you got out in public like that!
    Sandygram, I had forgotten about Billie coming back while I was pondering Hope and John’s trip to get unhitched. Well, Billie may be there to pick up the pieces of Bo. I think I like your assessment of the relationship between Sami/Rafe/Elvis except that I do think Elvis loves Sami in his own way but not the way others see them as lifelong deep-seeded love. I think he wants to possess her and when he can’t he’ll just cause her pain and suffering. Another way to control her. Rafe doesn’t exert as much control over her but he isn’t as strong on being good as Elvis is strong being bad. Hope that makes sense for you but it makes perfect sense to me to explain why they seem to keep circling each other and throw my poor Nicole right in the middle as well. She just wants to be loved, have some cash so she doesn’t have to scrap around for it, and would love to have a family. Once they find out that Syd belongs to her, she’ll have most of it. Of course that is after Dr. Dick and Hope come back together as crime fighters after they find Bo’s IPad laying around in some spilled chowder at the pub. They start up their after dark activities again and straighten out the Salem underworld, doing DNA testing and matching on most of the citizens while they are at it.
    On the subject of John and Hope going for a couple of weeks to get unhitched. Isn’t that the craziest bunch of divorce rules you have ever heard?? Have to stay for a couple of weeks, both have to be there, I guess the other spouses can’t come and John and Hope will have to share a room. Good grief! A divorce is a divorce. Elvis Dimera is a lawyer and will need something to do after the mayoral election. Go have him file the papers. Call Nicole for an appointment.

  121. From Maryl

    SandyGram–Any isolation from her family that Sami suffered because of EJ was usually payback for her isolating him from the kids also. Just that old back and forth thing. When things are going well between the two of them, EJ is not controlling of her–as a matter of fact, he bends over backward to try to please her. The only problem is that there is always something bad that he has to do to get her into his orbit and then he does all this crazy stuff to try to keep her and hide his transgressions from her. I guess you can say that is controlling, but I think its more like desperation on his part to have her and the children in his life.
    As far as wanting to “destroy her” or getting pleasure from the pain he causes her–it’s his emotional self defense kicking in–he has to remain a tough DiMera and can’t show his weakness–especially since he himself is in pain over, of all things, a Brady woman! When EJ’s last wedding to Sami was foiled, he was totally wasted-devastated-to the point of wanting to end his life. Most men who did not have a deep seeded love for a woman, would not have gone into the devastated state that EJ slipped into. I would like to see these two characters come together mutually with clean slates and a realization that they are meant to be. They need to understand what it is that’s causing them to always be at war, yet no one ever comes out the winner. They are both in denial of their deepest secret feelings. Forbidden love!
    A soap opera specialty–always interesting and entertaining!
    The direction the writers go with EJ and Sami will most likely not be what Ejami fans would like to see happen–they never deliver for us and probably never will. We can only hope that someday the writers will give us a EJ & Sami love story that will create soap history.

  122. From Lorraine

    I don’t like where days is going. I had hoped Rafe would have remained faithful. I am dissapointed in Carrie and Austin.
    I don’t want to watch John and Hope thing. Surely they can come up with something else. I will be taking a break from watching the show for a while.

  123. From Jack Kanov

    As of 3:29 eastern standard time: 2 days, 2 hours, 59 minutes and 45 seconds till kick-off.

    Q. How do you castrate a New York Giants fan?
    A. Kick his sister in the chin.

    aaay ohhhh ayyyy

    GO PATS!!!

  124. From gerri

    I guess I just don’t get this EJ,
    and Sami,thing,that he loves her so much,and they belong together…
    If this real love,why would he send,a stranger(fake Rafe) into her and his children’s lives, not knowing what could happen to them,this doesn’t speak of love to me.speaks of control….

    As far as the Madison/Sami/Kate,
    business deal,who knows why this S/L was written In..Maybe Kate Is in on the whole thing,and has been all along,she Is a DeMira now)after all Sami Is a Brady,also the mother of Kate’s grandkids,why suddenly Is she playing nice?
    She has always hated Sami(even tho she did warn Sami about EJ’S,plan to take the kids,out of the country,resulting In him getting shot.

    Ijust can’t see,why a stranger,would be in storyline,to be helping Madison,do whatever she was brought on to do…

    as far as Brady,Nicole to me Is best suited for him,they seemed to be truly In love…all these is strictly my opinion only…..

    but todays show was worth watching the whole week….Loved It!!!

  125. From MAB

    #118 SandyGram – my point was specifically about the all the men in Sami’s life always trying to change her, and the only one who didn’t was EJ, and that’s a fact. My comments had nothing to do w/ what all the horrible things they’ve done to one another…lying, manipulating, etc. But this scenario doesn’t only apply to just EJ & Sami…there are many other couples that have done bad things to each other, and still have love for each other, so there’s no reason EJ can’t still love Sami. Also, he was willing to change for her, and always the one trying to bend over backwards to please her. Not too many other men ever did that for her either. That’s just how I see it. IMO, their relationship could’ve been something magically if the writers would’ve taken the chance.

    #119 jolie – oh yeah, Stefano is the man! Not trying to take any credit from anyone else, but I’m very good on the history of this show (and if I don’t remember I look it up), but no one has to tell me there was a real Princess Gina. I just didn’t understand why no one else had mentioned it before other than me. Hope did play both parts. I remember when she died, and it come to light that Greta was her daughter, and on her death bed, she told Greta who her father was, but we never heard what she told her, and never found out who it was. I always believed it was John. So maybe they will take a page out of the past, ditch the Greta thing, and make EJ their child. Just a thought. As far as Will, I do think he is the shooter. I don’t think he would be so scared about it if he wasn’t, but that’s just my opinion. And Rafe, I know we don’t always agree, but I like that we can discuss it like adults. And I’m glad you also agree that he’s taken the mole thing overboard.

    The writers said there would be no more breaking up Bo & Hope, and even bringing Billie back was not supposed to interfere w/ their relationship. So I hope they stick to that, especially w/ this new s/l that John & Hope are married. I think this idea is silly, and think the writers could’ve come up w/ a better family secret than that. I hope that Hope is not EJ’s mother. I just think that idea is too far fetched.

    #121 Maryl – ditto! And I’m w/ you. I’ll never give up on EJ & Sami.

  126. From MAB

    The way I see EJ & Sami is from a soap opera point of view of entertainment. I don’t look at it like real life situations, and maybe that is the difference between those who get EJ & Sami and those who don’t.

