Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For April 2-6.

Coming back and refusing to go.

Carrie tells Marlena all about the Abby and Austin mess. Even after learning the truth, she’s still not sure she wants him. She decides she wants Rafe instead and runs off to find him. Rafe is stuck between Nicole and EJ as they argue about the baby. Elvis assumes it’s his child and refuses to stay out of Nicole’s life. Rafe steps up and claims the child is really his just as Carrie arrives. She’s devastated to hear the lie he just told and runs back to Austin, offering to help fix their marriage. Meanwhile, EJ drags Nicole in for a paternity test but they’ll have to wait ten weeks to get it done. She and Rafe decide they’ll have to have the tests switched but don’t want to drag Daniel into the deception. Later, they bump into Carrie and Austin. He thinks they’re happy together again but she clearly isn’t. Nonetheless, she still tells Rafe that he was a mistake and she’s now committed to her marriage.

Sami begs Lucas not to leave town. He says she still has EJ. They argue about Elvis. She insists that if she has unresolved feelings for anyone it is actually Lucas. Sami confesses that she loves him and wants him back. He doesn’t want to get dragged back into another relationship disaster and tries to leave town. Sami cancels his flight reservation and does everything she can to keep him around. Elvis shows up and tells her that her husband knocked up his wife. This knocks Samanther for six. Lucas decides to stick around to help her, especially after Elvis starts getting excessively helpful.

Stefano continues playing games with John the pawn and Gina. This time it’s poker and Stefano cheats to make sure they still have to run off and find his egg. They don’t care because they plan to sell it and disappear together. She hooks up with Count Wilhelm, one of her old paramours. After she gets him to take her to the bedroom, she and John knock him out and steal the egg. They go back to their place. As they get pantsless, he notices a picture of Marlena and it disturbs him. When they are getting dirty in the shower, he keeps thinking of Marlena and then talks about Bo. That’s a mood killer for sure but she still has no idea who Bo is. She doesn’t know who Hope is either. He tries to break her out of the trance by forcing her to read the Salem Spectator. She begins shaking her lust for John when she spots a photo of Bo. Stefano crashes the party.

Marlena worries to Roman about John and Hope running off together. They try getting Kate to tell them what’s going on but she won’t say a word. Marlena has a little more luck getting Will to open up. He finally admits he’s gay. Meanwhile, Kate continues to be annoyed by Stefano and his apparent obsession with Marlena. She turns to Ian to vent. He repeats that he came to town just to be with her. It’s not long before they’re locking lips and twisting limbs.

Lexi and Abe celebrate their anniversary. All of the romance gives her a raging headache. She passes out for awhile so he calls Daniel. He thinks she needs some tests. She refuses but Theo tells her she has to. Celeste suddenly materializes and warns her daughter that she is in grave danger. Her tarot cards have been predicting doom. She rushes Lexi to the hospital and Daniel soon gets the test results. It’s bad news: she has an inoperable brain tumor.

Billie passes the evidence she found connecting Stefano to arms deals along to Agent Spencer. The ISA needs even more proof to take him down. Across town, Gabi posts on the Mad World website about Mel’s nasty past. Chad assures his girlfriend he loves her anyway. Gabi fumes. Meanwhile, Abby is fuming after seeing Carrie and Austin in a PDA. She storms off and bumps into Derek. They bicker. He thinks she’s a clumsy goose. She thinks he’s a jack ass. After some more arguing, he reveals that he’s in town to see his half-sister, Lexi.

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  1. From dc

    well, lots going on next week.
    sure sami will have sex with lucas, it’s inevitable. bye bye autumn.
    it appears abby and this new guy may hit it off.
    rafe rafe what are you doing?? i don’t know who is worse (sami or nicole). he would be better off with carrie.
    and shane is gonna help john and hope. i think they will fool stefano into thinking they are still hypnotized but are really john and hope not princess gina and “the pawn”..

  2. From SandyGram

    SPOILERSSSSSS….OH MY the only thing I didn’t see coming was Lexi’s medical condition. It is said to be a inoperable tumor, but does that mean ‘shaky hand’ Dr. Dan will take a chance anyway and will save her life? Or maybe he guides the new Doctor as he removes the tumor! This will be interesting….then maybe as a result of the tumor Lexie will loose her short term memory and not remember how nasty she has been to Abe.

    On all Sami, Lucas, EJ, Nicole, Carrie and Austin in the Summary above…I’ll go back to my comment a few days ago…they should all live in the DiMansion and share and share a like.

    Gabi, Gabi, Gabi….down the fox hole she goes the the land of psycho chick. Where’s big brother to help her out of her troubled ways. Another computer expert, she uses the Mad World website to post Mel’s past, how does she had access to the MW website.

  3. From Grandma Judy

    dc #1, – I hope you are right and John and Hope will just be pretending to be hypnotized.

    I voted above that Sami will sleep with Lucas first. But I sure considered “both in the same day”!!

    I will have to see how it is actually played out but I probably won’t like Rafe pretending to be the father of Nicole’s baby. The writers promised us no more who’s the daddy storylines. But maybe they don’t count this since we viewers do know who the daddy really is. At least I think we do!

    When I posted the spoiler on the other page about all the stress taking its toll on Lexie’s health, I didn’t expect anything as serious as a brain tumor! Sometimes the spoilers make light of something serious and yet make a huge deal out of things that end-up not amounting to much.

  4. From michele

    OK, Bo is in the hospitol fighting for his life and Sami is STILL leaving Caroline to babysit. How about instead of drinking and feeling sorry for yourself, YOU be there for the family that is always there for you! Come on you need a job, grandma needs help. Also why would EJ be up in Grandma’s house putting the kids to sleep and not their mom. I do not have a problem with EJ putting the kids asleep, I have a problem with Sami knowing what her grandma is going through, knowing how her grandma feels about EJ and instead of being there for her doing what any HUMAN would do and make this time be about Grandma and not making any added stress for her. Oh, how the writters and Allison’s acting makes me want to beat Sami.

    Rafe, PLEASE forget about EJ and spend sometime with your sister!

    Carrie is just as bad as Sami, she is just thinking about herself. Her husband loves her, but she does not care. Ok so they want her to love Rafe, gross but whatever, that does not give her a right to use and hurt Austin just so she is not alone. If she wanted to leave Austin then she should have left Austin. We all know now, that they are going to have Rafe and Carrie get together, once all the truth comes about about why he said that he is Nichole’s baby’s father.

    You would think that once it came out that someone broke into the records and switched results that they would have increased the security. But I guess not in Salem.

  5. From NeeNee

    “Meanwhile, Abby is fuming after seeing Carrie and Austin in a PDA. She storms off and bumps into Derek. They bicker. He thinks she’s a clumsy goose. She thinks he’s a jack ass . . ”

    Is this the only character introduction tool in the writers’ drawer?? This cheesy “bumping into” someone has been done to death. And of course, the other prerequisite is that the chick & the stud hate each other with a passion at first sight.

    Think back to Bo & Hope . . original Roman & Marlena . . . original Brady & Chloe . . .
    Sami & Rafe . . . Sami & EJ . .
    Dan & Jennifer . . . Jack &
    Jennifer . . . I could go on & on.

    On Days, it’s either instant couple hate or instant syrupy couple love—as in EJ and Taylor and that stupid scarf.

    Most real-life initial meetings are just average, “hi, glad to meet you” polite exchanges. Now, one or both halves of any couple may have a physical attraction because they like what they’re seeing. But I just don’t ever recall real-life couples snarling & dissing each other in a first meeting. I know it’s a soap, but as I said at the beginning of this post, this has been done to death!

  6. From pattypat

    To many storylines going on at one time, Sami, EJ, Lucus, Rafe; Carrie, Asutin, Rafe, Abby; Joh, Marlana, Hope, bo; chad and witchy Gabbi and Mel. I can go on and on. Was suerprised to hear about Lexi’s storyline coming up. Umm! sounds interesting.I really like Lucas coming back, but he better watch out for Sami will have him in her snare. I would like to know who is caring for Ciera. One more thing is why Kayla came back to help at the pub. Was Carolyn really sick. I think she looked bad last week. anyway, my thoughts and I will KEEP watching.

  7. From patty

    Ha, Grandma Judy, I didn’t just consider voting “both in the same day”, I did. lol! I hope it won’t happen but nothing Sami does surprises me anymore. She’s jealous and accuses Carrie of stringing along two men at the same time and says it’s not fair so why not her, especially now that she thinks Rafe slept with Nicole.

  8. From Grandma Judy

    I just watched my DVR of today’s Days. Didn’t know quite what to make of the interaction between Sami and EJ but you Ejami fans are probably gonna love it. Did she really say “maybe that’s why the sex was so good”??!!

  9. From nanna mary

    I have watched this soap for 37 years and they just keep recycling the story lines the need to try some new things I am really thinking about stop watching it altogether

  10. From Cindy

    Is all that really going to happen in one week? Holy cow! I agree with everything everyone said above.

  11. From Grandma Judy

    patty #7, – I hear ya!

    patty, your day ahead sneak peek was right about that dinner today. The place, the people, the agenda, – all so strange! Would have been so boring, too, if Brady hadn’t gotten up on his alcohol induced soapbox! Too bad about Chad and Melanie. They were giving us some good stuff until she found Gabi’s earring in the bed.

  12. From NeeNee

    While I like the Melanie character (since her redemption), she has a serious problem. Just because you go out with a guy a few times and you make out, does NOT mean he is THE.ONE.

    Before Chad, she was sure it was Dario. Before Dario, it was Nathan Horton. Before Nathan, it was Philip Kiriakis. Before Philip, she was intrigued by Nick Fallon who turned out to be a wacko obsessed with her. Before Nick, she had lived in France going out with men her father owed money to.

    All of this happened over a period of 3 to 4 years. Of course, she still has a ways to go before topping the Sami Brady character! But I really hope Melanie goes back to school and forsakes men for awhile. Her personal family history is most likely causing her premature commitment to men. In real life, is she still an item with Casey Deidrick who plays Chad?
    That relationship may play into their DAYS storyline, much as Doug & Julie back in the 1970′s.

    I’ve said this before, but Molly Burnett looks like she’s had a weight gain that really looks good on her—much better than her first days on DAYS when she was skeletal, IMO (not as bad as Chelsea though). And I like her fuller, fluffier hairstyle that’s more becoming.

  13. From cynthia

    who the heck is Derek? i can’t bring him to mind at all. i still think Rafe and Sami were good together. as for Lexi… she sure can forget her own transgression very easily… what about all her affairs! wasn’t too long ago that she was doing the deed in her office at the hospital with someone i can’t even remember! and what about Abe’s little brother! she won’t even let Abe explain. i don’t like John and Hope together other than as cops… and Carrie… i don’t think she and Rafe have chemistry on screen.

    then again, i don’t think she and Austin have chemistry either! here’s a twist to consider… Carrie and EJ!!

  14. From KAT

    The way I feel about Carrie right now, I would not even wish her on EJ…Carrie needs serious time out.

  15. From SandyGram

    #13 Cynthia
    EJ and Carrie that would be a ‘twisted sister’ story line. Sami would surely take her out behind the barn if that should come true. Not to mention the fans!

  16. From Kat

    Talking about Sami and who will sleep with her first,
    I know what EJ said to Nicole in her room, telling Rafe to be concerned about what he might catch from Nicole, All I can say to both of them, Rafe and EJ,
    be concerned what you might have caught from Sami after you EJ brought in the Unknown Scum Bag RoboRafe into Sami’s bed. Just think about that for a moment.
    Has Sami ever been tested, you would think that would have been an important moment in the SL, specially now – who knows how long it will be, before Lucas will be/maybe/ the next bed

    So Rafe and EJ, and maybe Lucas, be very careful, you don’t want to spread something, all over Salem.

    And if the writers never intended for Sami to have caught Anything from RoboRafe, it still would be nice and responsible to put the question out there, and maybe mention if Sami had been tested and is in the clear, Did I miss it, please if I did, somebody let me know.
    After all we want to always teach the young viewers… responsibility….
    Just think, moving on, Rafe could give it to Carrie, Lucas could give it to Autumn, etc. etc. it needs addressing, IMO

  17. From Cindy

    Excellent point Kat! That should have been the first thing Sami and Rafe worried about and had checked out. RoboRafe could have had any number of diseases. That would have been a really good and topical story line.

  18. From Clear

    Not switching paternity tests again! Enough already.

  19. From KAT

    17 Cindy, thank you, after all the Soap decided to give us the “Gay Story Line” to help educate the masses out here, fine by me, I have no problem with that or Gay people, they are all God’s creatures, they are people like You and I, and everybody else in Gods country….. but then also IMO take a few important scenes on this very permiscouos (lord help me how to spell that darn word, I have tried…
    to point out how important it is to get tested after having had sex (not Sami’s fault) with somebody of very questionable means, that could after all, endanger, so many people, I mean living in Salem, Sex partners do change on a dime, don’t they.?????
    So EJ and Rafe, should you worry, and if you caught something, who would you hold responsible, maybe just maybe, You and your Fatha, but no matter what, I still find you the most facinating (?) character on the screen, so far.
    But My dear Buddy EJ, I have to call it as I see it,…..xx00

    EJ, the blog is going to light up after this one. xxxooo, I just enjoy it so much.

