Days Of Our Lives Makes Cast Cuts.

The first to go.

“Days” is making drastic changes. Not only have they replaced their writing team, they are also slashing their cast. According to Soap Opera Digest, Matthew Ashford (Jack), Sarah Brown (Madison), Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin) are all going to be leaving Salem in the near future. All of the actors were brought in last fall as part of the show’s much hyped revamp. Final air dates have not been announced but there have been strong suggestions that other cast cuts are soon to follow.

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you informed of more details as they become available.

For more about the major changes at the show, be sure to read Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng’s Interview.

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  1. From Pat

    Just when things are getting interesting in Salem again, the “writers” (if you want to call them that) are being changed, and therefore they think that everything in Salem needs to be changed. Predictable!! Are they trying to get DOOL the axe?

  2. From jenn

    Wow, so Days is spring cleaning again. I have to admit I am a little bummed but not surprised that Carrie and Austin are leaving. Like Madison, there was no real story for them. I am surprised Jack had been let go, especially since he just got back together with Jen. I hope it’s not Jack leaving her for a lead story again.. I do think it’s necessary for them to cut down on the cast a bit. It seems like there are too many characters on the show. Yesterday was the first time I saw Brady in weeks. It’s the same for Maggie and Victor. Hopefully these new writers know what they are doing.

  3. From sam

    carrie is a fan fave and has been in it since 86,big mistake days,get rid of the new deadwood,and bring back vivian,she had more personality than most of the show

  4. From sam

    carrie is a fan fave,and been it in since 86,big mistake days

  5. From dc

    well, i kind of knew they would have to get rid of some of the characters, but i was thinking mr creepy (ian) would be one of them. and by the way, where have victor and maggie been?? i guess theo and abe will also be gone soon after lexie is gone..
    i would love to see shawn and belle again. if madison leaves, who will they out brady with?
    jack will probably go off to research another story.. carrie and austin will go back to switzerland. lots going on.. just hope the new writers know what they are doing..

  6. From Shadowcat

    WOW! I am so bummed to hear that Carrie and Austin will be leaving again. They’ve always been two of my favorite characters. I’m surprised Jack will be leaving too, but I guess the show wants to play with the Jen/Daniel story some more? Madison has been such a waste, unfortunately. They have written her to be in a big story with Sami/Kate/Brady/Ian/Stefano and then had too much going on with other characters, that she was pushed to the back. It’s unfortunate, as I think Sarah Brown is an AMAZING actress, and I was looking forward to seeing her character grow. I also guess that the show will go back to pairing Brady/Nicole and Sami/EJ. Of course, they’ll probably also bring Autumn to the canvas and haver her and Lucas involved in the Brady/Nicole/EJ/Sami story.

    If the show gets rid of anyone else, I could see them doing away with Ian and Gabi.

    If the show brings anyone back, I’d like to see Chelsea come back to provide Billie with some story. I could also see the show bring back Belle and Shawn, now that Brandon Beemer is off B&B and Martha Madison isn’t on contract anywhere. Chloe could come back as she has a past with Brady, Daniel, and Lucas.

    Mainly, I’d like to see the money the show is saving (by getting rid of the big names) used to build some better sets and go on location shoots again. The Hope/John/Princess Gina story would have been so much better if they were actually somewhere that wasn’t a studio set of a hotel room/airport.

    I’d also like to see Victor and Maggie back on the front burner. I don’t get why they got pushed to the back just because the other characters returned. They were one of the few couples that the show was doing “right” prior to the relaunch.

  7. From dc

    (2) questions:
    where are victor and maggie?
    where are justin and adrienne?
    we have not seen them in a few weeks..

  8. From DLM

    Yes there are a lot characters now but I wish they would keep Carrie around. i always like Carrie and Mike together. Madison can definitely go. I do not understand why they are getting rid of Jack though. They need to bring Shawn and Belle back. Lets hope these new writer know what they are doing.

  9. From Kaitlin

    :( not jack. he just got back.

    i guess carrie and austin can leave happily which is fine i suppose.

    now don’t touch lucas, marlena or john!!!
    i hate when they switch writers like this.

  10. From Betty

    ARE YOU KIDDING!!! AGAIN- I should just stop watching now so I don’t get mad a the writers later.