  127. From MAB

    Sorry but just because Kate said EJ planned on taking the kids was no reason to shoot EJ, especially after the state Sami found him in. It was obvious he wasn’t going nowhere. I still say Sami should’ve waited until he woke up, then had it out w/ him, then if he threatened her then she shot him, she would’ve possibly had a reason for what she did. You say how can he love her after all he did to her? Well apparently he can, even after all she did to him, even after shooting him in the head. Now that’s love – in a soap opera sense that is.

  128. From Richard
    Death of Princess Gina.

  129. From llloyd

    Today was worth waiting for. And thank you for including the fact that Sami has used her mother as an excuse for her actions for years. You reap what you sow. So, she’s left Madison, a long time friend who gave her a job when she really needed one, to work for her arch enemy Kate.
    Then finds Rafe with her sister. What did she expect? She’s never been anything but selfish and spoiled. It was long over due to get the rug pulled out from under her. And E.J. bald face lying to Nichole. Then gets indignant because Abe did just what he was going to do to Abe. How does it feel E.J.? I’m glad Lucas is coming back. I think Will needs someone to keep him centered just about now. Will takes care of everybody else, and where are these people when he needs understanding? Great show today!

  130. From Maryl

    #125 MAB-Exactly! You hit the nail on the head–the soap opera point of view and not real life situations! That’s exactly how I see this. In an imaginary world you can dare to support unconventional relationships instead of the mundane and sanctioned ones because it’s just that–not real life. Another reason being that the writers can change a bad character to good with one swipe of their pen, so you never know when your bad character will be redeemed. Besides, the mundane relationships usually bore the heck out of us.

  131. From SandyGram

    How comical was Rafe and Carrie’s scene’s today, so sympathetic to their new client with the potential cheating husband. Finding out Julia Purcy (where did they get this name, how about a Jones or a Smith), is a party coordinator with the actual Husband walking in while they were there and how wonderful it was of him to throwing his wife a surprise 30th Anniversary Party. Finally a paying job, which couldn’t have taken more than a couple of hours. But they are so elated they fall into each other’s arms. Who is writing this stuff it can’t be the same writers who put together the terrific scene’s for the rest of today’s show. What a pair of hypocrites they have turned Rafe and Carrie into.

    I don’t think Nicole will ever believe that EJ is not hiding something from her about Will no matter how many times he says “I sware”. Nikki is in for a heart ache, the question now is will she seek revenge or payback when she finds out everything or will she suck it in as she loves him no matter what, after all she has forgiven him for being complicit in her mothers death.

    Jenn, Lexie, Abe, EJ and Nicole at one point or the other were grinning like Cheshire Cats thinking they had the upper hand at the debate. I was hoping Abe didn’t read the real questions, but it appears that he and Jenn actually practiced the answers as EJ and Nicole practiced what they thought were the right questions. I can only imagine breaking down Abe’s ‘honorable man’ persona is just a lead into giving Lexie a reason to show her DiMera or cheating side (as we read in the spoilers a few months back).

    The Emmy goes to William Robert Horton and Samantha Gene Brady Hernandez. I couldn’t have asked for more from these two actors, heart pounding, gut wrenching drama. Just one thing I would like to of seen different: when Will finally yelled to Sami “I saw you! I know what you did! I saw you having sex with EJ” setting Sami back a few years. Change it to Will saying “I’ve just realized I am gay, now I have to live with seeing you having sex with EJ when your family needed you” (or something like that). It’s all about family to Will.

  132. From Arlene

    I can’t see EJ being Hope’s son, my goodness, they seem to be around the same age on the show.

  133. From bil

    Didn’t we hear Kate on the phone saying, “everything is going according to plan..” or something like that right after she hired Sami?

    Also, didn’t Madison used to say with annoying tones, “What!” when she answered the calls from mystery caller? Why does she now say, “I always have time for you…”

    Lastly, I do think Will is troubled with his sexuality. And maybe he turns out to be gay as everyone and every spoiler says. However, I found it interesting that he was in utter disgust at his mother and thought the actual act of sex was sick and nasty. I don’t want a debate– genetic or not– but I do wonder how seeing his mother with EJ may have affected him in his self analysis.

  134. From marion

    I totally disagree with you lloyd, Sami is maybe the most complex character on this show, full of contradictions, yes she blames her mother most of the time but she also sometimes admits she has flaws, like she did today with her son..she also blames others because she is full of guilt, she knows deep down that she is at faults and it is tortured her..She doesn’t want to face that actually i think she can’ is too painful for her..she is most of the time like an insecure little girl maybe one day she will accept herself, owns her own flaws even if they are dark..and finally she will find some breath of happiness..She doesn’t have to live a life people expect her to live or being the ‘good’ person they want, she has to be herself and be happy with that..and in a way it is the same thing for Will..they have a powerful fictional dynamic as son-mother where either of them is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, they have to accept each other even with their mistakes and flaws.

  135. From gerri

    #132 bil,
    yes Kate did say this on the phone,to????
    maybe she and Madison are a team,working against Sami,as neither one care for her.well so much for being a mole,huh?
    Don’t think for a minute that Kate can be trusted,and Sami should have been smarter……….

  136. From Paula

    I personally have been so impressed with “Will’s” acting in the last few weeks. For a young actor, I think he’s been outstanding in the two SL’s he been involved in (sami’s indescretions and his confused sexuality).
    The infamous Rafe and Carrie Kiss….pl–ease!!! Rafe loves Sami so much that he lusted after Carrie this easily?? Seriously?! enough said about that.
    And as far as Abigal and Austin, it makes me sick. First of all, she is waaayyyy to young for him. She wasn’t even a twinkle in Jennifer and Jack’s eye when he was dating Carrie. When I saw them kiss while she was “day dreaming”, I thought I was going to throw up!

  137. From Paula

    By the way. Can someone please tell me the of the other spoiler web site? I had it saved, but lost it when I had my computer reloaded. I can’t remember it.

  138. From Paula

    just isn’t my night. I meant ” the name of the other spoiler site”

  139. From SandyGram

    #136 Paula
    Not sure what spoiler site referring to, so here’s a few I use:

    - Days Cafe (Has a Day Ahead Section)
    - Soaps
    - Days of Our Lives
    - Daytime Royalty (Has all the Soap Opera Digest/Soap Opera Weekly/Other Interviews/SID Articles, you normally start seeing them in the afternoon on Thursday through Friday
    - Salem Spectator
    - Soap Central
    - Network 54 (Has a Day Ahead Section comes out of Canada)

    Sorry I can’t give you the ‘links’ it’s against the Posting Guidelines of this site. Their easy to find when you do an internet search.

