General Hospital Weekly Summary For January 23-27.

Hitting back.

Liz spotted Jason and Sam at the hospital for the paternity test. When Sam went back to her office, Michael showed up and asked her to look into the stripper case before he did something he’d regret. He turned to the cops and demanded that they actually get some work done. When Dante left the office, he found his brother standing over the corpse of lead suspect in the stripper case. Dante questioned his brother and then sent him of before the other cops could arrive. Jason found Michael and questioned him about the shooting. Michael insisted he was innocent and was determined to be a good man like Abby wanted.

Patrick confronted Robin about her condition. She confessed everything to him and he vowed to help her through this. Meanwhile, Matt wasn’t happy to discover that Spinelli was living with Maxie. Neither man was happy to learn that Maxie had a bodyguard courtesy of Anthony. Across town, Alexis figured out that Sam was pregnant. Her daughter admitted it but clearly wasn’t thrilled. Her mom urged her to try and be happy and then began having hot flashes. Sam tried to take her mind off of all this by heading to work, but Spinelli quickly guessed she was pregnant.

Sonny dropped by Johnny’s to snidely expose the fact that he was actually the son of Gino Soleito and Claudia. Meanwhile, Anthony and Tracy’s wedding went ahead. Luke showed up but wouldn’t interfere. Instead, he agreed to be the best man. He stuck around after the ceremony. Anthony ran off to get his stuff so he could move into mansion while Luke and Tracy reminisced about how happy they once were. Meanwhile, Johnny confronted Anthony about the big revelation when he showed up at the penthouse. His father admitted that he used Claudia to get dirt on Gino. Johnny was so distraught he smashed his plants. Anthony went off to threaten Sonny. Sonny threatened him back.

Olivia dropped by the hospital and caught Steve throwing paper airplanes off the roof with Maggie. The next day, she found Lulu drinking before lunch and started to worry. She tipped her son off about it and continued to keep tabs on Delores. Lulu kept drinking. Maxie bothered her about. Lulu continued drinking. She went to see Carly, who had just been bickering with Luke about Johnny. Lulu poured herself another drink.

Kate and Jax made a new business deal and then he flew off. She ran into a morose Johnny and then tracked down Sonny, who was gloating about destroying the Zaccharas to Jason. Meanwhile, Johnny went looking for revenge. He blew up the new pier that Sonny bought, chuckled and went home. Carly followed him and pulled him into a kiss. Over at Wyndemere, Ewen wasn’t happy to discover that Ethan had taken Cassandra to the shooting range. The shrink issued a warning to him. And Tracy went home to announce that she was married. Luke showed up to watch. Edward already knew and started teasing her.

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