Days Fan Fiction: Sami and EJ Together Again.

Together forever.

How hard is it for bad-girl Sami to get a happily-ever-after with the man of her dream? Of course she actually needs to decide who that guy is first. But with her selection of men it would be hard to choose. With Lucas back in town, Lumi fans are practically salivating. And still others are pulling for a Safe reunion. But for those who like the bad boy influence of EJ DiMera on Sami, they couldn’t be happier now that an EJami pairing is a possibility again. He can’t seem to stop himself from getting into trouble with her, and because of their chemistry it couldn’t be more fun to watch. That is why we decided to go ahead and write our own fictional forever after for Sami and EJ.

It wasn’t long before the bottle of wine was empty and the two of them had veered the conversation to more personal territory. But that is how it always was with them. They couldn’t be together more than a few minutes before things got heated, whether it was yelling or screaming or sex. And despite the fact they had caused their own sorrows, again, it didn’t stop them from trying to drown them.

“Well Samantha, should we get another bottle?” EJ said to her.

When she looked at EJ all she could feel her hatred for him, for all the things he had done to her in the past. But Sami couldn’t help it. She was drawn to him, like she has been drawn to no other man. She has always tried to deny it because admitting it would be admitting something horrible about herself. But she can’t deny it, especially not now.

“I have a bottle back at my place,” she replied. Even as the words were coming out of her mouth she couldn’t believe she was saying them. But she said it and the smile that spread across his face let her know he didn’t think there was anything wrong with the proposition. In fact, he was on board 100 percent. “Well Samantha, let’s go back to your place.”

They couldn’t get there fast enough. They were barely inside the door when they were all over each other. And while they knew it was wrong, it just didn’t feel that way. Once they started kissing, there was no stopping EJ and Sami from giving themselves over completely to their feelings and physical needs.

“Oh EJ, why does this feel so right?” Sami managed to ask as they made their way to the bedroom. In response he just kissed her harder and pushed her down on the bed. This was all either of them ever wanted and it was time to stop lying to each other about it. They locked eyes and she knew she had to tell him how she felt.

“You are the only person I ever want to be with,” Sami tells him. “You are the only one for me.” EJ smiled and kissed her again. “Finally,” he says. He begins to take off her clothes as she rips off his. They were finally being real with each other and there was no going back. Sami chooses EJ and this time it is for good.

Now for that bottle of wine.

Do you like Sami and EJ together? Leave your thoughts about the fan fiction below, as well as other pairings you would like to see together.

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- Hollie Deese

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Fun fact! Hollie Deese wrote this story just for you on April 2nd, 2012 |

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  1. From Bunny

    YES! YES!! YES!!! thank you for this!! you have made this old EJami lover very happy!!! how I wish TPTB would write it this way…I’ve been so hated for my love of EJami. one woman told me she wouldn’t spit on me if I was on fire because I am an EJami. can you imagine?? this would be worth all the crap, tho. to finally have my couple. thank you!!

  2. From Rebecca

    Days have done this stupied thing before What are the writers thinking. What they are doing with writing two actors get changed into two different people. Hope and John, Hope has been changed into Princes Gina and John is his Pon. I stopped watching Days so many times when the writer does stupied things like this. Then I’m crazy enough to start watching it again when the CRAZINESS start ALL over again. The writers are on DRUGS, they have to be I’m sure are on drugs do it all over again. Why do the writers have to do so many STUPIED things. All over again WHY?????
    All I can say is thank GOD I tape the show now and I can fast forward the parts of the show that is be on TO STUPIED TO EVEN THINK OF WATCHING.
    Come on writer get tfe show back to things that normal not so crazy

    This is fan fiction, Rebecca. It’s not real and it has nothing to do with the storylines on DOOL. It’s fantasy created for the Ejami fans to read because they missed out on their happily ever after. If you prefer Lumi or Safe, please vote. If enough people like these, we will add more! ADMIN

