Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 12-16.

On the edge.

Lexi manages to resuscitate Bo but he continues to verge on death. His brain is barely functional. Billie chats with Hope on the phone about how close to the end he is. Hope can’t handle being so far away. She and John are desperate and have to break into the Alamainian government offices to retrieve their passports just so they can get out of the country. The spy and his accomplice don’t pull this off. Stefano catches them and refuses to let them have their passports back.

It turns out that Elvis’ overtures are actually starting to work. Lexi begins moving back into her family’s orbit. Abe tries to pull her back into his but she pushes him away. He falls further into the dumps when he is told that Theo doesn’t even want to see him.

Carrie opens up to Rafe about Austin having a torrid affair with Abby. She feels terrible about it and actually blames herself for pushing him away. While Rafe is comforting her, Billie is comforting Austin. She promises that she can help him repair all of the damage done to his relationship. His hopes aren’t that high after he overhears Carrie talking about how much she loves Rafe. Unfortunately for her, Rafe doesn’t think they can be together while they are married to other people. Meanwhile, Abby and Mel’s relationship starts to fall apart again when Mel learns that her friend has actually fabricated this entire affair and destroyed a marriage in the process. Mel encourages her friend to confess but Abby fears that will make Austin hate her even more than he already does. Later, when she is on the verge of confessing, Austin tells her that Carrie is with Rafe now. Abby’s elated but Austin insists that doesn’t mean they will ever be together.

In a bid to protect Brady from Ian, Madison returns the ring he gave her and insists that they are finished. Meanwhile, Billie is settling in at CW. Kate explains the mole situation and that she already knows who the culprit is. And Rafe discovers that Nicole is pregnant. She swears him to secrecy but then hits some complications so Rafe has to call Daniel in to help.

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  1. From dc

    oh no, not another brady tragedy. stefano needs to leave hope and john alone and let them return to salem. i wonder if stefan is scared to return to salem because of that envelope he opened. i just wonder what mrs h had on him.. sure will be glad when we find out. as far as nicole she needs to tell ej about the baby, he will find out..
    rafe and sami need to get back together, so do austin and carrie.. i read somewhere that billie and dr dan are gonna hook up. she will probably meet him when she is at the hospital with bo..
    john and hope need to definitely return to salem (alot going on next week).. can’t wait..

  2. From Grandma Judy

    I voted that I think Rafe will keep Nicole’s secret but I still think there are lots of other ways EJ can find out. Sorry to read Theo will not want to see Abe. I don’t think Lexie is doing the right thing. At least from what’s written above. Guess the spoiler I read was true and Madison will end things with Brady to protect him from Ian. Hope Brady sees through it! Sounds like the whole Carrie/Austin/Abigail thing will continue to be all messed up. Can imagine Hope will be out of her mind to learn about Bo, and that Billie is there with him. But this is the drama we want, right?!

  3. From SandyGram

    Good Morning dc and Grandma Judy

    John and Hope break into the government offices to get their passports and say it ain’t so…Stefano just happens by and catches them. Not knowing Hope received the phone call from Billie about Bo, or that they might plan to break into the offices, what was he pulling an over nighter just waiting to catch them?

    If Theo doesn’t want to see Abe, that can only mean Lexie is bad mouthing Abe in front of Theo. She will probably say he heard about Abe on TV, but I can’t go along with that, this is not a good storyline. Once again involving a Child and keeping a child from a parent.

    After Rafe discovers Nikki is pregnant, he has to call Daniel when complications occur…I sure hope the complication is not Nicole having a ” “…I don’t want to even say the word for fear she could loose the baby.

    For me, these summaries have been lacking since September 26th so I take them with a grain of salt and a lot of what’s said in them have already come out in spoilers.

  4. From Shanon

    Ugh…another pregnancy kept secret. Have we not seen this storyline done with EJ before? I hope Nicole has this baby and that her and EJ get back together and raise their child. I thought perhaps Nicole and Daniel would get together but now hear rumours that Daniel will be paired with Billie. Again, Billie…ugh. Not pleased to hear she answers Hope’s phone call to Bo. I haven’t been watching as much lately because I’m finding the storylines dull and feel like deja vu. Nice to see the return of Lucas and hope he gets a great storyline that makes his return worth while.

  5. From Carly

    Why does Kayla work at the pub when she is a doctor? I know Caroline is upstairs somewhere..but c’mon…enough is enough. I think Carrie and Rafe make a cute couple. You know EJ is going to find out about the baby and do dispicable things to Nicole…this storyline is getting sooooo old! Mel should dump Abby…she is nothing but trouble! Good to see Lucas there really an ‘Autumn’? I hope he stays around. Hopefully the writers will give Billie a good storyline this time! I don’t know why everyone puts up with Sami…what a spoiled, selfish brat! Marlena should disown her! :)

  6. From Wendisp

    If rafe is going to run off into carries arms then he is as disgusting as she is. No Mayer what austinand Sami have done to them that is her sister. Carrie just can’t stop herself can she. Shes already had fights with Sami about Austin you’d think shed learn from that. What will she tell her nieces and nephews about why she’s now with their former step dad. I wish she had never come back, should have stayed in Sweden, hey and take Daniel back with you. What a pig. So it was grandma and granddaughter now to daughter? Not to forget ex daughter in law. He’s so slimy.

  7. From onna

    Are Julie and Doug still in Alaska?

  8. From grandma to many

    oona #6 I guess we’ll have to put Doug and Julie’s picture on a milk carton ! Will Rafe keep Nicole’s secret ? Heck yeah he kept Sami’s secret from EJ didn’t he ? What authority does Stephano have in Alamainia ? How could he stop Hope and John ? Drama not science fiction ! Abby has compleatly lost it and joined Jan Spears in the Twilight Zone . Poor Austin

  9. From grandma to many

    #6 oona Iguess we’ll have to put Doug and Julie’s picture on a milk carton ! Will Rafe keep Nicole’s secret ? Heck yeah he kept Sami’s secret didn’t he ? What authority does Stephano have in Alamania ? How could he stop John and Hope ? We want drama not science fiction ! I think its offical Abby has joined Jan Spears in the Twilight Zone .

  10. From SandyGram

    #6 oona
    If I’m not mistaken, Doug and Julie went to Africa, not Alaska! And yes if would be nice if they returned to Salem.

  11. From Grandma Judy

    Missed the show not being on today, at least here in the Eastern Time Zone, but they said it will be on in its entirety tomorrow.

  12. From SandyGram

    #10 Grandma Judy
    Here on the West Coast I’m going to be able to pick up the show on the Soap Net Channel it comes on at 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm. I’ve got the DVR set for 11:00 since I’m nocturnal and will be up by 1:00 am or so.

    I went back and looked at some of the Comings and Goings, we still have Schuyler Yancey to play Dr. Cameron Davis due to appear on April 4th. In a past interview I remember reading he will also be a love interest for Abigail. From this summary it looks like Abby may be near telling she lied about the affair with Austin. While the damage between Austin and Carrie is already done and would have come out eventually since Carrie is already blurting out she loves Rafe, it will be interesting if Abby becomes the sweet young lady we use to know before she gets involved in her next romance.

  13. From Dee Dee

    This is what I don’t get, at the time E.J and Sami slept together wasn’t E.J and Nicole split up. Nicole kept running back to Brady’s bed. So why is she mad? Rafe is the one who has the right to be mad since he and Sami were together at the time. Just saying… but I guess this is why we all watch is for the drama.

  14. From bebe5caterina

    I hope Shane will rescue Hope and John, if not Shane, Victor should be the one if he has connection in Alamanian.

    I still prefer Billie with Roman.

    If Nicole was not pregnant she would be perfect with Daniel, they have good chemistry. I like the way they talk to one another, they understand each other so well. I don’t want to see Daniel with EJ’s child, it would be Rafe and Sammi all over again.

    Still wondering who will be good for Daniel. Only Chloe comes to mind with Parker being really his. Unfortunately, she won’t be back. Maybe someone new for Daniel, but I don’t think I will like Billie for him.

  15. From MAB

    Kat, I’m still praying for you & your son. Keep the faith!

    Not much to comment on since Tuesday’s episode was not on at all, on NBC or SoapNet. The show will resume today as long as Obama doesn’t butt in again.

    I like reading the spoilers, but I don’t like when the day ahead episodes are commented on. It’s confusing when the day ahead episodes are being talked about before many of us have even seen it.

    I agree that Abby has gone overboard, but I wouldn’t say her actions are necessarily related to mental problems just because her grandmother Laura had mental problems. In fact, this s/l is a classic soap opera tale. We’ve seen many times how women become delusional over a guy and will go to any extreme to get him. Sami did it w/ Austin, but we didn’t say she had mental problems. I just think Abby is a very confused & insecure young woman. She’s never had a real serious relationship, not even w/ Chad. I mean as far as we know she’s still a virgin. She hasn’t had a lot of experience yet, and maybe she just doesn’t know how to go about it.

    I agree Rafe will keep Nicole’s secret, but it will only be so he can get back at EJ for having sex w/ Sami.

    I’ll have to reserve my opinion on the pairing on Daniel & Billie. Hopefully they’ll have chemistry, but I still think it will be weird between them since Daniel was involved w/ both Kate & Chelsea.

  16. From Kari

    I don’t no why but I get this feeling that Abigail is going to fake a preganancy and say that the baby is Austin. I don’t know why I think that.

  17. From Kari

    I don’t know why but I get the feelng that Abigail is going to fake a pregnancy and say that the baby is Austin.

  18. From Mary

    Why do I get the feeling Abigail is going to fake a pregnancy and say the baby belongs to Austin?

  19. From Grandma Judy

    Good show today. Well worth the day late wait to see it. Enjoy! I think Sami looks so cute in that schoolgirl-look outfit she’s been wearing.

  20. From Richard

    (IMO) Roman set up Bo Brady!!
    Roman: I don’t want you to go there alone without authorization, but wait, you can go with me. I hand picked everyone and I would trust them with my life(did that mean that Bo couldn’t trust them with his?)
    Roman seemed to distract Bo and they were jumped from behind.
    Bo was hurt, Roman was barely touched.
    Roman didn’t call in on his cell phone for help, he took Bo to the Brady pub.(was this to give him an alibi?)
    Roman grabbed Bo around the neck, so he may have inflicted damage of his own. Is Roman protecting Moroni?
    I just don’t trust Roman at all.

  21. From Kat

    In response to Gram Judy and others,
    I have no ill will against anybody on here. I believe that All are good people in their own way, so let’s move on. Soaps have a tendency to bring out emotions in people that are really not rational, fans get carried away and say things in the moment of passion. That does not make Anybody a bad person, period, and that goes to my points I tried to make over and over, don’t be to ueber sensitive, roll a little bit with the blows, take a deep breath and get stronger,
    like I am doing right now in my personal life, I have to, or I will fall apart.
    However, as I have said so many, many times, Personal, dirty, nasty, graphic attacks have no place here, because None of us Know, what any particular person is going through at that moment in Their personal life.
    Knock, my comments all you want, it’s your right, we all have free will and opinions, get stronger because of it and learn, that’s always been my motto, don’t whine or moan about it, that only keeps you weak.
    Judy, I am here to be a blog buddy with you, so we had a “knock.drag out fight”, it is ok, because it never went into the gutter. Cheers.
    Shani, don’t let things bother you to much, somebody Not liking/sharing your blog thoughts, yes it’s not nice, but it is not the end of the world.
    Your next comments might win the Pulitzer prize, be positive and strong. Life is tough, and when I said, anybody, develop an “Thicker Skin” it was meant in a lecturing helpful way to anybody.
    I had to learn the hard way in my Life Time. I have always raised my two sons to be strong in life, be able withstand storms and bad weather, because I know I can not always be there for them.
    So when I came out strong, it was the “protector/parent in me, to point people to reach deep and develop their “Own being strong” just a bit more. You can’t let somebody’s words, not even meant in a mean way, push you off the cliff.
    So Shani, come back, and be a strong blogger.
    Patty, why run, we had a good run, we disagreed about the way you saw things, so what, I never got mean or dirty with you, like others have with me.
    Come on girls, let’s show some “Moxie” on here, and debate the Salem story, with all we have, after all it is the Writers, that write the sL on purpose, to get everybody all “passioned” (???) Up,and let’s face, WE ALL Fall for it, every day, don’t we now…
    Thank you, for all your good wishes,
    it’s far from over, more tests in the making, but I am trying to be Strong, I am not a victim, I am a person learning to have to deal with what life brings me.
    Maybe some of you, will finally get Me.
    MABster…. as always, you are one of the best. I wish I knew you in person. Gerri and daisy, you are nurses, I know you care very much.
    SandyGram, I know, you try to be everything to everybody, thank you.

