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Things are really moving on all the soaps, making it impossible to miss even one day. But if you did, we have all the info you need about the big blowup among EJ, Nicole, Sami and Rafe in Salem, Rick’s seduction of Steffy on “B&B”, and just about everything on “General Hospital”, thanks to head writer Ron Carlivati’s first week at the helm. Read on to relive the week or catch up on everything you missed.

Deconstructing Days:

So it is off to Alamania for John and Hope, but the only truly interesting turn this trip has taken is when Hope stumbled into his arms for a sexually charged second. Will shared a drunken, but extremely passionate kiss with Neil, which lead to a great conversation between him and Marlena. As for Rafe and Sami? That might be over before we know it … along with Nicole and EJ. Christine says, “I disagreed with Rafe’s angry assessment of Sami being incapable of loving. She’s capable of loving, just not capable of going through life without making massive mistakes. I think he’s done with her. I understand his anger at the whole situation, but felt bad about the way he told Nicole the truth. How painful was that, just after receiving a proposal from EJ.” Read more at Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

Restless Rant:

This week was more about building story line than anything else, and while it wasn’t overly exciting, the hope is it will be soon. Genevieve is falling under the power of another man awfully quick, and Cane and Lily trying to find some private time to no avail provided some fun. But the psycho mommy storyline has us nervous. Candace says, “When Daisy was released and Lauren gave Avery those dire warnings about what she’d unleashed on the town, and how she’d end up hating herself for what she’s done, I got a chill of dread just knowing something is going to happen. Daisy is such a creepy psychopath – especially when she’s playing ‘little girl innocent’ – it’s just like watching a horror flick. When she came down the stairs of the penthouse carrying Lucy my blood went cold.” Read more at The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

B&B Breakdown:

So we haven’t really made any progress with Hope Liam and Steffy as we are right back to where we were when Liam chose sex over Hope. Did love seeing Steffy pull one over on Rick, but their chemistry is proving to be interesting – and we can’t wait until Amber catches wind of it and wreaks havoc on Rick at work. Best bit of the week was the double date with Bill, Ridge, Brooke and Katie. Candace says, “The double-date dinner at Bikini Beach was brilliant. All the different facial expressions, one-liners, and the women trying to be civilized was so entertaining to watch. Bill and Ridge drank like fish to get through it, and the bit with Bill’s little impromptu fantasy about Brooke was golden – so unexpected, and absolutely hilarious the way he had to give his head a shake and excuse himself. Awesome!” Read more at The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:

Ian continues to make waves in town, seducing Kate and torturing Madison, while Stefano left town and Lexie is disappointed in Abe. But the big fireworks happened after Rafe overheard Will telling Sonny at the bar about his mom and EJ. Matt says, “Even Rafe wouldn’t accept this and stormed over to Casa DiMera where Elvis was busy promising Nicole that they could live a fairytale life now that he was the mayor of Salem (apparently the job comes with a castle, but the dungeon isn’t as swanky as the Dimera’s). She said yes until Rafe ran in to ruin the mood with Samanther trailing after him. Rafe spilled the beans.” Read more of Mat’s take at Matt’s Musings.

GH Breakdown:

If you weren’t watching last week, you missed one heck of a show. Every day was pure drama with amazing writing and moving acting. Plus, Llanview residents are starting to make it to town, with Starr, Hope and Cole. Exciting! The saddest moment however, was the death of Robin, one of the most beloved characters on Daytime. Lori says, “Some fans seem upset Robin was killed off. It’s understandable, since she’s been a core character on and off for the past 20 some years. However, the actress chose to leave. The show had to write her out, since recasting was wisely out of the question. Death seems like the only solution since viewers wouldn’t have believed her taking off on the husband and daughter she loved so much, even to spare their feelings. And Patrick has to move on at some point. Having the audience and Patrick believing Robin is dead is the only acceptable way for that to happen.” Read more about this incredible week at General Hospital Weekly Blog.

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