  11. From Grace

    AGAIN, WHY? They just brought these old favorites back and now they’re dumping them again. I’m surprised that the actors don’t tell Ken Corday to take a flying leap when he asks them to return to the show. I know I would, enough is enough. I guess it won’t be a surprise when Days becomes a daytime drama of the past at the rate its going.

  12. From Laura in Irmo

    Whoever is responsible for casting the role of Ian McAllister should be the very first to feel the blade of the ax! Seriously. This little wimp screams the word ‘impotence’ with his every move every time he enters a scene. He’s a complete joke. Are we actually supposed to take seriously that Kate… or anyone would find little Mr. Priss in his teeny tiny jacket sexy on any level? Or a symbol of power? What a hoot! Maybe that’s supposed to be the point

  13. From Jenny

    Good for Stephen Nichols for getting on Young and the Restless when he was cut. I hope the other actors can find new jobs and not have to worrying about coming back to and being cut from Days again. What a repeated cycle.

  14. From Mirage420

    I knew soon after last year’s “revamp” that Ken Corday had made the wrong decision. I am not surprised the ratings have dropped drastically as the now fired writers were just recycling old stories over and over. How many times can Austin be fooled into thinking he had sex when he didn’t?? Lucas ans Sami again? Really??? Stefano wants Marlena again and John returns as his pawn? Come on! We want REAL change and updated stories. It is not 1989 anymore and the world has changed and so should the storylines!

  15. From Grace

    I agree with Jenny. The actors who keep getting cut should find jobs elsewhere that way when Ken Corday wants them back they won’t be available and that should teach him you can’t put these actors on puppet strings and use them whenever you feel like it.

  16. From cynthia

    I also heard that Stefano was retiring… after all in real life i think he’s about 84. i’ll hate to see him go… i love his laugh and he has a wonderful voice with such power. Carrie and Austin can go… they don’t have any chemistry. i d on’t care for Carrie and Rafe either. I like Rafe and Sami… it was nice to see someone with her that could roll with her punches!

    Lucas is doing the same thing… taking Sami as she is and calling her out on some things… good job Lucas!

    If Jack goes, does that mean Jen is going? Abby can go and so can Gabi. And Mr McCreep… good grief… how can anyone find him sexy, or portraying power… he’s such a meally little critter. Yuk.

    I’d like to see Nicole and EJ back together. Jen needs a man and Dan needs a woman. What will Abe do? I didn’t think Lexi has ever been very nice to him for very long stretches.

    Celeste isn’t what i thought she would be. Kinda hard to fill the shoes of Tanya. i’m not sure i’m buying into the current actress as a really good replacement for Tanya Boyd.

  17. From Elle

    The new writers are the ones to be fired! Just when we thought Days was going to be like the good old days, with adventure involving the major cast, the writers pull this on us with our favs. I should just stop watching it now. NBC should join ABC and cancel the series. If anybody should be fired it should be Ian, new Celeste, Gabi, Abby, Chad, Melanie,Sonny and Will and Sami’s kids.

  18. From Gentzy

    I think DAYS days are numbered. The story lines are ALWAYS the same, same characters and different characters!!! TOO predictable!!!!
    The actors that SHOULD go, they keep and the ones they SHOULD keep, they let go.
    I am so disgusted with DAYS that I record them and then watch them back because I can fast forward all the CRAP and I can usually see all 5 episodes in less than 1 hour.
    IF this show gets cancelled, the writers won’t have anyone to blame but themselves!!! ALL of them!!!!
    They haven’t been worth anything for quite a few years now!!!!!

  19. From Sam

    New writers again? WHAT A JOKE!!!! I can’t believe they are getting rid of Jack, just when he & Jen are reconnecting. I have to agree that we were all expecting romantic & adventurous storylines. Instead, we get the same old reruns of old stories. The retread of Princess Gina & John was ridiculous. Bringing on “no shoulders” Ian was the worst casting move & I wish the new writers would get rid of him. Putting that creep in bed with Kate was GROSS!!!!

  20. From Vanessa

    Very disappointed to hear Jack has been let go. My wish is that Jack, Jennifer and Abby move to the UK to be with JJ.