    One of the Best things on today’s show, was seeing Sami and her Dad Roman “Praying”, that made me cry.
    No matter what, when someone is so need, they all remember instantly without thinking, they turn to GOD. Good one DOOL.

    P.S., SO HOW ABOUT IT, LET’S ALL BE GOOD, BURY THE HATCHET AND MOVE ON, TILL THE NEXT ONE.. HA, HA, lol, BEING funny in a nice way….really, honest.

  22. From Kat

    18 Richard
    Let’s say you are right, do you think that sooner or later, Roman will get exposed, finally after all he has been guilty of,
    what a Bomb that would be in Salem,
    bigger than anything EJ, Stefano or Victor could have ever done,
    but then of course, your theory is, that Roman is still totally brain washed, interesting,
    hope if that is a fact they will not drag this on forever, otherwise, who will matter to, if we never find out for a fact.
    I like your very active mind, that’s good, brain in training is always so very good. I do a lot of cross word puzzles etc.

  23. From Grandma Judy

    Kat #19, – Hatchet is buried. Concentrate on your son. He is what’s important. The praying on today’s show, – yes, that was the best!

  24. From Richard

    #20 Kat
    IMO, if he is not brainwashed, he is a Dimera. No one would ever expect him, but he has always been on the suspicious side of everything evil that goes on in Salem.
    To me he always seems to be absent when anything happens to Sami or any of the Bradys and is always there for anything that involves the Dimeras.
    What first got me suspicious of him was that Stefano brought him back to Salem, sick and dying and the fact that he and Kate were the parents of Rex and Cassie. Kate has always been involved with Stefano.

  25. From Richard

    One other note about Roman Brady. It seemed as though, if he couldn’t get Bo from going after Moroni, then Bo had to be persuaded by other means.
    Roman said that he had papers to do it legally, but are we supposed to just take him at his word? Was this something that he and his team couldn’t do without Bo being there?
    Why not protect Bo and do it on his on? I don’t understand that.

  26. From gerri

    Good post,this Is what I hope will happen,”let us all”post own theory’s and thoughts, while other bloggers,see It differently,post your own,don’t come back,with negative remarks,or hurtful comments(no need to even mention,what someone else has written In a negative way),this after all is one person’s opinion.

    I enjoyed today’s show,It was very touching,at the Brady Pub”with the prayer,by Sami and Roman ,like Kat said,People will turn to God,during times like this.

    Questions concerning Roman,something seems off,can’t put It together,yet,but as Richard said,there is something going on,maybe it Is the Brainwashing ,that happened to him,In the past.(could he be an imposter?)Maybe since quite a few of the older characters are returning,maybe the 1st Roman will return,as well.who knows?(only the writers)

  27. From gerri

    Grandma Judy#21,
    You are the best!!!
    I hope Kat knows,that we are all sincere with our prayers for her son!

  28. From Kat

    25 gerri,
    Wrong, we Are All the Best on here, just have all our own opinions, without malice.
    I would always believe that prayers are sincere, if I didn’t, what would one hold on to?????
    I have Never doubted anybody’s prayer.
    Richard, like I said, maybe we all will find out pretty soon here, if something has been going on with Roman,don’t drag it out forever.
    gerri, only one thing I disagree with, we should be able to comment on other bloggers comments, that’s part why we/I are here, to agree or disagree, what’s wrong with that, we can’t just all sit there in a Agreement LoveFest All the Time, that would not be real, it would be down right boring, but it does not have to be Nasty… that’s what I have always said, and always will say. Thanks for all of you being there, it is easier at times to open up to total strangers….so to say….. share your angst, and get some support back. Talking to anybody, that you can trust, is always the best therapy/medicine they the so called experts say.
    Again, thanks

  29. From SandyGram

    Show March 7th:
    The replay of Kate talking with Lucas and Sami at the Pub I could watch over and over. These three are great with each other and all together. But no matter where Kate went with the conversation, eating crow or trying to convince Lucas thing have changed…..You could tell Lucas knows his mother very well when he said “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. I hope Sami tells Lucas about being a mole before Kate exposes her.

    Jennifer and Daniel – Let’s see he was off screen for 3 weeks. When he left he was very much in love with Jenn and she with him. Now the writers are wrapping up this story line with, Jack rejecting Jenn, Daniel not wanting his heart crushed again and let’s be friends. Looks like Jenn is left on the door stoop all alone with her beautiful teary blue eyes.

    John and Hope – I’m confused. ISA Agent Spencer is off the grid while ISA Agent Walsh is found dead in John and Hope’s Hotel room. Now John tells hope that the ISA got all the evidence and sanitized the room…where did these ISA clean up squad come from? Now the other detail that caught my ear was when John said “He (being Stefano) wants Marlena because I (being John) took away his Gina”. So this whole Alamainia story line is to get revenge on John and to take back his Gina? What happen to Marlena being Stefano’s Queen of the Night and his desire to have her all to himself. So who is Stefano’s true love Gina or Marlena? Oh silly me da plot, da plot.

    Ouch, I would say both Roman and Bo were badly beaten, just Bo go the worst of it. #18, #22, #23 Richard, Roman protecting Moroni is a wee bit hard to swallow that will take some thinking and figurin’ on! If Roman is not the Roman we think he is this will be a some show stopper for Days.

  30. From gerri

    no malice intended,but I think(boring or not)responding harshly to someone’s post,Is what keeps,these bad responses going back and forth.the reason,I responded,to Grandma Judy,was the words she spoke to you in Post #21.and I didn’t want you having any doubts(with everything that has gone on,in past week)that our concern for your son,Is very real.
    please keep us up-dated!!

  31. From Barbara

    acts alaimerg

  32. From Kat

    28 gerri,

    something is wrong here with your response,
    I think we are missing out on something here….
    first of all I think the truth is never malice, and we should be able to comment and blog honestly,this is not kindergarten, just my feelings.
    I have, and never had Any doubts at all ever, that any concerns for my son were not real, God help me, if I thought anybody on here was nasty enough to lie to me about my concerns in my, I might as well just stop being on here period.So my dear bud, gerri,we might disagree about responding harshly as you say, or honestly as I say, let’s just agree to disagree.I have never thought that anybody on here would give me False prayer/wishes for my son, just the thought of that is beyond me.As always thank you for caring dear gerri

  33. From Richard

    Roman had a few words to share with Rafe when he kissed Carrie, but has never said anything, that I know of, to EJ about the things that went on between him and Sami.
    Roman took Abe in for questioning after the election, but EJ was never even approached for any possible wrong doing.
    Roman spends less time with his grandkids, than John or Marlena.
    Stefano is not questioned by Roman for any wrong doing.
    Roman sits back while other members of law enforcement takes the heat, when things go wrong.
    Stefano no longer takes Roman as a threat, after years of trying to bring him down.

  34. From Kat

    28 gerri,
    why is there any doubt, did you read my blog 19, I reached out to Everybody on here….
    and I am glad for Judy’s response in # 21,
    I have no doubts of anybody being honest about their concerns for my son, Lord, if anybody was not serious, that is Their problem with God and not Mine.I
    guess we still will not agree, about responding to some bloggers stuff, I still choose honesty over sugar coating or etc. anytime, you don’t make people stronger by not speaking the truth. But that is me, please, lets keep the peace, you are totally free to think as you wish, but do not push it on me, I have and hope I always will, have Free will, and everybody on this blog shall have the right to it.Gerri no harm intended, you are a good person, but your mind, is not my mind, and that is ok.

  35. From Kat

    my post 26,
    gerri I just read that again,
    I agree with you about Judy, all I meant to say, all the people on here are good, not just Judy,
    I said wrong, meaning to included all, not just her.
    Lord help me, this is getting bad,
    to many words being taking apart in the wrong meaning.
    Once and for all,
    I have no Malice in my heart towards Anybody on here, time out for a while to let everybody regroup.

  36. From Richard

    For me, it’s just a wait and see, if Roman follows through with the Moroni case, now that Bo is taken out of the equation.

  37. From patsy

    What are they doing to EJ now they have him panting after Nicole like shes a shedog in heat .Hasnt he done this role scean befor with Sami AND Nicoles sister cant remember her name .Doesn,t the boy have any .pride this isnt the EJ I love to watch .

  38. From Irene

    I am assuming Shane (who I love) is coming back to the show to assist John and Hope.

    I would like to see the original Shawn and Belle come back.

  39. From Missy

    Hope and John are EJ’s real parents when they were other people!! That’s what Alice had over Stefano and that’s what Stefano doesn’t want Hope and John to find out in Alameinia.

  40. From Grandma Judy

    Thanks, gerri. I understand what you’re saying about the blogs. If we state our opinion and it disagrees with someone else’s, that will be obvious. We don’t have to point it out directly. I think we are all good on here right now so we’ll move forward. Kat, keep us posted about your son. We are moms first. Although I sometimes think I’m a grandma first. Ha! We love them all dearly but was it Irma Bombeck who said “If you could love anyone more than your child, it’s your grandchild”.

    I thought yesterday’s show was really good. With the possible exception of the Hope and John scenes. I felt that Hope’s dialogue was only stating the obvious much of the time. Like whatever is going on is probably Stefano’s doing?!! And the rest of what she and John discussed didn’t entirely make sense to me, either.

    Glad they picked up on Sami, Lucas, and Kate at the pub and the whole thing was priceless. Lucas knows his mom through and through.

    I’m a little surprised that Daniel is over Jennifer so quickly. But I guess the writers have to get that overwith so they can move him on with someone else. But I liked the scenes with him and Jennifer. Wonder what kind of love life they will come up with for her now? Or if it will somehow work out for her and Jack.

    I’m glad they didn’t actually show the beating of Bo and Roman. They were sure a mess! I tend to think Roman is on the up and up but if it were to turn out he isn’t, I think it would be a great s/l.

  41. From MAB

    Kat – I’d like to know you too. Please keep me posted on your son’s prognosis.

    I was glad to see Sami & Roman praying. Roman was so freaked out over Bo…you know he’s gonna blame himself for this. I’m glad they got jumped…it just made the show exciting when something unexpected like that happens, and that was certainly unexpected! If this was Maroni’s doing, will this become a real s/l and start heating up? If Maroni is such a big time bad guy in Salem, why hasn’t the show cast the character? The way Roman & Bo talk about him, they act like he’s worse than the DiMeras.

    Some of Roman’s actions have been questionable for years now. I’ve also thought from time to time that Roman could be brain-washed by the DiMeras, but if he was, why would the writers wait years before they let it be known? I think if the writers were gonna go down that path, they would’ve done it by now. I think the Roman character has been on the backburner for some time now, and now w/ John back, and being the bigger character here, Roman has been pushed even further back, and they only use him when it’s necessary, which is why I think we don’t see him as much w/ Sami and the kids, etc.

    I sure hope the writers aren’t gonna let Lucas become a momma’s boy (again) now that he’s back. That was his problem in the past, always letting Kate interfere in his life. Please let Lucas be his own man and allow him to keep his mother at bay when it comes to his personal life.

    I think Jen was more hurt by the breakup w/ Daniel than he was. I still say they could’ve had something special if the writers would’ve taken the chance on them. I agree when Jen told Daniel that her & Jack aren’t good for each other. I never thought they were, especially when Jack continued leaving his family over & over. Oh, well I guess there’s no choice but to move on since they are determined to put Jen back w/ Jack and pairing Daniel w/ yet another woman.

    Rafe will use Nicole for his own agenda to get back at EJ, just like he did in the past, and I hope Nicole isn’t gullible enough to trust him again.

