Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 5-9.

Comebacks and comas.

Madison refuses to kowtow to Ian anymore and demands that he grant her a divorce. That doesn’t go over well and he gives her another creepy warning to keep her in line. She bows to the threat and tries to prove to Brady that she really loves her husband after all. Across town, Sami is shocked when Lucas pops up. It isn’t long before they are getting rapidly re-acquainted and he opens up to her about a secret.
Meanwhile, Will continues to open up to his grandma about coming to terms with his sexuality.

Austin’s attempt to do some sexual healing with his wife out of town runs into a snag when Mel and Abby crash the party. As soon as Carrie leaves his side, Abby sneaks into Austin’s room while her friend keeps the wife busy. Mel isn’t good at being distracting. Carrie makes her way back to her room and finds Abby all over Austin. The young lady tells Carrie that she and Austin have been mingling limbs for awhile. Back in town, Jenn and Daniel talk about their failed relationship and decide, once again, that they will try to be friends. Meanwhile, Chad and Gabi continue to hang out thanks to their modeling gig. Kate introduces them to the new CEO for CW – Billie.

EJ has hardly even taken office and the town is already overrun with thugs. A pack of them attacks Bo and Roman, leaving Kayla to try and battle them off. She’s not quick enough though. Bo’s already cracked brain case takes another wallop and he is rushed to the hospital where he quickly lapses into a coma. On the other side of the world, in Alamainia, Hope discovers that John is still working for the ISA and urges him to use his contacts to get them out of the country fast. This is made more urgent when she learns that Bo is comatose. Before they can go anywhere, however, it looks like they might have to go through Stefano. If this wasn’t bad enough, by the time Hope finally manages to get a call through to Salem, Billie answers and tells her that Bo is on death’s door.

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  1. From SandyGram

    I knew it, Madison is going to have to act like she’s in love with Mr. Creepy. Wow…now Lucas has a secret. And Bryan Dattilo’s article in TV Guide says he will become Co-CEO of Countess Whilhelmina, yet according to this summary Billie will help Kate run the company.

    Oh please, has the writers not read the fan’s remarks on Not putting Billie with Bo. If the PTB are going to do it I voted that Billie nurses him back to health….I certainly don’t want him forgetting Hope. Pewy….I don’t like this at all!

  2. From randi

    Sandygram I DITTO your feelings!

    I don’t watch daily any longer but tune in once in a blue moon.

    And what is happening is going down ward!

  3. From smallchange

    Oh Please lets stop the Abby thing she is acting like a spoiled kid with a high school crush, maybe Jack should put over his knee for a good spanking and tell her to grow up and act her age. Mrs Horton would not like the way she is acting with a married man. Austin and Carrie belong together & deeply in love, maybe she can be the next one to get pregnant. I agree lets not put Billie and Bo together, Bo belongs to Hope. I started watching Days way before they were on the show, so to me they should always be together. Maybe they should go back to Oak Alley Plantation for a reunion of their love.

  4. From NeeNee

    Great article by our Dustin, who’s been AWOL way too long!!

    I agree with him on the country of “Alamainia.” We all remember “Aremid,” (DiMera spelled backwards), but I’m pretty sure Alamainia is a newly-minted country, courtesy of the new writing team.

    Maybe you guys have talked about this before, but I’ve not been here for quite awhile: is Allison Sweeney pregnant again in real life? If so, the Sami character could spiral out of control and do the crash-burn thing. Maybe some commitment to the old assylum where Sami’s Aunt Samantha stole Dr. Marlena’s identity back in the ’70s. That could account for her absence during maternity leave. But if this isn’t the case, Sami will probably just be paired with Lucas again, IMO.

    I believe Allison has eclipsed Deidre as the most popular female character on Days. One basis for my opinion is how many scenes-leading-into-commercials Sami has: for the most part, cameras pan in mainly on Allison’s face just before commercials start. Marlena doesn’t get more than 3 or 4 per week, also Kate has maybe two a week. Knowing next to nothing about terms in an actor’s contract, I’m still wagering that this little ego “perk” is probably spelled out in writing!

  5. From Lynne

    I DO NOT want to see the Bo and Billie thing again. Really Days, come up with something new!!!! On another note SO HAPPY TO SEE DUSTIN BACK. Missed him. I agree, the Will story line is the best in years. The actor who plays him is amazing!

  6. From SandyGram

    If your out there reading the spoilers, Welcome back Dustin!

  7. From MARTI

    I never post but….WELCOME BACK, DUSTIN! It hasn’t been the same since you left!

  8. From Renee

    I agree please don’t put Billie & Bo back together. I really like the show with BO & HOPE TOGETHER. I just wish they would show Shawn and Belle.Put Billie with someone else beside Bo. And I felt sorry for Nicole today. I bet Daniel will save her now. He has came to Kate, Chloe, Jennifer and now I see it being Nicole for him to rescue. And Sami needs to grow up for Will sake.

  9. From michele

    My heart broke for Nicole today, I felt bad for EJ too. I know that it is his fault but I also know that he loves Nicole, as much as he is able to love, and never wanted to hurt her. I think that Dr. dan will help Nicole, but that her and EJ will end up back together.

    The spoilers have already said that DR. Dan and Billie will be togther so I am going to try not to even think about Bo going back to Billie.

    Poor Austin, he has only ever loved Carrie, but he always finds himself being friendly to crazy young girls that claim they love him but are determined to ruin his life.

  10. From dc

    DO NOT PUT BILLIE AND BO back together. get hope back.
    and put this abby thing to rest. she is CRAZY (like her Dad).. carrie needs to put her in her place.

  11. From Renee

    michele#9 So you reads somewhere that Daniel & Billie are together. I wonder what Kate will says about that. And I do think EJ loves Nicole also.

  12. From Guest

    Could they actually let EJ and Nicole end up together and happy in the long run? I am afraid to hope for it. It would be novel for the writers to allow stability for a family. I think they should try it. After all of Nicole’s heartbreak I would love to see her have a happy pregnancy, with a happy, anticipation filled outcome.

  13. From Chris

    I too believe Ej genuinely loves Nicole and that love is returned. I know she’s mad with him right now but hopefully she will tell him about the baby soon. These two belong together.
    The Abby/Austin stuff has to end soon. It’s not even interesting.
    There’s talk that Sami will sleep with Lucas. Well she had grief sex with Ej when she thought she lost her son so maybe now it will be grief sex with Lucas for losing Rafe. Well if not Rafe then Sami should be with Lucas. I always liked them together. I can’t wait to see Lucas again, I really missed him.

  14. From michele

    #11 That is what I read, and I was so busy hoping that it was true just so Nicole/EJ & Bo/Hope could still be togther that I did not even think about the gross fact that, that would mean he would have been with Kate, her daughter, her daughter in law, and her grand daughter!!! Kate, Lucus, and Chelsea would all most likey be upset by this.

  15. From Asia

    Please, please, PLEASE, let Nicole have a safe pregnancy. PLEASE!! She deserves to be happy. She deserves her own child.

  16. From Richard

    Everyone but me, seems to be assuming that EJ would be the father of Nicole’s baby.
    I know how far Nicole will go to get what she wants and seeing that EJ won the election, seems to me that she may have slept with someone to get their support in the election.(my opinion only)
    Could be a reason that she wouldn’t want EJ to know that she is pregnant.

  17. From Grandma Judy

    patty #253 on the other page, – Good job!

    Days is really on a roll, with another great episode yesterday. At least I thought so. I felt so sorry for Nicole, and the acting, especially in her last scene, was terrific.

    Madison is sure in a tough spot with creepy Ian. He is scary! He is soooo enjoying making her unhappy. Sure hope it doesn’t turn out that Ian is Lucas’ father, making Ian Will’s grandfather!!!

    I also felt sorry for Abe and having EJ at the pub gloating didn’t help matters. I think EJ’s remark about Lexie, as EJ was leaving, is what hurt Abe the most. Isn’t Abe still Mayor until EJ is officially sworn in?, which I think Bo and Abe are going to work together to try and prevent. If they could just find out the real story about the voting. Wish Nicole would turn on EJ and give up what she knows about EJ framing John.

    I thought Jennifer and Daniel’s meeting was really flat, and it appears something is up with him that we don’t know about yet.

    From DaysCafe spoilers, the Austin/Abigail/Carrie non-triangle is going to get really nasty before it’s over, due to Abigail’s actions at Green Mountain Lodge.

  18. From Grandma Judy

    Richard #16, – what a little tid-bit that would be if the writers added it to the s/l down the road, after, of course, Nicole does tell EJ about the baby, only to find out afterward that it isn’t his. HA! WOWZA!!

  19. From Grandma Judy

    Just reading DaysCafe that Bo ends-up in a coma after he and Roman are attacked by thugs. Guess that would interfere with any plans Bo and Abe have to prevent EJ from being sworn in as Mayor. Mmmm, coincidence?? I’m just sayin’. . .

  20. From patsy

    Please dont delete this it is nothing bad just my opion .James/EJ and Ari/Nicole are two beauitful talented actors andthey do have a lot of chemestry and look good together .BUT I dont care how much they try to sell them together they JUST dont have that special excitement and fire that James/EJ and Alison/Sami protray on screen the anitapion of WHAT are they going to do next make love or kill each other ,THEY may not even like each other in real live but thats now what they protray on screen .That is what James and Ari lack in their story line you know he is going to snap his fingures and she will come aruning no drama no excitement .Beings they wrote the baby story I hope they find that spark and I feel the same way about Galen/Rafe and ALI/Sami . Someyhing needs to happen soon or i,M afaird DOOL is going to be Canceled see nothing bad about any of the chararers

  21. From MAB

    I just love how some put a spin on what others say. Apparently those people cannot stand the thought of someone having a different view than them. Those of you who are that anal about others opinions need to realize not everyone thinks like you…and don’t want to…so get over it and get over yourselves! Now with that said, I’m gonna reiterate my thoughts on the ‘cheating’, in hopes to make those who continue to purposely misinterpret what I say understand. I never said anyone didn’t cheat, but there were different extenuating circumstances surrounding each situation involving Kate, Austin, Rafe, EJ & Sami. In reality, they all cheated in one way or another. I never once said Sami didn’t cheat on Rafe because she did, but their grief was one of the reasons it happened, along w/ the fact that I don’t think they’ll ever be able to not cross paths. I don’t think EJ cheated because Nicole had left him and he had signed the divorce papers. Austin kissed Abby, but not because he had romantic feelings for her, but because Abby is manipulating the situation. Austin immediately acknowledged his mistake the next day and told Abby he loved his wife. As for Kate, I don’t know what to say much about her at this point because I don’t know what she will end up doing. She may tell Stefano the truth, or end up cheating on him completely. I’ll have to wait to see what she does. And lastly Rafe…what he did to Sami was cheating, period. He kissed Carrie because he has true feelings for her, ones he can’t & won’t deny to his wife. And my bet is that he will continue to get closer to Carrie and I won’t be surprised if they soon end up in the sack too.

    SandyGram – believe me I get what you’re saying too. I have just seen EJ & Sami’s connection since day one when she knocked on his door and saw him for the first time. She was completely taken w/ him and he was soon taken w/ her as well. Yes, they have done horrific things to one another, but they can’t seem to stay out of each other’s lives. Their paths always seem to cross, and there is always that connection there w/ them whether they are loving or hating each other, and whether there are or aren’t underlying influences bringing them together.

    I don’t think EJ’s pleas to Nicole were BS. I think he was sincere. But I get why Nicole says she’s done w/ him. I would not want to play second fiddle to Sami, and it seems every woman in his life does. I do hope she finally has the child she’s always wanted – too bad it’s not Brady’s tho. I still think they are meant to be.

    What is wrong w/ Daniel?? He acts like he’s sick or something. I still saw a little chemistry there between Jen & Daniel. I was really rooting for them to be a couple, something new & fresh, but at this point I don’t care anymore.

    Michele – I don’t think this Bo/Billie thing will amount to anything serious. I think the writers know better by now that fans are sick & tired of Bo’s past women coming between him & Hope. I didn’t realize the spoilers had mentioned Daniel & Billie getting together. I hope they share chemistry, otherwise this will just be another dead end romance like Brady & Madison. Oh, and I agree w/ you about Austin too. He never really has loved anyone else but Carrie, even tho I think he once had feelings for Sami, and even Nicole, but Carrie has always been his true love, but he always seems to get sucked into crazy woman trying to come between him & Carrie. I don’t think Carrie deserves Austin, after the Mike thing, and now the Rafe thing.

    Have the spoilers really confirmed that Lucas & Sami sleep together? Why???? What is Sami thinking? She keeps bedding men right & left while still married to Rafe. And Lucas, he shouldn’t even bother. Why can’t they just be friends, which is what they’re best at? Lucas deserves more than what Sami can give him. She obviously has no clue who she loves or wants to be w/ if she goes from Rafe to EJ to Lucas. This time around Lucas needs to finally find true love, and that is not w/ Sami. He’s always been the one to pursue women, then get hurt. He needs someone to pursue him who is crazy about him for a change.

  22. From MAB

    patsy – I completely agree with you about the fire EJ & Sami share. It’s like no other connection I’ve ever seen between 2 characters before. I have one question tho, where did you hear that James & Ali don’t like each other in real life? I’ve never heard either actor say anything of the sort, nor say anything negative about each other. In fact I’ve only heard them praise one another. And they were at a recent event together and they seem to get along very well and genuinely like one another. They were pics taking of them and they were arm & arm, laughing and having a lot of fun.

  23. From Renee

    I thought the same about Daniel & Jennifer. He was not acting right toward her I thought. Richard #16 I just happen to think the other day after he won. And EJ went upstair didn’t she get a phone call and she didn’t act right.

  24. From kim

    i hope billy goes with doctor dan

  25. From Richard

    #23 Renee
    I believe she got several calls that she was upset about, as if things were not going as planed.
    I base my suspicions a lot, on the way that she reacted to Brady and Madison and how she was so sure that there was no way that EJ could possibly lose the election. The way that she was putting pressure on Lexie was mighty suspicious. IMO, Lexie cost Abe the election, by turning her back on him.

  26. From SandyGram

    #21 MAB
    Good Morning…the first I read of Lucas and Sami sleeping together was in Bryan Dalitto’s TV Guide Article, you can read the entire interview on Daytime Royalty, but here is the excerpt about sleeping with Sami:

    Quote “TV Guide Magazine: What about Lucas and his ex-wife Sami [Alison Sweeney]? Will they be friends or foe?
    Dattilo: Lucas always seems to show up when Sami is at her most vulnerable. It doesn’t take long for her to start admitting her mistakes. Like, within the first five minutes she says, “I slept with EJ again! I had a moment of weakness!” That annoys the hell out of Lucas. He’d be fine with anybody but EJ. But he and Sami discover they still have feelings for each other. [Laughs] Oh, who am I kidding? It’s all sexual tension with them. It doesn’t take long before they’re jumping into bed!”

    Now there were a few errors in this article the interviewer got some of the character names wrong. But if it’s true, I don’t see how Sami can say she has feelings for Rafe and he’s the love of her life when she can’t keep her libido intact. And it’s said that Bryan is a jokester, could he be pulling the wool over our eyes? With great anticipation we’ll have to wait and see.

    Then that business about Billie and Bo getting together, there is a Poll which among the options to vote for are 1) He’ll revive and believe he’s still with Billie; 2) Billie will nurse him back to health while Hope is away.

    Neither of these options are OKay for me! There are a lot of other women (Maggie, Kyla, Adrienn) that can take are of Bo while Hope is with John in Alamainia.

    I too think EJ was sincere when talking to Nicole at the hospital. And in Post #23 Renee, I remember that phone call, hopefully that’s not another loose end. I still think Nicole was just as surprised as EJ when the votes for Mayor were in his favor. When EJ asked her what she did to make this happen, Nikki told him she could give a way her trade secrets. I think she couldn’t tell him becuase she really didn’t know herself. This whole campaign has way to many loose ends. But as Richard suggests in Post #16 that Nicole may have slept with someone to get the vote to be in EJ’s favor, I’m hoping the writers didn’t go that route. And if it’s true that would put Nicole in the same situation as Sami. And if EJ found out could he forgive her as he has asked her to forgive him. Heck lets just have Elvis, Nicole, Sami, Rafe, Lucas, Carrie and Austin and all the kids, of course, all move into the DiMansion, share and share a like!

  27. From patsy

    Mab22 I didn,t say they didnot like each other in real life I think I saidI said I dont know ifthey like each other in real life .I know they useto be real close But they never say anything about the other anymore .They are too busy trying to sell their love story now

  28. From Kat

    Lexie turned her back on Abe, after he had already won….
    Re-count was not caused by her.
    Still would like to know, what was the actual vote count???
    Did EJ or Abe get the most votes, honest votes, after the re-count. Or is everybody in Salem corrupt.
    We all know, that Jennifer had decided that She Loves and wants Jack, she told him so,now that Jack did not want her, will she again go after Dr. Dan. That would Not be fair to Dr. Dan, being 2nd choice, now would it..? If Nicole’s baby is not EJ’s,that would make Nicole the biggest slot of them All, the Biggest Cheat… LOL
    She has been away from Brady for a long time, unless Nicole and Brady had a quickie while being with Madison/EJ. To far fetched. Jennifer’s outfit, help, help, she looks like an old Granny. Who dresses her anyway. Good to see a hospital scene again, some of the employees there, must have said “Their Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
    Must have been so nice there, without all the members of the 4 DramaFamilies dominating the Wards/halls, yelling and screaming, making out etc. trying to kill somebody.

    Michele, again thank you, I realized afterwards, that I had never talked firsthand to a parent or loved-one of a gay person. I for one hope, that as the SL on gays continues, we all get a chance to converse more. I like to know more, than I do right now, all sides, all opinions/facts, whatever. Nothing worse to me than being in the dark. To me, Austin is the only one that sort of kissed Abby, by her pushing the fact, and he was Stone Drunk, everybody else was Stoned Sober…

  29. From SandyGram

    Last Night Casey Deidrick (our Chad) was on Body of Proof, Episode Home Invasion. He appeared about three quarters the way through the show as a brother who had left home at an early age leaving behind a younger brother to an abusive father. The parents were murdered, he was brought into the investigation once it was brought to light there was an older brother. In the end he reconnected with the younger brother. It was a great part for Casey, stepping out of his character on Days, showing his acting chops.

  30. From patty

    Hope is really starting to act in similar ways as Gina. She keeps looking in the mirror and primping, applying lipstick and make-up. She’s getting pwerful flashbacks of her past with John.
    Well, true love was depicted in the most heartwarming way today when Sami and EJ run into each other and he tells her that she’s a selfish , pathetic bitch and that she’s past due for some punishment and that she’s getting everything she deserves. That after Sami laughs at his breakup with Nicole, calls her a cow and says he can’t compare losing her to what she’s lost. For once I agree with EJ.

  31. From MAB

    I certainly don’t think Nicole would’ve slept w/ someone to win EJ the election. Maybe in the past, but not now. She was planning on a new life w/ EJ and I don’t think she would’ve cheated on him, otherwise she would have no right to be so angry at him for sleeping w/ Sami.

