Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: A Few Setbacks.

“We’re going to get it right this time.”

John is anxious, Carrie has no news and Rafe bursts into Casa DiMera to confront EJ.

Check out this sneak peek at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Well I an only imagine what EJ’s face is going to look like when Rafe finishes with him. Let’s see EJ has a bullet in his back; he’s been shot in the head; Brady beat the crap out of him and now Rafe scrambles his brain. How will Elvis explain his new look to his new constituents.

  2. From dc

    well, rafe is gonna beat the crap out of ej, he deserves it..
    and with sami beng there and nicole finding out what ej did and she walks out on him and throws the ring at him..
    glad will finally came out to marlena.. i think she already knew but she knew it had to be up to him to talk first..
    and i DO NOT feel sorry for sami..

  3. From dc

    well, the scenes with rafe, sami ej and nicole were priceless.. rafe and nicole really told sami and ej off.. WAY TO GO RAFE AND NICOLE..
    loved the scenes between will and marlena.. will is such a good actor..

  4. From dc

    well, rafe and nicole really told sami and ej off today.. loved the scenes between all of these guys..sami and ej deserved everything that was said to them both today.
    and loved the scenes between marlena and will, he is such a good actor..
    (2) questions: who was the guy lurking around when john and hope were waiting for the plane. and who was the person who placed hs hand on nicole’s shoulder, my guess is brady..

  5. From SandyGram

    #4 dc
    I’m suspecting the guy lurking at the airport is someone Stefano has following John and Hope.

    Now who put his hand on Nikki’s shoulder…it’s Dr. Daniel Jonas returning from his romp. He see’s she’s upset and offers help but she doesn’t think he wants to listen to her pathetic life and get up to leave and passes out. Of course he catches her.

    For a full Day Ahead Article go to: Daytime Royalty under ‘Monday, February 27th, Daily Discussion which is an article from Network 54….OR search on
    Network54, New Salem Day Ahead Spoilers for the original article.

    Things are getting exciting. Also on Daytime Royalty there is TV Guide Interview with Brian Dattillo (Lucas), very interesting a lot of spoilers if they are all true. Many Typo’s in the be cautious how you interpret Brian’s answers to the interviewer.

  6. From thesmartone

    Hey Rafe and Nicole deserve each others, the judgmental hypocrites WRITERS make them a couple, they crie for it !! DO IT DO IT DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!

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