    EJ is not the only one who has gotten forceful w/ women. Rafe has done the same, as well as others.

    Usually those who say they don’t disagree directly, end up doing it indirectly, which is fine, but it’s always obvious who their comments are intended for. IMO, nothing will ever change on here w/ some because they can’t help themselves. Nothing wrong w/ agreeing or disagreeing, but it should never evoke a personal response to another. And it wouldn’t get so heated if some would simply remember that this is a soap opera and should be thought of as such…pure entertainment, not real life.

  42. From SandyGram

    Curious which Moroni are Bo and Roman talking about? Vincent Moroni committed suicide after his daughter Angela was killed accidentally when he ordered the killing of Victor, Brandon and Sami at the coronation of Greta Von Amberg. This I some what remember, but I don’t remember there being another Moroni child. So who would be the Moroni that Bo and Roman are after now?

  43. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Thanks in advance for dialing down the rhetoric on the personal digs on others’ posts. The caterwauling was turning my roots black and ruining the ridiculously entertaining value of blog commentary.

    I think Roman’s lack of presence and example of ineptness just go back to non-storylines, lack of contract and soap finances, not to mention, Josh may be semi-retired in his 60′s. I will give this one caveat. It would make a great finale s/l for Richard’s premise to be true. I believe we won’t see a DiMera tie-in until final curtain call, if then. As long as Days can stay on the air, I can’t see it happening.

    Question for those who see a John/Hope parentage of EJ (because I did not watch during the Gina storyline). How does that fit in with Shawn Douglas, Zach and Ciara? I can’t fit the pieces together. I thought J.T. was the child allegedly a J/H child, later to be the Issac child raised by Abe and Lexi? (Making that child about 10, whereas EJ is in his early 30′s, about the same as ShDoug?)

  44. From patsy

    There is a question on the side on this page asking what should Nicole should do I say go and get down on her knees and beg EJ to take her back THE ejami lovestory is already ruined so at least the EJOLEfans will be happy so maybe the show canstay on the air for awile longerI I,m not saying this because I like EJOLE ITS so the other actors will still have a job I,M tride of fighting a looseing battle

  45. From Clear

    I keep trying to post and it will not let me!

    About the show, Jenn should have stood by her man –Dan. Now she is getting her just desserts!

  46. From Irene

    Watching today’s show, as diabolical as he is, how can anyone actually get mad at Stephano

    I love Joe Mascola. He is a fantastic actor. The show would actually be lost without him. Where is Victor? His one liners crack me up.

    I think may of the older actors are slowing down, or not particularly well. Maybe that is why they have less time on the show.

  47. From bebe5caterina

    I read from another blog that Lisa Rinna said that Joseph Mascolo is the worst actor on DOOL history. I never liked her as an actress, to me she is the worst actor not Joseph. She shouts when she talks and is very arrogant.

    I love Julie Pinson as Billie. She would be perfect for Daniel. She is the best Billie they ever had, very good actress. Hope the producers will make the switch, they could break contracts and replace as they wish.

    This is the link that I got from the other blog where Lisa Rinna made her statement:

    (from Huffington Post)

  48. From Grandma Judy

    Nicole ordering 2 ice cream sundaes and one spoon yesterday! My kind of gal!! She is desperate in her situation and just wants EJ to leave her alone. He would do better right now to ease up on trying to win her back. When he followed her to the Town Square, I was glad Rafe came by. I would have agreed with EJ that it was between him and Nicole, but when EJ laid a hand on her to pull her back from leaving, I thought it was good Rafe stepped in. EJ wouldn’t have hurt Nicole but we viewers know she’s pregnant and she was visibly very upset. Glad Rafe broke it up. What Sami and EJ did is Rafe and Nicole’s bond. But EJ is right that what he and Sami did was not make love. Just sex. But that doesn’t make it any easier for Nicole and Rafe to accept.

    I thought those were more great moments with Rafe and the children at the pub, and he had good answers to their questions. When he told them he wouldn’t be gone for long and never be far away, could he be thinking of forgiving Sami, – or NOT?! Those child actors are something else!!

    Yellow roses are my own favorite flower and it was touching that Jack remembered Alice’s love for roses. The tipped yellow ones he bought and the plain ones Maggie had were beautiful. I always love the flashbacks of Alice and Tom! I liked the conversaton between Jack and Jennifer. Will JJ ever leave boarding school and come to Salem? Probably one of these days down the road.

    Great make-up job on Bo and he looks horrible! Roman seems genuinely distraught over Bo’s condition. Heartwrenching for Hope, not only so far away to get the news about Bo, but then not being able to even call back for details. And Stefano just suddenly slipped away! Did he know what Hope’s phone call was going to be about?!

    Marlena and Will have so much fun together and I continue to love their scenes. He is sure having trouble spitting it out in so many words that he’s Gay. I’m ready for him to JUST TELL HER!! But at this point I guess he still really isn’t quite sure what’s going on with himself.

    Irene #46, – I agree about the older actors not having as much onscreen time, probably slowing down, or having health problems. It appears that is especially the case with Caroline.

  49. From MAB

    I love Joe Mascolo too! He is beyond amazing, and a fantastic actor! If Lisa Rinna said that about him, she is stupid! I noticed him sitting down in the scene w/ John & Hope. I too wonder if his age is catching up w/ him. I hate the thought of Days w/o him down the road.

    I thought Hope would be more upset after getting that message about Bo. I would be out of mind after hearing that.

    EJ should give Nicole some space, but I guess he doesn’t want to be w/o her. Some implied EJ was forceful w/ Nicole, which was completely untrue…all he did was grab her arm to stop her from leaving. I didn’t mind Rafe stepping for Nicole’s sake, but of course he turned Nicole’s situation into all about him and his miserable existence. He needs to mind his own business, like EJ said. I highly doubt he would take kindly to EJ stepping in if the same thing was to happen between him & Sami. And he needs to stop blaming EJ for all his problems. No one twisted Sami’s arm to sleep w/ EJ, and Rafe is certainly not innocent for some of the stuff that happened, so he needs to shut up, try to put his marriage back, or move on (probably w/ Carrie).

    Cute scenes w/ the kids & Rafe, but writers, how come we only see those kids w/ Rafe??? We see them more w/ him than Sami, EJ, & Lucas put together. Why can’t they have some scenes w/ their REAL fathers! It’s long overdue now.

    Like I said, I knew Roman would blame himself for what happened. I really think his feelings over what happened to Bo is genuine. He is so worried, and upset about Bo. The way Stefano looked yesterday when Hope got the message made you think he could’ve had something to do w/ what happened, but what about Maroni? I wished we knew more. If Maroni is responsible for the attack, and that much of a threat, we need the character to be cast to relate to the things going on, else it’s just a moot point.

    Marlena & Will do have a good rapport. I understand he needs her right now, but I don’t like that she is closer to him than the rest of her children & grandchildren. Why don’t we see her spend time w/ the others? Also, she should continue to encourage Will to talk to and make amends w/ Sami. He’s not gonna do it as long as he has Marlena to lean on. I don’t blame Sami for feeling left out, and that he is closer to Marlena than her. I know Marlena loves John, but I think she still puts him above everyone else.

  50. From SandyGram

    #48 Grandma Judy
    Great Post you really captured the essence of the show. We’ve been hearing Jenn and Jack mention JJ upon occasion and now it’s said he loves Boarding School. Although he’s getting good grades, what kid would love Boarding School…He could follow in Brady’s footsteps and return from Boarding School as a rebellious, disrespectful young man. That would also be in keeping with the writers repeating story lines.

    I think it was last week Marlena (or it could have been Sami) said something to Will about missing Gabi, I was surprised by what appeared to be a very genuine ‘Yes I do’ response from Will. Could the writers still be leaving the door open for Will not to be gay and he’s just going through a phase because of how Sami’s antics over the years have affected him? He may just be reluctant to be in a relationship because he doesn’t want to end up like Sami. But then I guess that could be true weather his partner was female or male.

    SPOILER excerpt from Days Cafe:
    Next Week – Lucas will get an ear full of confessions. As I hoped would happen, Sami will tell Lucas she was the Mole at CW. Then Will unloads about EJ blackmailing him using the leverage of Will being the one that shot him at Sami and EJ’s wedding.

  51. From SandyGram

    #47 bebe5caterina
    In the same article, Lisa Rinna also apologized for her comment about Joe Mascolo, Quote: “I must apologize for my Joe Mascolo comments on wwhl. He is a Great actor and I should never had said him- when answering- I was stupid.”

  52. From SandyGram

    SPOILER Excerpt:
    In two weeks according to Days Cafe Mayor EJ takes revenge on Abe and Jenn by having them arrested.

    Oh I’m so surprised! Or Not! How is this going to work. Abe was cleared of ballot tampering and all Abe and Jenn have to do is say they didn’t steal from any campaign head quarters, they merely took the Debate Questions from EJ’s hall cabinet drawer. Now if Will would step forward and confess he copied Abe’s Employment Plan off his computer and gave it to EJ. It will be interesting to see if Will steps up to support his good friend Abe and Auntie Jenn.

  53. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #50 and #51, – Joe Mascolo is a great actor and I’m glad to hear Lisa Rinna apologized for her comment. She was right when she said she was stupid to have said it!

    Sounds great about Lucas hearing Sami’s and Will’s confessions next week! Wonder if Lucas will comment back to Will in such a way that we know for sure if Will or Lucas really shot EJ?!

  54. From Maryl

    Missy–I am thinking along the same lines as you are! Could Hope and John really be EJ’s parents and maybe that is why Stefano is trying to isolate them? Hope doesn’t seem old enough to be EJ’s mother, however, being a soap, ages get bent in whatever direction is necessary. I suppose Hope could have been very young when all this would have taken place? It seems to me Stefano got this ball rolling really fast once he read Alice’s letter, so I think there may be this plan of his to separate John and Hope from the Salem scene and possibly EJ.
    Then you ask yourself, what about the implanting of Susan with a “questionable” egg–how does that enter into this SL? If the implanting involved Hope and John, then Stefano knew he was using them as the donors, so why would he be so surprised and supposedly devastated by the news. He was the sole instigator of creating his “perfect” child.
    Like Richard has stated–somewhere there has to be a twist to all this mess! I think the writers are scrambling to make the pieces fit. I just hope they didn’t bite off more than they can chew. They need to link the past to the present regarding this SL and make it work–but, we need answers to all the gaps and holes if the plot is going to become so twisted–otherwise, the outcome will leave a bunch of disatisfied viewers.
    The “secret” needs to make sense to us or at least be plausible, so it doesn’t insult our intelligence. In other words—we need to buy it hook, line, and sinker!

  55. From Richard

    The way that I have seen it, so far, is that Will’s gay side only comes out when he is around Sonny. His loving and trusting side comes out with Marlena and his hateful side comes out around his mother.
    So far, he has only kissed a guy when he was drunk and attempting to fit in and experimenting. There was also two sides to that kiss and the other guy was experienced in the gay lifestyle. Sonny is Will’s best friend and he is around him all the time. I just see Will trying to fit in, somewhere.

  56. From Maryl

    MAB–the only reason we see Rafe with EJ’s, Sami’s & Lucas’s kids is because the writers have to keep polishing that halo he wears! Remember, he is the guy that can do no wrong and if he does slip a “little” every now and then–he must be raised back to his pedestal as soon as possible! I read that he puts the damper on Carrie’s feeling for him and refuses to dally with her because he is still a married man? That is, indeed, the way a saintly man like Rafe would act. Although he had no problem lighting Carrie’s fire with the “kiss”. No, instead he chooses to help Nicole work against EJ (sounds a litte familiar–right?)—Once again, he is sticking his nose where it does not belong for the sake of himself and his personal grudge against EJ.
    Look out Rafe–you are likely to get cloned again and this time you may come back as a “Rafaela” wearing scarlett lipstick and stilettoes!

  57. From Maryl

    Wonder if Will will admit he was the one who instigated the blackmailing by EJ. Remember he came knocking on EJ’s door threating to blackmail HIM first– course, it got thrown back in his face. Poor Will-came knocking on the DiMera door just like his Mommie Dearest! Shouldn’t have gone there!