    Initially EJ wasn’t at the pub to gloat. He was there to speak to Bo, which he never got to do. I wonder what he wanted to talk to him about? I guess we’ll never know. EJ didn’t begin to gloat until they all got condescending of him. Oh well Abe, you should’ve known better to try to play the game like a DiMera. In the end, you will loose, and loose you did. If Abe wants to be mad at anyone, it should himself, and his wife. Lexie turned on him, which is like the pot calling the kettle black. I know she was hurt he lied to her, but that is no reason to leave him over. She is a fool.

  32. From MAB

    SandyGram – well I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens between Lucas & Sami. I really hope they don’t sleep together tho. I want Lucas to have a new love interest, and someone who will love him like no other ever has.

    #26 patsy – ok, I thought that you may have heard or read something about James & Ali.

    Kat – I do think Nicole’s baby is EJ’s, no doubt. I don’t think she slept w/ Brady anytime recently, even tho I wished she had and the baby was his so they would get back together. And I certainly don’t think Nicole slept w/ anyone just so EJ could win the election. If she did, she would have no reason to be so angry at EJ for sleeping w/ Sami, or so hurt by it.

    If Hope is acting more like Princess Gina, how is it happening when we haven’t seen Stefano do anything yet? I do not like this s/l at all.

    EJ & Sami still have the ‘it’ factor even when they are demoralizing one another!

  33. From Travis

    My thoughts:

    Ian is a fascinating character(not to mention handsome) and I hope that he stays in Salem for awhile. He gives the show an international flair that has been lacking for quite some time. The power he holds over Madison is curious. She is generally so assertive. What is it about Ian that makes her so passive?

    Frankly, I don’t know how I feel about Lucas and Billie returning to Salem. In the 1990′s, I liked the characters but feel the writers don’t really know now what to do with them. For instance, ten years ago, Billie suddenly became a cop after she’d worked for Countess Wilhelmina. It seemed out of character. At least, Billie will not be a cop anymore but I personally think the Bo/Hope/Billie triangle is tired. It was great fifteen years ago but not anymore.

    A mental illness storyline with Abigail would be interesting. Between her emotional outbursts with Melanie and now, what she is doing to gullible Austin and Carrie, her behaviour is certainly out of character. Essentially, Abigail is a good person and it doesn’t make sense that she would be doing such horrible things…unless she is mentally unstable. Such a storyline would also make people more sympathetic towards her because right now, I think that the viewers don’t particularly like her. I’m hoping that the writers will eventually have Abigail claim that Austin raped her, which could be a great twist to this storyline.

    As far as I’m concerned, Jack and Jennifer have not had a decent storyline since 1998. The way Jennifer overreacted to Abigail’s modeling ambitions was unusual and her argument was poorly expressed. She seems quite sassy lately. Perhaps, she is experiencing…*gasp*…the change? Have the writers ever had a storyline about menopause? I think it’s time!

    Alexandra overreacted to what transpired with Abe as well. Is she mad? Does she have selective amnesia? Has she forgotten how many times she has lied and cheated on Abe and how many laws she has broken? She even kidnapped Bo and Hope’s baby! Wasn’t she also forced to resign as a cop twenty years ago before she went to medical school? Despite this, Abe never reminds her of her mistakes and is nothing but dignified, unlike his hypocritical wife.

    To be continued…


  34. From patty

    EJ to Lexie; “I can’t believe you’re still standing up for Abe after ALL he has done”…hello!!!! All Abe has done? He switched papers that you had already stolen. Period. That’s the extent of Abe’s wrongdoing. Now how can EJ expect anyone to forgive him after all HE has done?

  35. From mandi

    I think a mental illness with Abigail would be perfect. her grandmother ( Laura) was in an insane islum at one point as well. they could always link it too that. I wish they would make a new love interest for Abe.

  36. From Grandma Judy

    I saw our Chad on Body of Proof last night, too. WOW, I never really realized just how tall he is until that one scene last night. He did a terrific job and I think he will go places. Hate to ever see him move on from Days, though.

    Lucas is briefly onscreen today when Sami calls him. Yummy! He’s looking good and I love his hair!

    I will be interested if anyone else sees a slightly softer, maybe even affectionate expression on Ian’s face today when he and Will run into each other. Especially as Ian stops and reflects as he walks away. Ian knows who Will is right away but when Will asks for his name, all Ian says is that they will get to know each other quite well in the not too distant future. Maybe I’m just reading into it after the talk on here that Ian could turn out to be Lucas’ father.

    Another good show today and more intrigue about Hope and John in Almania.

  37. From Kat

    31 MAB,
    I also think that Nicole’s baby belongs to EJ, no doubt.
    I was trying to be what’s the word I am looking for, when I said, “Maybe her and Brady snug one in, while being so in love with other people” Not….ridiculous.
    I also totally do not think that Nicole would sleep with anybody to help EJ win, more ridiculous.

    The SL has had an international flair for a long time with EJ, can’t get more international than that. Ian, yuk, slimey, cold as ice, like a snake, Me no like him at all. I grew up among international flair, and Ian is not, no flair at all. To me, he would fit right into a uniform, with his Stick, and clicking his heels together, perfect role for him in my mind….
    Don’t know what he is like in another role, but he must a great actor, to have such an effect on viewers like me.
    Abe, drunk, not cool, surprised his Act will not make the news, there were quite a few patrons in the Pub, that had to see their “Still Mayor” make a spectacle of himself. EJ said nothing, not until he was treated in a small cheap way. It seems like the Horton’s, Brady’s etc. …. 99% of their vocabulary is made up of the words — Stefano/DiMera/EJ, how could they ever talk, without those words….
    Have not seen today’s show yet, so no comments yet. Chill

  38. From Travis

    My thoughts(contd.):

    As for my comment about international flair, I should have stated that with the exception of Stefano(and possibly EJ), there has been a lack of it for quite some time. Even when Vivian had returned, there was a change because she seemed to have lost that old-world sophistication that she had before, which I think mostly had to do with the direction the writers and stylists took. Hopefully, with the return of Celeste, there will be an increase of such rich characters. Unfortunately, I’ve read that Tanya Boyd will not be returning to Days, which is rather disappointing. She was wonderful as Celeste and I cannot imagine anyone else portraying her.

    John and Hope as husband and wife doesn’t make sense to me. John and Marlena were married in July of 1999. If John and Hope were married in…Alamainia(an unusual concept), when would it have been? When did John and Hope ever leave Salem in the early summer of 1999 before John and Marlena’s wedding? If I’m not mistaken, John was only alone with Hope after he married Marlena and went missing in Hawaii during their honeymoon. (Those submarine scenes were very sexy, probably the last that Days has had!) By the way, if John and Hope believed they were other people, wouldn’t the marriage be declared null and void because they were not in their right minds? Of course, the laws in “Alamainia” probably differ. Ha!

    Samantha is undoubtedly disturbed. For the past decade, her mental state has blatantly deteriorated. Although, Samantha was unstable for many years, I don’t remember her ever crying in practically every episode as she did a few years ago. I think she needed some vitamin B12 shots or something! Fortunately, she is not as emotional as she used to be but the crying spells seem to have been replaced with fury. Now, she is overreacting to Rafe kissing Carrie after she had sex with EJ. It’s absolutely hypocritical and the way she attacked Carrie in her hotel room is proof that she is absolutely mad. Then, she burst in Marlena’s home and interrupted a warm, tender moment between Mr. Will and his grandmother to lash out at her mother once again. Marlena probably deeply regrets naming her after her twin sister now! Personally, I think she just needs to be single.

    The scenes between Will and Marlena are very touching. The lovely, talented Chandler Massey and Deidre Hall seem to have such a rapport and it’s refreshing to see. Marlena listens to Will as a loving grandmother first but her profession obviously has given her insight about the process of gay people coming out. I loved when Will expected some kind of a lecture and Marlena simply replied “No lecture”. How so many of us wish that our parents could do the same! I’m still looking forward to the day that Will says those three words “I am gay”. It will be a day to remember in soap opera history.

    Nicole is in such a vulnerable state again. I’m not sure how I feel about her being pregnant. Wasn’t it determined many years ago when she had a cancer scare that she was unable to? Now, she is…with her second child? It’s just another contradiction. Perhaps, she will eventually be one of Ian’s conquests. That would certainly burn Kate up!

    As for Kate, I’m interested in this storyline between her, Ian and Madison but wish that the stylists would get rid of those blue streaks in her hair because they’re not suitable for her image. She is supposed to be a wealthy, conservative businesswoman married to Stefano DiMera, not the lead singer of a punk rock band. Kate used to appear very sophisticated and regal, especially when Lauren Koslow first joined Days Of Our Lives. It would be wonderful to see that side of Kate again.

    About the stylists, the clothing has gotten incredibly bland and uninspired. I realize that there is a recession going on but this is inexcusable. I’ve seen second-hand clothing that is significantly more visually appealing than what some people are wearing on television. What happened? If one watches an episode of Days from fifteen years ago, the characters were generally upper-middle class(which I’ve heard doesn’t exist anymore) and their clothing was so well-coordinated, with beautiful colours, whereas, now, most of the characters appear terribly bourgeois, as though they all shop at the same urban mall. Perhaps, it is intentional to make the characters more relatable but I don’t believe it’s realistic nor flattering. People want to see beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes on television. Now, all we see are three people wearing the same colour. It makes no sense. Why is there so much gray? People in Salem(which is supposed to be a middle western town) are not wearing winter clothing outdoors. Abigail recently wore a brown outfit but brown is more of an autumn colour. Women are exposing their chests, as if the weather is not frigid and some of the men are wearing spring and summer polos. Quinn was wearing a white polo(not that I’m complaining about seeing those arms) but it’s not right for this time of year. Jennifer was wearing a sleeveless dress out in public. (Another reason I believe the character may be menopausal.) The show, I realize, is filmed in California but the characters should be dressed appropriately.


  39. From Grandma Judy

    Kat #37, “don’t know what he is like in another role”. . . Ian Buchanan was born in Hamilton, Scotland June 16, 1957. My sister watches Days and, like me and others on this site, she doesn’t like the Ian character on Days, either, but she said the actor was great on Bold and the Beautiful when she watched him on there and she liked him then. She is surprised now to see him as such a scary creep on Days. Great actor, I guess, like you said.

  40. From MAB

    Kat – I agree about Ian. There is nothing likable about him, and for me, it has nothing to do w/ him being a bad guy, because he can be as mean as he wants to Madison and it will never make me feel sorry for her. The bad guys on this show are very likable (EJ, Stefano, Victor). He’s just creepy, non-attractive, and way too stiff. I don’t want to knock the actor because I’m sure he’s a veteran at the game, but I don’t even like his acting skills. He seems so dry & stiff. I just really don’t care for him at all, and hope he don’t last long. Maybe he will get killed, and there will be a whodunit s/l to follow. I also agree, we have had plenty of international flair on this show. EJ, Stefano (even tho his accent is fake), and Tony – oh how I miss Tony!! I know he died a horrible death, but I wish there was some way he was alive. I’d love to see him back on the show.

  41. From Richard

    Lexie is a DIMERA.
    I’ve always had my suspicions when it comes to her.
    How did EJ know that Abe had his jobs program on his computer at the pub? How come no password was needed to access this important document? Who caught Will at the computer? Who never told Abe that Will was in the vicinity of Abe’s computer, when the jobs program was stolen?(there just wasn’t that many people around, that one couldn’t figure out just who stole the program).
    By the way, did I say that I am suspicious of Lexie DIMERA?
    I don’t trust her one bit. She pronounced all those people to be dead, that ended up on Melaswen and I think that she pronounced Hope dead, but Bo saved her with a kiss.

  42. From NeeNee

    This was new to me, so wet noodle flog if this was posted here longer ago:

    Molly Burnett & Casey Deidrick are an item in real life (Melanie & Chad) and apparently have been since 2009. Molly is 23, Casey 24; both are Tauruses. He is a full foot taller than she—6’4″ to 5’4″.

    Totally agree about the bland clothing the actors are wearing these days. However, Melanie seems to get decent outfits. Remember how skeletal she was when she first came to Salem? Obviously has had a weight gain, but it looks GOOOOOOOOD on her. When she was married to Philip her chest was practically non-existent, and now she’s poppin’ some boobies! And they don’t even look fake.

    Days has a rich tradition of on-screen couples becoming real-life duos. Doug & Julie, Carly & Lawrence, Nicole & old-Brady, etc.

  43. From NeeNee

    Are any of you having difficulty getting posts to show up? Twice I’ve tried and get that “varish guru” message.

  44. From NeeNee


    This was new to me, so wet noodle flog if this was posted here longer ago:

    Molly Burnett & Casey Deidrick are an item in real life (Melanie & Chad) and apparently have been since 2009. Molly is 23, Casey 24; both are Tauruses. He is a full foot taller than she—6’4″ to 5’4″.

    Totally agree about the bland clothing the actors are wearing these days. However, Melanie seems to get decent outfits. Remember how skeletal she was when she first came to Salem? Obviously has had a weight gain, but it looks GOOOOOOOOD on her. When she was married to Philip her chest was practically non-existent, and now she’s poppin’ some boobies! And they don’t even look fake.

    Days has a rich tradition of on-screen couples becoming real-life duos. Doug & Julie, Carly & Lawrence, Nicole & old-Brady, etc.

  45. From SandyGram

    Show for February 29th:
    I’m a little surprised but I kind of , not liked, but didn’t even mind the creepy Ian scene’s today. What a loyal scum ball he is…or Not! Then the moment he and Will bumped into each other at the Town Center….Say it ain’t so, darn if that Creepy Ian didn’t show a proudness about him toward our William. Please don’t let him be Will’s grandfather.

    Kate and Sami – Knock, Knock! Who’s there? The mole of course!! I can only say Sami’s only hope is that Lucas will keep Kate from giving Sami the famous brownie’s. Once Lucas gets to town, Kate will certainly be right in his face about not starting up with Samantha yet again. Lucas may also be the one that keeps Sami employed.

    Then Madison, I think she’s become one of the best crier’s on the show. She can sure make the tears flow without a nose snivel one. If I had tears like that there would be plenty of tissues.

    John and Hope – that café looked like a European version of the Brady Pub, just old world furnishings and table cloths. So who do you think stuck the syringe in the ISA Agents neck? I’m going with Stefano himself, just the way he walked up to him and crossed his arms. Yep something is definitely coming the hints are there!

    Sami and Will – Well she almost got her foot in the door with Will, but just couldn’t hold back making their talk about her. It came close to being a G-R-E-A-T conversation, but close wasn’t good enough for our William.

  46. From daisy

    #41 Richard! I like the way your mind works!!
    #42 Nee Nee, IMO I think Mels boobies are a new addition (or a Victorias padded bra.LOL) The tale tell sign is, if laying on her back, the “mountains still peak”! No pun intended!
    Kat, I laughed at your Ian s “uniform. stick and clicking of the boots”!!!!

  47. From Kat

    About Rafe, Sami/EJ.
    Like I have said before,
    Sami knows exactly how she feels about EJ, and what she does not feel for EJ.
    And she knows in her mind and heart, that for Rafe to kiss Carrie, he must have real feelings for her, and that is what scares the living daylights out of Her. She knows the difference and the more powerful feelings of what is going on.
    I am talking about Sami/EJ now, and Rafe and Carrie.
    Sami and EJ, disgusting after the fact … but Carrie and Rafe, dangerous to any relationship,, and Sami is smart enough to know the difference.

  48. From allsmiles

    Some great comments. I especially liked your comments Travis. I think sending Sammie off to a mental institution for a while is an excellent idea. I really dislike how the writers are bringing couples together only to break them apart a few months down the road. At this point we really don’t want to get invested in any couples because we know it won’t last. Writers please bring back the days when at least a few couples remained together. Does anyone recall when Belle and Shaun D were dating? It took forever for them to finally become a couple and it was great to watch the relationship build. Now it is all ovre in an instant. Did anyone find it interesting that EJ did NOT mention that his union with Sammie occurred while he and Nicole were on the outs and headed for divorce? I would think that she would realize this occurred before they got back together and be a bit more forgiving. I hope the writers keep these two together. I really think they are an equal match. Like I said, I gave up any hope a long time ago for Sammie and EJ to ever have any happiness. Lastly, I think Chandler Massey deserves some recognition for his amazing attempts to play a gay teen. His emotions and facial reactions are unbelievable! What a talented actior!

  49. From Chris

    Nicole’s baby is without any doubt Ej’s. I just can’t see Nicole sleeping with someone to get Ej elected and exactly who would this person be. They had Will doing the dirty things for them.
    MAB I totally agree. No matter what Ian does to Madison I can’t feel sorry for her. She is not a very likeable character. Brady deserves better than her.

  50. From Arlene

    So if the spoilers are true and Sami sleeps with Lucas, then what will her excuse be now? If she wants Rafe back, those actions won’t help her. If she gets pregnant again, then they can have a “who’s your daddy” storyline.

  51. From Violet

    EJ. Is a cheater. In politics, in life and with Sami. What he did is nothing close to the kiss Rafe shared. Not even close. when oh when will Days exact some kind of vengeance on EJ? A monster that just gets away with everything. It’s time to see his character go down!!!!!!!

  52. From Janeycake

    Am I the only one who thinks Sami is already prego with EJ’s baby?? Sort of cute she and Nicole could have babies together again.
    And I thought Ian’s remarks to Will meant he would be responsible for Sami in prison over the espionage charge. Pray Lucas saves her from that. Love reading everyone’s comments all the time. :)

  53. From JiBi

    Violet # 50
    Poor you, EJ’s character will never go down!!!!!!!! Too many people likes him :)

    IMO I think people have no respect at all to talk about Mels boobies like that…. People should not judge others like that. Who are you to say if they are real or not!!!!

    And I also have a bad feeling that Ian is Will’s grandfather :(

    All this is my opinion only and don’t care if your not with me.

  54. From Maryl

    In Salem, we know that anything is possible! Because the writers can push time forward or backward with a swipe of the pen, there is always the possiblity that Nicole’s baby is Brady’s. We don’t know how far along her pregnancy is and also we don’t know the time period (Salem time) between the last time she had sex with Brady and the reuniting with EJ. For us it seems like a long time, but we know how that goes in the world of soap. It’s really weird that Brady and her had all this sex going on and he didn’t bingo in making her pregnant. EJ’s character doesn’t need any more complications, but Brady could use a few more besides Madison—like Nicole having his child. Remember when Hope was pregnant with Zack, we thought it was bound to be John’s because of the time period, but in the end somehow miraculously, Zack turned out to be Bo’s child. So at this point, I am not ruling out anything. Nicole could have been pregnant for a while and not realized it since she believes that she cannot conceive. Anyway that’s just a thought. Having Nicole pregnant with EJ’s child again is revisiting the past once again. It will be a double revisit to the past if she keeps the pregnancy a secret from EJ. I personally hope that is not the case. I love the fact that Nicole is going to have a baby and I certainly hope that this time she delivers a healthy baby. I just hope that this SL has a twist and it is not EJ’s child.
    I also, agree that Jennifer could use some help in both the wardrobe dept. and makeup. She looks washed out 75% of the time because they use no color on her lips and cheeks. That white looking gloss or whatever it is on her lips makes her look sickly. Jennifer is so beautiful, but coming across the TV screen, she needs some enhancement–come on makeup people, make Jen sparkle!

