The Young And The Restless Poll: A Nick And Sharon Reunion?

Would you welcome one?

Just when we think Nick and Sharon couldn’t possibly have reason to reunite, viewers are once again starting to suspect it just might happen. While Sharon has appeared to say goodbye to Adam for good, Nick has made a commitment to Phyllis but is now being pushed to work alongside his ex. At this point in the game, would you like to see Nick and Sharon reunite?

Please take a moment to vote in our poll today and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know your thoughts.

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  1. From Missyt

    Yes, they belong together they sparkle go nicholas and sharon.

  2. From Teresa Hawkins

    They are soul mates. They belong together!!!! They will always love each other!

  3. From k

    for the love of god, could the hair stylists please update sharons flat, pin- straight, parted-in-the-middle hair. i was tired of it 2 years ago. tired hair, tired character. she deserves better.

  4. From Jennifer

    They have always belonged together. But this time Y&R and MAB better not screw up the reunion again. What they did the last time to Sharon and Nick was appalling!

  5. From Mitchum

    Yes please! Nick and Phyllis are the worst together!

  6. From Tami Smith

    Bring back original writers PLEASE! Yes, Nick and Sharon’s true love story should be built upon. No real man would ever have anyting to do with such a base and immoral character like Phyllis. Acting is to awful now because the actors can’t relate to the sickening story lines.

  7. From Monica

    They were the best couple on the show besides Lauren & Micheal. I can’t stand Phyllis and Nick but obviously the writers have a love for Phyllis. lol. I do like Phyllis better than before but not for Nick.

  8. From Marie

    I hate Phyliss she makes Nick look weak as a man can’t stand her acting, Sharon & Nick were so much better together. Stop pushing phyliss on us she a dragon to old for Nick

  9. From Ginger

    I don’t like the Nick and Phyllis pairing. I think Phyllis is better suited for Ronan. Nick should be with Sharon. The stories they’ve written for Sharon have been truly sickening. I won’t the nice sensible Sharon back, not this clueless bed hopping drone they’ve replaced her with.

  10. From lynnet

    Only started watching the show long after Nick and Sharon were divorced and he was with Phyllis and she was with Jack so i cant relate to the old Nick and Sharon storyline. Either way i love Sharon,hate Phyllis and am not sure about Nick. I do think that Nick and Sharon should get back together because he always seems like a better person when he is with her and i love their chemistry. There is definitely something immoral about the pairing with Phyllis.

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