Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 20-24.

Spinning out of control.

After finally taking the time to digest the nauseating news that the woman of his dreams is already married to another man, Brady gets around to slamming Madison for keeping this sizable secret from him. Meanwhile, Ian is distracted from his wife’s problems with her now ex-boyfriend by some unfinished business with one of the women from his past – Kate. She learns all about his arrangement with Madison while Ian goes off with a business proposal for Victor.

Lexi starts to have doubts about her future with Abraham after she learns of the deceptive tactics he employed during his election campaign. Their marriage is hardly the only one in trouble, of course. Sami still can’t get past her problems with her husband… and her sister. Carrie, however, is poised to run away from all of these problems by taking off with Austin, if he can escape from Abby’s latest scheme to keep him. Sami’s life will get a lot harder anyway, regardless of whether her sister sticks around or not, because Marlena reveals her daughter’s big secret. It’s not long before news of it makes its way to Rafe.

Elvis doesn’t appreciate the fact that Nicole keeps attempting to unearth the things he’s been getting up to behind her back and issues a little warning. Then he asks her to marry him again, but his sex secret with Sami coming to light could rapidly bury that plan, especially when Rafe shows up to confront him about it right as EJ is dropping on his knee. If Elvis didn’t think this was enough to deal with, things at Casa DiMera get a whole lot worse when Stefano’s secret is revealed.

While lives are being torn apart in Salem, Will finally reaches his breaking point and gives in to his desires. After he opens up that way, he opens up in another one as he confides in someone close to him. Meanwhile, it turns out that Quinn has not been working alone, but his return to town has been part of a larger scheme. And John and Hope head to Alamainia.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Well we were right it looks like Quinn has been working with someone else in his return. I’m going to wait and see who he’s connected to, the spoilers to date say Ian is going to be involved with Victor, Kate and Sonny, maybe good ole Viv is coming back, UK!

    Then it looks like most of the couples are on the brink on disaster one way or the other. It will be interesting how the writers untangle this mess.

  2. From Bella

    I cant wait to see what happens next.

  3. From patty

    Well, it does look like there won’t be one relationship left intact in Salem in the near future.
    Even though Sami says she can’t get past the kiss between Rafe and Carrie, her and Rafe end up kissing after he tells her she’s his everything. I wonder if she forgives him just in time for him to find out about the “grief sex” with EJ and I wonder if he’ll ever get past that.
    The kids are overjoyed to see Rafe at the pub where he brings them Valentines and treats.

  4. From Grandma Judy

    Mmmm, up above it says Kate learns all about Ian’s ARRANGEMENT with Madison. Arrangement?

    So, Marlena reveals Sami’s secret. Wonder how Marlena does that and why? And how Rafe gets wind of it? I wouldn’t have guessed it would be Marlena who would get that ball rolling.

    Great show today!

  5. From dc

    well, from what i am reading next week should be really really good.. can’t wait..
    but ya know, i am not sure i like this ian character.. i was beginning to like madison and brady together..

  6. From MAB

    Not once have I thought Ian & Madison’s relationship was based on them meeting, falling in love & getting married. I automatically thought this relationship was one of…she came from nowhere, poor (as she’s told Brady) and he became her mentor, and her his protégé. He probably taught her the ropes of business, and it was good until he became controlling of her & manipulated her into marriage…which brings her to now…where she’s a powerful, wealthy business woman one who no longer needs him, and he’s back to claim her as his possession. I was also hoping he would be a charismatic villain, but he’s not, and he is creepy! I thought I was gonna like him, but I don’t. I’m sure the writers will turn her into a sympathetic character since Ian is so mean, and Brady will have to rescue her (which is apparently the only thing the writers think he’s capable of where women are concerned). For me, I will not be one who will sympathize w/ her. I don’t like her, and never will.

    They keep talking about this Maroni. Is he gonna be a new mob character? If so, I hope he’s a better character than Ian.

    Can’t wait for Sami & Carrie’s showdown!! This ought to be good…it’s been a while since we’ve had a good cat fight!

    Ha, even Rafe said himself that he & Carrie were making out. Like I said, there was more that happened there than just a kiss that didn’t mean anything…and who knows what would’ve happened if Sami hadn’t caught them. Sometimes I wish she wouldn’t have caught them, just to see if either one of them would’ve stopped what was happening.

    Marlena reveals Sami’s secret? Really? Where does she get off? Does she decide to let the cat out of the bag because she can’t control her own love life? I guess she’s pissed about her ever-loving John being married to Hope, so she decides to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.

    Hmm…Quinn is working for someone. I just hope it isn’t Ian.

  7. From MAB

    Not once have I thought Ian & Madison’s relationship was based on them meeting, falling in love & getting married. I automatically thought this relationship was one of…she came from nowhere, poor (as she’s told Brady) and he became her mentor, and her his protégé. He probably taught her the ropes of business, and it was good until he became controlling of her & manipulated her into marriage…which brings her to now…where she’s a powerful, wealthy business woman one who no longer needs him, and he’s back to claim her as his possession. I was also hoping he would be a charismatic villain, but he’s not, and he is creepy! I thought I was gonna like him, but I don’t. I’m sure the writers will turn her into a sympathetic character since Ian is so mean, and Brady will have to rescue her (which is apparently the only thing the writers think he’s capable of where women are concerned). For me, I will not be one who will sympathize w/ her. I don’t like her, and never will.

    They keep talking about this Maroni. Is he gonna be a new mob character? If so, I hope he’s a better character than Ian.

    Can’t wait for Sami & Carrie’s showdown!! This ought to be good…it’s been a while since we’ve had a good cat fight!

    Ha, even Rafe said himself that he & Carrie were making out. Like I said, there was more that happened there than just a kiss that didn’t mean anything…and who knows what would’ve happened if Sami hadn’t caught them. Sometimes I wish she wouldn’t have caught them, just to see if either one of them would’ve stopped what was happening.

    Marlena reveals Sami’s secret? Really? Where does she get off? Does she decide to let the cat out of the bag because she can’t control her own love life? I guess she’s pissed about her ever-loving John being married to Hope, so she decides to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.

    Hmm…Quinn is working for someone. I just hope it isn’t Ian.

    Sorry if this posts twice.

  8. From jolie

    MAB #6, you are so spot on. Ian is creepy and nothing like we were led to believe or maybe we jumped to believe. That he was like you said charismatic even though a villain. You can take some of that like in Stefano and Elvis. They are mostly villain but very charming and likeable. This Ian is just not likeable. And very creepy.
    Quinn, OK, I tried to forgive him over Chloe and now he is tied to someone else. Maybe it is Maroni and not Ian. I hope Maroni is the good looking and charismatic meanie we were waiting on.
    Maroni, will he play into Stefano’s secret somehow? I just think it strange that a new evil guy/force is suddenly mentioned when Stefano’s world is starting to crash.
    I think Marlena is a bit out of control since she found out that dear John is married to Hope. It will rock her world and not in the good way. She has to strike at something so Sami is as good a target as any I guess. And the truth has to come out. This has to be the longest kept secret in Salem’s history. So many are talking about it, so much fall out either directly or indirectly from it. I have wanted to blurt it out myself in the middle of a few episodes!

  9. From jolie

    Poor Sami gets more iratic by the day. Carrie should have cleaned her clock for coming into her place. And why? Sami is just looking for someone to blame before the giant wave of destruction that she has caused for her marriage catches up with her. Salem is turning so upside down in the past week. Not making much sense. Madison married to the creepy Ian and Brady proposing to her the same night he finds out. What was she thinking and why didn’t she tell him earlier?? Doesn’t make sense. John and Marlena discussing he and Hope and love and sex. Seems to me it would be better left alone rather than picked apart. Why bring up old wounds and pick them til they bleed. And Abigail…off the deep end. Jennifer off the deep end. What the what! Sandygram #1, I too think this is all going to take a heap of untangling. The writers are leading us down and path and I just hope there are enough breadcrumbs left to get us back.

  10. From Clear

    I too wonder if Ian is Moroni or if Moroni is Ian’s hench. I guess my hopes that Quinn was undercover ISA to catch the likes of Ian is up in smoke?

    Go Sami! She may be flawed, but I love her character. At least she fights for what she wants and doesn’t usually pussy foot around about it. The times I don’t like her is when she’s whining and crying because of things she did to hrself instead of doing something about it. I wonder if all this is opening up a chance for her and EJ to have another fling and stab toward the altar.

  11. From Richard

    Vincent Moroni was portrayed by Carl Weintraub from summer 2000 until March 2001. Vincent Moroni was an Italian mob boss with one daughter, Angela. Upon meeting Brandon and Sami, he was immediately suspicious of them. After Kate told Vincent about the tape (containing Kate telling Roberto to confess to the murder of Franco Kelly) he took it from Angela. When Brandon married Angela anyway, Vincent was convinced he loved his daughter. Kate later slept with Vincent to convince him to kill Victor and manipulated him into spying on Sami and Brandon. When his spy told him about the kiss he ordered Victor, Brandon and Sami to be murdered at the coronation of Greta Von Amberg. Chaos erupted then and Angela threw herself in front of Brandon, saving his life. Vincent was so upset at the events that he set in motion, that he committed suicide.

  12. From Richard

    There was a Vincent Moroni that was an Italian mob boss, that Kate slept with to get him to kill Victor. He had a daughter named Angela. He ordered the killing of Victor, Brandon and Sami at the coronation of Greta. He supposedly committed suicide.

  13. From SandyGram

    Happy Valentine’s Day Salemite Fans

    Well I guess I will start with our very immature Abby. I’m trying to feel sympathy for her, but much like Sami it’s all her own doing. For me, the writers are destroying her character. As I’ve said before Kate Mansi is to good a young actress to be pigeon hold as a love stuck college student and stalker.

    Marlena and John…I’m thinking again the writers are giving us a hint of something to come in their relationship other than John and Hope need to get a divorce. I’m with Marlena this time. I think John should think about if he has any unresolved feelings for Hope. Stefano has been so good at burying deep in his victim’s subconscious memories to surface at a later time. Kind of like a time released pain capsule but for Stefano he wants to cause pain. And Marlena said it, he waits years to accomplish one of his scheme’s so I’m keep an open mind here and anxiously awaiting to see if the writers live up to the suspicions they are laying out for us.

    Now we have a man charged with tallying the votes come forward to Jenn about padding the ballot box for Abe. Then there was Nicole on a suspicious phone call saying ‘no it can’t happen it will cost EJ the election”, she doesn’t know what to do but she will call later. Now Abe tells Jenn not to engage the man’s offer and she seems please but she had to ask him. I don’t’ know but I’ll put my money on Nicole running this little scenario so if EJ should loose she can have someone go forward to the authorities with ballot box tampering. If it ain’t Nikki, it’s Elvis himself. This good Samaritan couldn’t have just popped up out of the blue to make Jenn the offer to stuff the ballet box. It could even involve the little errand that Will was running for someone when he met with the guy who only wanted directions from EJ and Will informed him, if the directions were coming from him, he was to consider it coming directly from EJ DiMera.
    Our Samantha Gene, WOW…black leather jacket, new striking hairdo, walking into Carrie and Austin’s hotel room without knocking, and then the slap across Carrie’s face….OK so she’s just a wee bit upset. I guess if Carrie had said yes I do have feelings for Rafe, but I love my husband more just may have sent Sami over the edge. OH..that’s right she was over the edge. After the scene today the Samantha Gene Brady character will never be able to be redeemed. The writers are going to keep her as the self- indulgent, narcissistic brat she has always been. I don’t even think Lucas is going to be able to bring her in out of Samiville she has walked down the Yellow Brick Road to many times never to reach the Land of Oz where all dreams come true. I’m afraid her ruby red slippers have no magical power and she will remain the wicked witch of the West forever. And I love her, Allison Sweeney is one terrific actress.

    Finally Will and EJ….Will loved every minute of telling EJ he told his mother that he saw them together having sex. And I loved seeing Will enjoy sticking it to EJ. But be careful young William when the story comes out, your good buddy EJ just may take all your perks away.

  14. From patty

    Clear, I wouldn’t say Sami fights for what she wants when she goes off like a madwoman after her sister and blaming her for everything bad in her life. Sami destroys her own life with no help from anyone. Rafe is the one fighting for their marriage right now and she’ll have none of it when she knows damn well that she’s done so much worse than what he did. Carrie and Austin seem willing to give their marriage a chance and so does Rafe but she’s the one giving up, not fighting for what she wants. Then again, who knows what Sami wants? She certainly doesn’t.

