Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 29 & 30.

Moving house.

Billie announces that she is moving into Casa DiMera. EJ’s not exactly happy about it, especially after catching her snooping around in his files. She claims she is there to protect her mom. He promptly threatens Kate to leave Samanther alone or face the consequences. While he’s busy with that, Billie goes back to snooping and finds some invoices for an arms deal. Kate flounces out of the house to rail at Marlena for making night music with Stefano. The shrink guffaws and plods off, still followed by a DiMera goon.

Carrie’s gobsmacked as Sami accuses Rafe of knocking mops with Nicole. He denies it but Sami refuses to listen and storms off. Carrie hangs around to listen to his pleas of innocence and buys them, but doesn’t admit that she was ready to leave Austin for him. When he returns to Nicole, she wants to flee town. He talks her out of it, but as they talk, Elvis eavesdrops and hears that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Sami has something else to look shocked about. EJ offers her a new apartment. She’s thrilled that he’s got her back. Lucas isn’t though. He thinks sticking around at this point would be pointless so she turns on the waterworks and tells him how much she needs him.

In Alamainia, John and Hope undergo hypnosis and are quickly turned back into Gina and the pawn. The lip-locking begins. They want some time alone but Stefano orders them to go out and get his egg. They head back to their place to plan their next move: steal the egg, sell it and get lost. Back in Salem, Mel and Abby complain about their boy problems. Mel’s afraid that Chad is a cheater. He shows up with Gabi, who has agreed to tell Mel that it was her earring in the sheets and she innocently lost it there. Mel swallows this and leaves with Chadsworth, leaving Abby to question Gabi about what she’s been up to.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Samantha will never learn. Or after yesterdays conversation between Sami and Elvis maybe they are embarking on a different kind of relationship. If Sami is going to come on as still having feelings for Lucas, would the writers be so crass as to have her jump in the hay with Junior again? Hope Not!

    For me, the bottom line is still EJ having Sami under his control, all of his actions up to the Pub Talk has been in direct conflict with his statement ‘she’s the kids mother and they love her’. He’s done everything in the past to convince Johnny & Sydney their mother doesn’t love them. Even Sami said ‘because your a changed man….pleeeese!’ Then was EJ’s comeback believable quote “If you were not the mother of my children you could disappear and never come back; I wouldn’t care. But you are and they love you. So for their sakes I’m going to keep you from making an even bigger mess of your life than you already have.” Like Sami said ‘pleeeeese’!

  2. From patsy

    EJAMI fans dont get your hopes up EJ is just useing Sami to get to be around the kids .Just remember that ARI/nICOLE said this is a ejole love story not a ejami love story .I hope turns thing around and usees EJ toher advantages this time its time he payed for all he has done to Sami in the name of love

  3. From patty

    SandyGram, I don’t buy it either. EJ is just taking advantage of a situation to have her and the kids under his thumb again.
    Samantha Gene throws a hissy fit when she confronts Rafe about sleeping with Nicole and accuses him of running from one tramp to the next , abandoning their family and throwing away their marriage. The nerve! She yells at him that he can have the loft and have Nicole or Carrie or both move in with him. Of course she’s doing this in the Brady Pub and sounding like the raving lunatic that she is . She calls her sister a slut, leaves and cries on Caroline’s shoulder for a few minutes then takes off with EJ to what I believe is her new appartment. I wish Lucas would go back to Autumn, he deserves better.

  4. From daysgal

    Sami will always be dependent on a man. Sami is a narcissist and EJ is sociopath.

  5. From Grandma Judy

    I just posted as much on the other page, about not liking it that Sami will be under EJ’s control again. Can’t believe it about Sami’s hissy fit to Rafe. Running from one “tramp” to another must include herself, because she sure is acting like one. And I don’t like it that Lucas is going to sleep with her!

  6. From SandyGram

    Show March 28th:
    Wonder how Lexie going back to Abe is going to affect her new job on the Mayor’s staff as Health Commissioner and her relationship with Elvis? With Lexie’s upcoming brain tumor it will probably be set on the back burner, Health Commissioner that is.

