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Bill gets blasted on “B&B”, Jeff and Jill make it back to Genoa City, Victor and Nikki reunite on “Y&R” and Jason and Sam cling to each other through their struggles on “GH”. This week brought all the things we love about Daytime ─ drama, romance, intrigue, revenge ─ which makes the fact there are only four left even harder to swallow. Here, we are glad to compile everyone’s observations on all the dirt into one easy-to-use post. And don’t be afraid to let us know what you thought about the last week in soaps.

B&B Breakdown:
Brooke talks some sense into Hope while Katie escapes from the tower. Best of all, Bill’s lies were finally revealed this week and the fallout made for great TV. Now if only Liam would get it together. Candi says, “Liam needs to start by telling himself some truths. if he’s so hot on telling the truth, perhaps he should have admitted to his wife that Hope was on his mind the entire time they were together. Everyone has a point to make in this, but the bottom line is that Liam needs to go off with Hope and explore what it is he thinks he’s missing, and I think it should be Steffy’s idea, because clinging onto the marriage when he’s clearly not that into her is not a good look.” Check out the rest of her blog at Bold and The Beautiful Blog.

Restless Rant:
There were some fun times to be had in Genoa City last week, despite Ricky stealing from Paul. Sharon and Adam got it on in Victor’s office while Nikki and Victor did the same elsewhere. However, we are all ready to see the end of the Diane murder mystery. Candi says, “While I got a kick out of the ‘suspects’ all seeing their needlepoint pillows, and the little gatherings in lock-up were entertaining, I really am anxious for the final wrap-up of the Diane murder case, which should be coming as Patty becomes more volatile (love watching her unravel!). The reveal that Deacon smashed Diane in the head with the rock was kind of bizarre.” Read more of her blog at Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Matt gives us his cheeky take on the week’s happenings in Salem, including what happened when Sami and Kate worked together to guilt Chad and Samantha confessed to Rafe. And that is just the beginning. Matt says, “Madison’s weird business ideas were taking the whole town off guard. Victor was having a perfectly nice morning eating Maggie’s muffins when she showed up to declare that she would not be taking the CEO position at Titan. This confused the Kiriakis men, who assumed that something else must be up. Brady then plowed off to work with his pop and soon got his dander up.” Read more of his musings at Matt’s Musings.

Deconstructing Days:
Rafe risks his relationship with Sami over his infatuation with Carrie while everyone, including Stefano, is ready for that darn box to be opened already, by any means possible. But more than anything, Christine is beside herself with the new pairing of Will and EJ, or “Welvis”. Christine says, “Will was meant to be on the sly side. It’s something I’ve wanted to see for a few years. It’s fun for EJ to have a protégé and the scenes have been so much fun that I’ve almost forgotten that EJ’s blackmailing Will. I blame fantastic acting and storytelling.” Read her whole blog at Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Breakdown:

“GH” Truly hit its stride this week, bringing on the laughs with Anthony’s marriage to Tracy, as well as the tears as Patrick and Robin expressed their fears to each other about the quality of her health. And we are really felling Jason and Sam as they struggle with the thought that Franco could be the father of her baby. Lori says, “Despite Sam believing Franco raped her and could potentially be the father of her baby, they aren’t pushing each other way, but dealing with their pain as a committed and loving couple. Too often soaps, and dramas in general, use these types of storylines to drive a wedge between a beloved couple, but “General Hospital” is doing it right. They are allowing the fans to still enjoy their favorite duo by focusing on their love instead of tearing them apart.” Read her blog at General Hospital Weekly Blog.
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