  3. From Juliet

    I love it, love it love it love it, this soap couple or non-couple since this show tries very hard to destroy any possibility, potential to make them a real couple is like an addiction, i literally became obsessed with them when Ej cames in the picture in 2006, and i am not a soap viewer usually, just watch sometimes (too cheesy and bad writing, set ect..for my tastes) but i already had a soft spot for the character of Samantha Brady..her portrayer Ali Sweeney being very charismatic for a soap actress and the character being more and less an anti-heroine, more interesting and complex than the usual soap character..and finally with Ej she met her match, her equal..i liked her sometimes loved her with Lucas but he was too lecturing and the chemistry was great but it was a friendship whemistry vibe above all..whereas with James Scott as Ej Ali Sweeney makes magic, i don’t know it is is just off the charts like i saw very very few time are just captivated when you watch their scenes together..Too bad this soap doesn’t know what they a fanfiction is always pleasant..Do more i will read, as for the soap i don’t watch anymore they did tease too much with this pairing in order at the end of the day to write for them and others (far more dull and useless imo) characters..I gave up..and when you know the thinks i am not alone.
    Anyway thanks Hollie. Continue, you will have readers for these characters.

  4. From maria

    Yes, I don’t mind the Ejami scenario, at least its not as bad as the whole safe scenario. He is a complete jerk for letting sami’s sister bad mouth sami. It just shows that once Carrie comes into the picture he all of a sudden against sami? Which does not look good because it goes to show that Carrie and Rafe are both really horrible people. She is a complete hyprocrit, and she doesn’t deserve Austen she should just and up alone and miserable for what she did to her sister. Her and Rafe. However it would be really great for Sami to get back with EJ so she could rub it in EJ face:) At least sami is honest and is acknowledges she did wrong, but Carrie is just acting like a slut. Shes always breaking austens heart whether or not there is another women involved. If she really loved him she would fight for him. Sami does really deserve happiness and I think that Sami has some kind of hold on EJ and who knows maybe they both can get their Happily ever after It would be so cool.

  5. From Gina K

    EJ and Sami are the hottest couple on television. Please put them back together! They have all the makings of a supercouple!

  6. From jenn

    I am a Lumi fan and never been a fan of EJ and Sami. However Bunny, I think it’s ridiculous that someone would say such a thing to you just because of your opinion. No fictional character or couple is worth such hatred or animousity towards another due to their opinion. My only advice to everyone is keep watching DOOL, keep this soap alive! :)

  7. From Jill

    During he Colleen/Santo storyline, the writers dropped the ball on Ejami. I agree that Sami is a great anti-heroine. EJ’s speech about loving all part of her, the bad and the good, was one of the BEST moments on Days.
    The other men only love Sami when she does and is what THEY want. E.J. loved her for who she really is, not what her family wants her to be. This couple should be ruling Salem.
    I like Lucas but they are better as buddies. He does lecture her too much. Sami and E.J. have 2 kids together and he loves Ally too. I would love to see them doing things as a family! Let at least one soap family be a family for a long time. We never get to see the kids anymore.

  8. From Ree

    I enjoyed your fan fiction very much. Sami & EJ with their powerful chemistry and undeniable connection are the stuff soapy dreams are made of. These two belong together, are made for each other & are at their very best together. As you said, it is so much fun to watch, you get drawn in by the awesome charisma they share & forget you are watching actors saying scripted lines. They are believable, natural and so genuine together, it doesn’t get any better than this. Days needs to move ahead with EJami, everything else has been tried & it is time to go into the uncharted territory of the EJami relationship and explore it in depth. EJami have “IT” and they should flaunt & celebrate it.

  9. From Joanne

    I not really Ejami fan. I am die hard Lumi fan, but if I can’t have them together, I would like Safe/

  10. From Susan

    I LOVE Sami and EJ !!!!!!! They do have such a chemistry that when you watch them together it takes your breath away. They are the only reason I watch DOOL. They bring excitement on the show. The rest of the show is soooo boring unless Sami and EJ are on.

  11. From sinead

    i love ej and sami together

  12. From Shell

    I LOVE SAMI AND EJ!!!!! I love the
    chemistry they have. I cant wait to watch them, they are hot and make you to watch more!

