The Young And The Restless Spoilers January 27 – 30.

Revelations and concerns…

Victor holds up a resignation letter to Adam at Newman and orders him out. His actions irk many, and Adam is no exception. When Adam refuses to resign, and suggests they work side by side, Victor asks Adam to follow him… straight into the men’s room – Adam’s new office! Later, Victor taunts Genevieve and makes it clear that he realizes, and finds it interesting, that the head of FMN is Jack Abbott’s fiancée. She turns down his offer to become partners in order to keep Beauty of Nature at Newman. When Cane hears about FMN, he heads to his mother’s and runs into Samantha’s urn, labeled ‘FMN: Forget Me Not’.

Adam confronts Tucker and reminds him that they have unfinished business. He knew Tucker was in on the sting but still thinks there’s a lot he can do for Tucker at McCall. Tucker offers to put Adam on his payroll if he spies on Victor at Newman. Adam contemplates his offer.

While Jack and Genevieve assume Myrna left town, Patty be-bops all over Genoa City and plans another trip to where her heart lies… the Abbott Mansion. Before she does, Tucker finds her at the coffeehouse and calls her Emily. She declines playing catch-up with Tucker, over past therapy sessions, and makes a quick exit. She catches up with Jack at the mansion, as Emily, and begs him to give them another chance. Jack sends her away, claiming their time together has past.

Jill tries to act friendly when she encounters Chelsea but deep down she’s secretly concerned. In front of Victoria and Billy, Jill reminds Chelsea that she’s pregnant with her grandchild and challenges her not to run out of the room. She refuses to forget what Chelsea did to Billy but agrees to give her a chance. Privately, Jill warns Victoria and Billy not to let their guard down around Chelsea, or they’ll live to regret it.

Come Monday… Adam snatches away Patty’s gun. Deacon offers to tell Ronan and Paul everything he knows – if they make it worth his while. As Cane warns Genevieve of what will happen when Jack finds out, she orders him out of her house.

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