Days Of Our Lives Daily Update For April 3.

This Isn’t Going To End Well.

Abe and Roman join Marlena at the pub. She worries about John. They offer to look into it and putter away. They return later and ask her to be patient. Marlena suddenly realizes it’s Abe’s anniversary and says he should be with Lexi. They send him off. Roman starts placing calls to the ISA. The shrink paces until Roman decides to lead her out.

Kate drops in on Lexi. She makes a lame excuse about being in the neighborhood and then admits she hasn’t heard from Stefano. She asks if he ever talks about Marlena. “That was a long, long time ago,” Lexi says. After Kate leaves, Abe arrives with flowers. They happily talk about their anniversary until the topic turns to Kate’s visit. They get back to discussing their marriage. He’s so proud she chose him and they toast to their future. Lexi gets a headache and then passes out.

John and Hope are in Alamainia, getting ready for their con. She makes him promise that they will never become one of those couples who never have fun. Hope kisses him and his glass vibrates. Count Wilhelm arrives. They ask John to get lost so they enjoy themselves. She asks the count to go upstairs with her. He’s eager to get his sash off but she says they should eat some caviar first. As he fetches it, she lets John in by the balcony. He has dope for her to drug the count’s drink. John hides under the bed while the count returns with treats. She notices he didn’t bring a glass for himself. The princess turns on the peer pressure until he offers to get another glass. When he looks away, she drugs her glass and offers it to him. After downing booze they climb into bed. He passes out in the middle of the groping while John comes out from hiding. They find the egg in a secret compartment. She sends him off with it to wait for her.

Outside the pub, Lucas tells Sami that she has unresolved feelings for EJ, not him. She keeps insisting that she still loves him. He thinks she just wants him because she can’t have him. She insists this has nothing to do with that. Lucas feels like a sucker for coming back. “I’m not going to do this with you again!” he declares, storming away. He heads to Casa DiMera to tell his mom he’s leaving town. She’s happy he will be safely away from Sami. He gets a call from the airline saying his secretary cancelled his ticket. Now he’s stuck there until tomorrow. He wanders off and Marlena arrives with Roman. Kate’s jumpy. They ask where her husband is but she doesn’t know. After they plod off, she groans. Meanwhile, Lucas drops by the pub to see Sami and confronts her about cancelling his reservation. He should be mad but he’s not. She’s sure that’s because he’s still hung up on her.

Carrie arrives in the square and hears Rafe insisting to EJ that he is the father of Nicole’s baby. Elvis demands that they have a paternity test. They refuse. He refuses to let her out of his sight until he knows the truth. Rafe agrees to that. Nic looks worried as they stroll to the hospital. Meanwhile, Carrie runs off to cry and get nauseous. Austin rushes over to her. She doesn’t want to talk but he does. He tells her he loves more than anything in the world. Carrie declares that she wants to make their marriage work because she’s realized they can never have the same thing with anyone else. They embrace.

Elvis, Nicole and Rafe arrive at the hospital. Lexi isn’t in her office so EJ goes searching. Nic thanks Rafe for his help but she’s freaking out. He assures her that things will be okay and EJ will not take the baby. She doesn’t understand why he’s helping her. He can’t stand by and do nothing. EJ returns to say his sister has the day off but he’s sure there must be another doctor. The men bicker. Nicole declares that this has to end. Rafe covers. EJ leaves to find a doctor. “This isn’t going to end well,” Nicole says. Rafe reassures her again. When EJ returns again, he explains that they have to wait until she is ten weeks along to get the test. He orders them to take care of his baby.

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  1. From dc

    good show today.
    still waiting for john and hope to get back to salem where they belong. it appears, from reading about tomorrows show, that john is gonna get his memory back (seeing marlena’s picture). and he will try and get hope to remember bo.
    stefano better get back before kate sleeps with ian..
    hate that lexie is sick with that brain tumor but also read where she is leaving show this summer (i think she said she was retiring).. i just wonder if they will put someone else in her place. guess they will since her mom and brother are coming to salem.
    lots going on, can’t wait.

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