The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For March 5 – 9.

Paul spread the news, Anita came up with a plan, and Jack returned home…

Victor agreed to give Adam, who resigned as Newman’s CEO, a chance and assigned him to a project with Nick. Sharon was stunned by what Paul said about Adam’s involvement with Patty and turned away from Adam, as did Nick. Phyllis witnessed Nick consoling Sharon and agreed to run Ricky’s story. Paul made his rounds with the news of Adam helping Patty escape. Jack didn’t blame Patty but blamed Victor and Adam for his condition. Victor went to Adam and disowned him yet again. Nikki helped Jack settle in at home. When Genevieve came to apologize, Jack warned he was done with her then hired Avery to sue his ex-fiancée. Adam’s apology to Jack was also adamantly rejected.

When Phyllis’ story on Adam came out, with Adam portrayed as Satan on the cover of Restless Style, Ricky was furious Phyllis didn’t give him proper credit. Paul caught them arguing and realized his son had been in on it. Paul disowned Ricky yet again. Nick heard Billy knew nothing about the story and reminded Phyllis not to let her insecurities over Sharon destroy what they had.

Abby informed Billy that a LA producer wanted to meet with him about a reality show surrounding his publishing experience. Vikki urged Billy to follow his dream then accepted Genevieve’s CEO position at Beauty of Nature. Once Victor found out, he hired Sharon to be the face of a new cosmetic company, with Nick at the helm.

Anita overheard Gloria talking about the money Jeffery stole from her and told Chelsea she’d found her father. She refused to give her further information, about Jeffrey, as long as Chelsea was set on giving Billy and Vikki custody of her baby.

Devon opted to have surgery on both ears but couldn’t hear upon his recovery. Neil informed him temporary deafness was normal in these cases. Back at home, Sofia privately worried about Neil and Harmony.

Kevin enlisted Angelina’s help in getting out of their marriage. However, after a heated confrontation with Daniel and Chloe, Kevin kissed Angelina! Chloe witnessed the kiss then kissed Daniel.

Daisy suggested Daniel raise Lucy with her. Daniel refused. Lauren found out Daisy had been living in her building and warned her away from her family. Daisy slammed the door in Phyllis’ face when she came knocking to see Lucy.

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