  20. From Barbie

    Gabi is going down the same path with Mel that was already done with Chloe. Didn’t someone post pictures on the web that ruined Chloe. Gabi is a nice girl. Couldn’t they find her a beau?
    Seriously everytime that Bo and Hope are happy then Billie has to come back and now Hope and John are going to sleep together. Boring–been there and done that again and again and again!!!
    I like that Lucas and Sami might reconnect, they were fun once upon a time.
    Austin and Carrie could leave again. Nothing interesting there.
    Kate gets bored and then beds another guy. What repercussions will come from this? Maybe Stefano will kill Ian and then Brady can have Madison again??
    Also Nicole and EJ. were cute together. How about fixing that? They were good together. The way she was strong and he had to get her to trust him again was fun to watch. This mess with Sami is same old, same old.

  21. From cassie

    Sami is such a slut. She sleeps with anyone that caters to her pathetics needs. Lucas, you better go back to your woman.

  22. From cassie

    Rafe is so busy helping these needy women he better go see about his sister. LOL!! I think EJAMI is going to be shortlived. I also read that Carrie will end up helping Sami, this might be a rumor. I hate that Lucas is going to ber caught in Sami’s web again.

  23. From cassie

    I hate EJ. He supposed to love Nicole and was trying to get Sami back in bed. What a loser. Anyone want Carrie with Rafe? Heck no!! He can do better than Sami and her crazy half sister. I like him with Nicole and so glad he’s helping her.

  24. From NeeNee

    #16, Kat:

    What I recall about the weeks after Faux Rafe died was that Sami thought she was pregnant but ended up having surgery for some “female” problem. Can’t recall exactly what it was, but she thought she had cancer which was not the case. Would guess that the hospital screened her before surgery for AIDS, STDS, etc. But I don’t know if that was ever verbalized.

  25. From Lisa

    Ej and Sami FOR THE WIN but of course it will never happen, these writers don’t want to write for them, just tease once upon a time..sigh..

  26. From the truth

    Sami will be once again needy and pathetic with self-righteous, lecturing, reformed Lucas..lame lame lame..whereas she could be with her equal Ej..No wonder your ratings are BAD days..

  27. From Cougar

    Oh how the powers that be like to tantilize and tease us EJami fans. They are certainly frienemies for life; one minute EJ is trying to make Sami’s head explode by hiring Will then he declares he will help her if and when Kate goes after her. The striking thing about them today is that neither seemed to rattled over the loss of their spouses but rather came across kinda like Boris & Natasha in therapy together.

    I would like to see Austin become just as disillusioned with Carrie as Rafe became with Sami. Carrie dumped Austin pretty quickly once befor – for Mike Horton, is it so surprising that she would do it again.

    Kate jealous of Marlene, really? She’s too smart and confident to beleivably go down that path.

    Waiting to see if Dr. Dan goes for the holy grail trifecta of affairs Mom/Kate, Granddaughter/Chelsea, and daughter Billie.

  28. From Clear

    Sad to say that Days has been so redundant or repulsive with the way the SL’s are playing out that I’m fast forwarding through more boring or distasteful scenes than ever before. I’ve turned more to The Y& R’s that I DVR than ever!

    Chad’s hair was sexy for the mag shots, but now he needs to get it out of his face. It was cute seeing how he played the surprised celeb. Gabi looked so grown up and beautiful in her scenes today. I still would like to see her back with Will.

    I enjoyed Sami and EJ’s scenes the most–still near to sizzling even at the Brady Pub.

  29. From Clear

    The witchy character, Kate the snake, deserves the warlock like character, Ian! I hope she eats him up and spits his smarmy conniving carcass out of Salem.

  30. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #15, – EJ and Carrie, yes, a “twisted sister” s/l for sure AGAIN, since he also bedded Nicole’s siser, Taylor. Yikes! maybe it could work! NOT!!

    cassie #22, – I agree about Rafe checking on his sister, Gabi. In fact, the writers don’t have them interact at all anymore.

    I’m surprised that Kate will be “locking lips and twisting limbs” with Ian (as is said above) so quickly after only having suspicions to base her worries on about Stefano and Marlena. I do like seeing Kate tormented over something, though. Isn’t there a song about that?, – “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”. That’s certainly how it is in Salem!!

  31. From jolie

    #4 Michele, Rafe and Nicole will go to Caroline and she’ll use her super computer skills (runs in the family for she and Sami) to change the paternity results for Nicole’s baby.
    #5 NeeNee, so are you suggesting that all couples don’t bump into one another, hate at first sight, then simmer with passion until they throw off all caution and clothing to consummate by the 3rd meeting?? I agree with you but just needed to question my own thinking of how this scenario works since it always works this way on Days…with the exception you mentioned, when a scarf is involved, then magic.
    #14 Kat, seriously a good move on putting Carrie in time out. What is with these women that they need to jump from man to man? If you just threw away a man you have been HAPPILY married to for years, jumped for your sister’s husband who she was in the middle of throwing away, how does this spell relief? It doesn’t. It spells disaster. So leave her in time out for a while. Someone suggested to swat her one like she did Abby. I second that swat!
    #16 Kat, put Sami in time out as well, and give her a dose of antibiotic after your remarks on RoboRafe! Yuck, but it was so spot on! Elvis and Rafe as well could use a little down time. Put them all there for a week but Heavens, not together!
    #20 Barbie, Gabi might not be as kooky as Abby but they seem to both have a lack of control or a lack of clarity about a situation. I wish the writers didn’t show the young women this way. But then they show poor Sami as not able to hold a job and provide for herself and her kids. Come on writers. Let’s clean this up some where the women are concerned. Show them as strong like real women are.
    Poor Lexie and her noggin. Did the brain tumor make her crazy enough to kick poor Abe to the curb so quickly, turn Theo against him, then welcome him back into the family fold so quickly. What was the point to Lexie and Abe splitting up? Would have been much more dramatic if Lexie had stood by him and up against the family. Celeste is back next week. And spooky stuff with her. Maybe she’ll cast a spell on Ian and make him shed town fast.

  32. From patsy

    Here we go again EJtell Nicole that shes the only woman he really ever loved .Didn,t he say that to Sami and Taylor ,TO me he uses that word way too often for me I think he is just in love with the word love and doesnt know the meaning of love .

  33. From Kat

    Just watching Sami and EJ together, great stuff, however I did Not see EJ trying to “Bed” her, at all….at least in that scene….
    I hope at this time, that would be the last thing on his mind.
    He should fight for Nicole with all he’s got, if he truly loves her, and be smart enough to know that Rafe claiming to be the Daddy
    is just a “claim”, trying to hurt him, and get even with him. EJ, use your head. Given enough time, Nicole will come around, she loves you and she is carrying your child. Nicole has to come full circle with her pain, let her, only then will she actually be able to Hear You, she needs to wallow for a while, but never stop showing her that you care for her with all your heart, but don’t push. It’s always wrong/doesn’t work, to push a wounded person. Just my thoughts!
    .But of course, the soap needs it’s drama, so EJ will do everything wrong, just to prolong the agony and give Us something to
    watch and blog about.
    Kate and Ian, that will be a true Yak Moment in soaps history, at least to me.

  34. From SandyGram

    Prime Time Alert:
    Molly Burnett (Melanie) will be in the April 27th episode of CSI New York. In a Canada TV Guide Interview Molly makes a comment on ‘the emotions attached to her performance being very draining for her’.

    From another Canadian Interview Molly makes this comment about her CSI debut: “She play a little Irish Vixen named Molly who’s father was murdered”.

    Kind of sounds like our Melanie. Good Luck Molly!

  35. From MAB

    AMAZING is the best word to describe Sami & EJ yesterday, as that was the only interesting thing about the show. The writers did a good job yesterday, showing how they can be themselves around each other, letting them talk freely about everything, and share their true feelings they can’t share w/ anyone else…all the while admitting to their mistakes. It was refreshing to see the other side of the situation. We had to endure hearing from Rafe & Nicole, so why not hear from Sami & EJ too? As always (and whether it’s a teaser or not) these 2 are always gonna share a special bond that not too many understand (even some fans). They are always gonna be in each other’s lives one way or another, so there’s no getting around it. And no one can never say never…anything can happen, and there is always a chance for them…that is IF the writers have to smarts to pull it off…and that remains to be seen. But getting back to their scenes, all the chemistry was there, and that connection between them is ever so present anytime they are in the room together. They actually affect each other in ways no other does…she gets so nervous around him, she can hardly contain herself in his presence, and he still looks at her like he’s still in love w/ her. Alos, their convo was way more interesting than Rafe & Nicole’s, but did we really have to have Kayla interrupting them tho? I was glad EJ brushed her off. I’m not surprised some don’t know what to make of see Sami & EJ’s scenes, but that’s not uncommon for those who don’t get Sami & EJ, and never will. For those of us who do get them, we see it in every scene they’re in together, no matter the circumstances. Also, not surprised some see EJ’s offer to Sami as ‘keeping her up’ because for those who dislike EJ always thinks there’s an ulterior motive for him trying to help the mother of his kids, or even blame Sami for accepting his help. He is the father of her children and there should be no surprise he would take care of her & the kids. She certainly shouldn’t turn him down. I do wish she could continue working, as it means a lot to her. Maybe EJ will convince Kate to let Sami keep her job. One can hope can’t they??

    EJ hiring Will had very little to do w/ Sami. Will went over there and tried to blackmail EJ, so EJ took control of the situation and taught Will a lesson. He knew he shot him, so he used that to get him to work for him. Then he sweetened the pot by getting Will the apt & car so he’d keep his mouth shut about him & Sami sleeping together. But that is out of the bag, and he is still employing Will and letting him keep the apt & car. And Will likes working for him.

  36. From Maryl

    truth, I am totally in agreement with your comment!!
    patsy, unfortunately EJ isn’t the only one who uses words like “your the only one I ever loved”. They all seem to say that. I know Sami for sure has said that to the many guys she has been hooked to. They all say it and then in a heartbeat it’s all over and they are all of a sudden so in love with someone else. They break up sometimes over the slightest thing–something that real love should have been able to resolve.
    I thoroughly enjoyed EJ and Sami yesterday! Sami slipped up a bit and almost admitted to her weakness for EJ. It makes you wonder where all the “I hate you” went to? This hatred that she is supposed to have for EJ sure seems short-lived. I don’t expect them to have a life together, because the writers don’t know how to even begin to approach such a SL. This idea of Sami and EJ was laid out to us long before this batch of writers came in. Back then, the writers had a little more gumption and were probably pleasantly surprised when the EJ and Sami SL went soaring, winning a lot of EJami fans and support. Ratings also were up. Then along comes a new batch of writers who think Sami and EJ are forbidden fruit and they mess it up as only they can do. And, it’s been messed up ever since between these two powerful characters who rock the screen when they are together. Would be nice to have EJ and Sami back together as they should be, but from past experience and disappointments, I feel there is a lack of creativity in the writing staff right now and that they can only rewrite old stuff–old stuff that sometimes bored us even back then when it was original.IMO.
    I did appreciate the writers throwing a few crumbs to the EJami fans yesterday and let EJ and Sami interact without “I hate you” being the theme for the get together. I know this will be short-lived.

  37. From Daysfan25

    I really don’t like Carrie right now at all. She is worse then Sami because at least Sami owns up to being selfish, Carrie acts holier than though. She was almost relieved that Austin slept with Abby because that got her off the hook to pursue Rafe, her sister’s husband. Now she has to fess up that in reality she was leaving her husband for Rafe, not because he did anything wrong. Hope she ends up alone.

    Hope & John are terribly boring. I don’t fast forward, but I’m so over this storyline. Get them home, or get Bo & Marlena to join them. Something has to happen other than what is going down.

    Sami & EJ really do light up a screen together. They are cut from the same cloth & the chemistry is undeniable. But, there is also such chemistry between Sami & Lucas too. Let Rafe be boring w/ Carrie & Austin, the good stuff is between Sami, Lucas & EJ. Not liking Rafe & Nicole, her character is wasted with him. Put her back with Brady, and get rid of Madison.

  38. From patty

    The only good thing to come out of the EJ and Sami little wine induced little tete a tete is that he won’t let Kate take the kids from Sami or send her to jail and will finally take financial responsibility for his kids. If it would suit his purpose, he would help Kate do what she plans but it wouldn’t look good for him right now as mayor to have the mother of his children in jail or living on the street. Sami acts like she’s found a new ally but she does end up in bed with Lucas, probably just to keep him from going back to Autumn. And here she is calling everybody else a slut, what a headcase!

  39. From michele

    #Mab, I only said I do not think Sami should allow EJ to set her up if she wanted Rafe back. If she wanted Rafe back, then she would know that he would never want her to take anything from EJ. If she has already moved on and is no longer interested in what Rafe thinks of her then by all means take it. BUT if she loves Rafe and wants Rafe back then, she should only take child support and nothing else from the man that she cheated on her husband with. IMO

    Sami cracks me up, she tells Carrie that it is, her fault Rafe wants a divorce, tells EJ the sex was great, is upset that Rafe would be with the woman she hates most in the world, while talking to the man she slept with and that Rafe hates most in the world, she is going to tell Lucus not to leave because she is not over him. All the while judging everyone else’s actions.

  40. From Kat

    MAB and Maryl, great stuff, I agree the best scene in a long time, Sami and EJ on screen together, no matter what the SL is about, together they are very powerful.
    Carrie acting as if her poop doesn’t smell, Sami admitted her wrong doings and that she is a Mess-up,,, but Carrie what you are doing and have been doing since you came to town, it smells…
    So I can live with EJ and Nicole,
    if not those two, I would love for Sami and EJ to get back together and make magic on the screen.
    Still think the writers need to give Rafe some clout, something, rather than being the unemployed, at loose ends, guys that has nothing better to do, than hang around “married” women, consoling one, and trying to get the other one. Give Rafe a better SL.
    Well Billie, will be interesting to see if she can bring down EJ and the Phoenix, if written well, it could be interesting.

