Days Of Our Lives Poll: Next For Daniel.

Back in town.

Daniel returns to Salem this week and instantly gets mixed up with the latest chapter in Nicole’s saga. But there will be plenty more to keep the doctor busy. Jack told Jenn that they couldn’t be together and Billie is heading back to town among suspicions that she could be teamed with the doc. Who do you think he will wind up with?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From jenn

    It will probably be Billie, which will be gross. Dan slept with Billie’s mom, messed around with her daughter and her brother’s wife had an affair with Daniel. Too much “keeping it in the family” for me. I just hope that it will not be another “fall in love with my patient” story.

  2. From Lynne

    I agree…please not Billie. He had relationships with Billie’s Mom and daughter. Gross!! I would like to see him with Jennifer. Not Nicole, what a train wreck! Lexi is a mess so no way. I just hope they don’t bring Billie back to mess with Bo and Hope. Stop recycling old stories PLEASE! On another note, I am so incredibly tired of Sami blaming others for her problems. I’m a day behind on the show so maybe someone has but Marlena and/or Will need to tell her to knock it off and tell her like they mean it. I don’t think I can handle watching her for another day.

  3. From dc

    well, my opinion is dr dan should be with jennifer but it looks like she may go back to jack (what a shame)..
    dan deserves someone better than billie and alot better looking..
    definitely not nicole..

  4. From Stacey

    I hope Daniel and Jennifer get back together. They are the next super couple!! Daniel with Nicole and Billie NOT!!!!!!!! Dannifer forever.

  5. From Melissa

    I think he should date Nicole because it,would be different. However, I do think Nicole should end up with EJ but for a while I think it,would be a good story line.

  6. From cynthia

    I thought Dan and Jen were soothing together… both caring and non agrumentative. Jack has always been a train wreck. Sami was on her way to being more grown up and then she really has reverted to her old blame everyone for whatever is wrong old self with her tantrums, yelling, and crying. I’m not sure i like that Carrie and Austin are back. i was glad at first but i get tired of all the rivelry between Sami and Carrie. now it’s Rafe and Austin, and now we have Sami blaming Marlena for her messes again. i hope that Celete will bring a breath of fresh air into the show with some of her voodoo, etc!! If ever there was a time for Sami to grow up and have a bit of a character change now is the time.

  7. From bettyg

    I know this isn’t the right spot to do this, but I can never get on the message boards. Welcome back, Dustin!!!!! I’ve been following you for years, and was really disappointed when you left.
    Good blog today!

  8. From Casey

    Why can’t he just be single for awhile? Roman’s done it for years! I hope he stays away from Jennifer, it’s really unpleasant to see her with anyone other than Jack.
    Daniel and Chloe were great together, after that it’s been all downhill.

  9. From Brittany

    Please if the writers are smart and they are reading this please please please keep Jennifer and Dr. D together. Daniel has changed to this loving, caring and sweet guy since he was paired up with Jenn. I never liked him before, but now I am loving him. They are so good together and so meant to be together. Don’t screw this one up days!

  10. From Nancy

    Daniel is hot with Jennifer. Wow what an amazing pair! Hot hot hot!

  11. From Jess

    Daniel and Jennifer belong together. Jack should be paired up with Billie. I love it when Daniel & Jen are on screen (chemistry)!! Don’t mess with this pairing!!!!!

  12. From Deena

    I think that even if we want Jen to be with Daniel, it won’t happen. The writers will always want Jen with Jack – so we are just pushing back the inevitable and hurting Daniel in the process. Jen can’t have her cake and eat it too. She is really bugging me!

  13. From Tiffany

    Why can’t they just let Daniel be happy for a change! Leave him with Jennifer. They were so happy together. They love each other. Now they are going to push Billie with him, give me a break. He has already been with Kate and Chelsea. Give it a rest. I don’t know how u can be in love with somebody and in a few weeks try and pair him up with somebody else. I only watch days for Jen and Daniel. Don’t ruin a good thing!!!!! UGH

  14. From Anita

    I agree with #9 and 13. Put Daniel and Jennifer back together again I can’t stand them being apart!!!

  15. From Wendy

    Now that Carrie,Austin and Jack are leaving they should get Daniel and Jennifer back together. Pair Billie with Rafe,Sami-Lucas, Nicole-Ej and get rid of Melanie,Gabi,Abby,Chad they are boring. Ian needs to go. Thank god Madison is going. Please please put Daniel and Jen back together they are so sweet together!!!

  16. From Dasie

    I want Daniel to be paired with Billie because I think they have really good chemistry together. Also, I think that there’s possibly going to be a kissing scene between them sometime soon.

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