  140. From Shanon

    The Carrie-Rafe kiss looked so forced. Sami has a lot of nerve throwing Rafe out for just a kiss after she had sex with EJ. So much for love and trying to work things out. I think after Will’s confession, Sami was at her brink.
    The opening of the envelope was dragged on so long I could barely stand watching Hope mull over it. Now Stefano with his envelope, come on. If he doesn’t want to know then throw it in the fire and let it burn. Nobody will be any the wiser.
    I’m glad Mel and Abi make up, but Abi tricking Austin into thinking they had sex? Really? What is this going to accomplish?
    Tisk tisk Abe for lying to Lexi and of course we know this lie will come out at some point. As for Abe thinking Lexi will never forgive him, Lexi has done way worse in the past and her and Abe worked it out. Cheating on a debate is mild compared to some of the other things that are done on the show.
    I’m not pleased that the Princess Gina storyline is being revisited. I thought it was ridiculous years ago and still do. If John and Hope are married to each other, how does that destroy many lives? There must be more to this.
    Lucas returns with a fiancee, good for him. I don’t know who wouldn’t be happy for him or why they wouldn’t be. He deserves someone. I wonder if his fiancee will be a permanent character on the show and who will set out to ruin his happiness?

  141. From Cougar

    Wow Sammi talk about having a rough day you son disowning you and your husband kissing your sister in one day! Will Sami give Rafe a secod chance as when she begged Will to give her a second chance?

    Know Im the minority but I think Carrie is better suited to Rafe. Hate to use this word but I think they are cute together.

  142. From Guest

    I hate that Sami saw the kiss the day that Will blasts her with the truth. Instead of sucking up and trying to fix the mess she made, the focus is on how Rafe was not loyal to her. It is true that it was disloyal to kiss another woman, I just hate the timing upstaging a really pivotal reveal day!!!

  143. From Grandma Judy

    Will sure did unload on Sami yesterday! Much more so than I even expected. I can’t disagree with anything he said. To me, his last statement to his buddies, “I’m finally free”, said it all for him on several levels! Absolutely terrific scenes between him and Sami.

    I agree with Guest, #140, and don’t like the timing of Sami seeing the kiss between Rafe and Carrie, and now Sami will make that the issue rather than the mess SHE has created. Including pushing Rafe away all this time. She throws Rafe OUT?! A little overboard for a kiss, I would say. Although she does say Mon. that she saw Carrie’s tongue in Rafe’s mouth! Haaa!!! But, again, I think her reaction stems from her own guilt over what she did with EJ, (that Will has just thrown in her face), and her need to blame someone else, coupled with her rivalry that still exists with Carrie.

    I don’t like Rafe being disloyal to Sami by kissing her sister, but we’ve seen it coming. Ever since Sami’s romp with EJ, she’s been pushing Rafe away and he doesn’t have the slightest clue why so is terribly frustrated. In the meantime, he’s been working closely with Carrie, who is beautiful, fun, and has been completely in awe of him ever since she came back to town. I think Rafe’s heart is with Sami but he was “in the moment” when he grabbed Carrie and kissed her, which she wholeheartedly responded to. I can forgive the kiss but will see if it goes further between them. And it may if Sami seriously throws Rafe out for good, or when Rafe finds out about Sami and EJ.

    Great debate! James Scott plays being at a loss just as well as being in control. I don’t even mind that Abe cheated. He just beat EJ at his own game. But it will probably make a difference to Abe as time goes on, and to Lexie. And EJ and Nicole plan to get even. Of course they do!!

    We know what’s in Hope’s envelope but I am soooo curious what’s in Stefano’s. All we know from a spoiler is that he will be “mortified”.

  144. From Grandma Judy

    Like bil and gerri, I remember after Kate hired Sami, she told someone over the phone that everything is going according to plan. I believe Kate is up to no good where Sami is concerned! Even if Sami is only in the middle between something Kate has planned for Madison.

  145. From Maryl

    I may be alone on this but I thought Rafe and Carrie’s kiss was pretty hot! I believe that Sami has a good reason to worry!

  146. From Richard

    I agree with them revisiting the John/Gina SL. I think that it is necessary to recover vital info that we apparently missed out on.
    I believe also that Stefano can make his envelope contain any info that he wants to bring out at this time. He had a letter addressed to him from Alice, so Alice didn’t have to be secretive in her communications with Stefano.
    I still believe that Stefano needs something that only Gina can provide, by remembering her days with John. I think that Gina lives on, within Hope.
    Rafe only started to passionately kiss Carrie when Sami PAUSED for a few minutes, outside the door.
    I think that Rafe is secretly still with law enforcement, of some kind, and it may be concerning danger of some kind to Sami and her family. After all, she is working as a double agent and there was no other way that Rafe could get through to her. Maybe it even has something to do with Ian coming to town. I still believe that sometimes it’s not Ian that Madison is talking to on the phone. Sometimes she’s excited and other times, she seems pissed off.
    I think that maybe Rafe and whoever he is still working for, set up this latest Percy case to keep the office open and keep Carrie in place as the lawyer. You have to admit, that info seems to fall into Rafe’s hand very easily and it takes no time to wrap up the cases.
    Something is definitely in the works, with Madison’s news, Will’s news and Rafe kissing Carrie all hitting Sami hard, all at the Same time.
    To me, there is something wrong with the Madison and Titan SL, the Quinn model citizen SL, the Mayoral race SL and the Alice’s secret SL.
    It all seems to trickle down to another Dimera/Brady/Horton vendetta with Stefano on the receiving end of things. The people of Salem seem to be turning the tables on the Dimeras.
    It may not have been Stefano that brought Quinn back in.

  147. From Richard

    I can still imagine a Rafe and Will connection.
    Here’s a scenario: Will tells Rafe about Sami making love to EJ. They devise a plan to bring EJ down. The plan is for Will to demand blackmail money from EJ. The SPD(the only ones who would have these details)feeds EJ info that Will shot him, so that EJ could turn the tables on Will. We now have Will on the inside feeding info to Rafe, on the outside.
    Will informs Rafe that EJ has stolen the debate questions. Rafe informs Jennifer, who manages to replace the real questions with fake ones. Will informs his mom that he saw her with EJ and he informs Rafe that she was on her way over to the office. IMO, this had to be well planned out, in advance.

