Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 1 & 2.

Making amends.

In Alamainia, the memories of their alternative personalities’ lives continue to flow back to John and Hope. This causes so much sexual tension that they’re afraid to be alone in the same room together. When he tries to slip away to meet with his ISA contact, Hope catches him and he confesses that he’s still working for them. She insists on meeting the agent with him. As they wait, Stefano shows up and acts surprised to see them. This annoys them both. When John’s contact doesn’t show, they head back to the hotel and find him there, dead.

Back in Salem, Elvis tries to get through to his sister but she’s still blaming him for her marriage falling apart. He tries to sweeten his apology by asking Lexi to run his new health care program. She mulls that over, asking Rafe and Daniel for advice. Daniel heads over to see Nicole. She’s still finding her pregnancy hard to digest. When he reminds her that she has options, she insists that she wants to carry the child and begs the doctor to keep this a secret from EJ.

Sami corners Rafe and begs him to come back. He’s sympathetic as she talks about the kids, but a bit less when she tells him she needs a babysitter for them. She starts justifying why she lied to him and that only makes things worse. He’s sure she’ll never change and storms off. Agitated, she runs off to scream at Elvis about how selfish he is. He thinks that’s pretty rich coming from her. As they fight, Nicole spots them together and runs off before EJ can stop her. Sami stomps home and is shocked when Lucas shows up. He wants to help Will with his problems. She immediately unloads all of her problems on him. They embrace.

Brady shocks Madison by admitting that he can’t let her go. He still wants her and offers to help her fight Ian for a divorce. As they’re getting their jollies out, Austin and Carrie run out of town for a chance to inject the joy back into their relationship. Abby finds out where they’ve gone and decides to drag an unwitting Mel along with her to ruin the romantic weekend. Meanwhile, Gabi learns that Chad is actually an item with Mel. This infuriates her and she starts to smash things, vowing that she won’t be sidelined by other women any longer.

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  1. From SandyGram

    What…this is driving me crazy! Sami try’s to talk to Rafe, it doesn’t work out so well and she runs off to confront Elvis. Writers please put Ejami together or keep them apart, but make up your mind…this is nuts! Whew did I say that!

  2. From dc

    yea, you did say that sandygram but you are so right..
    but i can’t see sami ever going back to ej. she needs to get herself together and try and salvage her marriage to rafe.. he was good for her.. (just my opinion)..

  3. From Grandma Judy

    Oh, Sami, – I know if I were trying to get my husband back I would tell him how much I need a sitter for the kids!! Geez, apparently once again she doesn’t know when to quit while she’s ahead, just like today when she is talking with Will, it’s going quite well, but then she messes up and ruins it. Madison makes a touching plea to Brady today and it must get through to him since it says above that he tells her he can’t let her go. By the way, she’s another great cryer on the show! Sooo Gabi is going to be infuriated over another woman having the guy she’
    s interested in. Hope she isn’t driven to do nutty things like Abigail is doing.

  4. From dc

    you are so right grandma judy.
    is it just me or are they making these college kids crazy??
    abby and austin, and gabi thinking chad is into her.
    i like the adventure scenes (john and hope in almania), lucas returning, dr dan back (so glad this happened), and i would love to know what stefano found out was in that envelope that alice horton had on him..

  5. From from di

    abby find someone else and sammie needs to leave ej alone he doesn’t care about you and i think she needs to take some blame and have a realiy check big time

  6. From gl

    I personally wish they would just do away with Rafe all together. He’s a decent actor, but his storylines haven’t been worth anything in a long time. He’s playing the same old thing over and over again. With Lucas coming back, who needs two of the same character…

  7. From renee

    #4 I wonder if in the envelope it had that EJ was not his son after all this time. And I don’t know if you remember but when Hope and Bo went over and talk to him. And after they left he had a small envelope in his had with his and Alice name on it. And we have not seen or heard anything about that except the day it showed him doing that. But he had that look like he had the upper hand.

  8. From patsy

    I would love for Sami and Rafe to get back together I think they are so cute together I just wished they had the Spark the excitement the passion and fire that ejami had they would be a great super couple

  9. From ME

    Happy Dustin is back again…..Days????ZZZZZZZZ

  10. From jenn

    I think in regards to the upcoming murder plot, Ian will be the one to go. Everyone in Salem has enemies however, Ian has made too many in the little time he has spent in Salem. What is up with his creepiness towards Will? Is it because Will may be his grandson?I hope that rumor about Ian being Lucas’s father is not true.

  11. From Renee

    At the end of yesterday show Sami was talking to Lucas. And the beginning of today show she was with Rafe at his office. To me she should have went to Rafe because you know what is going to happen. Lucas is going to show up in Salem and we can all guess where he will end up before it is over with. I will give you a hint SAMI. And Hope never did stuff like she was today with her makeup. I believe Gina is coming out in her. John better stay in control before something happen that they can’t take back.

  12. From Anna

    Di Ej will always care about Sami, not matter is the essence of his character, without this connection this characters is worthless and destroyed. Simple as that.

  13. From Anna

    Di, Ej will ALWAYS care about Sami, it is the essence of his character, without this connection his character is worthless or destroyed.

  14. From missy

    Brady, Madison belong together love to see Ian, gone. hope ej, gone too. Love reunion for Austin & Carrie, Dario, w/ Abigail. Jack & Jennifer, Um, Daniel, w/ Carly. Bo & Hope, Also Chad & Melanie. William bk w/ Gabby. Rafe & Nicole def raise the baby Love Rafe be the father of her baby. Ej & Sami, John Marlena. Pleaze ? thank’s,

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