  55. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #45, – yes, you saw kind of the same thing I saw on Ian’s face yesterday when he and Will ran into each other. I said a softer expression, almost affectionate, but a “proudness”, as you said, is a good description, too. But, oh, I do NOT want him to be Lucas’ father and Will’s grandfather!!!!

    IMO Madison is right up there with the other great actresses on the show, and boy, can she cry. I will surely feel sorry for Madison if Ian goes too far with his emotional abuse of her. And that’s really what it is at this point. Hope the writers don’t carry it over to physical abuse. Neither one is what I like to see portrayed onscreen, even on a soap. Hits a nerve with me, I guess.

    Sami never seems to know enough to quit while she’s ahead. She was batting 1,000 with Will, and I was right there with both of them, but then she turned the conversation to herself and completely messed it up. Just like in an upcoming conversation she has with Rafe (spoilers say) and she’s trying to get him back and tells him she needs a sitter for the kids. When we actually see the scene, of course it may not come off as stupid as it sounds, – I HOPE!!

    I have no idea who injected that guy at the cafe (which did look like the Brady Pub with a cosmetic job) but I did think it could have been Stefano. Wonder if that guy is the body John and Hope will find in their room or if there are 2 dead men?

    I think Nicole’s baby is EJ’s and that Richard #16 was just throwing one of his great way-out speculations out there. I #18 went along and said I thought it would be a nice little tid-bit to the s/l. (chuckle, I really enjoy Richard’s posts.) And, hey, you never know, since I think the writers make this stuff up as they go along and often change s/l from what they were originally intended to be.

    Violet #50, – I agree Sami and EJ having sex was MUCH worse, and MUCH harder to forgive, than Rafe and Carrie’s kiss. At least I would find it harder to forgive. To me, a kiss would certainly upset me but I would not consider it the ultimate betrayal. The sex act, the giving of my spouse’s body to someone else, no way could I get past it. But, as I’ve said before, many women, and men, do forgive it. And we don’t know yet if Rafe and Sami will get back together or EJ and Nicole. We have probably exhausted this subject on this site, though, and not all of us will ever agree.

  56. From MAB

    Good show yesterday, minus Madison’s babble, and having to watch stiff Ian. The only good thing about those scenes was looking at Brady, and trying to figure out what Ian is up to. Oh please don’t let him be Lucas’ father & Will’s grandfather…that would take them out of the Horton family and I don’t like that. Also, Sami & Will – I was so hoping they were making a breakthrough yesterday. I was so impressed that she told him that even tho she may loose Rafe, that she wasn’t gonna loose her son. That is the mother Sami needs to be, the one where she puts her kids before ANY man! I don’t get why he got so mad at her comment tho. All she said was the truth, that most would blame her for Will’s problems. I don’t think she was making that about her. I think she was really trying and I give her credit for that. And she is absolutely right that Will’s problems really have nothing to do w/ her tryst w/ EJ. He needs to stop blaming his Mom for HIS problems. And if he doesn’t let people help him, he’s never gonna get past the stage his life is in right now.

    SandyGram – the café John & Hope were at looked like an old set they used for several different locations. I believe it’s been used as Green Mountain Lodge, and if I’m not mistaken, a café they used when they were in Aremid, among others.

    I don’t think Stefano stuck that guy in the neck. That is not Stefano’s style. He is the mastermind, and has people to do his bidding for him.

    So apparently John never stopped working for the ISA. That’s all fine & good if it helps him & Hope, but what about all the times he needed help in the past where the ISA could’ve gotten him out of it. I still think the writers are ignoring a lot of history. It’s obvious the Stefano/John half brother s/l has been canned, and now we’re supposed to believe he never stopped working for the ISA, after all these years?

    Chris – yep I don’t like Madison either and wouldn’t be sad in the least if she & Ian left Salem. Brady needs a real leading lady and she isn’t it. At least EJ has leading ladies, whether it be Nicole or Sami. EJ & Brady are the leading men of the show, and should always be front & center in the s/l’s w/ compatible leading ladies by their sides.

    I get how some don’t like EJ, but some people’s hatred of EJ is too serious. He’s just a fictional character, and an actor doing a job. I’m so glad I don’t take Days too seriously, and can see it for what it is, pure entertainment. And it’s funny how some see paint EJ in such a bad light, but leave Stefano out of the equation. Stefano is the ultimate villain and EJ could never pull off the diabolical things he has done. But that is what they do, and who they are supposed to be. They play a pivotal role on the show that I truly believe of the DiMeras didn’t exist, Days would’ve been cancelled a long time ago.

  57. From MAB

    Yes we all know Sami & EJ having sex was worse, we get it! But that doesn’t erase the fact that Rafe has feelings for Carrie and did before he knew what Sami had done. Plus the fact that he can’t deny those feelings to his wife who claims to love so much. He is as guilty as the rest of them. His actions can’t be sugar-coated just because Sami screwed up.

  58. From MAB

    All I see is evil in Ian’s expressions. And Madison, she is just another waste of space like Taylor was. Hopefully the writers will wise up and get rid of Madison as fast as they got rid of Taylor.

    Maryl – I agree about the time lines too. We all thought John was Zack’s father, but they stuck that scene in where Bo & Hope had slept together and bam, Bo was the father. So the same thing could definitely happen w/ Nicole. Brady could be the father, but I really do think it’s EJ’s. I don’t want it to be tho, because as you said, it’s just recycling a s/l. I’m glad she will finally have a child of her own tho.

  59. From Grandma Judy

    Maryl #54, – good analysis of how Nicole’s baby could be Brady’s. Maybe the writers are making Nicole pregnant now and later on they will decide who the bio father is going to be. HA!!

    WOW conservative commewntator, Andrew Brietbart, passed away overnight at age 43. One of our sons is 43! Although I guess Breitbart had a heart problem in the past. But we never know from one day to the next, do we?!

  60. From SandyGram

    #48 allsmiles
    Sending someone to a mental institution puts a certain stigma on a character. I’ve mentioned before an alternative of when Sami loses everything there is another place for her to turn, that’s the Convent. Following in her Great Aunt Colleen’s footsteps, with one exception, she would still have access to the kids for visits and at some point in time Rafe would come to her and low and behold they rekindle the love they embarking upon in the beginning of their relationship. Just a thought!

    #59 Grandma Judy
    Andrew Brietbart passing I saw early this morning. He certainly is leaving a colorful legacy behind for his family.

  61. From patsy

    Mab I just read where ARI/Nicole says the baby story is all about the EJ/Nicole love story .I dont know about you but for me and most of my friends this is the last straw for us if we arent going to get EJAMI why are we wasting our time on this show Ihope they willbe very happy I love Sami and Rafe together but they just dont have that special some that makes them exciteing in MY opion neither does EJandNicole oh well as they say win some lose some

  62. From patty

    It sure looks like Sami forgot all about Rafe and Carrie kissing because she begs him to forgive her and come back home. He won’t tho and I don’t blame him. He agrees to help out with the kids which is so typical of the kind hearted person he is. If he has feelings for Carrie he is not showing them as of yet and certainly not pursuing her.

  63. From SandyGram

    #61 patsy
    Quote “I just read where ARI/Nicole says the baby story is all about the EJ/Nicole love story”…..if you don’t mind what was the source where you read this comment. Thanks!

  64. From Kat

    Once more I am trying…
    Looking at it from Sami’s point of view, ( or if it was me, which will never happen of course),
    she knows why she did what she did, no feelings for EJ, hates herself for what happened that terrible night, when her and EJ were half out of their minds,
    however she knows for Rafe to do what he did with Carrie, was out of need/desire, feelings, and that is what smart Sami knows is more dangerous. Hope, somebody will get what I am trying to say.

    I am not comparing Cheating with Cheating, but this circumstance involving our Sami.
    She could convince with all Her Heart that Rafe is the Man she loves,but can Rafe do the same thing after we all have watched the growing affection between Rafe and Carrie,
    Sami could tell the truth to Rafe about love in her heart,
    but Rafe, No answer, because he knows what he feels, or not..

  65. From Onna

    Are Julie and Doug still wandering around in Africa? Did I miss an episode that explained what they found out?

  66. From Shani

    kat, 64, & Rafe hates himself for the kiss. MAB said Rafe’s kiss has been sugar coated. I have not read any blog that sugar coats it.

    The show is really good right now, with something new every day. I like Madison & Brady together & I hope he takes her back, & even helps her stick-up to Ian. I saw the look on Ian’s face when he saw Will. Something is there. Sami screwed up with Will another time.
    I don’t like Kate but she is so good when she is crafty like she is being with Sami right now. But I would like to see Kate brought down. I fear Hope & John are in danger.

  67. From patty

    Kat, it doesn’t really matter about the kiss anymore because they’re over and Rafe’s not coming back. The kiss is not what destroyed their marriage, her lying is.
    It’s so nice to have Lucas back. He really cares about Sami and hopefully he can help get her back on the right track.
    Brady and Madison make up and end up in bed yet again. Madison is happy but she’s afraid of what Ian will do, Brady says he’s not afraid of him. I would watch my back if I was in his shoes.

  68. From Kat

    67 good enough,
    but Rafe having “feelings” for Carrie,
    also keeps him from maybe,just maybe working things out with Sami.
    I guess we’ll never know, how it would go, if the Carrie/Rafe Kiss had Not happened….
    Moving on.
    As the Schmaltz turns, LOL

  69. From SandyGram

    Spilers – Excerpts from Soap Opera Digest date March 13th Issue:
    SOD: Ian orders Madison to cut Brady loose issue
    - Ian tells Madison that she is free to make her own choices. However, he also cautions that if she pursues a divorce, he might be inclined to have the feds come down on Brady for corporate espionage, because he helped Sami work as a mole for Kate. “Ian waits to play that card,” notes Buchanan. “Now that he is the head of Titan, he can actually implicate Brady, who had the same job.”

    SOD: Sami learns Lucas is engaged
    - A Lucas hug can cause that much of a fuss? For Sami I guess. I think it is rather quick for Sami to care about Lucas’ love life but hey Sami always said She would never love anyone like she did Lucas so it makes sense.

    SOD: Bo hovers near death/Billie returns/Hope and John stuck in Alamainia

    - Kate asks Billie if she has contacted Bo about her return. Billie reveals to Kate that her feelings for Bo have changed. “They have evolved,” states Rinna. “You’ll see that the relationship between Billie and Bo is no longer romantic. It’s platonic.” However, Billie gets word of Bo’s beating and rushes to the hospital to check on his condition. “Billie and Bo share a daughter together. They have something deep,” asserts Rinna.

    SOD: The real story behind Shawn Christian’s exit
    - When SC left in January, it was not his choice. He says the show was trying to work on a way to recreate the character.

    You can read all these Articles in full on Daytime Royalty.

  70. From MAB

    patsy – I don’t want the EJ/Nicole love story. But I’ll never give up hope that one day the writers will wise up and write a fitting s/l to bring EJ & Sami back together…that is if they have the guts to do it because they don’t thus far.

    I would call kissing Carrie showing his feeling for her. They also had a moment in the office the other day, just like Sami & EJ had at the mansion. The writers need to stop the teasing if it’s not gonna lead to anything.

    Kat – I get what you’re saying, and you’re spot on!

    Rafe & Carrie’s kiss is being sugar coated because it’s constantly being compared it to Sami & EJ’s tryst.

    I haven’t watched today yet. Oh no, I’m gonna have to sit thru Brady & Madison in the sack? Ugh! I guess Lucas will be the highlight of today!

  71. From Shani

    Of course Rafe has developed feelings for Carrie but he is deeply in love with Sami. Whether he takes her back is a question because of her lying & kicking him out when she had a deep secret of her own. Sami was being a hypocrite. The kiss & the sex are compared because Sami & Rafe both did something they shouldn’t have & it turned into a discussion on here which was worse. As far as I can see, nobody sugar coated either one. But I do happen myself to consider sex much worse of an offense to do with someone you aren’t married to if you are already married. If somebody doesn’t feel that way then that’s ok by me. I am happy for Brady & Madison but I feel the same way as 67 & Brady has to watch his step with Ian.

  72. From patsy

    63 SandyGram it is where they show the videos of the weeks spoilers and the next day .They also have a prace where you can write in snd say how you feel .But I havent figured out how to do that yet .I,M self taugh so dont know too much what IM doing hope this helps IT will be under baby on board

  73. From patsy

    There is one more thing that has brothered me for sometime (even if it is about EJ)how come they sweep EJ rapeing Sami under the rug BUT not Sami shooting EJ ?EJS WAS PREMATATED AND SAMIS was spar of the mometDon,t seem fair to me .She forgave him but old high and mighty can.t her .as MUCH AS I LIKE James they let his charater get away with too much stuff

  74. From Mopy

    Whoa. Prepare to dislike Gabby tomorrow! Jealous little passive-aggressive wallflower, much?

  75. From patsy

    63Sandy Gram I looked it up ITis UNDER find spoilers and sneak [previues hope it helps

  76. From bil

    #65 Onna

    Yes! They are still wandering around Africa. Who knows if we’ll ever hear from them again!

  77. From SandyGram

    Show March 1, 2012:
    John and Hope: Did anyone else notice today how when John talks to Hope it’s like he’s look through a pair of bifocals? Head tilted back, nose up in the air and eyes squinting downward. Wonder if Drake wears contact lenses with bifocals, he does this with Marlena also. It seems a stretch just by being in a place all those memories would start flooding in, can’t blame it on the something’s in the water. Of course that is Stefano that walked in at the end of the show, now their real angst begins.

    Daniel and Nicole: I don’t know, but I’m liking Nicole and Dr. Dan together, especially when he calls her ‘Nic’. And I’m glad they got the elephant out of the room, she definitely is not into getting rid of the baby, good for the writers, that would have been devastating. Now they just have to figure out how to get this baby born. To stay true to Nikki’s medical background and a high risk pregnancy at some point she is going to have to go on not reduce stress, but no stress and probably bed rest. Yep I’m seeing her move in with Daniel.
    Speaking of moving in …. When are Madison and Carrie and Austin going to get out of those Hotel rooms?

    Sami and Rafe: Sami, Sami, Sami the writers are going all the way with her selfishness especially guilting Rafe into watching the kids while she is on travel. I didn’t get one thing, although she didn’t say how many days she would be out of town, Rafe said he didn’t want to stay at the loft when she offered. So are the kids going to be in the loft by themselves after Rafe tucks them in at night? Also, I guess the writers didn’t take this being out of town as an opportunity for Kate to have Sami leave the kids at the DiMansion, but I would like to see how Sami would of handle that!

    EJ and Lexie: Giving EJ the benefit of the doubt is hard, but I actually think he does care about Lexie. Until he got to the point of telling her ‘he didn’t want her and Abe to end up like this’. Of course he and Stefano both wanted Abe out of Lexie’s life, they want to bring her back into the DiMera fold.

    EJ and Sami: For two people that’s supposedly has this deep down love for one another it sure didn’t look like it today. Their encounter was so antagonistic toward one another, I half expected them to christen the white sofa in the Town Center since that seems to be the only way they can address the pain of losing someone, in this case their spouses.

  78. From patsy

    Sandy Gram I went back to spoilERS and sneak peak and all three comments were deleted I guess some told something they shouldn,t have they keep deleteing this too but ILL keep trying to get threw

  79. From patty

    I agree SandyGram that Nicole and Dan would make a nice couple. What I don’t understand is why is Nicole keeping this baby a secret. She has no reason to do it besides revenge for his cheating on her with Sami. At least Sami had a reason to keep Sydney from him, she didn’t want her daughter raised by the Demiras but I don’t think that is Nicole’s motive. She would have had a child with EJ before if she would have been able to conceive. We all know how well that ended for Sami when she kept EJ’s child from him so I say Nicole is taking a grave chance by repeating that mistake.

  80. From Kat

    MAB, hurrey, you are the only one that got My Point about Sami’s way of looking at the situation.
    She knows the difference, because she knows what she feels, and she knows Rafe…. Thank you.
    I guess it is partly my problem, of not getting my point across in the way I meant to do.
    Dr. Dan, and yet another patient, Oh No.
    Billie, yes, somebody away from the hospital for change.
    Nicole, lying to EJ, you should remember how all the lies you and Sami told EJ, ended up hurting everybody. Not again, please…
    Find a different way to deal with this.

    71 Shani, I respect what you are saying, but please note, I am totally trying to make a whole different point.

    73 patsy, whatever EJ did or didn’t do to Sami that night, he helped her with Lucas, it was not any more planned as you say, as was Sami shooting Lucas.
    EJ did not know he would find Sami on the road, on his way out of town. The situation presented itself and he took it, just like Sami took it and shot the guy.
    I think that Lexie and EJ both loved each other, or they wouldn’t care so much one way or the other.
    Looks like Hope is slowly morphing into Gina, we all know, that before this sl is over, the two of them will end up together in some or another, at least until their minds get all saved again. It’s Melodrama….
    I wish they would find Lawrence Alamain alive in Alamanina, childhood home of Forest Alamain/John Black/Ryan DiMera etc.????

  81. From SandyGram

    #79 patty
    For me, Sami keeping the baby secret from EJ was first: EJ was getting close to Nicole so her insane jealousy kicked in; second was more out of fear of exposing yet another child to the DiMera family since Stefano was talking so much about his plans for Giovanni; and third after seeing the Mayor killed on the door step of the DiMansion. Now some will argue, Johnny was already living there which is true, but she was afraid for the second child to be under Stefano’s control. Going to the Safe House gave her time to think about what to do, which was eventually not to tell EJ.

    Now Nicole’s motive is similar, fear that EJ would take the baby from her and cause the same havoc in her life as EJ ahs caused in Sami’s. And obviously keeping this secret is not good…EJ can be a horrible kind of guy when he is being deceived.

  82. From bil

    #80 Kat
    I understand what you are saying. I would not like my spouse to kiss OR have sex with another. But if forced to choose, I’d rather my spouse sleep with a prostitute- where no emotions of love would exist– . I would not want my spouse to share a kiss derived from genuine affection and emotion– with a sibling no less. So in that case– the sex is less threatening- it’s just a body. The kiss means something– it’s the heart.

    Of course with Sami and Ej– it’s a bit more tricky because as others say, they see something between EJ and Sami. So sex with genuine feelings albeit hidden deep within– might be “worse” than the kiss. That is up to the viewer I guess. Does Sami– deep deep deep down love EJ?

  83. From Chris

    I just read that Nicole has her baby and pretends its Brady’s. This is a repeat story except this time Nicole is Sami and Brady is Rafe. I consider what Nicole & Ej have is a true love story and there is no reason why Ej shouldn’t know Nicole is pregnant. They are genuinely in love. There is a difference between love and obsession and obsessed is what Ej was with Sami. She has never loved Ej. Even this so called romantic night when Sidney was conceived Sami left Ej in bed and ran after Lucas. She only turs to Ej when there is no other man. Lucas broke up with her when he thought he wasn’t getting out of jail. Ej & Nicole belong together and their baby will complete them as long as she tells him.

