Days Of Our Lives Poll: EJ’s Father.

Delayed mystery.

The cat is already out of the bag that Elvis is not a real DiMera. This means, obviously, that Stefano isn’t his father. So who could have been the man to procreate Salem’s newest mayor?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From jenn

    I think it’s John. It would make the most sense because of the Kristen/Susan fiasco. But then again, are soaps supposed to make sense? However, if EJ is John’s son then he is a true DiMera. Did the writer’s forget that? If John is the biological father of Ej, imagine what EJ would be feeling. Not only is Stephano not his father, he would have to live with he fact that he once shot John in the head. Perhaps this was an added reason why Stephano loathed John. Not only is Stephano jealous that John has his “Queen of the Night” but he also envies that EJ is John’s son???? Wow if that is the case, that would mean EJ and Brady are brothers!

  2. From dinky

    John is too obvious but makes the most sense.

  3. From Kat

    Don’t forget, John is also Santo’s love child with Colleen Brady. More reason to be jealous.
    I hope that EJ stays a DiMera, one way or the other.

  4. From bettyg

    I voted for John, but I can’t really imagine John having sex with Susan–I mean, I could never imagine Stefano having sex with Susan! Poor EJ–he needs a Daddy!

  5. From fifi larue

    How about Susan’s boyfriend? I think his name was Edmund. It doesn’t fit into any current storylines though. No matter what happens, I just hope they keep him on Days. He is so sexy and a great actor.

  6. From soccergirl

    If John were EJ’s father, EJ and Sami would be some sort of cousins as John’s mother is Sami’s great-aunt. Since EJ and Sami have children together, I don’t think they will make John EJ’s father.

  7. From soccergirl

    John’s mother, Colleen, is Sami’s great-aunt. If EJ were John’s son, that would make EJ and Sami related, and they have kids together… Ewwwww…

  8. From Lynne

    John would make the most sense and I’m sure the writers would love to do that….but…that would make Sami and EJ blood related since John is a Brady and Demeira. I wasn’t really watching the years of Kristen and Susan…weren’t they played by the same actress? Meaning, could Susan have pretended to be Kristen and been with John? That may be a dumb question but there were some years I didn’t watch so I don’t know.

  9. From dc

    well, i am totally baffled by this question.
    not sure who ej’s real father is but i just wish he would stay a dimera. this storyline (about ej not being stefano’s son) should never have been introduced (my opinion)..
    sure hope john is not his “real” father..

  10. From Shane

    This is the worst storyline ever. Right when you are so use to who is who, and what’s going on, they turn the whole show upside down. I’m all for the twist and turns that soaps are all about, but you need some stability. If I am to accpet this storyline, and have to guess who the father is, It would make sence that John would be the father, because back in the day when EJ was being born, the viewers were allowed to take part in a vote, “who’s the daddy?” It was between Stefano and John. Of course, John would be to obvious, and we can’t have that. So in my opinion, I will go out on a limb and say he’s Ians child. I don’t think it’s been shown yet, maybe it has and I missed it, but on Ians walking stick, there is a phoenix, and I believe he might be a Dimera. If it turns out Ian is a Dimera, Santo Dimera might of had a brother and Ian would be Santos nephew, making EJ a Dimera still. Of course, there’s the question of how Ian would have gotten his DNA to impregnate Susan Banks. Maybe Doctor Ralph was paid off by Ian to double cross Stefano. Who knows though. And also, just to bring up another point with people saying they think Tony could be the father making EJ still a blood Dimera… You must not be a big fan of the show if you don’t know that Tony isn’t really a blood Dimera, only an adopted son…

  11. From barbmarsh

    Carrie is making me sick the way she is wining. I cant imagine the writers putting her with raffe. There is just no sparks between those too. Go back to Austin carrie where you belong, You are just a winer. I still think raffe and sami belong together.

  12. From Kitty

    Weren’t Santo and Colleen played by EJ and Sammie’s characters…and there was much said about their distinctly looking like their ancestors? With Alice being involved with the ‘aid’ given to EJ’s mom when she needed help, there could even be a Horton connection. Either way, the earlier Santos/EJ storyline would make it seem EJ is a DiMera (maybe from ‘family’ in England).

