Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For April 9-13.

Coming back.

John and Hope continue pretending to be the pawn and Gina to keep Stefano at bay. He demands his egg and they stall, hatching it open when he’s away. Inside is a golden coin with a mysterious code. They replace it with a dummy and hand the egg to Stefano. As soon as he lets them go, he realizes he has been had and sends his goons after them. When they get to the airport, Agent Spencer meets them. They give him the coin and he smuggles them onto a private jet. When they return to Salem, John tells Marlena what happened and that he’s still with the ISA. She begs him to quit and this creates a serious problem for them. Meanwhile, Hope rushes to Bo to watch him vegetate. She cries by his side until he starts to move his fingers.

Believing that Stefano is still smitten with his Queen of the Night, Kate leaps into bed with Ian. She starts having doubts that this was a good idea and warns him that he is now in grave danger. He’s not worried: his stick has a magical phoenix emblem like Stefano’s. Her husband calls. He knows she’s cheated but acts loving. She feels worse and begs Ian to forget her. The Scotsman can’t and is determined to fight for her.

Lucas tells EJ to back off from Sami. Elvis advises him to go back to his fiancee. Lucas turns to Rafe instead and warns him that he is pushing Sami and EJ back together. Rafe points out that it’s Lucas who seems ensnared with Sami again. Hernandez stays busy helping out Nicole with her pregnancy while EJ tells Sami they need to discuss their future. He kisses her and she pulls away. Elvis claims he just wanted to prove there is nothing between them other than their kids. That’s tested again when he has to fix her pipes and gets topless. The sexual tension turns into something else when Johnny shows up. The three of them hang out together. Rafe and Nicole wander by and spot this. The fighting begins. There is much name calling and EJ begs Nicole to come back to him again.

When EJ heads home, he catches Billie snooping again but keeps it to himself. He actually takes a look at what she was looking at and is shocked to see his father has betrayed him. Nicole stops in and he opens up about how Stefano actually rigged the election for him to lose and the money he took from John’s phony embezzlement has gone missing. She already knew about the election part. She returns to Rafe, who has been getting calls from Carrie. He wants to hook up with her but Nic says no. He meets Carrie anyway and she tells him she’s dissolving their partnership. It breaks his heart that she is so cold to him. She has a fit about him knocking up Nicole and he breaks down, ready to tell her the truth. Before he can, Sami interrupts and ruins things. Back at Casa DiMera, Billie goes looking for the box of evidence only to discover that EJ has it now. After she leaves, he returns to moping to Nicole about his father. She comforts him and they nearly kiss when Sami walks in on them. This leads to threeway bickering. Sami goes home, where Lucas has set up a campsite in her living room and they get close.

Will finally tells Sonny he’s gay. That’s not a big surprise, but Sonny’s concerned when Will explains that he wants to keep it a secret from his mom. After they hug, Will goes home to think about touching him. Meanwhile, Gabi is disappointed again. Chad invites her over to his place, but it’s only to help him decorate the place for a romantic evening with Mel. Doing this is too much for Gabi and she freaks out, smashing things. After she goes home to tear up photos of the couple, they return to his pad to boff romantically.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Kate leaping into bed with Ian…this is not the Kate we know! I sure hope they don’t show the details of this encounter on screen! And now Ian’s walking stick has the Phoenix emblem…well at least their keeping Kate’s tryst in the family if we are to believe Ian is related to Steffie.

    Oh My word…Stefano not only rigged the election for EJ to lose he must of taken the embezzled money and Nicole new about the election rigging. This is not looking good for EJ and Stefano.

    As for the rest of the summary….like I’ve said so many times before they should all just move into the Dimansion and share and share a like. And now Gabi is going to pull a Will and start smashing things as she freaks out….oh dear!

  2. From Kat

    So does that mean, that EJ really Won the Election, on his own, the people voted him in…..

  3. From MAB

    Marlena & Carrie’s conversation was a waste of good air time. I can’t believe the words out of Carrie’s mouth. She says she thinks of what an honest & loving man Rafe is and how she can’t walk away from that…well what about your husband!? Austin is way more honest & loving, and is a far better man than Rafe will ever be. And now w/ Rafe’s fake confession to being Nicole’s child’s father, Carrie is gonna run back to Austin to save face. She is an idiot, and I hope she ends up alone, w/o Rafe or Austin. And Marlena, don’t even get me started on her. She sits there coddling Carrie telling her to follow her heart. She wouldn’t treat Sami that way…she’d be giving her the third degree. Thank God Sami has Caroline! I know Sami & Marlena’s relationship is rocky, and it’s BOTH of their faults, but no wonder Sami don’t trust her mother when Marlena treats her the way she does. I still see Marlena doing the same thing she always has where Sami is concerned…nothing has changed.

    I liked Sami & Lucas’ conversation. They work so well together. He is totally right that she has unresolved feelings for EJ. She wouldn’t have had those flashbacks otherwise. She almost blushed just thinking about their past encounters. I’m not sure if I completely believed her when she said she had unresolved feelings for Lucas tho. I think she knows exactly how she feels about Lucas. She loves him, but I think their time has past. I really think she said what she did so she could get him to stay in Salem. Who knows tho if she’ll ever make up her mind about EJ, Lucas, or anyone else?

    I don’t care if Nicole wanted Rafe there or not. He could’ve given her & EJ some privacy, while not leaving the vicinity. But no, here he is, AGAIN, putting another claim on a child that isn’t his, which just happens to be another child of EJ’s. Seems like he trying to compensate for something. Maybe he knows something we don’t…maybe he can’t or isn’t man enough to father his own children. EJ couldn’t even say anything w/o Rafe taking it the wrong way, and accusing EJ of threatening her. Nicole knew EJ wasn’t threatening her, and even told Rafe as much. That’s the only reason he was quiet – all of maybe 5 minutes that is. Rafe, why don’t you just butt out and get your “own” life!

    Monday’s episode line of the day = Stefano: now go get me my egg! LOL

    SandyGram – I have no doubt that we’ll see EJ’s tender side when it comes to Lexie. We’ve seen his tender side on many occasions – like when Johnny was sick w/ cancer & when he & Sami thought Johnny was dead. He pulled off a stellar performance, as did Sami, and I have no doubt we’ll see it again during Lexie’s departure s/l.

    As for EJ, I think he has realized for a while now that there is more to life, and that is because of his children. Problem is, he can’t seem to get out of his own way, and can’t stop the mother of his kids trying to keep his own children from him. He was trying w/ Nicole yesterday, but she let that neanderthal Rafe take control of the situation and claim the child as his. It’s no wonder EJ is the way he is. I don’t blame him for telling her she won’t keep his child from him. That is just all kinds of wrong for Nicole to do. Just because she doesn’t want to be w/ him, that doesn’t give her a right to keep his child from him. I’m sick of these women confusing ‘their’ wants w/ their child’s. It’s not about them, it’s about the kids. The children need to know their father, regardless of whether the woman wants anything from the him or not. Oh, and if anyone is causing Nicole stress, she needs to look in the mirror. EJ was calm w/ her yesterday. He never once raised his voice, unlike Rafe.

  4. From Inish7

    WOW! MAB your typing was my thoughts. That doesn’t happen often. Great post.

  5. From NeeNee

    Sounds like Lexie’s departure isn’t that far off. TPTB say she will be “most assuredly/most sincerely dead” and won’t come back next year.

    This reminds me of the Isabella character, Brady’s mother. Staci Greason was a marvelous actress and she stayed truly dead. Except when appearing to Brady at crucial times in his life. Wonder if Renee Jones would consent to make “guest appearances” like that. Heck, we’ve had demonic possession so why not a little supernatural flavor occasionally?? It could be done like the Isabella appearances . . . rare but well done!

  6. From manders

    MAB totally my thoughts too !!! thank you :) save me from typing it all out :) I just want to add that I hope Melanie and Chad can be happy together and that Gabi doens’t ruin it for them.

  7. From patty

    My head hurts from reading that spoiler. WTF? Where is this show going with all these confused and confusing couples not knowing from one minute to the next what they want or who they want to be with. They declare undying love to one but end up with another. I’m at a point where I don’t care who anybody ends up with because we know it won’t last more than a couple of weeks anyway.
    Big surprise that Stephano rigged up the election…not. I don’t understand why he set EJ up to lose but who knows why Steph does anything? Maybe he’s just losing his touch.
    Glad to see the Alamania disaster coming to an end and that John and Hope manage to pull one on ole Stephy.
    So far I’m loving Rafe having a little payback on EJ. Now I can’t wait to see Sami’s face when she thinks Rafe and Nicole are having a child. Payback’s a bitch.

  8. From Kat

    3 MAB, I feel like Inish7, same thoughts.
    Hope that Abe will get a nice big SL, after Lexie is gone. Same with Roman. Sure those two will spend much more time together, ???
    Of course, John and Gina will have on up on Stefano, the Games have just begun.
    Will John and Hope remember, what they did as Gina and the Pawn.
    Did they ever make love, even if we did not see it, one would think, the way they carried on, it did happen.?
    I hope when Austin sees clearly again and finds out just how Carrie is playing him, he will kick her to the curb. He is the only innocent/decent one in the whole mess, and he keeps on apologizing, for what, because some Sicko lied about Him….
    I have a feeling, Sami got Lucas on the hook, and he will start thinking with his little head, and
    Bingo, here we go again.
    Since Lucas is on DOOL again for long term, wonder how they will deal with the Autumn relationship.
    For Ally and Will I am glad, that he is staying, they need him now, and always have.

  9. From sharon

    #6 patty….thank you. You said exactly what so many are thinking.
    and you are so right….payback’s a bitch and as much as I have felt sorry for Sami in the past, she is digging a very deep hole.

  10. From patsy

    Sami dont worry about Rafe and Nicole NEXT week she,ll go crawling back to EJ SHE IS SUCH A WEAK charater I just hope they putSami andRafe back together and they have a baby of their own Sami andLucus make better friend than lovers

  11. From MsBoulderCO

    Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Can’t believe Lexie (Renee Jones) will be killed off. Next we’ll have Abe and Theo out-of-sight just like Roman is half the time.

    What is going on with Ciarra? Daddy is in a coma and no one seems to have mentioned her too much.

    John and Billie being ISA should have seen that coming.

    Gabi turning into a stalker just like Abby. Brother Rafe and her must not be as close as the soap would have lead us to believe.

    Sami with EJ or Lucas, I like them both but she has more sexual tension with EJ.

    How soon will Brady step in and help Nicole or is he really over her and ready to move on with Madison?

  12. From Emma

    Ridiculous..put Ej with Sami for pete’s sake DOOL many many many want that since YEARS, you gave a chance to every couples except them and you continue to tease with them in order to create stories for other less dynamic is unfair, really unfair and you will not get better ratings with this type of trick !

  13. From Maryl

    Amazing! Lucas said it all yesterday in his conversation with Sami! He thinks like all of us EJami fans. He sees what we see going on between EJ and Sami. As a matter of fact, the writers took some of our exact words and placed them in Lucas’s mouth. He spoke for all of us who feel this frustration over that “certain something” that EJ and Sami have between them. Sami tries hard to deny her feelings for EJ but you can see it written all over her face. When she was sitting at the table with Lucas, remembering her “sexcapade” with EJ, she let us see inside that little complicated head of hers for a few brief moments. And then–she walks over to Caroline, admits that Lucas was right in his evaluation of her–but as soon as those words come out of her mouth–she hatches a plan and knows just what she needs to do! Get Lucas back! Ignore what Lucas said about the unresolved feelings between EJ and her–instead, make it all about her supposed unresolved feelings for Lucas! Sami does this everytime she starts realizing her feelings for EJ. No wonder Caroline was left sitting there wondering what will she be up to now?? That’s our Samantha Jean–never seeing past the nose on her face.

    EJ will be accused of bullying Nicole upon the discovery of the pregnancy. I for one, didn’t see any of his actions as being a deliberate attempt to control her–what I saw, was a man shocked to find out the truth by what was a mere chance. I’m sure he felt left out once again and suspected that it was intended that he be denied knowing about his own child (which was Nicole’s and Rafe’s exact plan). In reality, if a man–any man, thought something like that was going on–especially if he had been deceived before–would have reacted in a much harsher way than EJ did. I saw EJ as having more concern in Nicole and the baby’s well-being than I did about controlling her–what remarks he retaliated with were said out of hurt and anger–of course, Rafe sitting there interferring, looking all smug, and “protective” didn’t help matters.
    One thing that did come across loud and clear was that Rafe is once again interferring where he doesn’t belong and initiating a very stupid plan of deception to supposedly “save” Nicole and EJ’s baby. Bah! Humbug! Get a life of your own, Rafe–you have Carrie panting and waiting in the wings–go there man and claim a woman that thinks just like you.

  14. From daisy

    Gerri; I am heartsick about your daughters accident. You both are in my prayers.
    Wonder if Celestes return is to be in place for Lexies finality, and to be there for Theo.
    I notice The actress that plays Sami is showing up on many other venues, commercials, Biggest Loser, and on Trumps Celebrity Apprentice. Wonder if she is positioning for a future if DOOL ends?

  15. From patty

    Just when I thought things couldn’t get more stupid, EJ moves in the apartment across the hall from Sami. Bahahaha! How’s that for the Mayor’s digs? Talk about Deja Vu!
    EJ tells Sami about Rafe and Nicole. She manages a few sniffles but it seemed more of an act to get EJ’s sympathy. At least she admits that this is payback for what they did. Ya think? She now has to men on a string, she’s happier than a pig in $hit.

  16. From Maryl

    patty–please pass the aspirin in this direction-my head began to hurt after trying to read the spoiler just like yours! (Ha)!

  17. From michele

    IMO Sami’s one true love is not EJ, Austin, Rafe, Brandon, or Lucus. I think Sami’s one true love is SAMI. She has always, wanted every man to want her. She is the weak person not Nichole. A strong woman does not need a man. Sami not just needs a man, she needs every man to want her. She did not want Lucus, until be has someone else that is her MO. Everyone want me, everyone take care of me, everyone feel sorry for me. Not even her kids are her true love, don’t tell on me, do this for me, me me me me me . Sami is by far the worst mother on the show, she just lost her job, another man has just been removed from their lives, her son is working for the Dimera’s, her uncle may die, her grandmother is sick and in need of help, she just lost her job, and all cares about is who she is going to knock boots with. What man is in her life should be the last thing on her mind right now. Also I am so sick of her making a scene in the pub, grandma is sick andshe is worried about her son that is in a coma, she has a business she is still trying to run and everytime Sami is in there, patrons or not, she causes a scene.