  84. From SandyGram

    #83 Chris

    Could you please say where you read that Nicole has her baby and pretends its Brady’s? Thanks

    To Everyone:
    It would be nice if everyone would identify the ‘source’ when identifying something they read in a Post.

  85. From Kat

    82 bil.
    thank you, and boy you are good,
    I like the way you looked deeper and you worded it right.
    You are the only one, that looked deeper, the right way. I agree with you, but I don’t think even Sami and EJ realize that right now, If True….
    I am not so sure about the “Prostitute” more like maybe a bad one night stand due to severe emotional distress??/ being totally drunk etc., but nothing emotional. Thank you, for writing to me, You gave me “something” back, hearing what I was trying to say.
    I like your deeper look, about maybe the deeper feelings you are talking about, good point Dr. bil.
    Interesting talking to you.

  86. From Richard

    #84 SandyGram
    It’s only a rumor from the rumor mill at soapoperfan. It’s something that someone believes may happen.

  87. From SandyGram

    #86 Richard
    Would you happen to know who the people are that post rumors in the Rumor Mill? Are the connected to the show? You’d think the show/studio would not want anyone putting out false information about what’s to come in the show!

  88. From Julia

    Chris it is YOUR opinion, not a fact, for many of us Sami loved Ej and of course Ej was in love with her like he never loved anyone else..lot’s of us also wanted Sami to tell Ej about their baby and for them to be together with their children but writers decided otherwise, that is all

  89. From Shani

    kat 80 I understood your viewpoint the first time you wrote it! I just disagree.

    chris 83 I agree with you about Sami, EJ & obsession. I haven’t read that Nicole says her baby is Brady’s. Really?

    EJ is such a nasty, nasty guy, & deserved the shiner Rafe gave him, but all he told Sami yesterday was right.

    Nicole with Dan could work for me.

    SandyGram 77 I think like you that EJ & Stefano would love it if Abe was out of Lexie’s life. EJ was not truthful about that. Good point you made about where the kids will be because Rafe doesn’t want to stay at the loft while Sami is gone.

    Hope & John personalities are changing. He does tilt his head back & squint an awful lot.

  90. From Shani

    Sorry. I just read 86 that it is just a rumor about Nicole saying her baby is Brady’s.

  91. From Richard

    #87 SandyGram
    The latest rumor is the return of Chloe, Rex, Cassie and maybe Mimi.
    They indicate on the Rumor Mill where/who put out the rumors.

  92. From patty

    Shani, I agree with everything you said. I think what makes the EJami sex worst than anything is after what he’s done to her and Rafe and her kids and what she’s done to him when she shot him in the head, how can their be any desire or thoughts of sex, especially at a time when everybody was looking for their missing son while they were busy ripping each others clothes off. Now that can’t be compared to a kiss, whether of not there was feelings behind it or not. Sami realizes that too and that’s why she’s now begging Rafe to come home. He won’t and who can blame him. He deserves so much better and if Carrie is it well good for them. I just wish they wouldn’t rush things, take the time to heal before jumping into something else. I just kind of feel bad for Austin because he truly loves his wife.

  93. From Shani

    patty 91 it is sad for Austin. I guess after Carrie finds Abby & Austin in their room together, she goes to Rafe with her troubles & tells him she loves him. It really hurts Austin, of course. I don’t know how Austin finds out, if he overhears or what. Wonder what Rafe’s reaction will be to what Carrie tells him? If he can find love with someone else after Sami, that would be great. But I have liked him & Sami together and he has truly loved her. But I never thought she was good enough for him.

  94. From Lucy

    Sami belongs with Ej and it is Rafe who is not good enough for her character wise. Simple as that.
    And patty these kids are also Ej’s kids and Johnny is their kids for pete’s sake therefore they are the only one who shared the same pain over his supposed death.

  95. From kara

    Chris Ej and Sami BELONG TOGETHER Ej and Nicole are not love story at all just a pathetic JOKE and many many many people agree with this FACT, and the ratings ARE BAD… just deal with it.

  96. From Shani

    lucy 93 no it’s not that simple at all. Just your opinion. And enough with the Sami & EJ pain excuse already!

  97. From patty

    Lucy, nothing or no one is ever good enough for Samantha Gene Brady. You’re right about one thing, Sami and EJ deserve each other. As Rafe said, they are a sickness. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen tho with Lumi on the horizon.
    Being in pain is not an excuse to have sex, especially when you despise each other. Their words, not mine.

  98. From MAB

    Shani – Rafe is deeply in love w/ Sami but of course he has developed feelings for Carrie????? No disrespect to your opinion, but I find that statement nonsense. If Rafe is SO deeply in love w/ Sami, romantic feelings would’ve never come into play between him & Carrie. Sami cheated on him and she deserves to loose him, but I can see what drove her & EJ to do what they did, right or wrong. But Rafe having romantic feelings for Carrie w/o any underlying reasons is a completely different story. Sami now has to face that the man who professes to love her also has feelings for another woman, and of all people, her own sister. There are some who are sugar coating what Rafe did, by trying to justify it. Those people just don’t see it like me and others, and never will, just like many other things that are constantly disagreed upon. That’s not gonna change. We all don’t think alike, we have our own thoughts.

    Real good show Thursday! I loved Sami & EJ yesterday! They just sizzle the screen up! It’s a joy to see them interact whatever the circumstances. They can do it all, and you still see the spark between them. That connection is always there between them whether they are loving or hating each other. I think they’ve shared every emotion imaginable between the 2 of them that they’ve never done w/ anyone else. Even if they never get back together, these 2 need to share the screen more…they’re too good together!

    It’s one thing to be mad and argue, but certain things you say cuts deep and you can’t take them back once they’ve been said. And some of the things Rafe has said to Sami have been uncalled for. I think he was horrible to her when they were at the mansion the other day, but yesterday he was different. And I found it refreshing how he acted during their conversation. He was rational & calm and said what he meant. It was nice he agreed to help w/ the kids, even tho Sami has Caroline and others to help her out. I think that was just an excuse for her to go talk to him. One thing tho I don’t agree w/ was him telling her if she would’ve told him the truth in the beginning, things would’ve been different. Rafe don’t have it in him to be that understanding that she slept w/ EJ, no matter when she told him. I think he would’ve reacted the same way no matter when she told him. He would’ve flown off the handle and went over to EJ’s and attacked him, just like he did when he found out. It should have come from her tho, no matter what, because I think his biggest disappointment was the fact she lied to him and he had to find out overhearing Will & Sonny’s conversation. But then there’s all the lies he’s told her in the past, not to mention his secret past that he’s never told her about. But I guess that’s just another s/l the writers will never tell. All in all, I hope they don’t get back together because I don’t think they belong w/ each other.

    I think EJ was trying w/ Lexie yesterday, and I liked their conversation. He didn’t knock Abe either, like some indicated he did. I know he won’t loose any sleep over her separation w/ Abe, but I think he was sincere when he said he didn’t want her & Abe to end up like this. I hope EJ shows the so-called good people of Salem that he can turn Salem around, and accomplish way more than Abe ever did…just to prove to the naysayers that he has what it takes to be a good mayor and get the job done!

    The kids should stay at the mansion, with their REAL father! Writers, this is getting ridiculous now that EJ is allowing Sami to control the situation w/ the kids…unless he’s just waiting for the right moment to snatch them from her.

    Sami was gonna tell EJ about being pregnant with Sydney until she witnessed him & Nicole together, and witnessed the governor’s murder. Sami only kept Sydney from EJ because of Stefano, and having to be sent to witness protection. She was in contact w/ EJ during that time and told him she trusted him, just not Stefano. Johnny was living w/ them during that time and no harm came to him. She didn’t start the mantra of not wanting her kids raised by EJ until Rafe came along and she found a new partner in crime to try to replace the kid’s real fathers. Yes, EJ can be diabolical when deceived, but I would be too when people tried to keep my children from me. He maybe hasn’t always been the perfect father, but no parent is, but he loves his kids and would do anything for them.

    OMG, why do people keep denying that Sami has loved EJ???? She not only told him so, but told everyone else too. Even Lucas knew she did which is why they split up. The words came out of her mouth on more than one occasion. She admitted to it and it’s proof that she did love EJ.

    Kat – you get your point across fine. There are just those of us who see it our way, and those who don’t.

  99. From patty

    Mab,the reason you don’t see things the same way is because you’re a diehard EJami fan and will try to find something wrong with anything or anyone that will come between that. James and Ali are both wonderful actors and do act well together as with many others. Their characters do deserve each other becasue they don’t deserve better but they are poison for each other and for their children and that is the obvious, that is just how they are portrayed. Now if words cut deep, the words between EJ and Sami must have left some mighty big scars because there is nothing they didn’t say to each other or names they haven’t called one another or nothing they haven’t done to each other. If what you see there is love, then we don’t have the same ideas on what love is.
    Now I have asked this before and got no answer because there is none but I’ll try again. Give me one instant where Rafe lied to Sami…ever, or anyone else for that matter. The kiss was wrong but he didn’t lie and he didn’t say he had feelings for Carrie or not. We also never heard he had a past which is a moot point in my opinion. You don’t have to reach that far to find something bad about EJ, he displays it on a daily basis.
    Talk about sugarcoating , there is no doing that as far as EJ and Stephano are concerned yet there are still some that will try. You can’t sugarcoat pure evil.

  100. From SandyGram

    Spoiler/Excerpt from an Interview with Lisa Rinna on her return to Salem and her relationship with Bo found on Days of Our Lives

    Quote: “Well, Rinna, who begins airing on March 8, wants to put all of your minds to rest.

    “That is going to be a ‘been there, done that’ thing,” assures Rinna. “I have a child with Bo, but it’s going to be a platonic relationship. So the fans are going to be very relieved with that. ”

    Very relieved! But it is going to drive Hope nuts her being in Alamainia and Billie taking care of a comatose Bo after he’s attacked.

  101. From Kat

    I give up about the Kiss/Sex.
    Not tryin to convince anyboyd that does not get it. MAB and bil got it,
    but others did not, because I can tell the way they are responding/what they are saying, that is not what I meant, so IMO they don’t get my point.Sami is accused of Not Telling Rafe the Truth, she did not tell him lies, she just withheld the truth,
    Rafe surely would have withheld the truth about the Kiss,
    and Yes, He is withholding the Truth about his PAST,big time.
    Saying, we never heard that Rafe had a Past, that he does not want to talk about, one that got him Kidnapped by Meredith…??,
    etc. did I watch the same show, help.
    MAB, everything in your blog, I agree, you save me from tying, and of course you say it so much better than I ever could.
    Some of you girls on here just have a flair for writing, and some guys.
    I like the way you see situations straight on, not from the side, or behind etc. and boy, you do not Sugarcoat, ever. MAB, that’s funny, of all the things you have been accused of, SugarCoating has to be the funniest. Can you pleased laugh with me for a bit.
    patti, you are so right, none of us have to agree, so always having to point that out, is becoming a moot point.
    How often a blogger brings up a point however is up to the blogger, unless there is a Rule Book, telling us for example, three time and you are done….

    Oh, I forgot, Rafe and Lying, how about covering up the shooting of EJ, he withheld that truth, just like Sami did her Mambo with EJ,
    he has involved Will in withholding the same truth, etc.,he has broken the Law many times, just like Sami.
    Maybe Sami was withholding the truth, just like all of them were on her crime, and was hoping she would never get found out,.
    So here we go… withholding the Truth or just Not telling the Truth…They are all guilty of that.
    The only poor Sap as always in this mess is “Drunk Austin” being played by all sides. What, Carrie is withholding the truth from Austin that she is in love with Rafe, isn’t that lying,
    No because poor Austin/Abby are giving her the perfect excuse to run to Rafe, and both the two sweet people, will get a chance by default to be the happy couple. So romantic those Two, Not…
    but the writers want it that way…

  102. From Shani

    MAB 97 the nonsense I wrote was that of course Rafe has feelings for Carrie but he is deeply in love with Sami. Slightly different than your quote & not a huge deal but it does make it sound a little different. I was meaning that of course Rafe would not have kissed Carrie if he didn’t have some feelings for her, even though he is deeply in love with Sami. But the bigger point is that you are right & we all don’t think alike & we have our own thoughts. So why call my thoughts nonsense? No disrespect? well, I think it’s disrespect, & if I cared what you think I would be offended. But as it is, NOT! I have seen you put down others the same way & get called out for it.

    I happen to believe people can love their spouse deeply but still develop feelings for someone else. It happens. Not love but special feelings. It’s usually the result of feeling like your spouse doesn’t care anymore & they won’t talk to you about why they changed. Like Sami wouldn’t talk to Rafe. It does not make feelings for another person right but it explains it.

    If Sami had told Rafe about her sex with EJ, Rafe probably would have still gone to the mansion to give EJ that shiner. & why wouldn’t he? But I also think if Sami had been honest with Rafe right away, he would have forgiven her. Not always what someone does that hurts as much as them lying about it. But Rafe might still forgive Sami.

    But this post is all nonsense, right! LOL

  103. From SandyGram

    #97 MAB
    For me, If the kids should stay at the mansion with their real father, then why did EJ give Sami full custody of the kids? To prove to Taylor he was a changed man (which we heard at nausium with no results) when she dumped him after finding out the whole Arnold (Rafe2) story, which included the death of Faye her mother; Stefano and EJ being arrested but were exonerated when Arnold was found dead in his cell. If EJ would do anything for his kids why did he go along with Stefano’s plan and expose the kids and their mother to Rafe2? Because he wanted Rafe out of their lives? Now Sami does have parental custody of the kids….why would he be waiting for the right moment to ‘snatch’ them from her? Exactly what got him shot in the head, Sami’s fear he would snatch the kids up and flying out of the country with them. But then that’s just me over thinking again!

    #98 patty
    Great post! I’m with you on when did Rafe lie to Sami? He has been nothing but a loving, caring, devoted husband and step father, up to the ‘kiss’. I’m also with you on his past being a moot point until the writers bring it into the story line. We can only believe what we’ve been told so far. Unfortunately it didn’t include any more details about Emily’s death which there has always been a lot of fan speculation on what happened the night of the accident. Although it appeared to have a little more depth when he didn’t want to even discuss it with Arianna, either the writers forgot about it or didn’t find it worthy of going into.

    Better get some lunch and get ready to see Lucas return today.

  104. From MAB

    patty – don’t perceive to tell me what I think!! Why do you and others get of telling another person how they think??? You don’t know me or anything about me, but you’re sure ready to pounce as soon as I disagree w/ you. I’ve tried to do it respectfully, but apparently that gets me nowhere w/ you and others like you. Just because you see it one way doesn’t make it right…these are our opinions, not scientific facts. Yes I’m and EJami fan, but that doesn’t drive what I think. I can admit when EJ is wrong, and do so, but I can see the other side of him too, that people like you refuse to see. And I can see both sides of Rafe too. He has some good qualities, but he is far from Mr. Perfect like some of you continually describe him. I never once said that Sami didn’t cheat on Rafe or that she didn’t deserve to loose him over it. But I can see what drove her & EJ to do what they did. That is MY opinion on the subject and if you can’t handle a different point of view than your own, then so be it. You act like these are real life people, but I see them as what they are…characters on a soap opera. And about Rafe’s lying, if you can’t remember all the times Rafe has lied to Sami, then I don’t have time to list them all. But to name one…when he left her because she demanded he tell her the truth about Emily and his past, and he refused…and he has still yet today never told her what really happened, and that in my book is lying. Oh, and you’re right, he didn’t say he had feelings for Carrie, but he certainly didn’t deny them either when Sami asked him more than once – point blank – do you have feelings for my sister? He NEVER denied it, and if he didn’t have feelings for her, he would’ve have denied them on the spot. As far as EJ, he’s doesn’t display bad everyday, but then again, he’s supposed to be bad. That is how his character is written. And I don’t deny his wrongdoings, I just don’t always see it how someone like you does. I can see Rafe for all his flaws, but it’s you and others like you who will defend anything he does right or wrong. That’s only on of the differences in you and me.

    Shani – I meant no disrespect to your comments, I just found the statement unrealistic, and was trying to make a point. But apparently that went right over your head. I thought I could have a healthy debate w/ you, but apparently not, so forget it. I’m tired of you & others like you taking things so seriously over a soap opera and as soon as you read a comment that doesn’t fly w/ your own, you snap and start slinging insults and accusations. If you want to be nasty, then so be it. I’ll be sure to never address you again and try to have a conversation w/ you.

  105. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Daytime Royalty – Daytime Emmy Pre-Nomination List for Days of Our Lives Nominee’s:

    Outstanding Lead Actress:
    Chrystal Chapell (Carly Manning)

    Outstanding Lead Actor:
    No Days Nominee

    Outstanding Supporting Actress:
    Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe)
    Arianne Zurker (Nicole)

    Outstanding Supporting Actor:
    Matthew Ashford (Jack)

    Outstanding Young Actress:
    Camila Banus (Gabi)
    Molley Burnett (Melanie)
    Shelley Hennig (Stephanie)
    Kate Mansi (Abigail)

    Outstanding Young Actor:
    Casey Deidrick (Chad)
    Chandler Massey (Will)

    You can see the nominee’s from the other Soaps on Daytime Royalty.

  106. From Amanda

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that Lucas is back! Oh my heart was throbbing for him today! Love his new positive attitude, especially if it annoys Sami!

    Please DEAR GOD – DO NOT put Bille and Bo together again OR Hope & John – ICK YICK YUCK NO! Bo & Hope JUST got back together!!! And John & Marlena belong together! We fans want the love story! (I didn’t read everyone’s comments above, but I like the suggestion to put them at Oak Alley again for a minute!)

    The storylines with the female characters on this show are kind of starting to make me a little angry – Abby turning into a lying manipulative child, Jen going against ALL of her morals to cheat in the debate, Madison and her wimpiness to Ian (so creepy and gross, there should def b a murder mystery involving him, who did it? Brady? Madison? Victor? Kate? Stefano? Ooo so many choices!), let’s see back to my rant on the females – Hope seems to be getting a little wimpy & wishy washy too, and don’t even get me started with Gabi now turning into a man-hungry little you-know-what. Maggie, Nicole and Lexi are the only strong female characters at all. What is up with that?

    And let’s get going with this Alemania stuff…seems like Hope and John have been sitting around an awful lot in this storyline!

  107. From llloyd

    I have to say-Sami is a piece of work. Why on earth would she ask Rafe to babysit her and E.J.’s kids after what they did to him? Not to mention that it’s time she sets a good example for Will. How can she expect him to forgive her, when 20 some years later, she hasn’t forgiven her mother? And obviously she hasn’t learned anything from all the lying. All she had to do is be up front with Kate and I think Kate would have respected her for once. But, oh no.
    Goes back to the joke-how do you know Sami is lying-her mouth is open.

  108. From TMay

    Hope’s lipstick was beautiful Friday. Anyone know how to find out what color/brand it is.