  21. From Gary

    DOOL is doing a lot of flip flopping – but I like the newer faster pace of the show. I’ve enjoyed the goings of characters that started great and ended lame like Chloe, Carly, and Vivian.. Madison is another who started out on top, and then became a wishy-washy sex object. I’m VERY happy Jack is going – although he’s improved character wise, he’s beyond annoying… I’m not surprised about Austin & Carrie since that’s their typical pattern.
    I want Ian gone, he’s lame. They really should bring back some better characters, like Shawn & Bell, Mimi & Rex, Chloe & Phillip. OOOh or Nathan! I get that they’re not trying to gay us to death, but hurry up with the Will & Sonny crap and stop the Will VS Sami drama, it’s NEVER going to be as good as Sami VS Marlena. And if I ever have to watch Hope & John together again, or hear Gina’s lame@ss “accent” I swear I’ll stop watching. I’ve been a fan for 25yrs and you think they’d know better by now. :) Love my DOOL.

    PS: Someone give Gabi a bone – she’s a dog in heat.

  22. From Vanessa

    I have been a fan of DOOL since 1986. The romance of Bo & Hope captured me as a fan. In the early 90′s it was the love story of Jack & Jennifer. I am truly saddened that Jack has been let go. It appears that none of the characters today have been given that romance magic. Please DOOL writers bring the romance back.

  23. From Gary

    DOOL is doing a lot of flip flopping – but I like the newer faster pace of the show. I’ve enjoyed the goings of characters that started great and ended lame like Chloe, Carly, and Vivian.. Madison is another who started out on top, and then became a wishy-washy sex object. I’m VERY happy Jack is going – although he’s improved character wise, he’s beyond annoying… I’m not surprised about Austin & Carrie since that’s their typical pattern.

    PS: Someone give Gabi a bone, she’s a dog in heat.

  24. From Fifi LaRue

    NOOOO! Please don’t get new writers now. I really love Days right now. I think it is the best storylines in years… and I have been watching for over 30 years. I really liked Madison. It was the first time I took to a new character so quickly. Well, they better not try to touch John and Marlena.

  25. From Sher

    Been watching every show since 1974. I hate that DOOL brings back old characters then send them packing soon afterwards. I LOVE Madison with Brady!!!! Why is she leaving??

  26. From Evelyn

    I was getting ready to stop watching the show do not like Carrie and Rafe together, hate that they split Rafe and Sammy up. So I’m glad there mixing things up it needed it badly thank you

  27. From Lily

    OK Here it is very simple. I’ve been watching this soap since the 60′s. What made it work then is what will make it work now,(love hasn’t changed that much in 40 years) Love triangles, good girl vs bitch, tough guy from the wrong side of the tracks falls for sweet innocent naive girl from an prominent dysfunctional family and no one is happily married. Happy is boring in the soap world Just keep repeating the Bill and Laura, Bo and Hope and even Luke and Laura from General Hospital love stories over and over and you’ll always have an audience!

  28. From Lucy

    I am a long time fan and it pains me to say this but they should just cancel the show instead of continuing to do a hatchet job on it. It was so nice to have so many old characters back but now they will fire them and bring on new people with more stupid story lines. I think I’ll be leaving Salem too!

  29. From sam

    if the cast is to big them get rid of the less interesting cast…eg e.j,will,gabi,daniel and malanie,and enough with rehashing old plots that were borring 15..20 yrs ago already

  30. From BA

    I am sorry I may be in the minority but I am thrilled that the characters of Jack and Lexi are leaving, because in my opinion their acting skills leave a bit to be desires esp as pertains to the “Jack” character. I understand that Matt Ashford is a “comedic actor” but in the character of “Jack” it simply doesn’t fit. The same applies to “Lexi”, her character acting in my opinion never suited that of a Doctor. I am surprised that they have let go of Sarah Brown (Madison) as I think that her and Eric Martsolf (Brady) played well off each other.

  31. From Soleowner

    Us oldsters saw Stephano dressed as Elvis “take” Susan and she got pregnant with EJ and took him away from that MEAN Stephano. There was never a question that Lucas wasn’t “originally” Bill Hortons. and Kate being Madisons mother???? Come on people!!!! I don’t believe Joe M. is 84..I’m looking that one up……

  32. From Soleowner

    Joseph Mascolo (born March 13, 1935 in West Hartford, Connecticut)
    and just for the record, John Aniston’s birthday is July 24, 1933.