    Carrie is just as bad. She is just far more passively agressive about it. I was sick when Austin again chased her down, and was saying how sorry he was, as she wipped the tears she cried for not just another man, her sister’s man, the man she cheated on her husband with!…SICK.

    I can not believe Stef. would rig the election against EJ, the only reason I can think of is so that he could get EJ away from Nichole and make Lexi happy. That has thrown me for a loop.

    Lastly, I can not take the fact that Gina only has an accent every 5th word she says.

  18. From Pam 2

    I can’t stand Billie – the sneak. She has done so many rotten things. Does anyone remember when she became a cop and helped Larry Welsh kidnap Hope and her son?? Now she is ISA?

    I don’t think Carrie set her sights on Rafe. I really think they just happened to get close and fall for each other because Austin was working against John and Sami was feeling guilty about what she did so she was pushing Rafe away. I know Carrie left Austin for Mike Horton before, but I think that was also Sami’s fault. She had Austin beliving Will was his and he would run to help her every time she called.

    Really!! what is with Marlena and the black gloves? What is with Horton Square? In the dead of winter some people are wearing winter clothes and some are going sleeveless.

    I don’t like Dr. Dan – he is about as fickle as Sami.

  19. From Paula

    Carrie is making me sick! Poor Austin…so concerned about her crying when she in fact was crying over Rafe! And then she has the nerve to say she made up her mind and wants their marrage two seconds later??!! I hope Austin wakes up and tells her to get lost.
    Sami is no better. One minute so in love with Rafe, and now suddenly she loves Lucas? Pleazzzzz.
    I will say though that I wish it were true. I’ve always thought that Lucas was the only man that really understood and loved Sami for who she is. He always called her on her “stuff”, and still is. He calls a spade a spade with her and pulls no punches. Lucas has always been able to see through her bull and call her on it, and loved her anyway.
    And Rafe…I totally agree with previous posts. He had no business sitting there acting so smug when EJ was trying to talk to Nicole about the baby. EJ reacted as any man would who found out someone was trying to keep yet another child from him. If you ask me, he acted like the grown up in that conversation. Rafe’s another one who was “so in love”…and now so quickly acts like his life with Sami never mattered. I agree. Rafe needs to get a life!

  20. From Mopy

    Although I want Sami and Lucas together as Lumi, this rushed and forced out-of-the-blue admittance of feelings of love is just too contrived and not built up enough to be enjoyed. This isn’t what Lumi fans want! But, it’s funny, since I doubt that the ugly bumping between EJ and Sami during the “grieving sex”, which really was… well… ugly, wasn’t what Ejami fans wanted, either. Now, Safe fans are screwed, too! So, one can only conclude that the writers just want to annoy their fans and nothing more. Good jorb!

  21. From SandyGram

    For me, it’s not that Rafe is meddling in a married couples business. It’s what is it about the DiMera family and EJ that want women who he has impregnated to keep their distance from him and the family. Instead of villainizing Rafe who has stepped up to help these women, take a look at the reason they felt they needed help. That doesn’t mean in the case Nicole and Rafe, I don’t think there maybe a secondary reason Rafe may want to put some hurt and payback on EJ. Just a thought!

  22. From Grandma Judy

    Just taking time out from the grandkids this week to peek in here.

    Gerri, I’m so very sorry to read about you daughter’s accident. Love and prayers to her and to you and your family. Glad to hear she is a strong person. Bet she gets that from you! Blessings. . . .

    I really love that Rafe has stepped up to the plate for a very fearful and distraught Nicole, and she is obvioulsy grateful to him. It may all be for naught, if she goes back to EJ, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it for now. Rafe has SO MANY reasons for payback to EJ, but I think he is also really concerned for Nicole’s well being. Pregnant with a DiMera child?! Who wouldn’t be concerned for her?!

    I’m sorry that Renee Jones is retiring and that Lexie will be taken off the show, but her character would be hard to recast successfully after all this time. I’m sure her illness and dying will be very sad. Maybe that’s what will bring Nicole back to EJ. Spoilers a while ago said there would be a new love interest for Lexie and I think they were leading up to that with her break-up with Abe over him stealing the debate questions. But then the writers had to change course quick when she announced she was quitting.

    The whole Pawn/Gina thing is so ridiculous to me, and so fake. Gina’s accent is stupid and not very well done. Glad it plays out that they put one over on Stefano, though. But Kate isn’t able to and he knows about her cheating on him! Can’t believe she did that, – and with Ian!

    Sami and Carrie deserve each other as sisters. They’re both a mess! I got a kick out of Sami calling Carrie a slut the other day. Out of the whole Sami, EJ, Rafe, Carrie, Austin fiasco, Sami and EJ are the only ones who had sex and committed adultry. And Sami’s about to do it again with Lucas!

    Once again, happy Easter to all!

  23. From patty

    Maryl, I gave myself a headache too in my post #14. I meant two men of course. All I meant to say was that Sami is a skank. :)
    Mopy, you’re post is dead on. Most declarations of love these days on the show are not believable.
    SandyGram, Rafe has done nothing wrong so far trying to protect Nicole and her baby. Rafe of all people knows how ruthless EJ can be with the mother of his children and with his children if what he did to Sydney is any indication. Just because EJ says he’s a changed man doesn’t mean he is and Nicole doesn’t trust him either. She’s also seen first hand what he did to Sami and her kids.

  24. From MAB

    Marlena was funny yesterday when Roman was dragging her out of the pub. She kept rattling on, saying “you have a plan – I love when you have a plan Roman.” Although his plan was a dead end. Even tho Kate was telling the truth about not knowing where Stefano is, did they really think she would tell them the truth either way? I highly doubt that. I can’t believe Kate actually thinks Stefano wants Marlena. Now she’s gonna be an idiot and go sleep w/ Ian, and Stefano will know what she’s done. Looks like Kate will have some ‘splaining’ to do.

    It has been SO nice not having to see Ian & Madison for several days, and I dread when they’re back on screen. Can’t we just get rid of them?? I’m still hoping for a good murder s/l involving both of them. I do miss seeing Brady tho. I so wish it was him who was helping Nicole and not Rafe. And speaking of the goober Rafe, he can’t find any REAL evidence to use against EJ, so what does he do, he uses Nicole and her unborn baby to get revenge on EJ. Say what you will, but I think Nicole is gonna regret having Rafe on her side.

    Carrie…really??? I can’t believe she was that upset over hearing Rafe’s confession, and when poor Austin showed up, he was oblivious as to why she was really upset. She’s known Rafe a few months, and is acting like she just lost the love of her life, when she should be acting like that over loosing the reall love of her life, her husband Austin…the man she’s claimed to love for over 20 years. And then she tells him she wants to work on their marriage, just because she can’t have want she really wants. Ugh!

    Alright, EJ is finally gonna move out of the mansion, and conveniently across the hall from Sami. I think that’s a great idea…anything to have these 2 on screen together more! And if this eventually leads them back to one another, then that will be another plus!!!!

    I still think Sami is just saying she loves Lucas to get him to stay in Salem, and he would be a distraction from EJ (much like I always thought Rafe was for her too). She tries so hard to deny having feelings for him because of what everyone would think of her. Like her family, they already treat her crappy, aside from Caroline, so she knows they’d probably disown her if she was w/ EJ.

  25. From MAB

    No one twisted Nicole’s arm to get back w/ EJ. She willingly went back to him and is not pregnant w/ his child, and there is no getting around that. Nicole needs to suck it up and allow EJ to be a part of the baby’s life. She knows EJ would never do anything to hurt the baby.

  26. From Brenda

    I think the big Stefano secret here is that EJ is really not Stefanos son…could be Ians or John Black’s…..

  27. From Maryl

    I am wondering why these women (Sami and Nicole) get so bent out of shape when they become impregnated by EJ, and feel they have to hide their babies from the “evilmeister”. Yet they have no problem hopping in bed with him–are they so dumb about how a child is conceived?? I can understand that Nicole would have possibly thought it was impossible for her to get pregnant but even so why was it ok for her to kidnap someone else’s child out of desperation and deliver it to EJ as being their own just so she could hold on to him? Why was it ok then–EJ was just as bad back then as he is now. Nicole knows his history and she stated that she was his perfect soul mate because they were alike–she supposedly loved him unconditionly. Her real problem right now is that Sami came into her little world with EJ and once again upset the apple cart. That’s the real reason she doesn’t want EJ to have any rights to their baby–it’s personal for her–she is stinging with jealousy and hurt. She knows EJ loves his kids and he has never permanently taken any of them from their mothers. The short period of time he took the kids from Sami was only because of her lies and deceit that she started in the first place. Also, for placing a bullet in his head (just a small thing Ha!) If these “women” (and I use the term lightly) would learn to be honest with EJ and not always trying to deny and separate him from his children, they wouldn’t have nearly the stress in their pathetic lives.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Will be great fun to watch the grandkids hunt eggs! I also hope that everyone has nice wheather!

  28. From Lisa

    First Nicole is indeed a WEAK character, she always needs a man..hello right now she had Rafe and Daniel and still Ej pines for her (for no reasons what’s so ever, he always despised her..nut now out of the blue he wants her..nonsense, total nonsense..) so Sami is certainly not worse than Nicole in this area..and at least now she only has Lucas in her side and still he lectures her non stop, not enable and praise her like Rafe and Daniel do with Nicole ! And secondly Nicole is the one who wants to take Ej from her ‘miracle’ baby (by the way ridiculous story since all the baby-switch was about her not able to have a baby actually !!!!!!!!) Rafe only went with the Nicole flow..but she was the one who set everything in motion..and still people defend is almost offensive !

  29. From Lisa

    And by the way Ej also tortured Nicole with Sydney, he even used Brady to tell Sydney was dead whereas she rotted in jail..and he was more than thrilled with any guilt and hurt what’s ever (unlike his complex feelings for Sami even when he is in revenge mode) by the potential of her being jail for all her life..and now they are supposed to be some rooting couple, give me a break dool, no wonder your ratings are a disaster !

  30. From Lisa

    And by the way Ej also tortured Nicole with Sydney, he even used Brady to tell her Sydney was dead whereas she rotted in jail..and he was more than thrilled with any guilt and hurt what’s ever (unlike his complex feelings for Sami even when he is in revenge mode) by the potential of her being jail for all her life..and now they are supposed to be some rooting couple, give me a break dool, no wonder your ratings are a disaster !

  31. From sunSETdrama

    …well it’s been about a year since i’ve watched, and i have to say that i’m totally hooked again..friday’s episode was so good i watched monday and tuesday’s episode too…i love that lucas is back, and is the voice of truth that sami desperately needs..he told her that ej was in her blood, [[ TRUE DAT ]]..she just keeps denying it and ends up ruining her relationships because of it…rafe is obviously obsessed with fathering, or at least pretending to father ej’s kids..that’s is so sick, and manipulitive.. i hope sami realizes the bullett she just dodged with him…hope returning as the dark princess gina, [[ AWESOME ]] where’s doc baker when you need….the news that lexi is dying, WHAT THE HECK !! the writers hate us..i hope ej saves her by bringing back dr. rolf…if anyone can save her it’s him..john and marlena might be leaving again..[[ boring ]]..jennifer and jack, snooze fest..abigail is twisted and crazy, [[ me likes that ]]. it makes her unpredictable..austin and carrie, never gave a gosh durn about to begin with..daniel and rafe fighting an attraction for nicole very interesting…stefeno going medival on kate and ian, could be exciting and dangerous..[[ looking forward to it ]]…all in all i would have to say that DOOL has saved itself finally..the alice secret should be that maggie is ej’s mother…via stolen embryo eggs…….!!!!!!!!!! …TWO THUMBS UP

  32. From SandyGram

    #31 sunSETdrama

    The writers are not disposing of the character Lexie, Renee Jones has decided to return to her home state of Georgia to a more simple life. She has been in the Soaps for 20 years and has decided it is time for her to depart.

    Quote “john and marlena might be leaving again”….can you tell us where this information came from? Was there a spoiler if so from what website?

    Nice to see a fan that is enthusiastic about the Show. There are story lines that boggle the mind, but I also wouldn’t miss an episode.

  33. From Grandma Judy

    So EJ has never permanently taken his children away from their Mothers?! So are we supposed to give him credit for only kidnapping one TEMPORARILY from her mother?!

    I had not heard that John and Marlena might be leaving again. Guess I wouldn’t mind too much, since I’ve been disappointed in John’s return s/l, but I’d hate to see Marlena too far away from Will.

  34. From Seletra

    Nicole pregant with EJ baby. Seriously she should be with brady not EJ.Get rid of Madison. Sami and Ej are what make the show. They have the spark. And know they ad a baby with Nicole. It shouldn’t be EJ baby she has. They are taking away what was supposed to be a exciting story line.

  35. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Article…Days of Our Live Coming Out Party at the Hollwood Outfest event:

    “As teasers regarding the direction of the story and ongoing reactions from Will’s friends and family, Alison offered that Sami will have “a typical Sami reaction – it’s all about her and how she leaves Lucas to deal with it”, Lauren told us that “it will have a major effect on the Sami/Kate relationship” and that they may “stop trying to destroy each other long enough to help Will” and Greg revealed that “not every character will be comfortable, some will have trouble coming to terms with Will’s sexual orientation”.

    Greg also thinks it’s important to not sensationalize the story but rather to tell “the story of a young man coming of age” and keep it focused on “the boy next door who happens to be gay”.

    Chandler sees it as a privilege to help tell this story and the one most important piece of feedback he got from fans? “Better not screw it up!”

  36. From Kat

    Sami and Rafe kind of kidnapped “Grace”, believing she was Sidney, from her father EJ, not letting him know about it until she had Died….
    Nicole loved EJ enough, to steal Sidney from Sami, in order to make him a Father, strange, he was good enough back then, but not now. I don’t understand these women, they love him, lust for him, hop into bed with him, steal a baby for him to make him a father, and then when it suits them, and deny him being a father.
    Maybe some of them should not be Mother’s either, because it is always about Them, and of course,Rafe the Enabler always there to jump right in and lie with them, and then big surprise, when the Father of these children does not like what has been done to him. When did it all start, with the Chicken or the Egg.????
    Sami, Rafe, Nicole, EJ, they all have been in the “Kidnapping/Withholding” Baby business. LOL.
    I truly would love to see Dr. Baker back, IMO there is still a mystery out there somewhere..
    If John (not Hope) is one of EJ’s parents, that could be, EJ would still look like Santos/Grandpa, we all saw the old pictures of Santos,
    and he still be a DiMera.
    I am still going with the SL that I saw on TV, the writers had written it, and so for me it happened. Stefano and John are brothers, unless someday, otherwise
    explained away, that John really was not the baby Colleen had after all.
    So Writers, put that in your pipe and smoke it. Don’t fool with the fans/viewers, we all watched it.
    Of course, not everybody in Salem will be happy about Will, that’s only because, life is not that way…
    Lexie, her symptoms – the Head, dizziness, passing out, all of a Sudden, so much like Uncle Jerry, Three Month and it was all over….
    Fine one day, terminally ill the next.
    I think this SL is going to be a very sad one to watch. Lexie, like her at times, sometimes Not…
    she was an icon on Dool, and us viewers are all very invested in her character.
    It’s time to get on with all the SECRETS that are hanging out there,
    first all the hype and then Nothing…

  37. From MAB

    The Horton Square was built with a roof, so it is inside, not outside, which I guess is why we see the different clothing.