  109. From Shani

    MAB 102 let’s see, you consider it having a healty debate with me when you call my comments nonsense?! What kind of upside down is that?! Everything you said to me you can turn right around on yourself because you are the one who slings the insults. You claim not to take Days seriously because it’s just a soap but you get so heated over it, mostly EJ, that you say nasty things. I am not the first poster to point that out.

    I hope everyone enjoys Lucas today as much as I did. He is looking good & he sure knows how to handle Sami.

  110. From patty

    Amanda and Shani, it gets better. Sami looks like she’s actually happy being around Lucas. Kate is furious when she sees them together and asks” Are you going to let that little bitch get her claws into you again?” Could we be having Lumi again? Hmmm!
    Mab, I didn’t tell you what you think, you do that. I told you what I think. Take it or lump it, it’s all the same to me.
    SandyGram, I can understand being an EJami fan or not liking Safe as a couple or that some might thing they are boring, but for someone to say that Rafe lies , is mean to the kids or controlling is totally made up, fabricated and nothing could be further from the truth.

  111. From MAB

    Shani – I didn’t call you comments nonsense!! I was trying to make a point which, again, went right over your head. You know what I’m not wasting my time. You’re not worth the time it’s takes to type.

    SandyGram – we all know why EJ gave custody to the kids. We all sit there and watched what he told Sami, that he thought they were better off w/ her. He knew what he had done, and was willing to let her have custody. And at the time, he was right in doing so. But it’s high time those kids get to spend time w/ their father. It’s obvious they miss him and want to be w/ him, after what happened at Sydney’s party. What matters is what the kids want, and they should be allowed to be shared w/ their father.

  112. From SandyGram

    #108 MAB
    Yep I’m with you on the entire EJ should be more involved with the kids. My interest was more around your comment in Post #97 quote “EJ is allowing Sami to control the situation w/ the kids…unless he’s just waiting for the right moment to snatch them from her.” Why does he have to stoop to ‘snatching’? Your comment makes it sound like ‘snatching’ is an option. Although Sami and EJ have stated their disgust and hate for one another, I’d like to see the writers put some thought into what’s best for Johnny and Sydney regardless of how destructive their parents act. For instance, first have Sami and EJ have joint custody. Then EJ could set up a home in a penthouse for their visits. Now there will be those that say why…well because one of the main reason’s Sami doesn’t feel comfortable letting the kids go to the DiMansion is Stefano’s influence over them and her fear he would try to take them out of the country. Of course that won’t go over so big with Stefano, but the bottom line is does EJ want to see the kids on a routine basis or not. Even if EJ accomplishes getting the Salemites to view the DiMera family in a different light, it is Sami that needs reassurance they will be safe and in your words will not be ‘snatched’ and will be returned to her.

    But you know the writers are making EJ not look like such a smart layer. He had the Custody Papers drawn up….he should be able to get them reversed or even if by blackmail (one of his most prominent ways of operating) he should be able to get joint custody.

  113. From Shani

    MAB 108 you did not call my comments (plural) nonsense but you certainly did call my comment nonsense. “No disrespect to your opinion but I find that statement nonsense” is what you wrote in 97. Like you, I am done with this conversation but I won’t put it as rudely as you did.

    I think right now Sami & EJ’s kids’ main concern is missing Rafe.

  114. From SandyGram

    Show March 2, 2012:
    Like someone else mentioned, now we’re going to have psycho Gabi to go along with psycho Abi. Gabi, much like Abi with Austin, thinking she is the right one for Chad. Wonder what’s in store for Chad besides a massage while Melanie is gone with Abi.

    There he was, Lucas back on screen. He so knows Samantha Gene. But here the writers go already, Lucas tells Sami he’s engaged and then ‘god help him he still loves her’, followed by a ‘she loves him too!” So glad to see him back, not that anyone could, but if anyone has a chance in getting through that thick scull of Sami’s it will be Lucas.

    Brady and Madison – they are crusin’ for a brusin’! Have we not seen Ian walk into Madison’s hotel room without knocking, then why would Brady and Madison take a chance at getting caught in the sack?

    Wow…I sure like Austin and Carrie’s kisses. They have the good full body lengering smooching yummers kind. Carrie’s kiss with the Rafster was nothing like her’s with Austin.

  115. From patty

    I like Austin and Carrie together too and I wish they wouldn’t split them up. I don’t get how she can tell Rafe she loves him when she seems so happy in love with her husband. I will feel bad for Austin when it hits the fan, he totally loves his wife and has technically done nothing wrong to deserve this except get drunk, the rest was Abby’s doing. She has really gone over the edge and is being incredibly irrational.
    Lucas and Sami are getting all warm and cudley and she really seems thrilled to have him back. It is good to have him back and I hope they give him a good storyline this time.
    Ian already has a devious plan in store for Brady. Things are going to get much worst for him and Madison before they get better.

  116. From the truth

    Ratings are BAD, all these stories are so boring, not even funny..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  117. From Kat

    Funny, how often I use the phrase, to my friends, or my kids,

    “/…. That is just total Nonsense, and guess what, they don’t get upset about it, because they know what I mean….LOL
    It is very pathetic, like I said so many time in my own defense,
    that on this blog, throwing little cotton balls out, get’s some uebersensitive bloggers to fall of the cliff.
    What kind of pansies are on here anyway????
    Grow up some of you on here, become adults and deal with some regular exchange of opinions, and leave the “poor little Me victim crap” at the door.
    Some of you, don’t know, how you survive out there in this world of ours, when you can’t take some spicy debates on a blog over a stupid fictional soapopera.

    One could have answered back, hey MAB, maybe to you it’s nonsense, but to me it’s gospel, we could have a laugh about it and move on.
    Why does everything on here always have to turn into Melodrama, worse than on the tube.
    One of the greatest things to accomplish is to become a great debater/commenter, without getting/taking it personal, and haven a bit of thick skin,
    but brother, do we have some Thin
    SkinnedBloggers on here…

    I still can’t believe all that crap about a little word… Nonsense,
    the truth to be told, 98% of all on the tube and on here is total Nonsense, as my Hubby would have said, and has said in his lifetime many time, but in a nice and loving way, and guess what, I never got mad at him, because I knew he was right. Amen

  118. From michele

    #104 I agree, I am so sick of all the women on Days being down right crazy, spoiled, selfish, brats! And they all are with a very few exceptions.

    I love that EJ is hurt, because I want him with Nicole and with him being hurt that shows me that he loves his Nicki. I want them two together for many reasons. I think EJ nailed it when he said Nicole was the only woman that loved him for who he was. I love that they are both “bad” guys but seem to bring out something good in each other.

    Sami, Sami, Sami, lets see am I shocked to find out that when Lucus lets you know that he has moved on and has someone else that you will be sleeping with him?…..No. Sami always wants what someone else has or wants and she always must be number one in their lives because she is number one in her life. Everytime one of her lovers are ready to move on, or someone in interested in them she gets jealous and has to come between them.

    The only way I can agree that EJ should not be a big part of his kids lives is if, you also say that Sami should not be a part of their lives. I can tit for tat EJ and Sami all day. I for one do not think it is ok to do any of the nasty things the two of them have done to each other. I also do not think that it is ok for Rafe to beat up their father, or for Nicole to kid nap their baby. So if it is ok for Sami and Rafe to be around the kids, then it has to be ok for EJ and Nicole. If I were a judge I would remove them, give Marlena the kids and Sami and EJ would have supervised visits.

    I would like to also say, I like that everyone does not agree with me, I think I am right…lol…but I also think that I would never read these blogs if everyone felt the sam way. I have said over and over how much I really can not stand Sami, but I would never want here off the show, I love to hate her. I like the debates over Ejami vs whoever is Sami’s flavor of the month. I like that some people want Brady with this person and some with another. That is what keeps me coming back. Oh and I also LOVE when other people agree with me and see things the way I see them. So I find it nice to know that we all share the same guilty pleasure.

  119. From Chris

    #115-Michele-you nailed it with Ej & Nicole.
    #94-Kara-I don’t have to deal with anything. If there are alot of people who agree with you on Ejami there are just as many people who like Ej with Nicole. This is a site where people post their opinions and I think Ej & Nicole are a true love story. You don’t have to agree with me and you don’t have to deal with it.
    Finally Lucas is back and he and Sami are just as amazing together now like they were years ago. I always loved them together although I feel sorry for Rafe. They need to find him someone new as he and Carrie are boring together.

  120. From Fiona

    And Ej and Nicole are boring, they need to find her someone else like Brady who always did treat her well or Daniel or even Rafe, all of them did treat her better than Ej who tried to kill her.

  121. From Grandma Judy

    I guess I think saying plain out that someone’s comment was nonsense was a little on the offensive side. And saying people who are offended should stop with the “poor little me victim crap” only adds salt to the wound. Most of us on here have taken seriously another blogger’s comment and complained at one time or another. Yes, some people can be super sensitive but maybe if others could try to be less INsensitive, we wouldn’t have these disputes. As has been said before, what we see in print can come across much harsher than if we could hear the person’s voice saying it.

  122. From Shirley

    I am so tired of Abbey. She needs to grow up and realizes that Austin has a wife and he loves her. Austin did not have sex with her and it really bothers me that there are so many lies on this soap.

  123. From Grandma Judy

    Nonsense or not (chuckle here) I agree with Shani’s thought that a person can be truly in love with their spouse and still develop feelings for another. I posted recently it happened to my sister when she had a 6 month infatuation with another man. Never intimate with him but she told me about the excitng coffee and lunch dates and how his kisses hello and good-bye put her on cloud 9. She had been feeling unloved at home. She saved her marriage to her husband who she has loved with her whole heart msot of her life except for that brief period of time.

    Moving on, poor Hope looks like she’s going to crack under the pressure before this plot even gets fully underway. I always hate it when Stefano plays his cutsie dumb act like he did with Hope and John when he appeared at the cafe.

    I actually didn’t mind Sami’s talk with Rafe where she asked him to babysit the kids while she’s away. Made sense to me for her to approach a reconsiliation discussion with him in that way, since she was, in fact, going away. I saw that Rafe felt sorry for her at one point, and for a minute I thought he was going to give in and take her back.

    I hope Lexie doesn’t take EJ up on his job offer. I agree with others and I can see Nicole with Dan. No love lost between Sami and EJ when they met at the Town Square, and I agreed with everything EJ told her about herself.

    Oh, Lucas is looking so handsome, so tan, and I love his hair. Loved LOVED him and Sami yesterday and he handled her perfectly. Have no idea why Gaby would think for one minute those flowers were for her?! Thought maybe that guy in the background who looked up from reading his paper would out her and say that she threw the flowers on purpose.

    I’m glad Brady is taking Madison back and I loved how tender he was with her, but I think both of them are in for trouble with Ian. Madison seems to know that, even though Brady shrugs it off. More tenderness in Carrie and Austin’s kisses. So sorry Abigail is going to spoil things for them!

  124. From Ms_R

    The only reason Sami knows about Rafe kissing her sister is because they got caught. I don’t believe that if that hadn’t happened that Rafe would have told Sami about it. Also, I believe that they would have gone MUCH further than just kissing.

    As for Nicole keeping her pregnancy a secret from EJ right now, she is very hurt and upset with him right now and rightfully so. I think she just don’t want him to try and woo her back just because of baby.

    Also, there are those who seem to think Marlena would be such a good parent to Will because she is so understanding and because she didn’t lecture Will the other day.

    The way I see it is that she is only the grandparent to him and can “afford” to be more understanding. Now where is (or was) all this so-called understanding with her daughter?

    I do agree with Marlena in that Sami needs to grow up and move past what she saw her mother doing with John all those years ago but I also think Marlena needs to show a little remorse for what she did.

    Also, it occurred to me that the reason Marlena has time for Will (or anybody else for that matter) right now is merely because John is away. Otherwise she and John would be so busy acting like rabbits in heat and slobbering all over each other they wouldn’t notice any of what is going on around them.

    Personally, I think it’s hysterical when Marlena calls Sami selfish, self-centered, or self-absor-bed because it’s so obvious Sami inherited those traits from her over-sexed Mother.

  125. From petite fleur

    So if you agree with what Ej said to Sami it means he handled her well, isn’t it Grandma Judy ?

  126. From patty

    Grandma Judy, good post. I agree calling someone’s post nonsense is not just a “little cotton ball” and neither are words like pathetic and pansies . Telling people to grow up is not healthy debate. But enough about that.
    I agree with you about Rafe and Sami’s talk. Her asking Rafe to help out with the kids lets him at least be still in their lives because they miss and love him and he loves them. She could be pulling a Sami and use the kids against him .
    I also love to have Lucas back. His fiancee’s name is Autumn and I have a feeling she will be history in no time if Sami has anything to say about it.
    Abbigail Deveraux needs to be committed in my opinion.

  127. From patsy

    Personly I WOULD LIKE see Nicole and Rafe hookup and him help her with the baby story THAT WOULD BE MORE EXCITEING Rafe /CARRIE or BRADY /MADDISON .to ME THEY,VE RUINED BRADYS CHARATER TOO They have him eall in and out of love ever week or two like EJ .it would be so much exciteing for EJS andSamis EXS to fall in love with each other .boy that would burn EJamis but big time

  128. From Kat

    I totally stand by my comments about this blog, and the way it goes sometimes.
    What I said, sadly enough is the truth, and the truth can hurt you, or set you free.
    I meant every word I said,
    and just by the responses, I rest my case.
    It is not being Mean, when it is the truth, period, and we do have a lot of “victims” on here. I know, because at times I felt like one, but not because of Nonsense or Cotton balls, but real personal nastiness, and so many of you did not become outraged, didn’t bother you one bit, so cut the double standards on here, it won’t work with me, not after almost 2 years of being on this blog.
    I am moving on, because this whole Nonsense Debate, is nothing but Nonsense In the First Place. Amen

  129. From Elaine

    I hate Ian. Can someone kill him off soon, he is sure asking for it. So glad Dustin is back. I agree with everything he has posted. I don’t know what Dustin does for a living but he should become head writer on Days, maybe then it could be really interesting again.

  130. From Kat

    Just watched yesterday/Friday’s episode.
    I liked the way finally explained how she felt when she thought Johnny was DEAD, she was, yes with the closest thing sharing her pain, EJ, the Father…
    I totally understand, her explaining to Lucas, that at that Moment, all she wanted is either to be Dead, or numb the pain and the thoughts Any Old Way she could,
    and yes, her and EJ did that.
    Unless Rafe or anybody, has stood right there in the Same situation and felt that kind of Pain, wanting to die,
    nobody should judge what those two parents felt at that moment. I am so glad, that Lucas understands Sami. Let’s face it, Rafe is Not a bio Parent, so he has no idea what Sami and EJ felt at that moment, only those two knew,it was their hearts that were being ripped apart. Period.
    I like and agree with Lucas however,when a person gets hurt and feels betrayed, like Rafe/Sami, the worst thing to do is push Your Agenda, the person needs time to be allowed to wallow in Their Pain, disgust, anger, fury etc. they have to be able to come full circle, before they are ever able to open up and listen to the person that hurt them so deeply. Don’t push, respect all their pain and feelings, because right now, they don’t hear a word you are saying, all you can do is make it worse.

    I enjoyed Sami and Lucas together, that was great stuff. Of course, I loved every moment with the Master, Stefano, when he is on screen, to me the show becomes worth watching, notice, I said TO ME. He can play the villain, and you still just adore him. What a great guy, Joe/Stefano, I only wish He could stay forever on this show.
    I think the most frustrating thing the Brady’s, his half brother John etc. have to live with, they Never get the Upper on Stefano, if ever, but not for long. Writers, the best thing you have ever done, was creating Stefano and EJ and cast the right actors to play them. So this is my story, asking Nobody to agree with Me, I am sure all of you have your own favorite character story. Amen

  131. From patty

    SOW Spoilers
    -Rafe vows revenge against EJ.
    -Will and Marlena discuss his sexuality.
    -Gabi’s feelings for Chad become obvious.
    -Rafe takes an interest in Nicole’s well-being.
    -Maggie worries that Daniel has changed since returning to Salem.

    Can’t Miss: Wednesday, March 7th
    Jennifer and Jack have a frank talk about Daniel.

  132. From Travis

    Kat, name-calling is not only offensive but a violation of the rules. As a mother, I’d think that you would want to set a good example for your children. How would you feel if they were using such degrading words as “pansies”? You may want to consider that the next time you get angry.


  133. From Maryl

    Sorry fellow bloggers, but I think Lucas looks “different”. He needs a haircut desperately and his tan makes him look aged—he must have overdone his fling with the sun. He is begining to show some wrinkles. I know—all of us are! (Ha)! I used to be a big Lucas fan, but he lost me the last time he was on Days–wish he had stayed in Hong Kong! Unless the writers help change his character during this time around, my feeling will probably remain the same. I just hope he learns to control that awful whining that he so capable of. Just me and my opinion–no more and no less.

  134. From SandyGram

    #126 patty
    Quote “Rafe takes an interest in Nicole’s well being”

    If Rafe even has the smallest of the smallest inclinations of reconciling with Sami, this is not the route to take. This may even be worst than having feelings for Carrie. Then once again, depending on how far the writers take Rafe’s ‘interest’, Rafe could be helping yet another woman carrying a child fathered by EJ. Although I do remember Rafe and Nicole’s almost thing, they were pretty hot together.

    How many years did Dr. Baker get when he went to prison, it must be about time for him to be set free. Just in time to help Hope again!

  135. From patty

    National Enquirer Spoilers
    -Lucas and Will have an emotional reunion.
    -Hope is frantic having heard Bo’s condition.
    -John and Hope are caught breaking into a government office.
    -Kate forces Sami to burn the midnight oil.
    -Rafe discovers the secret Nicole’s been hiding.
    -Lucas finds himself caught between his mother and Sami.

    Hmmm! Rafe and Nicole maybe? Nicole’s always said that Sami didn’t know how lucky she was to have a man like Rafe in her life. Kind of history repeating itself though with Rafe helping hide Nicole’s pregnancy from EJ, we know how horribly EJ reacts to that.

  136. From SandyGram

    #129 patty
    If sure sounds like this is going to turn into a Rafe vs. EJ show. As much as I like Rafe even after he first met Sami at the Safe House he got into the EJ’s business, looking into the DiMera business, pretending to be a cable guy to get into the DiMansion; then all the stuff with Sami, Arianna and now taking on Nicole’s woe’s. It seems the writers are bound and determined to do serious harm to one of them. And like you said, EJ is not going to take to Rafe having anything to do with Nicole.

  137. From Chris

    If Rafe indeed does help hide Nicole’s pregnancy or worse pretends he’s the father he will be killing two stones with one bird. He will be hurting Ej and Nicole but it would be a recycled storyline. I for one would like to see these writers come up with something different. Rafe and Nicole could be hot together and this would mean the end of a potential pairing of Carrie and Rafe which would make me happy. At this time I still want Ej and Nicole to re-unite. Other than being upset and hurt by him she really has no good reason to keep the baby away from Ej.

  138. From Kat

    127 travis, give me a break, are you for real,
    calling somebody a pansy is name calling.
    As for my children, thank you very much, none of your business first of all, they are just fine, so is my grandson, and I have told them in their lifetime many times, don’t be such a pansy, and they are just fine and normal and strong men, that any mother can be proud of.