  33. From GrannyKitty

    Joe Mascolo was born in 1929 not 1935….LYM

  34. From daysfan

    Wow, I think I’m in the minority here, but I was so excited to hear that they are getting rid of Carrie and Austin! Woo Hoo!! Can’t stand them. I’m sorry that they are getting rid of Jack. He’s a little annoying, but that’s part of his charm. I can’t stand Ian. I don’t know what they were thinking when they hired him! If they get rid of John or Marlena, I think they will lose a lot of viewers.

  35. From daysgal

    Unfortunately, I think new writers are the solution to DOOL’s problems. According to bythenumbers, they keep dropping in the ratings. I think NBC did the best thing in regards trying to keep the show alive.

  36. From Casey

    Please if you get rid of Jack, let Jennifer go too. Seeing her with someone else ruins the show for me. I’ve cried several times since Jack has been back, he is a fabulous actor who brings out emotions, sad and happy and funny!!

  37. From CM

    Without Jack, there is no reason to keep Jennifer around…much like there is no reason to have Kayla without Steve (and those are two of my fav couples ever). I guess Days thought Marlena helping Will “come out” would be a ratings bonanza…that gimmick failed miserably and probably turned a lot of people off. They need to keep the 3 core couples- John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, and…well, I guess that’s just two core couples left. Austin, Carrie, Will, Sonny, Chad, Gabi, Melanie, Kate, Lucas, Madison, Ian, Lexi, Celeste, and Lexi’s “new” brother should all be shown the door. And Justin and Adrienne apparently exist solely to be the “progressive, gay supporting parents” now. The writing has been horrible. Instead of hiring retreaded “professional” writers, just hire some of the fans that write some really good fan fiction about the show. If JM is retiring, then a new baddy will have to be brought on…huge villain shoes to fill…but the one thing I do like about the show right now is how Stefano is EVIL again…hopefully he goes out with a bang. p.s. My idea for a new “super couple” would be Abigail paired up with Shane and Kim’s son Andrew…who returns as a young ISA agent following in his dad’s footsteps. The role of Abigail may need to be re-cast though to make her slightly older and less of a “teen set.”

  38. From Charles

    I am not the lea
    I don’t really care about Carrie and Austin leaving. Patrick Muldoon is a horrible actor and I’ve never been a fan of Carrie.
    Madison’s departure doesn’t bother me much either. I didn’t hate her but the character was written worse and worse the longer that she was on. I just have no idea about what they’re going to do with Brady now.
    That stinks about Jack leaving again. I think that the only way that they can keep him and Jennifer together is if JJ needs him back over in the UK and he stays there and takes care of him (and could teach at a university over there as well) while Jennifer stays in Salem to look out after Abby.
    It seems like eventually that the DiMera’s are going to be written off of the show with Joe Mascalo eventually retiring (which stinks but understandable), Lexi leaving and EJ not really a DiMera. So I guess that means that Ian is going to be the main villain from now on? It seems like this show is slowly heading for it’s demise with all of the constant changes happening it seems on a monthly basis now.

  39. From Mary Jo

    I have watched Days since the show started, use to be awesome. The writers will never listen to their fans. I believe the gay story line brought ratings down, their are still a FEW people who do not believe in this and it is sickening. I record everyday so I can just fast forward through that mess. I am glad they are getting rid of Carrie and Austin, he is an awful actor, you can see him reading his lines, and for Carrie she is not great either. Jack should have never been brought back, he is boring and not a good actor. Should have left Sami and Rafe together, Jennifer should be with Daniel, get rid of Gabi. Their are alot of places to cut, Abigale, Sonny, do like Will, just can’t stand to see him slurping on the guys.SICK!!! Get rid of Sami’s kids, that would save money. Love Madison with Brady, and as far as Ian, that is the most pitiful thing Days has done. Billie could go with all of her plastic surgery, please don’t put her with Daniel, he is way too sexy for her. Just give the fans what they want!!!

  40. From daysgal

    @Mary Jo the FACT is, Days ratings were slipping way before Will coming out. I don’t believe in murder, rape or infidelity but it happens on the show. So just because you do not “believe” in it, you think the show should be catered to your “beliefs”? How can the writer’s listen to their fans when apparently we want different things for the show. Perhaps it is the generation gap between the fans that is causing the challenges.