  41. From Rabea

    Hi I read the spoiler and I have 2 questions:-

    1- about the pregency test did ej will know that he is the father of the baby or not or they will switch the results(nicole- rafe).

    2- whhen Bo will wak up and did he and hope will come back togther I mean did she and john will return back to salem.

    Thank you for your help.

  42. From Rabea Hafez


  43. From MAB

    Maryl – I don’t think Sami & EJ has ever truly hated each other, even when they’re fighting, saying they do. I just think they hate the fact they know how to push each other’s buttons, yet they’re thru the ‘hate’, they’re still attracted to one another…and can’t deny their connection, or chemistry. It’s like how can they feel for one another when they do such horrible things to each other? They have a one of a kind relationship, that’s for sure.

    It’s NEVER been confirmed that EJ, nor Lucas, wasn’t financially providing for their kids, even tho the writers had Sami & Rafe hint to that fact. It’s the writers fault either way if this was the case, because it’s obvious EJ would NEVER neglect their children financially.

    I see Sami’s chemistry w/ Lucas too, but I still think they work better as friends.

    So true, Brady needs to stop being a sniveling idiot and get back w/ Nicole. He needs to drop Madison, and she & Ian need to get out of Salem.

    Michele – I understand what you were saying about Sami allowing EJ to set her up, and agree to some extent, I was just giving my two-cents. And actually I was referring to the ones who naturally insult Sami for taking his help, and EJ for doing something nice. Some just can’t see past their flaws to see they have another side…like is said, some just don’t get Sami & EJ and never will.

    Sami wanting Rafe back should have no affect on her decision to accept help from EJ. This is about THEIR kids, and their well-being, and that is her priority, not what Rafe thinks or does. They come first, not him. And it doesn’t matter if Rafe wouldn’t want her to accept anything from EJ…that is not his call. EJ is those kids father and it’s time he accepted that fact.

  44. From patsy

    Personly I dont thank the writers or capeable of writeing a GOOD LOVE STORY much less one to get EJAMI BACK together without it looking runchy I wished they could but dont see it happening ..when they made Nicole pregnet it ruined take chance but you have to admit JAMES andALISON ON SCREEN can put out some major chemistry

  45. From KAT

    Yes, that is our Sami,
    Let’s see, maybe if Rafe was Not in Love with Carrie, he might be More willing after a while to work things out with Sami, after all, He loves her more than anything else I thought and the same with the Kids….
    Rafe hanging with the woman,that Sami hates most in the world,,,
    have not yet seen Sami ask Lucas to stay, so no comment yet…
    EJ and Sami commiserating with each other, yes sort of like Nicole and Rafe do and did,
    and saying how great the sex was, well it gave two people in pain something to laugh about.
    Yes Sami does bring on so much herself, but that does not mean, that all the others in that mess are Lilly white, not at all.

    At least with Sami and EJ, we know, and they know, who and what, they are. Did not like that smug look on Carrie’s face,all the while Sami was talking.
    Anything that EJ does to make the life for Sami and the kids Better, should be ok with Rafe, period.
    He has no money and no job, so his pride should not come into play, he asked for the divorce, and with Carrie in the wings, he is not coming back any time soon, or ever. So in the meantime live goes on for the kids and their mother, and they all have needs, specially right now, when Mom does not have a job either. Hope EJ can persuade Kate to hire Sami back,
    or work for the Pub until she finds something else to support the family.
    Kids well being First at this time, I am sure that Lucas is helping big time.

  46. From Grandma Judy

    patty #38, – that’s what I didn’t “get” about Sami and EJ’s conversation yesterday. So out of character for both of them, especially when with each other. Wine-induced is right, – had to be for Sami to say that about the sex being great. It wasn’t great to watch so I can’t imagine it was great to be part of it! I agree EJ has to watch his image and that’s motive for him to set Sami and the kids up in an apartment. But I hate to see Sami under his control. If he wants to give her money for the kids, fine, but let her be her own person otherwise. Her taking over the pub and living there with her kids is a great idea someone on here had. I wish Lucas wasn’t going to sleep with her!!

    SandyGram #34, – thanks for the heads up about Molly Burnett.

  47. From gogo2005

    hi. I just already read the spoiler and I have 2 questions:

    1-About the test that ej want nicole to do did nicole and rafe will swtich the result and did ej will know that he is the father of the baby.

    2-about hope and john they will return to salem or not and when bo will wake up and when he will wake up did he will remeber every thing.

    thank you for your help.

  48. From rabea hafez

    1-About the test that ej want nicole to do did nicole and rafe will swtich the result and did ej will know that he is the father of the baby.

    2-about hope and john they will return to salem or not and when bo will wake up and when he will wake up did he will remeber every thing.

    thank you for your help.

  49. From patty

    What about Sami having sex with the man who Rafe should hate the most in the world? The man who locked him up in his basement , erased his memory, put him in an asylum and left him for dead when he thought he fell off a cliff trying to escape. In the meantime he put a perverted imposter in the bed of the woman he supposedly “loves???”, endangering the children he’s suppose to protect. A murderer who ended up killing the mother of not one but two women he also professed to “love???” While Rafe had sex with no one, he gets blamed for throwing away their marriage and going from one tramp to another because he cares for two women Samantha hates? Tough titty, Sami!Suck it up .

  50. From LollyBee

    Patty #49 – Hahahah!! Everything you said is so true!! Thanks for the LOL!! :)

  51. From sharon

    well said, #49 Patty!! totally agree!

  52. From guestcwb

    #46 Grandma Judy

    Well said! And I’m a EJ fan. So I see all the underlying secret connections but the timing and dialogue is so ridiculously off. Sami– not a few months ago bitterly hated this monster that endangered her husband and her children’s lives. I bought the grief sex– not easily– but I bought it. Raw emotion. But now to sit with him and share a bottle of wine and talk about how the sex was great? Really? Wine Induced? Why’d she sit at the table to begin with?

    I understand that they share a connection and will always be in others lives and there is this ‘thing’ between them. I can even see in the future this type of scene occuring. But last week they despised each other to the utter end. And she shot him and he almost destroyed her– ,. And now they laugh together?

    Really? Puh-leeze. I need progression in story lines not hot one minute and cold the next. Whatever happened to a gradual warm?

  53. From Livvi

    The Sami, EJ, Lucas, Rafe, Carrie, Austin, Nicole storyline is by far the best thing happening on the show right now.

    I think its too obvious to put Sami back with Lucas…its expected, almost by everyone. I think that Sami just wants a rebound. For her its more sensible to love and be with Lucas than with EJ. Despite the writers constantly destroying the EJ/Sami storyline, I strongly believe that both of these characters are very alike in a number of ways, and will always end up being “involved” in some manner despite the kids.

    Like Rafe said when he confronted EJ, they both have a sick obsession with each other.

    Rafe, as much as he’s been hurt by Sami’s actions, really doesn’t seem to feel any guilt or remorse for falling in love with Carrie. Which is totally ridiculous if he really thought Sami was the love of his life. He sure seems ready to move on pretty quickly.

    Carrie…sigh…like I believe someone said in a previous comment. She is being a tad bit hypocritical. She’s in love with her sister’s husband. Just because Sami cheated on Rafe, and ruin her marriage doesn’t exactly give her the right to have a relationship with Rafe. And what about Austin? Stringing him along so isn’t cool.

    I think both Rafe and Carrie are big hypocrites, they haven’t fallen for each other because they were hurt by their spouses. They fell for each other before the truth was revealed. I think the affair between EJ/Sami is just being used as an excuse.

    Now Nicole…smh. How stupid is she, wasn’t she not around when there was all that drama with EJ kidnapping Sydney? Really?!

    I would like for once, for some of these characters to grow up for once and not make the same mistakes over and over again.

    First Sami…after all the drama she’s been through, one would think, that at least one time in her entire lifetime, she would own up to the truth. With her dramatic past she should have just come clean with Rafe and dealt with the consequences then. She would have “maybe” had a chance at saving her marriage. Second…I totally dislike that she just never seems to grow up…I mean, she messed up her marriage with Rafe and still she wants to blame her sister. Yes Carrie is in love with her husband, but she wasn’t the one to ruin her marriage.

    I like seeing Lucas and Sami as merely BFFs….at least for now. I honestly do think that if anything Lucas may be a mere rebound, as Sami just doesn’t want to ever be alone.

    EJ…although we haven’t exactly seen it yet…he seems to still have it bad for Sami. He’s doing a full 360. Being nice and supportive.

    EJ and Sami are the biggest idiots ever…lol. They both want the same things but are always ruining it for the other. They both want to love and be loved in return, support their families, and have a happily ever after. However, they both never seem to get it right, they constantly find themselves with “do gooders” and then struggle doing the right thing.

    Although Nicole was a super gold digger…her love for EJ was real, and all of the things she did for him was out of desperation to keep him and make him hers. Hence the “fake pregnancy”. But EJ can never seem to stay with her…he is always running back to Sami. He tries to do right by her and it never works out.

    Sami tries to do the same with whoever she is caught up with and it just never works.

    Both of them try so hard to live honestly, always end up doing the opposite, and hurting everybody in the process.

    Sigh…we can only predict what will happen next…but we can all expect to see a EJ/Sami/Lucas, EJ/Sami/Rafe situation. Honestly…I don’t ever think we’ll see a Rafe/Sami/Lucas triangle…lol. It’s just not interesting if EJ isn’t involved. lol

  54. From Kat

    Kind of puzzled myself, how Rafe and Nicole are Buds all of a sudden, they despised each other, almost as much as Sami and EJ did.
    Strange when you have something to commiserate about, how you become strange “Bed fellows”.
    Somehow I got what they meant about “Sex being great”, Not, they were being phecicias (lord how do you spell that word) about it.
    How will Rafe pay for the Loft, etc. he has no money….
    something, has to come his way.
    Wow about the Pub, if it was good enough for both of his sisters,
    he could help out there, and maybe sooner or later turn it into “Casa Hernandez” or “Hernandez Hide Away”. I am not being smug here at all, I am serious, a change might be good.

    Let’s face it, it’s a big Mess in Salem right now, all parties involved are are kind of scummy, poor Austin, wise up to Carrie, don’t become the
    Consulation Prize, you deserve better.
    Please, No more Test Switching, I am still waiting to have another real DNA test done on Parker and Sidney, not satisfied with what we know so far, to many loopholes….

  55. From Guest

    I like where they are going with Marlena. She is so real with Will, and holds her own with Kate. I want her to stay with John but wish they would write better for her when he is around. They can do more than just look dreamy and kiss endlessly.

  56. From patty

    I agree guestcwb, to suddenly look at what they did as a joke after hurting so many people and make light of what was something that was supposedly meant to escape the reality of their son’s death is beyond sickening. No matter how much they say how sorry they are for what happened, their conversation proved that they’re anything but. If that is what Sami sees as great sex, she’s sicker than I thought because it looked more like torture to me.
    If progression in a storyline is what you’re looking for, you’re watching the wrong soap because lately on Days, storylines change direction from one episode to the next.

  57. From Guest

    I have always wanted Nicole to have her own child and am happy she is pregnant. However, I also wanted the happy pregnancy and anticipation of a happy family for her too, the whole nine yards. It is obvious she loves EJ and would love to be swept away by him but is too hurt to take the chance. I understand not wanting to be made a fool of, but this pregnancy would be so much more fun with EJ than hiding it from him. Not to mention I hate when they so casually dismiss the rights of the father.

  58. From guess

    They need to bring in young characters!!! That way the ladies won’t be breaking up relationships and/or marriages!

  59. From rayburn

    I didn’t think it was possible but EJ sunk to a new low yesterday when he told Nicole that she’s the “only girl he’s ever loved”. First he’s condescending by calling her ‘girl’ instead of ‘woman’, then blatently lies about who he’s loved before. Wasn’t he engaged to her sister Taylor who he said was “beautiful in a classic way” and fell madly in love with her? And what about Sami? Many people knew that he loved her once too and still has feelings for her that go beyond just her being the mother of his children. He hurt Nicole terribly again and more so when he lies straight to her face like that. She deserves better than him. He’s a real piece of work. What a tool.

  60. From Grandma Judy

    I like how Billie stood up to Kate yesterday about Stefano but she was wishy-washy when she approached moving into DiMera mansion. She finally got it out the right way but I wonder if Kate really buys it that it’s because Billie misses her? But if Kate is hoodwinked by Billie, I don’t feel a bit sorry for her and, anyway, Billie’s intentions are good, – to get Kate out of there. But I somehow doubt it will happen! Kate is more apt to feel betrayed by Billie.

    Marlena and Will are still just so great together and I guess I mostly enjoy them because they remind me so much of me and our oldest grandson,(26 now), who lived with us for most of his life. I agree with Marlena’s approach to Will being gay and not with Kate’s approach at all. Let Will come to his own realization. Kate is so out of line accusing Marlena of anything with Stefano and I thought Marlena laughing in her face was priceless. Especially Marlena’s laugh being as it is.

    I actually saw Carrie making an effort with Sami yesterday, and I felt they were both kinda right about each other, but Sami wouldn’t really listen to what Carrie had to say. Let’s see now, did Carrie really “steal” Rafe from Sami or did Sami throw Rafe away?!

    It showed that it hit EJ hard when Nicole told him she was filing the divorce papers. But, puleeze, the only girl he’s ever loved??!! He started to manhandle her again but then stopped.