  15. From Chris

    I do see why Sami is upset with her sister for kissing her husband. Even though she did much worse she had every right to be mad, but I also think its her guilt that is sending her over the edge. After Rafe finds out he will be so hurt and upset but I hope they work it out. They are so good together.
    John & Hope – hopefully they will get their annulment and not remember that they have feelings for one another. Hope & Bo just got back together so leave them together.
    Nicole & Ej – these 2 in my opinion have great chemistry. Yes Ej slept with Sami but Nicole can easily forgive him as they weren’t even a couple at the time.

  16. From Clear

    I agree Sami is her own worst enemy, but this is soap! Again I love the Sami character! She is the most entertaining and always survives–probably to get close to EJ again at some point.

  17. From Clear

    I agree Sami is her own worst enemy, but this is soap! Again I love the Sami character! She is the most entertaining and always survives–probably to get close to EJ again at some point.

    Trouble posting again!

  18. From Guest

    It is sad to see how much the kids miss Rafe. Sami just let the kids think he just left…because she couldn’t think of what else to tell them. Yikes, if those kids don’t grow up with commitment phobia, and separation anxiety, and general attachment issues I will be shoked.

  19. From CM

    This Hope/John marriage thing is a dud in my book…major disappointment. And if the secret Alice had on Stefano is that EJ isn’t his son…zzzzzzzz. They jumped the shark with the paternity/maternity stuff already by making Daniel Maggie’s son. Good lord, if EJ ended up being John’s son then we’d have to suffer through the sure to be a snoozefest Brady/EJ brother feud storyline. I think it would be cool if Shane sent Quin back to Salem and he was ISA now. Would love to see Shane/Kim return…but with what these writers have done with Jack/Jennifer…I shudder to see how they’d ruin it. I know the writers have changed, but this show has really screwed up the big character returns the past few years…starting with Steve’s return from the dead a few years back…I haven’t yet recovered from that disappointing storyline.

  20. From Irene

    I cannot stand this scheming Abby.That whole story line is ridiculous, even if it is a Soap Opera. I do not know where the writers are going. Jennifer has changed. She was never like that. I like EJ and Nicole together. And I would like Sammi and Lucas together. And in my opinion, Joe Mascola is the best actor on the show. He is a villain you love and hate. But sometimes his one liners are hysterical. Enough babbling. I just watched it on Soapnet. Now time for bed.

  21. From janet

    since Abigail lied about having sex with Austin, wonder if she will lie that she is pregnant?!

  22. From Lois

    Maybe Marlene is going to tell Sami that she knows that she slept with EJ so she doesn’t let what happened between them happen with Will. She is doing the same thing that Merlene did with John that Sami can’t forgive Marlene for, maybe Sami will then understand where Will is coming from because she did the same thing to Marlene that Will is doing to her, and finale maybe Sami will beable to forgive Marlene and make things right with Will and Rafe.

  23. From jolie

    #13 Sandygram, poor Abby seems to be taking a giant leap into bewilderment. This is just so out of her nice sweet character so far. Yet she is from a family of unsettled and unstable habits and behavior so she might be just be displaying a family tradition. I am just waiting for the fake pregnancy now. I really hope it doesn’t go that way. Maybe let Abby go off the deep end a little but we have done the fake pregnancy thing and ended up with Syd. And Austin has already lost Will as a supposed son so where can this story go that is new?? And you are right on it with John and Marlena. There is something buried there that will rear its ugly head when they get to Almania. And you are probably right about Elvis and Nicole having something going on with the balloting and offering Abe the chance to sway the counting towards his own camp. Something fishy in Salem besides the chowder.
    Weren’t the scenes between Elvis and Will great yesterday? These 2 actors have such a great way with another that I could see them sitting there discussing what Will’s college schedule is as well as the latest plan to thwart the election or who knows Sami and Elvis had sex. Which I did find a little creepy, that Elvis was discussing who knew he had sex with Sami with Sami’s teenaged son. Just a little over the top for me.
    Sami, Sami, I know you are mad, probably mostly at yourself, but if you came into my room/home and started in on me with all you had done to me in the past, I’d have thrown your butt out the window. And to have the nerve to act like Austin would be on her side? How many times has he been there only to be burned in the end. Yes, I know Carrie isn’t snow white clean either, that she is supposed to have feelings for Rafe (stupid idea to me) and has done things in the past but Sami committed a crime in walking in without invitation and assaulting her sister. She was lucky Carrie didn’t call the cops. Again, chunk Sami out the window and maybe she’ll land on her noggin and knock some sense into her. #14 Patty, I agree with you that Sami character is destructive to herself and throws around blame like throwing out the dishwater but #16 Clear, there is just something about Sami and I think it is the actress. Makes you love her despite whatever destruction she is laying around her.
    The election, Abe, Jenn, Lexie, shady goings on. I am to the point that I am not really interested. I think Nicole will pull out some sort of scam but not sure on whom. I love Nicole and Elvis together but handwriting is on the wall. Elvis is going to do some sort of wildly romantic thing for her and right before the big reveal, the Sami/Elvis-had-sex story will come out to ruin it. I think by that time, Nicole will be the only one who doesn’t know it. I just want my Nicole happy for a while. I don’t think Brady will be the one to pick up the pieces this time. That ship has sailed, I hope. They were good once but now it just seems they use each other and bring out the less savory aspects of each other’s character.
    Richard, you are one spot on historian. Thanks for the facts on Moroni. So maybe this Moroni is a son or someone who is in town to seek revenge??? Time will tell.
    Since Roman jumped on Rafe and Rafe stood there and took it, I want to see it when Roman finds out what Sami did. I want to see him confront her. Good for the gander, good for the goose.

  24. From patty

    jolie, great post as always. I agree that there is something about Sami that one can’t help but love and I find myself still rooting for her at times, especially when it comes to her love for Rafe. She is a talented and beautiful actress and so entertaining to watch, even when you don’t approve of what she does. Hitting her sister full force in the face was over the top for me.

  25. From Richard

    Everyone knows how I feel about Roman, as I believe that he always shows up on the Dimera side.
    He didn’t stop the marriage of Sami to EJ and he didn’t show up for the Rafe/Sami remarriage.
    He has no interaction with Sami’s kids. He is not concerned with the problems of his daughter, Carrie.
    He does not take the lead in the investigation and interrogation of any suspects that might be associated with the Dimeras. When he does get any leads, he delegates them to Bo and just like in the Moroni case, the leads disappear.
    The biggest thing that I find funny is that he shows no interest in Marlena, whatsoever and he is never there for John. John is the reason that Roman is alive today.

  26. From Richard

    One other thing, when it comes to Roman Brady. He was in charge of security, when John showed up at the Brady pub. The shooter was an angry policeman. Roman, I believe, brought to light, the kids body that Sami and EJ thought was Johnny, because the kid was Johnny’s age and somehow had Johnny’s clothes.
    My point here is everything that has happened in the Sami/EJ/Will/Johnny case can be traced right back to the SPD.
    Every time that Bo gets a lead that heads him in Stefano’s direction, Roman comes up with something that sends him in a different direction and away from the Dimeras. EJ had to get the info on Will from the SPD.

  27. From Maryl

    The old Sami is back!! In yesterday’s episode, all the love/hate of her character that she inspires us to feel came sailing back.
    No matter how much she states that she loves Rafe and wants him in her life, I don’t buy it. IMO she wants Rafe because he is the kind of guy she thinks she should want and need. She also wants a man that her family approves of. Rafe is this good and perfect fellow–wonderful husband material–for anyone other than Sami. Reason being that Sami will never be like him–she will always resort to her dark side to get what she wants, or when she feels she has been wronged. It’s always “payback” for her–even if it’s against her own family. Sounds like someone else we know? Could she really be made of the same cloth as EJ or Nicole? My guess is–yes! Just because she is a Brady does not exempt her.
    The writing is beginning to appear on the wall–Sami and Rafe are probably “kahput” and sounds like EJ and Nicole will follow. Leaves an opening for the warring, love/hate relationship of Johnny’s and Sydney’s mom and dad to change and develop into something quite the opposite.
    IMO the root of Sami’s real problem is that she is riddled with guilt–she knows she has EJ buried in her dark little soul, but she must not dare let him out. Even Lucas saw this in her. Way back when they were ending their relationship, he told Sami to take a good look inside of herself. Sami has forbidden herself to do that. In her biased little mind, she thinks she is better than EJ–not his equal. May be true in some of the stuff that has transpired between them, EJ went to greater extremes than her for payback, but he never tried to kill her as she actually tried to kill him in several instances. The ultimate time was the bullet in the head at a time when EJ was so vulnerable. Yet–in spite of all this horrible stuff, Sami ran to EJ in her darkest moment and we know what happened between them—call it dirty, filthy, nasty, and digusting–but in the end it still showed us the need they have for each other–consciously or unconsciously. There’s something between the two of them that they can’t control or understand—yet! So come on writers–let their story fly for once!!

  28. From SandyGram

    Commings and Goings Soaps Opera Fan, quote:
    “It looks like Bren Foster (Quinn) is no longer in the past. The actor tweeted, “No, I’m no longer with “Days.” My career path has moved in a different direction and has me extremely busy.”

    Well now this opens up tons of questions:
    1) Will he be recast?
    2) What will happen to the Spa? And Melanie, Gabbi’s job?
    3) What will happen to his connection we have just read about in other spoilers.
    4) The murder mystery we’ve read about in the spoilers, will Quinn be one of the victims?
    5) How will it affect Countess Whilhelmina and Mad World?

    Now Quinn is getting interesting!!

  29. From SandyGram

    From You Tube search on: “Introducing Dr. Cameron Davis (Celeste’s Son)”

    I think aboutn a year ago we heard there was going to be a young African American Doctor join the cast of Days and we all speculated it would be a relationship for Lexie.

    Surprise he is Schulyer Yancey, playing Dr. Cameron Davis, Celeste’s Son. According to the You Tube Video he was raised with his father, which tells us he is not Stefano’s son and he will have a romantic relationship with Abigail (A Love Story). Yea, hopefully this means Abby’s infatuation with Austin will soon be over!! Now I’m so excited!

  30. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty see the article on “Tidbits from DR Interview with Mary Beth Evans”

    A few bits and piece’s of an interview Daytime Royalty did with Mary Beth Evans (Kyla) and where the character is going, or not going. It did say Peggy McCay (Caroline) is doing well health wise.

    Go to Daytime Royalty for the full article.

  31. From jolie

    #27 Maryl, a very good character study of Sami. Kudos to you for the thought and details. I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work.
    Richard, you are correct Roman..always on the inside but looks like he is on the outside looking in. Never really involved but involved enough to guide things. Remember that fake Rafe got killed in Roman’s jail. And you are right Roman always seems to be around but never there for anyone really. Strange but true. Now the problem seems to be..are these behaviors just sloppy writing and no real continuity of story or character or are these intentional clues and to be used later. I wish it were the latter but fear it is the former.
    Sandygram, great quiz on what happens now that Quinn is out. Can’t say I am going to cry over this. If he is a murder victim, well, so be it. Can’t get over the Chloe thing. This does leave a big gap in things around the Horton Square, doesn’t it? The spa was figuring into several storylines. Will these just dry up now? And thanks for the info on Celeste’s son. Interesting…a new dr in town. And a romance for Abigail, thank goodness for that. I still find the Austin/Abby saga a bit over the top. Not for my tastes and I hate that Abby is acting all crazy. Be glad when this is done.
    Haven’t seen today’s show so that’s it for me. Have a great evening!

  32. From MAB

    Jolie – I agree, Marlena kept insisting John had genuine feelings for Hope even tho they were programmed by Stefano…she went on & on about it…then the next thing you know they’re having sex on the couch. And then her calling it ‘bad boy sex’ was disgusting to me.

    Sami looked beautiful on yesterday’s show. As far as her behavior, yes, I know she was very erratic, but I love seeing that ol’ Sami fire! And I like the sisterly rivalry too. I know Sami is feeling guilty about sleeping w/ EJ, but I have to admit Sami made some good points about Carrie tho. Everyone always acts like she’s little miss innocent, when she’s not. I think Sami is tired of being treated differently than her sisters, and playing second fiddle to them. Sami was valid in bringing up the Mike Horton debacle and how she cheated on Austin back then, and apparently is willing to reenact it all over again w/ Rafe. But of course, no one would blame Carrie for her actions…they would find a way to blame on Sami instead…typical. There is no doubt that Carrie has feelings for Rafe (and vice versa). Sami also broughy up her already trying to steal one man from her, and I assume she meant Lucas…and it’s true. So Carrie deserved a lot of what she got yesterday in my book.

