Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For April 26 & 27.

Looking for someone to blame.

Elvis confronts Stefano after discovering that he is running tests on the tunnel under Casa DiMera. He’s furious at his father for his betrayal and his possible role in Lexi’s illness. Stefano becomes so distraught he takes out the paternity paper to explain that Elvis is not really his son. Before he can, EJ gets called away. When he gets back, Stefano is gone but Billie is there to taunt him. Meanwhile, John, Hope, Bo and Marlena decide that, given Lexi’s condition, they should back off on Stefano for awhile. He makes that difficult by sending them threats and demanding his coin be returned. John starts to arrange for security but he’s not fast enough. He and Marlena are attacked while someone stalks after Bo and Hope.

Nicole is released from the hospital after her tests come back with good results. Daniel encourages her to come clean with EJ before the stress jeopardizes her pregnancy further. She refuses. As she packs to go, Carrie shows up and Nicole tells her how much she and her child need Rafe. Carrie leaves in sadness, running into Rafe and refusing to listen to his explanations.

Chad and Mel put their romantic getaway on hold after they learn that Gabi is being stalked. She refuses to go to the police so Mel suggests she move in with Chad so he can look out for her. Abby smells a rat. Meanwhile, Will spends the day with Allie and his parents. They have a picnic but Will still is not happy to be around his mom, no matter how hard Lucas tries to make things work for them. Sami has a good time though and winds up kissing Lucas.

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  1. From dc

    well, good show today.
    from reading above it sounds like tomorrow and friday are gonna be two good days to watch..
    can’t wait.

  2. From SandyGram

    There were surely several OMG moments in today’s show (4/25), like:
    - Integrity in the hospital: When the Nurse came out of Nicole’s room, although she recognized EJ as the Mayor and EJ DiMera, she upheld Nicole’s wishes that EJ be told nothing about her condition and that she didn’t want to see him. Applaud, Applaud!

    - Yet another Brady family member getting into the Hospital’s Computer Records. Of course we don’t know yet if EJ just wanted Will to get information on Nikki’s condition, or to make sure any paternity tests confirm EJ is the father.

    - Did I miss something, in which episode was it said that Dr. Cameron Davis was on staff at University Hospital? And, now he’s being given Lexie’s Medical Records to review and of all places to conduct such a review is at the Coffeehouse!

    - For me the moment of the day was from Lexie to EJ, quote: “So now that you have the job (Mayor) let’s see what good you can accomplish. Oh baby, don’t cry. I would love to be able to see you 5 or 10 years from now; see what changes have been made in your life.” I’m hoping this will be something the writers have him recall now and then (spoiler) as he moves forward without his sister and without being a DiMera.”

    - The interaction between Lexie and EJ was mesmerizing, until he heard Nicole in the hall way. Which in its self was interesting that Lexie’s office should be so close to an examination room (I’ll just have to scratch my head on that). I’m waiting for the writers to give EJ some unselfish consideration for the delicacy of Nicole’s pregnancy. When is he going to see both is aggressive badgering of her and even his mere presents is the very stress she doesn’t need. I understand he wants to know what’s going on and deserves to know, but when is he going to understand this is not about him, it’s about bringing this baby to term.

    - Then TPTB must be reading the fan posts, finally, Rafe and Gabi are in a scene together. More please!

  3. From AC in PA

    #2, SandyGram – Maybe Cameron isn’t on staff at the hospital yet, but Lexie voluntarily gave him her medical file because he is her brother and a doctor?

  4. From SandyGram

    #3 Could be AC in PA, Lexie giving Dr. Yu permission to give her medical file to Cameron, it could be just one of those little behind the scene details that aggravates me because coming from a medical background I know this would never happen. Here is the scene quote: “Dr. Yu gives Cameron Lexie’s file. I’ve gone over the results repeatedly looking for anything that might offer some hope. Abe thanks her for everything she’s done. Cameron is going to call some of his colleagues to get their take; these files will help. Dr. Yu tells him she’s given them to Dr. Jonas as well. I certainly hope one of you has an idea for a different approach.”

    From all the spoilers and Renee Jones recent interview we already know she dies. But it is interesting from what we’ve see so far and the way it’s written there are little glimmers of hope a cure would be found. I call that a teaser and I’m very gullible when it comes to happy endings.

  5. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #2, – I was at one of our grandson’s schools yesterday afternoon for the Learning Fair/V.I.P. Day. Always an honor to be invited as his V.I.P.!! I just watched my DVR of Days this morning. You covered the show very well! Interesting that so much has taken place in the hospital hallway so far this week and last week, too. Guess I just assumed Lexie gave her permission for doctor brother, Cameron, to have her medical records.

    I don’t care much for the new Celeste.

  6. From Days Watcher

    Who is Ej’s Father?

  7. From Days Wather

    Who is Ej’s Father

  8. From SandyGram

    #6 Days Wather
    That is the new question, according to Alice’s letter to Stefano while she was helping Susan when EJ was ill as a baby she found out Stefano was not EJ’s father. So now Stefano doesn’t even known who the father might be…For me, let’s line up all the potential sperm donors and do some DNA Testing, but that’s to logical for these writers. After EJ finds out he’s not a DiMera, my question is how long will it take him to change his name back to EJ Wells?

  9. From Grandma Judy

    #6, we don’t know yet who EJ’s father is.

