The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Liam’s Choice.


Liam has been going back and forth between Steffy and Hope for months but he seems to have finally come to a conclusion about who he should be with, or at least a different conclusion from the last time he came to a conclusion. Does what he chooses even matter anymore?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From lashun woods

    I just think they need to let liam and hope finally b together and let steffy feel the pain she put on hope and katie bills needs to fell the pain to.. it was a goo messages really wait until ur married…but it makes women think y not just go ahead don’t have self repect I mean really u might as well let hope and liam make love and be together

  2. From Angela

    Steffy had no business ever manipulating her way into Liam’s and Hopes relationship (with or without Bill Spencer’s help) in the very beginning She tries to act like she’s so mature and grown up so, she knows that people that are truly in love as the case with Liam and Hope DO NOT fall out of love and stop have feelings for each other overnight and you having sex with the partner, and using outside influences wouldn’t change that fact as nothing trumps true love. She knew and there’s no doubt about that which is why she went through such great to try to keep Liam and Hope apart. So, the decision made placing Liam and Hope back together with anticipation that the Liam and Hope storyline move on to better pastures. The hope Liam and Hope get reunion was the correct decision!

  3. From Cheryl

    If I were Hope I would tell Liam to stay with Steffy, and to take a hike. This kid is a dweeb from the get go, what do they even see in him! If I had to choose who he should be with I would pick Steffy anyway because she is so full of life, fun, smart, beautiful, sexy and she does love him unconditionally. I hope the wedding never happens between Liam and Hope and that he goes back with Steffy where he should stay.

  4. From Vikki

    I like Steffy. She needs to let Liam and that dumb blonde get back together. I hope she goes after Bill and then let big mouth Katy shut up once and for all. LOL

    Liam is just a boy and way to stupid for Steffy.

  5. From deborah

    I think you should keep Liam and Steffy together. He did chose to marry her. He could of said no. Hope keeps going after him. That doesnt say much for her character
    on the show. They should of loet her go fall for Steffy brother.
    Hope mom needs to stay out. I hope ya keep them togeter. Liam and Steefy

  6. From Tonni

    I would like Liam and Steffy to stay together just to spite the Logans. Brooke seems to always get the man, her daughters man and help get her daughter her man. If Liam/Steffy don’t make it I would LOVE for Bill/Steffy to get together. Hope is annoying to me and she should be with Thomas or Oliver.

  7. From MISTI


  8. From misti

    Liam is wimp, let Steffy cry on Bill’s shoulder until they make love and let Katie see that, maybe Brooke can give her some advice then

  9. From Celia

    I’m sick of all the crap on The Bold and the Beautiful. If everyone would really think about it, they would want to give Hope and Liam there chance together. Hope admits that she did alot of things wrong but at least she didn’t lie and manipulate the whole marriage thing. Steffy was after Liam for a while and talked Hope down constantly. Liam belongs with Hope now. She needs to let him go and if they don’t work out then at least they had there chance but I do believe they will because I believe they really are “soulmates”. Put yourself in her shoes after what she saw? I do believe Liam loves Steffy in a way but he’s IN LOVE with Hope and I don’t think that will ever change. Put Bill back with Steffy because they deserve each other. I’m seriously considering not watching the show anymore if they break Hope and Liam up again. She can’t help that she has morals unlike the rest of the women on the show.

  10. From Anne

    Steffy and Leim
    Need to find out they are going to be parents

  11. From Serita

    I hope that you all put Hope and Liam back together. Steffy pushed herself in the way. Hope and Liam had a slight disagreement and Steffy took advantage of that. They would be together if it wasn’t for Steffy seducing Liam into marrying her. Steffy has kept so many secrets from him until its ashame. Hope had his heart first and he didn’t have to learn to love her because he actually did. He had to learn to love Steffy. Hope had his heart at first so i think he should be with Hope and not Steffy. Team Hope!

  12. From Tammy

    I am fed up with Bill, Steffy and everyone else getting away with sabotaging my Hope and Liam. Everyone I’ve spoke with is going to quit watching if Liam and Hope do not get back together. Its not enjoyable to watch anymore. And please stop with all the flashbacks its ridiculous and unnecessary. I know I’m throw with it if they don’t make something happen in the next week or two. They are going to end up like guiding light off the air.

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