The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For January 23-27.

The cat gets out of the bag.

Katie confronted Bill about the fake MRI. He tried to cover and failed. She wanted to out him so he threw her over his shoulder and locked her in the tower. Liam and Steffy returned from the doctor’s office. He told her how brave she was being. Bill was startled to see them. Katie started thumping from above. Ramon called to say the clot magically dissolved. Bill thought they should celebrate but Katie got free, crashed the party and announced that there never was a clot. Katie accused Steffy of being in on it. She protested her innocence but Liam was so disgusted that he ran away.

Hope contemplated killing the Hope for the Future line. Thomas tried talking her out of it and then they debated his true intentions as far as she’s concerned. She moped off to a photo shoot. It was so crummy her mom stopped it so Hope could moan to her about how she no longer believed in her own message. Brooke urged her not to give up. Hope went up to the roof to remember Liam proposing to her. He suddenly appeared and declared that he was freeing himself from all the lies. They kissed and he explained everything.

Steffy lashed out at Bill for his deceit. He made excuses. Katie lashed out at him next and declared she needed some time alone to ponder what was next for them. Steffy tracked down Liam and Hope to explain that the scheme was all Bill’s. She went off to assure her family that her clot was gone. They guessed that Bill must have been scheming the whole thing. Liam and Hope confronted Bill about it and he made his confession. He urged his son to respect his wedding vows anyway and keep all of this quiet. Liam didn’t know if he could forgive him.

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