    I loved EJ’s DUH look when he told Sami about finding Rafe in Nicole’s room with her and Sami asked what were they doing?! EJ looked like, do I really have to explain it to you?! But, of course, we viewers know he is wrong! I think EJ is especially angry that Rafe is the one getting it on with Nicole (he thinks). And wait until he thinks her baby is RAFE’S!! All that plus the fact that EJ hates not to have the upper hand in any situation!

    The scenes with Lexie and Abe were so nice and it’s too bad, now, that they will have her health crisis to deal with. I hope between her health issue and getting back with Abe, that her Health Commissioner job for EJ is kaput!

  61. From gerri

    #49 and#54,
    ,you said It all re_ the crazy relationship and SL’s between Sami and EJ..

    Kate wants Sami In jail,for her part in trying to destroy her company,huh?
    I guess attempted murder(CHLOE),doesn’t Qualify for her to be jailed.
    I hope she slithers into bed with Creepy Ian,and Stephano kicks her to the curb,but I also hope Billie
    together with the other ISA agents,get enough evidence,to make
    the “Dimera Machine” held responsible for some of their evilness,in destroying people’s lives….

  62. From SandyGram

    Either the writers don’t know the back story of who EJ has loved or they don’t care that they are making him look like a doofus by saying Nicole is the only girl he has ever loved. The one thing that Nikki has asked of EJ, he can’t seem to give her and that’s the truth. She very well knows he has and probably some where in his dark sole still does loves Sami; he said over and over and over again how Taylor upon first glance was the love of his life. Or maybe the writers just don’t realize how the little things mean a lot and us fans would surely pick up on EJ’s emotional utterance. But then there is always the obvious EJ is all about EJ, as Sami is all about Sami.

  63. From SandyGram

    #61 gerri
    I’ve been thinking about Billie’s quest to take down the DiMera’s with the ISA. If she gets to the the right records, she better be ready for a surprise Kate’s dastard deed evidence could be right there with Stefano’s. Although Kate needs more than a slap on the hand for what she did to Chloe, I think Billie would try to protect Kate. This could be a very ‘in the middle’ kind of story line for Billie.

  64. From MAB

    It’s always been my experience that people are more apt to tell the truth when drinking, so Sami saying the sex was great w/ EJ was no doubt the truth. And how could it not be when it’s EJ…apparently she gets from him what she’s not getting from anyone else…no wonder she keeps going back for more.

    Before you get elected to office is when most politicians are concerned w/ their image. So if EJ setting Sami up in an apt w/ the kids would improve his image w/ his constituents, then he would’ve done it during the campaign. So for those who always try to find fault w/ EJ’s actions, this one is a bit of stretch. Just face it, he wants to do this for Sami & the kids. Also, by doing this, I don’t think Sami will be under EJ’s control. He has a lot on his plate w/ being mayor, and trying to win back Nicole. I think he just wants to help her. Also, for him to have Sami on his side w/ all that is going on is a plus…she could be a good ally for him.

    I completely agree that Rafe doesn’t seem to feel any guilt or remorse for falling in love w/ Carrie. He’s ready to just up and move on. They both go like they are innocent bystanders and they did nothing wrong. They kissed & groped each other in that office because they wanted to, and their were no underlying reasons it happened. They wanted it to happen. But they continually blame Austin, Sami & EJ for their actions. They are making excuses to get what they want, and apparently that’s each other.

    No matter what Carrie thinks she was trying to do at the pub (make peace w/ Sami or whatever), she is the biggest hypocrite of them all for doing what she is doing to Austin. He is the most innocent in all that has happened, but he’s seems to be the one getting dumped on the most. Carrie needs to have her @$$ kicked for what she’s doing to him (yet again).

    Hey Nicole, I love ya, but you have a lot of nerve calling EJ out about kidnapping his own child, when you did the same thing to said child that wasn’t yours. We all know why he did it, right or wrong, his child was being kept from him, and now you’re ready to do the same thing?? I thought you were smarter than that. Writers please don’t turn Nicole into a nitwit!

    Yes it is odd how Rafe & Nicole are BFF’s after only a day. They’ve pretty much always despised each other, which EJ wittingly brought up.

    I guess it’s all Sami & EJ’s fault that supposedly so many people were hurt after their tryst, but what Carrie & Rafe did to them, as well as Austin, doesn’t count?? I guess Austin, Sami & EJ aren’t supposed to be hurt by what Carrie & Rafe did. Right…………..

    Wow, this is a new one, now EJ is being blamed as being condescending for using the word ‘girl’. Hmm…how many times have we heard characters use the expression “you’re the only girl I’ve ever loved”? And how many times have we heard characters profess their undying love to one, only to change their mind down the road? The answer is that we’ve seen this over & over from several characters.

    EJ had his fling w/ Kate, but never loved her. Then he claimed to love Taylor, but the writer’s realized they made a huge mistake and got rid of her quickly. I never bought into it that s/l, so I don’t count her. So in reality, EJ has only loved 2 women, and that’s Sami & Nicole. He claimed to always love Sami, and I think he still does, but he denies it now, after being forced to give up on her after her betrayal and telling him she’d never love him again. So I think he’s being honest telling Nicole she is the only ‘girl’ he’s ever loved because I think that is what he believes & feels right now. Nicole hurt him yesterday, you could see it in his face.

    I’m so sick of every time EJ goes to touch someone, it’s considered manhandling. Again, we see the exact same thing from other characters all the time, but it’s never considered manhandling unless it’s EJ doing it. Geez!

    I just find it hard to believe that it’s gonna take Billie of all people to bring down the DiMeras (and I highly doubt she will). It’s an insult to the other law enforcement on the show. Why can’t it be Bo, Roman, Abe or John to being them down? And what about Shane? Couldn’t it be him to take them down? I just find it believable that Billie can pull this off.

    What’s w/ Marlena and the gloves lately???

  65. From KAT

    64 MAB,
    I don’t have to write much, MAB you said it all, in a very factual and logical way. Kudos.
    I like the way you see things straight on,…
    One thing somebody else said, however could become true,
    If Billie finds stuff on the DiMera’s, she also might the stuff on her Mother’
    and it might again, become a trade-off, as so many times in the past. The eager side to put away the bad ones, messes up and a Deal will be made. I guess we will see…
    To me, MAB and Maryl, you are two (of some more) of the Most Logical bloggers on here without the least spin, I said to ME…
    And yes, what is up with the gloves and that black outfit. Reminds me of the outfits you see on Old pictures from long long ago, but Marlena is not the only one, I have seen a few more on the Telly starting to wear to Black satin type – ruffle collar outfits.

  66. From Maryl

    Mab–I agree with you about EJ and Sami never really hating each other. They are supposed to, after everything they have done to one another, but the “hate” just never lasts for very long. It’s really amazing that they can get past all the bad stuff and still be civil to one another. This is just another example of the deep-rooted feelings and connection they have toward each other. Just hope one day they will figure out why that is the case.

    patty–I agree about Rafe being blamed for sex acts he didn’t commit, but it might come with the territory–when he always seems to get involved with EJ’s exes and puts himself in the middle of all the mess, he will surely get a few stains on himself–whether true or not. He needs to mind his own business and instead put in more effort to rebuild his own life.

    Livi–Great blog!! A lot of my thoughts are the same as yours.

    Grandma Judy–I believe you asked if anyone was watching Dancing with the Stars? I watch whenever I can and yes! that Latin guy is quite a hunk! He is supposed to be the Latin version of Brad Pitt. But for me, Maxsim (mispelled no doubt) still lights my fire the most! That man is hot and can he ever swivel that derriere! Ha!

    Nicole is not only pregnant but I fear she is suffering from amnesia. She threw all the bad stuff EJ has done in his face, but somehow she doesn’t remember her own dishonesty in all the schemes she has pulled off while living in Salem. She is also a kidnapper, she tried to murder Victor via Jan Spears, tried to jeopardize Chole’s
    chances of healing from facial scarring, tried to separate Brady and Chole, and of course she went overboard to deceive EJ with Sydney just so she could hold on to him. I guess one could try to excuse her behavior and blame it on her love for EJ, but no matter what, it was a deceitful thing to do. Nicole was looking out for Nicole–no different from Sami or EJ. The whole crazy part is that when EJ and her split, she was back after Brady and all of a sudden HE was once again the love of her life and her knight in shinning armor. Now it’s back and forth again–this time Rafe will probably be added to the equation.
    She is willing to play the game of deceit once again on the ridiculous grounds that she has to protect the baby? Please. She kidnapped one for EJ so if she thought it was Ok back then why is there a problem now? EJ was EJ even back then–doing his dastardly stuff. So why all of a sudden is she becoming this spotless soul and so desparate to protect the baby from EJ? Even if EJ and her split up permanently, I believe he would respect her rights as a mother as long as she is honest with him and doesn’t try to keep him away from the child.
    Nicole and EJ will never work together. It would be best for her to divorce him but remain on good terms. Find another man, Nikki! You can get a bunch of the DiMera money to add to the amount you got from Victor and build a great new life!

  67. From jolie

    Doesn’t Elvis sort of remind you of a little boy where his emotions are concerned? Whatever it is now is the biggest and best of all. He can’t see his way through the fog that is his life. He thinks he does love Nicole and boy, did I have high hopes for them this time. Not to be. My poor Nic-Nic. She can be so darn sweet but then be a very big doofus or much worse. Elvis for that moment forget every other woman and really thought she was the only one he did love. I think with Sami he has deeply rooted feelings but not sure it is the romantic kind of love that Nicole is wanting. Elvis wants Sami, needs Sami, wants to have some control over Sami if only for his children so he does love her. He can have a different sort with Nicole. Well, until he finds out she is preggers and hiding it from him. Stupid idea. Nicole is smarter than that.
    Billie taking down the Dimeras…not buying that one. I think she’ll find evidence because that is what she is supposed to do but she might also find evidence of a different sort 1) on Kate (gathered by Stefano) as was suggested by a blogger 2) something in the dungeon that hasn’t been brought out to light for a while…maybe Dr. Rolf..3) Stefano’s secret that Alice left for him 4) some offspring Stefano forgot were hanging around in the basement. But taking the Dimeras down, not so fast. Her mom is tied to a lot that goes on there, in reality or by association, and in the end that will keep the evidence hid from the ISA.
    I was puzzled when Kate left Stefano a message and said that she knows he detests talking on the phone. He sure likes it when he is ordering his hench-flunkies to do some mischief. Well, yeah, I’d like that a lot myself.
    I don’t find it strange that Rafe and Nicole have sort of teamed up. Well, any more than it is strange that Dr Dan is hovering over Nic as well. I think misery loves company and both Dr Dan and Rafe have the White Knight Syndrome. They rush to help any and all in a pinch because they think they are all-knowing and all-caring and can fix everyone besides being as wise as a hootie owl. Dr. Marlena Evans wrote a paper, published it and named the syndrome just last year while sojourning in Switzerland with her ISA agent husband who was still working for the ISA as an international, suave spy guy and having his brain unscrambled at the same time and all the while NOT taking money from his investors. But I digress. Rafe needs to take care of people. Sami needed him for a while. Then she didn’t. Nicole needs him now. Dr. Dan is just glad to get his stethoscope on a good looking woman again.
    Marlena’s gloves. Last time we saw gloves, we had rampant slaughter. Not to be confused with rampant laughter when we had the scarf mystery where Elvis or Taylor or both would lapse into a reverie any time a scarf wound its way near them. I just hope Marlena is not turning into a murderer again. We had heard there would be a killing or so and thought maybe Maroni would be responsible but what fun or drama is that? And you know that something big always happens to Marlena when John is gone or she is experiencing great stress. Need to keep an eye on the gloved one.
    John calling Stefano Old Man or Big Guy. (Did he actually call him Big Guy or was I calling him Big Guy in my own replay?) Stefano may take offense and use a cattle prod. Would you actually bait a guy who is going to hypnotize you? Not me. I wouldn’t want to start doing the Chicken Dance everything I heard a phone ring or something like that. John should be more respectful from his jail cell that looks remarkably like the one in the Dimera basement with Rafe’s DNA all over it. Anyway, I am so tired of this storyline. Stefano’s world is leaking like crazy in Salem. His wife is being sort of weirdly courted by a creepy man who is married and has a past with Kate. Stefano, close the shop and go home! If the ISA wants a mystery, go find Julie and Doug who left for Africa to find out clues about Alice and were never heard from since. Now that is a mystery that will keep you up late.

  68. From Sheryl

    Livvi and Maryl, love your posts and I agree with your perceptions about the Sami/EJ relationship. They’re so alike in what they want out of life and want to do it the honest way but they keep hurting themselves and others in the process. They’re still fun to watch though because you know that it’ll never be truly peaceful between them. They’re like the younger version of Stefano and Kate.

    I’m still looking for someone to answer my question about why Stefano changed Gina and John back the last time before retrieving the egg from them. Wasn’t he controlling them years ago and getting the egg was one of their tasks? I wasn’t watching back then so I need my curiosity quenched.

  69. From Debbie

    Jolie, I liked your last post about Marlena writing a paper while in Switzerland about the White Knight Syndrome. Is that a story fact or was it just surmising on your part? I don’t remember ever hearing her talk of it but it is interesting and could segueway into a better storyline for Rafe and/or Daniel.

    And what’s with the cheesey “g” sticker on Gina’s compact? Did the prop department lose the compact they had years ago with the big engraved cursive “G” on it when Billie first found it in the swamp and thought it was a clue to her daughter Georgia? MAB, I know you rewind the episodes so did you happen to notice the engraving on it or can you check it to see if it’s the same one? I didn’t notice it as my eye went straight to the cheapo sticker.