  58. From SandyGram

    #53 Grandma Judy
    We can only hope the writers tie up this loose end by making it very clear who did the shooting Will or Lucas!

    Lucas is sure going to be thrown into the fire in the coming weeks. Once again he will probably be in the middle of Kate and Sami and now it sounds like Billie will be more supportive of Kate than in the past.

    SPOILER Excerpt from the Soap Opera Weekly Article dated 3/20

    Quote: “This week, Kate deliberately pushes Sami to the brink. Not only is Sami miffed that Kate appointed Billie co-CEO of CW, she now has to work late, costing Sami valuable time with her kids. Kate makes it worse by saying she and Billie will take the kids to dinner and, later, tuck them in for the night.” Again not a surprise! For me, this was Kate’s intention all the time. She may of said hiring Sami was to help her with the grandkids, but since when has Kate ‘helped’ anyone but herself,especially Sami.

    In response to Kate asking Lucas why he was in town, he said Sami needed him and to help with the kids. I wonder where that is going to put Rafe in watching them when she’s out of town? Sami is so angry at EJ it will probably be some time before she leaves them at the DiMansion for Mary and Harold to take care while she’s out of town. Oh I mean for EJ to help her out. I’d put money on part of Kate’s punishment for not sending Sami to jail for espionage will be to help EJ regain custody of Johnny and Sydney.

  59. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #58, I believe, too, that Kate’s intention all along was to gain more time with the kids and her motive was not to “help out”. And we know Kate had a plan because of that phone call right after she hired Sami, where Kate said to whoever it was that things were going accoring to plan. Was way before Kate knew Sami was a mole. I’m thinking (hoping?) Lucas and Rafe will do OK together and that Lucas won’t try to stand in the way of Rafe being with the kids and helping out with them once in a while, and I hope Lucas is over being a mama’s boy like he used to be. I agree Sami won’t want the kids at DiMera mansion. Mary must miss the kids!

    Good thought that Kate may bargain with Sami not to send her to prison in exchange for Sami giving EJ back custody of the kids. Kate not only looks after Kate, she is a full blown DiMera now!

    Richard #55, – good points.

  60. From Maryl

    I think there is an amazing resemblence between Kate and Billie. She could easily pass as being her daughter in real life. I think it’s all in the lips!! They must use the same amount of puffer-upper. Although I think Billie has recently gone through a lip reduction.

  61. From MAB

    I think Will misses Gabi period, just as a person, especially after they completely cut off all communication w/ each other. I think he’d like her friendship back, and he misses her for that. Like Richard said, I too wonder if Will is just trying to find out where he fits in. He’s had an unusual upbringing and maybe he just doesn’t know what he wants. I do know he’s fighting hard against the gay thing tho.

    Will’s not gonna step up and admit what he did because there would be consequences for what he did. Even tho EJ put him up to it, he is still the one who broke into Abe’s computer and stole his plan. And now it says he tells Lucas that EJ blackmailed him??? Uh, get it right kid, you started this by going to EJ on your own trying to blackmail him first. EJ just turned the tables on you, which is what you get for trying to match wits w/ a DiMera. He got himself into this mess and has no one to blame but himself.

    Maryl – oh I agree w/ you completely about Rafe. Of course the writers continue to allow us to see Rafe w/ the kids so he can be praised on what a staple he is in their lives…yet we don’t get to see the same w/ their REAL fathers, or even their mother lately. And I too said why he is so willing to help Nicole, it’s just to get back at EJ. He always sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. He needs to worry about his own life and why it is so messed up, and it certainly isn’t all EJ’s fault. It’s time he took some blame himself along w/ his wife, and Carrie. I too said if he continues to go after EJ, he will eventually get tired of him and maybe this time he’ll end up 6 feet under. But I love your idea better, being cloned again and coming back as Rafaela! LOL

    I hope Kate does negotiate w/ Sami to at least give EJ joint custody of the kids, although I’d rather see EJ get it done on his own w/o Kate’s help. And Sami needs to get over the kids being at the mansion. No harms ever came to them living there. They will be fine.

    I think it would be unrealistic for Lucas & Rafe to get along…maybe on the surface, but down deep, no way. I don’t think Lucas will keep Rafe out of the kids lives, but Lucas needs to make things clear w/ Rafe from the get go. Like the fact that he is the kids father and he’s back to take that role over w/o any interference from him…and also that he is there to support Sami whether Rafe likes it or not. Somehow I don’t see that going over well w/ Rafe so I doubt they are gonna be buddy-buddy. Should be interesting if it plays out that way. It’s time for Rafe to realize what a hypocrite he really is.

  62. From SandyGram

    Show March 9th:
    Wow…Wow…Wow…the writers sure turned Austin into a #1 Dufus. He should have at a minimum put a tee shirt on. Then when he sat down on the bed next to Abby I was screaming at the TV….Then when he said ‘come here’ and pulled her into his chest I screamed even more…Dufus, Dufus, Dufus. That’s the last I will sympathize with Professor Austin Reed…what part of stalker doesn’t he understand, he should of opened the door and put her on the other side immediately. Good job writers you certainly got the reaction you were looking for out of me.

    Where is a Sarcophagus when you need one? We could of had yet another repeated story line if Brady had only stuck that slimy creepy Ian in a air less Sarcophagus. Sarah Brown certainly proved what a fine actress she is in today’s scenes with Brady. She had me convinced she loved that Creepster Ian. Hope this doesn’t drive Brady back into the bottle.

    Nice gathering at the HTS with Billie’s return and she went right to work sexing up Chad and Gabi’s camera shoot and maybe she will see that Chad needs a haircut. She certainly caught on to the fact Gabi is crazy over Chad. Let’s not have this turn into another Fatal Attraction story line, one at a time is enough.

  63. From SandyGram

    “patty” I miss your heads up, so I turned to Network 54 Days Ahead and found the following to be very intriguing for Mondays show:

    In Almainia:
    - Neither John or Hope can get a long distance line.

    - John cannot get in contact with ISA Agent Spencer (but he sure got the ISA Cleaner Team there to take care of dead ISA Agent Walsh and wipe down their hotel room).

    - After talking to the US Consulate in Alamainia he is optomistic he can get their passports released.

    - There is an incoming call, John finds out the US Consulate has lost their jurisdiction in Alamainia.

    - Hope wants to talk directly to the Judge. She believes under the circumstances he would help them get their passports back. But guess what, yep, the Judge ends up missing.

    If it wasn’t for bad luck they would have no luck at all. Ummm there’s a familiar pond scum odor in the air! It sure enough smells like DiMera stew and it would seem their gooses are cooked.

  64. From missy

    ok #1, where the hell was mrs brady while bo was lying on the floor, i did not see the episode but dont recall anyone saying anything about her..2, where is she while he is in the hospital fighting for his life? come on, its his mother….nicole would make a great mom, but let her be pregnant with bradys baby.. after all shawn and bell made clair and we never seen them make love to do so… just sayen they added it in.. i still want ej with sami… i liked lucus hair better before the cut, he looked sexy… as for austin guys can tell if they had sex the night before. come on…

  65. From Richard

    It seems to me that ever who killed agent Walsh, didn’t take him to the hotel room. Could it be that agent Spencer returned and took him out?
    Did someone tell Billie that Hope wasn’t in Salem? I must have missed that.
    I have never believed that Sami shot EJ. I think that, just as EJ said – “I shot myself”.
    I remember that Marlena thought that she had killed all those people that ended up on Melaswen, but she didn’t.

  66. From Terribear

    How wonderful of Rafe to be there for Nicole. EJ did forcefully grab her that is why Rafe reacted. So nice that she has him in her court. EJ needs to back off and go sex it up with Sami. Those two deserve each other for what they did. And love the scenes with Rafe and HIS children. A father is who loves and cares and raises children. That is what Rafe has been to all Sami’s kids. Thank you Sir Rafe for being a loving father and being there for them. He is such a good guy. Hope he finds a real strong love soon.

  67. From Judi

    Here’s is EJ’s history (wikipedia):

    Elvis Aron Banks is born to Stefano DiMera and Susan Banks on February 21, 1997. At the time, Susan, a Kristen Blake look alike, is paid to give birth to a baby that would then be adopted by Kristen. Unbeknownst to John Black, Kristen, John’s fiance miscarries his baby. Susan realizes that Kristen is deceptive and cruel while John is loving and noble. As the real mother of the child that Kristen and John claim as theirs, Susan plans to take Kristen’s place at John’s side and in his bed. Marlena Evans however, manages to foil both Kristen and Susan’s plans; Marlena and John reunite, and Susan is content to then find love with Edmund Crumb. Salemites believe that EJ is then raised by Susan and Edmund who move to England. Stefano however manages to snatch EJ from Susan, raising him at Maison Blanche in New Orleans and sending him to English boarding schools. EJ enjoys his childhood and claims that he and his father have an excellent relationship.

  68. From Grandma Judy

    missy #64, – Don’t know how they will explain Caroline’s absense on the show in Bo’s crisis but the actress appears to be in ill health. She hadn’t been looking too good and she’s been offscreen for a while, now. Sami said on the show the other day that the doctor said “Grandma” needs more rest.

    Well, SandyGram #62, you nailed it about Austin in yesterday’s show. What was he thinking is right?! Melanie couldn’t believe what they walked in on and she knew what was coming next, didn’t she? Spoiler says Abigail goes so far as to tell Carrie point blank that she and Austin are lovers.

    I also agree about Sarah Brown’s acting ability. Madison was convincing with her story dissing Brady but yet we could see the torment on her face. I hope if Brady has flashbacks he will remember her demeaner when she started out and how she was standing there, slouched a little, and hugging herself that way we do that’s a gesture of protecting ourselves. She got stronger as she went along, and hushing Ian when he tried to put in his 2 cents, then the tears and pain on her face as Brady left. Such great scenes for Sarah and she pulled it off beautifully!

    Billie made her entrance in what I thought was a very smart outfit. Lissa Rinna has the same perfect figure but her face looked different to me. Guess I agree with Maryl #60 that she resembles Kate, – the lips and the face plumping. I didn’t think Chad’s hair really needed anymore fluffing up (Ha!) but Billie did add enough sexy to the camera shoot to make it a whole lot better. Chad and Gabi are great together on camera but, since he’s hooked-up with Melanie, I don’t want Gabi to turn into another crazed and scheming young woman.

    Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight or tomorrow morning. I hate this time change! Takes me about 2 weeks to adjust!

  69. From Grandma Judy

    After Madison’s great pertending in front of Ian, what I would like is for her to get Brady alone somewhere and tell him the truth of what Ian has threatened to do to Brady. But it’s a soap and the writers probably won’t go that route. At least not until they drag this out for a while!

  70. From Cassie

    I love Rafe, but he is too good of a guy to be stuck with any of those needy women. Especially Sami. Carrie is always falling in love with someone. How the heck did she fall in love and she is already married? She is pathetic. Rafe shouldnt be helping Nicole with all of her baggage, he should pack his bags and run far away from Salem.

  71. From SandyGram

    SPOILER for March 15th, Thursday from Days of Our Lives

    - Ian is revealed as the secret investor in Sonny’s coffeehouse

    This is no surprise! Creepy Ian appears he will have his hands in everybody’s business. But I am curious how Mr. Creepy got to be the secret investor?

  72. From SandyGram

    I sent in another email to Admin requesting status on when the timing problem for accepting our comments would be resolved. Hopefully there will be an answer tomorrow.

    It might help if more Board Members used the Contact Us feature and reported the problem.

  73. From SandyGram

    Just a little tidbit from Daytime Royalty:

    From casting news:
    While Bo (Peter Reckell) is in a coma, the character will be off the canvas for several weeks.

    According to Peter’s tweet it will be 3 weeks. Very interesting, for me, it would seem Bo has to go into a comma to give the fans time to become invested in the John/Hope story line with out interference from a spouse. Would what they are going to do to Marlena? If anything!

  74. From SandyGram

    Would should be Wonder

  75. From SandyGram

    I don’t know what all this means but Jason47 has posted a few tidbits for the May Sweeps, the only one’s I can understand are:

    - Blindfolds (5 unreadable names)
    - Safehouses
    - Closed sign in the Brady Pub window
    - Kayla Pub or No Pub?
    - Carrie appears to be missing

    This should bring out the speculators….it sure has my idea generator on overload!