  10. From SandyGram

    Show 4-26-2012
    Chad, Mel, Gabi and Abby – This is not sounding good, this will only bring trouble in river city. It looked like Abby was catching on to Gabi’s real motive, unfortunately it will be Melanie that is hurt once again.

    Stefano and EJ were great today and very believable as to the pain both of them were going through. I just don’t get it, do the writers really think we won’t remember how Stefano treated Peter and Tony as son’s and they weren’t biologically related to him. As I’ve said so many times before the writers are going to turn Stefano into a lonely bitter ole man and he’s going to end up all alone in the DiMansion with no one but Mary and Harold.

    I could of closed my eyes today and listen to Nicole talking about not wanting her child around the DiMera family and I could see Sami say very much the same thing. Now Rafe has come to Nicole’s rescue as he did Sami. Around, Around we go where things will stop nobody knows with these writers.

  11. From AC in PA

    #4, SandyGram – Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes that we never know. ;-) Soaps also take a lot of liberties when it comes to real-life rules and laws.

  12. From soleowner

    I don’t get this twist with EJ not being Stephano’s when we all witnessed Stephano dressed like Elvis “visited” Susan, who thought he was John!! What did I miss!!!!

  13. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Does anyone know where the name Wells came from? Susan’s name was Banks, wasn’t it? My 2 cents, John and Susan are EJ’s parents, but it could be a red herring. I never understood why EJ called himself Wells. I AM curious as to how Alice became the caretaker of these facts. If he were to be John’s child, why would Alice hide this 411 from anyone, including Stefano? Alice didn’t seem like the type to let a crazy czar raise a precious child..maybe she believed that Susan and Edgar could keep him, but that didn’t work out, did it? If Susan discovered that Stef wasn’t the baby daddy and Stef came for young EJ, why not tell him 20 years ago, he AIN’T your kid after all. I just don’t get this s/l. Totally speculating. And, does it tie in with Magg’s egg story? And where the heck are Maggs and Vic anyhow?And why are all Stef’s kids all dead? Renee, Tony, Benjy, possibly Kristen (IDK where Peter ended up, is he dead, too?), now Lexie. He’s like a one man death squad. Watch out, Chad, it’s the kiss of death. So, Johnny and Syd are no longer DiMeara’s? (Or are they Ryan DiMeara’s, AKA JBlack?)If they are half DM and half Brady, are they their own second cousins? Now my brain hurts..

  14. From SandyGram

    #12 Dyeing to be Blonde
    EJ Wells was the name he used when he returned to Salem as a grown man in 2006. Although his sole purpose in coming to Salem was to be a soldier for Stefano and to plant his seed in a Brady woman, he couldn’t return with the name DiMera to accomplish the goals his father had set out for him. I don’t recall there ever being an on screen explanation why he used the name Wells, but he was also using it prior to returning to Salem since his racing history was under the name EJ Wells.

    Now since Susan was pregnant when Stefano brought her to Salem I can’t see how John having sex with Susan acting as Kristen could have produced a pregnancy. Stefano not being EJ’s father is truly a conundrum especially since we’ve seen the flashback of a heavily sedated Susan supposedly having sex with Stefano dressed up as Elvis Presely. It’s interesting in some of the many History Websites they say Susan was artificially inseminated, but in the flashback the Doctor says he was ready to do the embryo implantation (which is in vetro fertilization, the embryo was created in a petrie dish) for a woman who is a perfect genetic match. The writers are surely going to have a lot of splaining to do! And it’s kind of humorous that Susan was considered a perfect genetic match for a DiMera…what part of illogical is that considering Susan’s personality and goofy behavior compared to the DiMera’s. Now with all that said I guess the next burning question is back in 1997 who switched Stefano’s sperm with they now mystery man?

  15. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Sandy Gram, I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t recall an explanation for the name Wells. I do recall that he was a famous racecar driver when introduced, competing with Stephanie and Max. (squeezed law school in, in his spare time). I think I was barely watching during the Susan stuff because I also enjoyed Guiding Light at that time and they were up against each other from time to time in the Central Time Zone. I can’t even begin to explain any scenario they could write to clear this up. I do recall seeing Stef in an Elvis getup, either in flashbacks or from Susan’s hazy stupor.

  16. From Kat

    Now if Susan was already prego when she came to Salem, why all this Elvis stuff and the doctors implanting her with Stefano’s sperm…
    One thing is for certain, Stefano never had Sex with Susan… let’s forget that one.
    SandyGram, we Never ever saw Stefano having supposed Sex with Susan.
    So Kristin was prego at one time,
    then Susan was or was not prego when she came to Salem,
    so if Susan was prego why the whole Shalala with Stefano dressed as Elvis, and Doctors performing the implanting..??????????????Confused yet, I am getting there for sure.
    Susan did not think it was John, she thought it was Elvis in the room with her…Stefano as Elvis was not a flashback, he was there…..
    To many writers, to many started and unfinished SL’s, to much confusion, one hand does not know anymore, what the other hand has written. Time to get their act together, tie up some of those unfinished SL’s the Best they can, without totally annoying all of us fans and then move forward with more consistency and well thought out plots, with beginnings and ends that make sense, LOL.

  17. From SandyGram

    Kat – search on the You Tube Videos “The Beginnings of EJ” and “Kristen meets her look a like Susan” they will explain everything about Susan being pregnant when she came to Salem and Stefano’s flashback of when and how Susan received her in vitro treatment. Enjoy!

  18. From Kat

    Thanks SandyGram, I will do that.

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