  70. From patty

    Well, it seems like Lucas agrees with some of us that EJ is only playing nice to get control over Sami and the kids. When Lucas tells her she could have came to him for help she says she was ashamed. He says you should be ashamed because you are now under his thumb.
    The penthouse overlooking the Square that EJ offers is nothing more than what looks to be Sami’s old apartment with a fresh coat of paint. I thought Dr. Dan was still living there but he must have moved. Oh and Elvis owns the building, go figure. Sami graciously accepts in the name of her children. Oh please Sami!! For the ones who don’t think EJ’s sudden generosity has anything to do with his reputation as mayor, he does say to Sami ” I’m the mayor, I have to lead by example”. Yeah,ok.

  71. From jolie

    Debbie,so sorry, I should have qualified my remarks…I was letting my imagination (sized extra large)go. Didn’t hold the reins at all. I do that once in a while. Marlena’s paper, alas, I am afraid it was of my own imagining. But it could have happened because my reasoning was pretty much spot on. And if anyone could have written the proof, it would be dear Marlena. Again, so sorry that I didn’t qualify my remarks!

  72. From jolie

    Patty #70, I just love Lucas. I like this new Lucas and hope they keep him sane and fresh and not the shouting out of control person he was written as previously. He is like a conscience to Sami and Kate. Of course both know he is right and neither listen to him. At least Sami will agree with him once in a while. And Salem apparently has only one architech so all the apartments look alike, from the hovels to the pricey joints. Of course if Elvis owns it, he will most certainly be a slum lord so Sami might just think she has a penthouse. I do agree with Lucas. Sami will go to him for help, advice, to cry on his shoulder but couldn’t ask for help?? And writers, wake up. Lucas would have offered her some help; she wouldn’t have to ask. He is just that kind of guy. At least she didn’t pull a fast one on Will and move in with him! She is likely across the hall now.

  73. From LadyLumps

    I’m sick of Carrie’s superior attitude. Sami is right, she did deliberately go after Rafe. She sure didn’t let the little fact that he is married to her sister stop her. Yet she acts like Sami has no right to be upset about this.
    I love the Ejami scenes, too bad nothing solid will come of it.

  74. From Grandma Judy

    IMO EJ’s sudden interest in Sami and the kids having the best in living accomodations absolutely has to do with him keeping up his image as mayor. Glad he as good as admits it when he tells Sami he’s the mayor and has to lead by example. Sure, one presents the best image of themselves while running for office but then you don’t turn around your first months IN office and reveal the dastardly person you actually are. Never want to disappoint the townspeople too soon!! There’s always recall and I would love to see that s/l!! I still feel and agree with Lucas that EJ is playing nice to get control of Sami and the kids.

    Actually, what I saw take place between Rafe and Carrie in the office that day was not kissing and groping. I saw only a very awkward kiss that was pretty short, being interrupted by Sami coming in. I have heard Rafe express deep regret that it happened. Granted, since finding out about Sami and EJ, Rafe has not been as forthcoming about his mistake, because Sami was throwing him out for something she did that was much worse and she knew she had done it but still really treated Rafe awful over the very small by comparison thing that he did.

    Yes, a very good s/l if Billie were to find out all the dirt on her mother!

  75. From Ginger

    wait, wait, wait…so, Rafe now hates EJ so much that he’s going to help another woman hide her baby from EJ…wow, he really can’t stop being the night in shining armor. Well, Sami, get pregnant and Rafe will run to save you…Or move on because he’s not worth it.

  76. From Michele

    I believe EJ is not getting Sami the apt. to control her or the kids. If he wanted to do that he could just use what Kate has on her he doesn’t have to get her an apt. at this point. So I believe he just fell for what Sami was selling, she could have stayed in the apt. she had with Rafe, she was not homeless. Also she could have choosen to actually live with her children and move in w/ Grandma seriously she does not want to work hard for anything, otherwise she would be working at the pub, helpping grandma and be making money. I do believe EJ’s motives are pure this time.

    This time around, Sami did not do anything to Carrie, Carrie did it to Sammi. I really have no use to Carrie at all.

    I hate that Nichole is not going to tell EJ he is the father. I do believe that they will end up back together. Because I believe that they are each others true loves. I believe EJ was lustful about some women, and wishful about others. But only with Nichole was he truely loved for who he is, and because of that I believe he fell in love with her for real. The way he cried, just thinking about not having her spoke volumes to me. I also believe that Nichole truely feel in love with EJ for the same reason. Nichole, EJ and Austin are the only ones that are really hurt at the thought of loosing there mates. IMO …Even with Sami, yesterday, he was very clear that he only cared about her because she was the mother of his children. That if not for that he would not care.

  77. From Debbie

    Jolie, no apologies necessary, I should have known that it was just imaginative speculation but what speculation it was! I think it would make for great soap opera fodder and, like I said, would be an intriguing way to explain the “heroic” charms of Rafe and Daniel.

    And I’m not liking Carrie at all. Haven’t for a long time now ever since she first made a play for Rafe. I’m glad Sami gave it to her good at the pub. Carrie’s using her distrust issues with Austin as an excuse to get with Rafe instead of just being honest and saying that she’s felt them growing apart for a long time now and maybe it’s time for a separation. And despite his feelings for Carrie, Rafe should know better than to go running to her now just because both their marriages are over. He knows how affected Sami was from years past. He’ll always be reminded that Carrie is Sami’s sister so how will that help him to heal? Since Salem only has a limited number of available women, I know his pickings are slim and maybe this is another way to put Sami in the middle of all these other men in her life. Yet another recycled storyline but this time involving EJ, Rafe, Austin and now Lucas again. However, I do agree with the poster who said this group of people, which includes Nicole, is the most exciting plotline of the show right now. Gina and the Pawn are a borefest as are Gabi, Chad, Sonny and Melanie. I’m liking Marlena only because John’s not with her and her scenes with Will are riveting. I think Deidre’s finally settled into her grandma role as Will calls her that more than once in every episode they’ve shared.

    Interesting captcha…the first of the two is a photograph of a street address !?!?!

  78. From Kat

    73-75-76 -Lady Lumps, Ginger and Michele, I so agree with you, would have written pretty much the same thing….
    If EJ wanted control, he could pretty much use what Kate has on her… and go from there….
    Covering up a Baby’s paternity, again, with Rafe’s help, for what reason now…. beyond me.
    After All Nicole went through after loosing her own baby…. To give EJ a child I(her words), now she is going to use EJ’s character as a reason….etc…..
    What’s changed, EJ is EJ and always has been EJ. And that’s the man Nicole has gone back to and loved for how long now…Hard to swallow.
    Why would Rafe AGAIN get caught up in a cover up about Baby, it’s getting a wee bit sick, for me…
    I know, Sami is the “Bad One”nobody has talked about that more than I… or whoever, I called her the Bad Seed,
    but a lot of things she has said the last few days, were right on the money, IMView.
    And Yes, the Kiss between Rafe and Carrie, that was hot, full of lust, getting there more and more, until Spoil Sport Sami walked in, and ruined it ALL. Lord knows, I would have like to see, where this would Really have gone without the “wife’s) interruption, Mind you, at that time
    Saintly Rafe knew Nothing about Sami and EJ, only knew his wife was distant, worried about something, it could have been anything, it could have been flashback’s from thinking Johnny was dead, whatever, at that time Rafe Had No reason to think that He Had Reason to go and get it on with his Wife’s Married Sister. But we All saw from the moment that Carrie and Rafe saw each other, it was a done deal between those two. So Rafe and Carrie, cut the crap and admit it, you guys feel love for each other, The truth will set you Free, LOL>
    Don’t string along Austin, divorce Sami, and stay away from Nicole, there has got to be more than one babysitter in town, she has enough money to hire a nurse…LOL
    And Dr. Dan, as time goes on, are you going to perform all the “Baby Exams in the Hotel Room Without a Nurse present, Not cool Dr. Love, not ethical at all Dr. Love.
    Something is got to give, sooner or later, For the Baby, please, get all the adults personal feelings out of the way, and just for once consider a child, two of EJ’s children are doing just fine, what’s he going to do to Nicole’s, it is getting pathetic…. IM View
    I think EJ and Nicole – once they get back together, are going to be mighty sorry, for shooting their mouth’s off, the way they did, but, that is living in a soap world, shoot today, nobody remembers tomorrow, ‘it’s the
    Soap moment that counts. Never let a soap SL get to you personally, just consider it entertainment….I do…..

  79. From cathy

    I love John and Hope together they are great and them fighting Stefano its about time they really started John’s return very poor.At first when John returned they made Marlena like a mommy to John and made him out weak Drake was never weak.Why can’t they put Marlena on the back burner like they did Bo.Marlena and Bo are the weak links links.doc as a shrink I would run not walk the other way.Wills guy storyline is sick he should go.Leave town.Cathy

  80. From cathy

    I love John and Hope together they are great they are truly the best.Them fighting Stefano is wonderful.I took to long before you got something started they way they started with Marlena babying John and treating him like he was weak was horrible.Why can’t you put Marlena on the back burner for a while like Bo as Marlena and Bo are truly the weak links of the too couples.Marlena as doc the shrink if I had a problem I would run the other way.Dool stop the gay storyline with Will and get rid of him.Cathy

  81. From SandyGram

    All the spoilers you’ve posted are already on and

  82. From patty

    Either Rafe really cares about Nicole and her baby or he’s in payback mode for all the pain and suffering Elvis caused him and his family ,which I wouldn’t blame him for one bit. Too bad that it will most likely be Nicole who will pay for it in the long run but as far as EJ and Sami thinking Rafe and Nicole are having a child together, I say Karma is a bitch baby!

  83. From patsy

    I still say that the low rateings on DAYS is because JAMES and ARI WANTS to work together and they are pushing EJOLE down our throats I,ll amite they have a big following ,but so does Safe but the EJAMI fans are more so go figure who get what they want IT doesnt matter about the fans or who they route for RIGHT NOW i,m NOT A BIG FAN of the JAMES hour There are a LOT OF goodlooking talent on the show that doesnt get a chance to show what they can do because that show case just James .Ari ALI and Galen I,m afaired the show is going to be canceled IF they dont do something FAST i USE TO LOVE WATCH THIS SHOW now could care less if I watch or not sorry for the rant but just hate to see this once great show go under and these great actor loose their jobs

  84. From MAB

    Debbie – from what I saw, I don’t think the compact is the same one from years ago. And the ‘G’ did look like a sticker, not engraved.

    Lucas will always think the worst of EJ, just like Rafe. They both will always sound negative when talking about EJ, and accuse him of anything & everything. I think they are both intimidated by him in many ways, and their jealousy of him knows no bounds. Bottom line, they will never understand Sami & EJ’s relationship.

    The Sami that showed up at the pub yesterday is the Sami I love! I’m so glad the writers are letting her do what she does best, and that is tell people off!! And most of it is the truth, especially when it comes to what she said to Carrie. Sami has every right to be pissed about Rafe being involved w/ the two women she says she hates most. I guess Rafe just don’t get it tho. It will always be her ‘sister’ he is with, but I guess he thinks it’s ok to just pick up and move on w/ Carrie like nothing happened.

    If EJ wanted to bury Sami, he could go along w/ Kate’s plans and get his kids back. EJ isn’t having a sudden interest in Sami & the kids. She was w/ Rafe and EJ wasn’t concerned about her, but now that Rafe’s gone, EJ stepped up for her in her time of need. She finally got out from under Rafe’s thumb, the fog lifted, and it’s back to reality for Samantha Gene. She was able to finally talk to someone who understands her and someone she can be herself around for a change, and that is EJ. He extended an olive branch to her and she accepted. It still makes no sense that EJ getting Sami the apt helps his image. It’s not like this info is gonna go public to his constituents, and even if it did, why would they care? If he wanted to improve his image, he would do something publicly for all to see.

    EJ never said he cared about Sami only because of the kids. He did make it clear to Kate that he wanted the kids w/ Sami, and that she is a good mother. I do think he wants most people to think that he only cares for Sami because of the kids, but their convo and the pub the other day said the opposite. Their looks towards each other alone spoke volumes! It’s obvious they will always have a connection they can’t deny (and not just because of the kids). And there are feelings involved too. We’ll just never know to what extent until the writers figure it out…if that ever happens.

    Rafe & Carrie’s make out session was heaving kissing, and there was groping going on…and it wasn’t short either. They were already kissing when Sami walked in, and she stood there long enough to try to take in what she was witnessing before she ever spoke a word. I think that was long enough to realize what was really going on, and it wasn’t some quick, awkward kiss. They’ve even admitted to that. They did it because they have feelings for each other, and that is still worse than what transpired between Sami & EJ because of the feelings they developed for each other w/o any reasoning for it. Austin had done nothing to Carrie, and Rafe had no knowledge of Sami’s tryst w/ EJ.

    Michele – I understand what you’re saying about EJ’s feelings for Nicole, but I don’t think EJ & Nicole are each other’s true loves. I think Sami is his and Brady is hers, but it’s ultimately up to the writers who they end up with. I do believe EJ loves Nicole, but I don’t think he’ll truly love anyone like he does (or has) Sami. I’ve never seen EJ more devastated over loosing a woman when Sami left him at the altar…the night he got drunk and she shot him. It had to devastating to him to want to kill himself.

  85. From MAB

    It’s not right to use a baby in your revenge for someone else, so I hope that karma comes back and bites Rafe in the @$$!