  41. From Justin

    I 100% agree with daysgal…there is definitely a generation gap and a bigotry gap. When you have viewers like CM and Mary Jo that spend there time ranting and raving over the “gay storyline” it makes you see how little minded they are. It’s 2012…grow up and get a life.

  42. From Barbara

    The whole time that Hope was away and Bo in a coma, no mention was ever made of who was taking care of their daughter, Ciara. Too bad
    they don’t show her anymore. If they had to incorporate gay characters, why Will? And how pathetic that Marlena was suddenly so close to Will when she never had been before.

  43. From Nancy

    I hope that when they ask this actors to come back again, DOOL will be told to screw themselves. It’s really not fair to the actors.

  44. From CM

    Gee Justin…it’s “2012″…thanks for the update. I guess since it’s “2012″ any silly hangups one might have like religious beliefs or morality should go out the door. Yeah, that stuff is just soooo “last century” to a super intelligent progressive such as yourself I’m sure. If people don’t like the gay storyline, fine…it doesn’t mean they’re lacking in some “enlightened understanding” that you probably think you possess. Wallow in your own ignorance if you wish…but we are all allowed to have beliefs and opinions. And there is no “generation gap”…I’m in my 30s and believe homosexuality is wrong and immoral (oh wow…did someone say that out loud…alert the thought police!)

    Anyway…I’m thinking Ian is working for someone…someone more powerful than he who will eventually replace Stefano as “the” villain on the show. Today Ian was talking to someone on the phone and it sounded like there was a bigger plan…that involves taking down Stefano. This has the potential to be good…IF the writers don’t drop the ball…which is a big IF. And just who will EJ’s father be? Edmund? The way this show did something as dumb and bizarre as making Daniel Maggie’s son for no real reason, it’ll probably end up being Ian…and Lucas will be Ian’s son…and he and EJ will be half brothers…oh Lord, I hope it’s something better than that.

  45. From Jaxguy

    CM, it’s not that anyone thinks you have to like the gay story line, it’s the way you are so upset over a story line in a genre that’s famous for being the inventor of TV immortality. Murder, incest, lust, adultery, fornication….Wow please stop being so self righteous.
    You should be watching CBN. They will openely applaud you.

  46. From CM

    Self righteous? Yep…anyone that doesn’t support whatever type behavior in question must be “self righteous.” Give me a break.

    I’m not upset over the storyline…I just think it’s sick to see two guys making out. Plus, it hasn’t exactly boosted the ratings any. A gimmick storyline that bombed.

  47. From cheryl

    I’m glad to see Austin & Carrie go. I didn’t really like them when they were on before, and they have done nothing to make me like them this time around. Austin was so dumb not to realize what Abby was up to, Carrie claims to love Austin but she has the hots for Rafe. For these guys to be lawyers, they sure can be dumb. I wouldn’t want them representing me….Matlock they are not.

  48. From Justin

    Jaxguy…all CM does is bitch about the “gay storyline”…going back through posts that’s something that is pretty common throughout. And I hate to tell you CM regardless of what your 1950′s beliefs are but yes it is 2012 and yes the majority of people out there are okay with gay people…because they understand it’s not a choice. Your small minded criticism is no better then being a racist. ***REMOVED PARTIAL POST***but I hate to tell you there’s 7,000,000,000 other people on the planet and worldwide people are more excepting then you.

    Please do not generalize about who this poster is or where he/she comes from. Generalizations offends people from the south for no reason. ADMIN

  49. From Jenicat

    All told, I’m rather glad to see Carrie and Austin disappear again. Far too whiney for DOOL. Not sure how I feel about Jack leaving. He really is great, but I’m just not seeing any good storylines for him in the future.
    Kinda po’d about Madison leaving, though. The romance with Brady has been awesome, and I love their chemistry. Wish we could keep her around.

