Days Of Our Lives Casts Schuyler Yancey.

New man in town.

A new young man is heading for Salem and will be turning some heads. Schuyler Yancey has been cast as Cameron Davis. The character will be playing a substantial part in the upcoming story involving Lexi (Renee Jones) and Celeste (Beverly Todd). His arrival will do more than upset things in Lexi’s already upset family life though. He’ll also be attracting the attentions of the young women around town.

Yancey isn’t a stranger to “DOOL.” He’s popped up previously as Carl and also made appearances on “All My Children,” “Melrose Place” and “Hannah Montana.” He will make his first appearance on April 4.

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  1. From SandyGram

    We first saw the casting call last year we thought the involvement with Lexie would be in a personal relationship, but now we find out he is Lexie’s 1/2 brother. Celeste’s son with another man, not Stefano and he will have a Love Story relationship with Abby, this comes from his You Tube Video. I was hoping his first appearance would be a little sooner than April 4th. so this Abby/Austin story could be just a bad memory. So now I guess I will be thankful that there will be a lot of concentration on John and Hope, Lucas’s return, Will’s story and the top of Sami’s head blowing off which should defuse some of the Abby/Austin stuff.

  2. From dc

    yea, i wish this abby/austin thing was over.. maybe they will put her with the new guy..
    i think he is celeste and stefano’s son (maybe that is what is in that envelope stefano has not opened).. maybe alice knew but stefano did not want anyone to know he had a black son.

  3. From SandyGram

    I think the general consensus has been Alice’s secret would be EJ is not Stefano’s son. But now with Lexie’s 1/2 brother coming to town with MaMa Celeste, maybe it’s Lexie who is not Stefano’s daughter. Celeste and Alice had a close relationship and this could be something Celeste shared with her. And if it were true that Lexie is not Stefano’s daughter then Theo would also not be his Grandson and I think that would be very upsetting to Stefano and definitely change the DiMera family structure.

  4. From bluejay45

    “i think he is celeste and stefano’s son (maybe that is what is in that envelope stefano has not opened).. maybe alice knew but stefano did not want anyone to know he had a black son.”

    Lexie is also Celeste’s daughter, and Stefano’s daughter. So…for Stefano not wanting anyone to know he has a black son doesn’t make sense, especially since Stefano loves ALL of his children.

    I’m thinking Stefano has yet another kid he was not aware of, and that Lexie is gaining a half brother.

  5. From Vicki81

    I agree, I hope this guy will be put with Abby and help put this character back on the right track.

  6. From Vicki81

    I also hope this guy will be paired with Abby and help put the character back on the track.

  7. From krn55

    If this person turns out to be Celeste and Stefano’s son it will be Lexie’s real brother, not half. Since they’d have the same mother and father. So, if he is Lexie’s half brother, than Stefano can not be the father of… one of them.

  8. From Lily

    doubt it is he has another child – he would love that. He looked distract after he opened the enveope which means something has been taken away from him.

  9. From Lissa

    I don’t think Stefano would be ashamed of having a black son when he has a black daughter he loves. I’m guessing the envelope suggests EJ is not his biological son after the tie between his mother and Alice has been hinted toward, but also have to say I like Elvis being a Dimera and will be thoroughly disappointed if that is the way it goes.

  10. From From westo92

    I think it would be perfect that EJ is not Stefano. The twist on how that would effect EJ would be priceless knowing how he’s tried kill john black his father. Plus with the return of her mother celeste and a new sibling for lexie would bring a balance to her again. They need to bring back tony demira since his cousin aundre played his double we know as a soap junkie that they can twist it around just as chelsea was dead at birth for bo and billie in the swamp. Please OK.

  11. From DaysFan

    I don’t see how they could say that EJ is not Stefanos son. Part of the whole Santo and Colleen story was that EJ looks just like him. How would they explain that away?

  12. From justafan

    the new guy is handsome handsome i hope he does get in with abby i can’t stand her being so crazy over austin and i mean crazy with a capitol C Melanie needs to consintrate on chad before gabi takes him. i think they have a lot iof chemnistry together but melanie is my favorite (one of them hehe )

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