    Interesting info on Will’s coming out and family/friends reactions. I’m sure some will damn the characters who have uncomfortable reactions and trouble coming to terms w/ Will’s being gay. I think it’s a good thing. Not everyone should be jumping on the band wagon. We need real reactions if they want to make this s/l believable. I’m glad that won’t be sensationalizing the s/l, but rather tell a story.

    sunSETdrama – don’t think it will turn out that EJ is Maggie’s son since she’s found one son already in Daniel. Rumor has it that Alice’s secret was that EJ wasn’t Stefano’s son, but John’s, and it’s been speculation that Hope is his mother, from her time as Princess Gina. I think this is all a bit much. The writers need to stop changing parentage around. If the writers decide to go w/ EJ not being Stefano’s son, I think it’s the stupidest thing they will ever do! Lexie is gonna be gone soon enough, and that will leave Stefano with only one son, Chad, who wants to have nothing to do w/ him. The show needs to keep the DiMera family strong. They are a important family to this show, and if they break them down to nothing, then the entire show will start breaking down too.

    It was Rafe’s bright idea to claim father-ship to Nicole’s baby. Nicole didn’t come up w/ that plan. He is as guilty as she is for setting all this in motion, and is probably even guiltier because he’s now caused an even bigger problem for Nicole when EJ finds out the truth.

  38. From SandyGram

    For me, I’m still curious instead of continuing to demonize Rafe, Nicole and Sami, “what is it about the DiMera family and EJ that want the women who he has impregnated to keep their distance from him and the family?”

  39. From Kat

    To me, quite simple, Sami sees EJ with Nicole, Nicole finds out about Sami and EJ, Bingo, here we go, deny him his children, use them as punishment, same old story, even in real life, happens so often.
    Almost Never, “Children First”, no it is usually all about the selfish parents, so sorry to say, but so, so True.
    And then all the Fall outs start, she blames him, he blames her, and on and on goes the back and forth “Hurting Game”. Again, Chicken or the Egg???
    And what is even more ironic, these women – on the show -, keep getting pregnant over and over again, so I have no pity for them, and their lies, of course always with the helpful hand of “out of work” Mr. Hernandez.
    Get the man a job and let him become a useful and productive citizen of Salem, and stay out of the “Deceiving the fathers about their Baby’s)business. Specially in this case, when the Mother’s keep going back for more than one baby, but two…..Sympathy gone, and you know what, I think given the right moments, they’ll go back for No. 3 just like that.
    I think Nicole will go back, but of course, first her and Rafe will do their best to tarnish her reputation, what’s left of it anyway.
    Put Sami in the right circumstances, she’ll be in EJ’s bed just as quick, and of course, again it would be all EJ’s fault,
    because the women were taken advantage of, LOL.

  40. From MAB

    Nicole has always believed in EJ as a father…and Sami has said numerous that it was Stefano she wanted to keep from her children, not EJ. She even told Rafe in the safe house the same thing…that she knew EJ loved his kids and wouldn’t let anything happen to them. But then she found out Nicole & EJ were together, got jealous, and gets the idea to keep Sydney/Grace a secret from EJ w/ Rafe’s help & encouragement. Now Nicole is doing basically the same thing and elisting the help of the same man who helped Sami…none other than Rafe…who apparently has a fetish w/ EJ’s children. Nicole all of a sudden acts like EJ will discard her and take the baby from her. She always praised him as a father (unless she’s mad at him then throws up the past). She’s just pissed because he slept w/ Sami and now she’s coming up w/ all these excuses as to keep the child from him to punish him. Seems like the same scenario to me…using their children in a game of anger & jealousy toward EJ…punishing him by keeping his children from him – not because he’s a bad father – but because they’re pissed at him for being w/ another woman.

  41. From Grandma Judy

    SandyGram #37, – My take on it is somewhat like the old saying about a vacation spot, – “nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there”. The women love the excitement of EJ and enjoy the sex but then, knowing what he and his father are capable of, they don’t want their child to be brought up by him and in the DiMera environment. Not exactly responsible behavior on the part of the women!

  42. From Kat

    # 40 – so true, you said it,
    and the children will go on to pay, and pay, because their Mother’s didn’t know when to say No, and mean it. And of course, the father wants to be in his children’s life, surprise, surprise….Mothers and Fathers are after all called “Parents” they both have rights to their children, both love them, they are their flesh and blood. And EJ has been a good father, as good as the women have been mothers…!!
    Of course we know there are exceptions in life/dead beat fathers and mothers–
    don’t want to go there.
    Talking about Sami/Nicole and EJ.
    Glad that Lucas is staying, but I wish it was because of his children, Not Sami’s needs…

  43. From patty

    SandyGram, what woman in her right mind would want to have her child raised by EJ and the Demira influence. Even women like Sami and Nicole, who are anything but innocent themselves, can see what the Demira’s would do to an innocent child if raised in those surroundings. They would corrupt a child and use it as a pawn in their games they play with people. EJ is even less concerned of what effect his dastardly deeds has on his children than Sami does. Rafe is protecting Nicole and her baby from the evil he’s seen first hand, there is nothing to demonize him for. If in the meantime he’s getting even with EJ,he is not to blame to blame. The Demiras never did pay for what was done to Rafe. They never pay for anything they do so if someone has one up on them, I say go for it.

  44. From patsy

    I see they have a new writer . Wonder who they will try to please the EJOLE,EJAMI Safe or THE BRACOLE FANS .either way they are going to loose fans This is going to be intersting to say the leastgood luck to all the fans withch ever you chose

  45. From Penny

    ‘Enjoy the sex’ i wish but they NEVER get one real shot to Ej and Sami, they had TWO and i count the sex-grief scene which was not really a soap sex scene, although a great, riveting but not in a ‘love in the aftrenoon’ scene whereas Ej and Nicole were (will still be i guess sadly..) sex-fest overdose and the worse and boring as that in a we try really way way too hard to have some sexy chemistry..guess what it was a BIG BIG FAIL and quite disgusting for MANY.

  46. From SandyGram

    ALERT….ALERT….Hold on to your britches:

    From Soap Opera Digest:
    Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. Have been let go as the writers of “DOOL.” They are being replaced by former Co-Executive Producer and one-time Co-Head Writer Gary Tomlin and former Co-Head Writer Christopher Whitesell.

    What a surprise…finally a secret was kept and not leaked out to the fans until now!

  47. From Maryl

    MAB & KAT–Thank you for your blogs, they save me from having to type the exact thoughts!
    Grandma Judy–I never meant that EJ deserves any kind of credit for not keeping the children away from their mother on a permanent basis–but I do think that “credit” should be given to Rafe and Sami for pushing EJ into his revenge mode with their plans of deceit to keep EJ’s child from him. First Grace and then while Nicole had kidnapped Sydney, he overheard them expressing their desire to keep Sydney away from him. EJ went into a defensive mode where his children are concerned and he is still there. Thanks to the two original perpetrators, Sami and Rafe who started all this mess. Now Rafe is doing the same thing with Nicole–instigating stupid plans such as making himself out to be the father of Nicole’s baby. He needs to apply all this wonderful concern and caring toward his little sister as it appears she could use some guidance.

  48. From Keis

    I’ve been reading Nicole not so much as thinking that EJ will be a bad father, but rather that EJ tends to be a father who wants things on his terms, and Nicole is not willing to deal with that right now.

    Rafe’s behavior is strange; but while I think he does want to help Nicole (she’s the person who understands what he’s feeling right now), I think a part of him is enjoying the idea of screwing EJ out of his kid. And he knows that this would hurt Sami; but then people do stupid things when they are hurt (Sami is the queen of that).

    Also, I feel no sympathy whatsoever for Carrie. I started laughing when Austin found her sobbing (on Wednesday’s episode?). You are married, Rafe is married, and to your sister no less, so no, you don’t get to be upset about what he may or may not have done with Nicole. I’m not really a fan of Austin, but he deserves better.

  49. From Keis

    I’ve been reading Nicole not so much as thinking that EJ will be a bad father, but rather that EJ tends to be a father who wants things on his terms, and Nicole is not willing to deal with that right now. She’s never denied that he would be a good dad, just that right now he would use it to try to overpower her. Which let’s face it, he would. He proved as much when he started talking about moving her back into the house without really considering her.

    With Rafe, while I think he does want to help Nicole (she’s probably the person who understands what he’s feeling right now), I think he is also enjoying pissing off EJ. (He just looks so pleased!) And he has to know that this would hurt Sami; but then people do stupid things when they are hurt (in fact Sami is the queen of that).

    On another note, I feel no sympathy whatsoever for Carrie. I started laughing when Austin found her sobbing (on Wednesday’s episode?). You are married, Rafe is married, and to your sister no less, so no, you don’t get to be upset about what he may or may not have done with Nicole and the kid he may or may not have conceived. I’m not really a fan of Austin, but he deserves better.

  50. From Keis

    I’ve been reading Nicole not so much as thinking that EJ will be a bad father, but rather that EJ tends to be a father who wants things on his terms, and Nicole is not willing to deal with that right now. She’s never denied that he would be a good dad, just that right now he would use it to try to overpower her. Which let’s face it, he would. He proved as much when he started talking about moving her back into the house without really considering her.

    With Rafe, while I think he does want to help Nicole (she’s probably the person who understands what he’s feeling right now), I think he is also enjoying pissing off EJ. (He just looks so pleased!) And he has to know that this would hurt Sami; but then people do stupid things when they are hurt (in fact Sami is the queen of that).

    On another note, I feel no sympathy whatsoever for Carrie. I started laughing when Austin found her sobbing (on Wednesday’s episode?). You are married, Rafe is married, and to your sister no less, so no, you don’t get to be upset about what he may or may not have done with Nicole and the kid he may or may not have conceived. I’m not really a fan of Austin, but he deserves better.

    (Sorry if it posts twice btw!)

  51. From Clear

    Sandy, are these writers ones they fired before?

    Mab, so interesting what you said about Sami and Lucas.

    No couples are happy, and I hate it if they let Lexie die!

    Mid afternoon Misery could be Days new title!

  52. From SandyGram

    #49 Clear
    Here a little background on Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell from the Article on the Soap Opera Network website and other sources:

    Tomlin returns to “DAYS” after being the Co-Executive Producer from September 17, 2008 – September 2,2011(on air episode dates). This will be Tomlin’s first head writing gig in about 27 years – he was Head Writer of “Another World” in the mid-80′s. Though he was an interim Head Writer for “One Life To Live” (on air episodes dates: February 1, 2008 – May 1, 2008) during the 2007-2008 Writers Strike.

    Whitesell also returns to Days after being Co-Head Writer from October 13, 2008 – June 13, 2011 (on air episode dates). He worked with Diane Higley.

  53. From cathy

    I was so disappointed to just read that next week John and Hope are going back home.Marlena is so boring since she came back.Spending all that time with her guy grandson so boring.Come on dool you had something so good going on with the best John and Hope while end it so fast for what boring bo and hope and john and marlena.Give fans a break.

  54. From kass

    Ladies I’m back it has been way too long… I think I’m back for good really missed everyone’s company in here! I have decided to end my strike from watching DOOL that I began last July … I will have a fresh new perspective on the show because so much has changed that I dont even Know what is going on now. I watched part of last fri and was completely confused. John & Hope stfu lol I am assuming since stephano was there it has to do with something with the Gina storyline well Glad to be back!

  55. From SandyGram

    Welcome back Kass…lots of ‘stuff’ has gone on since you last watched. But with today’s news Marlene and Darrell who replaced Diane Higley as head writers, starting with the September 26, 2011 Renew Salem Show, have also been fired your probably coming back at a good time as things will start changing again. It will be interesting, since they tape 3 months in advance, whether the now new writers Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell will re-do any of the story lines that are already in the can (I think that’s the way they say already taped); will they just pick up where M & D left off; or go an entirely different route. And of course if you’ve read the postings above you probably say that Renee Jones (Lexie) is leaving in June and it will be via death hence her brain tumor diagnoses. Leaving was Renee’s choice.

    Once again nice to see you back, hope all in well with you, jump in feet first the waters fine!

  56. From Kat

    52 kass, Welcome back dear blog buddy, I missed you, addressed you now and then, but I guess you did not read the blogs.
    Dare I ask how things are going with the baby… hope all is well,
    this time around.
    As you will see for yourself, things are pretty much the same,
    we have the EJ and the Rafe sort of camps, but it is fun, I think…

  57. From michele

    #28 The reason I said that I think Sami is a much weaker woman then Nichole is because while you are right and Rafe and Dan are “helping” Nichole right now she did not go to them and ask for it, when she left EJ she left to be alone. Both Dan and Rafe came to her, and she tried to get them to go away. ALso she is not kissing, sleeping with, or manipulating them. I think Nichole is looking for love, where as Sami always needs a man to solve her problems, and take care of her. I think that Sami always has to have a man, she always talks tough then cries, screams, schemes, until she has her daddy, Lucus, Austin, Ej, Rafe, Grandma, Uncle bail her out. She told Maddison she loved doing what she was doing to Kate, then as soon as she was cought, she did not have to pay for what she had done, she did not stand up to Kate, she got Lucus and Ej to do it. Nichole is very hurt over EJ and is acting like she is hurt, so I do not believe Sami and Nichole are the same. Sami said she loved Rafe, slept with EJ, said the sex was good, is already on to the next guy. Even Allison thinks that Sami only cares about herself, not even she thinks that Sami puts her kids first. Nichole can love others more then herself.

    I agree with everyone that said it is wrong for both Sami and Nichole to keep EJ away from his kids. I say if you do not want a Demira child then do not lay down with a Demira. I also agree with Mab and niether Sami nor Nichole have really kept the kids away from EJ because he is a bad father. Sami did it out of jealousy and Nichole, I believe is hurt right now and will end up doing the right thing, not that it is ok to do what she is doing now, or let Rafe do what he is doing to EJ.