    Yep Abigail has officially lost it, making herself believe something really happened between her & Austin. And Jen is acting all weird too. I think losing Daniel has really messed w/ her head.

    Clear – I hope you’re right about the writers opening up the s/l to allow EJ & Sami to have another go of it!

    We have no idea what the writers are gonna do about the Maroni character, if they do anything at all. The writers tend to leave a lot out from the past, and do as they please, so I’ll just wait to see if they use Maroni as a new character or one from the past.

    I’m tired of Will’s behavior. I don’t care what his ‘problems’ are, one minute he’s crying, then he’s yelling at Sami and calling her every foul name in the book, then he’s acting smug thinking he’s got some kind of power because he’s working for EJ. I hope he enjoys those perks EJ is providing him because accepting those things from a man he despises (EJ) makes him look like a fool, and no better than EJ.

    The kids probably do miss Rafe, but it’s only been a couple of days, whereas they hardly ever get to see their real father EJ, so I’m sure they miss him much more than Rafe. I’m sure they are sick & tired of being told what father figure they can love & be with. They deserve to have all the people in their lives that care for & love them.

    #27 Maryl – ditto!

  33. From Cougar

    Mary agree with you that for sometime now to me it looks like they are opening up the door for an Ejami relationship or some sort of SL.

    Thanks to the history on Moroni and greta info. That was a period n time when I was unable to watch days due to work schedule.

    WOW! Sami looked & acted like a street tough/biker chick today, black leatgher jacket and straight long hair. Yep, the bitch is back.

    Now lets see how the story unfolds before we jump the gun on Marlene for outig Sami & EJ’s sexcapade. You know how it is in Salem everyone talks in public and everyone else eavesdropps. I can just see her headshrinking Sami or Will and then the wrong person over hears.

    Abby yikes. I think they are tossing her down a ditch. What next drugs and alcohol for you my pretty?!

  34. From MAB

    I know some find Abby’s infatuation w/ Austin a bit over the top, but it’s not like this hasn’t happened before on the show…a young girl gets infatuated w/ an older man. At one time, even a young Hope was infatuated w/ Roman, until Bo caught her eye. Either way, apparently Abby’s infatuation w/ Austin must not last long as her s/l coming up involves Celeste’s son, according to the spoilers.

    Well I thought they had big plans for Quinn, and now he’s leaving/gone? Many questions will have to be answered, especially regarding the spa. Who is gonna run that now?

  35. From Cougar

    I wouldnt say I like the Ian Characer but he is just the right kind of sleazy, creepy bad guy we need to replace Victor & Steph.

    Was it just me or did any one else notice Kate’s lip inflation seemed off. I don’t know if it was just bad camera ange or my imagination but the right half of her top lip looked deflated ot at least less plump than her left.

  36. From Richard

    I don’t get how we got from Alice saving EJ’s life and Stefano giving her a free pass, to Alice and Stefano bribing each other and threatening secrets about each other’s family.
    I think that John’s involvement with anyone, should have been null and void with his death, after being hit by the car. Hope was first married to Bo before she even knew John Black. John Black is not even his name. His name is Ryan Dimera and Forrest Alamain and I believe John Stevens.
    Princess Gina(the real one) had her fling with the priest John Black, when Greta was very young. Don’t see how he was ever married to Hope(as Gina), maybe Gina, herself.

  37. From SandyGram

    For me, Sami’s bottom line to both Carrie and Rafe was did they have feelings for one another, which neither answered with clarity. Sami said it best to Rafe, ‘he wouldn’t have kissed her the way he did if he didn’t have feelings for her”. Now my opinion of the kiss itself was it was sloppy and stiff. Some may call that passion, but it sure wasn’t like two cuddly wiggle worms all tied together, they couldn’t even decide how to hold each other.

    With all that’s gone on between Sami and Carrie over the years I still think it is Sami’s sister jealousy, insecurities and narcissism that has been the trigger for all their troubles. Sami said today Carrie always wanted what she had, I think that’s the other way around. She was first to go after Carrie’s boyfriend Austin and she was jealous of the relationship Carrie had with Marlena. Although it didn’t help Sami’s growing up process to have Marlena out of the picture so many times over the years. And now she is saying she can never forgive Rafe because it was her sister that he was kissing, that’s pretty shallow even for our Samantha Gene. All in all, Allison Sweeney is terrific in her role as the injured Sami Brady. But I do wonder how Allison musters up such emotion for these explosive scenes and is then able to let it go before she goes home to her family. Whew…my head reals just from watching it.

    Now for a man squirming in his shorts today, Austin takes the prize. It was so funny for the writers to have Carrie be the one to try to console and help Abby through her pain. What is Carrie a mini-Marlena? But I loved Jack and Abby’s interaction, we need to see more of these two together.

    Kate and Ian….not much to say here, he still gives me the creeps and his voice is so soft he’s hard to understand at times.

    Brady and Madison…. the spoilers say Brady will return to drinking heavily and now that John will be leaving town for a while he will be a mess by the time his father returns. Glad to see Brady give Madison the door today, but he forgot one thing, a boot in her skinny butt.

  38. From Richard

    I have always believed that if someone was blackmailing you, one would be aware of what they were being blackmailed for.
    I’m just hoping that Alice’s secret is that Stefano is impotent or was adopted by Santo. He’s been giving all this time and it’s about time he receives a little.

  39. From Richard

    I got a good laugh today, when Abby said that Carrie wasn’t that much older than her.

  40. From jolie

    Richard #36, I think several of us are having problems with how we arrived at Alice and Stefano in a mutual blackmail standoff. Yep, a bit difficult to get your arms around a blackmailing when you don’t know what the other has on you. And poor John has been resurrected more often than the plant at the back of my desk(I just forget to water until it is drooped over). You have a point…who is this guy really. They have made him this and made him that. Marlena has made him her life at the expensive of any and all others. And when did he have time to marry Hope under the name John Black? Anyone’s guess. And I am guessing that if Richard researches enough once the story comes out, he’ll disprove it. But I guess the writers are calling poetic license here and making it up as they go. Revisionist history.
    Sandygram #37, good reading lady. I think you pinpointed Sami’s problem with the Carafe kiss. It is the fact that it was Carrie. And with the way Sami kissed Rafe back yesterday…Sami is hurting over this breakup as well. Sami has had a hard life and lots of it self-inflicted. I thought that Rafe had come into the picture and would have provided some balance and allow the kids to grow up with a minimum of disruption…a few kidnappings, a few clones…but minimal for a soap. Well it hasn’t worked out that way. I really hope that Sami and Elvis do NOT get back together…yes, I know there are so many out that who are waiting to see that happen but I’d like to see Sami stand alone for a while and maybe Lucas coming back will help her if they can remain close friends. She is doing well in her job…let her excel and become a force on her own. Then let someone ride into town and set her on fire again. And your remark about Austin squirming in his shorts was hilarious and I could just see it in my mind’s eye. He was just like that! I thought Austin would past out when Carrie sat down with Abby. Abby is playing a dangerous game at a very young age and messing with a married couple. How will Jack feel when he finds out it was Austin? Then how will he feel when he finds out his little girl lied? Ain’t gonna be pretty. I just hope beautiful Abigail gets straightened out and soon. And the modeling gig for Mad World seems to have gone with the wind, like the spa and those jobs. Horton Square is drying up before our eyes.
    I too had a difficult time understanding what Ian was saying. My husband said I had a look on my face like I was tasting something really bad when those scenes between Ian-the-creepy and Kate were on. I am a Kate and Stefano fan. I do not like this Ian and I want him to leave my Kate alone. If we are going to have a murder mystery, can we vote on who to push under the bus??
    Once upon a time, there was a doctor named Kayla. Then she became a bar maid. Then she became the town therapist because the real town therapist had too many problems in her marriage and with her kids and grandkids to be the town therapist. Still not sure what Kayla’s purpose is. If they need someone to run the pub because Caroline is babysitting…wouldn’t it be simpler to hire a nanny?? Or have they heard of day care…millions use it daily.

  41. From Grandma Judy

    Nothing much to add to what’s already been posted about yesterday’s show. I just wonder when EJ is going to make and take HIS Valentine’s and candy to his kids?! Maybe he will, we’ll see.

    Great passion in the kiss between Rafe and Sami at the end of the show! Austin may have to wash his britches when he gets home!!!! Ian coming on to Kate = YUCK!

  42. From MAB

    Ian could never replace Victor or Stefano (in fact no one will ever be able to replace Stefano). First off, there is nothing likable about the character. And he is not young enough to build a lasting following that could match the years of reign Victor & Stefano have had. Also, w/ Victor & Stefano, you can’t help but like them, even when you love to hate them. This Ian guy is scum! The scene w/ Kate yesterday seemed forced to me, and I saw no chemistry between them at all. And what was w/ his hand when he put it up to her face? What a fake way to touch someone’s face! As I’ve said many times, EJ & Brady are the future of this show, so if we need anyone to replace Stefano & Victor, it’s them. They are the next generation!

    Regardless of what Sami she did w/ EJ, she said it best when she told Rafe that he wouldn’t have kissed Carrie that way if he didn’t have feelings for her. This is something she never expected out of Rafe, and I think that is bothering her more than the guilt she feels over sleeping w/ EJ. Neither Carrie or Rafe could or would clarify that they didn’t have feelings for one another…and that is just another reason to validate Sami’s feelings. I think Rafe & Carrie’s kiss was self-explanatory, and even if you don’t see chemistry between them, there’s no doubt they were completely invested in that kiss, and purely enjoyed it. It looked very natural to me. In fact, Carrie looked more normal kissing Rafe than Austin. And I can understand why Sami told Rafe she could never forgive him for kissing Carrie. There is too much bad history there between Sami & Carrie, on top of the fact it was her sister he kissed, which is way more hurtful than if it was some other woman.

    Sami met Austin before Carrie, and Sami automatically liked him. Then Carrie met him, and Austin’s attention was taken from Sami and put on Carrie. So even tho Sami was after what Carrie had (Austin), I can see why Sami told Carrie that she always wanted what she had. I think she felt like Carrie stole him from her. Then FF in time to Carrie & Austin’s return, and Carrie marrying Lucas. Sami was in love w/ Lucas at the time, and Carrie moved in on Lucas. Then for spite, Sami went after Austin once again. I do think Sami is somewhat jealous of Carrie, but I think most of that is because Sami always felt like the outsider. Carrie & Belle were always doted on, while Sami was the rebel. Marlena always showed favoritism to Carrie & Belle (still does), when it was Sami that needed the attention…no wonder her & Marlena still have issues…and those reasons are not just about John.

    Loved Brady telling Madison off today. I would love if Nicole could swoop in and rescue him, but I’m sure he’ll eventually cave and go back to Madison. She’ll give him the sob story of how Ian helped her, then it turned to controlling her, etc. and she couldn’t get away from him. Brady will try to save her from Ian’s evil clutches and they will eventually get back together.

  43. From jolie

    Grandma Judy, that is the funniest comment I have seen lately. Austin will no doubt end up with dirty drawers over this one!

  44. From Maryl

    Jolie & Grandma Judy–We need to add Sami and EJ to the list of dirty drawers–when all of their little secret comes to light! I believe Madison already experienced the rush! (Ha)!

  45. From Cougar

    The thing about the Austin/Carrie/Abigail scene Austin yesterday is the for a scene that as intended to be a serious shocking moment it was unintentionally more funny than serious. Jack will be furious for a danlliance with a married man-Austin nut exttremely disappointed with his daughter whenhe finds out the truth.
    Mab I do need to clarify that Ian is a perfct creepy villan to replace Steph & Vic. Yes I agree they are irreplacable; I love them too. However having said that they are getting up their in age and not immortal. The ptb have to start somewhere with digging up alternatives when they retire/semi retire or pass away (hopefully not for some time. They really do need to start fishing around somewhere to get some alternative resident evil villans. EJ is a great start whether he keeps his current queen of mean in Nicole or by some miracle has a fling with his passionate soulmate Sami. She is starting to jump the track again it seems by becoming investing in working with Kate, lashing out at John & Marlene, fighting with Carrie & kicking out good guy Rafe.

