Charles Shaughnessy Returns To Days Of Our Lives.

Back to Salem.

Charles Shaughnessy will be back as Shane Donovan. The actor has been playing the spy on and off since 1984 and was last seen reuniting with Kimberly (Patsy Pease) in 2010 before leaving town again. He is already back in the studio shooting new material and will make his first appearance on May 2.

No word yet on why the character is back or how long he will be sticking around but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

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  1. From dc

    just wondering what is bringing him back.
    always loved him on the show.

  2. From SandyGram

    I read from a Charles Shaughnessy blog he will only be back for 2 weeks and Kim will not be with him, budget and all that stuff.

  3. From Lynne

    Love to see Shane back, even if its for a short time. Love all the old characters from the 80s! My guess it will be ISA related to the John/Hope storyline.

  4. From jenn

    Welcome back! Just like you Lynne, I think it will be ISA related to the John and Hope storyline. I still remember Shane’s crazy ex wife Emma! It will great to see Charles back, even if it is for a couple of weeks.

  5. From soleowner

    Have always loved “Shane”. The new Soap Tease is bringing back beloved characters for TWO WEEKS!!

  6. From CM

    Shane & Kim (with RED hair please!) were second only to Steve/Kayla in my book. I wish both were coming back for a long stay. I also think Andrew Donovan would make for an interesting character…maybe a young ISA agent in training like his old man. Of course, these days they’d probably try to make him gay and date Will (barf). I remember the days of Shane and his “secret” spy room…those were the Days.

  7. From Justin

    CM you are so judgemental…it’s 2012. Grow up.

  8. From maw

    Love to see Shane back but PLEEZE don’t pair him with Kayla. She belongs with Steve!

  9. From Laura in Irmo

    Agree with your sentiments, CM. Don’t let people get you down for clear thinking. As Chesterton said: “Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions”.

    The most tiresome aspect of the whole ‘Will is gay’ storyline is the preachy, ‘we-must-teach-you-the-acceptable-thinking’ written into the dialogue in between Will’s post-teenaged angst.
    My daughter and I are now down to dvr’ing Fridays only. Five full days of this current drivel isn’t worth either of our time.

  10. From Daysgal

    Laura, I think it’s preachy because they want to educate the close minded.

  11. From paki

    Don’t like the gay storyline, doesn’t matter what year it is. Gross anytime.

  12. From Daysgal

    I would rather watch Will and his boyfriend makeout any day over watching Sami and Ej.. Ew!

  13. From Laura in Irmo

    Daysgal: The human race does not necessarily need mass reprogramming every time the latest crop of social engineers du jour think they’ve finally nailed the “new” proper way to think. And based on what? The Kinsey report all those years ago?

  14. From laura-lynne darrach

    i think that you should bring back shane and kim,charles and patsy. if you want your rating to go up please bring them back for good. there is a storyline here waiting for them to come back. they are still the supercouple of the show. why dont you write a storyline for shane were he killed stefano in self defense and have him go to jail for something he didnt do and have kim come back to defend you did for emmas trial. show how much they are still in love with each other.

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