  76. From bebe5caterina

    Joseph Mascolo responds to Lisa Rinna’s comment:

  77. From bil

    The actress who plays Caroline Brady was “rapping” at a charity event this past weekend and looks to be in fine health. I had thought she was ill but she does not appear to be. Wonder why then she’s been off screen especially when her son is in a coma?

  78. From MAB

    Madison is an idiot for allowing Ian to control her like he does. She deserves what she gets, and I hope she stays w/ Ian and stays miserable. She doesn’t deserve Brady. He is TOO good for her. Also, Brady is powerful too, and has powerful people in his corner. It’s time Brady start thinking like a Kiriakis and stop thinking w/ his heart over that harlot. I find it hard to believe that Ian has this much control, period. It’s not believable when an unknown shows up in town and instantly has all this power…that kind of power takes time to develop. I don’t like the fact that he’s all of sudden got Victor under his thumb. What’s next, Stefano? No one should be more powerful than Stefano, and no one should be allowed to, least of all Ian. If the writers allow this, it will be an insult to the Stefano character, and the fans of the show. Writers, you are making a BIG mistake w/ this boring character. How long do we have to endure creepy Ian? It’s real boring to watch him standing around all stiff barking at people all the time.

    Billie looks great…from the neck down that is. The plastic surgery has damaged her face, much like many other beautiful celebrity women. She doesn’t look good, and it looks like it hurts her to smile. It was said a while back Billie would be after Chad. Oh please, this can’t happen. It would be beyond sick! And I didn’t find her convincing at all when Lucas told her Bo was in a coma. She just kinda got up and ran off. Maybe she’ll act different once she gets to the hospital.

    Wow, looks like Gabi got Chad pretty excited on that couch sitting on top of him. He had to cross his legs to hide his excitement! I still don’t get why all this stuff gets done out in a public place like the Horton Square.

    I agree that Caroline should be present more often when if affects her family, but at least they did mention her when Roman was talking to Kayla on the phone.

    Why did Lucas have to get a haircut?? I liked it better long.

    I surely don’t recall EJ ever saying I shot myself??? It has been shown, many times, what happened that night, and unless the writers decide to rewrite what happened that night, Sami shot EJ at point blank range…end of story. And I hope it is. It’s time they stop rewriting history and come up w/ new fresh ideas.

    EJ barely touched Nicole before she jerked away from him, and that is what, if anything, made it look forceful. But even if he did jerk her around, EJ certainly isn’t the only one who’s been forceful like that…Rafe is VERY guilty of that himself. And Rafe reacted because he can’t stand EJ and would use ANY reason to get in EJ’s face. Nicole doesn’t need him in her corner for any reason. He will use her like as he did before, just to get back at EJ. It has nothing to do w/ Nicole. He could care less about her. And regardless of how much he loves those kids, he will never replace their real fathers. He should find a woman who has no other men in her life or kids, and start a family of his own!

  79. From Richard

    EJ tells Stefano that he shot himself.

  80. From mandi

    I really hope Carrie and Rafe do not think that having a relationship is in anyway appropriate… even if they are or are not married what is wrong with them it’s just sick. I really hope Sami can just move on with Lucas and they can be happy.

  81. From Kat

    79 Richard,
    Yes, we all saw that video,
    at that time waking up, the only memory EJ had, was holding the gun against his head before He Passed Out,
    the gun fell out of His Hand, Sami came in, picked up the gun and shot the Unbloody passed out
    EJ, in the Head, and the blood came….
    Like MAB said, unless the writers, re write history, which I don’t like, that’s the way it went.
    Austin, so dumb, not putting on cloth, sitting on the bed with Abby, putting his arms around her, so that her mind full of desire for him, can rest on his naked body. Like Matt’s Musings said… Austin was putting out the fire in the building, by peeing on it.
    Lisa/Billie, she must have had cosmetic surgery after she had her lips re-done. She looks older than Kate. Like even to much Botox…. Pity,
    bil, thanks for the Stefano back-remark, he is good even as JOe M.
    The writers are accomplishing one thing, they brought back Marlena and John – they put back together Bo and Hope, however without Breaking them up….. we have new SL’s, pairing Hope and John as the New/old Love interest…
    They found a way, to spice up the story without the traditional break-ups. It would have been to boring after a while to keep on watching the same old same old, John and Marlena mauling each other, and Hope and Bo, kissing and him padding her on her behind. Now Marlena is free to become the Mother/Grandmother she has not been for a long, long time. And at the end, we will have two weddings to look forward to, however I hope, not to soon, I would like to see this Alamainia Story become really exciting, adventures and all It could Be, if done right. Caroline, Victor and Stefano, I think there contracts cut down their On Air Time, to many New People on now, something had to give..
    I would like to see Chad getting back into the DiMera fold, his SL’s are soooooo boring anymore. One can only take so much Abby/Gabby/Chad/Mel etc. juvenile stuff, I rather see much more of Vic and Stefano, even Caroline in good SL’s.
    Get Carrie and Rafe together and loose them for a while. Hope Austin does get cleared all the way, once Carrie was given Her Excuse to dump Austin for Rafe.
    Austin, just like Lucas needs a woman in his life, that Loves Only Him, those two brothers, deserve better than the “Switch Sisters”, you share toys as a child, but not as Adults, and Men are not toys after all.

    No news yet, but we have several things pending, more tests today.

  82. From SandyGram

    #77 bil
    There is a video on Caroline’s rap number, she is so funny:

    Nice to see Peggy McKay’s absence from the screen is not due to her personal health.

  83. From MAB

    Exactly, EJ thought shot himself, as he was planning on doing so before he passed out. That is what anyone would’ve thought, and that is the only reason he told Stefano he shot himself. Then of course he found out the truth that it was in fact Sami who shot him. It was shown over & over again, which is why I think there was no mistake made in what the writers wanted us to see. There was no blood seen until after she pulled the trigger, and he started having convulsions. If he’d shot himself, there would’ve already been blood present, and he would’ve been convulsing when she came into the room. And as drunk as he was, to the point of passing out, was even more proof that she had no motive for shooting him. He was going nowhere w/ the kids regardless of what Kate had told her. That much was obvious.

    I agree I think Billie looks older than Kate too.

    I think the older actors screen time has been cut down too. I’m sure they do it so their work schedule won’t be so grueling (as they all say working on a soap opera is the hardest work in the business). But I miss seeing them on a more regular basis, especially Stefano. And we rarely see Caroline at all. You’d think we’d see her more than we do. I’d hate to think their screen time is being deducted for the newer characters, like Ian & Madison. They are a waste of space anyway and should never get more screen time than Stefano.

    I hope Chad gets back into the DiMera fold too. It’s time something happen w/ his character other than just being chased by girls. Being a DiMera is what made him interesting in the first place. Also, it’s getting tiresome always hearing him denounce his family. If it didn’t bother him so much, then he wouldn’t keep bringing it up.

    I hope Carrie gets hers once she finds out Austin did nothing. I think if she loved Austin that much, she would try to find out the truth instead of assuming the worse. I mean why would Austin bring her all the way up there just to be w/ Abby?? But her actions are typical. She wants Rafe, so you’re right, it’s just an excuse for her to go running to him. I’ll be glad when she is revealed to be the fool, and not Austin. I do agree tho Austin was stupid in how he handled Abby. He should’ve taken control of the situation and kicked her out on her @$$. Of course, if he had, I wonder how many would’ve found that to be forceful???

    Keep us posted on those tests!

  84. From MAB

    Spoilers say “Will tells Lucas that EJ originally blackmailed him into working for him because he knows he was really the on who shot him years back – and – “When Lucas confronts EJ, EJ decides to stop the blackmail, but Will still wants in because he is enjoying to perks of the DiMera world”. Wow, Will is more like Sami than he knows. He just out-right lies to his father. He is the one who started the blackmail, not EJ. EJ just used the info he had on Will to turn the tables on him, which he deserved. So apparently Will really was the shooter (as I suspected all along) or he wouldn’t admit to it. And even tho he hates EJ and doesn’t trust him, he continues to want to enjoy the DiMera perks. There’s really no reason for EJ to continue giving the greedy kid anything now since Nicole knows the truth. EJ should cut him off. In hindsight, Will is still the reason Rafe & Nicole found out the truth tho, so maybe EJ should teach the boy a lesson. Maybe let it be known he is the one who shot him years ago. Of course Will’s lies send Lucas straight over to the mansion. Lucas should watch his step, because he’s never been able to really challenge EJ in the past. He usually gets pummeled. He should be looking closer to home, at his son, for why things are so bad. EJ was only a very small piece of that puzzle.

  85. From Richard

    The statement was made that someone never heard EJ stating that he shot himself. I just pointed that person to the video where EJ admitted that he shot himself.
    I really don’t want to get into a discussion, as I did when I stated that Marlena did not kill anyone in the Salem Stalker SL. I got called all kind of names and everyone said that I was out of my mind for thinking that way, when they were actually showing her as the killer in all the scenes.
    John thought that he was guilty, because he had this image in his head that he was actually present at the scene of the crime, but he wasn’t there at that time.
    I have my own opinions about the shooting of EJ(both times) and I am not trying to convince anyone that I am right. It’s just my opinion.
    In my opinion, Sami was set up by Kate’s call to Sami that EJ was taking the kids out of the country. Stefano was out to get his Grandkids back from Sami and would do anything to get them back.
    If Sami really was there with EJ when he was shot(not saying that she wasn’t), her gun could have had blanks and someone else could have actually shot EJ.
    I’m not saying that I am right and not saying that anyone is wrong. I’m just sharing my opinion, not trying to disagree with anyone else.
    Please don’t take my opinions as something that they are not and please don’t take offense to any of them. Thanks.

  86. From Kat

    85 Richard, with all the respect in the world, I do no recall on this blog, anybody ever calling you”All Kinds of Names, and saying that you were out of your mind”.
    You are over reacting, just like when you accused me of Ranting and Raving, which I never did.
    However, I have one question, if there are all these conspiracies, when will we ever find out about them, how many years will it take, before the writers will reveal all that. To many bloggers, new and old will not even remember by then, what they are talking about.
    We all are entitled to our Own theories, You, Me, etc. but we also have to be prepared, when not all the others share them with us.Well let’s hope the one person that never heard EJ make that comment will read both sides of the story, that at the time EJ thought it must have been him, but then it turned out Not.
    Anybody remember, EJ got tested, In addition for Powder Burns, and there were none…….. (Unless you, Richard, think that Roman messed with the Powder Burn test to prove EJ not to be the shooter
    and leave Sami out there????)
    Now how could Kate, after making that phone call, predict all of Sami’s actions..?
    Please Richard, keep on posting, none of us on here mean any harm, I know I don’t, never have.

  87. From michele

    Richard, I know that in this soap anything could change and I can see where you would think that they could change it to it was not Sami. My only question then would be why would Stefeno kick Kate out of the house and make her drop the gift off to Cloe and be nice to Vivian if she was just trying to cover up what EJ did and frame Sami. I am not saying that the writters will not change the facts they first gave to us, I am just saying I hate when they forget all the other details they gave us in the SL. But dont hold back on your ideas of what is going on and what is happening, that is why I come to this blog, I like to see everyones take on what is going on, what is going to happen, and what they would like to see happen.

    MAB, I do not like the way the show only ever has 1/2 of the story come out either. If the truth about why Will is working for EJ is going to come out then ALL the truth should come out. I have said before I do not like that there is one set of rules for the Bradys and Hortons and another set for everyoen else. For every bad thing that has been done in Salem there is a Brady or a Horton that has done the samething or worse.

    I think EJ is being very loving, hurt and putting it all out there to Nicole. I think when he grabbed her arm, it was in a please don’t go way, not in a don’t you dare walk away from me way.

    I have to say, I felt so sorry for Austin today when he was telling Carrie how much he loved her. I can not take it when the women in Salem have the what is right for me is wrong for you attitude. Carrie, Sami, Abigal, Gabby, Maddison, Kate they all think that way and it drives me crazy.