  13. From jenn

    Kitty, I am watching an episode and thought the same thing! Ej has to be a Dimera. He looks exactly like Santo. I mean you would think the resemblance is more than a coincidence, right?
    Lynne you are right, it can’t be John because that would mean Sami and Ej are related.
    Shane, maybe it is Ian after all, I mean he is British. Perhaps, Ian (like John) is the lovechild from Santo? If that is true, then the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, both Stefano and Ian and their love children.
    I don’t how how anybody else feels but it kinda stinks that Ej is not Stefano’s child.

  14. From Rhonda

    I’m guessing that Tony or Andre is EJ’s real father. Tony and Kristen have a history together. Weren’t they even married for a minute? Stefano would then be EJ’s grandfather.

  15. From kat

    I hope that EJ is Stefano’s son after all.
    In the meantime we get some good SL’s out of the idea that he is not Stefano’s…
    If things get so fouled up in Now a days Salem in paternity, who is to say, that way back then, with Alice involved, the same thing Didn’t happen.
    Long Live EJ DiMera.

  16. From KP

    Stephano helped to make Susan look more like Marlena. She was a waitress with a country accent and buck teeth when he met her. Later, he dressed up like Elvis (whom Susan loved) in order to have a “romantic” encounter with her. The result was baby Elvis.

  17. From betty

    I think the writers also forget that years back there was a photo of Stephano’s daddy EJ’s grandpa and EJ was a spliting image of his grandpa. And back in the day John was with Kristen and Susan when Stephano made Susan look like Kristen.

  18. From betty

    Sami and EJ would not be related because John is her step father, no blood. Roman is her daddy…

  19. From Bri

    NOT John. I think it should be Tony or Ian. Ian would be interesting only because I think he is far more sinister then he has let on so far. I think if they go ahead with E.J. not being Stefano’s son, no matter who they decide is the father, I think the writers should end up making Lucas Stefano’s son. I think that would be an incredible S/L where they could tie in so many great characters, and they should bring back Phillip to play up the Kiriakis/DiMera war, and it could be the way to bring back Stefano and Kate, which was starting to be my favorite couple!

  20. From jenn

    @Betty, they would be related because John is also a Brady, Colleen Brady was his mom. So EJ and Sami would be related if EJ is John’s son.

  21. From Christi

    In the real world, it can’t be John or Tony.(Of course, this is a soap! lol) The dna would show that even though Stefano wasn’t the father, it would show similar patterns to prove he was a DiMera. I’m going with Victor since HE is the one who stole Maggie’s eggs. He could have had them fertilized and then the eggs could have been stolen and put in EJ’s mom. That way, he isn’t related to Sami in anyway and could explain his “helpfullness” in some situations. He can’t be all bad if he’s got some Horton in him!

  22. From Em

    If John is EJ’s father (which would make the most sense cuz John & EJ’s mom were together when Stephano made her look like Kristen – not “marlena” as another poster said) Sami & EJ would then be related – cuz they would both be Brady’s given that John is Sami’s grampa’s sister’s son. But that’s just it … they would be so far DOWN THE LINE related that it wouldn’t even matter. Not even in the real world. That is, by no means, a CLOSE relation. At all. So, I think it’s doable and believable and I’m sure it’s John. And is probably another reason why Stephano hates him so much.

  23. From Barb Remmick

    I am still puzzled why Mrs. H was so involved with the whole thing. If it were Ian’s or John’s–why would she care? it has to be a Horton.. Just speculating.

  24. From Doris

    I have just recently started watching Days again. I used to be a faithful viewer, but the storyline never seemed to change. I believe Maggie is the mother of EJ. I would like some Horton to be the father, but I do not know who that would be. Victor could be the father if he stole Maggie’s eggs. The Friday episode left him wanting to keep something from Maggie. Maybe it has something to
    do with E.J. Susan or Kristen were just surrogates in my theory.

  25. From Jaime

    Maybe it will turn out that sick EJ as a baby actually died, under Tom Hortons care, which Alice set up when Susan went to her for help. Stefano gave her the iou to save EJ and maybe it turns out they couldn’t save him. Susan was so scared of Stefano however so the Hortons helped Susan adopt a baby to replace EJ, therefore making EJ neither a demira or a banks. Who knows where they will go with this story but I agree that if they make John his biodad that will be crossing lines that even soaps shouldn’t cross. I enjoy all the plots, etc but insest….not okay!

  26. From Clear

    Sami is not related to John. He could be the Daddy due to in vitro fertilization due to Stefano’s experiments. Double to triple whammy on Stefano!

