The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For February 13 – 19.

Many flew to Paris, Adam lashed out at Sharon and Angelo made more threats…

Katherine arranged to have everyone flown to France for a dream wedding as her gift to Cane and Lily. After Neil turned down Genevieve’s job offer, she informed Victor of being open to some possibilities. Genevieve was upset over not being invited to the wedding and flew to France. During Cane and Lily’s ceremony, Jill spotted Genevieve hiding and crying from afar. Jill told Neil, and later, Sofia was irked with how attentive he was being toward Harmony.

Victor sent a birthday gift to Delia, through Nikki, and was furious when Anita appeared at the ranch. He reminded Anita of his previous warning, never to come to Genoa City, threw her out then surprised Nikki with a romantic dinner.

Chelsea claimed she was going into early labor. After Billy and Vikki were told it was a false alarm, Anita rambled about losing an earring. Anita agreed to think about it after Billy offered to find her and Chelsea a comfy place far away after the baby was born. Though Victor assured Nikki he had no knowledge of Chelsea and Anita, Nikki found Anita’s earring at the ranch. She called Victor in Paris, who wouldn’t discuss it over the phone, then confronted Anita.

Jack continued to reject Genevieve and planned to take legal action against her for looking at his bid. Victor located Genevieve in Paris and offered to teach her the tricks of the trade. He invited her up to his suite to discuss a possible arrangement over a bottle of champagne.

Adam didn’t want Sharon to lose any more time with Faith. After he hired someone to check in on him, she agreed to leave. Adam felt Hope’s presence and interacted with her ghost. Hope assured Adam that he could turn his life around. When Sharon returned, after a brief visit with Nick and Faith, Adam admitted he couldn’t go on without her help.

While Kevin explained to Chloe what really happened, Angie wanted to make things right and told Angelo marrying Kevin was a mistake. He figured Kevin had already been cheating on her with Chloe and threatened to send Chloe away next. To protect Chloe, Kevin then claimed he’d fallen in love with Angie after seeing a photo of Chloe and Daniel kissing.

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  1. From Kathy McMullan

    In what world would you ever date, marry, support a man who kidnapped your child at birth, kept you from her for 6 months, destroying others because of this. And now we are asked to feel sorry for him because he is blind. Please give me a break. And now we will go through Jack and Adam yet again exacting revenge on Victor for bringing Patty back originally. But wasn’t it Adam who helped her escape in the first place. And did he not bring her back this time; at the very least he knew she was back and did nothing. I think the writers need to give Sharon a brain and if not, at least give Nick and the courts the guts to remove Faith from her. My friends and I have decided to stop watching Y&R until the show starts dealing with some realities.

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