  86. From patty

    You mean like EJ used the kids against Sami for revenge since they were born? No wonder Nicole will do anything to keep her child from EJ. Rafe also knows what he’s capable of so he’s willing to help her do that.

  87. From Grandma Judy

    Yesterday Sami told Grandma Caroline that she was glad Caroline didn’t see her a few minutes ago in the pub. I’m glad, too, that her Grandma didn’t see her! Sami was beyond being a raving lunatic! Throwing out accusations right and left, feeling sorry for herself, and not once taking any responsibility for her own actions. Again I have to ask, did Carrie steal Rafe or did Sami throw him away?! I would think it would speak volumes to Rafe that Sami doesn’t believe him but Carrie does that he is not sleeping with Nicole. Sami is taking EJ’s word, as Rafe said.

    We can discuss all day long what EJ’s motives might be for giving Sami and the kids the “penthouse” or anything else. I believe he has an ulterior motive and I base my opinion on his past history. But eventually we will know if his motives are pure or not and if they are, it will be refreshing, – - for a few minutes! lol.

    Our grandkids are off school all next week, starting today, and hubby and I will be happily busy with them most of the time. Our Easter Day will be filled with local family and a few friends here at our house after church, for dinner, the childrens’ egg hunt, etc. Easter’s message of hope and the promise for everlasting life make it my very favorite holiday. So HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!

  88. From SandyGram

    Show Thursday March 29th:
    Alamainia – For me, these scenes need impact, less repeating the whole theme over several days, Stefano wants John and Hope to be turned back into the Pawn and Princess Gina; no we won’t; yes you will; will we get our freedom back; don’t hurt Marlena; I want to see Bo, etc. Dragging it out takes away from the actor’s terrific portrayal of the characters and makes one want to FF through the scenes. With that little rant over with, even before Hope was hypnotized I thought she was zoning into Princess Gina, especially with Stefano’s repetition and somewhat mono tone voice and especially after he showed her the compact. Gina may be more deep rooted in her subconscious than anyone realizes. Then I see they dug up Dr. Rolf’s brother to play the hypnotist, accent and all!

    Horton Town Center – Great interaction between Kate and Marlena. I liked the fact that Doc brought up they were once friends and questioned Kate’s happiness by being married to Stefano DiMera. Kate never did answer the question about needing friends, just look at her inner circle it all revolves around Stefano, which once again takes away from her being a strong independent woman because like his son, Steffie is even more controlling and expects loyalty without question. Kate shouldn’t of opened that package for sure. I was glad to see Kate say she cared what happened to John, maybe this is a lead into someday Kate taking a stand against Stefano, but then someday is a long time away.

    Brady Pub – Samantha Gene shallow, self- important brat and Carrie just the worst of snobs. Move on Rafster get away from the Brady diva sisters. Then sweet Caroline always standing by Sami, I don’t remember her ever consoling Carrie the ways she does Sami.

    DiMansion – Billie, Billie, Billie, not in the DiMansion 10 minutes before getting your hands caught in the cookie jar. Did anyone else catch the conversation between her and EJ about their very short interest in one another. Billie was played by Julie Pinson back then. I think that was around 2007, a brief but memorable exchange between the two of them. Although Billie is there to run front for the ISA on the DiMera business activities, could this be a potential lead into ‘just maybe’ a hook up of kind between these two? EJ’s look back at the steps as he was leaving the mansion and Kate’s leaving suddenly to get her favorite scarf she left at the Coffee House, makes me think both of them already suspect Billie of something other than her wanting to take care of her mom. Then add Stefano to the pot when he returns, Kate just may have to make a decision on who’s more important, her daughter or the Dimera’s. And I’m still waiting for Austin to parade his unhappy self into the loving arms of mom and a DiMansion spare bedroom.

  89. From MAB

    If EJ used the kids against Sami, it was because of something Sami started in the first place…mainly trying to keep his children from him…so EJ did what he had to do, right or wrong. Sami has used all of her children as revenge, all the way back to Will. But Sami wouldn’t have had the problems w/ EJ that she had if she had just been honest w/ EJ in the first place. And I think she would have IF she hadn’t met Rafe and made him her partner in crime to keep Sydney from EJ. Rafe went right along w/ her, so him going along w/ Nicole shouldn’t be anything new for him – typical Rafe. Why doesn’t he father his own children and stop trying to be father to kids that aren’t his?? Unless he can’t, but we all know EJ doesn’t have that problem. Oh and Ari Zucker has basically let the cat out of the bag about Nicole & EJ’s relationship, that they will end up back together eventually, so I guess she won’t do anything to keep her child from EJ after all.

    Sami has more than once admitted to what she did wrong, and she said it AGAIN yesterday. But why try to explain yourself to a bunch of hypocrites? She’s tired of being blasted for what she’s done, while everyone else gets a free pass. And she was right on for what she said yesterday, especially to Carrie…raving lunatic or not! I’m glad Caroline comforted her. She can always see the good in Sami when most others won’t, not even Marlena. It’s obvious Sami has a closer relationship w/ Caroline that Carrie does, so I think that’s the reason Caroline treats them differently. Plus, Sami is the one who is more likely to be the one in need that Carrie. And deep down, I think Caroline knows how everyone treats Sami, so she makes sure Sami knows she always has someone in her corner.

    John asked if Stefano’s man was Dr Rolf’s brother, but Stefano did not admit to it. He said no names here, so we don’t know for sure who this man is, or if he’s related to Dr Rolf at all. Although when he walked in, I’m sure everyone thought the same thing, just like John. I know I did.

    Oh please not a hook up w/ EJ & Billie. She is supposedly around Hope’s age, and if the rumors come true that John & Hope are EJ’s parents, then that would be like EJ dating his mother. Yuk! He’s already mixed it up w/ Kate before, which was bad enough, so we don’t need to see him mix it up w/ Billie too. They don’t make a good match at all IMO. Billie is not EJ’s type.

  90. From Maryl

    That was a sweet scene between our “bad boy” EJ and Sami yesterday when he offered her his hankie. They need to be that sensitive and caring to each other more often. I also like the fact that EJ cried after Nicole’s hurtful parting words–showed that vulnerable side of him.
    Billie is going to bring down Stefano and EJ?? Please! How stupid is that? If she does, the Salem PD and FBI need to walk around town with egg on their faces since none of them have been able to succeed in this effort. Also, the ISA has been after Stefano forever using Shane, Roman, John, & etc. but now Billie is to be the heroine? She didn’t look very professional to me with her clumsy snooping in Stefano’s desk–got caught right away by EJ. Now, don’t you suppose that little incident set off a warning signal to EJ. You can almost bet he will be watching her. She better beware or she may get cloned into a “munchkin” or something of similar nature.
    It is also ridiculous to think that Stefano would keep evidence of his highly questionable agendas in a small desk with penetrable locks, in the middle of a much-used living area??? Wouldn’t you think that he would have a special office in the dungeon/basement that only he knew about and could get to? Wouldn’t he keep all incriminating documents there? This is another glitch due to unrealistic writing.

  91. From patty

    The look on EJ’s face when Rafe says he’s the father of Nicole’s baby is absolutely priceless. Nicole goes right along with it and looks as happy as pie but Carrie doesn’t look too happy when she overhears this. I’m loving this storyline.
    Good line by Sami when Lucas tells her she has unresolved feelings for EJ. “What, shooting him in the head was just a little bump on the road to true love? She doesn’t believe in the theory that there is a thin line between love and hate, it’s a Grand Canyon of a line.
    Sami runs after Lucas and tells him she does have unresolved feelings but they are not for EJ, they are for him. Poor Lucas, please don’t get sucked in again.
    Alamania – FF button. Texas Hold’em?

  92. From Maryl

    Never put too much faith in anything Sami says or even does. The bullet in the head happened and then the next thing we know Sami is capable of having sex with EJ–even admitting that it was good between them. So I don’t place too much trust in her saying that she doesn’t buy the thin line between the love and hate theory. I’m also very suspicious of her jumping into the “get Lucas back” mode. She always runs after another man when EJ starts to give her senses a buzz–it’s her way of avoiding that certain forbidden something that’s always there where EJ is concerned.

  93. From Michele

    THANK YOU writers, for explaining why Sami would take the Apt. from EJ. As I said I really needed that.

    MAB. You are most likely right, my feelings about Sami and my love for EJ and Nichole could very well me clouding my judgment. But in my EJOILE land, EJ felt that bad not just over loosing Sami, but because he was going to lose his kids and dream of what he thaught he wanted. I just love EJ and Nichole together and can not wait for their reunion. (fingers crossed)

  94. From Guest

    EJ finds out about Nicole being pregnant and there is a brief moment of joy in his face as he realizes that the woman he loves and he will be having a child. He immediately comments you’ll be such a wonderful mother…and then the moment is gone. Why does he have to sound controlling, couldn’t he just show his excitement and reassure her of his love for her. Couldn’t Rafe just go away and let Nicole give in to her true feelings? I guess we’ll have to wait til they find the shiny white horse for him to ride in on to finally let them be excited together. I think next week would be a good time for them to start over.
    Carrie overhears Rafe say he is the father, just after she says he is so honest to Marlena. She makes Austin sound like some unethical liar. She wins the award for most confused and deluded character on the show. No wait, maybe she and Sami can share that too!!!

  95. From patty

    Sami is going to blow a gasket when she finds out about Rafe and Nicole having a baby together.They better clear the Pub or Town Square. I wonder if that will be before or after she sleeps with Lucas. Imagine all this outrage and Rafe didn’t sleep with no one when she will have slept with two other men besides her husband. Calling everyone else a slut and she is actually the only one who has cheated.

  96. From Guest

    Patty 95 Sooooo true. I can hear Sami rant from across the border.

  97. From guestcwb

    Hmmm. I am not sure who to cheer for. I think I’m going with Sami and Lucas. Done with Rafe and since Brady can’t be with Nicole I’ll put her with EJ. Hmmm. Or maybe since Sami and EJ have this weird connection, I’ll put them together and put Rafe with Carrie and Nicole can go with Austin. Or I could cheer for Austin with Sami– there you go– they have a history too. And that would leave Carrie to go for EJ (refreshing twist?) and then Nicole could get back together with Lucas. Merry go round is right! … Writers- you are confusing me!

    And regarding Gina and John (or whoever he is), “outsmarting” Stefano by finding the video and audio? Really? The first place I would look is behind mirrors and pictures. Stefano– come on– you gotta be smarter than that!

  98. From MAB

    Maryl – so agree about Billie, and I said the same thing in a prior post. I find it completely unbelievable that she, of all people will bring down the DiMeras. I also agree about Stefano’s private, important papers being left out in a desk drawer. Rich, powerful people don’t do that. The writers just keep making mistakes.

    Michele – well I’ll be happy for you when EJ & Nicole reunite, but I’ll still be dreaming of the day that he & Sami reunite. But if the writers won’t put him w/ Sami, then Nicole really is the only logical choice.

    Guest – yeah Carrie calls Austin a liar, but she believes Rafe?? Austin is a way more of a stand up guy than Rafe, and thru it all, Austin has only loved one woman – Carrie. And what does she do, dump on him!

  99. From Kat

    Today, Lucas talking to Kayla, sorry to hear him say, he can’t wait to get out of here – back to
    China and Autumn. What about his two kids, leave them again, just like that, he has been an absentee father for how many years now. At least EJ is in town, and there any time his kids need him, or are allowed to see him.
    Don’t know if any of you noticed, but it looks like “Hope” got some Botax… Something is different about her face.

    Can’t wait for EJ and Nicole to get back together, I want to see two people looking forward to having their Baby, created with love, and there is no doubt, Love…
    Princess Gina/John/ so boring….
    besides, everybody in Europe Knows that Princess Gina DIED, including her daughter, what was her name?, possibly John’s and Real Gina’s daughter?!!???? Was it Greta..?
    The whole SL with Melanie, Chad, Gaby, Abby, help me, the most boring stuff ever. Give those kids/Adults some SL or something. They are taking so much time with Nonsense anymore.
    Kayla, still always looking for some gossip… boring.
    Lucas, if you want to set up Sami and Kids in a Condo, DO IT, darn it, don’t just talk about it, and then drop it again. DO it, period, Sami has not moved in yet, and there is No signed Lease…..Put your money where your mouth is.
    I am getting to the point, where I almost don’t care anymore, who is with who, because I think the writers don’t know what to do next. Soon everybody has slept with everybody, or think they have…
    Everybody in Salem is an old used up shoe, nothing fresh there anymore, not just slightly used, used and used and used…..LOL
    Hate to say it, but I am starting to like our little “snot” Sami again, out from under Rafe’s control, her own person , or at least going in that direction.
    And if things don’t go right with the Apt. and EJ, Lucas can have her moved to a Condo/whatever, not a big deal….

  100. From SandyGram

    Show Friday March 30th:
    That’s suppose to be a luxurious apartment like was mentioned in the spoilers. Luxury for me is like Marlena’s penthouse/townhouse, where you can’t see the kitchen from the living room and surely not with white appliances (a little stainless would have made it look a little more high end). And what appears to be 2 bedrooms, at a minimum she needs three (one for her, one for Johnny and one for Sydney and Ally). The living area is no bigger than the Loft. I don’t know how Sami thinks she is going to pay EJ back rent, she has ruined any high paying job opportunities there in Salem. And no strings attached, well I guess I’ll have to pull out that deed to that bridge I have for sale again. Now EJ and Sami are forgoing the hate and disgust they have for each other after a casual ‘what were we thinking’ conversation in the Pub and EJ wanting to put a good foot forward as Mayor, believable or NOT! Now here’s a thought, Sami’s next employment will be in the Mayors office, it could happen!