    I am just so surprised, where were YOU, when I was called a Bitch, and Alcy, mentally unstable etc. the four letter words were used on me, etc. somehow there was not a peep out of any of the so called outraged people, but when I defend the word Nonsense, all heck breaks loose, people are outraged, give me a break,.. Travis, I am not angry – just laughing out loud, how some on here got so outraged by MAB calling some some stuff Nonsense. Why don’t you tell some of the other bloggers on here, to set an example, by not calling F-names, as they have done and worse, than my dear Travis, you can come back to me with your comical outrage and attack to me as a parent.
    Just how degrading is the word Pansy, I plant them in my yard, they are flowers, last time I looked, however when I was called a bitch, where were you.?? or all the others…. where, no where to be found, as usual.

  139. From Kat

    Travis, stickler to the so called Rules,
    calling me out personally as a Mother and involving my Children,
    as always, that is what some of you people Do, when you can not debate blogger to blogger, you have to get dirty and personal.
    I did not call anybody a bad name, just stated some very true, but sad facts, and I will stand by my statements, like it or not,
    the Truth does hurt,
    but don’t any of you ever dare again, to involved my being a Mother or my children in your frustrated blogs again. I will not tolerate any more personal attacks on me or my family ever again. Get that…. please.

  140. From Guest

    131 Chris, good point, Nicole has no good reason to keep EJ from his child since she sees him as a good father and his being with sami doesn’t change that. On the same note, wouldn’t it be great to see EJ actually get to experience a pregnancy for his child? I would love to see him so supportive, emotional, and excited.

  141. From patty

    SandyGram, maybe Rafe and Nicole will get together to bring EJ down. Nicole certainly has enough on him. Nicole is at her best( or worst) when she’s been scorned and Rafe has even more reasons now to go after EJ. I kind of gave up on Rafe and Sami getting together anytime soon. I’m thinking we might get a Lumi first. Could be wrong.

  142. From Chris

    #131 Guest-Yes it would be great to see Ej excited waiting to see his baby. Even if Nicole can’t be with him right now it would be nice if Ej can finally be present at the birth of one of his children.

  143. From Shani

    Thank you G. Judy 118, patty 121, & Travis 127.

  144. From gerri

    My response to the “responses”after someone has blogged,Is stop making comments,about their posts, them If you wish,(know that everyone has their favs,and their own opinions)and move on,state your own feelings and thoughts,don’t question what another blogger has written.

    I don’t post much anymore,because
    I got tired,of the “negative remarks” thrown my way,after some of my posts,and how I felt about, some of the characters
    and S/L’s.”WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT,TO OUR OPINIONS”about Days”,but don’t need to trash a blogger,over their posts.
    even tho It does get hard to ignore,some of the things written.

    My response to what Is going on now,It looks like the writers,are breaking everyone up..,only lies,misery,etc,no happiness at all,with anyone,don’t guess the writers,know how to write a happy S/L for anyone.,maybe Vic and Maggie,are the exception,but they may be already split,as we never see them anymore.

    am so digusted with Lexie and Abby,
    they are my 2 least favs, right now.Lexie is a big hypocrite,and Abby,needs a “Shrink”
    I’m very glad that Lucas Is back,and that Nicole Is pregnant,In spite of all the lies,and everything she has done,she will make a wonderful mom,as we have seen her tender moments with Sydney….

  145. From Kat

    gerri, with all due respect, this whole mess started with MAB voicing her opinion about shani’s opinion and called it nonsense. So what, it’s MAB’s right to do that. shanni was to thin skinned and IMO looking for a fight….
    I am still standing by my remarks, about some on here, in # 114 and my follow-ups.
    Where is the outrage about Travis getting personal with me…and that one is directed at some with only selected outrage, not you gerri, because, you I have always liked and respected. My commentaries are to the “Whom it may concern”, and they know who they are.
    Funny how calling some a pansy, last I looked it is a beautiful flower, is a degrading word, but
    when I was called a and more, it bothered Nobody, “Selective Outrage”, and I have seen enough of that over the last two years that I am on.

    Again, if we can not comment on others comments, agree or disagree, then why are we on here anyway…… This is a blog, we talk about the writers/actors work all the time, they had to get a bit thick skinned to handle all the critisism (?) coming their way on a daily basis, so is it to much to ask, for the bloggers to do the same. Everybody on here knows how to put their remarks and comments out,but so Many, don’t know how to take it. Everybody wants to believe that their “Blog/comment” is IT, and fall apart when told that maybe it is not all that great in their Opinion. LOL Like I said, the truth hurts, and I am not taking one word back.

    I have never attacked anybody on a personal level, never done any personal dirty name calling, but boy sure have gotten a lot of personal attacks on me… and nobody ever cared, yes MAB did, thank you friend.

  146. From daisy

    #132,kat, #137, gerrie, I posted at 8 a.m. but it never showed here is my comment again,Amen, and Amen!

  147. From patsy

    Daisy if you say anything bad about their favorits hey won,t print it They probable wont Print this but i,ll give it a try .EVERY ONE IS blameing ALI/sami for the drops in the rateings If you will remember they started going donw when they quit haveing EJAMI .WILL THAT IS ALL james Scotts FAULTH he kicked the EJami story ANDfans under the bus just so he could be with ARI So they had to turn everyonE AGAINST Ali /Sami and made ARI/Nicole A prefect mabwife and good mommy want to be Looks like he got what he wanted I loved to watch james until that happened I dont care what what they say James and Alison light up the screne when they are together like no other .

  148. From gerri

    I like reading your posts as well,and I respect your opinions also.
    I was making a statement,to” everyone”,who makes a personal and negative comment to anyone of us.
    In the past I have been thrown negative remarks,on my reactions,to certain characters,and S/L’S.
    I don’t need to be questioned,as to why I see things differently,than others.It Is a soap,and we are all passionate about It,or we wouldn’t be watching,..
    let’s respect everyone’s thoughts,feelings and opinions,this Is a big world,and It would be boring,If we all thought and felt the same way…….

    I really do want to see someone happy again In Salem.
    and I want to see some justice,where It Is needed!!

  149. From Kat

    141 gerri, ditto in so many ways,
    that’s all I ever have been trying to say.
    Don’t fall off the cliff, every time someone does not cheer about your blog,
    we all see things differently,
    but when I give my different opinion, ever never do I have in mind to hurt somebody personally., but some just seem to sit in waiting to find something, anything to pick on, and declare themselves having been victimized, or whatever, so sad.
    Well the weekend is almost over, so let’s get ready for another round of good and spirited debates of what the writers are giving us this up coming week, let your opinions fly, and hope nobody get’s their noses out of joint. So funny, I am laughing all the way.

    140 patsy, I do agree with you about one thing, Sami is one of the Best characters on this show, love her, hate her, she has carried this show for a long, long time, and Patsy, don’t worry, Sami will continue to be a bright star on DOOL as long as She chooses to do so. She can make or break a co-star, She is and has been SAMI Gene for a long, long time, and She knows how to get to fans and viewers, she can bring out feelings of any kind in anybody,love her, hate her, cry with her of wanting to slap her silly, our Sami got IT.
    At this point quite honestly, I don’t know who I want Sami to be With…????, need some time, maybe, that’s what Sami needs as well, clear her head and figure it out, re-connect with her children and learn to like and love herself again, before she can ever go on again in another Love Relationship, but we are in a soap, so that won’t happen.

  150. From SandyGram

    Thinking a little about Nicole’s pregnancy and her wanting to keep it a secret from EJ right now. She may have convinced Dr. Dan to keep her secret, but there are others in the hospital that have seen her medical records. If EJ was concerned about why she was in the hospital I could see him paying a hospital employee for that information. Or Lexie could run across it by accident and not knowing Nicole wanted the pregnancy kept from EJ she could innocently congratulate her brother; or he could ask Lexie to tell him the kind of tests she had that day. A lot of possibilities of which none would be good for Nicole other than her telling EJ he was going to be a father. When ever EJ finds out I sure hope Dr. Dan is near by to make sure he understands that stress could cause Nicole to loose the baby.

  151. From Grandma Judy

    C’mon. Why go after a fellow blogger this way? If people get offended, they get offended. End of story. Why start name-calling and probably make the person feel worse? IMO there’s no room on here for words like thin-skinned, pansy, playing the victim, one’s comments are nonsense, the point went over your head, etc. Stuff like that is just demeaning and sets the stage for a fight. And I think in the past we have lost a lot of good bloggers because of it.

    I didn’t come across to me that Travis was saying anything personal about the children. Was just asking if one would like them to use words like “pansies”.

    Gerri #137, – I like your thoughts on “responses”, and your thoughts on the show, of course. I’m always glad to see you on here. We seem to have so much in common not only about the show but in our personal lives. How’s the world looking to you these days? Still doing OK since your catarac surgery?

    If Rafe is going to go after EJ for something illegal, like that the election was rigged in his favor or that he framed John, I’m OK with that. But to go after EJ just on a personal level, I don’t agree with that. Takes 2 to tango, as they say, and Sami made her choice to have sex with EJ. Not all EJ’s fault. About the election, though, it seems it was all Nicole’s doing.

    Nicole with Daniel, Nicole with Rafe, all sound like good s/l.

  152. From Kat

    So Gram Judy, you see nothing wrong with Travis challenging me as a Mother, getting personal, I would call it that.

    But I am not surprised, you have been a big let down to me for a long time.
    I thought we used to be friends on here, had a lot of laughs, but I realized a long time ago, that I was so wrong about you, to me you had gotten very two faced, sorry to say that, but that is how I have felt for a long time.

    144 just what Name calling are you talking about…
    bringing up sad truth’, about being
    thin skinned, etc., sad but so true, things going over people’s head, sad but so true, playing the victim, sad, but so true,
    you want me to come on here, and lie and be PC like some of you on here, not. I believe in being honest,and I have honesty any day, than some of the phony sugar coating some of you dish out here at times.
    I have never asked anybody on here, to fall in love with my opinions.

    Again me dear Friend Gram Judy, where was your outrage, when I was being called anything from a to an alcoholic to a nutjob, not one word from you, no outrage, because it was against me, Kat and deep down you loved it,and you were not the only one.
    Here is another word, some on here are total hypocrites….Sad, but sooo true. So Gram Judy, to me you have proven to be a big phony….trying to kiss up to gerrie, so how is your cataract since your surgery, give me a break.
    No wonder I have to say things like you didn’t get it,
    specially when you see nothing wrong with what Travis had to say about me.

    You know – I have a lot on my mind, my younger son had biopsies done Frid.AM on his esophigus (????).,and then I come on here, and people are complaining about somebody calling their blog, Nonsense, it’s just so ueber silly in the scheme of the whole big picture of living every day life. Nonsense, offended one person on here and everybody went over the cliff, please call me a pansy, as often as you like, if that is the worst you can come up with, tell me things are over my head, I have heard worse,
    It is pathetic, yes it is, what offends some people any more,
    and the biggest joke of all is, it’s over a Soap Opera, fictional characters. So disappointed, where have all the strong adults gone….

  153. From gerri

    Grandma Judy,
    yes we do have lot’s In common,personal with children,from prev marriages(to men,who became absent In their lives,to adoption,from our 2nd marriage).
    my hubby and I will soon,celebrate 38 years together.

    He Is an Addict Days watcher as well…we also share the same favs,on Days,and most of the time,have the same thoughts and feelings about some of the S/l’s,some being silly and unbelievable….

    On the Political front,we will have our primary on the 13th.
    I think after the Republican Convention,and we have our nominee,things probably will get very heated,between June and November…

    Weather here In the south,has been more eratic,earlier than usual,last round(friday night)got closeby,but we got only rain(which we needed)and high winds.It seems this winter has been very light In
    most places.

    My vision is pretty much perfect,post cataract surgery.
    I would advise,anyone who needed It,to get It done!!

    as far as Days,glad Nicole is pregnant,and hope EJ(when he finds out)will be advised to keep Nicole Calm,and stress free,in hopes,she’ll have a healthy pregnancy,and won’t miscarriage,or have a premature delivery…

    I hope Will will receive an award,for his acting,for he has sure done a great job…..
    and I really hope writers won’t make a big mistake,creating problems,with Hope and Bo,after Billie returns…….

  154. From patty

    Kat, sorry about your son’s health problems . Travis or nobody else here challenged you as a mother or attacked you personally. People on here responded to your attacks on bloggers who responded to Mab’s “nonsense” post, which had nothing to do with you in the first place but you chose to get involved anyway. My suggestion to you would be to stear clear of posts that don’t concern you or the show and refrain from using derogatory words to get your point across and you might manage to stay on good terms with others. I like you Kat and I’m sure you’re a well meaning person but you have to realize that this is a place to give your opinion about DOOL , not about other bloggers. Now it is up to you to do as you please but if you keep harping on stuff like this then don’t complain if other bloggers get fed up and tell you how they feel or because somebody doesn’t come to your defense when you get in trouble. Nobody is getting offended by a soap opera, they get offended by offensive words. The rest of us just want to blog about the show.

  155. From michele

    Kat, I am so sorry to hear about your son and will add him to my prayers.

  156. From Grandma Judy

    Well, gee, good morning everyone! – Kat #145, – That’s quite a blog! I’m sorry to hear about your son and yes, we have been friends on here for a long time and I still consider you a friend. I’m sorry to find out you feel about me as you do. (I’m 2-faced, and I’m trying to kiss-up to gerri??!) About Travis’ comment, I was offering another perspective on it. I didn’t mean to make light of you feeling offended by it, just as I don’t think the nonsense comment or any other offensive comments should be made light of, no matter how trivial they may seem to some. If you or anybody else gets offended, then you/they are. That’s it and no name calling or further putdowns are appropriate. We can’t get inside someone else’s head so there is no accounting for personal feelings. Days is fictional but the remarks about people’s views of the show are not fictional and are offensive at times.

    It comes across to me that you are reacting to the nonsense issue by venting your own feelings about not being defended on here when you think you should have been. I’m drawing a blank about what you are referring to and what was said. Maybe it happened during one of those several times during the past few months when I wasn’t on here. But whatever it was, I’m sorry it hurt you. Good luck to your son with his biopsies!

  157. From Nicci

    Well fellow bloggers, I have been reading for a long time and have never commented, but now I will.

    Kat, I like your blogs, most of the time. You say alot pick on you, well if you would keep your nose out of others business I think you would not get as much flack on here. Mab is the biggest pot stirrer on here. Just on this page she has called people anal and nonsense. If you could find a way to crawl out of her a$$ and blog on your own, I think you would do alot better. A few weeks ago when Mab was MIA I really enjoyed your blogs. You always say you never attack, well dearest Kat I think you should reread some of you blogs, you can start with #145 toward Grandma Judy. You don’t see Grandma Judy, Sandy Gram, Gerri, Patty, just to name a few get attacked on here, except by you or MAB, because they don’t go around attacking others. I use to see Grandma Judy and few others defend you at first, but after awile it does get hard to defend someone you don’t agree with and someone who attacks first. Beside yourself, who other on here defends MAB brutal and uncalled for comments? Then you wonder why no one defends you???

    I am not a total heatless bi%$h, and I will also extend prayers for your son and hope for a good outcome for him.

  158. From Grandma Judy

    gerri #146, – my hubby and I are really into these primaries and we each like a different candidate so we’re having fun with it. But both of us will support whoever the nominee is. Our Michigan primary was last week and, as you probably know, Romney won by 3 points. Super Tues. is going to be crucial for Gingrich and Santorum, I think. We are having a very mild winter so far but March can be wicked so we could end-up with a huge winter all in one month. Our younger grandchildren would like more snow, for cross-country skiing and school “snow days”, but we’re enjoying not having to drive in it. It snows, melts, snows, melts, and that’s how it’s been. Hardly any accumulation even when it does snow.

    Like yours, my hubby also watches Days but he’s not as devoted as I am. We agree on the s/l’s. I hope, too, that when EJ finds out about Nicole he will take it easy on her and not cause stress. And I can think of a dozen ways he can find out so I don’t know how long the writers will keep him in the dark. Glad Lucas is back and he’s lookin’ good. Think I posted that once before! But he is! Hope he can help Sami out of her mess, and be in Will’s corner when he fully “comes out”. Billie has supposedly evolved her feelings for Bo into “platonic” ones so let’s hope it stays that way. Happy your vision is good!

  159. From MAB

    SandyGram – to me it seems the writers are allowing EJ to let Sami control the situation w/ their kids, and I find that unlike EJ, and that is the only reason I said that he may snatch them from her…that was just my perception on the subject. I haven’t heard that he’s planning to do that. But if he does, he may just be waiting for her to self destruct so he can swoop in and take them. That is what I meant by him snatching them from her, I didn’t say it was an option. No disrespect to you, but I’m really getting tired of trying to explain what I mean, but at least you respectfully asked. Also, I agree with you about them sharing joint custody, and EJ moving into his own place.

    I get nauseated every time Brady & Madison start making out. She is not in the same league as someone like Nicole, which is who should be w/ Brady, or at least someone who is as striking in her looks & personality. Why can’t Brady have a real leading lady?? Has anyone else noticed Madison’s man hands?

    Lucas, Lucas, Lucas! I didn’t realize how much I missed him until seeing him. He looks great! I know Alison is thrilled to have him back on the show. They are really good friends in real life. And he & Sami haven’t missed a step. I loved how he brought the fighting side of Sami out. He said you just gonna give up, and she went into defense mode. That is where she needs to be and stop having to explain her actions all the time to Rafe who apparently don’t know who the real Sami is, and apparently never did. She needs to start relying on herself, like she said, instead of men, and put her focus on her kids, especially Will.

    Is Sami & Lucas really gonna sleep together? I haven’t read that anywhere. Well in a way, I hope it does happen, and Rafe finds out, so that will put the final nail in the coffin of their boring relationship. I just hope Sami & Lucas don’t try to reconcile for good tho. They’re better off as friends…they do it better than most. Besides, Lucas deserves better than he’s ever gotten before on the show from any woman…and that is a woman who loves him, and only him! Bring someone new & good in for a Lucas love story!

    If you feel it’s ok to have feelings for another while being married, then go ahead, not everyone thinks that way.

    Stefano just brightens the scene when he appears. He is just so amazing, and charming, even when he’s being naughty. It’s hilarious that all he has to do is walk in the room and people are terrified w/o him even trying. I love Joe Mascalo, but I hate when the day comes that he will no longer be a part of Days. I wish he could go on forever!

    Rafe vows revenge against EJ. What else is new? Writers, you need to give this guy a s/l and quick. Who wants to watch him going after EJ again? Didn’t he learn his lesson the first time? EJ will play w/ him for a while, and taunt him, but eventually he’ll get tired of him, and squash his @$$. It’ll serve Rafe right if he ends up dead this time around. And it wouldn’t bother me in the least.

    Really? I see some want to blame James Scott for the ratings and the EJami s/l? The writers are the ones in control here people, not the actors. If you want to blame anyone, it’s the writers, NOT the actors!!