  27. From Ladidaaa

    Ok ok ok, let’s break it down. I thought about the possibility that John was EJ’s father, but then really started to remember how that story went: Stefano injected Susan dressed as Elvis to get her pregnant (which was much later revealed).. So when Stefano first brought her to Salem, she was already pregnant before meeting Kristen and John. So that cancels out John (and thank God because John being the child of Coleen Brady and Santo Dimera, and Sami being Coleen’s great neice would indeed make her and EJ related, and we just can’t have that!). And since they are now saying that EJ is not Stefano’s son, that would have to mean that she must have been already pregnant before he injected her with his little demons. The only thing that would make since to me at this point is if either the letter is faked and he is infact Stefano’s son (And let’s all hope so because the dynamic between those two is the best on the show)or he is this mysterious Ian’s son (who from my guess is also the son of Santo. It is said that Stefano is the seventh son of the seventh son, so he has to have at least 6 brothers out there somewhere. Maybe Ian is one.) All that i can say is that i am truely unhappy with where they are going. EJ will always be the son of Stefano DiMera to me no matter what. John would have been the next best choice (except for the relation to Sami), but like i’ve pointed out, that is impossible!

  28. From Ladidaaa

    My earlier comment did not show up. Ok EJ is not John’s son. When Susan met John and Kristen, she was already pregnant with EJ (which we later learned that Stefano dressed up as Elvis and impregnanted her). She never met John before she was already pregnant. While he would have made the most since, it just simply cannot be (and i’m glad because i sure in the heck don’t want EJ and Sami to be related, no matter how far off it is.) Either Stefano is indeed his father and we will find out this storyline is all a lie, or she was pregnant before he tricked her as Elvis. So who does that leave? He would have to indeed be a DiMera because he is the exact image of his grandfather Santo (and since it can’t be John) i’m going to guess that Ian is also a son of Santo (it was said that Stefano was the seventh son of the seventh son, so we do know that he has at least six brothers somewhere out there, maybe Ian is one of them.) I am hoping that somehow Ian will turn out to be Lucas’s father and somehow this was all a switch up and Stefano is EJ’s father because the dynamic between those two is the best on the show. I don’t care what it ends up being, in my eyes EJ is and will always be the son of Stefano DiMera. But the question that plaques me is why did Alice keep this a secret. It had to be something huge. The idea that he may really be Maggie’s son with the eggs and she was trying to protect Maggie and Mickie somehow is all that i can come up with on that end..

  29. From axe

    Let’s not forget that Stefano doesn’t know who EJ’s real father is. He just knows that it turns out he isn’t.

  30. From Hunter

    If john was EJ’s father then Sami would be related to EJ being John is a Brady. If he is Tony’s son then he is not a Dimera because Tony is not Stefono’s biological son

  31. From CRS

    I think EJ is the son of John and Hope as the Pawn and Pr Gina. Hope doesn’t remember cause she gave birth as Pr Gina. That is why the marriage certificate was in the safe deposit box with the letter and birth certificate and why Alice knew so much about it. Sami and Ej would be second cousins. for a soap opera not too far off But they already have two children together too

  32. From Murky

    I’m hoping it’s John. Fifteen years ago we had John, before he knew he was a DiMera or a Brady, raising little Elvis as John Junior – plus it would make sense, since EJ and Santo look completely alike. Sure, EJ and Sami would be second cousins, but her other second cousins are her sister and stepbrother. That’s just how Salem works – everyone is interconnected. Disturbing, yes, but true. I’d rather it be John than some no-name character who showed up with a truckload of backstory a few months ago, and who’s apparently leaving again in August.

  33. From CRS

    If John turns out to be EJ’s father then it is still doable. That would make Ej and Sami 2nd cousins and i have seen firsthand in real life 1st cousins married with children. so still doable. just to let you know. i would rather John be the daddy than Ian. I hate Ian

  34. From KA

    I think that Stefano is Elvis’ father. Maybe Alice lied to protect Susan and Edmund because they wanted to raise him away from the DiMera life. Maybe before Alice died, she felt bad for lying to Stefano about Elvis, but she had to protect both her family and Susan’s in order ensure their future.

    I could imagine if he found out what happened, Stefano will start becoming the bad guy once more and send his lackeys to England and hunt both Susan and Edmund down for having Alice lie to protect them. I think it’s time for him to become a villain again. The show needs more villains.

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