General Hospital Spoilers For January 30-February 3.

Waiting for the results.

Sam rushes to the hospital fearing that she is having a miscarriage. Jason is already there with problems of his own. They wait for the results of the paternity test. Meanwhile, Alexis and Diane go drinking with Coleman, but something is askew with the lawyer. It turns out that she is in menopause.

Lulu has a talk with her father about alcoholism. While she continues to contemplate her job opportunities, he drops in on Ethan and Cassandra. Luke gets knocked out and the sexual escapades of Ethan and Cassandra continue until she reveals something he wasn’t expecting. Meanwhile, Sonny offers Dante the chance to help with some charity work but the cop turns him down. He tries working on the stripper case with some help from Ewen. Delores is taking the whole thing personally and winds up being attacked in an alley.

Carly lashes out at Sonny over what he did to Johnny. Sonny doesn’t care. Johnny turns to Tracy to discuss his real father. Shawn finds Carly calling Johnny and has mixed feelings about it. She goes to see him and Olivia walks in on them. After Olivia leaves, she walks in on Steve and Maggie again and demands some answers about their past.

TJ and Molly are thrown together again. He continues to tease her and she realizes he’s illiterate. This manages to help them get closer as she studies with him. And Maxie enlists Spinelli to help her make Matt jealous. Matt doesn’t seem that bothered since he’s asking Liz out for dinner, which might bother Ewen since he already made plans with her. Matt’s irked when he discovers Ewen asking Liz to take a trip to the sexy supply closet with him. Maxie keeps trying to sway his attention with Spinelli, but all that does is make Lulu roll her eyes.

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