  88. From Kat

    87 michele, very good blog, very well thought out. Kat
    And Richard, listen, she is right.
    Have to watch today’s show….

  89. From MAB

    No one has said you can’t have your own opinion or theory on what happened that night, but until the writers make it known otherwise, all we can go by is the facts we were shown on screen, and that is what I based my opinion on as to what happened the night EJ was shot. Cleary by what we saw, Sami shot him in cold blood. And it wasn’t ‘her’ gun she was using, it was EJ’s gun she picked up to use. I don’t believe Sami went there w/ the intent to kill him, but she sure didn’t let him being defenseless stop her from doing what she did. And when I said I never heard that EJ say he shot himself, I didn’t…that is not in the way it was implied it was said. I know he told Stefano he shot himself, but at the time, he thought he did. But him saying it to Stefano meant nothing because we already knew the truth. For argument’s sake, let say he did shoot himself. How could he remember doing it when he passed out before it happened?

    Kat – I remember…EJ was tested by the police and Roman said EJ had no gun powder residue on his hands. I also don’t think Stefano nor Kate set Sami up. Stefano wouldn’t want EJ dead just to get his hands on the kids (they could find other ways to get the kids from her and they did). And I don’t think Kate would’ve done that to Stefano. Like I said, all we have to go on is what we saw, and there’s no doubt Sami shot him. She even admits to it now, so it seems to me she had no memory loss that night.

    Again, the facts will only change if the writers see fit to change them. But apparently they can’t make up their mind. They ditch the Stefano/John half brother s/l, yet see fit to revisit this Princess Gina s/l, and although it may turn out interesting, I think it’s silly to go back to a s/l that was so grueling the first time around. Also, I don’t think we need to revisit the Sami shooting EJ s/l, or change any of the kid’s paternity. I think it’s time for the writers to move on, and stop rewriting history.

    Michele – yeah I can’t stand when only part of the truth is told. That seems to happen a lot on Days. So why can’t Will tell his father the truth about why EJ is blackmailing him…that he started it. I also agree about the one set of rules for the Brady’s & Horton’s vs. the DiMera’s (and others). That is why I disagree every time someone says “it’s time the DiMeras get what’s coming to them.” Why should they be the only ones to pay for their misdeeds when half the town belongs in jail? Oh, and I also agree about EJ grabbing her arm. He was trying to get her to stay and talk to him, nothing more. He wasn’t being mean. I still say her jerking away from him made it look like he was being forceful…to some that is. But there will always be someone out there blasting EJ for everything he does, right or wrong. That will never change. I also felt sorry for Austin. Carrie is an idiot to think Austin would do that to her, after all these years. Hasn’t she learned anything from their past??

  90. From Richard

    KAT quote from Jan 29th
    Richard, I like a lot of your theories, but some of your stuff, you are so wide open to just impossible.
    So what, if I am one of the bloggers that challenges you, I am not ready like others on here, to just worship blindly at your altar, because even though you have a lot of good stuff, some of your stuff is just so wide out there, IMO, I hope that is ok for me to say. Everybody, incl. You needs to get challenged a litte bit, not just give you a free pass, for whatever you come up with. And I mean that with all respect, and if you are any kind of man of integrety, you will see my side of it.
    KAT Jan 29 quote
    Richard, you stated that EJ looked like Edmond Crumb, in Blog 176, you said loud and clear, that EJ looked and sounded like Ed Crumb, not reminded you of Ed Crumb. Which is it. In 195 you are backtracking … why. saying reminds me of Ed Crumb.
    You have thrown out so much stuff, and most of them on here are just cooing over it all, it’s about time somebody will really take all your blogs, and really looks at them at bit more close, to much smoke and mirrors IMO.
    Come on Ladies, what’s the matter with you,
    I come from a history, where just one man will not mezmorize me anymore, I like to check on the facts and not just worship on the altar of some guy.
    Like I said before, Richard you have a lot of great ideas and a lot of facts born out by videos,
    but so much of what you write is pure speculation and wishful thinking and very confusing to a lot of good bloggers on here.
    Thanks Maryl, 191, for questioning Richard, to many of you have just let him go without challenging one thing he writes and puts out.incl. Me.
    This is by no means to diss you Richard, but you must admit, you just write some of the biggest conspiracy stuff ever, not even the writers could keep up with that.I really do not think that the writers ever intend for every viewer to have a forensic person sitting next to them in order to disect all the stuff you are claiming is going on. Soap is supposed to be simply hot entertainment, not detective work on-going….You might think so and enjoy it, so be it, not me..
    Kat jan 30 quote
    Richard, it is really a sad day, when I can not ask you questions about your believe.
    How come you never have an answer.
    Instead you get feisty. You put out your believes, and I ask you about some of them. What is so wrong about you actually adressing some of them, or can’t you, don’t have an answer. I am not ranting. but I sure was right, the hatchpolice was not far away.
    Bil we saw a photograph of Santos, now didn’t we.
    Now santos could be Ed Crumb, really.
    Richard, it is sad, now that somebody actually wants to engage you in all your theories, You don’t want to talk about it any more, you accuse me of ranting, really, I think you just don’t have answers to justify some of what you throw out, and that is very sad.
    I thought you really were a Bigger Man than that. Silly of me, to think there was somebody on here, with big ideas, and I could have fun talking about them, but not, all you are allowed on here, is dance by one tune only.
    I never asked you to deal with me, just engage in some interesting talks, but you would never answer my question, changed the subject or now you are retreating, what can one think.
    I guess I am not one of your googoo eyed ladies on here, that agrees with everyting you write and believe, I thought you would welcome a challenge, wrong again,
    I should know by now, this site is uebersensitive and very very biased.

  91. From Richard

    Please let me have my theories. I never question anyone else theories. I know that anything can and will happen on Days.
    I’m really just like everyone else, but I know that I saw Steve blown up, an autopsy done on Tony, Marlena stabbed in the morque, John die in the hospital, Hope brought back to life by Bo’s kiss and Roman die from a fall off of a cliff.
    My posts are just like yours, just my opinion of the show.

  92. From Kat

    90 Richard, My God, thank you for summarizing all I have said,
    and I would say it all over again, and again. That’s what I meant, thought \ Everything a fact.However were did I call you “Names” and or said, that you were “Out of your MInd”, where dear Richard…??????

    My goodness, to put together that whole collage, what dedication, You just helped me prove My Points again, it is a No Win situation on here, ueber sensitive people on here, Richard, you say you are 67 years old, now you know you love the the way out outlandish theory’s on here, but when somebody tries to engage you, for good honorable reasons you run and cry foul. I don’t understand you.

    So again, Dear Richard, thank for posting all my prev. posts again, it only proves all my points again, nothing nasty in them, just challenging you and your theories. Come on, get some moxie and let’s have fun debating all the crazy stuff about Salem, it’s a soap, but you sound like your life depends on it, lighten up, talk to me and let’s have some fun , please, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

    Please read all my blogs to YOU again, but do me a favor, read very slow and carefully, and then I hope you and others (???) will finally get my meaning, Please Lord, I need your help, sincerely, Kat. And trust me, I am sitting here, waiting for test results, not 1 but more, about my son, and this is not the time to be flip or funny or nasty, trust Me, I am very sincere….So dear Richard, lighten up, please, nobody means any harm to you, never have and never will. Amen… and I am so done.

  93. From Kat

    MAB, good one again,

    and once more Richard, all I have ever done is reach out to you, try to engage you about your theories, make contact with you,but wow — all I have ever gotten back from you, is Ueber Sensitivity, Why..???????

  94. From Kat

    My dear Richard, You are Loosing Me, I am confused, and therefore, I think the wisest thing that I can do, is not communicate with You anymore, because we just don’t seem to connect for some reason….?????
    Please you go on, here,
    and will also go on, but we just won’t cross path anymore, for both ours sakes, because I Do not Understand you …. I have tried, but …. whatever…. Peace.

    Now about Hope and John trying to make Phone calls out of Europe, LOL, I have been there, after I grew up there, more than 55 times, Never had a Cell Phone with me, made all my calls from a Housephone or the Post office, etc, or even a public phone booth, give me a break writers, that is just so dumb IMO, for having been there and always called my Hubby, without a Cell phone.

    91 Richard, Nobody is trying to take your opinions away from you,some just feel like challenging them … that’s why we are here. Now you don’t want us to be a YES,YES blog, or do you.

  95. From SandyGram

    Show March 12th:
    The first thing for me in today’s show is what gorgeous earrings Billie was wearing. My grand-daughter would love them, she just turned fourteen yesterday.

    Hope and John – Let’s see, they had their passports taken from them; they can’t get a long distance line; the US Consulate is non- functional; the Judge is missing, etc. BUT, Hope can log into the Alamainia Courthouse computer system to get a copy of the blueprint where their passports are being held. Then when Hope was performing this feat of greatness in getting the Blueprints John tells her “she’s good at this. Hope reminds him she was a pretty good art thief back when she was Princess Gina; she still thinks she’s got what it takes.” There it was John looking over her shoulder with a certain admiration…ummm feels like a transformation is coming.

    Billie, Maggie, Victor and Daniel: There’s our Magster wearing a ‘puffy frilly blouse’ she looks so great in, vs. those Madame Kiriakis outfits she wears at the Mansion. Then right on time the best little crier in town. Heck I’m even starting to like Daniel as her son. And yes I got a little teary eyed when Victor sat down by Bo’s bedside with his terrific words of encouragement. I would sure like to see Victor and Bo’s relationship grow into something deeper.

    Finally, although it is painful to even talk about Green Mountain Lodge – First Yuk we had to see a repeat of Austin sitting on the bed with Abby. I sure hope there are never any flashbacks of that scene. For me, the writers went a little overboard with Carrie and her immoral and disgusting comments toward Austin. But then I guess that’s because Carrie sees Abby as a child, which tends to set Abby into another orbit. I felt bad for Austin, at no time today was there going to be a win – win situation for him. Kate Masi (Abby) played her part to the tee, she’s a great young actress. As is Molly Burnnett (Melanie) with her ‘what the heck is going on here’ look when Abby starting letting loose. I’m not sure that friendship is going to survive if Abby doesn’t see the truth soon.

  96. From Grandma Judy

    Kat, – know the waiting is difficult. Hang in there!

    SandyGram #82, – I checked out that video and Peggy McKay was a hoot. So glad our suspicions about her being in ill health are not true!

    On today’s show, I felt sorry for Austin trying to explain to Carrie that nothing was going on between him and Abigail and that he only loves Carrie. But I was also pulling at my TV to help him get out the right words, – like that he was distraught over her kiss with Rafe so he got drunk, he didn’t know what he was doing so had sex with Abigail, but that it meant nothing, etc. etc. Instead, he danced around the sex part (it’s a lie but he thinks he did it) and it was left for Abigail to blurt out to Carrie. Might not have made any difference coming from Austin but it certainly was a bummer coming from Abigail.

    Note to John: when a woman has just found out her husband was attacked and she is in a different country and can’t reach the hospital, a “HOT BATH” won’t take away the anxiety!! Ha!

    Could Hope be right and Stefano is pulling strings to put Bo and Marlena in danger while Hope and John are in Alamania?

    I thought the things Victor said to Bo were touching but Billie’s talks to Bo came across to me more as recited script than heartfelt. I could sure feel for Hope when Billie went berserk over the phone when Bo started to convulse. And, picky me, since when do hospitals put phone calls through to rooms where the patient is in a coma?! Only on a soap!

  97. From Richard

    #94 Kat
    That works for me.
    I have never posted anything on here that you have ever agreed with.

  98. From guestcwb

    Ugh- okay– to those who are complaining about sensitive people. It’s actually okay and honestly a wonderful thing to be sensitive. To be sensitive means you care. Please re-read some of the comments. Actually, have someone read them to you. Because in your mind, you may not seem harsh, you may have a light hearted way with words. But without your voice for us to hear , your words can sometimes seem like they are attacking. It’s understandable that others feel like they can’t express their thoughts. Hatchets buried moving on– again!

  99. From guestcwb

    Right on! I kept waiting for Austin to explain everything. But he messed it up even more! Sort of like Ej not telling Nicole that they were not together when he slept with Sami. These guys just don’t know how to get out of their jams.

