Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For April 17.

DiMera Has Never Been More Dangerous.

At the hospital, Bo’s eyes dart around. Hope welcomes him back. His eyes close. She yells at him to open them again. Daniel comes to check on the situation. She says that Bo is ready to come out of the coma. He takes a bit of convincing but agrees. Once the doctor sets things in motion, Hope cheerleads Bo back into consciousness. “Fancy Face,” he gasps. He asks the doctor to give them some time alone. Bo could hear her talking to him while he was under. She climbs on top of him and gives him a kiss.

Marlena finds John waiting for her in the alley. She’s not happy he’s with the ISA and gets passive-aggressive about it as they head into the pub. “I don’t want to be a spy’s wife,” she says, suggesting that he is putting his job before her. John insists that he needs to finish what he started. He explains that this investigation is bigger than he’d thought and Stefano poses a threat to everyone. “DiMera has never been more dangerous,” he says. She gives up debating because she realizes they will never be free of Stefano until he’s dead.

At Lexi’s, Elvis goes into denial when she breaks the news that she has a brain tumor. Abe paces as Lexi explains the situation to her brother. EJ blames Abe. His sister tells him off for that. Elvis offers to make some calls but the doctor tells him all the calls have been made. She and Abe assure him that they are not giving up. EJ starts blaming himself but she says it’s not his fault either. She’s hit by another headache and goes to rest. The men agree to put their differences aside to help her. EJ apologizes for the things he’s done and they shake hands. Lexi returns and is happy to see this. She hugs her brother and asks him to let her break the news to Stefano. Once he leaves, Lexi tells her husband that they have to start planning for the possibility that she might not survive. Abe urges her to believe in miracles and stay positive. “I am not going to lose you,” he says, hugging her.

Kate bursts into Sami’s apartment. “I want to tear your head off you little bitch!” Kate declares. Sami is giddy. When Kate lunges at her, Lucas runs between them. Sami happily explains that she has taken over CW and Kate is fired. Kate vows that will never happen. Lucas is still confused so Sami explains that Stefano handed her the company. Lucas is even more confused and starts lecturing the blond. Sami gloats about how much Stefano trusts her. Kate threatens to get a lawyer. Sami keeps pushing her buttons. “This is one of the best days of my life,” Sami brags, pestering Kate to tell them about how she screwed things up with Stefano. Kate promises that Sami will be a sorry woman and storms out. Lucas is not happy that Sami took this deal. She keeps yelping about how she is finally getting revenge on her old enemy. He walks out. She hops up and down until EJ storms in and demands that she get the children so he can hug them. She’s confused so he tells her about his sister’s brain tumor. As he tries to hold back his tears, she hugs him. He pulls away from her and tries to get his head around why his sister is being ‘punished’. As he looks around, he notices the CW files all over the place. She explains that his father put her in charge. “He can’t just put someone in control of the company without getting my approval!” he objects. Sami begs him not to take her company away. He’s furious at his father for this latest insult and storms out. “What about me?” she yells after him.

Lucas chases down his mother in the square. He thinks they should just start another company and offers her a place at Hearth & Home. She explains that Stefano took that company away too. They are both out of work.

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  1. From dc

    well, todays show was kind of slow.
    loved that bo woke up. the marlena and john scene was ok but they have done better scenes.
    the scenes with kate, sami and lucas were ok.. it looked like kate was gonna choke sami but luas interrupted..
    it is so sad to see lexie when we know she is leaving in june. and i read where abe is gonna really lose it when she dies..
    hopefully tomorrow show will be better (from what i read it is)..

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