    Sidney’s birthday was not that long ago, Sami would not let EJ see her on her birthday…why…because he was with Nichole and she was with Rafe. EJ is still EJ he did not do a major change, yet Sami now thinks that it is ok for him to be around the kids. Sami will think EJ is a good father as long as neither one of them have someone else in their lives, as soon as she does she will want her man to be the kids father and EJ will be out of her good graces again.

    Also I do not think Sami is a better parent then EJ, I think she is worse. She has always put a man before her children, EJ has never put a woman before his. He wants to be better for his children, he tries to always to right by them. Yes he is a Demira so his right may not be the same as yours or mine, but in his heart he believes it is good for his children. Sami makes her choices not based on what she believes is best for her children but based on what is best for her. IMO

    I am so happy to hear that John and Hope will be coming home and leave that awful accent behind us.

    I love Chandler’s acting and loved how uncomfortable Will was when Marlena was talking to EJ today.

  58. From Lisa

    I disagree Michele : Nicole certainly loves and thinks about herself above everyone : hello she let Ej mourn a child for months and months and months and months in order to have an ‘happy family’ because she ‘deserved it’: her own words !!
    Ali Sweeney doesn’t try to justify her character flaws so yep she said Sami is selfish but it doesn’t change the fact that Nicole is also selfish if not MORE ! As for the scheming, seducing, sexing hello Nicole did it more than once, more than Sami that’s for sure, not long ago she was about to sex up Rafe, she manipulated Brady for more than a year and use sex with Ej in order for him to not discover her baby-switch scheme and i don’t even talk about her past where she dumped eric for money and sexed up Lucas, Colin order to help her in her schemes ! Try others more credible arguments in order to defend Nicole because what you said is laughable if you know the Nicole Walker character ! lol

  59. From Anna

    Michele : Nicole does what she does because of her jealousy and insecurity towards Sami, always have, always WILL !! And for good reasons she will never ever ever will be Sami in Ej’s eyes, if Sami did not reject Ej after the Sydney/kidnapping fall out, Ej would have never ever layed an eye on Nicole, NEVER ! And actually after that Ej did put his kids first with this robo Rafe fiasco and by using Nicole to piss off Sami, Johnny did not want him with Nicole at this time..the kids wanted their parents together: Ej and Sami together not with some ‘pièces rapportées’ like Nicole or Rafe so no Ej certainly did not put his kids first at this time !!

  60. From MAB

    Maryl – thanks to you & Kat too for your blogs – you two round out my thoughts on regular basis. And as we’ve always agreed, it was Sami who started all the mess by keeping EJ’s child from him, w/ Rafe’s help. I don’t think she would’ve ever taken that path if it weren’t for Rafe backing her up (just like Lucas explained how she needs a man to justify her actions). Once EJ heard their “plan”, it was on, and he was not gonna allow them to get away w/ keeping his child from him. And now Nicole is trying to do the same thing (w/ the same man) and if EJ finds out, she should be scared. EJ was trying w/ her the other day when he found out, and she had every opportunity to tell him the truth, but instead she let Rafe take the reigns and pull another scheme using an unborn child. I think Nicole’s gonna regret this, and she should.

    kass – welcome back kass, sure did miss you.

    Michele – I agree that if Sami/Nicole didn’t want a DiMera child, then they shouldn’t have slept w/ EJ in the first place.

    I’m loving the interactions between Sami & Lucas and Sami & EJ. I don’t want her to string these 2 along and have them fighting over her, but I’m ok w/ how things are going right now. Regardless of the mistakes Sami makes, at least she is acting more like herself again. I’ve always seen Sami as the rebel of the Brady family, and I don’t think that should stop. She doesn’t have to be perfect to be a good mother or even a good person. She just has more flaws than other people do, but at least she’ll admit to them (unlike let’s say Carrie). Funny how Sami is so much more herself around EJ & Lucas than when she was w/ Rafe…it’s so refreshing seeing her w/o Rafe. I’m glad she admitted to Lucas she was only saying all that to him about having unresolved feelings for him to get him to stay in Salem and be her ally. I do think Sami will always love Lucas in her own way, but I don’t think she is planning on a reconciliation between them…but Lucas’ expression told a different story IMO. He looks like he still has it for her, even tho he said otherwise.

    Some days I can’t stand Will and other days I think he is spot on…like yesterday when he was talking to Marlena. He was so honest about his feelings, how everyone still treats him like a kid, etc. He said what was on his mind, and Marlena, using her brain, got the message. Good scene!

  61. From patsy

    They will probable delet this but I,M going to try anyway First EJandSami have a history dua they have two kids IT wiuld be nice to see these two people WHO ovesly have stronG feelings for each other fight to be together against all odds . EJand Nicole the only ONEthing they have going is they look good haveing sex but I guess thats what most peopleLIKE now a days is sex enstead of love I would be a great story IF Rafe and Nicoles fRIEND turned into a deep love for each other .They both deserve that instead of comeing between Sami and EJ iKNOW IT WONT HAPPEN but it would be nice certainly better than Rafe and CARRIE OR Sami and Lucus they are better as friends

  62. From Kat

    Michele, MAB, I so agree, funny how in a short time or so, on a small blog, you can find people that sort of think like you, others the total opposite, and some sort of in the middle.
    Makes us All great people with different opinions, that’s all, and it should always be in good respectful fun. I have always tried to do that, but then sooner or later the personal attacks show up and we start defending, etc.etc. No more Defense from my side.
    So Maryl, MAB, Michele, keep writing for me, I love it, so agree on almost all you are posting.
    SandyGram, no wonder the SL felt for a while now, as if the Puppeteer was missing, a ship afloat without a captain, things made no sense for the most part, and all the “Secrets” came to a stop.
    I sure hope they are not going to
    ignore all the Started SL’s,,,,,
    that would be to much. Maybe what comes out, might be different than what the prev. writers wanted, but please let something (secrets) come out. Who is Dr. Dan’s Father, and what was in the envelope from Alice.????
    What about the bank accounts, I want to know.
    Just because they keep on switching writers, does not mean
    they should dis-respect fans/viewers that get invested in
    big start out SL’s.

  63. From Stephanie

    Is it just me or does DOOL writers have a hate-on for young women? From Melanie a couple years ago (ok – old writers) to Stephanie (sweet to mean in 30 seconds), then Abby and now sweet Gabi … I never knew until now that we are all a bunch of mean, bunnie boilers. Something in the water perhaps?
    OK – change of subject: Is Stefano retiring from the show? I see coming that the letter Stefano read from Alice has Ian as EJ (and possibly Lucas’) father and Stefano rigged the election out of hurt. EJ is moving next door to Sami for the same reason – Stefano is leaving the show and therefore so is the “Mans” – hopefully to make way for another set so they can stop having “intimate” dinner parties and bars set up in the middle of a mall…. or boxing classes in the lobby of a spa.
    OK – whether Hope is Hope or Hope is Gina – just get her back with Bo or I am done with this show – can’t soaps leave at least 1 couple alone and happy! Anyone else hitting the FF button a lot lately? I only stop for Sami’s angst and EJ, Nicole and Rafe – I think it’s funny and a nice aside from all the bunnie killing going on …. or “let me hypnotize you for the 100th time please Hope and John…..”

  64. From patty

    Can’t say that I’m sorry to hear there’s going to be another change of writers at DOOL. Something was quite off with the storylines and with the characters in the last few months. When it comes to relationships, everyone seems to be so unconcerned about each others feelings and seem to take breakups in stride like it’s an everyday occurance. Marriages and long time relationships fall apart over the least little bump in the road and couples move on with someone else without even taking a breather. That is so unrealistic. I know soaps are fantasies but really, why not stick to something that is more true to life or to the characters we know. How can anybody be in love with 3 people at the same time. For example Sami who was so in love with her husband a few days ago is now in love with Lucas and according to some, fighting her feelings for EJ. Even for Sami that is a bit much, she use to pride herself for not being a cheater and now she has three men on a string. Not that I want her back with Rafe, but they had the greatest love of all when they were together.

  65. From Maryl

    I think all of us EJami fans need to rally around the EJ/Sami relationship–we want them to be together!!!!! It’s a long overdue situation that needs to evolve into a wonderful romantic storyline. All the right elements are there for that to happen. We see these two characters on the screen and we know they belong together. They make our screens sizzle with their hot chemistry. So wake up writers, and take a long hard look for yourselves–surely you will see why Ejami has been so presistent.
    I’m concerned about the new writers. For one thing, they are not new. As a matter of fact they were both on DOOL’s staff not that long ago. I just hope that they don’t go backward. The SLs got messed up somewhere along the time these people were on board. I will give them the benefit of a doubt for now, but I sure hope they go forward and concentrate on answering and completing some of these SLs that are leaving us hanging with no closure.

    kass–welcome back!! I missed you!

  66. From Grandma Judy

    patty, #63, – good post and I agree! Also, I loved Sami and Rafe together and saw a deep love connection there and felt that Sami had finally found true love with him. But now I don’t think I want them back together, either.

    I read the spoiler for today’s show and it says Daniel is not surprised EJ wants a paternity test. Well, no, I’m not surprised, but what did surprise me was that the writers didn’t have Daniel want a paternity test done on Parker!

  67. From SandyGram

    Help me here EJami fans, lets say EJ and Sami do get back together as this wonderfully romantic couple. Would Sami become like a Stepford wife and do only as her husband said, walk around the house looking beautiful, taking care of the children, etc? Or would EJ allow her to be full partner in the relationship (he didn’t Nicole even though Nikki accepted him warts and all). And being a full partner would mean even knowing about the DiMera business activities; or even knowing things like EJ is behind John’s embezzlement. So what does EJ and Sami really have other than hot sex together and an occasional loving moment with the kids before Mary hustles them off to dinner, or have a cookie or to bed. And how would Sami handle it if EJ wanted her to distance herself from the rest of the Brady family, which has been one of his objectives for some time. I don’t know, where is yellow icon of the little guy scratching his head when you need it?

  68. From SandyGram

    PS: I did read a spoiler that Sami will be getting another high profile job. Could it be the new and improved Mayor EJ (LOL) is going to offer her a job??? But then there is Basic Black maybe John or Brady will give her a chance!

  69. From kass

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome back … I am excited to start watching and blogging again! Katherine everything is going great with the pregnancy, I was sick sick sick for the first 18-19 weeks but now I am about to be in week 25 and I havent ever felt better other than the shortness of breath all the time!!!! We found out in Feb that it is going to be a girl, I wanted a little “James” but I am now very excited to have a girl. I am due July 21st and cant wait, pregnancy just isnt my thing lol
    Ohh and I barely ever read any of the blogs when I gone because it was too hard to keep up with what was going on in the SL and the few times that I did check in and read them and left blogs myself they never seemed to appear when I checked back… it was strange, I’m not sure if it was poor service on my cell phone or what. Sorry I never saw your posts.
    I got really busy with work last year, and planning the wedding in October, and I havent worked since Dec when I found out I was pregnant
    because I got so sick I couldnt even get out of bed. I was sick all of Dec, all of Jan and almost all of Feb it was awful. I am just going to wait till the Baby’s born to go bak to work.
    I am glad to see that the SL has got rid of SAFE I like Ejami or even Lumi better than Safe. However I always felt that Lumi worked much better as a friendship or team rather than a couple. EJ and Sami, Sami and EJ it will always be inevitable they have that strong force of chemistry that draws them together. Well Dool is about to start so I’m gonna go watch it !

  70. From Sam

    What we want Sandygram : is Ej/Sami as a grey couple, who can bicker, be honest with each other, work side by side sometimes, sometimes be independent from each others. Sami bieng able to stands up for herself, the same for Ej, have some conflict about their respective opposite families; it give them drama, storylines and involve other core characters in their stories.
    They can scheme together, have some fights without going too far, being funny, sexy and witty together and finally always find each other in the middle of ‘white’ and ‘black’ areas. That’s what we want but don’t worry it will never happen…sigh..These writers are not talented and creative enough for this.

  71. From MAB

    Maryl – so true about the writers. I hope they move forward and not backwards w/ the s/l’s. And I hope they don’t rehash things that no one wants to see either. Maybe they’ll start telling some new stories and answer some questions that we all know need to be answered. And I’m hoping they’ll eventually be writers who will take a chance on EJami. I see so much story there to tell, plus the chemistry they share rocks like no one else’s! Even w/ all that has happened between them, most EJami fans still want them together…not even Safe fans can say that. I’m all for rallying together w/ other EJami fans in hopes DOOL will finally get the message.

  72. From MAB

    Maryl – so true about the writers. I hope they move forward and not backwards w/ the s/l’s. And I hope they don’t rehash things that no one wants to see either. Maybe they’ll start telling some new stories and answer some questions that we all know need to be answered. And I’m hoping they’ll eventually be writers who will take a chance on EJami. I see so much story there to tell, plus the chemistry they share rocks like no one else’s! Even w/ all that has happened between them, most EJami fans still want them together…not even Safe fans can say that. I’m all for rallying together w/ other EJami fans in hopes DOOL will finally get the message.

    Sorry if this posts twice.

  73. From patty

    #66 SandyGram, I agree with you about EJami. I just don’t see it happening, even though they absolutely deserve each other. EJ’s shouting and shoving is not going to work very long with Sami and she doesn’t take orders very well either. I wonder if he will set her up with a tracking device in the form of a trinket to make sure she doesn’t sneak back to Rafe or Lucas.
    Well it looks like the pics of Marlena Stephano had sent to the house was meant as a set up to test Kate. So Kate crawls to Ian, Stephy gets what he deserves. He should have left well enough alone.
    Looks like Jack and Jenn are back together. Finally!