    Good convo between Kayla and Lucas. He’s obviously a gonner when it comes to Sami and that doesn’t mean going back to Hong Kong! I would like to see Autumn even if it’s for only a few times so we can compare what Lucas thinks is a girl he fell in love with that was the total opposite of Sami and Kate’s reaction to her also.

    Then ending with Alamainia…wish I had something positive to say….didn’t like Hope/Gina smoking (even tho that’s what Gina did in the past); John does a suck face number on Hope/Gina like he does Marlena and calls it kissing, nothing romantic about it; obviously Stefano, once he sets up new camera’s, will video John/Pawn and Hope/Gina together in compromising conditions so he can continue to torture them when they return to Salem. Again, for me, there is no impact to this long drawn out story line! Hurry and retrouver si vous (le) voulez bien (hope I got that right), it’s supposed to be a nice way to say ‘getter done!’

  101. From Guest

    MAB I agree, Carrie should not believe Rafe over Austin. He has not been untrue in the past to my knowledge, and he is her husband after all. That aside Rafe is her sister’s husband…Yuk, Yuk, and even more Yuk. Who wants their sister’s seconds?

  102. From SandyGram

    Richard are you lurking out there…I need your help. What was the relationship between EJ Wells and Billie Reed when Julie Pinson played Billie. I found a you tube montage video of the two of them together, it appears they were flirtatious with one short kiss as she pushed the aggressive EJ away. In their conversation yesterday it sounded like there may have been a little more to their relationship. None of the biographies on the standard sites shows any connection between the two of them in the ‘Relationship’ Section, not even dating. There is this little tickle in my memory, but I can’t seem to conger up anything more. Thanks if you can help.

  103. From patsy

    CAN NYONE give me the facts and figures on WHO has the strongest fan base EJOLE ,EJAMI SAFE , BRADY /NICOLE , LUCUS/SAMI ,BRADY /MADDIE OR RAFE /NICOLE OR RAFE /CARRIE ?JUST WONDERING .or DOES IT REALY MATTER any more ?Dont want to start any fan wars or any thing

  104. From patsy

    Can you tell me If EJandNicole ARE SO GREAT why ARE all the other message boards about ej and Sami or Rafe and Sami OR Lucus and Sami I didn,t see any of EJ and Nicole I did see one of Rafe and NIcole Witch I pray they dont go with Hes too nice of a guy for her .she,ll eat him alive even more so than Sami did But please dont put him with Carrie Put husband stealer with EJ let him straiten her out and teach her you dont go after your sisters husband

  105. From Clear

    It struck me that Days is really hard to watch because there is NO happy couple doing anything fun or working together on something except the Gina/Pawn that seems so odd! There are no enduring couples in sight! Doug and Julie maybe if they are around. What does Roman do in his spare time?

  106. From Mercedes

    Rafe is such a knight in shining armor! What a love he is to be there for Nicole. He will help her keep this baby away from the monster we k ow and hate…..EJ ! Thanks Rafe the show needs more of you.

  107. From SandyGram

    #105 Clear
    Even Maggie, now that she is married to Victor we hardly see her and I miss her kitchen. Now their going to spoil Stefano and Kate and with that creepy Ian, back to living in a Hotel room (or at a minimum sleezing around with him). Actually the Hotel business must be very good in Salem with so many living in one!

  108. From Clear

    Sandy–Exactly, it’s possible to have a good mystery and daily trials without everyone miserable, or left out! I was hoping all the women with Kate included would gang up on Ian and bring him down in more ways than one! Imagine them playing him and having Stefano ready for taking him down–exile, a new pawn, etc.–but I want Victor to get Titan away from him!

  109. From Cougar

    First i gotta say that I hate recycled story lines as much as the next guy. However now that HoJo have been hynotised baxt to the pawn & Gina I find this sl more interesting to me because that whole Princess Gins and John the pawn sl was on at a time I was unable to watch days. So this is a new sl for me but I totally get why others are bored with it – deuja vue all over again.

    I do really enjjoy Hope when they send her over to the dark side as with the sleeping pill sl. I dont why just me I guess but it strechers her acting chops and takes her character out of the box.

    Well we have to wait and see if EJ’s apartment offer to Sami is with out strings time will tell. His reasoning for giving her the apartment makes sense he’s the father of 2 of kids and wont allow them to live out a car. But Sami watch out. Especially with her being upset with will for accepting EJ apartment. Classic case of the parent who says dont do as I do but do as I say! Got love that hypocritical parental line. Unfortunately we’ve all heard and seen done if not in our own family but in others we know at some point in life.

    I though Carrie looked a little inappropriately possessive toward Rafe as she stood by when Sami was letting him have it because she thought he slept with Niki.

    And of course the classic in Salem. nobody knows how to keep their moth shut in public and Ej over hears about Niks pregnacy!

  110. From Kat

    108 Cougar, well if EJ is not on the up and up about the apartment,
    Sami could always take Lucas up on His offer, to move her and the kids into a Condo, as a matter of fact, he should make a deal with Sami right now, he’ll stay a bit longer, but she moves into a place that He, Lucas provides for her. Simple enough, but it’s a soap….Drama needed.
    I agree with about Carrie’ look, she stood there, as if She was the Wife, and not a woman married to another man, but ready to move on with her sister’s husband. Her big interest clearly showed just how much Hung up she is on Rafe, and that right in front of her Sister, still Rafe’s wife. And of course all stuff/feelings started before Carrie/Austin knew Anything true/false about their spouses. I think Carrie should have walked away.
    You would think Princess Greta would show up, hearing that her Dead Mother
    gina has come back to life, you would think….The writers really should do it the right way, all the way, maybe they will.
    Will the writers ever go back to the SL about Alice, the Bank accounts, the Egg Farm, who is Dan’s Daddy, who was the Egg Man?, What about EJ, his illness, etc.

    It they just drop that SL, like the Stefano/
    Santo’s/Collen and John/Ryan story, then why would I ever again want to get involved in watching any new SL’s, what for, never a Sl with and ending….Why get invested in anything anymore, if the writers don’t know how to follow through on anything big and important.

  111. From Littlr pug

    Come on writers, come up with something that HASN’T been done before. This story lines are old and not worth watching. Gabby and Chad–who cares. Sammi-get a life. Rafe and Nicole–too much as is the three sum of Ivan, wifey and Brady.

  112. From Kat

    Another question on my mind, and I hope I phrase that one in the right way,
    We all hear on here, that Lucas and Sami will sleep together,
    Sami is being divorce, sort of like EJ was after he signed to Papers, Lucas of course is engaged to Autumn, he is in sort of “promised Land”,now how are we viewers going to handle that betrayal..I mean, EJ had signed to papers Nicole had insisted on, and yes – he did not confess, for him to do that, he would have had to take Sami down with Him, so now will all of us get down on Lucas and of course again on Sami. Where does the Crap begin, and where does it end. I don’t know who or what to judge anymore, it’s a slime fest in Salem… There is no more black and white, it’s All Slime.
    Only difference, depending on what your last name is, It’s “Little Slime” or “Big Scum”.
    Take your pick and enjoy the Ride….

  113. From Chris

    #110-KAT agree with you unless Autumn breaks up with Lucas for staying in Salem and then he sleeps with Sami.
    #89-MAB-would love to know where you read that Ari Zucker said that Nicole & Ej will reunite. I really hope its true, I love them together.
    I thought Rafe was the best with Sami. They were great together and now I don’t know what they have done to him. I want him to butt out of Nicole and Ej’s relationship. I know that maybe he’s trying to help Nicole but he’s doing it more out of revenge for what the Dimera’s did to him. Nicole loves Ej and the reason she is keeping the baby from him just doesn’t make sense.
    Rafe and Carrie-I hate them together. I have had enough of her, I wish she would just leave and Austin needs to realize that he is better off without her.
    The Alamania story is so boring. Its time to end it and get on with the secret that Alice had on Stefano.
    Billie & Ej-that pairing won’t work for me. She can be with Daniel. She and Carrie can leave Salem together. I wouldn’t miss them.

  114. From Clear

    No closure on anything and nothing constant in the relationships makes me afraid for Days to endure. Twists and turns are good if they are done well, but things have gotten too twisted! Even Vic and Mags are in danger if she finds out he knew about the eggs!

  115. From SandyGram

    TV Guide Exclusive Excerpt from article: Renee Jones Quits Days of Our Lives, dated April 2, 2012:

    Renee Jones:
    She wants her life back. According to the statisticians, Renee Jones has set a broadcasting record as Lexie Carver on Days of Our Lives, the longest-running African-American female character on television. But the luminous beauty is abandoning her role to give retirement a try. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Jones, who will exit the NBC soap in June, and we got the exclusive scoop on her reasons for quitting, her future plans and — spoiler alert! — how Days will say goodbye to her beloved character.

    TV Guide Magazine:
    Actresses don’t quit show biz. Show biz quits them!Jones: Like they say, life is not a dress rehearsal! I am so excited about this decision. It’s been on my mind for over a year. I am so grateful to Days for 20 years of steady employment — it’s been a fantastic opportunity — but I finally had to stop and ask myself, “What really makes me happy? What really brings me joy in life?” And it’s not acting. I just don’t want to do this anymore. I was raised on a farm in Georgia and I want to get back to that silence, that solitude. I want to spend all day enjoying nature, experiencing God. Every so often production at Days will go dark for a couple of weeks and I feel relived. I feel free. I’m like, “Wow, there’s a whole other world out there!” Acting now feels like a chore and I need a break — maybe for a good long time, maybe forever.

    The entire article is available on TV

  116. From MAB

    Chris – Ari Zucker didn’t come out and say Nicole & EJ were reuniting, but she did insinuate it when she talked about the baby, saying that the pregnancy was just the first part of the love story for Nicole & EJ. She made it sound like they would be getting back together, at least that’s I how understood it. I read it in one of the soap mags a while back, can’t remember which one, sorry.

    SandyGram – WOW, I didn’t see that coming about Renee Jones! So I assume Lexie is gonna die from her tumor, and that is how she will exit the show. This is gonna be big, so I hope the writers get it right. Abe is gonna loose his wife, and poor little Theo will loose his mother. Stefano is gonna loose yet another child, and EJ will loose his only sister. And then there’s all of her friends…everyone is gonna be devastated!

  117. From SandyGram

    #116 MAB
    For those that didn’t read the TV Guide Article Renee wanted to make sure Lexie is really gone, here is the excerpt from the article on that conversation:

    TV Guide Magazine:
    Yeah, but is this death for reals? After all, this is Days and mad man Stefano is Lexie’s dad. How do we know he won’t steal her body and send it off to some crazy-ass scientist who specializes in reanimation?

    Jones: [Laughs]
    That’s what I said [to the execs]! How will we know Lexie’s really gone? Practically everyone in Salem has come back from the dead! They said, “We will do something that guarantees it.” And they did. I can’t tell you what it is, but it is definitely the end for Lexie.

    This is very intriguing. There have been many characters come back from tragic deaths on Days, I can’t imagine what that guarantee might be. Maybe Organ Donation and Daniel oversee’s the process. With this happening I am very concerned how they will handle the story with Theo, this could be very touchy for the writers.

  118. From SandyGram

    #116 MAB
    I agree this will be devastating for friends and family, but I have to say Lexie, although family, is also EJ’s only real friend. They have had their ups and downs, but in the end I believe they loved each other and had a tight bond. I hope the writers take this opportunity to show EJ’s tender side when dealing with her illness and finally the loss of his sister. Stefano no doubt will be devastated also, but he seems to be able to handle loss easier than EJ. Hopefully the writers will strip away EJ’s mask of obscurity and show the type of grief he felt when he thought he lost Johnny (less the grief sex of course). Then let it be Nicole that comes to be by his side. This could be the point where EJ realizes there is more to life than his dark side, the loss of his sister, a new baby on the way what better way to revitalize this character. Hope that all makes sense.

  119. From Funny

    Groping? LOL. Were we watching the same show? On what planet would you consider what Rafe and Carrie were doing, groping? Is that what they call it now when your hands are on someone’s back as you’re kissing? I get that some of you don’t like Rafe and Carrie, but really?

  120. From patsy

    Six years ago I started watching a what I thought was going to be the best love story ever written for day time TV even better than LUKE andLORA or BO and HOPE OR John Marlena lovestory IT was a Fisty Brady girl and a sexy Brit named DEMIRA AND the famile fudes that went on But these two beautiful pepole fell in love but didn,t have a chance because EJ broght SEXY Nicole into the mix to make Sami jelious now because of her(because JAMES went goga over her) we EJAMI fans won,t get to have our EJAMI bRADYandDemiera love story I personly dont think its fair to all the FAITHFUL EJAMI FANS .iT WOULD BE FAIR IFEJdidn,t get to be with Sami or Nicole but I don,t see that happening Please bring back to good lovestorys they useto have enstead of these fan wars

  121. From SandyGram

    Show Review April 2nd:
    Well it looks like we will never see Marlena stand up for Sami when it comes to Carrie having feelings for Rafe. Then Carrie bats those big eyes and comments on crying on Marlena’s shoulder so many times and still again Marlena doesn’t set her straight that what she has done is unacceptable. Carrie’s one pointed comment was “Am I ever going to be happy with what I have?” Apparently not! Carrie is all about self-preservation, not self-pride, she has no room to talk about Sami being selfish! Then asking Marlena about having courage to leave Roman for John…no way that situation is anywhere near Carrie’s conundrum. Maybe this time Sami is right, just maybe deep down Carrie is trying to punish Sami for past deeds, as Carrie said, “She cried when Sami interrupted her and Austin’s wedding with the lie that Will was his son. She cried because Austin married Sami to bring Will home from Paris. She cried because Austin felt so guilty about Sami’s car accident that he wouldn’t leave her side”. Now she calls Rafe a good, honorable and decent man, so what does she think Austin has been over the years?

