The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For March 12 – 16.

Adam and Chelsea bonded, Phyllis longed for Lucy, and Sharon accepted Victor’s offer…

Chelsea befriended Adam, who made it clear he wasn’t blind to her reputation. They ended up commiserating over their lives and how both wanted to be a better person. Later, Vikki warned Chelsea away from Adam. After Jack called the DA, Adam was brought to the station and questioned about Patty. Jack and Paul signed statements against Adam, but Victor offered to help his son by giving him one more chance. Adam was afraid to trust Victor’s sincerity.

Due to his promise to give Phyllis his all, Nick refused to work with Sharon on Victor’s new cosmetic company. Sharon overheard Lauren commenting on her reputation being harmful to Victor’s project, but Victor refused to let Sharon back out. Tucker and Lauren, who agreed to work together, and Genevieve and Victoria, as well as everyone at Jabot, raced to land the Mitsukoshi deal first. When Victor wouldn’t help Genevieve land the deal, she offered to get Davis Holloway to vote for Victor’s new cosmetic company if he rethought his stance. During the Newman board meeting, Adam voted with Victor and Genevieve’s FMN friend Davis did too, giving the new cosmetic company the go-ahead. When the board wanted Sharon and Adam to head the company, Nick stepped up and insisted on working with Sharon. Later, Adam started getting his sight back and ordered his doctor to stay quiet about it.

Vikki warned Genevieve that Victor handing over the key to the Mitsukoshi deal could very well lead her on a wild goose chase. Genevieve didn’t care, asked Vikki to cover an out of town meeting then planned to head to Japan. After Genevieve joined the Newmans during Victor’s birthday celebration, Nikki announced that she was moving out of the ranch. Later, when Genevieve arrived in Japan, Victor’s contact wasn’t there – but Victor was!

Phyllis noticed Daisy taking a call at Crimson Light and picked up Lucy. Daniel warned Phyllis to leave and not ruin his chances at custody. A social worker appeared, ordered her to hand Lucy back to Daisy and threatened to get a restraining order on Phyllis.

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