The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For February 20-24.

Going nowhere fast.

Rick brought Liam and Hope the annulment papers. He soon realized that Steffy didn’t really sign them. Hope moaned but Liam insisted he still loved her. All of this was making him uncomfortable though. Hope was hyper so he filled her with chamomile tea. Meanwhile, Rick stormed back to Steffy to repeat that she should forget about Liam and just be with him. She thought his ego was too big for her. He wouldn’t back off so she challenged him to wine and dine her. They went out and ran into Liam and Hope. Liam was obviously jealous. Steffy saw this and warned her rival that things were far from over. All of this left Liam’s beard bristling.

Stephanie ordered Brooke to stop Rick’s seduction scheme. Brooke refused so she accused her of being a hypocrite. Brooke went off to drag Ridge to a double date with Katie and Bill. The four of them argued about Liam, Hope and Steffy. Bill tried to get Ridge onside. Ridge just tried to get drunk and Bill was soon distracted by fantasies about Brooke’s cleavage. Across town, Steffy confronted Rick about his tricks but claimed she found them amusing. He took this as a good sign

Hope and Liam made out and reminded him that she wanted to wait until they were married. He already knew that. After he left, her mom showed up and told her daughter that she might want to be a bit less hardcore about the virgin thing. Hope refused to back down on her principles. Rick showed up and agreed with Brooke’s idea. Hope didn’t appreciate all of the pressure but told Rick to take Steffy off the market. Meanwhile, Bill cornered Liam at home. He urged his son to call his wife over so he could obey his primal instincts. Liam thought that one over but insisted that he was willing to wait for Hope. Even if he still loved Steffy, he still wanted to be with Hope. Bill told him about his Brooke fantasies and urged him to indulge himself. Later that evening, someone came knocking at both Hope and Steffy’s doors.

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