    Alamainia – The game of cat and mouse continues!

    Brady Pub – When is Lucas ever going to say ‘Allie’ in a sentence? Have we even seen him visit his daughter since his return? So it looks like Lucas did know about Sami shooting EJ, he didn’t seem a bit surprised when she said “Me shooting him in the head was just a speed bump on the road to true love?” How many others know this to be a fact or have over heard Sami or those that do know talking about it. I would of thought Will would have shared that with Marlena by now…..but still the writers have Sami talking about in a passing conversation like it’s an everyday occurrence, so where’s Daddy Roman to do his sworn duty? Oh Lucas you will never get through to her. Then Caroline….for me, although she gets her point across, she is an enabler when it comes to Sami, like she said “God only knows what she’s going to do now” as Sami leaves the Pub.

    HTS – EJ certainly showed delight in hearing Nicole was pregnant. Although after many attempts of Nicole to get him to understand she needs time, she had a lot to think about and made it clear she didn’t want to move back into the DiMansion, EJ turned to his normal verbally abusive tactics “I really, really hope you’re not going to try and keep my baby away from me Nikki. It’s my baby. Don’t think you can keep me from my child. I promise you I’m going to be a very important part of that child’s life; don’t you doubt that for a minute.” Although many will say Rafe stepped in where he didn’t belong, there seemed to be no other way to get EJ to back off and understand stress was the one thing Nicole didn’t need if she was to carry the baby to term. Saying the baby was his, was Rafe just paying EJ back for all the things he has done to him or has he gone beyond the call of duty to protect Nicole and the baby. For me, I think it’s a little of both. Of course it won’t end here, EJ will once again drag a woman to the doctor for a paternity test and once again there will be switched test results, but then that’s Salem.

  122. From patty

    SandyGram, when Nicole asks rafe why he is doing this , he says because he knows what EJ is capable of more than anyone.

  123. From Kat

    Rafe claiming he is the Father of the First Lady of Salem’s Baby,

    not so cool. That should tarnish Nicole’s rep. just a bit. Front page stuff, and not fair to the Baby in the long run.
    Nicole should take a deep breath, and come clean, act like a responsible to be Mother, after all, she over and over again, knew exactly what EJ was and is all about. Why would he “steal” her baby, when he willingly is doing for the other Kids, what’s Best for them. I don’t like at all what Rafe did.
    Rafe, go get busy and find a job, so you can pay your rent on the loft, etc. and keep your nose out of Married women’s problems. All you do is complicate things even more. But that is what the writers want, silly Me.

  124. From michele

    #121 Sandygram, I agree with almost 100% of what you said. Esp. Marlena/Carrie & Caroline/Austin. I have kids and would never allow one of my kids to date another one of kids spouces. Also how dare Carrie compare her/Austin and Rafe to Marlena and John. Marlena lived as John’s wife for years, thinking he was Roman. She was not married to Roman and then just met her sister’s husband and had to have him. I agree with Caroline enables sami but feel that Roman does too.

    I did not see Lexi leaving the show, but I really did not see her dieing! Looking back we should have known, because the only parents that you actually see with their children are the ones that end up dieing.

    Kat – I for one will think Lucus is just as bad, if he sleeps with Sami before they brake up.

    Patsy – I know that you like Ej amd Sami and that love story, and alot of other people do too. There is also alot of people that like Lucus with Sami. A lot of people (myself included) like Ej and Nicole, a others like Sami and Rafe. Someone said a few weeks ago no matter who ends up with who there is going to be people that will be unhappy about it. I know how you feel because when they first ripped Bo and Hope apart many years ago, I just could not believe they would do that with so many Bo and Hope fans. So what I always do now, if remember that Bo and Hope did end up back togther and keep the dream alive. Maybe we will both end up let down and they will put EJ with someone totally new. I hope not, but I am going to keep watching no matter if I get my Ejole back or not and hope that even if you do not get your Ejami back you do too. :-)

  125. From SandyGram

    #122 patty
    Oh Yeah, good catch, Rafe would be very aware of what EJ would be capable of. Now if EJ would calm down and think of Nicole and her need to have less stress so she can deliver a healthy baby….instead of thinking of himself first…then Rafe wouldn’t have to step in, he could just remain a good friend to Nicole and not become her protector. And by showing this understanding side, who knows maybe Nicole would think differently of him. But then that wouldn’t be Elvis! Even though there has been rumors that EJ and Nicole will get back together, for me, I’m thinking it will be related to Lexie’s death. One other think Nicole said that was very pertinent today was when EJ said for her to come back to the DiMansion, she replied that’s your home. Listen up EJ, maybe you should look into getting a penthouse in one of your new found buildings. Seems like Sami said something very similar when she didn’t want to live in the mansion.

    #124 Michelle
    We may not want Renee or Lexie’s character off the show, but according to the article in Post #115 it’s a done deal. Renee wants to get back to the easy living in her state of Georgia, 20 years as a soap star was long enough for her. What will be interesting is who will be Abe’s next love interest and how the writers have Theo handle the news of her death.

  126. From Vivian

    Maybe we will get a good storyline if someone kills Ian….then we can all try and figure who did the “good deed”….haven’t had a murder mystery in a long time. I have been forwarding thru Alamainia. Would like for Kayla to get a good storyline..not just working the pub. Wanna know for sure that Victor is Daniel’s father. When is Doug and Julie coming home from Africa? What was that little tryst all about with Will and Gabi “helping each other out.” Am glad to see that Melanie has Gabi’s number! Wish Will would get off the fence and go one way or the other. Brady better watch his back…think Ian plans to take over Titan! He may need to drag that coffin out of mothballs LOL

  127. From gerri

    I don’t like Marlena’s advice these days,she don’t stand up for Sami,but approves ,of Carrie’s ,getting involved with Rafe,while she Is still married. .Her situation with John and Roman,was entirely different.
    was so glad to have a ff button,on my DVR,for I can’t tolerate,the John/Hope/Stefano S/ boring,no
    interest at all.

    I haven’t had much time,to watch much TV,or post,my oldest daughter,had a bad accident at work,last thursday,got her hand caught under a bar,that was dropping down,to attach to a window,for a Military Hummer vehicle,(not her regular job,but was helping another employee)she lost a lot of 3 fingers,had surgery,shortly after injury,and came here with us to recuperate.
    changing dressings has been no fun.
    care is very different when Patient,Is a family member….
    see’s a orthopedic DR.tomorrow who’s speciality is with hand injuries. Machine malfunctioned,had no shield in
    place,So” OSHA”I’m sure is going to be ready,to hand out a big fine.

  128. From SandyGram

    #127 gerri
    Wow…how similar that sounds something very similar happened to one of my employees, but it was a rolling gate that slammed on her hand. Good wishes coming your way and lots of prayers for your daughter to have a speedy recovery.

  129. From michele

    #125 Sandygram, thank you for that spoiler. I respect her choice, but I NEVER saw that coming. I wonder if her illness is going to tie into the Alice secret, and that is why Stefeno was crying when he read it. I hope not, because Alice always liked Lexi (maybe not so much when she took Zack, but for the most part)but I just keep wondering what could have been written that would make Stefeno cry and drop everything and go to Alamainia. Thanks again for the spoiler.

  130. From Kat

    127 gerri, All my best with you, your daughter and the whole family.
    Went through that with my niece, lost all four fingers at Airport Doors closing, but as God would want it, that same Weekend they had the biggest specialist for re-
    connecting (??) fingers in town for a convention and sewed them all back on. Perfect now for like forever. Question, could they re-attached your daughter’s fingers, you did not say…?
    I am truly thinking and praying for you and your Girl.
    Marlena/Roman/John, so different from Carrie/Austin/Rafe.

    Carrie, do Austin a favor, set Austin free while you are trying to figure out who you want, We all know by now, it is Not Austin,
    Wow, what if Mike Horton shows up, we could have another threesome, or even a foursome…
    Carrie, you could choose from Austin, Mike, Rafe the new fresh one, and why not, let’s throw in Lucas, after all you married him also..What a choice, and most of them shared by the twisted sisters…Only in Salem….. and of course, Rafe is also on loan to Nicole to pretend he is her Baby’s Daddy. Sorry, but this saga, is getting a little pathetic, even for a soap.
    I am finding, that I am loosing interest, a little bit more every day.
    The writers, at least to me, seem not to be able to connect the dots, they seem to be all over the place, they are loosing me, and I think they are getting a bit lost on how to weave all the SL’s together to make logical sense out of all of it.
    Looks like the Head Puppeteer is missing, the one that holds all the stings, and know where all is supposed to go. Lost at Sea, or wherever…..
    IMO, things are not better from the old writers, only more confused and lost than ever… just My opinion….don’t fret about it.

  131. From Clear

    No! Don’t kill off a great character, Lexie! Why can’t she beat the tumor and be recast!

    I do like the idea of Ian leaving or disappearing! Who killed Ian would be a good mystery, and it could be a conspiracy with unlikely characters involed including Kate, Sami, Madison and otheers!

  132. From gerri

    SandyGram and Kat,thanks for your concern,will keep you posted,It seems like so many of us,have at one time or another,have shared,similar events.The parts of her fingers,couldn’t be re-attached,she will have nubs,there,hopefully,she will learn,how to adjust.
    we are all very thankful,that It wasn’t her hand.
    It’s very strange,to see parts of your child’s fingers,floating in a bag,of cold water and saline,hope I never have to see anything like this again.Kat how fortunate for your niece,to have that happened,when a great Doctor,was in town.and bale to have reattachment.wonderful for her..

  133. From michele

    #127 Gerri my prayers are with your family.

  134. From Lucy

    Why Rafe was ‘best’ with Sami and not Nicole ? Some really biased double standards, Rafe could be finally the ‘good guy’ love of Nicole’s life who save her !! Yeah writers listen to me, awaesome !
    p.s: If Ej had a chance with Sami he will never give Nicole the time of the day, get real Nicole lovers please, it is becoming pathetic.

  135. From Maryl

    Gerri–I feel so sad about what happened to your daughter. Please know that I will pray for her to heal and adjust.

  136. From patsy

    Lucy I wished Nicole wasn,t pregnet withEJ child and they would come up with a lovestory with RAFE andNicole They do look good together andseem to have some chemistry but with Nicole being pregent I dont see it happening I realy dont want a EJami story knowing James would reather be with Ari It just kills that specialfeeling you would have think they would have in real life .I think thats the reason SAFE worked to so many you new they were FRIENDSin real life and you could see it on the screen AND Lucy the writers dont have that much of an amagination all they know to write is to brake up couples , sex and ruining chataters I dont think any of them have ever been in love .IF the have they would know you cant turn it on and off like a fauset .I would love for then to where Nicole could know REAL love and I think the charater of Rafe s loves very deep .look at all he has gone threw with Sami altho she has hurt him HE still has feeling for her and not hollering at her and calling her bad names like EJandSami THEY are very very childish I hope the writers lets them growup over this storyline . I love to watch the both of them EJandSami I mean I like Rafeand Nicole too .I JUST HOPE THEY COME UP WITH A BELIVEABLE story for all and make all four look good .I dont want the show to be canceled

  137. From daisy

    Gerri, My heart aches for your daughter and you! My prayers go out to you for a speedy healing without complications. Please do keep us updated on her progress.

  138. From gerri

    Hope none of you are anywhere near Dallas,weather looks horrible.

    Back from the Doctor,this am,he says Angie’s ( my daughter)fingers all appear to be healing,like they should be at this stage…Stitches,come out,2 weeks past injury,then she will begin therapy.
    She had a breakdown,when all the bandages,were off,and seeing her hand for 1st time)I had only been unwrapping 1 each time,so injury,wasn’t so shocking,to her.

    I took her shopping at” Walmart”of all places,and had her laughing,at different things…
    thanks Michele and Maryl for your prayers,It is so good to be able,
    to share our hard luck stories,and know others do indeed care… Great site.haven’t watched today’s show yet..but know lot’s of interesting things are happening..

  139. From patty

    Awww! I feel so bad for your daughter gerri. Tell Angie I’m sending her positive vibes and prayers. She’s lucky to have her Momma taking care of her, nothing like a trip to Walmart to brighten your day…;)

  140. From Kat

    137 gerri, as far as I am concerned, there is always a support group here, even if we are “Strangers”, but we All have a Heart and a Soul, . Did she loose all 5 fingers, or does she have her thumb?
    Hope Angie, is a strong girl, and with everybody’s help, she will beat this thing, and in time it won’t even “hardly” matter.
    Same for you Gerri, take care of yourself and your daughter.
    I will blog about the SL on the New Site…

  141. From gerri

    Angie still has her thumb,and also,index or fore finger whichtook a hard hit,and part of tissue on under side,was taken off,and will lose the finger nail(don’t know if permament tho)but all and all,she has the 2 most important ones left,and she Is a strong,person,she raised her 3 sons alone,after their father was killed in MVA in she will be okay,after healing …is done.

    again,many thanks to all for your positive thoughts,and to all.
    going to watch show now…..

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