  148. From the truth

    N’ importe quoi Richard and Rafe is God Too, a boring God i may add who can cheat on his wife because well she is ‘Sami’ she is ‘evil’ she deserves it, it is well known, he can’t do wrong and Sami doesn’t deserve him (for that i agree, she deserves BETTER, a guy as much as complex and interesting and charismatic as her not this horror Rafe) blablabla…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  149. From Richard

    May be nonsense, but it is a possible scenario. Pleasant dreams, from the truth, do you have any answers of your own, or do you just dislike mine?
    I like to see people come on here and voice their opinions, but some people only come here to cut down other opinions, without offering any of their own.
    N’importe quoi.

  150. From Daysfan25

    #116 – As I said in my previous post, #100, I don’t get how the writers are going to explain when John & Hope could have gotten married either. I don’t think Stefano’s envelope would say that Hope or John is EJ’s parent/parents because Alice would never hide this from either John or Hope, but maybe it did say that she knew EJ wasn’t his & that she didn’t know who his father was.

    Does anyone else see that this is probably Carrie’s subconscience way of getting back at Sami? It can’t make her feel good that she can’t has no children & Sami has 4 plus a seemingly wonderful husband after everything Sami did to her. Just my opinion..

  151. From gerri

    I have a question,If Alice wanted to protect Hope,and not wanting her to learn,this secret,Why wasn’t these papers destroyed?doesn’t take long,to burn…….
    and she isn’t alive to defend herself,or to explain,don’t like this S/L at all……..

  152. From SandyGram

    #147 Daysfan25
    For me, it would be ok if the Rafe/Carrie kiss at a minimum turned out to be a dream sequence the same as Abby kissing Austin was a day dream. Maybe Sami could stop at the door as she did on Friday and before entering the office she daydreams she sees Rafe and Carrie together to top off the verbal whipping she just received from Will. Then as she walks through the door her surprise would be they were at separate desks working as she falls into Rafe’s arms saying she was so, so sorry and she needed to talk to him. Well if only dreams could come true.

  153. From Richard

    #148 gerri
    This would be Stefano’s secret on the Horton family that Hope has.
    Stefano has Alice’s secret on the Dimera family and we don’t know what secrets that she had.

  154. From Richard

    If Stefano was sitting in a church all by his lonesome, with no security to speak of and your mother was marrying EJ, would you shoot EJ or Stefano and would you shoot before or after your mom and EJ were married?
    They said there were at least 3 shooters and 2 must have been amateurs. It’s good to know that Will is the expert here at about 14 years old. How did the other shooters miss everybody completely? Sami wasn’t hit. The preacher wasn’t hit. They must have been terrible shooters.
    I believe, if I was there, I would have ducked or ran for cover, when someone started shooting. Everyone could have been killed. I think that someone knew that there was no further damage to be done, after the initial shots were fired.

  155. From SandyGram

    #151 Richard
    At times I wonder if EJ was the target, I think I remember a bullet being found in Sami’s dress and one in the wall. But then another piece of that day that wasn’t explained was the person in the black cape with black gloves standing to the side, when Sami began her walk down the aisle she looked toward this person not in disgust as if it were Kate, but seemed to be somewhat familiar to Sami. Who was this black gloved person?

  156. From SandyGram

    One thing I forgot to mention in Post #130…although Sami called Marlena a ‘slut’ when she told her mom she saw her and John having sex those many years ago….I wasn’t to keen on Will calling Sami a ‘who%e’. I know scripts are pretty liberal and loose with the language now-a-days, but that is beyond being hurtful to hear a son address his mother in this manner crosses a line for me.

    There were two key lines in the show Will when he said ‘you’ve ruined our family.’ Then when talking to the guys in the Pub he responded to their invitation to the party he said ‘I’m free’. For me this was Will’s deciding moment to be his own man.

  157. From bil

    Wasn’t the person in the black cape and gloves Marlena? I’m not sure.
    Regarding shooting after the marriage, I had assumed this was so the “deal” was done first. Of course there will be a million ways to re-write this. It very well could be that Will was a shooter– but that the actual shot was a) planned by Stefano to wound EJ just enough to make Sami commit or b) it was meant for Sami (after the “deal”)….
    EJ may know it wasn’t really Will– but Will doesn’t know that at all since the bullet matched his gun.

  158. From bil

    I think Richard had this theory earlier– re: shooting planned/staged by Stefano and/or EJ.

  159. From tina

    why some of you think Rafe is so ‘wonderful’ on this board ? Hello he is not or if it was the case he would be a cartoon character, fictional characters have to be interesting..and for that we have (the audience) to understand them mostly by witnessing their be happy finally Rafe can be written as an human-being not so called cheesy hero who would and will never exist even in fiction..even in Walt Dysney movies the hero are not as much dull and perfect as this guy tend to be portray..although if you pay little attention you see all the self-righteous, controlling, paternalist and hypocrisy vibe of the character..maybe with this affair and romance we will see him as a human-being, who is called out for his mistakes or at least not so moral ‘sainted’ actions..who knows..Or he can stay the useless character that he is and being killed off..your choice.

  160. From gerri

    going back and re-reading most of the posts,I think everyone on this site,in their own way,relate the Characters and storylines,to real-life situations,whether you think so.or not.. Of course some are too far fetched and unbelievable,to connect to anyone’s life.
    examples “being.obsessed”taking one’s memories away,cloning,having access to patient’s records,to change lab results,completing Nursing school in a couple of months,and many more that Is just plain dumb and stupid………

  161. From Paula

    #137 – Sandygram – Thank you

  162. From Richard

    #155 bil
    Yes i did and I posted the youtube video link.
    It sounded like a man’s voice and I think that we can rule out the Bradys as shooters, because I believe that they would have shot before Sami said “I do”, if they were shooting at EJ.
    When the voice called her name, Sami acted disgusted and lowered her bouquet. It seemed to me like EJ heard it too and he kept looking in that direction.

  163. From SandyGram

    #154 bil
    How could the bullet match the gun? Isn’t the bullet still in EJ’s back and where’s the gun? You and Richard are so right. Although I can’t imagine the writers who wrote the shooting at the Church could of ever thought that 5 years later the story would be revisited and oh by the way if they weren’t around, new writers would know where to pick up where they failed to clarify. In fact so many of the story lines are re-writes of past story’s so where’s the beef so to speak. We were told Marlene and Darrell would bring days back to it’s core values by telling stories with a fresh and contemporary approach. The only contemporary I see is Will’s story line. Oh, there I go again getting in over my head, I certainly know nothing about writing. But I have patience!

