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From big reveals (Sami is a mole!) to big laughs (Pam and Nick on “Let’s Make a Deal”), this week was all about entertainment in Daytime, despite having to tackle the first week without “One Life to Live.” Of course, everyone had something to say, so here are all the blogs, all in one place. Enjoy!

B&B Breakdown:

Candi talks about Katie busting Bill, the pure entertainment that was Pam dragging Nick onto “Let’s Make A Deal” and the hopes that Rick and Amber make some serious waves at Forrester – and hopefully the bedroom. Candi says, “It’s about time Ridge went down a notch simply due to the way he deals with family members. Amber and Rick also have chemistry out the wazoo, so pairing them romantically is a bonus. I’m hoping Marcus will get jealous if Rick starts bonding with Rosie and they play that angle.” Check out the rest of her blog at Bold and The Beautiful Blog.

Restless Rant:

There was no shortage of drama this week on “Y&R” as Kevin raged at Angie’s confession, Eden went all “Fatal Attraction” and Chelsea makes us all squirm. So the little bit of romance we got from Cane and Lily. But the best bit of suds came from the end of the Victor/Sharon pairing. Candi says, “The hullabaloo created a lot of great interactions among the characters involved – I could go on all day. The scenes between Adam and Nick, and Adam and Victor were riveting – miss a facial expression and you miss a lot. Nikki and Katherine discussing Victor at Gloworm? Awesome. Heck, we even got to see Lauren doing her thing this week – loved that!” Read more of her blog at Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Matt gives us his unique perspective on the week’s happenings in Salem, including Rafe and Carrie’s new business venture and Sami’s icy intelligence. Matt says, “On their own, Bope got so sappy that you could have boiled them and made them into a topping for the fish pancakes at the pub. “Fancy Face, you are my destiny,” Babs cooed, but the cuddling hit a sour note when they began bickering again. Although he was willing to spend fifty minutes a week working on their marriage (it meant just that much to him), he was still reluctant to support her obsession with Alice’s secret. Obviously if her Gran had hidden a clue that they were never supposed to find and they found it, she must have wanted them to find it, the detective reasoned. Babs couldn’t argue with that or with the “Remember I’m only a couple of pills away from a psychopath” look that kept filling her face when she insisted on plowing ahead.” Read more of his musings at Matt’s Musings.

Deconstructing Days:

Christine breaks down all the big reveals this week, including Sami’s investigative work, Daniel’s decision to leave Salem for a spell and a few character’s questionable taste in clothing. (John and Madison, that means you). And some relationships need some work Christine says, “Thirty-year old Quinn, who has the hots for barely legal Melanie, let her vent to him about Abby and Chad and gave her the best advice I’ve ever heard, ‘You see sometimes things… they either work out or they don’t.’ You don’t say. If Quinn really likes Melanie, he should be careful not to get stuck in the ‘friend zone’. Then again, maybe it’s best. What do these two really have in common?” Read her whole blog at Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Breakdown:

Lori helps us mourn the loss of another soap as we finished up our first week with just one soap remaining on ABC, “GH.” Luckily, it was a good week as we watch Patrick and Robin deal with her illness, Dante and Lulu enjoy newlywed bliss and Sam and Jason struggle with what to do with the baby. Best off all was the crackling chemistry between Carly and Johnny. Lori says, “Speaking of Johnny, his cat and mouse game with Carly has been a lot of fun to watch. They have some serious chemistry and it’s bringing out the playfulness in both of them, which, after all the drama in their lives, they both need. They don’t necessarily have to become a full-fledged couple, but the sexual tension between them has been a high point lately that will hopefully play out a little bit longer.” Read her blog at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

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  1. From kate

    Just watched the last B&B took them of my dvr.Liam chose Hope the dope! Can’t stand the little ho, she’s just like her ho mother. Encourging her to chase a married man. Steffy is better off without him. Maybe she’ll meet a real man. Of course Liam & his dad should grow a pair! You call them men?
    Bill was a much stronger man on Y&R.

  2. From bandb

    I am happy that Liam and Hope are back together. Steffie deserves what she be left high and dry….

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