    Coffee House – Finally someone makes a comment about Bo other than Hope….for a while there I thought he was going to be forgotten until Peter’s return. Kate’s lunacy about Marlena is way over the top for me. I’m thinking she is using Marlena as the scape goat for what is really bothering her which is the fact that she still has unresolved issues/feelings with Creepy Ian. Hopefully she won’t be our next psycho chick! Then Billie’s not very subtle in her way of moving into the DiMansion. Not to mention, Billie so blatantly going after Stefano and suddenly Kate hugging her when Billie says ‘she misses her mom’. Could it be Kate is just keeping a close eye on Billie because she senses Billie is up to something more than wanting to spend time with her mom.

    Marlena, Will and Kate – The writers are giving Marlena and Will excellent material to work with, Love the Story Line, love the script, love the characters and love the actors portrayal of the characters. Marlena to Will “I just like the whole package”, for me, that says it all. Now Kate and Marlena’s little ditty about Will….Marlena’s approach to Will’s dilemma is to let him make his own decision of whether he is gay; while Kate is telling him he is gay and to accept the truth. I’m with Marlena, the truth is for Will to decide.

    Brady Pub – I’m with everyone about how well Carrie does smug. I’m not for whacking in the face, but a little banana cream pie in her smug little face would have been a very satisfying moment for me.

    Nicole, Rafe and EJ – Nicole’s comment to EJ quote “Just a minute, you kidnap children, you have hit men on speed dial and you think I’m the one who’s tarnishing your image?” OOOOOPs…someone forgot Nicole is a child kidnapper also and serviced time for it. Then EJ to Nicole quote “You know why it kills me to see you with Hernandez. It’s not that I’m angry or jealous, it’s that I pushed you to do it.” So he’s angry at himself? Or is he really angry that yet again Rafe, although it’s not true, has come between him and another woman. EJ just can’t stand the competition.

  7. From patty

    daysgal, you are so right and Grandma Judy, yes going from one tramp to another definetly includes her because whether she wants to admit it or not, she’s on the same merry-go-round of men that she blames her sister and Nicole of being on.

  8. From dinky


  9. From Amanda D

    Love the acting on the Will storyline, he is great!

    (thought I’d start on a positive note since the rest of this is pretty much negative! DOH!)

    Actually, tho, I AM also glad that Billie is still ISA & can’t wait to see where it goes.

    Hate, hate, HATE the Stefano/John/Hope storyline right now ~ this BETTER NOT be an entire summer of John and Hope as Gina and “the Pawn” (sorry, that is one of THE dumbest names in the history of any television show imho) SOMEbody better be pretending to be under hypnosis or something to get the upper hand on Stefano. I want to see Stefano and EJ with egg on their faces for more than 5 minutes, I want to see them SUFFER! What I REALLY want is for WILL to come out of the blue and have a big giant scheme to take them down behind his adorable little back! (with Marlena’s help OF COURSE!)

    Really not liking the Gabi/Chad story either — Gabi is supposed to be the nice girl ~ don’t ANY of the women on this show get to be strong and not totally compromise every single one of their beliefs for a man? Any?

    I mean, even my least favorite character of them all, KATE, is a beotch one minute to Sami & then turns into a driveling idiot the next minute thinking about Stefano stalking Marlena.

    And what keeps me watching? A good mix of everything I love and everything I hate, so I guess I’m not much better than any of these characters now am I? lol!

  10. From Ginger

    I am glad that Rafe is divorcing Sami. I think there is no reason to put them back together since he obviously never truly loved her.
    I’m glad Sami and EJ are creating a bond. They have children and should get along.
    Kate just seems like an overgrown child. She hates Sami, but she’s done more evil things that Sami could ever…tried to kill her daughter-in-law.
    Carrie honestly thinks Sami should forgive her. I know I would not. After everything they have been through, Carrie should have never went there with Rafe!

  11. From Tess

    Same old same old.
    Is their one marriage or relationship intact in Salem? Gosh the writers of this show certainly don’t have much regard for the sanctity of marriage. it’s quite depressing actually.

  12. From ejamiforever

    Well, everyone can go on about DOOL, but not one person mentioned, that the decor has changed, their clothing has changed..The storylines are not even making sense..sooo either it is a dream, or DOOL is finishing up..with a GRAND FINALE..what should have been and that they didn’t follow..the best, most complex, couple ever on any soap..EJ and SAMI..and for those comments about EJ controlling ……. I guess you would settle for a rafe or lucas..same old crap…..

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