  164. From Richard

    Where is Greta at, when we need answers about the priest John Black and her mother, Princess Gina?

  165. From Richard

    It’s really hard to say just what Stefano was doing when he was a pile of ashes in Melaswen, when he was sitting in the urn at the mansion or when he was paralzed, after Marlena gave him that shot.

  166. From bil

    #158 Sandygram
    Yes, the bullet is in EJ ‘s back but apparently in soap opera land they still have a way to test ballistics. I read that on a summary archive

    Remember, Lucas got two guns– one for Kate and one for himself. The one for himself he mailed– but EJ intercepted the package and gave it to Bo. The gun “was a match” though they could not prove that Lucas shot it himself.

  167. From bil

    I’m having trouble posting tonight so I apologize if this is a repeat post.
    #158- according to a summary archive Kate said they could test the bullet that was still in Ej’s back. The gun was intercepted by EJ for a bit- and then given to Bo. It was Lucas’s second gun.

  168. From bil

    Key loop hole is that EJ had the gun in question for a bit before giving it to the police. So he could have easily made “it match” to the one the Dimera’s used– if indeed the whole thing was a set up.

  169. From SandyGram

    #161 bil
    Kate gave her gun to Philip, then later he met her at the Pub where they had a conversation that went something like this:

    Sitting at a table Philip slid the gun toward Kate asking her did she shot EJ. After dancing around the issue, Kate finally told Philip EJ told something to Lucas that further drove Lucas away from her. She was furious at EJ and she hated Sami for hurting Lucas. She went to the Church with the gun where she was supposedly not noticed. She debated with herself who she hated more EJ or Sami, she pulled out the gun and aimed it at the alter. First she was a aiming at EJ then she aimed it at Sami and suddenly the gun went off. Philip asked her how do you know you didn’t shot EJ, Kate replied she couldn’t shoot EJ he is Stefano’s son, so her intent was to shoot Sami, when the gun supposedly went off it was pointed down and she heard two additional shots.
    That’s kind of funny one bullet is in EJ, one was found in Sami’s dress and one was in the wall and Kate says she was pointing down. Actually I thought later Roman found Kate’s gun, I could be mistaken but that’s ringing a bell.

    The Video that show’s this conversation can be found on You Tube, search on:
    11.13.07 – Asking Me To Destroy Evidence

    According to the posting Guidelines I can’t post the actual Link to see the Video access You Tube with the search description above.

  170. From bil

    Thanks! The gun that Kate had and subsequently gave to Phillip was one of two guns that Lucas bought. He gave one to his mom and he kept the other. Kate used hers to shoot– I think her shot went in Sami’s dress. I had assumed she was pointing down and it went into her dress–. But you are right– wonder if there is a loophole there. Kate then gave the gun to Phillip to get rid of it– but he didn’t. Marlena used her gun but her shot went in the alter according to ballistics. The one that went in EJ’s back was supposedly the one from Lucas’s gun– the one he mailed to himself after the shooting and the same one that EJ intercepted. Now apparently Roman was there too with a gun but his was not fired– at least from what I can remember.

  171. From patsy

    153 Sandagram I thought that Will calling Sami a whore was a little too much to.One of these days Will will want his mother and she won,t be there .AND EJ has to be the oneto help Will .THAT IS DISGUSTING STORYLINE YET .NEXT TO rAFE AND cARRIE .CANT THEY WRITE A LOVESTORY WHERE BOY MEET GIRL,they have a comfersatoin get to know each other .fall in love then have sex .NOT go after your sisters husband .,your friends boyfriend or NO mutelations .just natuarl Is that too much to ask

  172. From SandyGram

    #167 patsy
    It looks like natural to Soap writers is to hook up with your sisters husband;or hook up with an older man who is like family and is married; or hook up with the most evil man in town. I guess that’s why we love it so much, off beat and it could only happen in the Soaps!

  173. From SandyGram

    Should be #166 patsy…fingers must be in a hurry it’s time to watch some football!

  174. From SandyGram

    Now it’s safe to say Go New York Giants….Congratulations!

  175. From daisy

    Gerri, hope your weather is as good as mine. Three sunny warm days, and I am transplanting and weeding!
    I am certainly tired of waiting for the Alice/Steffano secret to be known……….dragging out too long.
    I know it was brutal to hear Wills name calling to his Mom, but she needed the shock.

  176. From Grandma Judy

    daisy #170, – I think Sami needed the shock, too, and although we may disagree with the strong word “whore”, it’s what is in Will’s heart and mind about his mother right now. Been building up for years.

    I humbly congratulate the NY fans on here while licking my own wounds for the Patroit’s loss in the Super Bowl last night!! I loved the commercial with the Bulldog outrunning the Greyhounds!!

  177. From Grandma Judy

    From DaysCafe Spoiler Spoilers, – “Will lamented Sami has not realized what is going on with him. True that. Lucas will know he is gay first. . . .”
    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! One of the mayoral campaigns will sink to a new low. . . .”

    I also read that Rafe will try to save his marriage. And things are even more complicated between Carrie and Austin since he will mistakenly think he slept with Abigail and feel guilty about it.

  178. From doggie lover

    I too liked the bulldog/greyhound commercial until… Unfortunately for all parties involved, it was filmed at a dog race track that is notorious for animal cruelty and greyhound abuse. The abuse had been documented. Several animal activist groups are lobbying to have the ad pulled.

  179. From jolie

    Will and Sami were great on Friday. You could see the shock on her face and the hurt on his. Poor Will, hasn’t he had to tell her before that he is tired of being the adult? It just seems that he has said that previously or maybe it is just that we have all thought it so often. Typical Sami to grab her stuff and head out the door. She never sits down to actually think a thing thru. I was surprised she went to Rafe and didn’t run off to see Elvis again. For her to see Rafe kissing Carrie, that will send her over the edge. Everyone better step clear of her and the wide path of destruction she’ll probably wield.
    Poor Austin, always thinking he slept with someone when he didn’t. Sort of a pattern with him. Didn’t Sami to the same to him? Let’s hope Abby doesn’t come up preggers and make Austin think it is his.

  180. From Lisa

    Okay, I read on the cover of the Soap magazine, Sami kicks out “cheating” Rafe, Austin sleeps with Abigal and Hope finds out that she and John were married!


    Abby and Austin, give me a break. They are so gross together that it makes my stomach turn. How old is she anyway, 18 or 19? What is he like 50? Disgusting!