  74. From kass

    Wow just saw todays episode over here on the east coast and WOW! The new Austin is looking OLD!!! Carrie looks like a waliking skelton! Chad looks like he just walked off the cover of some EMO punk rock band magazine… to me the look (hairstyle) doesnt look good for him. Good to see Celest again she always gave me a good laugh with her black majic… Last time I recall seeing her was when EJ was in New Orleans in Mansion de Blanch or sometyhing like that. REALLY is Will just now coming out I was hoping that whole SL line had passed they said it was set for last fall??? I must say Chandler’s acting skills have picked up a great deal and improved since I last watched, to me he always seemed like a weak actor but today he seemed much better (IMO). Seems that Rafe and Nicole are back to their scheming and plotting, how typical! Was it just me or when Carrie & Rafe claime to be “over one another” it seems like they are alittle less than over one another. Of matter of fact they seem to be very much stil in to one another. I dont know just a feeling I had. Also I had a feeling Gabbie doesnt like Melany, hmmm Cat fight??
    OHHHH how I love the Irony in how at one point Nicole went to such great links to KIDNAPP Sydney at birth so EJ would have the right to see his own child, but now all of a sudden he is such a monster that she doesnt want him around her baby… WOW
    Well there are my thoughts for today. :)

  75. From MAB

    SandyGram – EJami fans see them in a whole different light, so it’s kinda hard to explain to someone who isn’t a fan of the couple that only sees the negative things that could or would happen in their relationship. For me, I see all kinds of ways their relationship can go, good & bad, but they continue to fight against all odds to be together. That is what good story telling is all about, and what keeps a couple interesting. There are so many stories that can be told with them if the writers would tackle it. All I know is that there would never be a dull moment w/ these two, that’s for sure. As for her knowing about the family business, I doubt EJ let that happen, but he’s not your typical run of the mill guy w/ a typical job…he is a DiMera after all, but he would be honest w/ her up front about that, as he was w/ Nicole. So Sami would have to decide if that is something she could live with. Nicole did, and so does Kate (for the most part). I think they could still have a satisfying relationship w/o Sami having to know what goes on in the family business…although that part remains to be seen at this point as EJ has finally moved out of the mansion. As far as what type of wife Sami would be, well it certainly wouldn’t be Stepford wife…and I don’t think EJ would want her to be. That would be boring for them both. Plus EJ likes Sami spunk, and she would definitely show it off for him like she did before. They almost had that at one time when Sami moved in w/ him. She was real w/ him and was more independent than she has ever been w/ any other man (except financially). I think we’d see more of that, and lots of other scenarios…their love & passion for one another, raising their children together, and all the while fighting obstacles in their way of being together…like dealing w/ her family’s obvious disapproval. The thing is tho it’s not her family’s business if she decides to be w/ EJ. They would just have to learn to accept it. Don’t know if this makes sense or not, but that’s what most of us EJami’s think. We see them as a couple w/ great potential, if the writers would take on the challenge.

  76. From MAB

    kass – congrats on your soon to be little girl!

  77. From patty

    According to spoilers, Sami and EJ kiss to prove there is nothing romantic between them but he opens up to Nicole and they almost kiss but are interrupted. Lucas and Sami open up to each other and are affected by a close encounter. EJ and Sami decide their relationship is platonic. Lucas sets up camp in Sami’s living room. Sami’s attracted as EJ takes off his shirt to fix a pipe, but they agree they only cause pain and suffering when they’re together . Lucas confronts EJ about moving next door to Sami.
    No signs of true love and lasting happiness for Sami in the near future. In the meantime, I think she still loves Rafe.

  78. From Maryl

    SandyGram–To turn Sami and EJ into a couple and family depends solely on the talents and creativity of the writers. If they use their imagination, it can work. Anything can happen on paper. All it would take is a real twist in the SL regarding the life and character of EJ. Then Sami needs to have an “awakening”. SandyGram, being a Stepford wife would not be too much different then what Sami was experiencing with Rafe–walking around the loft, taking care of the kids, relying on him to think for her, and needing his permission for everything she wanted to do that she felt he wouldn’t approve of. At least at the DiMera mansion, she would be dressed in the latest styles. Ha! There would definitely be more excitement in her life, but at least this time she would be on the same side of the fence as EJ instead of opposing him. As far as EJ allowing Sami in on all his business, I don’t think he would want her involved there for her own good, as Nicole. But what did she know about Rafe’s past? He never did explain some of his past life to her. As a matter of fact, he refused to let her in on that part of his life. (Maybe he did something really grievous, like forgetting to polish his halo?) Sami knows exactly what EJ is and what he does. EJ also knows who Sami is and what she is capable of–something Rafe wasn’t able to figure out.
    The EJ/Sami SL will most likely never happen so all the fans who dislike EJ can relax, but I personally hope the writers take the challenge, let EJ and Sami finally “find” each other, and then let their story fly. I think that the ratings would go up also.

  79. From pattypat

    Wow! The story line is ready to explod. I am glad to see the John/Hope/Step storyline will come to an end. We need hope back with Bo. I am just not sure how the storyline with EJ/Sami/Lucas and Ralf will turn out. To many little things in the way. I donotlikem that Nicole is playing up the baby, Secrets always come out. I was saddened to hear that Lexie will be going off the show. I better get my kleenex redy.

  80. From patty

    Maryl, you seem to forget that Sami was already EJ’s “Stepford wife” and she wanted none of it. As a matter of fact she couldn’t get out of there fast enough. As for Sami not opposing EJ well that will never happen. You really believe Sami would stand by and do nothing if Steph and EJ had someone locked up in the basement while her kids are in the house?
    As for Rafe’s past , which is totally irrelevant, we know it is not as “grievous” as anything EJ’s ever done because he wouldn’t have been an FBI agent. I’m sure these agencies do background checks.
    Sami was happiest when she was with Rafe as she has said many times. She had what she was looking for, love and stability for her and her children. Of course being Sami she had to screw it up. The only good thing about her going back to EJ would be that she would have Mary doing all the work that Rafe did for her and the kids at the loft.

  81. From Michele

    #58 & #59 I do not think Nichole is without sin so to speak. I know that she married for money, I know that she kidnapped Sidney and has done many other things that are self serving in her past. I use love to hate Nichole like I do Sami in the past. But, unlike Sami Nichole seems to have grown and changed. No one will ever be 100% good all the time on a soap, but I believe Nichole (except with what she is doing right now, with the baby) actually loves with her heart unselfishly. For example, Nichole LOVED Brady just as much as Sami LOVED Lucus. Nichole wants Brady to be happy, she does not try to stop him from moving on. She was uncomfortable seeing Brady and Madison together, but she was nice to her, told her to never hurt him, and gave them her blessing. Sami never wants anyone to move on from her. When Lucus came back, she told him she loved Rafe and wanted him back, once she heard that he had someone else now she wants him back. I think if it was still the Nichole that only cared about money and getting what she wants then you would be right that they are the same, but IMO Nichole is a changed woman and the ONLY one (again except for not telling EJ about the baby) that is acting like she was really in love and hurt over the brake up. You can name a couple times that EJ has not put his kids first, but for everyone that is named where he didn’t one can be names where he did. I can not think of a sigle time that I remember Sami putting her kids before herself. But this is just what I walk away with when I watch the show. As I have always said, the one thing I love about this site and this show is that we are all watching the same thing and can all see things different. I also like when I see that I am not alone and other people do see it the way I see it. I agree with MAB, Kat and Maryl on alot of things but I also agree with Sandygram and Patty on alot of things. I love that!

    Today’s show was very upsetting to me.

    I do not think Marlena should have laughed and agreed with Will when he was talking badly about his mother.

    I do not like the way Carrie used Austin. I really have no use for Carrie at all anymore.

    I do not like Rafe’s “feelings” for Carrie. I also do not like the way he keeps infulencing Nichole. I believe Nichole would have told EJ (and still will) if he did not say that he was the father. I did like the way DR. Dan tried explaining that he knows how it feels to be kept away from your child and does not think that they should lie to EJ. But because Rafe hates EJ so much (and he has the right to, after the whole ROBORafe, and for sleeping with his wife) that he is driven by his hate and not for what is best for Nichole or her baby. I am not even saying that he is aware of it, but I do believe that is what is happening.

    I do not like crazy evil Gabby. I keep saying, if Rafe spent 1/4 of the time he puts into EJ into his sister maybe she would not be do desparate to have a mans love.

    I respect the fact that someone would like to retire and enjoy life after 20 years of work, but knowing that Lexi is going to actually die and hearing her talk about Theo was so sad. I hope the writers realize that we as viewers need to see Theo, EJ, Stefeno, Abe, and all their friends and family deal with this in a way that is true to the charecters they have built.

  82. From MAB

    We EJami fans forget nothing! How many times does it need to be made clear that we see EJ & Sami in a different way than some of you?? But some just continue to constantly poke & challenge our opinions & thoughts. Why can’t you just face facts that you will never see EJ & Sami in the same light as we do, let it be, and just agree to disagree w/o insinuating we are wrong in the way we see things.

    Maryl – so right, Sami still knows more about EJ than she does Rafe.

  83. From patty

    How many times does it have to be made clear that we all have a right to our opinion on the way we see things? There is no right or wrong on opinions and it doesn’t mean we don’t get it because it differs from yours. What we get is that EJ Demira is a criminal so excuse me for not liking criminals around women and children, especially when they keep getting away with their crimes over and over and over…

  84. From Maryl

    patty–I believe you seem to have forgotten something also–that Sami was going to MARRY EJ–the wedding was already started and she was perfectly willing to tie the knot with him until St. Rafe came barging in. If EJ hadn’t been such a bad boy and Sami wasn’t so in “love” (Sami love–that is) with Rafe, she would have married EJ and obviously would have had no problem becoming a “Stepford” wife. EJ, Sami, and the kids were doing great together while she was living at the mansion. Also, the first time around, when EJ and Sami were married–did you forget how he tried to change for her, helped her with the kids when they were babies and was loving and supportive of her? He even helped free John from Stefano’s clutches. He tried hard to change, but Sami threw all that away because she “thought” she belonged with Lucas. Once again, she couldn’t see past the nose on her face. Her love for Rafe?-I seriously doubt that–she is already making plans to hook up to Lucas, so how can she be so in love with Rafe? She will protest and profess her love for Rafe when she finds out that Nicole is getting her hooks on him because she does not want Nicole to have any relations with her exes out of pure spite. That’s our Samantha Jean–the least of her worries would be about becoming a Stepford wife–since her history is as jaded and clouded as EJ’s. Only difference between EJ and her is that he is a power lord and she is usually unemployed.

  85. From SandyGram

    April 4th Show:
    At the Coffeehouse. The conversation between Marlena and EJ the writers have given EJ a script saying all the right things to be very supportive of Will. Although I think EJ’s statement quote “I want William to have the opportunity to be who he is without fear of any judgment” and also that “EJ thinks that both he and Marlena knows what he’s talking about”, that leads me to think EJ is referring to Will being Gay. Up until now Will’s employment with EJ was around Will shooting EJ in the Church. I don’t think I heard EJ come right out and say he knows Will is gay, which goes for Marlena also, has Will told her he shoot EJ. So for me there is still a gray line here. And of course EJ being EJ his sincerity regarding any support to Will is all about what he can gain from knowing either of Will’s secrets. Although I will give credit to EJ for one thing, I think he has a true fondness for Will and James and Chandler work very well together.

    Now the Lucas and Sami’s Conversation at the Pub was like a dog chasing its tale, their only going in circles.

    It was Billie’s conversation with Agent Spencer that is a whole lot of speculation on her part or there is some real meat here. The ISA is after Stefano…but suddenly she is finding things that are tied to or at least she suspects are tied to EJ like arms dealing. Also it’s very suspicious all this documentation is being left out in the open for her to find so easily….Run Billie Run….you’re in the middle of a DiMera set up, but the intrigue is who is setting up who? It would seem since Stefano wanted EJ to lose the election and now the embezzled money is missing, Stefano is in this up to his knickers. I’m feeling a father vs. son battle building up here. But then EJ taking on big deals like arms dealing is what he needs to gain the respect and love from Stefano that he so desperately wants and needs. For me, this just shows how disillusioned EJ is about what a relationship is all about!

  86. From gerri

    I’m glad there will be new writers,coming on board.
    Maybe they can write some happy SL’s,instead of the continous,cheating,kidnapping,and criminal actitives,of course,the Demiras,wouldn’t have a SL,at all,if ” Crime” wasn’t a part of their lives,so I guess we do need some drama,to keep show interesting,and not lose viewers,but when days started,they did have one stable and happy couple,and days was based around this family,now all we can watch is breakups,repeated SL’s,and lives destroyed,very depressing,why can’t there be a mix?writers please give us one happy couple(Doug and Julie come to mind.)thanks for a headsup patty,hope Jack and Jenn can work everything out(I give up on Bo and Hope)always something coming between them.please change Gabi back,to the sweet girl she was,when she came on the show,I’m tired of all the trickery to catch a guy….

    Update.on daughters injury.pain getting less,no feeling has returned yet,in what’s left of her 3 fingers.she’ll get stiches out on the 12th,and begin therapy…


  87. From patty

    Maryl, I think Nicole had more what it takes to be a mob wife than Sami ever will and even she didn’t hang in there. Most of EJ’s and Stephano’s beefs are with the Bradys and Rafe so if Sami was to have wind of their ploting against any of them, she wouldn’t support her husband or keep quiet about it. As selfish as she is, she loves her family and wouldn’t stand by and watch EJ and Stephano destroy them and we all know they would, they’ve been doing it for years.
    Yeah, Sami almost married EJ once, not because she loved him because she still loved Rafe but she married Rafe not once but twice because she wanted to hold on to what she had with him. Sami with Rafe was the most grounded she’s ever been before and since. Now she’s acting like a skank again stringing men along and not knowing what she wants. It’s always about Sami first but I’m hoping this time she will put the kids first and stay away from the Demiras where nothing good ever happens.

  88. From gerri

    I think the feelings of pain in my daughter’s hand and fingers,is what is called phantom pains,and she’s been told,she will probably
    have them from now on.

  89. From Kat

    88 gerri, People that have amputated legs, always feel those phantom pains, I forget, but I read once that there is something you can do about it…..Maybe it will come back…
    Kass, so happy that you and your “little girl” are doing fine. God Bless ya both.
    Have to watch today’s show before I can comment….
    I would like to see a Sami/EJ pairing very much, but not as long
    as there is a Nicole with baby, I want EJ to be there for that baby and Mommy during pregnancy, etc.

  90. From kass

    thanks Kat & Mab for the baby congrats!!!! :) :) :) :)

  91. From Cougar

    Have not had time to read the posts to see what others have said about this. Rafe now is helping Nicole hide paternity from EJ. Really. He tried that one with Sami. As Dr. Phil would ask hows that working for ya?

    In regards to the poll from the other site with their querry o have Dr. Baker fix the paternity test for Nicole, YES! Please don’t tease me. I like Doc Baker and hated to see him take the full blame for the Ambien like affect that the sleeping pills had on Hope.

  92. From SandyGram

    SPOILER…Excerpt from an Interview – Greg In Hollywood with Chandler Massey:

    While Will continues to come out to various family members in the coming weeks and months, it is not the only focus of his life. His job as assistant to former stepdad EJ will also take center stage.

    “The next few months is a lot about Will and his relationship with EJ and how it evolves,” Chandler says, “It’s him learning basically how to run a business and how to blackmail people. [The gay plotline] is still interwoven but not at the forefront. But it’s still there, it’s who Will is.”