  46. From Cougar

    Whats up with this sight again. Comments wont post but if you look back in a while they appear? Is anyone else experiencing this too?

  47. From Grandma Judy

    Cougar 46, – SandyGram has notified administration about the problem and Christine Fix posted a comment on last week’s page that she is looking into it. In the meantime, Christine suggested we wait 15 minutes or so for our post to appear, because they do eventually. I’ve found that to be true of mine. Good luck!

  48. From Richard

    Everyone seems to be hating Abby for going after Austin and forgetting that Sami did the same thing to Carrie, but she went as far as claiming that Austin was Will’s father. Austin and carrie was deprived of that time that they could have been together.
    Sami dropped her marriage to Lucas and left him and Will high and dry to marry EJ. She even went so far as to tell Lucas to just wait for her, because she had no intention of living with EJ.
    Sami gets into Marlena’s face every time she sees her, so why shouldn’t Marlena stay away? Wouldn’t you? I know that I would. Sami stole Carrie’s boyfriend and she kidnapped Belle as a young child. She calls Marlena a slut among other things and has told John that she didn’t want him in her life.
    After being brainwashed, Rafe comes back to her and she gets disappointed over one kiss. That’s ridiculous. Sami still has a family because of Rafe. He brought Sydney back and he brought Johnny back and he gave Will the feeling that he finally had a family, after all these years. Sami has completely shut Rafe off from everything and I really can’t blame him for looking for a little sympathy from others.
    I just don’t think that anyone can work around someone and not develop a little feeling one way or the other.
    I like the Sami character and she plays the part real well, but most of her hurt has been caused by Sami herself. She has never given her mother a chance since Marlena made love to John, but she wants all kind of chances with Will and Rafe after making Love to EJ.

  49. From jolie

    #44 Maryl, my funny girl, I spewed tea on my computer when I read that you are adding to the list of those with dirty drawers. So funny!
    And so right!

  50. From Richard

    I think that this site needs to update the captcha program. This one seems to have a few bugs in it.

  51. From SandyGram

    Here’s a little something that may clarify who knew Austin first, Sami or Carrie:

    From Soap Central Bio of Samantha Brady:

    Quote: “In 1992 Sami Brady reappeared in Salem as a teenager — even though she was born in 1984. She kept having run-ins with a good looking young man and became smitten. A few weeks later she learned that that young man was none other than her sister Carrie’s boyfriend.”

    It would appear that Austin and Carrie were already boy friend and girl friend before Sami returned as a teenager to Salem.

  52. From SandyGram

    Soap Opera Digest (SOD) Articles, Issue Dated February 28, 2012

    SOD: John and Hope Leave Salem!

    SOD: Lucas is Back!

    SOD: Sami is exposed / Will’s first kiss with another guy!

    Articles can be found on Daytime Royalty. Sorry I can’t provide the direct link to the site it’s against the Guidelines on this wedsite.

  53. From Kat

    Rafe brought back Johnnie, Not Sidney, EJ brought her back on his own….
    Anybody walking into the Pub could have found Johnnie, so Rafe and Wil got lucky.
    The Kiss was not just a Kiss, there were feelings that had built between those Two over time,
    watching soaps long enough, we all know what might have happened….
    What Sami did with EJ, was out of total despair and grieve, not feelings,
    RAfe and Carrie’s kiss was out of feelings that had slowly developed between those two… therefore if I was Sami, I would see the real danger in the Kiss, etc.
    not in the desparate action between her and EJ. Rafe and Carrie did what they did because of Feelings, much worse, and Sami knows it, she sees the difference.
    I am not defending Sami for all of the things she has done, but on the Kiss she knows, it was meaningful to both Rafe and Carrie, and that is what breaking her heart, regardless of what her and EJ did while they were half insane with pain and grieve.
    Abby going after Austin, taking advantage of his being hurt and soooo drunk is sick, and I hope somebody soon sets her straight, and lying to Austin like that, What they Did Not Do, more sick.
    Austin never had any intend to lead on Abby, to him she was the little girl, who’s life he saved once upon a time.
    Ian, to me he is disgusting, slimey and so not endearing at all.
    At any moment his head could turn into that of a Serpent,
    there is nothing Manly about him, reminds me of the Dandy’s in old France, white wigs, buckle shoes, knee pants, etc.
    I see no chemisty between Kate and him, but I see so much love and chemistry between Kate and Stefano.
    None of us know yet, if Jennifer did what she had planned ANYWAY…. do we now.!
    All the complaining about Stefano planning and coniving about Hope and John,
    Stefano Did not want the Box open, he had no plans for anybody. He was perfectly contend to let the dogs sleep,
    but Hope had to Open the Box,
    now all, live with the consequences, Hope got what she wanted.
    Mrs. Horton and Stefano never wanted the box to be opened period, that’s why the deal was made, to let the box rest forever.
    But we need the intrigue of a SL, so be it…
    We all know, this is not the end of Rafe and Carrie, the feelings are there, and they will come out sooner or later…regardless of what Sami did with EJ, they don’t know about that, but will sure use it as an excuse, also of course what Austin Didn’t Do…

  54. From MAB

    jolie – I think we’ve all said at one time or another that we’d like to see Sami stand on her own w/o a man, but this is a soap and you know that’s not gonna happen. If they don’t have everyone paired off, it’s not balanced. And regardless of what some will say, the only time Sami did seem to stand on her own and be herself was when she was w/ EJ. I know she didn’t have a job at the time, and assume he was providing her w/ money, but she was her own person when she was w/ EJ. So I’d like to see her & EJ back together. They share a tremendous amount of chemistry, plus there is a lot of story to tell w/ them, with him being a DiMera and her being a Brady.
    Abby told Jack yesterday that she accepted the modeling job, so apparently it’s still on the table. The spa? Who knows now that Quinn is out.
    Yep, seems like Kayla has become a filler for the show. It’s a shame. If she isn’t going to have a s/l, then why bring her back? Of course, w/o Steve, she really doesn’t have a s/l. And she never mentions him!
    Apparently EJ just gets under some’s skin so bad that they can’t say anything w/o mentioning his name. Seems he affects everyone, even those who constantly nit-pick everything, even when he’s not on camera. Again, there is NO way we can see all that they do for the kids. There is not enough air time for all that. I’m sure if EJ was in yesterday’s episode, he would’ve had something for his kids. But it wasn’t about him, it was about Rafe, and how much he misses the kids…and a way for him to be a the pub to be there when Sami showed up.
    Cougar – you’re right about Ian being a creepy villain, but perfect, sorry I have to disagree. And that is simply because there is nothing remotely likable or attractive about him at all. All villains have to have some type of appeal, or their character doesn’t work. Also, he’s not all that young either. I’m sure he’s closer in age to Stefano & Victor than we are aware of. So for him to ‘replace’ them, as you call it, is just unimaginable to me. He’ll never develop enough time on the show to create a background like theirs. And lastly, again, if you want to replace Stefano & Victor, the only answer is the next generation…and that is EJ & Brady.
    Sami does cause a lot of her own misery, but there are other people responsible too. For one, Marlena. She made the mistake of treating Sami differently for years, while she doted on Carrie & Belle. You don’t show favoritism over your children. And Kate, if it hadn’t been for her, Sami might be married to Lucas right now, and EJ & Rafe might’ve never been in her life. Also, Sami most certainly has given her mother chances since she the John thing. In fact, Sami & Marlena & John were on good terms for quite a while until they left the show.

  55. From Kat

    P.S. to my blog 53,
    the most comical excuse I have ever heart, explaining the Kiss,
    We were celebrating the “Saving of a Marriage” and got carried away,
    Right, that’s what you do, after saving a marriage, You go ahead and betray Your own Marriage vows, that’s what you do, right on.
    What they did would have happened sooner or later, it is in the Air,
    and saying, That Sami was not close to Rafe, is that a reason or excuse for Rafe to kiss another,
    Not in my marriage book, for better or worse…. Ha, Ha,
    Only We know what Sami did, so she gets judged already on what Rafe does Not know yet..
    I think that what Rafe did is more dangerous to a marriage, than what Sami did, hers was out of “Insanity” His/Rafe… out of feelings from the body and heart….
    As a partner in marriage I would be less afraid of that Sami did, than what Rafe did, he did it out of “Feelings” not insanity….

  56. From Dyeing to be blonde

    #54 MAB – Ian Buchanan born June 1957 AGE 54 (six months younger than me). Joe Mascolo born 1929 (AGE in March, 83), John Aniston born July 1933, will be 79 this year. Both men old enough to be Ian’s father. Not contemporaries by a long shot. Kate is around 57 years of age.

    Why do people think Stef and Kate is a love story? He had Phillip shot in the chest and blackmailed her into marriage. Are we watching the same show?

    What happened to the letters that Stefano was smirking at, from Alice?

    Why does Austin apologize to Abifail for ‘taking advantage of her when HE was drunk’? Isn’t it the other way around? I mean if it didn’t happen, which is
    suggested but not completely clear..

    EJ and Sami was a mutual rape, not lovemaking or even grief sex. It was punishment and anger and control and it was disgusting even by soap standards. Typical of both personas, as EJ wielded a gun the first time and Sami drugged Austin for culpable deniability in her William pregnancy. Both bad asses of soapdom.

  57. From MAB

    Sorry I was wrong. Austin did meet Carrie first, but when Sami met Austin, she had no idea he liked or was dating her sister.

  58. From MAB

    I thought it was nice what Rafe did yesterday w/ the kids, but I still think it was just a way to put him at the pub when Sami showed up. And why must the writers act like he’s been gone forever?? It’s only been a couple of days. Normally, the kids probably would barely notice he’s gone. With that said, what about how much Johnny & Sydney miss EJ…even to the point that poor little Sydney had to stand up to her own mother on her birthday to be w/ her father.

    I’m not surprised Carrie didn’t deny having feelings for Rafe, but a little surprised Rafe didn’t (or couldn’t) deny his feelings for Carrie. If he loved Sami the way he says, he would’ve denied his feelings for Carrie instantly w/o any hesitation. And if he can tell Sami she’s his everything, then how can he have even think about another woman? Just another reason I don’t buy into Rafe & Sami like some do, and never will. And I don’t buy that just because you work closely w/ someone that you can develop romantic feelings for them. Sure maybe if you single, but if you’re happily married, you shouldn’t want anyone else, let alone your co-worker. Yes, you can grow to care for them, and even become great friends, but a budding romance shouldn’t be in the cards if you’re already taken. And I certainly wouldn’t be giving my husband a free pass for kissing the woman he works with, let alone my sister.

  59. From MAB

    #56 Just because those are the real ages of the actors who play Ian, Stefano & Victor doesn’t mean that is supposed to be their ages on the show.

    Kate loves Stefano, so if it’s not a problem for her, then there’s no reasons we fans can’t see Kate & Stefano as a good love story.

    Say what you will about how Sami’s children w/ conceived, but Sydney was conceived out of love. And you can talk all day about what you call rape. That issue has been mauled over for too long. We all see it differently and just because you think differently than me doesn’t make you right.

  60. From MAB

    IAN WILL NEVER REPLACE STEFANO! And he’ll never come close!

  61. From SandyGram

    Spoilers from Daytime Royalty dated February 27th:

    Monday (“The Accusation”)
    Sami and Marlena exchange heated words; Rafe confides in Carrie about Sami’s affair; Daniel comforts Nicole.

    Tuesday (“Nicole’s News”)
    Daniel delivers Nicole some startling information; Ian puts Madison in a horrible situation.

    Wednesday (“Sami’s Assignment”)
    Sami experiences a tough day; Ian drops a bombshell on Kate.

    The source of these spoilers was not provided.

  62. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #51, – Thanks. I was remembering when Sami met Austin, he was already Carrie’s boyfriend, although Sami didn’t know it at first. Nice to have facts to back-up my memory!!

    I also agree with your post #37 and your assessment of the kiss. Not such a great kiss, IMO. Rafe and Sami’s yesterday was great, though.

    I agree with Richard #48 that it’s “ridiculous” for Sami to be so over-the top over a kiss. For myself, I could forgive a kiss but never the sex act. I don’t think a kiss breaks wedding vows but the sex act does. And I live by my words because I told my close friend exactly that years ago when her marriage was in a rough patch and she was meeting another man for lunches and they had kissed but never had sex. “Keep going down that road, my friend, and you will be in a full fledged affair and end-up breaking your wedding vows”. She gave up the lunches, which she eventually told her husband about, and they fixed their marriage. Many people, though, forgive sex, too, and go on with their marriage. We’ll have to see how it plays out with Rafe when he finds out about Sami and EJ. I have no doubt Rafe will be enraged at first, and justifiably so.

