Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For January 19 & 20.

Taking off.

Daniel, Maggie, Victor and Melanie all congregate at the pub to continue their family bonding. The doctor abruptly dashes their hopes for that when he informs them that he’s planning on leaving town. His mom thinks he’s running away and insists that no amount of land will keep him away from her caring. “We’re not friends, we’re family and no distance can change that!” Maggie moans.

Under yet another interrogation from the woman who refuses to be called “Grandma,” Will tells Marlena part of why he’s working for Elvis and what he hopes to gain. She’s not thrilled and storms over to Casa DiMera to bark, “Stay the hell away from Will!” As usual, EJ does his best to ignore her. Perhaps Marlena should have stuck by Will’s side since Nicole shows up to corner him. She wants to know what he’s been doing with her husband behind her back and tries to get him to reveal himself. “There’s something I need you to do for me,” Nicole tells Will.

Abigail’s obsession with Austin continues unabated. He continues to be utterly clueless about it. Meanwhile, although Mel promised to stay away from Chad, her father’s news has her in a tizzy so she turns to him anyway. He’s already dealing with some daddy issues of his own, while his step-mom is busy trying to deal with a business issue, namely Madison. One of the MadWorld founder’s deep, dank secrets comes to light, which is more than you can say for Stefano’s little secrets.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Maggie and Melanie crying at the same time…yowza…with out seeing the scene it does seem a little selfish of Maggie to not understand why Daniel wants to get away for a while.

    Then of course Mel would turn to Chad with her Daddy woe’s, with him in return having feelings of guilt not going and seeing Stefano after Kate laid the heavy on him at Intensity. But isn’t the Daddy thing also what helped break up Chad and Abby. Chad likes Mel because she’s fun to be around, her crying and feeling sorry for herself is not fun.

    Now Grandma Marlena going after EJ and he try’s to ignore her…Not! EJ is the master at antagonizing someone and his arrogance and aloofness would do that to Marlena. Kind of anxious to see what Nicole has up her sleeve for Will, it can only be more deceit on some level. I’d like to see Nicole take Will under her ‘mothering wing’, this would really send Sami to the moon.

  2. From dc

    WOW!! sandygram you are so good at this, i really mean it.. love reading your comments..
    enjoyed today’s show but i sure wish will would come clean with grandma marlena and his mom.. i guess he is waiting for his dad (lucas) to enter the scene. he really needs him, can’t wait until he returns..

  3. From patty

    Really, Maggie and Mel need to get a grip. Maggie has known her son Daniel for what, a month or two maybe? She acts like she’s losing him forever. Mel needs to grow up and act her age. Her whimpering little girl act is not working anymore. Daniel promises to come back. In the meantime girls,you got phones,internet,Skype, planes,trains and automobiles.

  4. From SandyGram

    Episode Review January 18th:

    EJ and Nicole: I think she has caught on that just maybe her relationship with EJ is not going to be as open and truthful as he committed to after their many romps on ole sofie. When it comes to her wanting to know about Will being his new employee, as would be anticipated he couldn’t tell her the truth because then he would have to tell her about Sami. It doesn’t look like Nicole is going to accept EJ’s standard answer of there are some things she doesn’t need to know to protect her. Who would she be calling asking for EJ’s files and what files would that be? And then to say to the person she called ‘EJ knows about the request’, now just how fast will that piece of information get back to EJ? I’d say faster than ‘lickety split’. What were you thinking Nikki?????

    Sami, Rafe and Carrie: Sami showed great restraint today coming upon Rafe and Carrie first if their office and then at the Pub. But it was obvious their playful relationship is very troublesome to Sami. What was interesting was Rafe said he knew nothing about Sami and Carrie’s past, just that she was the big sister that lived in Switzerland. Wonder if he will ever ask Sami the details, maybe Carrie will tell him at some point., or it could come out when Will finishes throwing Sami’s past up in her face (if the writers go that far). But then what would he do with that piece of information? Then I don’t understand, if Sami is working with Madison to bring down Kate, why would Sami brag about what a great job she is doing at CW. Kind of like yesterday when Madison was talking to Marlena about Sami leaving Mad World. Why bring this up when we will soon find out it’s all a rouse.?

    Abe, Lexie, Bo and Hope: Lexie’s indignant attitude when talking about EJ was a little over done for me. She fully knows, regardless of the promises EJ made a Christmas, what her brother and his mode of operation is like. And now Lexie is depending up Bo and Hope to give Abe the win he needs to retain his Mayor’s position by putting all the criminals in Salem behind bars. But that would be only the criminals that have been previously arrested. Ah…once again the DiMera’s, Horton’s, Brady’s, Hernandez’s, Black, Kiriakis, etc. will scathe by the long arm of the law because none have been arrested for their dirty deeds (except Hope somewhat). And now with Abe’s new found budget Bo and Hope decide to hire Rafe and Carrie to help them hunt down the bad guys. As I scratch my head, how is Carrie going to be of help? And what is Austin going to think of her being in the line of fire again? Why not use supper sloth Jack with his investigation skills and Rafe as a team?

    Marlena , Will and Sami: As anticipated Marlena is none to happy about Will working for a DiMera, she knows from ‘personal experience nothing good ever comes from associating with a DiMera’. Now isn’t that a strange comment, she’s married to a DiMera. Still more excellent work with Deirdre and Chandler as was the scenes with Sami. Although Sami said some pretty horrible things to Marlena, were any of them so wrong? It seems like Sami summarized their relationship quite well. This may be the first time Marlena is really understanding the effect of her relationship with John on Sami. Not that she should run and dump John, it’s obvious rehashing Marlena and Sami’s relationship is just the lead in to Will’s troubles. And I did like that Sami didn’t shout or become over animated when talking to Marlena, she was in her controlled furry mode. Job well done Samantha Gene.

  5. From patty

    How many jobs has that been for Rafe now? First Carrie hired him to help on John’s case, then she hired him as a partner in their new cat chasing business, then Abe hired him as head of security on his campaign and now Bo and Hope hire him and Carrie to catch crooks. I wonder if they’ll still be sitting around in their stuffy little office checking each other’s butts.

  6. From Lee

    I can’t stand Melanie and all her over dramatized acting. Ugh!

  7. From Richard

    I tend not to cut down the cast, because they are given a script to go by.
    I think that all the actors are doing a good job with their roles.
    I disagree with the writers a lot, because they do not bring out the best in actors involved in the SL.
    I don’t agree with EJ’s character, but I like Scott’s portrayal of EJ.
    Allison has proved to me that she can handle any role that comes up for Sami Brady.

  8. From SandyGram

    Ditto Richard….with what each actor on Days is given I think they portray their characters as intended by what the writers give them to work with. And some have that little extra personal pizazz that further enhances the character and story line. As I’ve said before there’s not one character I’d want killed off or actor I’d want replaced. For now my only issue is the frequency and level of scene’s with physical and emotional abuse/ torment; and, harm to the terrific youngest actors on the show.

  9. From patsy

    thank you Richard for taking up for ALLISON .sHE ALWAYS DOES A GOOD JOB WITH THE crap they give her .Even with them trying to ruin her charater she show she a team player and gives it her all .YEA Ally you will always be one of my favorite

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