    Since Will is going to be involved a lot with EJ (played by James Scott), I did have to ask Chandler about what appears to be a bit of a sexual undercurrent between the two characters.

    “Some of it is in the writing,” he explains. “The relationship between Will and EJ is mentor-mentee and lends itself to those intimate scenes. But really it’s the fact that James Scott is British and everything he says to Will seems to have underlying sexual undertones.”

    The entire interview can be found on

  93. From Maryl

    patty–I understand what you are saying, but the fact still remains that Sami was ready to marry EJ and live in the mansion–that tells me that she didn’t consider it a problem for her and the kids. She was going to this of her own free will, knowing she had “feelings” for Rafe.
    As far as the Brady bunch goes, when EJ was in a good relationship with Sami he laid the law down to Stefano, on several occasions, not to harm any of her family. Much to Stefano’s chagrin of course! Ha! Just recently EJ let Kate know that she had better let up on Sami.
    As far as the way Sami is behaving right now–she is back to her old self–this is how she always behaved. Her “Rafely” redemption was short-lived. Obviously it wasn’t firmly rooted or was just superficial to began with–Samantha is Samantha!
    I do agree with you that Nicole seems to be more appropriate as a mob wife, but I think the reason may be that she has no immediate family near her and she is a free spirit. So she can do anything she wants without someone looking over her shoulder and telling her what to do. Sami has the Brady bunch to deal with when she does something bad so it sort of puts her in a different position than Nicole. She believes she has to try to please them and of course she has caused them a lot of disappointments, but she still does what she sets out to do with a mind of her own whether it’s right or wrong–even ignoring the Brady’s warnings against the “forbidden fruit” named EJ DiMera.
    Nice debating with you, patty. This is the last blog for me until after Easter–will be dying eggs and taking care of my grandkids!

  94. From Chris

    #78-Maryl, I would hate to see Ej & Sami together not because I dislike Ej but because as hard as I try to see this chemistry they have I just don’t feel it. Ej is actually one of my very favorite characters but he and Nicole just work for me. I feel that Sami’s character has been ruined with her lack of ability to make up her mind. She’s attracted to Ej, loves Rafe and can’t get over Lucas. She has grief sex with Ej while her son is missing and presumed dead and then says the sex was good. If she really was in grief that last thing she should be remembering is that the sex was good. I personally would like Sami to be alone for a while. I hope these new writers don’t repeat the same storyline with Nicole’s baby as they did with Sami. I’m hoping that Nicole will get over her hurt and tell Ej about the baby. Rafe and Sami or Lucas are a better fit. Nicole deserves to be happy. She really loves Ej and I just love Nicole. I hope she get her happy fairytale sooner rather than later.

  95. From Kat

    Watched today’s show,
    must say I am annoyed with Rafe, for having the nerve to try and corrupt Dr. Dan to help in his/and sorry to say, Nicole’s lie about the baby. To even dare ask, a doctor to switch paternity tests. Don’t they remember the mess that was caused by Caroline Brady, and all the fall outs, disgusting.
    Rafe is beginning to look like a Gigolo to me, No work, not a dime to his name, barely out of his marriage with Sami, not cold yet, in love with his wife’s sister, also married, claiming to be Nicole’s baby father, it is getting slightly disgusting.
    What money is he living on, we all know there are no savings in the bank- no to long ago, all they had is about $40.00 in the bank.
    And Carrie, also disgusting, poor Austin, the bomb could drop on him at any time, the moment Carrie finds out what Rafe and Nicole were up to, with their big lie.
    Gaby, disgusting, come on writers, get with it, is that the best you can come up with…
    How often in One Day, does Marlena, same cloth, same gloves, run into Will at the square, I am starting to get a bit bored with Marlena and her hanging on to Will. It’s almost like she is stalking him, I know she is not, but come on, how many times a day….
    And the gloves, what gives, all I can think of, quite a while ago, I saw Marlena’s hands once on a real close up,, and I thought wow,
    what Old Hands to go with that young face…..Don’t mean to be unkind to the actress, but that is all I can come up with at the moment.
    Poor Lexie and Carver family, that is going to be tough, anybody know when Lexie’s last day on the show will be????
    Wow, Lexie’s Brother, he is hot, hot….wonder how Celeste will explain him, a secret for years now, why….. hope she has a good reason, and who is the father.?
    Kass, any Girl’s name yet…..
    When I glanced at the due date, I thought for a moment it was June 21, that’s my Bd. but it is July 21.
    I am so glad you are back, I truly missed your greats blogs.
    Kass you thought Carrie looked skinny, to me she looks almost a bit frompy, I have to look again.

    Carrie and Austin could always move into EJ’s Bldg. – why not -, they all could meet in the lobby.
    Wonder if we will ever see the dock again..
    Maybe Dr. Dan will be the next Chief of Staff…..that would give him more prestige.
    And Rafe needs a job or something,
    or soon he will be homeless, living where, the Loft costs money, a car costs money,eating out costs money, where is it coming from. The writers are overdue to explain that one ….Sami doesn’t have a job, so there is No Alimony for him there…..LOL

  96. From Maryl

    Chris–I understand and respect the fact that you like EJ with Nicole. I love Nicole too, and if the writers put those two back together again, I won’t be that disappointed. With me, it’s like I see these restricted,complicated, unresloved feelings between Sami and EJ ever since the birth of Johnny and the Santo/Colleen SL and I think it’s time for all that to come to surface. I know Nicole is supposed to be having EJ’s baby, but Sami has two children with EJ, so you ask yourself which mother should he be with. Certainly one that can love him and be willing to live as a family with him. So I guess it could be either one–NIcole or Sami. I personally hope it’s Sami, but that’s just my want. (Ha)! Will we all go “crazy” over this SL?? (Ha!)I think I’m half-way there already!

    kass, congratulations on your baby girl!! She will be the apple of your eye–you can count on that!

  97. From Marion

    What we want Sandygram : is Ej/Sami as a grey couple, who can bicker, be honest with each other, work side by side sometimes, sometimes be independent from each others. Sami bieng able to stands up for herself, the same for Ej, have some conflict about their respective opposite families; it give them drama, storylines and involve other core characters in their stories.
    They can scheme together, have some fights without going too far, being funny, sexy and witty together and finally always find each other in the middle of ‘white’ and ‘black’ areas. That’s what we want but don’t worry it will never happen…sigh..These writers are not talented and creative enough for this.

  98. From Daysgal

    #94 Chris, great post! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  99. From MAB

    Rafe is such a loser! And keeps showing his true colors more & more everyday. He sits there and lies to Daniel that EJ was badgering Nicole about the baby which is completely untrue. And then says he knows for sure EJ would file for sole custody…well if that one comes true, maybe it’s because his child is being kept from him! Then he argues about EJ raising the baby. Paleeze! It’s none of his business for one, and two, he’s got nerve questioning EJ’s persona when he is the one who keeps conspiring to keep EJ’s kids from him. And lastly, Rafe gets all bent out of shape over Daniel’s reaction about changing the paternity test…then proceeds to get an attitude & snotty w/ Daniel, giving him dirty looks. Too bad Daniel didn’t wipe those smug looks off his face. I can’t wait until someone gets fed up w/ his holier than thou attitude and kicks his @$$.

    Carrie tells Austin they need to build on them before talking about having kids?? Uh, you’ve been w/ this guy for 20+ years, you should know by now if you want to have kids w/ him. And Carrie’s kiss to Austin in front of Rafe was totally juvenile. How childish can she be?

    New Celeste is overacting IMO – not impressed. What purpose is she gonna serve once Lexie is gone?

    EJ has been observing Will for some time now, so I’m not surprised that he knows he’s gay. Kate knew too. And Will’s working for EJ now is Will’s choice. EJ gave him the opportunity to bow out, but he didn’t, so this is not about EJ holding something over his head again. Besides it won’t be a secret for long, as Will will soon tell everyone he is gay…so what will be his reasons for working for EJ then? Maybe it’s because he wants to work for him. It’s not always about what EJ can gain from this, but maybe what Will can gain from this. Glad to hear the writers aren’t gonna focus all of Will’s s/l on him being gay, but EJ becoming his mentor, and learning how to run a business.

    Stefano & EJ are too smart for the law enforcement, as always, so I hope Billie is in the middle of a set up by the DiMeras. She just might end up getting her mother in hot water too if she doesn’t watch her step. Stefano is setting Kate up too, but it’s more personal. He has set her up to see if she’ll be faithful to him…and what does she do but prove she can’t be. The Marlena pics were sent to test Kate and she fails. She runs to Ian and sleeps w/ him and Stefano knows about it all. When are these people gonna learn that the DiMeras know how to play the game better than everyone else?

    The DiMeras aren’t the same kind of people as everyone else. They don’t love the same, act the same, or live the same. So to say EJ is delusional about what a relationship is – is not totally accurate. Let’s take most of the other characters, like Sami for instance. She was raised completely different than EJ, and when it comes down to it, neither one of them have successful relationships…and neither do half the characters on the show. So I’d say they are all delusional when it comes down to it, but this is a soap opera and that’s the way it’s meant to be IMO.

    We don’t know for sure what is going on w/ the arms deal so we can only speculate as to why EJ is involved, if he is. It may just be falsified papers to throw snoopy Billie off the trail. And I recall EJ stating that the papers in the desk were his fathers, not his. So we can’t say for sure what’s true or false at this point, and what the DiMeras are really up to.

    I sure wouldn’t call Sami’s love for Rafe real when she is off hanging out w/ Lucas and EJ like nothing happened. I think Sami was trying to prove herself to her family when she married Rafe. Everyone seemed to like Rafe (God knows why) and I think she was the one delusional about their relationship, thinking she found true love, but it was really a way for her to be more accepted by her family…people would take her seriously, respect her more, and she could change her persona from being the black sheep of the Brady family by settling down with what everyone thought was the right man for her. Well that’s all out the window and the Sami I know & love is back! I couldn’t be happier that she is out of that sham of a marriage she had w/ Rafe.

    Kat – I agree, it’s like Marlena is stalking Will. Why don’t she spend time w/ the rest of her grandchildren, or what about trying to repair her relationship w/ Sami? And Marlena’s claim to love Will more than his parents? Oh, come on! I thought the same thing too about the gloves. I mentioned them a while back. You may be right, she might not like her hands looking older than her face. But what is she gonna do when summer time arrives in Salem??

    When someone nastily insinuates another person’s opinions are wrong, and that is exactly what was done here, that becomes the problem on here. You are so oblivious to other’s opinions of that fictional character that you become offensive about your own. You think you see it both ways, but you don’t. You still don’t get it, and never will. You will only see EJ in one way, but the rest of us see it many different ways.

  100. From Penny

    Chris i totally disagree with you.
    As a fan of Ej since DAY ONE, i don’t want him with Nicole, it destroys him imho, to me he deserves a far more interesting partner. Nicole is certainly not better than Sami and as for the way Sami can’t make up her mind..euh not so long ago Nicole wanted Brady, she even slept with him all over the Dimera mansion whereas she was supposed to be ‘the mother figure’ Ej out of the blue decided to have for his kids whereas they had already a mother (as selfish as she can be) A REAL mother that they love ! Nicole always coming back sniffing around Ej shows that this girl has no pride at all, it is pathetic to watch..and almost offensive well scratch that not almost just falt out offensive and boring and predictable.

  101. From Kat

    Marion, nice post, that could work for me.
    MAB, I agree so much,
    also I think I liked the “old” Celeste better, but I am willing to give the new one a chance….
    I was proud of Dr. Dan for not going along with Rafe, the nerve of that guy…
    Maryl, I thought for sure that after the Santos/Colleen story, – Sami and EJ would have a great love story of their own, but the writers didn’t want to go there, I still think, that a big time Love..etc. whatever story between EJ and Sami – against all odds – because of family etc., could have gone through the roof….,
    but No, they put her with boring Rafe. I always knew that one would not last, that’s why it bothered me that they kept pushing the “Kid’s Factor” with Rafe so much. So now again, it’s the kids that pay the price, no more Rafe living/loving with them… Wonder who is Next in Sami’s Bed?? Any Bets?????

  102. From Kat

    Well, about Kate and Stefano,
    The one thing, that I have always told (and I learned that from my Mom), everybody in My Life, Please, always, no matter what happens or you might think or believe, Give me the benefit of the doubt, give me that respect period, talk to Me in Person about what is troubling you, before you leap to “wrong” conclusions, don’t just run with some stuff, please, no matter what…. It’s been my Life Long Belief and request to all my Family and Friends, period.
    And you know what, it has worked for the most part, there are always a few, that don’t listen,but in the end you can always work it out, thank God.
    So Dear Kate DiMera, you would not give Stefano, your husband the benefit of the doubt, He tested you, I am sure he knows all about the Cane carrying Ian, and your Past with Him. Why wouldn’t he test you, LOL, of all people – after all you are Kate, with so much baggage LOL, anybody in their right mind would sooner or later test you, with your history and track record….
    So Stefano, you are testing her, good for you, a Man in your position, does not make it in life as long as you have, without testing people, supposed to be loyal to you, Over and Over again.That’s how the survival game is played.
    I did like Kate and Stefano together, wonder how they will resolve all that.
    I still think, that the writers will find a twisted plot to put Stefano and Marlena together, the way they did Hope and John, just for the viewers. They have done it before, when Marlena felt so guilty pushing Stefano over her balcony (she was obsessed then )and he lost his memory.

    I really did enjoy the time Marlena and Stefano were friends, and him and Doc had a Burger together, anybody remember those days, great scenes, just loved Stefano then….The Good and Loving/Caring Stefano…..

    To All My Blog Friends out There,
    Agree or Disagree Friends,
    Happy Easter, enjoy your Family and Friends, forget about “stupid Salem and all the problems there”

    and next week we all be back – full force- to give our individual Opinions, like it or Not………….
    NOT Maggie’s or Anastasia’s, just plain good old Easter Eggs….


  103. From SandyGram

    Show April 6th:
    Well it looks like Jack and Jen have gone full circle and are back together. Sure hope the writers don’t forget to finish Jack’s PTSD story line there are so many details left to go to make him healthy again. And we need to see JJ.

    With Renee (Lexie) leaving the show in June it will be interesting to see where Cameron and Celeste fit into the story lines after her departure. From the conversation about the picture Cameron gave Lexie it would seem it was at the time where Lexie still thought Celeste was her Aunt. With Lexie being in her 40’s and Cameron his mid to late 20’s the time line doesn’t seem to fit, but not to worry it’s a nice way to say Bye Bye to Lexie with a new brother.

