The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For February 27-March 2.

The big choice.

Amber daydreamed about Rick until Marcus interrupted her. He needed to drop something off to Steffy but she offered to do it for him. When she got to Steffy’s, she found Rick in the doorway, offering to console her if she needed it. As soon as he left, Amber barked at Steffy to keep her paws off her man. Rick returned to his mother and Hope, admitting that Steffy only seems interested in Liam.

Owen and Bridget informed Eric and Brooke that, after a lot of soul searching, they decided that he would go back to Jackie. Eric didn’t think Jackie would take him back. Over at Jackie’s place, she pined after Owen until Bridget showed up. She told her that Owen was still in love with her. Jackie insisted that he should be with his child, but Owen showed up to say he wanted to come home to her. She was shocked. He told her she could still have all the power in the relationship and they would be together forever.

Stephanie went to see Liam to remind him that Steffy is his wife and they could still have an exciting life together. Meanwhile, Katie went to see Hope. She pointed out that her Hope for the Future campaign wasn’t just about virginity, it was about choice. Hope quickly decided that she was choosing to lose her virginity. She ran off to call Liam to say she’d made a big decision. When she told her mom, she explained that this would take Steffy’s power away. When Liam showed up, Hope announced that she would make love to him that night. Meanwhile, Ridge started telling his daughter that waiting around for Liam probably wasn’t the best use of her time. He wandered down the hall and found Stephanie bickering with his wife about the triangle. When Brooke broke the news that Hope was ready to end her chastity, Stephanie stormed off to lecture Liam. At the same moment, Hope was rubbing the fact that she was moving in with Liam in Steffy’s face. Her boyfriend’s wife pointed out that would mean she was committing adultery. They debated who was the bigger hypocrite while Katie encouraged Liam to have a good night with her niece. Bill thought the whole event would be a big letdown for his son. Liam went to tell his wife that he was going to sleep with his girlfriend. She told him it would be a big mistake, especially for Hope and begged him not to do it.

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