  13. From Purplepisces331

    I have always wanted EJ and Sami together. I have never wanted her with Rafe. I was upset when Rafe interrupted their wedding. I hope that Days realizes that Sami and EJ belong together.

  14. From Tine

    EJ,Sami~ All Day I love them together I said it before I will say it again…If Brandon is not coming back to the show ever then she needs to be with EJ. They are hot! Sami is my favorite actress she is the reason I keep watching. Her and EJ just have this great chemistry it is natural give them a chance. I like Nicole but EJ/Sami is where is it at :)

  15. From David

    I absolutely hate what the writers have done with Rafe. Rafe knew the kind of woman Sami was and he still fell in love with her. Sami and Rafe have real chemistry together. When Stefano stole Rafe’s memory and had him locked up in a mental hospital he managed to escape and find his way back to Sami. When Arnold (fake Rafe) and Rafe discovered one another Sami came along and she was able to determine which man was really Rafe. All that was possible because Rafe truly loved Sami and Sami truly loved Rafe. Why oh why couldn’t the writers leave well enough alone?
    Btw I really cannot stand EJ with Sami. EJ is better suited for Nicole. Sami and Lucas have a great friendship. If Rafe was not in the picture than I would like to see Sami and Lucas get back together.

  16. From Kittie

    I loved it! BUT, Lumi is hot too! Lucas knows how to take charge and take care of Sami, Ej is on her level and there for can’t really help her because he is just like her. Ej and Sami have some hot sex scenes, but Lumi for the long term. I do enjoy the fan fiction though.

  17. From Hollie

    Lumi fans can read our new fan fiction here:

  18. From Clem

    Ej and Sami for the win (by the way i love your fanfiction but Ejami being together would not be ‘wrong’ but’right’ and Ej had done things to her in the past and she has done things to him in the past toon they are even and equals in good and bad deeds which make them even more interesting actually) but this soap will never give them a real is so disapointed, herat-breaking and frustrating..sad..sigh.

  19. From Melva Hudson

    YES,YES,YES, EJ and Sami back together would be the greatest thing Day’s has done in a long time…O.M.G. The ratings will sky rocket.When you see EJ and Sami together it makes you stop what your doing and just watch…together they are captivating…They are the Luke and Lora of soap.They belong together

  20. From LittleMissS

    Bunny – You are so right! As if that hateful person said that! Well, we both know who the crazy one is….Just goes to show, we’re RIGHT – Sami & EJ are the hottest thing on tv!!!

  21. From Natz

    I absolutely LOVE EJAMI!!! They were the hottest couple on DOOL!! they truly make magic when they are on the screen together!… LUMI are better suited as friends… I hated the SAFE pairing, that was a horrible pairing… Please pute EJAMI back we are the fans!!we know what works!!

  22. From Jorgeann

    Yes, bring on some good EJami action!!

  23. From Marlee

    I’m late to this party but YES I loved it. A hot scenario for the hottest couple on Days.

  24. From Fiona

    i owuld love sami and ej to get back together and please no more secerts between them..i love them together…..i ant them to get together and stay together i dont want them to get drawn apart.

  25. From Shai

    Yes give me more since these awful writers will never write for them..and ratings will fail again by wasting them with other dull characters and when the show will be cancelled it will be WELL DESERVED !!!! But while the show dig it’s hole i will read fan fiction (being the only mini thing we can get..sigh) about fiery, feisty and complex ejami.

  26. From Midget

    Now this would be the most awesome pairing Since the old Luke and Laura days. EJ is strong and loving and he supports her naughty ways, yet he doesn’t try to change her or control her. She deep inside loves that he accepts her to her very core and he is the only on screen lover she has ever had that she has real chemestry with. This would be a couple in Salem to be reckoned with, (hint,hint) Kate and Ean and Madison. When will EJ and Sami finally win and have a chance she is his cat nip and him hers. They need to be stranded somewhere alone together hot summer beach for them 2 to realize it, calling each other out on their BS and falling loyally to each other forever. They need to quit ripping them 2 apart.

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