General Hospital Weekly Summary For February 20-24.

A tragic week.

At the hospital, Jason asked Spinelli to look after Sam and the baby if he died. Down the hall, Robin found Patrick passed out in the lab. She dragged him out as gas leaked. She ran back in and passed Jason’s cure through the door before it automatically locked her in. The lab exploded. The fire department told the doctor no one could have survived and handed him Robin’s ring. Sam and Monica got busy keeping this from Jason. Meanwhile, Patrick broke the sad news to Anna and started to blame Jason. Anna was left to tell Mac. He fell apart. Meanwhile, Patrick told Sam that he would never let Jason have the cure that Robin made for him. As far as he was concerned, Jason deserved to die. Anna tried to reason with him while Sam kept Michael from telling Jason what was going on.

Someone took a shot at Dante. Sonny pushed him out of the way and took the bullet himself. The cop went off to announce this to the party and Kate started accusing Johnny. As they were all distracted, Sonny limped off to Johnny’s to confront him. He was busy moping and flirting with Carly. Sonny burst in, threatening to kill him. Carly insisted he was innocent. Dante arrived in time to drag his father out. He thanked him for saving his life and took him to the hospital. He urged him to let the feud with Anthony end. Kate arrived next and made the same plea. Sonny wouldn’t listen. As he got up to leave the hospital, he ran into Mac, who informed him about Robin’s death and lashed out at him. Sonny was stunned. He stormed off to the Quartermaines to hunt down Anthony with his gun. Tracy talked him down and sent him away. Anthony thanked her. She asked for a divorce. That made him chuckle. As he drove off to the airport, he thought Sonny was on his trail. Swerving, he drove Llanview’s Starr, Cole and Hope off the road.

Molly freaked out when she discovered TJ threw a party at her house. She called Michael over to clear out the kids. She was drunk by the time he got there. He lectured the teens and demanded they call Alexis. When she arrived, she found her daughter drunk. Molly tried to absorb all the blame. When Shawn showed up to lecture her, TJ finally took the blame. Shawn dragged him off and then went off to track down Carly. He caught her in a suggestive position with Johnny. Once he got her alone, Shawn declared that he had feelings for her. She didn’t say a word in return. After he left, she dropped her robe for Johnny.

Over at Wyndemere, Cassandra was fed up with Ewen interrupting her affair with Ethan so she fired him. The shrink warned Ethan about her again. Once he left, Ethan got a shock when Helena finally came out of hiding. She explained that Cassandra was actually her daughter and she sent her to seduce him. He was outraged, but that only increased when she had her thugs drag Luke out of the tunnels. Meanwhile, Ewen found Kate on the pier wearing her bloody wedding dress. She admitted to him that she didn’t know what was going on.

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  1. From tina coryell

    I like having starr on GH but why kill her daughter and her boy friend? why don’t you just keep starrs mom and dad on GH to?

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