    Cheating Rafe? He kissed Sami’s sister which is not cool but it is nothing compared to Sami’s exploits. I like the actress, but Sami is a low class pig who should not have her children or a decent man like Rafe in her life. He should have run like hell when he met that trouble making tramp!

    Did she forget the hell she put Carrie through with Austin? Plus, Austin should have known she would cheat since she cheated on Lucas with him!

    John and Hope, come on! How many times are they going to bring up crap that Stefano did to these poor saps that no one can remember?

    Whatever happened to the alien children that Kate and Roman had that Stefano tricked them into not remembering having them? Wow, that’s some powerful stuff he has to make people forget about marriages, children, lives, having sex, whatever! Stupid!

    Finally Maggie is looking like the class act that she is! She looks stunning!

    Melanie is being stupid about this thing with Chad. Go for it! Abigal already had her sights on Austin before she and Chad even broke up. Melanie should grab a piece of happy before Gabby gets her hooks in him.

    I like Kate and Sami working together. I would love to work for her and I think they make a great team.

    I also like Madison and Brady together. So far she is a good girl (unlike Nicole whom I love) but who is this mystery man? Hmmm…I hope it’s nothing too bad.

    Also, wonderful acting by our young Will Horton. I hope he can find some peace soon and come out and be able to be who he really is!

    I also love Sonny! :)

    Been a fan for over 38 years!

    Have a great day everyone! :)

  181. From Lisa

    P.S. Forgot one more thing…I like Quinn and his new spa but enough of the beefcake!

    I like a hot guy just like the next girl but no spa or gym is going to have men doing karate, pilates or yoga out in the front lobby! They have rooms for that.

    Just plain silly! :) But I love it though! :)

  182. From kelli

    Lisa it is Carrie who cheated on Lucas with Austin not Sami !

  183. From MAB

    Friday was a great show. Will finally laid into Sami, and they both did a fabulous job w/ their material. Will had a lot of valid points, and I agreed w/ some of them, but not all. I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Sami because she does love her kids and I didn’t like when Will said she didn’t…and I didn’t like when he called her a whore either. I think his mantra about her destroying the only “family” he’s ever known was a big stretch on his part. First off, he shared time w/ his real parents as a family for quite some time, so why is he only acknowledging them as a family because she married Rafe? I don’t like how the writers insinuate that Will thinks more of Rafe than his own father Lucas…but the show continues to do that w/ all her children don’t they!? I know Sami has done a lot of stupid things, but Will grew up w/ a loving family w/ some good role models. He’s hasn’t had it that bad so I don’t buy his excuses. Then he went onto say look what you did to me & Rafe. Uh, sorry Will, she didn’t do anything to you. Her sleeping w/ EJ was an indiscretion toward Rafe, not you. You don’t cheat on your kids, you cheat on your spouses. Also, she said, he’s forgiven her for pretty much everything else (like trying to kill EJ, lying about who his real father was), but he can’t figure her for this? That don’t make much sense to me…that’s why I still say this anger towards her has more to do w/ the things he going thru personally.

    I still think either EJ or Abe having the questions before hand was idiotic. Both of them should be able to answer the questions they were asked w/o hesitation. They are both intelligent men who should easily be able to handle a debate w/o cheating. I guess this was just a set up tho so Lexie will find out what Abe did, therefore causing problems for them.

    When Kate said “things are going to plan”, she was on the phone w/. Stefano. She said his name, and even called him darling. I highly doubt she was talking to Madison like that. I’m glad Sami is working for Kate, and I hope they bring Madison down! I don’t think Kate & Sami will ever be BFF’s, but I think they can work cohesively beside one another for the greater good.

    I haven’t read that Lucas returns w/ a fiancée. Is that true? I was hoping he would come back an meet someone knew. What’s the use in him coming back already being involved w/ someone?

    It’s only right that Rafe’s mistake of kissing Carrie don’t evolve around Sami sleeping w/ EJ. That would only give him (and the Rafe fans) a reason to blame Sami for it. This way Rafe he’ll have to come up w/ the real reason why he’s so attracted to Carrie and decided to willingly kiss her. And yes, Sami pushed Rafe away at first, but she hasn’t been doing that lately. He’s been pushing her away too because now that he’s apparently “found a conscience” and is against her doing anything bad, acting like Sami isn’t the same person now that he’s met her sister Carrie, who he thinks is the bees-knees. Apparently he’d rather Sami try to kill EJ again, and he’d be ok w/ that, but she is evil for being a mole.

    Madison is certainly not a good girl. We already know she’s lied to Brady about the man who’s been calling her because he turns out to be her husband. I would like to see Nicole step in for Brady and kick Madison’s @$$. Or hopefully Kate & Sami will run her out of town.

    I don’t need anyone to tell me that I relate the characters & s/l’s to real life whether I think I do or not. I have a mind of my own, and know how to differentiate. I for one don’t relate the characters and s/l’s to real life situations…even realistic s/l’s…because there is no comparison to real life. These are fictional characters on a soap opera made for entertainment purposes, just like other TV, movies, etc., and that’s how I see it.

  184. From patty

    Rafe leaves and will come back for the rest of his things later. He’s willing to work things out but she isn’t. Sami,Sami, Sami! Two men walking out on you on the same day. Sucks to be you.
    I read the end is coming for EJ DiMera, whatever that means. That he’s not a DiMera maybe?

  185. From Maryl

    #184 patty–where did you read that about EJ reaching an end? Sound interesting!

  186. From bil

    I thought the same thing about Will saying that it was the “only family he knew.” After thinking about it some I finally decided he must have meant the “stability” of a family with Sami finally happy with one man and his brothers and sisters all being under one roof. I too wish they would have clarified that in his speech.

    Regarding the fiance of Lucas. It was in an interview with Bryan (aka Lucas) in which he stated he returns with a fiance. But the fiance is off screen and back and Hong Kong– so who knows if she will develop into a real character or not.