    Cougar #45, _ I get what you’re saying about the show needing to find another “perfect villan”, and Ian is starting out to fit the villan role. But if viewers don’t like him, as some already don’t (myself included),his “days” on the show could be short lived, like other characters who have not caught on.

  63. From patty

    Well Stephano and Kate’s ‘great love’ is put to question tomorrow because her and Ian kiss and she doesn’t pull away either. If a kiss is more dangerous to a marriage than having sex with someone as some might suggest, then Kate’s marriage to Steph could be going the same way as everybody elses in Salem.

  64. From grandma to many

    maybe Abby can go visit Jan Spears at the assylum and get some pointers on how to capture Austin isn’t this kind of like Jan’s treatment of Shawn D ? not nearly as bad yet but could Abby go there ? I wonder if Stephano could have orchestrated some of the way these clues came to light about the Alice secrets possibly he was concerned about what Alice had on him and being a great puppetmaster pulled all of Hopes strings until she just had to know the secret thus letting Steph find out the secret about him too

  65. From jolie

    #56 Dyeing to be blonde, when you blog, you are speaking volumes. But I do think Stefano and Kate have turned into a love story. I think they are truly supposed to love one another. Just like Mags and Vic who seem to have vanished lately. Ian looks a good bit older and could be of a similar age to both Stefano and Vic or to me at least. I agree about the Elvis and Sami sex..just haven’t thought about it that way, mutual rape. It wasn’t love for sure and was for punishment and anger.
    #58 Mab, in the eyes of kids, a few days is forever. I think they would have noticed as he has been the main caregiver at times for them. And you are oh so right, there is no replacement for Stefano. The character or the actor.
    Sandygram #61 so Daniel’s back next week? And he must be doctoring again if he is comforting Nicole. He’ll be trying to date her now. Is he now specializing in OBGYN? Is Nicole preggers??
    Patty, I surely don’t want Stefano and Kate to split. I can’t wait for the creepy Ian to get whatever is coming to him.

  66. From MAB

    jolie – I know that a few days can seem like a long time to kids, but like I said, it’s only been a couple of days since Rafe left. Normally they would probably think he was working, and let’s not forget that they spend a majority of their time w/ Grandma Caroline, even overnight. So for me, it was overkill for the kids to act like Rafe’s been gone that long. I think it was just a filler scene anyway to get him & Sami in the same room.

  67. From DTBeBlonde

    #65 Jolie – agree, they turned S & K into a love story for storyline purposes. I’m just sayin’ I’d hate anybody who pumped a bullet into my son, and then forced me into marriage. But it’s a storyline manipulation.

    MAB – agree that characters and actors don’t always match up in supposed aging. Simply challenging your remark that “Also, he’s not all that young either. I’m sure he’s closer in age to Stefano & Victor than we are aware of.” So, I’m annoyed with casting actors that don’t jell with their ages. Why not hire an older actor if they want them to be contemporaries? Just askin’. There are some great out of work soap actors in the elder population since they’ve cancelled so many.

    Why are the captchas so hard????

  68. From patty

    jolie, I think Ian is sticking around for awhile, at least that is what he says now that he is the new CEO at Titan. Victor realizes he made a huge mistake after Ian physically attacks Brady and he discovers that he’s married to Madison, but it is too late , the papers have been signed. As forceful as Ian has proven to be, I don’t think he’s about to give up on pursuing Kate. So far she doesn’t seem to mind. Maybe old Steph will plan Ian’s demise once he gets wind of what is going on behind his back, but I’m thinking he’s finally met his match. Ian is one mean son of a *itch!

  69. From patty

    No matter how you want to cut it, Sami’s kids are going to be hurt by Rafe leaving and it’s heart breaking. Of course they miss him, he is the only father figure they have in their lives and he has been more of a hands on Dad than their own fathers. He’s loved them as if they were his own and they love him . Their biological fathers are not there for them , one has given up custody of them and the other is on the other side of the world. To those kids, they are losing their Dad.

  70. From Richard

    IMO, Lexie had her hand in the election results and I don’t think that she was pulling for Abe.
    She is a Dimera, always has been and always will be. She is like her father, she keeps her hands clean.

  71. From patsy

    I guess they are going to have Nicole be pregnant that figures they had to do something to keep EJ and Nicole togtther EJAMIfans screwed again

  72. From SandyGram

    Today I had an epiphany regarding Alice’s secret. Here and on many other fan sites there has been discussions on the secret being EJ is not Stefano’s biological son. What if it’s not EJ, what if it’s Lexie is not Stefano’s daughter, which would mean Theo is not his grandson. Celeste was close to Alice maybe she left this information with Alice when she left Salem. That would go along with Celeste returning and Lexie’s 1/2 brother coming along. If it is Lexie this would shake the frame work of the DiMera family.

  73. From suziq

    If there is a connection between Ian and Quinn, is there any chance that Ian has something to do with Kate being a prostitute in the past – maybe there is some sort of blackmailing of Madison in the same way. Ian sure is slimy enough to be a high class pimp.

  74. From SandyGram

    patty, grandma to many, jolie, MAB

    So we have another ‘kiss’ and it’s Kate the Snake with Ian the Creep. For the life of me I can’t see what Kate would of seen in this guy even years ago when he was younger. It was probably after she left Curtis Brown her husband and father of Billie and Austin, so she knows what it is to be abused and I can’t imagine her getting into another abusive relationship even if the man was as powerful as Ian says he is!

    But it does seem like Ian has something going that Victor may not be able to successfully rescind his contract as CEO of Titan after seeing the way he treated Brady and finding out he was married to Madison.

    I’m with you on Rafe and the relationship he has with Johnny, Alli, Sydney and Will. And even when the kids relationship with their real fathers improve, they will still love Rafe that’s not going to change.

  75. From SandyGram

    Today was filled with comical lines and/or scenes:

    - EJ’s line “don’t worry mummy” as he winks at Kate while discussing he would stop at nothing to get what he wants.
    - Kate and Nicole realizing they are complimenting each other. “Oh my God!” they exclaim in unison, they turn and walk away Nicole upstairs and Kate into the kitchen.
    - Stefano talking to Kate “this was EJ’s one chance to prove he’s a man who can run this town rather than being a lapdog to the uh, the Brady’s and the uh, the uh… uh… the other bunch, whatever the hell their names are.” Was this a line delivery flub by Joe Mascolo (Stefano) or could it have really been written this way, which ever it was funny.
    - The appetizers looked like Monday Night Football to me….where was the fancy DiMera spread.

    Now on to the show.
    Abigail, Carrie and Austin – one thing for sure without Carrie knowing the man Abby is talking about is Austin, he got many very good points across that may or may not lessen the blow when Carrie does realize Austin is the man Abby is in love with. I did get a little confused though, Carrie commented on how she went to Jennifer when she was younger for advise; but when Jack mentioned to Jenn that Abby was talking to Carrie she acted like Carrie who? All in all another squirm day for Austin, he must have gotten a rash from scooting around in his chair. Now Carrie had a touch of Marlena in her today when she commented on how she doesn’t think Abby was dumb for falling in love with this guy; she deserves better; she feels sorry for the other woman; this guy is a complete scum; it was all the guys fault. BS….Austin and Carrie are family friends who Abby knows well, but just hasn’t seen in a while. To me Abby has little respect for Carrie and it should have been Abby that did not engage or pursued a familiar relationship with Austin.

    Lexie…after all she’s done to Abe over the years, she was a little to self –righteous and pompous for me today. Same with Stefano how he berated EJ for losing the election as he always does when EJ attempts something without his assistance. Now what part of ‘Stefano’s hands not being’ in the election can we believe? Yep None, after all it was Stefano that gave Hope the clues that lead to John being cleared of embezzlement! Wait until EJ learns this little tidbit of information!

  76. From Kat

    To Me, my life’s partner developing feelings from the heart for another person,
    would be much more threatening to me,
    then a mistake made out of uncontrolled pain and grieve.
    That mistake would hunt my partner forever, and he would be ashamed and full of regrets,
    but a developing feelings and caring for another….. how do you stop that. Neither Rafe or Carrie, would or could deny, that there are No feelings for each other… did they now.
    We all know they will get together, and not because of Austin and sick Abby, or what Sami did, but because, love is developing between Rafe and Carrie.

  77. From daisy

    #56 dying to be blonde( cute handle)..I sure agree with your blog!
    #73 Sandy true about Lexie…she has done unethical medical stuff, had extra marital affairs etc etc. Sure seems like she isn’t standing by her man! Poor little Theo, is now going to have a split family! Does anyone think about the kids????
    I suppose Abby will tell Austin she is pregnant, then the usual lab tests switchero will take place !!! Maybe now that Austin has a good job, he and Carrie will decide to have a baby, and thats when they find out he is sterile. Then poor Abby will look like the liar she is!

  78. From daisy

    sorry dyeing to be blonde, I used the wrong spelling.

  79. From SandyGram

    #75 daisy
    Now that we know Quinn is leaving (or I guess I should say has left), I was thinking if Austin looses his Professor job due to Abby’s lies, he would be a good replacement for taking over the SPA with his boxing back ground. After all, EJ invested in the SPA so Quinn could open it and Kate is Austin’s mother and EJ’ step mummy. Or maybe even Chad!

  80. From michele

    Rafe finds out about sami and EJ from hearing Will tell Sonny.

    Even after Marlena lets Sami know that she knows about her and EJ and both Marlena and Will tell Sami that she should come clean to EJ she chooses not to.

    What I do not understand is that Sami acts like all her problems in her life are because she caught her mother having relations with John. John was her father Roman for years and years. Marlena has been with John longer then she has been with Roman. She even though she is an adult blames the fact that her mommy and daddy are no longer together with all the awful things she has done. YET, it is ok that she chose EJ and many other men over Will’s father. She will say it is cruel to keep her kids away from her, yet she stops them from even knowing who their father’s are, and then when the truth comes out she still wants to keep them away from their father.

    John and Marlena where not so bad when they let her live for free in their house.
    John was ok when he gave Sami all that money she had.
    She said that she did not want support from Lucus and EJ, well then who was supporting the kids their whole lives. We know it was not Sammi.
    Sami went to EJ, not because she was mad at him. It is because she is always running to EJ. When ever he moves on she is there, always has been always will be. But it is not because he is her true love, because she does the same thing to Lucus.
    I honestly do not think anyone in Salem is as evil, self centered, or a bigger lier then Sami Brady.
    I hope Nicole is with child and that EJ and her work things out. I love them together.
    I know we get mad at the writers from time to time, but they must be doing something right because they have all our blood boiling, just like a good soap should.

  81. From daisy

    Sandy Gram, I think you are on to a good script with Austins potential Spa connection! And in Salem, where the jobs seem to be plentiful, (although no one seems to actually work) Austin could have both his teaching job, and run the Spa! But either way, I don’t see how he and Abby could continue to work together. So that will need some “splaining”!!!!!

  82. From Richard

    Again the SPD will side with the Dimera’s, as usual. Way to go Roman and crew. I doubt that they will even investigate the Dimera side in the election. I guess that Lexie will be proud of EJ for not playing dirty to win the election(yeah really). That’s just like her to do just that. She don’t want to held captive in the tunnels underneath Salem again.

  83. From Kimba

    I just read over all the posts. I am new here. But one person stands out to me and that is MAB. Wow she is very defiant if anyone says something she doesn’t agree with. Not a nice well I appreciate your opinion but my thoughts are……no. She slams people. Gets mean and argumentative. Everyone else is spot on with your comments. But with MAB it is clear she hates Rafe so if anyone likes him you are dust. She loves EJ and if anyone talks about how horrible he is…you get shot by her. Even what we know to be fact, she attacks. I’m not going to write a book like one person does. But kudos to all but one of you. I think I will stay and add my 2 cents every now and then!

  84. From Grandma Judy

    From SOAP INDEPTH, – “Lucas got engaged in HongKong. The character will not be seen at this time, according to the show. . .they have a big name in mind and they are waiting for her to finish a pilot”. I have also read that Lucas comes to Salem because Sami “summons” him.