    Speaking of something being off! John got his memory back and helped Gina return to Hope and she finally remembered Bo. But (and there always is one), John remembers having the Anastasia Egg, but Hope doesn’t remember stealing it. And John as the Pawn remembers removing the surveillance devices.

    But #2, what about the divorce? I don’t recall John the Pawn and Princess Gina saying anything about being married (but then I was really interested in this story line, I could have missed it). Now back to John and Hope, are they leaving Alamainia without that stinking divorce that got them there in the first place? Looks like there is a wee bit of selective memory going on and a whole lot of DiMera conniving.

    Then our Kate, it would seem by Ian’s conversation he left her years ago to protect her reputation, so that would lead me to believe their relationship was after she left the world of prostitution and was moving on into the business world. When Kate moved to Salem Lucas was already in Military School making him 17 or 18. So for me, this also doesn’t fit for Ian to be Lucas’s real father, which I’m hoping doesn’t come to fruition he’s already been built into the fabric of the Horton family.

    One last comment about Post #92 regarding the Chandler Massey Interview with Greg In Hollywood:
    Quote: “Will’s job as assistant to former stepdad EJ will also take center stage. The next few months is a lot about Will and his relationship with EJ and how it evolves, Chandler says, “It’s him learning basically how to run a business and how to blackmail people.” Yep that’s just Mayor EJ being Elvis DiMera….no change but certainly something his children can be very proud of. Just a thought!

  104. From Kat

    …..learning how to blackmail people, Will you already knew, when you went to the Mansion to Blackmail EJ….. remember that one…..
    and at that time EJ already let Will know that he thought Will was …. gay…..
    and of course that he knew that Will shot him.
    So right now to me, both Will and EJ know about Blackmail,
    however EJ has backed off totally, he seems to support Will now, and of course Will’s BLACKMAIL, NO GOOD ANYMORE, the cat is out of the bag, EJ and Sami had Sex…..Dah.
    So when it comes to Blackmailing people, neither Will or EJ have anything to be proud of….Will has some bad seeds in him, just like his Mother Sami….Just a thought.

  105. From michele

    CHRIS – I agree with you. I know alot of people are Ejami fans, but I love Ejole too. I just told Ari on twitter how much I enjoy what she has done with Nichole. I can see where people would want Ejami because of forbidden love and all, but still hope MAB is right and EJ and Nichole will get back together and have a super couple love story for years to come.

    Kat – I agree with you 100% about Will and the blackmail.

    Sandygram – I agree with you about the divorce and the whole John and Hope story.


  106. From Chris

    I’m just watching the episode where Ej finds out that Nicole is pregnant and Rafe is really starting to irritate me. His involvement with Nicole’s pregnancy and Carrie is sickening. Nicole had no intentions of denying to Ej that he was the father until Rafe jumped in. Yes he was telling her that she must move back into the mansion but she would also have 24 hour care. The writers made Ej look stupid when he was living with a woman pretending to be pregant I hope its not done again. Nicole and Rafe cannot pull another one on him.
    The Alamania storyline really needs to end. It is so boring.
    Carrie just needs to go away. She doesn’t deserve Austin. How dare she compare herself and Rafe to Marlena and John.

  107. From SandyGram

    #104 Kat
    But it’s only EJ that is continually expounding to be a better man so Johnny and Sydney will be proud of him. Not to justify Will’s attempt at blackmailing EJ, it was personal not as part of learning how to be a business man. Blackmail, stealing, conniving, kidnapping, torture, etc….this is EJ’s everyday MO, as he has said personally so many times ‘He’s not going to change’. So for me unless he changes he is only lying to Sydney and Johnny about who he is and their family heritage. Why not teach Will how to run a respectable and honest business. ‘O’ that’s right da plot!!

  108. From Kat

    Yes, yes, meant to mention also,
    Bo and Hope leaving Alamainia,
    what about the divorce, that was so important to go there in the first place. I mean nobody in the USA cared, all those years Bo/Hope, John/Marlena were married, etc.
    what if that box never had been opened, the way it was meant to be, who would have ever known or bothered about that so called Phony Marriage, between a Phony Gina and John, what’s his name.
    Totally not legal in the first place, so I still don’t understand what the writers were talking about, it made no sense.
    Looks like John and Hope are going back to Salem without the “Divorce”, LOL.

  109. From Kat

    106 Chris, Bingo, you got it……
    all the way….. good one….

  110. From Kat

    Sandygram, all I addressed is the Blackmail part, not anything else.
    We really have not seen yet, except for the Abe Computer thingy…jobs programs….
    what Will is doing Now for EJ… I can not judge that part yet. So far I don’t know what EJ is up to, as Mayor, I guess we’ll have to wait and see,
    however, nothing will surprise Me,
    we all know by now, that EJ is a Bad Boy….. and I like him that way. It keeps me personally, Interested in the Show, EJ is such a wonderful, sexy, charming Bad Boy….Rafe, either puts me to sleep or annoys me royally….
    I guess they are doing their jobs as actors, the way they deal with
    Their Characters…..
    As I talked about many times, give Jack some time, he will change and become the man that Jenn will go back to, she has always loved Jack…. I like Jack today, very mature in his thinking about Abby…..

  111. From Janiebell

    I seem to b unable to get a post, even though I have tried several times. Have I lost my posting or is this because I now use a library computer?

  112. From irene

    I would like to know would like to know why John has to pretend to whisper when he talks. It drives me nuts. Also Saki and rate fell out of love tr fast. It doesn’t work that way. Rate professed his undieing love so deep and then got carries eye.really?

  113. From Vivian

    Victor cannot be Daniel’s father. Victor is Philip’s dad, making them half-brothers That would make Philip Melanie’s uncle…and she was married to him. Hope the writers remember that…

  114. From Angie

    Well I have been watching DOOL since 1986 or so (I am 37 now). I hate to say it but it has been several years since I have been really interested. I still continued to watch out of habit but I am really finally getting interested again!! Great story lines going on. Here’s my humble take on them:
    1. Sami/Rafe/EJ/Nicole/Lucas/Carrie/ Austin – best multi-love triangle. Of course everyone has their opinions of who should be together but sometimes the wait is what makes it interesting to see where the feelings go because if everyone were together and happy, then it would be boring and there’d be nothing to look forward to.
    2. I like all these storylines too: Kate/Stefano/Ian, Brady/Madison, John and Billie being ISA, what will happen with Lexie. Will is doing a really good job with the coming out storyline, and his interactions with Marlena. I like Sonny too. I also like this new Cameron.
    I could do without Gabi.

    Anyway the show is finally getting interesting again.

    And Daniel needs a love.

  115. From patsy

    I say watch the raitings on days these couples are on to see who brings in the best raiting and go with it instead of trying to force a couple down our throats because they look good together one way to get the raitings up is rid of Carrie and Madison I like to see Rafe and Brady fight for Nicole love enstead of the same ole same story of Sami Nicole and EJ yOU ARE LOOSEING FANS INSTEAD OF WINNING FANS Same old story gets old after a while Happy Easter I didnt get to go to church today (sickto my stomach ) so i,m bored

  116. From Fiona

    on MAB so to you Rafe is the ‘bad dumb guy’ but Nicole who set everything in motion is little miss ‘innocent’ ? Seriously ? When Sami did the same she was trashed by some but Nicole nope it is alright for her..okkkkkkkkkkkkk i don’t like Rafe above all because he is boring, smug and self-righteous but it is MAJOR double standards here, it is not even funny.

  117. From Mercedes

    Rafe is such a wonderful specimen of a man!!!! Just an overall good guy. What a sweetheart.

  118. From grandma to many

    actually Will was not very good at the blackmail attempt so I guess there is alot EJ can teach him :)and now Kate has taken to wearing the fingerless gloves again are we going to see a who dunnit murder plot soon ? I think Ian would make a great victim

  119. From patty

    Yes Mercedes, Rafe represents everything a real man should be. Everything he does is out of the goodness of his heart, no self serving agenda.
    I like that he advises Lucas to go back to his fiancee because Sami will drown him. I’m afraid he is right though and Lucas will be sucked into her deceithful web once again. I had high hopes for Lucas and was hoping they wouldn’t make him a sucker again.
    Talking about her fingerless gloves, Kate manages to take them off long enough to have sex with Ian. EEEWWWWW! As soon as they are done, Kate has a change of heart and flies out of there, fingerless gloves and all. Maybe it was Ian’s ugly looking robe he had on that made her see the light. Hugh Hefner he is not.

  120. From patsy

    WELL WRITERS whats you going to do now .???Your have tryed every thing to make EJOLE work but for most it isnt working ,Lets see they have stole EJAMIS love story in so many ways trying to steel EJAMI FANS HOWS THAT WORKING FOR YOU .tHEY TRIED THE tango and now they are doing the hide the baby story .THEY HAVE MADE Nicole such a weak pothic person ,sHES NOT WORTH WATCHING .ONLY THINGEjole sold was sex no love story .NO build up just sex .

  121. From michele

    I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!

    He is a weekly preview, it is not a good one for us Ejole fans, BUT all you Ejami fans will enjoy it.

    Although even us Ejole fans will enjoy seeing Ej shirtless. :-)

  122. From luvtoread

    was watching a rerun of Charmed and recognized Ian playing a demon.
    He was mesmerizing in the role; such a great actor

  123. From Fiona

    Yep patsy Ej with Nicole is a big joke, this regime tried very hard to make them work and like with Sami and Rafe, it did not work AT ALL, ratings with them together and a very contrived ‘angst’ are still BAD BAD this point it is pathetic..and don’t worry Michele Sami is just used as some plot to make some angst between Ej/Nicole ‘pathetic..oups i meant ‘beautiful’ story..cough ick Ej is used as some contrived plot to make some angst between Sami and Lucas..sadly for the majority Ej will have scenes with pathetic Nicole..PUKE but enjoy !

  124. From patty

    Sami is turning into a slease. Today she’s getting week knees over EJ’s naked chest, next Lucas (if I remember correctly, he’s got great abs) while moaning that she misses Rafe. Who next, the plumber down the street? Can’t say that I’ll be sorry to see those writers go.
    Meanwhile I found this little gem, not sure what it means.
    Tuesday (“The New CEO”)
    Kate lashes out at Sami for stealing her job;
    Could it be that Sami takes over Kate’s job. Payback from Stephy maybe since he now knows Kate slept with Ian.

  125. From MAB

    Fiona – no disrespect, but I don’t have to explain myself to you or anyone else about what I think of any of the characters on Days. But I will say this…I never once said Nicole was innocent about anything, so I don’t know where you got that from. I like Nicole, but she is not innocent in this at all, but it was dumbo/Rafe’s idea to lay claim to being the father of her child. And that was all on him, not her, even tho she is going along w/ it. He needs to get his priorities straight and stop playing father to another man’s children. And some actually believe Rafe is everything a real man should be?? NOT! He lies, cheats, bullies, and uses people for his own agenda. He’s no better than the rest of them.

  126. From patty

    Rafe does not cheat, lie , bully or use people for his own agenda. He didn’t make Nicole hide her pregnancy from EJ, as a matter of fact he told her at the very beginning that it wasn’t a good idea and that she should tell him. He’s covering up for her now because he promised her he would help her keep her secret. He has nothing to gain from this so he is not doing this for his own agenda. He has not cheated on anyone and he’s moved out of the way so Carrie and Austin can make their marriage work. Again, putting others first before his own needs. Yes Rafe is the better man, boring or not, that is what good men do. Unless he starts to murder, blackmail, kidnap, frame, use, brainwash and lock up people he will remain the better man.

  127. From jolie

    Carrie needs her tail kicked up around her shoulders for being so wishy washy. Matter of fact, Sami needs her tail kicked over her shoulders for being so wishy washy. Roman does as well. He always ends up smelling around Marlena when John is off doing Lord knows what. Get a life Roman. Carrie and Sami, straighten up or it is the wood shed for you both. I feel a bit sorry for Austin and Lucas. Austin is just sort of a goof ball but lovable. Lucas is just totally so honest about Sami and what she’s up to then will do whatever she wants him to. Got to love that Lucas.
    Kate and Ian…I can’t take much of this. I agree with whomever wrote that we need that murder mystery with Ian and Madison in the starring roles and quick.
    Gabi, take a chill pill. Girl, your neckline is too tight or something is cutting off the blood to that noggin. Ask Abigail where that kind of thing got her.
    Jack and Jennifer, back together…yawn, yawn, drool…sorry, I dropped off to sleep. Did you all know Jack and Jennifer were back together?
    Sorry that Lexie is leaving. Have loved her and not loved her over the years. I am glad that Celeste is back but why did we have another baby secret that is just coming out and is Ian the baby daddy? What will become of poor Theo if Lexie dies? I worry over that one.
    Will-I love that his character will expand and that gayness will not define him. Let him grow. And let him have another friend besides Marlena who is obviously distressed about her dishpan hands and has taken to wearing gloves. Something is up with that gal.

  128. From patsy

    SEEMS LIKE no matter how hard the writers try to ruin Ali/Sami and James /EJ AND THE EJami love story it just makes the EJAMI fans stronger and want their couple together maybe one of these days they will wake up .I hope befor its too late and MATT Laure get their time slot .I still think Rafe andNicole would make a good lovestory .first friendship a deep love they both deserve but I dont see that happening they are too busy trying to push EJOLE rafe ANDCarrie down our throats

  129. From Kat

    Jolie, not dishpan hands not for Marlena, but hand that look to old to go with the surgeries on the face. I saw those hands a while back, and they were old.
    I should not say that, because I did not like the comments about Lisa Rinna’s looks, but Lisa admitted that she went to far, and I like her for that.
    All I meant to do is address the mystery about the Gloves with Marlena and what my thoughts are on that problem, nothing more or less. Sorry Marlena, but by wearing those silly gloves, you brought up the question……, not at big deal, however with trying to stay young in the face,other problems can arise???
    Wow, I would guess Stefano is Mad….Kate and Ian, you better start ducking….
    Ian in that Bathrobe, the color, sickening…. IMO, some of you might love it, go for it….not this kid, he looked like Mr. Mustard looking for Miss Ketchup….
    You got to love Lucas, little Lucas giving his all to scare EJ.
    I said before, Lucas had his chance to put Sami and His Kids into a penthouse, all talk no action.
    I don’t think EJ and Sami will click, not this time, have a feeling that Nicole and EJ will get back together, could almost see her waver today, almost, she did Not insist anymore that Rafe was the Father….left if wide open. Now it is Her Baby, just like EJ said My Baby, all those two have tgo figure out that it is
    Their Baby, bing and we will have a winner…Could be so simple…..
    Madison and Brady, I FF most of it.. The story just does Not Grab me, doesn’t click for me, don’t worry, it could be just me, no problem.
    Today, Rafe, what is he doing now, stalking Nicole, wherever she goes, he shows up, He would be
    better looking for a Job/Money, instead wandering around the Horton Square, talking Mother’s to be into deceiving the father’s of their baby’s. The second time around now, getting very lame.
    Writers, give that guy Rafe a SL,
    his character is getting pathetic, Galen I am rooting for a good SL for you, tired of calling you “Boring Rafe”.
    Lost one of my Best childhood friend “Max” in Germany, friends for 55 yrs., he was my first crush at 14, forever Family Friend/Member, my husband/Kids loved him, we were always in touch, just talked to him on his BD, next day he was gone. I feel like I lost part of myself, I am so Hurting inside, He meant the world to Me, always has and always will. Darn that Evil Cancer
    We thought he would beat it, and I was looking forward to see him this year in Germany…..My brother – that looks like BO – and him were also best friends, now both of them are gone…..
    Thank you, but I feel better, for being able to write this down, to “Strangers”, hope you know what I mean.