  187. From jolie

    I agree with MAB and some others…Kate and Sami will be an awesome team and will take names and kick butt. Kate might become more of a mentor to Sami now that Rafe will apparently be out of the picture, looking in. Dumb butt! What was he thinking, kissing his sister in law? And I am not even going to start on Carrie. Even larger dumb butt.
    Madison is playing with fire. Sami is going to be hurt and pissed in the next few weeks due to personal reasons and I would not want to be standing in line with her when they run out of coffee! She will be out for vengeance and will likely channel her anger and energy into business. Kate might need to stand back a bit too and let her run with it. That fire that is Sami is going to burn hot.
    Patty, I really believe that Elvis is John and Hope’s son. Would it not be just the ticket that Alice had part of the story, Elvis was not Susan’s daughter and therefore not Stefano’s son which he will find out when he opens the envelope, but Stefano had the other part, that John and Hope were married and spent time as man and wife. So Alice didn’t know Hope had a baby or she would have said so I think and Stefano thought Susan had one and thought it was his. Susan took Hope’s baby over to raise as her own Elvis. OK, stretching things, yes, but as MAB pointed out, this is a soap and nothing to do with REAL LIFE!
    So if Elvis is not a Dimera and Nicole finds out he has also lied to her while looking straight into her face, I think she will leave him by the wayside. Please just don’t let Nicole end up with Quinn.

  188. From Richard

    #185 maryl
    I saw that headline about EJ on a soap book at Walmart, but didn’t look inside.

  189. From Cougar

    Enough with the signs fron Gran to Hope; its getting hokey. I loved Alice as much as anyone but she has passed away. If they are so intent on keeping her a vital part of the story they should have recast her but that would be a horrible idea. No one could possably ever replace Francis Reid so let the dead rest in peace, please.

    Carrie kissing Rafe is a little like the movie “Its Complicated”, where Meryl Streeps friends gave her a hall pass on having an affair with her ex-husband who left her for his current wife. I know its wrong but there is such a thing as karma and somethimes God has a sick sence of humor

    I think the real reason Sami is so riled about Rafes indiscretion is more directed at herself. She knows she did Rafe wrong by having sex with EJ. Deep down she knows if any one should get out it’s her.

    Sami and Kate are great together but I still have a feeling Kate could stick Sami in the back, time will tell. They certaianly seem to be working Sami back her old self, EJ’s kind of gal. When it hits Nicole’s fan that Sami & EJ slept together they just might wind up together again yet.

    With Will becoming EJ’s lackey, Sami reverting to her old self, a potentially angry Lexie returning to the DiMera fold if she finds out honest Abe cheated on the debate dinner at the Dimeras will be like Dallas’ Ewings. Remember deviouse JR, poor SuEllen, Miss Ellie, Bobby and the Barns clan. They had those infamous 5:30 cocktails & dressed for 6:00; everyone plotting & back stabbing each other. If JR & SuEllen could re-unite as many times as they did Sami & EJ still have hope.

    One thing about EJ bringing up Abe’s indescretion which I asume was a reference Abe & Faye, but you know it could have easy for people to mistakenly think it was the reference was about Lexies affairs. I’m surprised Lexie didn’t slap EJ in the face.

  190. From MAB

    I don’t think Sami would act any different seeing Rafe & Carrie kiss whether she slept w/ EJ or not. Sami easily gets riled.

  191. From Cougar

    The thing with EJ not being a DiMera & Alice knowing this secret makes sense to me. If when she helped Susan during EJs illness a blood transfusion was needed. Just due to simple blood typing, not even DNA testing, they found out that Stephano’s blood could not be used. Susan would not be intellectiually strong enough and too scared to tangle with Stephano. Alice was smart enough to kept this in her back pocket for leverage someday.

  192. From MAB

    #186 Sami & Lucas were happy for a while, and Will was part of that, so I still don’t buy what he was referring to as “family” just because of Rafe. I would think he would’ve been much happier when his real parents were together.

  193. From Richard

    IMO, Hope/Gina knows where all the clues are. Every time she says that Alice will give her a sign, she finds another clue.
    If anyone could come up with a story that Hope and John were married, it would be Hope/Gina.
    If anyone had the goods on Stefano, it would be Gina/Hope.
    I think that Gina/Hope wants John and Hope/Gina wants Bo.
    No one but Hope/Gina has found any clue that Alice had any secrets, at all.

  194. From Cougar

    I agree that Sami would fly off the handle no matter what. I guess what Im thinking off is the cart befor the horse where spoilers are indicating she kicks Rafe out. Her immediate reactions are always over-reactions. But I do gotta say If I caught my husband kissing another woman the “Honey it didn’t mean anything!” line would not wash 2 seconds after catching them.

  195. From Richard

    I can remember that Austin and Sami almost kissed when Austin was staying with Sami and running around half naked. There is no telling what may have happened under different circumstances.
    I remember Austin and Sami taking sides against Carrie and Rafe.

  196. From patty

    Bad writing for Marlena when she tells Carrie she did nothing wrong after Carrie tearfully confesses about the kiss. How stupid is that? Kissing your sister’s husband is wrong on so many levels!!! Carrie admits having real feelings for Rafe.

    Maryl,I’ve also read the headlines about EJ on the cover of a soap magazine at the supermarket. I didn’t pick it up either.

  197. From patty

    There is no excuse for Sami having sex with EJ and everything Will said to his mother was totally justified in my opinion. Will was not just talking about himself when he said “the only family they ever had” but he was also thinking of his little brother and sisters ,which is the only reason he didn’t tell Rafe about it. Spoilers say Rafe fights for his marriage but I hope someone sees fit to tell him about his wife’s “grieving” session on the DeMira couch, see if that doesn’t tone down her screeching a notch .

  198. From patsy

    Dream on EJAMI fans who thinks EJami will get back together ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN Ive already told you a hundred times James want ARRIANNA FOR HIS LEADINGLADY NOT ALLISON i HOPE I,M wrong I realy do because I,M a EJAMI fanto as much as I like Safe Ilike EJami better Nicole she is better with brady

  199. From Richard

    Laura Horton saw Peter talking with a man on the docks and Peter feared that Laura would learn the man was a drug dealer.
    Peter got Daniel Scott to gaslight Laura.
    Daniel dated Laura and had her office repainted.
    The paint was toxic and it caused Laura to become drowsy. Using a speaker built into a souvenir bust in Laura’s room, Peter made her believe that he was planning on killing Jennifer.
    Laura afraid that she was going insane and would be re-committed to an asylum, ran away and hid out. Peter’s plan failed when Jen fell asleep in her mom’s office overnight and became convinced that foreign troops were invading America.
    Could it be the AC in Carrie’s office is full of “bugs” and mind control drugs?

  200. From gerri

    Glad you are having some nice weather,In your area.
    we’ve not had much of a winter,yet.
    temps in high 60′s low 70′s,daily.
    we did have colder winters the past 2 tho.
    Hope It continues for you….