  85. From jolie

    #71 Sandygram, that is a very good theory and who knows? We all assume it has to do with Elvis but you are right, there could be a hard stop coming up. Very interesting to think about and plausible since sweet and spooky Celeste is coming back.
    #72 Sandygram, I can’t believe Victor doesn’t know Ian if he was in Kate’s past. How can Victor the warlord, the warlock, the Greek tycoon, the mobster, how can he not know and have not investigated Ian and Madison? We might be stuck with Ian for a while and I will suffer (or FF when I can) thru his scenes. I like my villains with a little class, less sleaze, more charisma, at least a little bit of redemption in them. I don’t see any of that in Ian.
    #73 Sandygram, I so enjoy reading your take on the show. The lines were hilarious and fun to share like you did. The Monday Night Football crack was too funny and spot on. The Abigail/Austin caper is just out there. It is bad enough because Abigail has been the pursuer but if this had come to light in a different way perhaps, Austin would potentially lose his job for activities outside his marriage with a coed. These people are well-known to each other. Surely Abigail would have some kind of second thoughts due to that fact. Poor Carrie, she should have stuck with lawyering. And Austin needs to lawyer up, get his wife away from there before this gets worse. Stefano has a habit of taking a tone with Elvis when he fails. Well, if most theories are correct, he might get the chance to kiss Elvis bye when Alice’s secret comes out. And if John turns out to be Elvis’ dad, wonder if they’ll team up and Marlena will shrink Elvis’ giant noggin??
    Kat #74, I hope you never have to find out. Cheating is cheating and one form is as bad as another I believe.
    #78 Michele, good points! I think Sami went to Elvis that day to BLAME. She took the kids there, Johnny went missing, she blamed Rafe, John, and of course needed to blame Elvis as well. I too would love to see Nicole have a child…please don’t let her lose this one if she is preggers…but if Elvis is not Stefano’s son, then the child will be up for grabs for any number of grandparents. Would it not be hilarious if John and Hope were Elvis’ parents, Nicole has his baby, then we sit down to have Thanksgiving dinner and some football?? Pass the peas with a hearty side of family hate. And poor Sami is someone who is absolutely her own worst enemy. I think that she could have come clean at the start, told Rafe, tried to work thru it with him, none of the other would have happened. Did Carrie sort of fall for Rafe because of her past with Sami, has to be part of it one way or the other. Yep, the writers are doing their jobs or we would not have so much to debate or complain or feel deeply about!
    Richard, too funny about Lexie and the tunnel but you are right about Roman and the Salem Po-Po. And he is only doing what he is paid to do…but who is paying him?

  86. From patty

    I agree with Richard about the Dimeras getting away with their part in playing dirty in the run for mayor and Abe will be the one paying for his one little transgression. It sure looks like Richard is also right about Roman being a Dimera pawn, either that or he is the most incompetent cop, commissioner or whatever he is, in tv history. It can’t be possible that crooks get away with every single atrocious crime they commit and only the good people get nailed for bending the rules once in a while. Lexie sure has a lot of nerves turning her back on her husband after everything he forgave her for. Why is Abe or Jen expected to be so perfect and not allowed to make one mistake when everybody else around them are underhanded and never play by the rules? Nicole is the one who set this crap up this time. I can’t wait till she finds out how she’s been played by EJ, maybe she won’t be so ready to stick her neck out for him anymore.

  87. From Kat

    #85 jolie,
    of course Cheating is cheating…..
    I am talking about this scenario with Sami and Co.
    If I had to…. WHAT Sami did, hopefully could be fixed if the marriage was strong enough,
    she was clearly half out of her mind, temp. insane you could say, etc.
    but what Rafe and Carrie did, there seem to be real feelings in the making and I think that train left the station,
    and Our Sami is smart enough to see the difference of what is going on here. That is what scares her the most, SHe knows that there are feelings between Rafe and Carrie.
    jolie, thank you for caring that this will never happen to me, but what happened between Rafe and Carrie would worry me much more for my future with my man. Always wondering if the Other is on his mind or in his heart.
    Insanity Sex, yes it would be disgusting, but it’s over and only regrets are left.
    Well let’s put it this way, if it was in My Own Life,
    I would not put up with either, done, over, I would not want to live my life with doubt and pain in my heart, ….
    But this is a soap we are talking about, and many things don’t make any sense so many times.

    Yes Lexie, she should remember the tunnel, when Andre held her down there. She was on her way out of town with her Lover Tex, when Andre caught her.
    She has done enough bad/criminal stuff, to now act so hight and mighty.
    However, as it was pointed out to me, Cheating is Cheating, that goes for Both, Abe and Jennifer, and EJ and Nicole. Hope they all pay for it, sooner or later.
    Right now, Roman only knows about ABE, so give him a chance, hard to do since Roman is not the most effective Cop on the Beat…..
    and that is why, the bad people always go free, the good people mess up and deals have to be made …
    MAB, as always, I love your posts.
    There are many good posts on here,
    agree or not, they are well written and I enjoy them. Some of course, to Me, are way out there.
    So be it, a lot think the same about my posts, and so be it.

  88. From Grandma Judy

    I just watched today’s show. Well, we knew Nicole had something up her sleeve, didn’t we?! And now Abe is going to look bad. Wonder how much Will knows about this? But at least we now know that Abe and Jennifer did NOT throw the election.

    The way today’s final scene was played out, and Stefano’s reaction to what’s in his envelope, my guess is that the secret does have to do with EJ. Excellent acting by Joe M., with real tears and all.

    Madison doing great with the tears, also. Looks like Victor cannot fix this mistake he made by hiring Ian. At least can’t fix it right now.

    Ian and Kate kiss today and it’s a good one. She hesitates but then goes right to it. But I feel the same about that kiss as I do Rafe’s and Carrie’s. I don’t put much stock in it, for now, and I don’t call it breaking vows. But, if either couple takes it to the bedroom, then I will be judgemental as all get out!!

    Not sure if Hope and Marlena will have time to clash, as some of us have predicted, since John and Hope have to make the trip to Alamania alone together and everyone found that out at the last minute as they were all 4 about to board the plane.

    Anxious to read what the rest of you thought of today’s show. . . .

  89. From SandyGram

    New Casting Call:
    DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Spunky Elderly Lady)

    Casting Director: Days of Our Lives, U5/Extras Casting
    Shoot/Call Date: On or about Friday, 3/2
    Pay Rate: U/5
    Location: Burbank, CA


    70-80. Any ethnicity. This lady has a twinkle in her eye and a kick in her step. Flirts with one of the younger guys on our show. White hair is a plus. This role has lines.

    Of course the first flirty elderly lady with a twinkle in her eye I could think of is Betty White!

  90. From SandyGram

    New Casting Call:
    DAYS OF OUR LIVES (Spunky Elderly Lady)

    Casting Director: Days of Our Lives, U5/Extras Casting
    Shoot/Call Date: On or about Friday, 3/2
    Pay Rate: U/5
    Location: Burbank, CA


    70-80. Any ethnicity. This lady has a twinkle in her eye and a kick in her step. Flirts with one of the younger guys on our show. White hair is a plus. This role has lines.

    Of course the first flirty elderly lady with a twinkle in her eye I could think of is Betty White, or Ruta Lee she was pretty spunky!

  91. From daisy

    88, Grandma Judy, my comments are, why did Maggie have on that black fancy dress? Was there a Ball she was going to? She did not look good in it…in fact two sizes larger than she usually looks!
    When Ian was physically abusing
    Brady, I couldn’t believe Victor was so slow in showing anger/outrage!

  92. From sue

    I am hoping that Stefano’s secret is that John is the father of EJ.

  93. From sue

    I am hoping that Stefano’s secret is that John is the father of EJ.

  94. From SandyGram

    First of all I need Help! Why Was Marlena and Bo trying to get in touch with Carly and Nicolas, what did I miss? I know they’re Alamain’s but are they living in Alamainia or have a say in the Alamainia government?

    I was watching John and Marlena’s kiss carefully today and in comparison to John and Princess Gina’s kiss, the latter was a much better kiss. I think the difference is both John and Marlena have relatively thin upper lips, while Princess Gina/Hope’s upper lip is more voluptuous giving the kiss that full body appeal. Or like I’ve said before, kissing has to be difficult for the actors when kissing in front of an entire crew and head positioning for the cameras. None of this seemed to bother Ian and Kate’s kiss. Once he leaned in she pulled him right into a gooey smooch, it’s only a matter of time before Ian tells Stefano!

    Well as anticipated, Nicole is knee deep in rigging the outcome of the election and pretty proud of herself for her accomplishment. I’m with others who think she will have young William involved up to his cutie neck also. She didn’t just want the voting to be in EJ’s favor, she wants to make sure it includes character assassination on Abe. Although I think Abe will tell Roman the whole story about EJ getting the debate questions before hand, I’d like to see him stand up to the good citizens of Salem and tell them the entire story also. It may be the end of his public service career, but it would also put a dent in EJ’s public persona also.

    Victor, Victor what have you done hiring that albatross Ian! He will be asking himself that question for a while. Are we seeing a ‘kink in the newlyweds getty up’ when Victor all but said that wouldn’t of happened if he hadn’t of married Maggie. She sure thinks that’s what he meant. I’m with Brady, Victor needs a new vetting system since he missed Madison being married and missed the creep Ian has turned out to be.

    Finally, Joe Mascolo, I almost felt sorry for Stefano when he opened the envelope with the Secret, I could feel his pain and since of losing something.

  95. From Kat

    All I like to hear now, what is the actual Vote Count,
    once the Re-Count is completed.
    Who truly got the Most Votes from the good citizens of Salem.
    Shouldn’t be to hard to do an actual honest Re-count in a small city like Salem…
    So no matter, who did what in that campain, Ej stealing the job’s program, Abe switching the questions,
    who got the Most Votes???
    Maggie is a beautiful Lady, but that dress today, was the most awful thing I have seen in a long time. It looked like it should be worn by Grandma Moses, terrible.
    Wonder if Lawrence might turn up alive in Alamania. Isn’t that where he is so called royalty and where John grew up as Forest Alamain. Where Madame Vivian stole Carly’s baby Nicholas.
    The land of Alamania could hold a lot of new SL’s.
    However, when John got kidnapped in Hawaii, he was on his honeymoon with Marlena, so how can he legally marry Hope/Gina in Alamania.
    Was Hope married to Bo at that same time????
    Whatever Stefano found out today,
    might be more painful, than him going to prison. Punishment is dealt out sometimes, in many different ways.
    I hope that Kate will not betray Stefano, not by falling with feelings for Ian again.
    To me, he is right now the most disgusting character on the show, there is nothing likeable about him. He must be some kind of terrific actor to evoke those feelings in viewers like me.
    Hope, Kate can clear Ian out of her system once and for all, and resolve all her left over maybe feelings for him,
    because her love for Stefano is stronger and more meaningful in the end.

  96. From SandyGram

    #94 Kat
    With the kiss today it looks like Kate has betrayed Stefano. Although Ian moved in for the kiss, Kate didn’t seem to have any problem with joining in. Now Kate will have a kiss secret from Stefano as all the other ‘kissing bandits’ lately. I can only imagine at the right time Ian will be more than pleased to tell Stefano not only about the kiss, but that he and Kate was once a item. I’m with you when it comes to there being nothing likeable about Ian. When I first saw his pictures I thought ‘what a nice looking man’, but now I can’t see the nice looks because of the tyrant he is all I see is the angry, ugly old man. And scratch my head wondering what did Kate ever see in this man.

    Heck I even started to feel a little sympathy for good ole Stefano. But I’m sure that will be short lived once the John/Hope married stuff starts coming out.

  97. From patty

    Elvis Demira is now the new mayor of Salem. Hip hip hooray,what a win. As EJ and Nicole are busy celebrating by having sex, Lexie is packing her bags and telling Abe what a bad, bad man he is. Maybe she should run home to her upstanding family. Talk about being a supportive wife, one day and one mistake and she’s out . Never mind staying for the all the good things about her husband.
    However, there’s a very worried Nicole behind her fake smile and she gets away to make a mysterious phone call. According to spoilers Nicole gets shocking news from Daniel, which leaves me to believe she might be prego…but has she gotten herself into some deeper chit with the pole tampering? Just sayin’…
    I don’t think Ian is about to give up on Kate and we all know that Kate is a sucker for men, young and old alike. She seems to have a soft spot for this Ian character, what she sees in him is beyond me.

