The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For January 23 – 27.

Couples reconnected, Genevieve got news, and Patty kissed Jack…

After Sharon explained how Victor set him up, she and Adam made love. Adam ignored his prior deal with Tucker. Victor professed his love to Nikki, explaining his marriage to Sharon had been part of a plan. After they made love, Victor got word Beauty of Nature had legally been sold to a company called FMN. Victor assumed Adam realized he’d been set up, forgave Sharon for being loyal to Adam but warned her away from him. Victor ordered an annulment. Adam went to Tucker and agreed to contemplate his offer to spy on Victor.

Ronan brought Victor, Nick, Adam, Tucker, Jack, Nikki, Vikki, Ashley, Abby and Phyllis in and shared, at Diane’s request, that Deacon taped all of them arguing with her. Whoever made the pillows knew them well. Deacon admitted he found Diane dead and hit her repeatedly to make it appear someone stronger than Nikki killed her. Walsh figured there were still secrets being kept and put them in holding cells. Avery gave Ricky inside information about the arrests in exchange for him arranging Phyllis’ arraignment last. As everyone was bailed out, including Adam by Sharon, Deacon warned Abby that he knew her secret. Abby recalled not remembering how she woke up covered in mud.

Myrna heard Paul wanted to question her and left before he arrived at Genevieve’s. After Paul confiscated the computer Myrna used, Ricky secretly put its contents on a flash drive. Paul found surveillance from the park on it and told Ronan. As Ronan and Paul informed Genevieve that Myrna had been involved in Diane’s death, Patty approached Jack as Emily. She begged Jack not to marry Genevieve, but he sent her away. Genevieve and Jack assumed Myrna left town.

Cane offered to give Genevieve away at her wedding. Genevieve received word that Beauty of Nature was hers and panicked over telling Jack. Victor summoned her and offered up a partnership, but Genevieve turned him down. Cane later found the initials FMN (Forget Me Not) on Samantha’s urn.

While Jeffrey arrived back in Genoa City, Kevin and Angie built a raft at the Long Island Sound. Angelo promised Gloria he’d find Kevin and ordered Dino to teach her son a lesson. Jill ran into Jeffrey, who claimed to have amnesia. When he didn’t seem fazed to see Gloria kissing Angelo, Jill whisked him to a doctor unseen then caught up with Billy on the Chelsea situation.

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