Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For April 13.

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At the hospital, Billie tells Bo that she doesn’t know when Hope will get there. Hope walks in. She climbs on top of Bo and heaves sobs. She thanks Billie and gives her a hug. Hope begs Bo to come back to her. Time passes. His beard grows. After Billie leaves, Hope kisses Bo and tells him to fight. Ciara shows up and leaps into her mom’s arms. Ciara’s lost a tooth. They play with each other’s hair and discuss skip rope. After sending the little girl off to Caroline, Hope keeps begging Beauregard to come back to her. His hand touches hers. Meanwhile, Billie calls Agent Spencer to tell him about the files she found. She’s sure they will be enough to put EJ and Stefano away.

Lucas and Sami are joking around at the pub. She’s eager to get home but he asks her to delay while he takes care of something. Out in the alley, Rafe tries to tell Carrie the truth but she’s frazzled. Lucas and Sami interrupt. Sami rails about Rafe knocking up Nicole. Carrie storms off and Rafe trails after her. She tells him to back off. He still wants to tell her the truth but she claims she doesn’t care. “I never meant to lie to you,” he says. She walks away. He goes to the square to mope.

EJ is pacing Casa DiMera. He and Nicole try to figure out where the billions he stole from John went. He’s sure Stefano was trying to prove that he’s an incompetent fool. Elvis thinks his father will never respect him. She points out that his kids love and respect him. He feels pitiful for crying over failing to get his father’s love. He had to grow up fast. One moment he was a child… the next he was an adult. Nicole explains that her father made her feel like crap too but then she realized he was a piece of garbage. Elvis knows he should wash his hands of his dad but he still feels like he needs to prove himself to him. She begs him not to destroy himself. He begs her to come back and leans in for a kiss. The doorbell rings. EJ keeps begging until Sami bursts in with a box of CW products to return. Nicole runs out. Sami wants to talk about what happened last night but he’s not interested. Later, Billie returns and opens the secret filing cabinet. She’s shocked to find it’s empty. “You looking for this?” Elvis asks her.

Nicole finds Rafe moping in the square. He admits that he nearly told Carrie everything. She can see how upset this is making him and encourages him to come clean with Carrie. He won’t back out on his promise to Nicole. She tells him he’s the best fake baby-daddy ever. Meanwhile, Sami goes home and discovers that Lucas and the kids have set up a campsite in the living room. The kids show her pictures of stuff they can do outdoors. They stuff themselves with smores and Sami thanks Lucas for making her laugh. He slips away to call his fiancée.

Marlena walks into the coffee house and tries to call John again. She blubbers until she hears his voice. She thinks he’s on the phone and then notices he’s actually standing beside her. She gasps and hugs him. They inhale each other. “Alamainia… it’s just like Hell,” he says. John explains what happened and how her image is what brought him back. “You’re the only girl for me… it doesn’t matter who I am,” he says before admitting that he didn’t get the divorce… and he’s still working for the ISA. She tries to frown. She thought he was finished with Intelligence because it’s too dangerous for them. John is determined to put Stefano away. Carrie walks in and is thrilled to see he’s back. He goes off to take a call so Marlena starts probing Carrie about her problems. She tells her that Rafe has been sleeping with Nicole. “Oh my word!” exclaims the shrink. Carrie still can’t shake her feelings for Rafe. She hurries off as John returns. Marlena orders John not to go after Stefano.

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  1. From dc

    really good show today.
    glad to see john and hope back. now for bo to wake up would be nice.
    hated that rafe never got to tell carrie the truth about him not being with nicole. i believe she would have understood if he told her the truth.
    would love for writers to keep carrie on the show and put her and rafe together.

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