  100. From SandyGram

    #96 Grandma Judy
    When Abby did blurt out she and Austin had sex, the look in Austin’s eyes was ‘I sure wish you hadn’t of said that Abigail’. Now the soon to be spoiler where Austin over hears Carrie declare her love for Rafe, will he ever get the fact that he was drunk and remembers nothing other than a kiss out in the open? We can only hope the writers don’t leave this pertinent point out in the days to come, it will probably be to late by the time Abby comes out with the truth. Just another dropped detail just waiting to happen.

    Stefano putting Marlena and Bo in danger while their spouses are out of town would be right up his alley. For me, right now he seems to be more interested in getting John and Hope to do something for him, needing their skills as the Pawn and Princess Gina to accomplish it (what ever it is). Hope did say she over heard John talking to someone about having protection for Marlena. Another thing John said today that caught my ear, he said “he talked to everyone he knew in Alamainia to help them get their passports”….who does John know in Alamainia besides one dead ISA Agent, one a live by missing ISA Agent and now Stefano. I don’t know the way he said it was like he knew all these people in Alamainia. I don’t think there is an ISA Headquarters in Alamainia although a clean up team did come in awfully fast and remove the dead body from John and Hopes hotel room and clean the place up leaving no evidence. I don’t know why those little things jump out at me!

  101. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram, – yes, I think, too, that seeing Abigail as a child/student is an important part of the issue to Carrie. I was actually surprised when Hope said that about being an art thief. It came so naturally to her. Ever so gradually, I think she’s already slipping back into Princess Gina.

  102. From Richard

    It seemed to me that Bo reacted to the name “Hope”

  103. From Richard

    #99 Sandygram
    How long did John live in Alamainia as Forrest Alamain and in Salem as Forrest?
    Guess he may have known quite a few people there, to marry Hope in Alamainia.

  104. From Kat

    98 guestcwb,

    I know it is wonderful to be sensitive, fine by me, but let’s not go overboard on a hot passionate blog,about a soap opera.. I am not here to play therapist to some, wondering with every word I write,disagreeing or whatever, what is to “sensitive” for some, or not.
    I have said over and over again, I am sot here to attack Anybody, period, just try to engage, and voice my opinions. PLEASE ANYBODY ON HERE, PLEASE EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS, I HAVE NEVER STOPPED ANYBODY. There is nothing else I can say, except hope, quit blaming Me, for being so oversensitive, who ever you are, it’s not my fault, you are what you are, always feeling victimized, for whatever reason, and it is Not because of Me.
    I stand by my opinions period, and If I ever thought I went to far, I have been woman enough to apologize. I really did not know, that there was a hatchet out again, for sure Not on My Side.
    Thank you 96 Grandma Judy, the waiting is terrible, got one result back earlier and it was good, now we still need the biopsy….
    97 Richard, even I never would agree with you, what’s wrong with that, is there a law that I have to??? I have tried to talk to you plenty nice, many times…. ! But I am done, for my own protection.
    Sandygram, remember John grew up in Alamainia as Forest Alamain, so he might still have connections.
    If they want to make phone calls, don’t use the cell or Hotel phone,
    nobody can control all the other phones in the country.

  105. From SandyGram

    #102 Richard and #103 Kat
    It would be nice if some of John’s past acquaintances would now step up and help Hope and John.
    I would venture to guess if their passports were taken away; the US Consulant is defunked; the Judge is missing; there is no long distant lines available, etc…..they won’t find a sole in Alamainia to help them….except Stefano of course but only after they agree to do as he ask! Looks like the name DiMera might have more pull in Alamainia than the name Alamain.

  106. From Richard

    I believe that Bo is in a coma because Stefano wants Hope in a position where she has no choice but go along with whatever he asks of her.

  107. From SandyGram

    #105 Richard
    No doubt that would be a Stefano move. If Stefano did have something to do with the attack his goons nearly killed Bo, that would of done him no good for Bo to be dead. As Hope said if something happens to Bo she will kill Stefano. If I were the Stefster I’d be watching over my shoulder. Just a speculation, but maybe one of the things Stefano wants from Hope and John is their silence and to stop pursuing Alice’s secret. Or maybe I’ll stick with my first guess, there is some artifacts he wants them to retrieve, hence the frequent referral to Hope/Gina being an art thief. Then didn’t I read in a spoiler Hope will be back in Salem next week or the week after?

  108. From bil

    SandyGram- I agree with your thoughts regarding Stefano and his “need” for the Pawn and Gina’s skills. What I cannot figure out is why he would need them. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the initial root to this storyline. Remember it started with Hope finding clues that lead to Maggie’s eggs and then on to the secrets et cetera. Do you think he’s had this entire plan in motion from the very beginning? It certainly would not surprise me, but I wish I could figure it out. And I’ve very much hoping all the loose ends will eventually be tied.

  109. From Richard

    Bo could have been injected with something that would mobilize him for a certain period of time, somewhat like the drug that Marlena gave Stefano.
    This was a drug ring they were investigating, wasn’t it?
    Still can’t believe that Roman wasn’t hurt that badly.

  110. From Lori

    Richard #65- I am sooo glad that you said that…..You never believed Sami shot EJ. He did shoot HIMSELF FIRST! I have said this all along AND have the episode still DVR’d, yet when I said something on this site last year about the shooting some of these women on this site verbally attacked me as if they were living in Salem and this soap was reality!

  111. From Lori

    And why people must you use this blog site for a soap opera, to air your laundry and personal matters? Most of us want to talk about a soap (which is not real life), not hear about your problems. I’m not trying to be mean or rude; we ALL have issues in our lives but this blog is not the place to talk about them. Please, pick up the phone, email, facebook or even write a letter to your friends but don’t put your personal life on a public site. AND ladies and gentlemen, it’s OK to disagree and it’s ok to be sensitive and it’s fine to be and say whatever you want…..about a soap.

  112. From Lori

    And why people must you use this blog site for a soap opera, to air your laundry and personal matters? Most of us want to talk about a soap (which is not real life), not hear about your problems. I’m not trying to be mean or rude; we ALL have issues in our lives but this blog is not the place to talk about them. Please, pick up the phone, email, facebook or even write a letter to your friends but don’t put your personal life on a public site.

  113. From Paula

    They are turning Abby into a complete psycho! I’m just waiting for Carrie to find a rabbit boiling on her stove!

  114. From SandyGram

    #109 and #110 Hey Lori
    Although the video Richard provided in Post #79 does have EJ telling Stefano that he shot himself and it was his intention when he took the gun upstairs with him was to shoot himself; the video also has Stefano providing the forensic evidence from the SPD why there is no proof EJ shot himself. As the video says there was no gun residue on EJ’s hands and the trajectory of the bullet couldn’t of been from self infliction. Now we could speculate that when Stefano found EJ he wiped his hands clean but it doesn’t change the bullet trajectory. And to my knowledge there was never a second bullet found at the scene which may have been the one Sami fired. Then we all know Sami threw the gun in the river and if I remember correctly at one point when EJ was blackmailing Sami he said he retrieved the gun (knowing EJ that may or may not have been true). So with this in mind, although there was a time I was a believer in EJ shooting himself, it does seem before EJ had the chance to pull the trigger but he passed out. And as we all know the writers can manipulate this story line in any direction…

    Now just one little comment on ‘personal matters’: For me, wishing a fellow Board Member good luck or sending a prayer for a friend or family member doesn’t constitute ‘airing dirty laundry’. It’s showing compassion and understanding. Also it would be difficult to pick up the phone, email, facebook or even write a letter when all we have to identify our fellow bloggers is the ‘Name’ in this site. But then that’s just me!

  115. From Grandma Judy

    I feel it’s fine to send prayers and other well wishes to someone on this site who is hurting for whatever reason. Congratulations are often also in order. Some of us have been blogging together on here for a very long time so from little tid-bits mentioned here and there, we know a lot about each other and our families and in some cases, the state or country we live in. Do you oldies remember “Nightmare” who blogged from Australia?

  116. From Richard

    #109 Lori
    I agree with you. If someone disagrees with you, entirely based on what they see on the screen, then they don’t follow Days very closely. Anything can and will happen.
    Back when I was posting on the forum, I caught the same resentment, when I stated that I believed that Marlena was innocent.
    It didn’t matter that it was just my opinion, people had to inform me how off the wall I was.
    On this board, you can’t just simply post your beliefs and leave it at that, especially if you disagree with the favorite character of others.

  117. From bil

    You know what is funny? I had all along thought that Sami shot EJ as presented. But when I read the evidence so neat and tidy with the trajectory and the gun powder it made me think it’s too neat and tidy. There very well could have been a set up, a second shooter or some sort of kink. I guess my thought now though, is if there was a wrinkle in that story line at what point would they do the reveal? I do find the parallel between this EJ shooting and the last EJ shooting interesting. It was Lucas, he confessed, they had the gun. But now it turns out it was Will– or so we now think. Wonder if there are more twists and turns to that one as well. Should be fun to watch where the writers go with all of this. And EJ should start wearing body armor.

  118. From MAB

    Yes, why couldn’t Austin tell Carrie everything instead of leaving parts out? He was distraught over her kissing Rafe, got drunk, and doesn’t remember anything, and he only has Abby’s say that they slept together. If he told Carrie everything, she might use her head and realize that something doesn’t add up. They see how Abby is acting, not rational. Carrie should know by experience what extremes some women will go to, like Sami did.

    Loved Victor talking w/ Bo!! I just wish Bo could hear all those things Victor said to him. Liked Maggie’s talk w/ Daniel too, but what is up w/ him? He’s acting strange. Maggie said he was a great surgeon. I thought he couldn’t operate anymore because of his shaking? And why hasn’t anyone mentioned that since he’s been back? Billie did seem scripted yesterday. Not really caring too much having her back yet. I did like her mentioning taking on Madison & Ian. I hope her & Kate run those 2 out of Salem!

    I would be going berserk, but Hope doesn’t seem all that upset to me over Bo. She only seemed really upset when she yelled a couple of times. And how many times can she “God forsaken place”? Maybe Bo did start convulsing once he heard Hope’s name. And Stefano could very well be behind this so Hope will do whatever he says. But what about Maroni? It would seem he would be behind this since Bo & Roman were going after him at the time of the beating.

    I know what happened the night of EJ’s shooting because I based it off of what was shown on TV, and that can’t be refuted, unless somewhere down the road the writers change history. We ALL saw the same thing, over & over. EJ never shot himself, he passed out from being drunk. He was sleeping quietly until Sami came in and shot him.

  119. From MAB

    I’ve watched this show just as long or longer than most on here, and I watch it very closely. I never FF, watch every episode in it’s entirety, sometimes more than once, or rewind to watch something over. I even watch w/ the caption on sometime to make sure I get what they say if I misunderstand. So it’s an insult to say some don’t follow Days just because they base it on what they see on the screen. There is nothing wrong w/ that because what is shown is fact until proven or shown otherwise. I don’t discount that at any time, the writers can change or rewrite history, but until it’s shown to the viewers, then it’s not fact.

  120. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    #112 Paula I kept saying the same thing after every scene last night watching the tape. Abifail is just moments away from boiling the rabbit.

    My handle is kind of personal. That’s all you really should know about me on a public site. I think that’s Lori’s point. Share your triumphs and tragedies with your personal acquaintances and not strangers. Whatever. I couldn’t care less, but it bothers others, I think that they have to read thru your comments to try to find a nugget.

    Kat, Richard doesn’t engage, because he doesn’t want to. That’s his prerogative. All Days scripts are subject to rewrites and backstory telling. Always has been in my 25 years of watching. What you see on screen most definitely isn’t what you get. The rewrites drive us all crazy. The writers have always taken great liberty in changing the facts as we’ve seen them. Did Sami shoot EJ? I’ve no idea. Neither does anyone else. Subject to rewrite to further the next S/L. Days has always been more convoluted than any other soap on the air. JMO – the J/H Alamainia story line is dull, dull, dull. X10.

