Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For April 19.

Fun Time Is Over!

Chad wanders through the square and is mobbed by some random chicks. Mel arrives as some girl smooches him. She chases the hoochies off. Chad’s impressed, scared and turned on. Over at the coffee house, Gabi tells Will he doesn’t have to pretend to be gay to make her feel better. He’s not pretending. Will explains how he has come to accept who he is. He’s at peace with it for the most part. She feels like this is her fault. He insists she was irrelevant. She tells him the last guy she liked was gay too. “You just need to have your gaydar tuned a bit,” he jokes. He’s sorry if he ever made her feel undesirable. Mel and Chad enter guffawing. Will urges Gabi to give up on Chad. She’s sure that she still has a chance with him… she just needs to get Mel out of the picture. Gabi attempts to guilt him into helping her. She heads over to start playing head games with the couple. Will interrupts her as she does her best to make Mel jealous. He drags his ex away and tells her this is hopeless. She refuses to see that. He thinks she’s acting like his mom and leaves. “I guess it’s all up to me now,” she says.

“Fun time is over!” Elvis declares as he confronts his father at Casa DiMera. He and Kate wonder if his father wants to be alone. Stefano says he was okay being married to an ex-hooker, but not one who is still in the business. He explains to EJ that he has been subverting him because is not the man he thought he was. Stefano tells Kate she’s dead to him and kicks her out. “You can throw me out but you can’t stop me from loving you!” she declares. He’s done with this. She doesn’t want to lose her company too. He yells at her to get out. Once she’s gone, EJ asks his father why he has been undermining him. Stefano won’t explain. Elvis doesn’t know who he is anymore. Stefano tells him he is a failure. “You will never, ever lead this family,” he says. EJ rails and demands an explanation. He asks him what he will tell the grandchildren. “Your failure really is not your fault. It’s mine for not being careful enough,” Stefano explains. EJ says he no longer feels like Stefano is his father. After he storms off, Stefano takes out the letter from Alice and sadly looks at it. “You’re right Elvis… I’m not like a father to you because… you are not my son,” he says with tears in his eyes.

At Mad World, Madison rails at a fashion editor on the phone until Brady shows up. They flirt and get nostalgic about take-out and vending machines. Ian crashes the party and asks to speak to his wife alone. Once ‘the humorless one’ leaves, Ian explains that he is not going to stand in her way anymore. He’s granting her a divorce and there’s no catch. She thinks this is a trick but he insists he wants it over quick and painlessly. This makes her smile. She says he’s reminding her of the good man she once fell in love with. Madison will never forget what they had, hugs him and runs off. He makes a mysterious call, ordering that ‘the next phase’ go into motion. Kate shows up. She tells him what happened with her husband. He thinks she’s better off without Stefano. She blames Ian for her problems and he explains that he is giving Madison a divorce because he wants to convince her that they belong together. Kate warns him that she’s pretty high maintenance. He offers her a new wardrobe and a job. She doubts anything will make her happy. “What about revenge?” he offers, suggesting they go after Stefano together. Meanwhile, Madison calls Brady over to her room. She breaks the news that Ian is granting her a divorce. He’s thrilled and throws her in bed. After sex, she reminds him of his proposal. She wants that offer back on the table. He pops the question again. “Brady Black, I would love to marry you!” she says.

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  1. From dc

    well, gabe needs to quit obsessing over chad and get on with her life..
    also, i loved mr creepy (ian) is finally giving madison the divorce but he has something else on his mind (which is not good). who was he on the phone with? he told them that it was done and they should proceed.
    way to go melanie.. i think she will do the same to gabi if she interferes with her and chad..
    if brady and madison are now engaged, why are they letting madison go?? is brady next??

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