  98. From Kat

    So what I want to know,
    Who got the Most Votes from the good citizens of Salem.
    What was the count, the real honest vote count done by the good people of Salem…..?
    If EJ got more votes, legitimate,
    then I guess the good people of Salem will have to live with what they voted for….
    Just how many times can poles be tampered with, isn’t there anybody honest around to watch the count, LOL.
    Yes Kate betrayed Stefano today, but I hope not with feelings of love, hopefully just with old unresolved feelings.
    How far does this guy go back in Kate’s life….
    we know she was with Victor, and from then on we pretty much knew every man she has been with…. or not.
    I like Kate with Stefano, so I guess we’ll see. Looks like nobody in Salem will stay a couple,
    even Vic and Maggie, well I always thought, good old Vic, just a matter of time, before he will become his old self again…..It’s in his blood after all. Poor Maggie, I feel rough times will be ahead for her down the road…
    Or maybe not….
    Looks like good old EJ, is a little bit in the dark, does not know all the stuff Nicole has been up to, he seemed to have a few good moments after he thought he lost, was ready to make his big looser speech, etc., even was concerned about Lexie… and congratulate Abe. What’s next.

  99. From Chris

    I really hope Nicole is pregnant and the news that Dan delivers her is not that Madison is married. Nicole really deserves to have a baby of her own. I can’t see Nicole going to jail over this as no one ever goes to jail unless she’s pregnant in real life and will need a reason to leave for a while. Abe & Jen are not innocent either. They stole property from the Dimera house and cheated at the debate by getting the questions ahead of time.
    Sami may over exaggerates but she really brings her character to life. She plays the character with such passion.
    Somebody mentioned that Ej & Sami are soulmates. I know when I think of my soulmate I don’t think about shooting them in the head, forcing them to have sex with me, lying about a pregnancy or kidnapping our child and making them think the child is dead. But, that’s just my opinion, I’m an Ejole fan. I think they have great chemistry and are better suited for one another.

  100. From angel

    I hope the writers don’t plan on Will sleeping and hugging and kissing on some guy while filming. I REaLLY don’t want to see any of that ! If that is what’s in the works, then I will say Goodbye to Days of Our Lives !

  101. From SandyGram

    #97 Kat
    According to the Day Ahead spoilers on Newtwork 54 in the next 24 hours (which I would guess that would be Tuesday) it will be formally announced that EJ won the election. There is no spoiler that says exactly how many votes each candidate received as of yet. It also says the authorities believe Abe that he did not ask anyone to tamper with the ballots, although there will be a full investigation.

    It’s not clear if the guy Jennifer was talking to and later was arrested actually put extra ballots into the voting box or whether he just fudged the numbers when reporting how many had been counted. If it involved extra ballots then there will never be a true count based on the ballots submitted by Salem citizens. The only way the real truth will come out is for the guy the was arrested tells the truth which includes who was he really working for.

    I’m thinking Ian goes back prior to Kate coming to Salem since Madison met Ian when she was in college according to the Day Ahead spoiler. I won’t go any further than that it would take away to much of the surprise for Monday.

    EJ may have not gotten his hands dirty this time, but Nicole was acting on his behave. Now the question is who was she working with Stefano, Ian or just her contacts through intimidation, threats or payoff. Wonder if he’s going to run the Mayor’s office from the DiMansion Parlor or will we see him in a real office?

  102. From patty

    SandiGram, you will be getting the recount results on Monday. There is not a lot of hoopla surrounding this win. No celebration except Nicole and EJ’s little trip to the bedroom. At least they didn’t use the couch again. Stephano wasn’t even there to be happy for his son and Kate was busy reconnecting with one of her many old flames.
    Kat, there is no mention of what the real count was. I’m hoping the good people of Salem find out that they elected the very same man who robbed them all of their hard earned money to set up John.

  103. From Grandma Judy

    daisy #91, – I questioned Maggie’s dress, also, and didn’t like it on her. But I did like the way her hair was done. I also agree about Victor having such a mild (for him) and slow reaction to Ian’s attack on Brady. Brady had a suggestion of how to get rid of Ian, and in the old days Victor probably would have taken him up on it. I think it’s true, as Victor eluded to, that him being with Maggie has made a difference. How long can that difference last?!

    Chris #98, – my opinion about soulmates is the same as yours!

    I’m disappointed in Lexie.

  104. From Grandma Judy

    Hummm, a DaysCafe spoiler says “Things are not as they seem with John Black.”

  105. From patty

    Grandma Judy, I read a similar spoiler. It says John reveals his secret occupation to Hope. Interesting!

  106. From Kat

    I guess the good people of Salem,
    them EJ being a DiMera did Not matter.
    If I was one of them, I would think, No difference,
    One is the Son,
    the other is the Son-in-law – his wife a true DiMera….
    In their minds, the choices were not that great.
    WE got to witness Dirty Politics first hand – in Salem – and of course we know, Salem is not the only place this happens. Sad, but true.

    Lexie, hope she comes around, but it looks like it’s time again for a break-up between those two,
    that’s what happens in Salem Land.
    Wonder how Jennifer feels, for having been the one, to lead honest Abe down the dirty path. Yes, he has free will, but she played “devil” to him.

    Wonder if John (former Forest Alamain) and Hope will get to stay at the Alamain Estate, where little “Forest” grew up with brother Lawrence.. where he almost drowned in the swimming pool,
    “encouraged” by Lawrence, and therefore lost his Memory (If I remember correctly, otherwise help).
    Alamainnia must be in “Italy” for Stefano to be connected, what about Aremid then.?? Wonder if Stefano went there, to get away after learning “Whatever” was in the envelope.
    I know I am not spelling the Alamainia right….
    Got a bad feeling that kate will get re-involved with Ian, disgusting, and hopefully it will not be to late once she fully finds out, just what a slime he is.
    So it will be DrDan and Billie for a while, interesting. Wonder how Jenn will handle that one.
    She might have her hands full with delusional daughter Abby.
    Wonder how Carrie would advise Abby, knowing the Man, is a married Man….of course she would call him jerk, right so, but would she tell Abby in the same breath, to not get involved with a married man…Abby is the same age as Chelsea, they graduated HighSchool together many moons ago, so she is a woman, like she said “not that much younger than Carrie, LOL”.

  107. From Kat

    Forgot something,
    the guy that got arrested, the one that talked to Abe and Jenn,
    could he have been working for Nicole all along, set up the fake vote counting, whatever,
    then the discovery about Vote tampering,
    could he be the one calling from jail, to make Nicole keep a promise to Take Care of Him once the poop hit the fan….
    This whole thing could have been a twist with a twist, and then another twist. Maybe the writers finally are getting creative like we wanted all along, maybe not…
    Just a thought.

  108. From jANIEBELL

    Alright already, Stefano finally opens the envelope Alice left: so what is the big secret? What disastories thing has Stefano done now ? Don’t tell us viewers that Kate is going to b”dumb enough” to 2 time Stefano. Not with Ian. That could b deadley for the both of them.

  109. From SandyGram

    Kat…I was looking at a few bio’s this morning and found these tidbits to be interesting:

    Carrie’s Lifeline:
    - Originally born on August 15, 1978
    - Birthdate later changed to March 8, 1974
    - Birthdate again later changed to March 3, 1974
    - First on screen appearance 1982 when she arrived in town with her mother Anna as a 4 year old.

    Abigail’s Lifeline:
    - Named for Alice’s mother Abigail and Jack’s mother Josephine
    - Originally Born on Screen October 19, 1992
    - Aged to 16 in November 2004
    Celebrated her 17th birthday in April 2005
    - De-aged to 20 in 2012

    If I did the math right it looks like there is 18 years difference between Carry and Abby.

    Chelsea Brady Lifeline:
    - First appeared on screen November 12, 2004
    - Was said to be 18 in 2005
    - Aged to 21 the summer of 2007

    Just as a kicker here’s Sami’ LifeLine:
    - Originally born on screen October 16, 1984
    - In 1993, birth date changed to October 16, 1977

  110. From Lisa

    Wow, Sami scared the heck out of me when she went after Carrie! She reminded me of the mean girls that didn’t like me in high school! Ha! Ha! Wow, that was intense!

  111. From donna

    marlena lets the cat out of the bag to sami that she knows about her and ej she doesn’t tell anybody else. Rafe overhears will telling sonny and thats how nichole finds out. Marlena has been very good at keeping this secret, and letting sami know she knows actually helps them

  112. From SandyGram

    #104 patty
    So John has a secret occupation. Well John has been many things since coming to Days, what could be left and is it good or bad?

    From John’s bio on Soap Central he has been:
    Owner of Basic Black
    Formerly ran the DiMera empire
    Former assistant to the Salem PD in many investigations
    Former ISA agent
    Former owner Basic Black
    Former half-owner of Alamain Industries
    Former manager of the Toscano Foundation
    Former Titan Publishing board member
    Former Bella Magazine board member
    Former Horton Center co-chairperson
    Former Salem University board member
    Former Salem Police Department investigator
    Former Mercenary
    Former Army doctor
    Former Art Smuggler
    Former Priest (fake)
    Former DiMera pawn

  113. From daisy

    Sandy Gram; I find your 108 and 111 blogs so are a real sleuth! Thanks for sharing!

  114. From gloria

    i agree with sue, i thnk hope and john are ej’s parents

  115. From gloria

    i agree with sue, i think john and hope will end up being ej’s parents. maybe susan was carrying their child.

  116. From Paula

    ok…so Abby made me want to throw up. For one, she is supposed to be a close friend of the family since she was a little girl…so how could she do this to Carrie. Secondly, she is delusional! She made it sound to Carrie that they had some love affair going, when in fact, nothing even remotely close to that took place. I’m not seeing where even once Austin lead her on. He mentioned to her on many ocassions that he loves his wife. The morning that she told him that slept together, he told her again that it was a mistake and that he loves his wife, and apologized for taking advantage of her because he was so drunk (which we all know didn’t happen). And as for Austin..I don’t understand why he feels so bad after hearing what she said to Carrie. It was obvious she was having grand delusions as compared to what their relationship actually was and you’d think he’s be pissed since he did in fact make it clear to her that he loves Carrie. So just where did he lead her on??
    And then there was Lexie. All the horrible things she did in past to Abe during their marriage, and she has the nerve to act like that! Seriouly. He’s forgiven her for much much worse. He does one thing wrong in their entire relationship and she acts all high and mighty. Unbelievable!

  117. From Paula

    I forgot to mention. Abby also made the statement that it was OK to talk to Carrie because she’s not that much older than her….really? She was just a little girl yet when Carrie and Austin got married for god’s sake! Yet no one standing around her including her father reacted to that statment.
    Sorry folks, but right now I just want to slap Abby and Lexie up side the head and apparently my frustration is showing.

  118. From patty

    Paula, I hear you. Sometimes you just want to throw things at the tv screen. I’ve lost all respect for Lexie. What a load of crap when she makes it sound like Abe is just as bad as the Demiras. How many people has Abe held hostage , kidnapped, brainwashed, blackmailed,framed…etc?
    Abby is turning out to be a real a little snot also.

  119. From Still Watching

    #83 Kimba, man you nailed it with your post and I agree with you 1000%.

  120. From grandma to many

    Kat #106 We must be on the same brain wave link I definitely had the same thoughts about Nicole and the vote tampering guy and again why can’t Abe just say that this man approached him and offered his services but that Abe declined now the issue of the stolen questions is different if Abe had just swiped the questions from EJ and destroyed them without looking I would say so be it but reviewing them was wrong but I believe Lexie is out of line with her holier than thou attitude

  121. From AnnieQ

    Kimba,I also agree with your comments..I enjoy reading these blogs but have never posted before despite wanting to.There is a defensive mean spiritedness in Mabs posts thats completely uneccessary!

  122. From Grandma Judy

    Hi Maryl, – I think you are the one who posted how much you are enjoying the Downton Abby series. On CBS This Morning they did a segment about the show and what a smash hit it has become here in the U.S., and they took us on a tour of the mansion where it is filmed. OMG, what a place! 50 – 80 bedrooms, they said! Wondered why they didn’t know exactly how many? Too many to count, I guess! Ha! It does sound like a great show. Thanks, Maryl, for drawing attention to it.

  123. From SandyGram

    From Soap Opera Digest….Want to voice your thoughts or opinions well now you can:

    Quote: We Want To Hear From You!
    By SOD • Posted: Feb 15, 2012

    Daytime fans are a vocal bunch and we want to hear from you. What storyline are you loving right now? Got beef with your go-to show? Which character is driving you nuts?