  50. From Caully

    Stating that CM is, “small minded…no better than being a racist…probably from some backwood town in the South”, this seems like a very “predjudice” thing for you to say. Your statement has a strong parallel to racism.
    The gay storyline doesn’t bother me…and I am originally from the south…a small town, yes, backwoods, not sure if that vernacular is correct. I’ve been all over the country and find predjudices everywhere, including small and large populated regions. As a Southern women with black, gay and every color in the rainbow in my circle of friends and family. I have a beautiful life. DOOL is one of my guilty pleasures, I can agree with most of what I read on this blog. I’ve never commented on a blog, but was so hurt by your comment on the small Southern town. It’s who I am and where I came from, and a small, back words, predjudice mind is the last thing I have. You are probably an awesome person, and the people that don’t like a “gay” storyline obviously upset you. I do believe that in more cases than not, it is probably DOOL’s approach at a forced gay storyline just wasn’t well written, and that’s what they don’t like. Not the fact that someone is gay. Why does it have to be a big deal in this day and age? Why can’t there just be the gay character. Give that role scenes like the straight characters. Good writing is good writing. There were numerous post of people being grossed out by Ian kissing Kate. But no one is accusing them of straight hating. Like I said, your probably a great person, so I wanted to point out that you have some prejudices too. Come visit the South Justin….you’ll love it!!!! ;-)

  51. From Miselemeas

    Print my blog which I,ve sent twice or answer my query as to why not which I,ve sent twice now.

  52. From Miselemeas

    Still want to know why you did not print my blog.

  53. From SLW

    OK, so I don’t mind Carrie, Austin and Madison being written out, but PLEASE don’t let Matthew Ashford go. You’ve just reunited Jack and Jennifer, so…now what? Jennifer needs Jack and so does Abby. PLEASE KEEP JACK!!!!

  54. From M

    I think that this Ian character along with Kate should go. bye Bye Billie too. I also think that EJ needs to be seen less of. Never did like him.
    I am glad that Jack came back I will be so sad to see him go. I love the chemistry that Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves have.

  55. From Sad-Days

    Days just doesn’t get it. Been a fan for decades and they finally gave fans what they wanted with bringing Old Vets back only to stir the pot with lame story lines and then axe them again. They missed a big chance with not capitalizing on Jack’s PTSD. A “real life” tragedy in today’s world. Maybe bring Phillip back to weave into that storyline. Lots of possibilities…… lots of lost opportunities. Looks like I’ll be leaving Salem with Stephano.
    back to

  56. From Diane

    this is my opinion. I have always ilked Sami and Lucas together.I think nicole and Ej are good together. I agree with getting letting Gabi go.Hate to see Lexie go.Can’t wait to see who ej’s father is.Hope it’s not Ian. He can go too.

  57. From T Jalaro

    I love Jack and Jennifer together. I was waiting for them to go do some private investigating of some wrong doing or other. And I don’t like Dr Dan. He is a womanizer. I have been waiting for Chloe to come back and charge him with misconduct. After all She was his patient and he started rubbing up against her while she was married and ill. He is a creep and at the very least have his license suspended. And what a waste of Rafe to be always protecting the carriers of EJ’s spawn. He should be falling in love with the richest most beautiful woman in Salem. Don’t know who that is. Someone new? I have been watching days since Passions started. After that great show was gone I continued to watch Days and decided I liked it OK. Gabi doesn’t deserve a story line but every show needs a little worm like Ian.

  58. From bobo

    Been watching DOOL since day one. Loved all the action with the DiMeara’s thru the years. JM sorry to see you go, you are the greatest! Thought I was the only one who thought Ian was icky. Bring back the old days of romance and intrigue.

  59. From Yellow Roses


  60. From jan

    i don’t find that the “new” old additions have added anything. short jumps from one bed to another though. please, never let Stefano go. he’s the best. love Vivian. she adds sass. Victor and Maggie are needed for substance. EJ and Nikki are the best together. they are a handsome couple. Bo leave? never. best of luck to Lexie.

  61. From DJ

    Don’t like carrie and austin, Bo and Hope, Jack and Jen and mostly sonny and will. Bad acting and bad story lines. Love EJ and Nicole and Sami and Lucas. Love the idea of a new villian and EJ’s story line. By the way Billie can go with the rest of the non actors

  62. From Shar

    I was hoping Carrie and Rafe would become a couple! I can see getting rid of Austin & Madison (hopefully Sarah B will go back to GH as Carly), but not Carrie!

  63. From lauren

    keep jack to be with jen. get rid of gabby-she’s annoying, and ian.

  64. From Sara

    I think E.J.’s father will be John….that would be extremely interesting….