    If you don’t understand what someone means, then ask instead of being a drama queen, starting an uproar, and keep it going instead of being civilized. It’s just that simple. And once someone explains what they mean, then that should be the end of it. But unfortunately this is not the case with some. They just love to jab it until it bleeds. I haven’t been on here in 2 days, and the same “word” is being discussed. Can you say overkill? I used the word “nonsense” in a descriptive way, and that is the last I will say on the subject. If you are that offended by a word, that is your problem!


    Love you girl. Too bad there aren’t more like you on here! You were right on target w/ your comments, and don’t let ANYONE tell you any different. Oh, and I’m w/ you on how Sami explained things to Lucas about EJ. I totally got it, of course, I got it before that too. And you’re absolutely right, unless you’ve been in that situation, you have no clue how that person was feeling (that’s like trying to tell someone what they think). Only Sami & EJ knew how they felt thinking Johnny was dead. I know Rafe loves those kids, but he has no children of his own, so he cannot relate how the real parents were feeling.

    That’s what they do. They can’t challenge you w/o getting personal. Truly sad! For me, tho, I’m used to it. It’s like some just hang on every word I say, ready to pounce. I guess I’m popular that way – lol. But you’re right, when you and me use words like ‘nonsense’ – ‘thin-skinned’ – ‘playing the victim’, we are using them in a descriptive way. But those who are offended by every little word written, take it so serious, that they come back w/ name calling (like you said when you were called b!tch), but apparently that’s ok. Some people’s morals are so screwed.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I hope everything goes well. I’ll be praying for you.

  160. From MAB

    SandyGram – to me it seems the writers are allowing EJ to let Sami control the situation w/ their kids, and I find that unlike EJ, and that is the only reason I said that he may snatch them from her…that was just my perception on the subject. I haven’t heard that he’s planning to do that. But if he does, he may just be waiting for her to self destruct so he can swoop in and take them. That is what I meant by him snatching them from her, I didn’t say it was an option. No disrespect to you, but I’m really getting tired of trying to explain what I mean, but at least you respectfully asked. Also, I agree with you about them sharing joint custody, and EJ moving into his own place.

    I get nauseated every time Brady & Madison start making out. She is not in the same league as someone like Nicole, which is who should be w/ Brady, or at least someone who is as striking in her looks & personality. Why can’t Brady have a real leading lady?? Has anyone else noticed Madison’s man hands?

    Lucas, Lucas, Lucas! I didn’t realize how much I missed him until seeing him. He looks great! I know Alison is thrilled to have him back on the show. They are really good friends in real life. And he & Sami haven’t missed a step. I loved how he brought the fighting side of Sami out. He said you just gonna give up, and she went into defense mode. That is where she needs to be and stop having to explain her actions all the time to Rafe who apparently don’t know who the real Sami is, and apparently never did. She needs to start relying on herself, like she said, instead of men, and put her focus on her kids, especially Will.

    Is Sami & Lucas really gonna sleep together? I haven’t read that anywhere. Well in a way, I hope it does happen, and Rafe finds out, so that will put the final nail in the coffin of their boring relationship. I just hope Sami & Lucas don’t try to reconcile for good tho. They’re better off as friends…they do it better than most. Besides, Lucas deserves better than he’s ever gotten before on the show from any woman…and that is a woman who loves him, and only him! Bring someone new & good in for a Lucas love story!

    If you feel it’s ok to have feelings for another while being married, then go ahead, not everyone thinks that way.

    Stefano just brightens the scene when he appears. He is just so amazing, and charming, even when he’s being naughty. It’s hilarious that all he has to do is walk in the room and people are terrified w/o him even trying. I love Joe Mascalo, but I hate when the day comes that he will no longer be a part of Days. I wish he could go on forever!

    Rafe vows revenge against EJ. What else is new? Writers, you need to give this guy a s/l and quick. Who wants to watch him going after EJ again? Didn’t he learn his lesson the first time? EJ will play w/ him for a while, and taunt him, but eventually he’ll get tired of him, and squash his @$$. It’ll serve Rafe right if he ends up dead this time around. And it wouldn’t bother me in the least.

    Really? I see some want to blame James Scott for the ratings and the EJami s/l? The writers are the ones in control here people, not the actors. If you want to blame anyone, it’s the writers, NOT the actors!!

    If you don’t understand what someone means, then ask instead of being a drama queen, starting an uproar, and keep it going instead of being civilized. It’s just that simple. And once someone explains what they mean, then that should be the end of it. But unfortunately this is not the case with some. They just love to jab it until it bleeds. I haven’t been on here in 2 days, and the same “word” is being discussed. Can you say overkill? I used the word “nonsense” in a descriptive way, and that is the last I will say on the subject. If you are that offended by a word, that is your problem!


    Love you girl. Too bad there aren’t more like you on here! You were right on target w/ your comments, and don’t let ANYONE tell you any different. Oh, and I’m w/ you on how Sami explained things to Lucas about EJ. I totally got it, of course, I got it before that too. And you’re absolutely right, unless you’ve been in that situation, you have no clue how that person was feeling (that’s like trying to tell someone what they think). Only Sami & EJ knew how they felt thinking Johnny was dead. I know Rafe loves those kids, but he has no children of his own, so he cannot relate how the real parents were feeling.

    That’s what they do. They can’t challenge you w/o getting personal. Truly sad! For me, tho, I’m used to it. It’s like some just hang on every word I say, ready to pounce. I guess I’m popular that way – lol. But you’re right, when you and me use words like ‘nonsense’ – ‘thin-skinned’ – ‘playing the victim’, we are using them in a descriptive way. But those who are offended by every little word written, take it so serious, that they come back w/ name calling (like you said when you were called b!tch), but apparently that’s ok. Some people’s morals are so screwed.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your son. I hope everything goes well. I’ll be praying for you.

  161. From gerri

    Just got on computer,and saw your post to Granndma Judy,I need you to
    tell me,what you meant by her (Kissing up to me)????
    she was asking about my surgery,same as most of us,have asked about each other,and family,and friends,from time to time…

    She made lot’s of good points,.
    as other bloggers have,”Days” might be fictional,but hurtful comments are real!!

  162. From MAB

    Nicci – thanks for proving my points over & over, how truly sad some react when your feathers get ruffled. Why you must be one of my biggest fans after that little tirade you just spewed. And you tell Kat to mind her own business…why don’t you take your own advice. I don’t recall anyone asking for your two cents.

  163. From gerri

    Oops,I stated wrong post# to Kat,Instaed of #145,It should have been my response,to her post to Grandma Judy.

    I hope your son’s biopsies,come back negative,I know When a biospy,Is ordered,It can be very frightening!!

  164. From Maryl

    I agree with those bloggers who think Nicole has no reason to lie to EJ about her pregnancy. This will, once again, be a ridiculous repeated SL unless there is a big surprising twist to it in the end. Somehow, I’m not looking for the writers to be that inventive. If Nicole really thinks she has to keep it a secret from EJ, she had better get out of Dodge real quick!
    I think Rafe going after EJ (if he does) will be more of a personal vendetta just as his attack on EJ at the mansion. Rafe needs to realize that his darling little Sami was more at fault in the sex department than EJ because she was the one who came to the mansion that night–had she waited for Rafe at the loft that night, none of this would have happened. Incidently, she still can’t give an answer to the question, “why did you turn to EJ?” Even when Lucas asked the question, she danced around it and did not give a clear reason. She cannot, because she herself doesn’t know or understand what happened between EJ and her that night.
    I am disappointed about the lag in the Alice’s secret SL! I don’t see the devastation that Stefano was supposed to be going through after learning Alice’s secret. As a matter of fact, he’s just busy doing the usual–playing out his game with John and Hope. I’m beginning to think the writers are just going to drop the ball on this SL which could have been really good. Instead, we are replaying the past as usual. Where are Doug & Julie-lost in the jungles on Africa? Shouldn’t they be back in Salem by now with some surprising news?
    I’m really beginning to question why I have faithfully watched this soap for years! I may have reached the point where I have finally “outgrown” it, and need to find a good hobby to fill the l hour time slot. I don’t like myself for griping about it constantly either!

  165. From Kat

    Thank you MAB, I know I was on target, and I know the truth sometimes hurts.
    I have developed quite a thick skin on here, learning to get used to the double standards,
    I enjoy many grown up bloggers on here, with views of all sides,
    adult and strong enough to have honest debates without falling apart, or having selective memories or outrages.
    #157 nicci, now your blog and words in it, make my point. Wonder if anybody will be outraged by the use of your language. Doubt it (except for MAB). I am moving on, and whatever I have said, I meant it, and I feel good having it off my chest. As for my son,
    I thank anybody for honest good wishes, I am a Mom first of all anything.

  166. From Kat

    Now on with the show,
    about the secrets in the BOX….
    Seems to me that if Stefano did not know what was in the envelope, Mrs. H. also did not know what was in the other envelope. It was a draw, and they both “buried” the envelopes, never to be read. Looked like Stefano was never ever going to try to get into the box, He knew he could not, needed after all 2 keys and Mrs. H. was after all gone.
    IMO, the SL is starting to drag a bit, they just dropped the Egg/Fertilizer story, hopefully with Dr. Dan back they will do some follow ups, and rekindle my interest.
    Doug and Julie must be lost in Africa, and how long will it be before we learn what devastated our Stefano so much.
    There are so many loose ends right now, I forget – what are the unanswered questions anymore.
    Move it along writers, don’t just stop the flow altogether, I have started to develop a short attention span.

  167. From Grandma Judy

    gerri #160, – I’m glad you understand that I was inquiring about you since I hadn’t seen your comments recently.

    Going back to what I wrote on Sat. #123 about people develping feelings for someone else while married, I do not think that’s OK. My point was that it’s possible for it to happen, even to good people, and sometimes it works out in the end and the marriage is saved. As with my sister. Don’t know how it will work out on the show but I can’t wait to see!

    I am developing my own short attention span about Hope/John/Stefano/Alice/the whole secret, and Alamania!

  168. From gerri

    good post!!!

  169. From Kat

    124 Ms-R,
    I read your post earlier, it must have come in later, as so many do these days… you almost have to go back to get to read them all..
    However, it was a great post, great analysis about Marlena. I enjoy reading posts like that, tunnel vision gets so old at times.
    Hope you keep on posting, people like you keep it interesting and diverse.

  170. From Grandma Judy

    Ever notice how if you go back through past blogs, there are ones there that weren’t before?

    petite fleur #125, – yes, in that instance, I think EJ handled it well to get his point across to Sami, and I agreed with what he told her.

  171. From MAB

    If Kate wants to be mad at anyone, it should be Madison. Ian tells her she can do whatever w/ Sami, but Madison is off limits. I would think Kate would take that as an invitation to go after Madison full force, but it seems she’s gonna take it all out of Sami. Come on Kate, do us all proud and take Madison down and run her out of Salem!

    Madison is gonna get Brady hurt or in a lot of trouble. What a b!tch. Too bad Nicole is dealing w/ her own mess, or else I think she would take Madison down a peg or two if she hurts Brady.

    Why would Austin take Carrie to Green Mountain Lodge only to end up w/ Abby? Carrie is stupid if she don’t see what’s going on here. If she was smart, she would stay and find out what is really going on. I guess that just shows how much she truly loves & trusts Austin. Or it’s just a way out for her to go crying on Rafe’s shoulder…probably the latter.

    Spoilers say Rafe orders EJ to back off pressing Nicole to make amends w/ him. I guess Rafe isn’t happy unless he’s sticking his nose into EJ’s personal business. He needs to get a life of his own, and stop wanting everything that EJ has, or has already had. Rafe is just gonna dig himself another hole, but one he might not be able to get out of this time. If he goes after EJ, he deserves what he gets in return.

    They are saying the Roman & Bo are set up. Is this a DiMera plan, or is someone else looking to take them out? I hate Bo is gonna be in a coma w/o Hope being around, putting Billie by his side. I know they say their relationship is now platonic, but I still hate that it has to be Billie there for him and not Hope.

  172. From SandyGram

    #169 Grandma Judy
    I have noticed blogs showing up hours to days later. You can also see the affect of that when in a Posting # has been input into the Comment field and you go back to look at that blog and it’s no longer that Posting #.

    I would venture to guess that it may be due to it being a new Board Member who has to be approved by Admin before their first blog goes through. The Blog must not get a Posting # until the Comment is submitted for view.

  173. From MAB

    Grandma Judy – you know what, you are really one to talk about others when you keep egging things on yourself. I mean, how many times can you use the word ‘nonsense’ in your posts before it becomes obvious that it’s a nod in my direction? If you want to say something to me, say it, or stop making those innuendos.

  174. From patty

    Nicci, please feel free to put in your two cents anytime you like. This is a public blog and everybody is entitled to their opinion so don’t let anybody tell you different.
    Maryl, I agree with your post and I’m feeling the same way lately. So many loose ends but I don’t know that I’m ready to give up yet.
    I am still holding out hope that some of these players will get to finally pay for their lifetime of crimes and for destroying other people’s lives. I’m not talking about switching DNA ,breaking in someone’s office or playing dirty politics, I mean the real evil doers of Salem. I like a good story where good overcomes evil, not the other way around.

  175. From Grandma Judy

    No innuendos, MAB, I thought I was pretty plain in my posts. And it wasn’t about you. It became about Kat’s attacks on another blogger.

    SandyGram #171, – That post # thing, that even happened before the delayed postings issue and when I first came on here a year-anmd-a-half ago, I thought I was having a senior moment a few times. Ha!

  176. From michele

    Today while watching I upset when I heard Sami say that the DR. ordered Grandma to get more rest, yet all her family comes to th epub an deats for free but can not help the lady, her daughter has to leave her husband to come half way around the world to help her do a job her sons and grandchildren could be helpping her with daily. Not only do they NOT help her, they have her wait on them, and babysit all the time!

    #124 When I said that I would give the kids to Marlena, I did not mean to say she is without faults. I feel that she is the only person in those kids lives right now that does not use the kids, or puts her own feeling before those of the grandchildren.

    I also think that Marlena has been very understanding of Sami, way more then any other mother would be. Marlena has taken Sami’s abuse for years. I am sorry but I do not think Marlena sleeping with John is as bad as Sami makes it. She was in love with John, she believed that John was Roman for years. She shared her life, bed, family, children with him. He was not some guy that she picked up at a bar, or knocked on her door and her lust took over. He was her loving husband one day and the next the real Roman was home. Because she spent all that time with John her heart belonged to him, but she felt devoted to Roman because he was her real husband and she did once love him and still loved him but was in love with John. Other then cheating on her father, what has Marlena every done badly to Sami?(being the devil or her evil twin not counted)
    I understand that she was not there when Grace died and that has always bothered me, because that was not the way Marlena was written to be. The writers had her call Sami at bad times and had Sami telling her not to come, because they knew that the way Marlena was developed she would have never stayed away when her daughter needed her. But because they did not want to pay to have the actress back on the show, they had Marlena there for Sami via phone calls and letting her live in the penthouse. But even know, she does not say how do you like it when Will is disrespecting his mother, because she loves Will and Sami she tries to get them to talk and forgive. I do not even like Marlena and can see how much she has loved Sami, I remember getting so mad at her for baby talking her and making excuses for her. I know that she had big problems with Brady and would not put up with any of his crap but never talked to Sami the way she did Brady when he was young, and his mother was dead not just a cheater. As I said before there are people on this show that come from really bad childhoods, Nicole for ex., Sami has always had someone in her corner, and has always known that she could do what she wanted to whom ever she wanted and both her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, John, etc. would always love her and try to help her. I do not feel Marlena owes Sami anything.

    Loved the Lucus/Sami stuff today.

    Please sent Abilgail to visit her grandmother, please. As I always say, I love to hate Sami, but one Sami is all I can take.

  177. From Kat

    GrandMa Judy, where is your outrage over ricci’s (127) comment, about Me and MAB’s, well go read it for yourself again…
    Nowhere, which again proves me so right about some of you having selective outrage. As I said, Patty even almost applauded her for her brave post.
    And your back peddling to MAB, also priceless.

    Michele, I guess one can say, Mother and Daughter closer than they know, but Sami needs to get a little more respect for her Mother, if she ever wants to get respect from her son.
    I guess what Sami missed the most, was “Time” with her mother, and Marlena always did put John first. So let’s see where the writers take us.

  178. From patty

    John tells Hope that something bigger than Stephano trying to break up their marriages is going on. He says it started the day of the elections when Steph disappeared suddenly right after his son won his race for mayor. Hopefully, if the storyline stays on track, we should find out what was in the letter that set all this in motion. Assuming of course it has something to do with the secret.
    According to spoilers, Rafe investigates EJ, yes, yes, yes! With Nicole’s help,they should be able to nail his a$$.

  179. From MAB

    Yes Nicci put in your two cents anytime you like, just don’t drag me into your rants anymore! If you dislike someone’s comments so much, why do you read them????????? Never mind, I know the answer to that. It’s those nasty little pot stirrers who like to cause trouble just sitting there waiting for a reason to pounce. I guess Admin got lazy when they allowed your post to even go thru w/ all those nasty comments you made.

    Grandma Judy – your posts were plain…plain filled w/ the word nonsense. I think it was a jab in my direction rather than the attacks on Kat, but whatever. It doesn’t bother me. Like you said “if people get offended, they get offended, end of story.” But the problem lies when it keeps getting repeated over & over – it only worsens the situation and fuels the fire. Much like this one.

  180. From MAB

    Kat, let’s face it, we are just a different breed than some. We are rebels! We don’t go along w/ the crowd and some can’t stand it. Oh well, I’m certainly not gonna change, are you?

  181. From MAB

    No way is Nicole gonna help Rafe. She did that once before when he used her and I think she’s smarter than that. Plus she would implicate herself. And besides we all know they’re gonna get back together eventually according to the spoilers, so I highly doubt Nicole will help out Rafe again.

  182. From Kat

    MAB, I will always stay true to myself, and always stand up for my friends, or people in need, and not in a selective way.
    If there is one thing I never could stand, it’s hypocrites,
    if you said it, admit it, and I did and I stand by everything I have said,
    unlike others on here, trying to always spin things after the fact.
    Again MAB, thanks for being such a straight shooter, I respect you a whole lot, and always have for all the years I have been on here.
    Come to think, I do miss our other straight shooter Kass, hope very much, that Her and Baby a are doing just fine.

    MAB, isn’t it ironic, how none of the outraged… had any problem ,with Ricci’s blog,
    when she talked about me and your Anatomy….. So ok, she can say whatever she wants, but please to the rest, give me and MAB the same right without hounding us like forever for silly little words… Cut the double standards, and all could be fine.

  183. From patty

    Since this has become the Mab and Kat drama site, I am out of here and let those two keep patting themselves and each other on the back for ruining a perfectly good place to blog and for alienating and driving away nice people with their” nonsense”. Au revoir!