    Tell us why at

    Bring it on! We wanna know what you think!

  124. From Clear

    Wow! Seeing Sami and Lucas? Maybe Billie for Doc Dan? I really enjoyed reading all these posts besides spoilers too!

    I so agree wondering why Kate would want Ian. They have him so deathly colored with make up too. Give him a little five o’ clock shadow or something!

    Sandy, did anyone reply that they were having passport problems and thought Carley could help? That Marlena and Bo can’t get theirs weird. So why would they go ahead! After all this time, why fall into Stefano’s plot so easily!

    Abby needs the therapy!

  125. From Maryl

    Hi, Grandma Judy–I am the one who is so hooked on Downton Abbey. PBS showed a bonus segment after last night’s episode which was so interesting. There were interviews with many of the actors who make it all come alive. Downton Abbey, in real life, is actually Highclere Castle and is the home of the Earl and Countess of Carvarvon. It was built by Charles Berry (who also built the Houses of Parliment)–completed in 1842 on 1000 acres of English countryside near Newbury. Even the mistress of the house, doesn’t know how many rooms are contained within Highclere’s walls. Guess is probably 200 or 300 rooms and 50 to 80 bedrooms. In 1914, Highclere Castle was turned into a hospital for World War I soldiers. Would take a while to tour it, but would I ever love to be lucky enough to do so! (Ha!) I’m sorry if I’m repeating what you have already learned on the CBS segment.

  126. From Kat

    119 grandma to many,
    right on, Not only did Abe steal the Correct questions, But he replaced them with Phony questions.
    But I also blame Jenn, she was the one that put all the dirty game playing into his minde in the first place.
    Wondering how all this Twists will turn out.
    What makes it so bad with Abe, he is supposed to be sooooooooooo good.
    But Lexie needs to get of her High Horse, after All the Things she has done in her lifetime. LOL

  127. From SandyGrams

    I may have missed it was it clear to anyone why Will met with that guy in the leather jacket in the Town Square. This is where Will proclaimed that he speaks for E.J. This guy didn’t look like he would have anything to do with counting votes or padding ballot boxes so I kind of ruled that out in my thinking. Could be related to the errand Will was running for Nicole, but we don’t even know what that was unless I missed that also. I hope it doesn’t become one of those loose ends.

  128. From Kat

    Wouldn’t it be Ironic,
    if EJ actually did get the Most votes from the people of Salem,
    but the meddling from Nicole will do him in after all.
    I just don’t see EJ being Mayor, wouldn’t that sort of lock him in to be involved in a lot of new SL’s.
    And, Abe, well he is tarnished, but the voters/do not know about the Debate Questions swap, and he can get cleared about the Ballot stuffing, that he did not authorize that one,
    maybe he might become Mayor after all. I don’t think the Fat Lady had her Song yet….
    Poor Nicole, EJ might have been Mayor even without all her “HelP”.
    Well, I guess we will find out soon enough..
    Ian, still disgusting to me.
    Can’t wait for Kate to find out about Madison…That should set up some fireworks,
    and Stefano out of town, nobody for Kate to lean on in those tempting times.
    I also wonder, what was Will up to with that guy??????
    They are showing EJ again as a little bit good…towards Abe and Lexie,
    not knowing what Nicole is up to, or at least not caring what she is doing.
    I thought that in the USA, anybody can get a divorce sooner or later… so what is Ian talking about. She should file the paperwork and go from there.
    Look at Jenn, she divorced Jack, not even knowing where he was, dead or alive, and not even gone for a year,
    Madison should file the paperwork,
    and as she claims she has Not been His “Wife” for a long time…so what is the problem, Blackmail, does he have something on her???

  129. From Richard

    Abby said that Carrie was not that much older than her.
    Maybe that was a clue that Abby is an impostor and Carrie really isn’t that much older.

  130. From SandyGram

    #126 Kat
    I would venture to guess Ian is up to his elbows in Mad World Cosmetics giving him a strangle hold on Madison. Now the question is can Madison step away from Mad World for the love of Brady.

    Spoiler from Days Cafe…Ian also has a revelation for Kate about Countess Wilhelmina next week. I can only imagine that he is also financially backing CW in some way. It appears Ian will have his hand in everybody’s business.

  131. From sue w

    I can’t believe Lexie….After all Abe has forgiven her for…she can’t forgive him for out doing her brother…
    Funny how she forgives EJ for all he has done to Abe….As for Stefano’s secret, I remember John and Susan being together…Could EJ be John’s son? Am hoping Brady and Nicole get back together

  132. From patsy

    Get Brady andNicole back together AINT going to happen they will find a way to keep EJandNICOLE TOGETHER .EJami aint going to happen either wait and see they are just teasing you where you will still watch the show

  133. From Barbie

    EJ and Nicole belong together. They are both evil and Sami needs to get a life. She needs to get off her pious soapbox. I mean really, she sleeps with EJ and then screams at Rafe. Well she is right about one thing, she may not have feelings for EJ but Rafe certainly does for Carrie which makes it way worse (if not more complicating).
    I agree about Lexie, seriously, Abe has forgiven you for way more than you will ever have to forgive him for. Thinking you just wanted a way out! Miss Dr. Dan (at least he was easy on the eyes)

  134. From SandyGram

    Did my eyes and ears deceive me today? Did I really see Elvis show concern for another person; could it be he really does have brotherly feelings for Lexie. I was a little taken back at first when he asked Nicole if she thought ‘Lexie would return to ‘him’? But then he added return to the fold of the family. In places he actually acted naïve as to think he won the election because he received the most votes without any outside influence, which it seemed like he would really enjoy (if it were true). Although Nicole never admitted to doing anything to influence the votes she was definitely worried about something. Then the last scene as she tip toed into the Parlor with her ever present phone she says “it’s me, I didn’t tell Ej what you did, but we both know the truth and we need to talk.” Well let’s see Stefano is off licking his wounds; Kate was being seduced by the creep Ian; so who was she talking to; no not Mary or Harold….I’ll go with Will since there’s still the issue of who was the guy in the leather jacket or maybe even Quinn. Looking at the Day Ahead Articles tell us it ain’t so that we won’t find out who Nikki is talking to tomorrow?

    Kate and Ian – Ok I’ve had enough. Kate was a full participate in those kisses to even where the shine was off those very voluptuous lips. She’s going to have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do when Stefano finds out, which I would even make a bet slimy Ian will be the one to tell him.

    Madison and Brady –I don’t think her tale of woe to Brady was that strong. We were deceived into thinking Ian saved her life, as in found her homeless, starving, sick, took her in. She wants us to believe it was all because she was so young and naïve and he charmed her into marriage. I do believe the part about him being so controlling.

    Abe and Lexie…yep that’s all I have to comment on these two!

  135. From Kat

    127 Richard,
    I beg your pardon, but your remark about Abby and Carrie, really is way out there.
    I am not ranting and raving, just throwing a tiny little cotton ball at you, and I am sure no matter what you can handle that one,…
    However no matter what, congrats. on your imaginitive mind, none like yours on this blog, carry on, it’s enjoyable…
    And if you are going to scream foul again, like you did the last time, when I did nothing to you, than of course you are not the man I think you can be, you put forth so many great ideas, you welcomed challenge, and then what happened.
    I am still not understanding what went south with you.

    one minute we are debating, the next you accuse me of ranting and raving. I was told that maybe you are a very sensitive blogger, but no matter what, I like to have peace and clarity with my fellow bloggers, so what was up…..
    Of course you do not have to explain, I am not pushing, just asking for my own curiosity,
    because my intend ever never has been on this blog to hurt anybody.
    I am just a strong blogger, but never thought or meant to be mean to anybody.
    So all the “BEEn Watching” and “Kimba’s” on here, hold your fire,
    MAB is a great honest blogger, with strong views and does not deserve to be attacked by any of you. Debate her on your own strenght if you can, or just stay shutty…. like Dougie from the ing of Queen always says, so cute, I love it…. shuttie….

  136. From patty

    #125 SandyGram, I’ve been thinking maybe Will met that guy because he tried to screw EJ over in the election and that is what Nicole had to scramble to fix. Nicole seems very worried , even scared so I’m thinking whatever it is she did could have serious repercussions. Whatever it was, we know it wasn’t on the up and up and that EJ didn’t win the election because he’s the best man for the job.

  137. From SandyGram

    Returning Veteran from the Hollywood Reporter:

    Charles Shaughnessy will reprise his role as Shane Donovan on the long-running NBC soap opera, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

    Shaughnessy played the ISA agent from 1984 to 1992 on Days, reprising his role in 2002 and again in 2010 with multi-episode arcs. He’s scheduled to first appear during the May 2 episode when he returns to Salem to investigate a case for the ISA.

  138. From BeenWatching

    Sorry, Kat. “Still Watching” up there and I are not one of the same. I haven’t said anything in months. But, I do still watch these boards, and noticed long ago you having asked where I may have gone to. Answer: I’m never too far away. Not that I don’t basically share Kimba’s observations. I’m just not feeling exceptionally annoyed about MAB’s or anyone else’s conduct here, lately.

  139. From SandyGram

    February 27th, Tuesday from

    Daniel takes Nicole to the hospital where it’s revealed she’s pregnant.

  140. From Grandma Judy

    I love the character Shane, and the actor. Hope he will be on Days for an extended time.

  141. From SandyGram

    February 27th, Tuesday from

    Daniel takes Nicole to the hospital where it’s revealed she’s pregnant.

    February 28th
    She keeps the pregnancy from EJ because she is still mad at EJ for rolling in the hay with Sami, but she confides to Daniel.

  142. From Kat

    Nicole prego, wonderful, from what we have seen, she will be a good, loving and hands-on Mom, unless of course the writers decide to write her agains character/as a Mom figure, never know.
    Shane could be good, Kim however, I never could warm up to her…
    With Dr. Dan back, what will Jenn do, after Jack sort of left her standing, I hear, after she tells him, she loves him..?
    Still have a question patty, was the re-count done honestly, who actually got more Votes from the Salem voters??? I would like to hear a Number… like we do in real life.

  143. From patsy

    Nicole pregnant I guess this will be the straw that breaks the EJamis FAN S back

  144. From Daysfan

    Patsy 142 I was an EJami for years, the straw that broke that back for me was when Sami shot him in the head. Any suggestion that these two could or would be a couple again after that is just bad writing. Loving the storylines otherwise.

  145. From Kat

    Hope that sooner or later, for the baby, Nicole will realize, that at the time – Sami/EJ happened, she was not with EJ, she was divorcing him and told him so. Also EJ and Sami’s wrestling match was not planned, the only feelings were pain, horror and hopelessness (?)
    She has been back and forth with Brady/EJ so many times… One time her and Brady did it right there in the DiMera Living Room, so there we go…. they could be even.
    None of them are pure anymore, and EJ was so to say “FREE” at the time. But what do I know… I am just blabbing about a Soap, LOL, can’t take anything to serious, it’s all in the Game, remember that Song anybody.???? Many a tears have to fall, but it’s all in the Game/or the Soap…
    Of course, I don’t blame Nicole for being mad, but in the end, be reasonable due to the circumstances…

  146. From Seriously?

    I can’t believe what I’m reading. Are some of you actually saying that kissing someone outside of marriage is the same as having sex? Methinks a few of you have some serious Rafe hatred if you truly believe that to be the case. Granted, neither situation is good, but to go on and on about Rafe in this situation is comical.

  147. From patsy

    Days fan this sEJami/EJOLE story line is what broke the camels back for me .Irefuse to set and watch the writers ruin ALISONS/Sani charter just so JAMES AND ARI CAN BE TOGETHER They didnt have to ruin ALISONS for that. SHEwork well with Galen and they ruined Galens charater too.

  148. From SandyGram

    Jack may be thought of as a jerk or otherwise strange but I absolutely loved him acting as referee between Abigail and Jennifer’s conversation today. He was funny and loving while keeping these to women focused on their relationship, which after all is more important than any modeling job or reporter calling. Good job Mathew.

    Abigail, Abigail, Abigail should of closed the door behind you, someone is going to overhear your conversation and it is Carrie as can be seen in the NBC Promo Video for tomorrow. Now let’s see in Austin has the cojones to clear the air with a little truth.

    Go get her Marlena she deserves everything and much more! And Allison, love the new bangs, just get them out of your beautiful blue eyes.

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