  65. From jean

    The writers are trying–to do what? I would like to see Stephano fry——and get rid of the chess game. Then have EJ take over the empire and make good of his name who ever his father is. It should be John Black. I am sick of relationship disasters, that doesn’t really happen in The Days of our Lives. Ian, Madison, Carrie, Austin, Kate can go. Kate has had her way with all the lead characters now who is left? Bell and Shawn and Phillip and Chole would make a good line up and young stale actors who get 5 minutes a month should go.

  66. From LKaLL20

    This makes me sick! I only started watching BECAUSE Jack was back. It made me so happy to see him and Jennifer again and I got invested for the first time in Abigail. I said I’d watch Days now till the bitter end but without my Jack & Jennifer, I’m just not sure I’ll be able to make it.

  67. From jan

    hmm! Sara i like your idea of Jack being EJ’s father. who is/was EJ’s mother? love Maggie and it possible for the German actor that use to be with Stephano to return? he was great!they did some crazy experiments on people!let’s get back to intrigue…it was crazy but fun.

  68. From Tonya

    I love EJ N SAMMY TOGETHER..hate the Carrie/rafe storyline just gross…poor Lucas I just don’t think he will make it with Sammy..I think they need to find Will a lover..And Please Keep Jack!!!! He and Jennifer are so good together..get rid of Ian..gabby..abby..sonny..celeste..keep the ones we love..

  69. From Travis

    To CM:

    Why do you think it’s “sick” to see two guys making out?


  70. From Anne

    I don’t get why Days lets some people go, and then goes out and hires new actors? Why not keep the actors we all love, and write exciting storylines for them?

    I won’t miss Madison, Carrie or Austin but I hate to see Jack go. The person who suggested letting Will go is CRAZY; he is one of the best actors on the show! They can easily let Abe, Gabi, Ian and Melanie go. Let us see more of Sonny, Justin and Adrienne. We barely see Roman so he can go, too. Also, I know I’m in the minority but I don’t like John and ice queen Marlena. They can get rid of those two and bring back Belle and Shawn.

    I’d like to see Chad embrace his DiMera side and become evil. They also need to do more with Daniel, but get rid of Billie. I don’t want to see Cameron go as I’d like to see what happens with him and Abby.

    The show needs to focus more on the Bradys and The Hortons and their family relationships…the thing hat made the show great from the beginning. Oh, and I’d love if it came out that Zach was really alive and his death faked by Stefano. They could give him Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome and have him come back in his late teens.

  71. From Cindi

    One basic rule of good writing is that characters have to change. Days has not allowed characters to develop, change or mature. I think that’s why so many DOOL storylines are boring. Rewrites of old plots might be interesting if characters learned from their mistakes. Life always has challenge and conflict, you don’t have to be resurrected from the dead (again and again) to create an interesting plot.

  72. From Brenda

    I think it is remarkable that “Days” has been so fortunate to find so many bad actors to employ. Granted I think some of the younger actors lack some techniques but this is where many, many of our big screen actors honed their skills. However a person playing the same character for years to remain a bad actor to anyone is amazing. They also fooled everyone on the production side of the cameras.

  73. From Hattie

    Jack the first to go, are you crazy? He and Jennifer have always been my favorite.
    Melanie I will miss, too. Ian and Madison really haven’t added anything to the show. I am sorry to see Carrie and Austin leave but if it gets her away from Rafe then that is good. Carrie and Rafe are so unbelievable together. he plays the bad character much better than the “good guy” role. But he is awful with Carrie, I just hate every minute of that “relationship”.
    I am glad that Lucas is back and the rest of the return cast members/
    Go Will! I hope you win the daytime Emmy and Jack, too.
    and how can Stefano be dead? really!

  74. From JudyK

    Have watched DOOL for over 40 yrs. NO ONE can take the place of Bo!! Peter Reckell. Can you imagine watching Hope w/o Bo? What are the producers doing to this show?! If you bring Stefano back, and it isn’t the same actor, all he– will break loose! I wish Will good luck on the Emmy. He had really improved as an actor.

  75. From Bonnie Anderson

    I am very disappointed to hear that Peter Reckell is leaving the show. He and Hope are so good together. I am also sad to see Melanie cut. She and Chad are great together. And I am also going to miss Carrie and Austin. I don’t know what the new writers have in mind but they are not winning any contests with me.

