General Hospital Spoilers For April 2-6.

Rubbing people the wrong way.

Sam manages to track Heather Webber down in a mental institution. Heather has demands that will have to be met before she will co-operate, however. As Sam deals with her, something finally clicks. She’s disturbed and heads home where John McBain rears his head and offers her some support.

In spite of all of the problems around them, Starr and Michael slowly get to know each other. That doesn’t make her any less determined to take his father down though. Meanwhile, Luke is not happy to see McBain and Anna hanging out. The cop uses her as a means to edge in closer to Sonny.

Patrick pays Maxie a visit at the courthouse. That doesn’t exactly make her feel better. Spinelli asks Lulu to help him deal with Maximista. He launches a new plan to save her and enlists Matt’s help too. While they are investigating Lisa’s murder on their own, Alexis reaches out to offer Maxie some support.

Kate undergoes hypnosis again. While she is acting out as Connie, she runs into Jason, who badgers her about the gun until she flips out at him. As he tries to get her to calm down, Sonny is busy trying to convince Alexis to cover for Kate. Jason rushes over to his boss and tries to warn him that Kate is off the rails but Sonny takes this the wrong way.

Johnny and Carly officially become an item. Rubbing everyone’s faces in this irks both Olivia and Sonny. She asks him for help getting Johnny off of Steve’s back. Unfortunately for Steve, Heather is out and she gets on his back as well.

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  1. From Engrady Pink

    There is no doubt that Sonny needs to go down, down, down, but for something he has actually guilty of, not something insane Anthony Z. has cooked up. I find all the attention given to the mob == all things Sonny and his attendant associates == disappointing, disgusting, boring and pretty much unwatchable. When can we get on to something else?

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