Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler Video: Breaking Through.

Next week in Salem…

John snaps out of hypnosis, but Hope’s having a harder time.

Check out this sneak peek at next week’s episodes and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From SandyGrams

    Wow and there was a poll on would Bo remember Hope or would he only remember Billie. Well as was predictable it is Hope that doesn’t remember Bo. For me, even before she was hypnotized she was transforming into Princess Gina, you could see it when Stefano gave her the compact. Does this mean she also doesn’t remember Zack, Ciara, TJ etc. Get rid of that compact it’s some kid of trigger. Where’s Dr. Baker when you need him!!

  2. From dc

    well, as usual, sandygram you are right..
    i just hate seeing all of this transpire. all of these people need to be back in salem. they all have issues there..
    hopefully they won’t be in almania too long..

  3. From dc

    i just wish the almania thing was over.
    (1) stefano has a daughter that is gonna be fighting a brain tumor. and kate is gonna get close with me creepy (ian).
    (2) john needs to be back in salem to get his company going again and be there for brady and marlena.
    (3) hope needs to be there for bo and ciara too. this princess gina thing was in the past and should stay in the past.
    i read that shane is coming back sometime in may. don’t know whether or not he will help john and hope get out of almania but it would be nice if he did, unless they get back sooner (which i hope happens).

  4. From dinky

    Princess Gina was much more plucky and sneaky and ultra sexy before. You guys have Hope playing her like a countess Gina instead. Remember she was a thief. not a rich old lady!

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