  184. From patsy

    159 i STILL STICK by what I said about James is the reason for the low rateings HE is the star of the show is he not right. hE HAS made no sectertabout waning to be with ARI. right THEY HAVE TRYED VERY HARD TO turn all of ALI/Sami fans againgt her by makeing her even worse than befor right THEY TOOkTHE TOWN badgirl who marries formoney and made her prefect nice and a goodmother want to be right well what else would you call it if iot isnt that .HE JUST SIGN A NEW CONTRACT and he got what he wanted and now they have Nicole pregant with his child so they will be together . the EJAMI FANS GET NOTHING!! ON A GOOD NOTE realy enjoyed Samiand LUCUS TODAY the so to me make good friends Sami needs someone to be there for her its for sure she cant depend on EJorRafe or her famile .

  185. From Houston

    I’m beginning to dislike DOOL. They’ve turned it into Fatal Attraction with Austin and Blondie. Before long, it’s gonna be like the old night-time soap “DAllAS”. They’ll all wake up and this will have all been a dream. In some ways, I’d welcome it!! AND, Jack, John and Marlena should have NEVER returned. It’s done nothing for the story line.

  186. From p atsy

    I just wanted to say I realy could care less who they put JAMES/EJ with any more they have already ruined the EJAMI LOVE STORY ANY WAY .i JUST FEEL SORRY FOR the thousands of EJAMI fans that got screw again

  187. From Kat

    182 patty, couldn’t handle being exposed for your double standards, now do the big and brave thing and run. MAB and I did not keep the Nonsense alive, it was you and your double standard friends, and then your exposure, by praising Nicci for her “Nasty comments about Me and MAB”.
    You did it all to yourself, showed your true colors.
    I feel good about myself, and like I said, at least I can stand by what I have said, no regrets.
    You Patti could have redeemed yourself in my eyes, by not praising Nicci, that at least would have made you look at little fair… Take care, and remember, being strong and able to take it,,has helped me to survive by myself, and most of all, you have to be Fair to all sides, and I have always tried to do that on here. Never tried to get anybody of this blog, always defended their rights to say what was on their mind, without getting “personal/nasty”.

  188. From SandyGram

    Show March 5th:
    Brady and Madison – Let me think about this! Doesn’t Ian come and go into Madison’s room at will. Yep that’s what I remember! Then how ridiculous was it for Madison and Brady to have sex and champagne there; Brady gave her back her engagement ring; and Madison left the room all dis-shuffled for creepy Ian to walk in find the ring and see the obviously recently sex laden bed. Not to mention Madison walks in the door calling ‘Brady’. Of course Ian is going to lay down the law if she leaves him, he will go after Brady. Totally predictable!

    Ian and Kate – Another totally predictable outcome of a conversation between two these two reptiles. Kate with her going after Sami, Madison and Brady was short lived with Ian letting her know Madison is off limits because he will be taking care of her.

    Green Mountain Lodge – Melanie was like a Cheshire Cat today with her silly little grin of surprise to see Austin and Carrie and realizing Abby had fooled her into coming to the Lodge. I guess we will have to wait until later in the week to see Abigail deliver her news to Carrie. Hopefully that will begin the ending of the Abby loves Austin story. But then begins the new story where Carrie cries of Rafe’s shoulder and blurts out she loves him will be the following week according to the spoilers.

    Sami and Lucas – Loved the camaraderie between these two with great banter back and forth and obviously still a lot of emotion between them. But the best part for me today was when Kate just couldn’t hold it in when she spews at Lucas ‘you’re going to let this little bitch get her hooks into you again?’ It was like a Lizard with its long tongue shoots out to catch a fly, Wham got cha! Boy she has got so ‘splainin’ to do! I still chuckle when I think of that scene!

  189. From SandyGram

    #182 patty
    Je serai impatient de votre retour! Hope I got that right! I’ve enjoyed your posts, especially those little Day A Head snippets.

  190. From JenJen

    Normally don’t post, but I gotta say, I’m really happy about the apparent change in the attitude of the character Lucas. In previous years, the writers realy turned him into a whiney, pathetic creature, and I’m glad Dattillo is going to have the opportunity to play a more fun character.
    In other characters – I’m a big fan of Sami/Rafe, I see they are going to have to work through a lot of stuff, but I hope they get back together, same with Nicole/EJ.

    I know it’s kind of evil, but I really hope that John and Hope get turned into The Pawn and Princess Gina again. They were very interesting characters, and Stephano is always at his best when he’s got megalomanic plots going on.

    Hate what they have going with Abby right now, but I guess they always have to have one pathetic, whiney character, huh?

    Really hoping the new actress playing Celeste will bring it, but not counting on it. Really can’t beat the previous Lady of Sight. Will she even have visions in this incarnation, I wonder?

  191. From Guest

    Ready everyone, Kate eats crow big time. She gushes over Sami to apologize for calling her names. Sami and Lucas have lots more on screen time and it is so refreshing to see two characters who are friends…real, I’m in your corner and will support you friends. They look so happy together and their hugs so sincere, that you know they are happy to be working together again.

  192. From Kat

    Grandma Judy,
    In all honesty, I want to take back the remark I made about you, and kissing up to gerri.
    It was not called for, even if at the moment I thought so. I was wrong to do that, and I am sorry for that particular remark.

  193. From Clear

    Hi all! I was so glad to see Lucas back, and he still loves Sami!

    This site has not been letting me post–trying again.

  194. From Pansy

    I enjoy reading MAB’s comments even though they’re written in a disrespectful way (I don’t care what her actual opinions are of the show though). She’s truly the Sami Brady of this blogsite.

  195. From Irene

    I just Lucas and Sami together. You can just see the rapport between them and the way they interact with each other. Love it.

    I cannot stand Abby. She is in a fantasy world. Maybe she
    inherited some of Laura’s traits. I think they can get her off the show by having her go into a mental hospital as a story line.I
    certainly cannot stand the current line.

    Well, that is my rant for tonight. Off to bed now.

  196. From Robin

    I the Demera’s to get what they deserve, and I hope E.J. looses the Mayor thing. Sorry folks but E.J. doesn’t deserve Nicole, he doesn’t deserve anyone. I feel sorry for Sami. I just have soft spot for her. I do want Bo and Hope to stay together. I don’t like Ian, I wish they would take him out. I am really tired of Kate with her attack on Sami, I wish thay would hang that up. I do like the other changes, with Abby and Austin. I am sorry again, but Carrie and Austin has not been on for a long time, so I think they need to split, and go with someone else for a change. I think they should put Carrie with Rafe together, and Sami back with Lucas.

  197. From janeycake

    Me too, love Lucas back looking tanned, positive and confident.

    Does anyone know what ‘ISA’ stands for?


  198. From Just Moi

    I am also glad that Lucas is back, he and Sami just light up the screne, now THATS chemistry!! I have enjoyed Sami these last few days so much. I haven’t enjoyed her so much since her and Rafe where at the safe house. I don’t want them to become a couple I just want them to remail friends. All this crying and whinning was getting to me.

    Well Grma Judy I guess we are in the minority but I like Brady and Madison together and their love scenes…oh la la. Any opportunity to see Brady shirtless is a good day in my book!lol

    Patty, please don’t leave. I really like your comments, you add alot to this board.

    I know it is hard to not get involved in all the BS, I have done so before. Now I skip over the nasty comments and skip over a few of the regular posters because IMO they do have some good points but there is almost always a dig or two at someone. I pick and choose who I read and enjoy :)

  199. From Just Moi

    Oh, best line of the show yesterday, when Ian called Kate the Black Widow Spider. Sandy Gram your Kate the Snake title might ryme but Kate the Black Widow Spider is now #1 in my book lol. Ian is creepy but I like how he puts Kate in her place, she may have finally met her match! Now if Eel J can meet his, I will be a happy camper :)

  200. From Just Moi

    The best line of the day yesterday was when Ian called Kate the Black Widow Spider. Sandy Gram, Kate the Snake might ryme but Kate the Black Widow Spider fits her soooo good. Ian may be creepy but he can sure put Kate in her place! I think she may have met her match and boy are the sparks going to fly when Stephano finds out about the kisses. Now if Eel J can meet his match it will be a happy happy day! :)

  201. From patsy

    OH come on now do you mean to say you have never had a bit of jeliously when you have seen an old flame with some one new no matter the reason for the breakup Boy I have still do sometimes and I,M an old woman its only nature It doesnt mean you are still in love with them or want them back.

  202. From MAB

    Kat – ditto on your comments! And I respect you too, as well as some others on here including Maryl & SandyGram. I miss Kass too. Some say we start the drama, and maybe sometimes we do. We are ALL guilty of it whether they want to admit to it or not (especially the double standards), but at least we aren’t nasty about it. Unlike some, I refrain from getting personal and don’t pretend that what I say is the gospel. I know I get heated in some of my comments, but I’ve never said what a select few have said in their recent posts. I still say it’s simply because we like EJ that you & I get singled out because we support his character.

    Ugh, truly sickening watching Brady & Madison yesterday. I love seeing Brady, but Madison has got to go. I sure hope the writers do a murder s/l soon and Madison or Ian or both are killed.

    I don’t think Kate is gonna let Ian stop her from going after Madison. I can’t imagine Ian have that much control over Kate, plus the fact that she is Stefano DiMera’s wife. Seems she has all the power to me.

    My wish will always be for a Sami & EJ reunion one day, but in the interim, I’m happy to see the old chemistry between Sami & Lucas. I still want them to remain friends, but if it comes down to her going back to Rafe, I’d rather see her w/ Lucas. But again, Lucas deserves more than Sami can ever really give him. He needs a real true love.

  203. From SandyGram

    Lisa Rinna was on the Today Show this morning with a few words about returning to Days. She said she was on the show when she was in her 20′s, 30′s and now 40′s. In the clip they showed she was standing by Kate as she was being introduced to Gabi and Chad. I think it’s because of the heels ladies wear no a days, she look so much taller than Kate.

    Lisa did mention it was time they left Bo and Hope alone, besides there is a cute Doctor in town and she has her eyes on him. She was asked how did her husband Harry Hamlin like the love scenes she will be playing and she laughed big and hearty commenting “it was like legal cheating, what could be funner than that”. She quite a character.

  204. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #192 Janie – ISA stands for Idiot Secret Agents. Ha. Just kidding. How about International Screwup Agency? Or Is Stephano Alive? They’ve never solved a mystery or crime in the history of this show. Glad Shane is coming back. So charming.

  205. From Grandma Judy

    In yesterday’s show we saw how Ian can keep Kate under control. He doesn’t care about Madison, just has his own plans for her.

    I liked the whole engagement ring/champagne thing between Madison and Brady. Just Moi, I do really like Madison and Brady together. The 2 of them just light up around each other. I wish he wouldn’t be so cavalier about Ian and would take to heart Madison’s warnings about him. A spoiler on DaysCafe said to protect Brady, Madison will pretend she doesn’t love him anymore. Like SandyGram, I’ve wondered about Ian in and out of Madison’s room whenever he wants?!

    More great scenes with Sami and Lucas. She will take things from him that she wouldn’t from anyone else. At least so far. Loved it when Kate arrived at the pub and saw Sami and Lucas together. Sami and Lucas were grinning from ear to ear, knowing Kate’s reaction was not going to be a happy one.

    Priceless expressions on Melanie’s face when she realized she’d been set-up by Abigail to go along and intrude on Carrie and Austin’s get-a-way. Glad Melanie told her straight about it. Abigail, I think, really believes her fantasy about Austin at this point.

    patty #182, – I agree with most of your thoughts on the show, and your sense of what should be acceptable or not toward other bloggers, so I will be sorry if you leave.

    Kat #189, – your point is well taken and thanks for that. But no back-peddling, to MAB, as you stated in #176. My 2 bogs, #121 and #151, were in response to you berating Shani, and any other bloggers, for ever feeling offended, and my post #156 was a direct response to your attacks on me.

  206. From Grandma Judy

    Dyeing to be Blonde #198, – Too funny! And I like Shane, also.

    SandyGram, #197, – I saw that interview and she is cute as ever. Looked like she eased up on the plump lips thing and, to me, it looks better.

  207. From Kat

    Gram Judy,, you call it back peddling, I call it an apology, so be it.
    Your Silence about 157 Nicci’s “Graphic” Remark about MAB and I,
    told me all I needed to know, same as I told Patty,
    No outrage of course, it was after all against MAB and Me.
    But when MAB called some of Shani’s writings Nonsense, all hell broke loose.
    I am so done with all the double standards,
    back to blogging about the SL’s as soon as something worth talking about will happen, right now “dullsville” excuse me writers, don’t mean to offend you.
    But I am just given my honest opinions, that’s what you are always asking Us/the bloggers/ For. Move it forward a bit, I am getting so bored.

  208. From Grandma Judy

    Kat,I didn’t mean you were backpeddling. In #176 you said I was backpeddling and I was responding to that. But in my mind, this is waaaay overwith. OK?

  209. From Kat

    Lisa Rinne had surgery to reduce her Lip/s..
    on her Reality show a few years ago, and she has looked so much better ever since then.
    Glad her and Bo will not be an item again, boring,.
    Dr. Dan should be ready for her pretty soon, wonder how long it will take, for him to have been with All the women in Salem.
    He is on the roll, the Bachelor of Salem, that could be a show.
    There should be a show on TV called “SoapFeud” or Soap “CrossFire”, I think that would be so great to watch, after all Soap’s do create so Many, many, emotions and reactions in people,just look at this blog, LOL all the way.
    Aren’t we all having so much selective fun, about all the Drama caused by a soapopera and all the different opinions about it. I am, just don’t like “graphic and nasty” personal remarks, That’s All folks.

  210. From MAB

    For the final time, I did not call Shani’s comments nonsense. In fact, these were my exact words “Shani – Rafe is deeply in love w/ Sami but of course he has developed feelings for Carrie????? No disrespect to your opinion, but I find that statement nonsense.” I specifically stated I meant no disrespect to her and I meant it. I was MY perception of what she said. But she got offended, and some others stuck their nose into it and it got all of this blown out of proportion. Some were so outraged over one word I used…but apparently ok for the other nasty comments of others that followed. Oh well, be outraged, be offended, get bent out of shape, I don’t care!! From now on just leave me out of your tirades. If you don’t like what I have to say, skip it or ignore it, instead of sitting & waiting to go on the attack.

    #201 Kat – ditto!

  211. From Kat

    MAB, I guess, I did not word this to good myself about what you thought of “You know what”, LOL, sorry.
    And GramJudy, it is so over in mind also, and of course In MAM’s I am sure, almost….
    Don’t care if you accept my apology/or not, I did it, because that was the ONE THING, when I looked at Myself in the mirror, that bothered ME, and I did regret having said that.
    Just between you and I, what did you really think about the comment, about Moi crawling out of parts of MAB’s body. Were you offended or Not, I so would love to know, but I can live without an answer.
    Such a shame Gram Judy, because I had you always in highest regard, as being a great person, Grandma, I shared so much with you, and you with me and others.
    I feel, and have for some time, that I have lost a dear friend,
    that puts feelings or not for Rafe/EJ above other things.
    This had almost become a family blog, so many of us, went through so much together, personal stuff, yes, but respectful personal stuff, and Yes, a lot of other bloggers out there did not like that, I apologize for that also.
    To sum it all up, You Judy, are one of the people on here, that I really feel bad about, having lost as a friend.
    SandyGram, bless her heart, I call her Miss Schweiz, that’s where Zuerich is, but you know that……
    MAB, always give me the benefit of the doubt on this blog, with my Language barrier, I might put things, the way I really did not intend to put it,
    so please talk to me first, if ever you think I hurt you/offended you. I never have Malice in my heart, but realize things can be taken the wrong way, one thing I have always been, a true blue die hard friend, and I will always stand up for my friends, no matter what.
    Now, I got home earlier, I am going to watch today’s episode of Salem Drama, hope I don’t go to sleep over more boredom.
    And as for my “New TV soapshows” as mentioned earlier, of course some of the big Stars like EJ/Rafe/Brady/John and Bo etc.
    would have to be there for Guest appearances, and maybe as a reward for the winner, like me or you, dinner with EJ/Stefano,and of course for some of you, now give me break, LOL, take a joke, Borefest

    with Rafe and Carrie. For Richard, a liveley eve with Sami, or with Kate the Snake, get into her head. Lord help me, I am saying that to be funny and give this blog, “A kick in the pants”.
    Please, No outrage, just laugh, please.

  212. From Kat

    194 pansy,
    I beg your pardon, but I have to ask,
    with all the outraged that I had to endure, about calling some “Pansies”, nothing disrespectful in my mind, but oh boy in Theirs,
    and now you come on and call yourself “Pansy”.
    Can you help me out here, because now I am really confused all the way.
    What is going on here.???? Travis, what do you think, does this blogger have a degrading name, that she gave herself of what????
    Pansy, no disrespect, the one thing I always thought that Pansy, besides being a flower meant, is don’t be whimpy, am I wrong? Cheerfully and respectfully == Kat, on a hot blog roof………….

    Bummer, no DOOL/Salem today, the Prez cam on.

  213. From Kat

    One more thing,
    If I was any of you bloggers, I would tell ME, stop, go on Dr. Phil, but leave us alone, we are a Soap Blog, Laughing out loud at myself. Have a good one.

  214. From gerri

    Was looking forward to” Days”
    today,but no show!!
    from yesterday’s show,loved scenes with Sami and Lucas..
    I hate any scene with this newcomer
    IAN,he Is so Nauseating!!

    Abby has undoubtedly inherited,some mental problems,from her Grandmother Laura,as she Is really delusional…she Is right there at being a stalker( It could go as far as a fatal Attraction)but don’t know what writers have In mind,I think It would make a good story line,thus being a great reason,for Austin’s and Carrie’s return…….Just My thoughts…

    Hope this controversy on this blog site Is done,It ruins everything,let’s all be nice to one another,and not respond negatively to other’s comments…..

    Patty,please come back onboard,always have liked your posts,and you could give us a little sneak preview,of the episode,before we saw It here In the US.

  215. From Mopy

    Patty, no! Please don’t go, I love your posts and agree with most of what you usually have to write about the show and characters. I appreciate your free, logical, and subtly humourous attitude! That’s rare on here, and it echoes my own. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing. I don’t know. But, I’d miss you if you stopped commenting.

  216. From gerri

    any updates re-your son’s biopsies?
    hope everthing turns out good!!!

  217. From Kat

    216 gerri,
    not yet lady, but I am living with knots in my tummy.
    There are a few other things also involved, but we are a loving family and we will get through it all together. Tears, when I go to bed, but I am strong and I am a believer.
    Thank you for asking, very kind of you, hate so say it, but your kind words made me cry, but it is a release, can’t be a Pansy, my fav. word.Please laugh with me…

  218. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, – If you reread the bottom of #205, you will see that I did accept your apology about the kissing up to gerri comment. Maybe I didn’t word it the best way. And at the top of #156 you will see that I do still consider you a freind on here. However, I’m going in for stitches today where you ripped me a new one in what is now #152. lol, no offense, I’m just kidding. You know how it is, gotta laugh or it wears on you. I’m sorry you’re still waiting for your son’s results. The wait can be excruciating. Hoping for the best results for him!

  219. From SandyGram

    Kat….When a child gets sick it’s painful for a parent, but there is something about a grandchild being ill that pulls at the heart strings of a grandparent. Be strong Kat and know prayers are being sent your way for a positive outcome of the test results.

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