  201. From SandyGram

    Spoiler… Excerpt from TV Guide Magazine, Todays News: Our Take…Ian Buchanan Gets Wicked on Days of Our Lives, dated Feburary 6th:

    TV Guide Magazine: It’s so odd to think of Ian Buchanan in Salem. But odd in a good way, know what I mean?
    Buchanan: [Laughs] Well, I do bring the odd with me wherever I go! My character is really out there. Ian McAllister loves chaos and entertains himself quite nicely by stirring things up with pretty much everybody. He’s known Madison since she was a kid. He and Kate also have a history, which is interesting. He’s involved with John and Marlena, Victor, Brady. He has a past with a lot of people yet he’s never been to Salem.

    TV Guide Magazine: Then how does he know so many of the characters?
    Buchanan: That all happened in other places. People can meet people in jail, for example. I think he had to go away at one point. Titan now owns Madison’s company and Ian comes in connected to Titan. He dresses very elegantly, very chic. He’s this wild Scotsman who’s dipping in everywhere. “Hi, I’m Ian McAllister. I’m new in town! Here’s a box of shortbread.” And then the shortbread hits you on the back of the head as you leave the room.

    TV Guide Magazine: Shall we assume his arrival is not good news for Madison?
    Buchanan: There is no good news from the day he gets there. He’s like the classic wicked Salem person. And he has plans. Every day he says to one character or another, “You know, I like it here. I think I’ll stay.” He’s very amusing. [Laughs] Well, I think he is!

    For the rest of the article Search on TV Guide Ian Buchanan….then click on Todays New: Our Take
    The article can also be found on Daytime Royalty.

  202. From SandyGram

    There was sure a lot of blame, scheming and lying going around on today’s show. In every couple’s scenario today I’d go with the ole saying ‘a pot can’t call the kettle black’, there is enough guilt to go around for everyone.

    So Nicole and EJ will be going after Lexie and Abe’s marriage. I would think that would be dangerous water since that could backfire on Nikki and EJ with their baggage.

    Austin and Carrie: She may have gotten caught in a kiss, but both of them have been tempting fate since they came back to town. Carrie has been infatuated by Rafe since he was so supportive in her helping free John. While Austin, whether he realizes it or not right this moment, he’s been skirting around Abigail from day one. He’s a man that young thing sparks his mojo while his wife is finding reasons to be with the Rafster. Gee I wonder how Kate is going to take to Abigail going after Austin she sure didn’t like her tagging Chad.

    Sami and Rafe: This one will not play out until the whole truth comes out and she is surely going to put Rafe through hell in getting there and the writers will stretch it out for affect. Better get that glass cleaned up Samantha before the kids come home…by the way where are the kids?

  203. From patty

    With the exeption of Sami’s children, it is hard to feel sorry for any of these people since they all seem to have created their own mess. Like you said SandyGram, there is enough blame to go around. However, I just don’t get how what Abe did is going to be made into such a big deal when the notes he changed were already stolen property. How are EJ and Nicole going to prove that he stole them without implicating themselves. As for Lexie, she has done much worse in the past than switch a few papers around and Abe has always forgiven her. Why is Abe expected to be perfect and not allowed a few mistakes when everybody else gets away with murder?

  204. From 502KY

    EJ as Hope and John’s son is just weak writing.

    How about he is Marlena and Stefano’s son? That would make more sense. Stefano has loved Marlena for years, kept her captive time after time, plenty of opportunities for her to have had a child of his…heck she gave birth to Kate and Roman’s twins right?

  205. From Maryl

    #204 502KY–EJ being Marlena’s and Stefano’s son would seem probable, but I think the writers would have a very hard time skirting around the fact that EJ would then be Sami’s half-brother and let’s face it, EJ and Sami have had a relationship that bore them two children.

  206. From Maryl

    Good job writers! Yesterday’s episode was excellent soap opera entertainment! In one day, they stirred the pot really well with all the confrontations and created a great setup for future SL’s! It’s almost as if the good old days are back! Everything from Alice’s secret involving Stefano, Bo, & Hope to Rafe and Carrie getting caught kissing! This fan will be tuning in faithfully to see all this stuff play out. Keep it going writers! Mystery, deception, lies, indiscretions, secrets, forbidden love, etc.! Now add a little more action between Sami and EJ and things will really fly! Please!

  207. From cassie

    A kiss is as wrong as having sex. Sami and Rafe were wrong and nothing can justify that. Carrie ought to be ashamed of herself and Sami is a crazy woman. All of them are wrong, wrong, wrong. Sami and Rafe should divorce and Austin should give Carrie another chance.

  208. From elenka

    Why don’t Bo and Hope just rip the dang thing up?

  209. From jolie

    Remember the writers promised a surprise a day during Feb sweeps. Well, I guess we are doing OK right now but tired of seeing poor Stefano all poopy droopy. Kate needs to throw on some CW best perfume, some of her gypsy clothes and run him off to supper. Let him eat some cake of something. Cheer him up. For goodness sakes, don’t let him open the envelope! I figure that with all that is happening right now, we have several days before he does open it. Let’s deal with what Hope has found first. And Sami throwing Rafe out?? Yes, she is mad, out of her mind because it was Carrie, but does she remember her conversation with Will? I guess she knows the other shoe will fall so she’s throwing in the towel on her marriage asap.
    Can Jennifer and Abe stand around and look any more guilty? Good think there hasn’t been a puppy napping or candy store robbery because the Salem Po-Po would be all over them for the look on their faces. Lexie is such a loose cannon.. .she’ll be back in her daddy’s living room before you know it, lapping up whatever he tells her.
    Or maybe Stefano’s secret just isn’t about Elvis, maybe it is about all of his children. None belong to him. Take the one thing that means anything to him. His family. Alice knew it would devastate him and told him so. He should have respected that even if Hope didn’t. Don’t open that envelope!

  210. From jolie

    MAB, my friend, I must ask this of you? Did Sami throwing Rafe to the curb make you grin?? I know you think that he is so controlling of her. Well, he has lost any control now! I thought you might be enjoying the mess he has made. It was inevitable that he and Carrie screw up with the way they were carrying on. I am thoroughly disgusted with them both because I can see the handwriting on the wall for Nicole and Elvis with his lying to her and his other couch bouncing activities that are going to come out and Sami on the loose. You know I just want what is best for my Nicole. At least it will be more interesting now than Rafe and Carrie looking all moony over each other.

  211. From Janiebell

    Just doesnot seem like Alice not to tell Hope she wasnot Bo’s “lawfull wedded wife”.

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