Days Of Our Lives Welcomes Back Tanya Boyd. (Updated.)

Will this be unpredictable?

Updated: January 20.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Beverly Todd (“Bucket List”) has been tapped to take the role of Celeste. The actress has already started shooting. Look for her to make her first appearance on April 3.

For more about this casting news, be sure to read Days Of Our Lives Casts Beverly Todd..

Updated: January 17.

According to Soap Opera Digest, a statement released by the show states that Branco was wrong. “Reports are incorrect. We were unable to move forward with Tanya due to scheduling conflicts,” the statement said before announcing that they are casting for an established actor to take the role and make it their own. It will be a recurring role to shoot beginning January 17 for a 7-10 episode arc.

Updated: January 16.

Soap journalist Nelson Branco has reported that Tanya Boyd (Celeste) recently had a stroke. This means that she will not be able to return to the series as planned and “DOOL” will be re-casting the role. Soap Opera Fan Blog will let you know of more details once they are released. We send our sincere wishes to Tanya for a speedy recovery.

Original article: January 9.

According to Soap Opera Digest, veteran Salemite Tanya Boyd (Celeste) is headed back to town. Information about what will be leading to her return has yet to be made public. Is she coming back to help her daughter Lexi (Renée Jones)? Or does she have unfinished business with her former lover to Stefano (Joe Mascolo) and accomplice Elvis (James Scott)? The psychic could have all sorts of secrets to reveal. Boyd played the role from 1994 until 2007. No word yet on how long her return will last.

Soap Opera Fan Blog is very happy to welcome her back to town.

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  33 responses so far...

  1. From SandyGram

    Horray! Welcome back Celeste.

  2. From fifi

    Yay! I am really looking forward to having Celeste back. She is a great character and actress. And OMG she looks fabulous!

  3. From Gus

    Long overdue! I see her being an important part of the Alice story & the summer storyline.

  4. From Craig

    This is VERY exciting news! I’m so happy Celeste is coming back!!!

  5. From jenn

    Yes Gus I agree, long overdue! Yay! Let the visions begin….. ;)

  6. From bluejay45

    Yes!!!! I’m SO HAPPY that Celeste is coming back!! Days hasn’t been the same since she left!

  7. From dc

    welcome back celeste..
    lexie could use the help with stefano and ej..

  8. From Nascarladi

    Glad to hear it!!!!

  9. From Cindy

    So glad Celeste is coming back!! Can’t wait. I hope she was Alice’s secret partner.

    Looks like we finally found something we all agree on. :-)

  10. From bettyg

    I’m glad Celeste is coming back, but I hope the writers won’t give her a “Kayla” role.(Today I’m here, tomorrow…??)

  11. From Laura

    I love her and her character….I think she will have a lot to do w/ the Alice saga. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Lexi is awesome too. I’m so glad that John and Marlena are back….that’s long overdue. Now, jst bring back Shawn D. and Belle and that group of friends…and that would rock. I know they were doing that other soap on E, not sure if that’s still on or not.

  12. From BAMA

    YES. I was thinking yesterday that “the powers that be” should bring Celeste back. Imagine my surprise when I read this.
    Too much silly “fluff” these days – need powerful women to liven things up; instead of whining over mundane things. Sure don’t need anymore gay story lines either. Been watching 42+ years. though

  13. From PhyllisD

    I like Celeste. Glad to hear she’s coming back.

  14. From Cassie

    I want her powers to be stronger than ever. LOL! Love her.

  15. From Triangle Sally

    I am completely THRILLED that Celeste is back! Bring on the visions and the hats!

  16. From Holly

    I like Celeste. She will mix things up alittle more. They need to bring back Susan too.

  17. From dinky


  18. From kathy olmstead

    Missed you girl, welcome back! Hope you stay a long while!!

  19. From kathy olmstead

    Missed you girl, welcome back! Hope you stay a long while!!

  20. From kathy olmstead

    Missed you girl, welcome back!! Hope you stay a long while!!

  21. From Mikey M

    Maybe she can cast some weird spell on EJ.

  22. From pattypat

    I am so glad to hear that Celeste is coming back. She and Alice had an understanding. I hope she stays for a while.

  23. From Paki

    Now there is an actress. Love love love Celeste. Can’t wait!

  24. From CM

    Gorgeous…love me some Celeste. I’m really ready for the storylines to take it up a notch…I’m pretty sick of Will’s gay journey and Rafe/Carrie fantasizing about each other over ice cubes already.

  25. From cynthia

    i always liked Celeste! i’m so sorry to hear that Tanya has had a stroke… depending on the severity recovery can be very frustrating. i wish her well.

    i agree about the gay journey of Will… good grief, let it go. he seemed perfectly straight before what’s his name arrived. and this Rafe/Carrie thing is so old – the sisters always drooling over the other’s spouse or boyfriend. and if it was so hot in the office, why didn’t they open the door! i think it would be too bad if they hooked up… i, for one, like Sami and Rafe together. Will needs to get over being so made at his mother. Marlena’s same offense doesn’t seem to bother him.

    i’ll be sorry to Dr Dan do… i thought he and Jenn were good together. i thought we were on the trail of another Alice and Tom duo.

    EJ needs to get nailed for stealing John’s money. somehow they have put together how it happened… seems they should be able to connect the dots back to EJ.

  26. From SandyGram

    Update on Tanya from Soap Opera Digest:

    DAYS Recasts Celeste!
    By SOD • Posted: Jan 16, 2012

    A mere week after DAYS announced that Tanya Boyd would be returning to the role of Celeste, a casting call was put out for the character. Despite Internet reports of health problems, a show spokesperson says, “Reports are incorrect. We were unable to move forward with Tanya due to scheduling conflicts.” The show is now seeking a “65-75-year-old gorgeous African American female… She comes back to Salem to be with her family and help keep them safe…. Please submit very strong established name actors who can really dive into this material and make it their own.” The recurring role is set to begin 1/17 for a 7-10 episode arc.

  27. From Pensgirl

    Disappointed Tanya won’t be playing her role as Celeste. If she’s not ill, best idea would be to work things out “schedule” wise to have her play HER role.

  28. From Lee

    I hope Tanya can do it! Love her! she is the only Celeste! Would welcome anyone, of course, but it wouldn’t be the same!

  29. From Gus

    Tanya is simply irreplaceable. No one can substitute Erika Kane or Alexis Carrington or Amanda Woodward. Why even try it? There is only one Celeste Perrault and that, ladies & gentlemans is none other than Ms. Tanya Boyd. Viva la Diva!

  30. From jenn

    I am so happy to hear that Tanya did not suffer from a stroke. However, I wish she was coming back. Same as me, Lee. It will not be the same but I will welcome anyone.

    Regarding Will’s plot. I love where they are going with it. I love his anger towards Sami. Karma is a you know what, Sami. I think he is doing a great job with his role. IMO, he may be the reason why Days has not been in last place in ratings for for the past couple of weeks.

  31. From erika

    While I am excited that they are bringing Celeste back, I can’t imagine anyone else in the role than Tanya Boyd. No one else will work in this role for me.

  32. From betty

    Don’t like the new Celeste…

  33. From Delia

    Accordinng to she hasn’t done any work since 2007, so what kind of scheduling conflict is that? I loved her sauciness and fire personality.

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