  121. From MAB

    You want to refute EJ’s shooting when Sami shot him, but you say it’s fact Lucas shot EJ years back?? Sound like double standards for different s/l’s. There is no proof that EJ shot himself or that Sami didn’t shoot him (to date), but in the case of the other shooting, there were several of them, and Will was one of them. He’s admitted to it, and now we are to believe Lucas went to jail to protect Will. I figured this all along, but it was never proven Will was there, until now.

  122. From hatch

    I have been away for a while and what do I find when I log back in to read…Kat is bickering and bullying. Go figure.
    Richard, don’t waste your breath or blog on responding to anything she writes. It is ludicrous that she thinks all want to read her opinions and that she is in the right. She has a real problem with reality.
    She offends and seemingly without knowing it. I don’t buy it not for a minute. And the way some of the other bloggers react…by ignoring her…I would say others are not wanting to be pulled into her games or be a part of it. Or afraid they’ll be her next target.
    Kat, just leave the others alone. Lay off the other bloggers. Write whatever you wish about whatever comes out of your slightly obnoxious mind but leave your opinions to yourself and don’t find it necessary to flail others who have imagination, who have the integrity not to respond to your rantings, who find your methods distasteful.
    And no, it isn’t all the others who are in the wrong. It always comes back to you.

  123. From Kat

    GramJudy, I remember Nightmare very well,…..
    SandyGram, I am proud of you and Judy, you stood up….
    MAB I know you watch every detail, you have mentioned that many times, I rely on your facts a lot. I agree, if I can not trust my eyes and ears, than what, why even watch if things are never that they show. and bil, you are so right, when will we ever find out, what we really did not see, but is really what happened, hope I am saying this right…. with Lucas, bil, we did Not see Lucas do the shooting, like we saw Sami, so there is a difference, we saw Sami pick up the gun, pull the trigger, and then blood.
    In the church shooting, there were many would be shooters, many guns, and we All only heard the shots… a little different than Sami’s case. And then of course, turns out Lucas confessed and Will was sent to ..

    Was Dr. Dan’s return underdone in comparison to his leaving.

  124. From michele

    Kat, I am keeping your family in my prayers.

    Grandma Judy, I agree I see nothing wrong with sending someone your support and prayers in their time of need. I do not feel saying that you are worried about your son is “to air your laundry” either. I believe in the power of prayer chains and hope that everyone that posts on here feels that they can ask for prayers in their time of need.

    I believe Sami shot EJ, based only on what the show gave me. I agree with your argument that you can not take what we are shown as facts. I also agree that this show has changed “facts” many times. I would have never believed that Caroline would have been the one that switched the DNA tests, but she did. In this case, for now anyway, I am still going with it was Sami for the reasons I stated earier and hope that they do not change that because they would not take the time to explain why Rafe’s sister had to die, Stefeno and Kate, Kate worried sick that it was Will, Stefeno’s men being told to find out who did it, Sami’s nightmares, Will seeing his mother shoot EJ, there is just too much SL that they gave us and I know they will not take the time to clear up all those actions. So I hope that they do not try to say it was Kate or Stefano that set Sami up.

  125. From Kat

    123 Michele, do we understand each other, did you mean to say that we can not take what we are shown as facts, I do, and why not, I still take Sami shooting EJ as a story fact…and maybe the writers meant for it to be a Fact. I am sure you just miss-spoke. So many of Us have shared personal things, mostly on weekends, and I always thought that made this site so very special, at least to me for almost 2 years now. We have laughed and cried and dis-agreed and of course agreed, and the Admin. never seemed to have any problems with that, or I am sure they would have let us know, after all this time. Our picking SL’s apart has been interesting and fun, and boy, have I been ever wrong and right looking back.

  126. From Richard

    On the day of EJ’s shooting, Nicole thought that EJ was out to take care of her, Kate said that EJ would take the kids and leave “over her dead body” and Sami was dreaming. Stefano was mad because EJ(in his defense, he said that he was doing what he should have done before now – “take the kids and leave the mansion”. Kate, when talking to Sami, made it sound as if EJ was fleeing the country with the kids.), told Stefano that he was taking the kids and moving out of the mansion.
    What if it turned out that Sami only dreamed about shooting EJ?
    I’ve sometimes dreamed about things that seemed very real.

  127. From Lisa

    First off, Lucas looked HOT the other day when he returned but I thought they would probably cut his hair! Why??? It looks so much better long!

    I have always believed he and Sami belonged together. He accepts her for ALL of her faults and knows her better than anyone.

    Abby is a total psycho!!! Ugh! I wanted to jump through the screen and slap her in the face the other day when she lied to Carrie about her and Austin. I know it was wrong of him to get drunk and kiss her but that was all that they did. It will probably come out that Jack is to blame since he was gone and she is looking for a daddy figure. Ugh!

    Billie??? I like Lisa Rinna but come on! She looks horrible and I wish someone would deflate those horrible fish lips. While you’re at it, send her to acting school!

    Are we really supposed to believe that she is Kate’s daughter! She must be like 50 years old by now. What would that make Mrs. DiMera, 70? So unbelievable!

    I am sick of the Mission Impossible stuff on there. John and Hope could have awakened the dead while they were trying to break into the CH!

    I agree with the post about Kayla. She could be out saving lives but prefers to serve chowder? Whatever?

    I like Will and think the young actor has been doing a great job. He really looks distraught and on the verge of tears.

    Also, please leave Bo and Hope alone! Get some more story lines please!

    I also like Maggie but how dramatic she was with Daniel the other day was sickening. Also, please stop dressing her like she is a member of The Partridge Family! Give her back her class!

    Jennifer…I think your ship with Daniel has sailed. But please DO NOT put him with Billie. Another Chloe?

    Okay, that’s all folks! Have a great day! :)

  128. From patsy

    They sweap EJ rapeing Sami under the rug WHY can,t they sweep Sami shooting EJ under the rug .IVE got the rape on tape and it was rape .So if they can change the story for one WHY can,t they do it for the other ???? THIS SHOW IS GETTING SO SCREWED UP YOU dont really know what you,ve seen or you havenot seened

  129. From Janiebell

    What is wrong with me that no one can love me ? When it looks as though I have made friends, they all go away. My suspose to b family have disowened me. Hubby and kids just love that I do all of the cooking, laundry, and cleaning. I don’t understand why this is. Those on days keep making mastakes and people forgive them but not me.

  130. From bil

    #125 Richard,
    That is what I was thinking too. If the writers chose to go that route they could pass off what we saw as a dream– or implanted memory for that matter–ala Stefano.

    Not disputing facts and wasn’t trying to say I didn’t believe the Lucas/Will switch. I was pointing out that we all at one time or another believed what we either heard or said on the show. But then bam– rewrite– twist and its no longer fact. I don’t think anyone is saying anything different here. We’re all saying the same thing. Writers have the power :-)

  131. From SandyGram

    Show March 13th:
    Darn I deleted my DVR, so First before I forget did I hear John call Hope ‘Gina’ when they were trying to get through the window. At the time it happened I went back and listened twice and I sure thought he did! It was when he was kneeling and said something about ‘Gina your good’.

    John and Hope: They were so comical today! Middle aged thieves, huffing and a puffing while trying to remove the bars and open that window and when struggling to open the cabinet. Speaking of cabinet that was interesting, they were looking for their Passports, under the name Black. One might think that’s how they would be filed, but they were looking in a drawer labeled M – K. But then maybe the passports were filed under Marriage License.

    Billie, Kate and Lexie: Good for Billie turning down Kate’s invite to stay at the DiMansion. I hope she continues to stand on her own and doesn’t fall under the influence of the Katster. I loved their talk about Kate and Stefano’s relationship, but far from telling. Kate left out the part about her and Stefano sharing a few secrets that could put either or both in prison for a long time. Then Lexie….yep that was Lexie!

    EJ, Abe and Roman: Well the writers didn’t let us down here. EJ is still an arrogant piece of work, he’s not even Mayor yet and already making threats and handing down ultimatums. Now that’s a creditable man I would vote for…or NOT! Have you seen the commercial on TV where the man is talking at the table and a long green lizard tale swings up and pats the guy on the other side of the table on the head….it reminds me of EJ every time I see it!

    Will and Lucas: Perfect camaraderie and execution of the script as I expected. But where was Ali? I want to see those sweet little arms around her Daddy! So Lucas is staying at Sami’s to help out with the kids. I guess that answers my question a few days ago will Rafe help out now that’s Lucas is back. I’m kind of anxious to see Lucas and Rafe’s first encounter. I sure hope nothing interferes with Rafe’s visits with the kids. And for me, I loved Lucas’s trim.

  132. From Richard

    Not even one time has the Salem police inquired about the sudden disappearance of Stefano.
    Why do they show that darn chess board every time someone goes to Dimansion? It gets more air time than some of the actors.
    That drawer with the gun in it that Stefano has always said was kept locked was not locked when EJ was shot.
    I believe that Stefano and Kate left the mansion the night that EJ was shot. I remember Kate asking, if they should leave EJ by himself in his condition and Stefano said “oh he will be alright”

  133. From Richard

    #130 SandyGram
    Don’t the “K” come before the “M”?
    Where did Hope and John get the outfits and the gear that they were using?
    I think that I remember hearing Hope make the statement “when I was Gina” and “art thief”

  134. From SandyGram

    #132 Richard
    Good catch yes in deedy “K” is before “M”! It wasn’t clear where they got the black out fits and knit hats and gloves, but John did say something about “using what’s available” for the items they were stuffing in the duffel bag. Heck where did they get the duffel bag.

    Maybe I can catch it on Soap Net if I run set up the DVR or else I will have to wait until tomorrow and watch again on the on Hulu or You Tube to see if John called her Gina. I know I listened 3 times and still thought he said it!

  135. From bil

    #122 Kat,
    Yes, I do think Dr. Dan’s return had much less fanfare than his emotional drawn out goodbye. Silly isn’t it?

  136. From Kat

    134 bil, silly, yes, but you know what, we haven’t seen Mel yet welcoming back her father…. should be a good one, you think…
    So far the Alamainia sl, needs a little kick in the pants, a little steam or something,
    I am getting bored.
    Hope once Austin gets cleared of all the accusations by Abby, he does not- no matter what, end up with Abby, because that really would be sick. Sounds like, maybe it is not all clear cut about Carrie and Rafe, I would like to see her not getting Rafe, that would be really a good twist for change. And then, Austin might not want her back either, that would work for me, for once seeing both Sister Not getting what they want and end up alone.
    Little “Mental Health” time Out…. Maybe that could bring them back to the basics of life again. I know, wishful thinking on my part. I hope that Jack and Jenn will deal with their daughter, for her sake, and not blame everything on Austin. Yes blame Austin for being stupid and naive, but then Austin has been like that like as long as I can remember. The guy is drunker than a skunk, supposedly has Sex, but wakes up in the morning, still all the way dressed, nothing missing, and he buys the sex part just like that.
    John called her Gina, and Hope called herself Gina. The name has been coming up a lot….
    Got to love Stefano, he is the master of the game.
    Good stuff today between EJ, Abe and Roman, keep it up, love the Cat and Mouse games they are playing.
    EJ wants his wife back, so let Abe fight for Lexie, and leave it up to Lexie, hope she remembers all her own crap she pulled on ABE over all the years past, and after sulking as long as she needs, she will see clear again, and forgive Abe. Still wondering, what was the Vote count, how big was the margin that EJ over the top, by actual honest votes from the people of Salem. They keep dancing around the issues. Voter Fraud, but that was resolved with the re-count… wasn’t it. Confused…

  137. From SandyGram

    Today EJ made one comment that for me explains everything about EJ and how apropos coming from Juniors own lips:

    EJ laughs at Abe and says “If you had sunk to my level you wouldn’t have been caught”.

    Yep even EJ knows he will never be caught because nobody can swim as deep in the Pond Scum as he can.

  138. From Mary L Hill

    YES,I’ve watched DOOL everyday for the last 8 years.

  139. From Mary Hill

    Yes,and I also like days of our lives, My favorite actors are,EJ,Stephano,Victor,Mel,Daniel.Nichol,Bo,Hope,Maggie& Will.They always have such interesting stories and intrigue.

  140. From Mary Hill

    Yes, and I like days of our lives I have watched Days for 8 years

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