The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For March 19 – 23.

Sharon declined an offer, Nikki was stunned, and Phyllis saw Lauren’s gun…

Adam admitted to Chelsea that he could see. She told him about her mystery father, but Adam warned Chelsea to protect herself and forget about him. Phyllis exhibited her displeasure over Nick working with Sharon, who turned down Ricky’s offer to write a positive story on her. Adam approached Phyllis privately, admitted he could see and chastised her about the cover-boy story.

Jill spotted Victor and Genevieve being affectionate in Japan and secretly took their photo. Jack got the photo text and showed it to Nikki. After Genevieve refused to turn over Beauty of Nature, Victor ran into Jill and Cane in Japan, who hoped to land the Mitsukoshi deal. Jack heard Cane’s contact in Japan was a government agent and warned Cane he’d been set up. Just as Genevieve was about to offer the suggested gift to the agent, to land the deal, Cane acted drunk and stopped her. Genevieve refused his explanation and accused Cane of sabotaging her.

Nikki offered to stay at Vikki’s place while she was out of town but couldn’t handle Chelsea. Abby took Nikki’s place. When Victor returned, he denied having feelings for Genevieve, which Nikki believed, then got word Genevieve didn’t take the bait in Japan due to Cane.

Phyllis caught Lauren with the gun, her protection against Daisy, then found Ricky talking to Daisy. She offered Ricky a byline on a story in exchange for details on her nemesis. After giving Phyllis advice about forgiving herself, Harmony went to an AA meeting, one Sarge was at. Later, Sarge gave Jack some tough love.

Angelina found out Chloe still loved Kevin. She wanted what was best for Kevin, to reunite with Chloe, and told Angelo her marriage had problems. Tucker and Devon bonded over their music collaboration. Angelina loved the song they created, which showcased her love for Kevin, and vowed to do right by him. After nailing the song, Angelina ran out, devastated. She told Angelo the truth surrounding her marriage. She wanted out. Angelo agreed Angelina needed someone who loved her back then convinced Gloria to marry him. Jeffrey overheard and got his memory back but Angelo had him thrown into a dumpster, bound and gagged! Meanwhile, Kevin spent time with Chloe and Delia then later argued with Chloe and Daniel. He admitted the truth to Michael then got word from Angelina that he was free.

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