  76. From Daniela

    Wow sounds like Days is about to suck with the loss of Carrie and Austin, Stefano, Bo, Melanie, Lexi,Jack and Jen. You already took my OLTL now I won’t be able to watch days anymore either. I won’t miss Madison, see ya later, but why bring back Nick Fallon?! Bring back tony and Kristen then and why stefano DAYS isn’t DAYS without stefano. Just cancel the show now.

  77. From garbos

    Thing is….every soap opera is in danger of being cancelled very soon so I applaud Days for pulling out the stops and bringing back characters to attempt to stop the bleeding. I watched for 25+ years but stopped when they had the teen island adventure after the virtual garden of eden….I tuned back in when Nicole came back briefly and also when Vivian came back but the writers didn’t have a clue. I cannot watch anymore but have to admit the return of Eileen Davidson has me ready to switch the TV back on….so what they are attempting is working…for me.

  78. From Lady days

    The story lines lately have become more annoying, as well as some of the characters. The Austin/Carrie/Rafe story line needs to go. While it was nice having Carrie back, the dynamic between Sami, Carrie, and Marlena seem half hearted. I’d like Carrie to stay around if they could play up the sister dynamic more, but Austin is dreadful, I usually fast forward during his diatribes. Rafe as well has become more of a character himself, which is hard to imagine after the Robo-Rafe incident. I love Days… If it gets canceled, I’ll probably never go to the gym again (I’ve always taped and watched it during my cardio.) I’m only 34, but a fan of over 20 years. It was great for the old characters of Jack, Jen, Lucas, etc. to try to revive the story line. But with the permanent exit of Lexie, shouldnt the writers, new and old, step back and realize that throwing long time viewers a small bone of beloved characters into a stupid story line is not going to save DOOL from the chopping block. Get rid of Gabby, Abigail, even Chad (although he has come a long way from his first debut on the show.) Sarah Brown killed it as Carly on GH, her Madison on DOOL is overly written. I wish she could bring her Carly to the show. But basically, off and on, I’ve loved this show for decades… Through Marlenas devil possession to… You name it. FANS!!!! Please keep this show alive, they may be trying to hard at the moment. But if it were to be canceled it would not only unemploy hundreds of people from characters to stage hands. But I’ll probably gain 30 pounds and drive my husband crazy if another second of Rachel Ray, Dr. Oz, or any other crappy talk show invades my life… when I could be looking at E.J’s handsome snarky face :) SAVE DAYS!!! Through better or worse, and through thick and thin. (side note- Allison Sweeney and I are the same age and have the same birthday.)

  79. From sam

    ej is so wooden its not funny so he should go..also sick of kate
    bring back steve and shane and kimberley and their son andrew
    hopefully they will bring back susan banks as days needs some comedy they should also bring back colliopi and anna they were funny together also

  80. From Kat

    I really wish they would get a cast and keep them. It was bad enough to kill stephano off. Who is going to be the villan now,that he is gone. With Melanie leaving that just adds to it, and Peter Reckell to top it off. I suggest they get some younger characters with some fire in them because the Sammy not being able to decide which man she wants in her life is geting old. Rafe being alone just does not work he is to good looking for that. Nicole and Daniel I can deal with but do not let E.J. go on the run from the police that is getting a little old.Come up with some new storylines. Someone being trapped under tunnel debris has already been done aka Lexi reason she died from a tumor, not your best idea. come on Days of Our Lives. Get back to being Days of Our Lives and get some action,romance and interest back in the show. Find Roman a love interest that would be a switch. Get back to being the soap you once were and quit worrying about the budget cuts. If you would bring back Steve and have some fire with Steve and Kayla you wouldnt have to worry about budget cuts when people such as Peter Reckell leave the show.

  81. From Mikedog

    Days made the biggest mistake letting go of Vivian. Her scheming qualities are surely missed on the show. I can’t believe she was in Salem for two years and the writers of the show never had Sami and Vivian cross paths. Lets start a bring back Vivian Alamain campaign.

  82. From sam

    mikedog totally agree…vivian is one of the best charactors in daytime history….shes funny evil and qirky..days needs her bad
    kate and victor are boring without her…bring back big bad bold nasty viv

  83. From sam

    mikedog totally agree about vivian, she was the best charactor in daytime,she was funny evil and quirky,now kate and victor are boring without her…days needs her badly

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