  130. From MAB

    Rafe cheated on Sami – he kissed Carrie and in my book, that is cheating. Also, he’s only moved aside for Carrie because he knows he can’t tell her the truth about the scheme he’s hatched w/ Nicole. And this includes lying…and he’s lied too many times to count, especially on the job. He bullies anyone who has a different opinion than him, women & men…he’s bullied Sami, Nicole, EJ, among others. And he has used several people for his own agenda, like using Nicole to get the goods on EJ when she had the CD. And all this is things he’s done in the past, not to say what he will do in the future. And this has nothing to do w/ Nicole’s current situation. No, he didn’t force Nicole to hide anything, that was her own doing. He just went along to get back at EJ, since he seems to have a fetish when it comes to any child that belongs to EJ. And since Daniel disapproves of it, he’s now got an attitude toward him…just someone else he will probably try to bully in the future. So far the only thing Rafe’s innocent of – that we know of – is murder & brainwashing.

  131. From patty

    Elvis is guilty of all those and more and you still think he’s God’s gift when in truth he is the devil’s spawn. Rafe’s faults don’t even come close to being as bad as EJ’s sociopathic tendencies.
    Sex is cheating, a kiss is still just a kiss.

  132. From patty

    Wanting to protect children from evil is not a “fetish”. Rafe loves children even if they are not his own. EJ looks at children as a posession. I remember a time when he kicked Sydney out of the house with Nicole when he thought she wasn’t his. Then he kidnapped her and pretended she was dead and brought her mother her bloody clothes when he thought she was his. Who could blame Nicole or Rafe to want to keep this baby from him.

  133. From michele

    Kat – I am so sorry about the loss of such a close friend. My heart and prayers are with you and your family.

    #123 As you all know, I hope they get back together. I love Ej and Nichole together. I have never liked Ej and Sami together, but then I have never liked Sami so that may be why. I want her to end up alone for awhile and to be forced to suffer for her sins, learn how to be a mother, daughter, grandchild and niece and then they can find her a love interest. I do not believe she loves EJ the way Nicole does, but I do not think she has ever loved a man as much as Nichole loves EJ. It seems she loves them, leaves them and moves on to the next guy and starts all over again.

    MAB – I agree that Rafe is not all good and agree that no one on this show is all good or all bad. I also think he used Nichole and cheated on Sami. But because he is written by the writers to be a”good” guy, he never has to answer for what he does. Just like the rest of the “good” guys. I have always said if you are a Horton or Brady you can do what you want and everyone will excuse it, but if you are associated with Stepheno or Nichole (it used to be Victor too but not sp much anymore) you can not go out to eat, to the hospitol, for a walk, basically out of the house without a Brady or Horton assulting you, yelling at you, confronting you, calling you names, etc. How many times have FBI/Police Officers Rafe, Roman, and Bo allowed Sami to physically assult people. How many times have they done it or thretended to do it and nothing ever happens to them ever! I have said a thousand times for everything bad Nichole has done I can name something equal or worse that Sami has done, for everything a Dimera has done I can name something a Brady and a Horton has done. Salem is a corrupt place to live, but it began with the Mayor (long before even Abe was mayor) and the police and trickles downward.

    Kat – I agree that it Nichole was softer with EJ today.

    I think it is very wrong for Nichole to lie to EJ about being the babies father. But I also think that she is acting out of being hurt and if Rafe did not say he was the father that she would have told him the truth. I still believe she will end up telling him the truth and should be talking to someone that does not hate EJ for advice. She should call Cloe and talk to her or Brady. Anyone that will have her best interest and the best interest of the baby on their mind and not just how much they hate EJ. Don;t get me wrong I do believe that Rafe does believe that this is all only for Nichole BUT I believe he is only fooling himself.

    I do believe that Rafe is written as the “good guy” like I said but another problem I keep pointing out with the way this good guy is written is ,,,,a “good guy” would be in contact with his young sister, esp. if he knew he was getting the Mob mad at him. Rafe knows that is you bring a knife to fight a Dimera they will bring a gun, so why would he knowingly keep them as an enemy and NEVER even check on his CRAZY sister?

  134. From cathy

    I will be watching dool for the last time week.With John and Hope comming home to boring Marlena and Bo it will be boring, boring now without John and Hope fighting Stefano.That was the only thing that made dool worth watching so goodbye dool.

  135. From Kat

    Michele -thank you,
    MAB and Michele, ditto all the way, we are on the same wave….LOL
    To all Rafe fans, let’s just face it once and for all, I like the character of EJ, not so much for His Deeds, but because He is a
    Dynamo person on the screen, I can’t help but enjoy watching his every move. The Man/Actor/Character just Got It. The whole Bundle of All of them, are a Total Gift for me to watch, so please, whoever you are, enjoy Rafe, no problem, I always enjoy EJ, no matter what, Deal, can any of you out there live with that….
    Michele you are so right, Nicole could call Brady or Chloe anytime, they are her friends, she does not need Rafe, to “help her mess up her life even more, ”
    Rafe is No Help, he is a calamity, big time, nothing good can come from Rafe covering up the Truth, been there, Done that,
    and it turned out No Good, Nicole……THINK BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER….Shouting out

    Again, Rafe, concentrate and get a Job, if anybody will hire a “Fired Cop”. Remember all the problems Sami had in Salem to get
    a job, after all the corrupt things she did, Only Family would hire her.
    When Rafe kissed Carrie, after having lusted for her for a while, no doubt about it, He cheated on his wife Sami… He did not know about Sami and EJ then, He plain and simply cheated.
    I would not want my Man, working in an office with my Sister in law, and acting the way they did, lusting, yes lusting and then finally kissing, we’ll never know what might have happened, if the Wife Samantha had Not walked In…?
    Somebody mentioned it, forget who,
    as for Sami Not taking Alimony, she did Not work for sooooooooooo Many years, only a little bit lately for Madison/Kate,
    she did Not support herself, Rafe supported Her all those years…..
    What was the last paying Job Sami held….
    then when Rafe got canned for corruption, right around that time, Sami started earning a paycheck – finally – and now, for the time, she has No income…..
    so let’s not get to carried away, that Sami is this totally independent woman, She is Not……/
    Again, the character of Rafe needs a lift, right now he is nothing but a drifter, hanging around a married woman, maybe to get revenge on her husband, and if Nicole can’t figure that out, sooner or later, than she is really not the smart cookie I thought she was. Nicole, face realty, you love EJ, the way he is and when he had that Unfortunate encounter with the Mother of his presumed Dead Son, he was not beholden to you, the divorce papers Had Been Signed…
    So be fair, after all the stuff, that went on between you and EJ and Brady, you made your choice, you picked him, good and bad and all, so give you child his real father, once and for all, I would like to see that…..

  136. From patty

    michele, i don’t get why Rafe or anybody else in Salem should tiptoe around the DeMiras and be led around by the nose for fear of retribution. The Bradys, the Hortons, the Carvers , Rafe, they are good people who might have been led to do bad things to either protect themselves or someone they love from the Demiras. Their reign of terror should be stopped by any means possible and if good people resort to playing dirty or bending rules to get it done I say more power to them. Unlike Sami,Nicole knows how to fight back, she’s a survivor.
    Even if Rafe was to check on his crazy sister ten times a day, like Jack and Jen didn’t know about Abbigail, he has no way of knowing what goes on in her head. His sister is not a threat to society yet, as are the Demiras.

  137. From patty

    When Nicole took EJ back, she certainly wasn’t expecting to get pregnant by him. That changes everything as to how much she is willing to overlook in EJ’s criminal lifestyle. She’s always wanted a child more than anything in the world and knowing what EJ is capable of makes her very scared, not for herself but for her child. With good reasons, like she says, the guy has henchmen on speed dial.
    Kat, you keep enjoying EJ’s every move. You should enjoy tomorrow. Lots of sputtering and mumbling nonsense but he does grab Sami for a kiss (Oh no, cheating again!)and takes his shirt off while he tries to fix a pipe with Rafe’s tools. He doesn’t even know what end of the wrench to use.

  138. From gerri

    you said it well.too funny about the wrench…
    I blogged earlier,hasn’t posted yet.
    I wanted to send Kat my thoughts on losing her friend,maybe It will post later….

    Patty all your posts(I always enjoy,as we are in agreement,with practically everything)esp any comments about Salem’s Crime Family……

  139. From Kat

    Thanks patty, but after EJ is doing all this, does he really still have feelings for Sami,,,,
    or does he want Nicole back….????
    What about Sami, does she still have feelings for EJ, or do both of them realize for right now at least, that they are maybe just, what, something, parents to their children, “friends”, something, but not lusting to get back together…???? I guess we will find out, after the big test….. I doubt very much that Sami would have taken Rafe’s tool to her new place, but maybe she did, I have not seen the show yet, so I really can’t spar with you yet, I have to wait until tomorrow.
    And No, Not cheating again, EJ is so to speak Free Again, just like the last time, the divorce papers were signed again and I believe filed this time.
    So again, Kiss or Not Kiss, EJ again did not cheat, like the very much married Rafe at the time did. Patty, good goofing around with you, let’s enjoy our differences….

  140. From Kat

    As a matter of fact, when the kiss tomorrow happens,
    Sami and EJ, both actually are Free Agents, to kiss who ever they want to….
    Rafe is divorcing her,(Sami)
    Nicole is divorcing Him (EJ)
    Nothing at all like the married people in heat in the office….. Married Carrie and Married Rafe…..

  141. From Guest

    I love EJ, but what the heck kind of games is he playing??? He kisses Sami and then tries to be as alluring as possible. Its as if he thinks, I can have anyone I want, no one can resist me. He makes Sami promise nothing will happen between them. What on earth is that about? His lack of comfort with tools is priceless.

  142. From Mercedes

    Well said Patty! The few little inadequate things about Rafe can NEVER. Omar’s to the pure evil that EJ is. Not even close. You were spot on. It is so nice to see people not afraid to speak up for likening RAFES character way better than the slime that is EJ. He is so awful. Has he ever done a stand up thing in his crooked life? Just for what he did to Rafe with the jail, drugs and the fake Rafe was horrible. He endangered his children without even caring. And here is Rafe loving EJ’s children despite the fact they they are not his biologically. Thank God for Rafe. What on earth would those kids do without. Good father figure.

  143. From patty

    #139 Kat
    I personally think EJ has no feelings at all but he is acting like he’s trying to prove to them both that there is nothing between them. He tells Sami that he will get Nicole back so I think EJ’s just toying with Sami and is up to no good as Lucas predicts. Of course she gets hot and bothered but that is just Sami needing to get ..huh….her leeky pipe fixed. I hear Lucas will be doing that pretty soon. But then she says she ” loves” Lucas so that won’t be cheating either right.
    So kissing is not cheating anymore? Or does this only apply for Rafe? EJ kisses Sami when both of them are still not divorced and when both proclaim to love someone else. The same rules should apply for everyone.

  144. From Shani

    I don’t think kissing is cheating & breaking wedding vows. But for those who do think kissing is cheating & that Rafe & Carrie cheated, then Sami & EJ also cheat with their kiss. Of course, Sami & EJ went all the way, too, cheating in a huge way when they rolled around on the DiMera couch. Being angry with your spouse or even being separated, does not count as being a free agent to do intimate acts with someone else. You are legally married until the divorce is FINAL! Not just papers signed but FINAL! It’s amusing how the EJ lovers/Rafe haters try to pick on every little thing Rafe does to try & make him out to be bad like EJ. So far, Rafe doesn’t even come close and it’s because Rafe is basically a good guy but EJ is evil down to his core. If you prefer the villian, admit it & enjoy, why continually tear down the good guy?!

  145. From Maryl

    The difference between the Rafe and Carrie kiss is that it was something they both wanted to happen. They desired one another–no denying it–even now–they have a thing for each other. Both were married at the time and to make matters worse–Rafe desired and kissed his wife’s sister. Rafe and Carrie cheated, not with just the kiss, but in their hearts. They disregarded all the “taboos” and did it anyway.

  146. From Maryl

    If Stefano kicks Kate to the curb, she will probably lose a lot of money and power–she may be broke–so I’m wondering if she will go back to being a waitress like she was a few years back. Remember her working with Faye Walker? I loved that–so funny! She would have a hard time working with those “open-finger” gloves! Maybe she could work for Sonny. Also, Sonny could hire Rafe as a busboy–would give him a much needed job.

  147. From patty

    Maryl,EJ had sex with Sami while their son was presumed dead and they were both married to someone else. If I remember correctly, EJ also cheated with his wife’s sister right under his wife’s nose. Now that didn’t count because?????How’s that for disregarding taboos? Not to mention that he is also responsible for killing his wife’s mother, how does that compare to Rafe’s kiss?
    I agree that Kate is in deep well deserved doodoo but spoilers indicate that EJ is considering turning his father in to the ISA. Might not happen but it also says that Steph is feeling the pressure and that Shane comes back more determined than ever to put him away. One can always hope.

  148. From patsy

    I am so tired of the EJ Sami and Nicole This back forth is getting OLD Put him with one and move on to some of the other people on the show You are not going to make every one happy no matter how you try .Put him with the one WHO will bring up the raitings and live with it witch ever one it is .

  149. From Shani

    Amusing spin about a cheating kiss vs. a non-cheating kiss! Does that also make casual sex OK vs. honest to goodness deeply in love sex which is cheating?! So I say to my husband, oh, gosh, I kissed Joe down the street but not to worry because he’s not really in my heart. Don’t think that would explain it away!! I still feel what is is & there shouldn’t be a double standard for whichever couple is doing the act, whether it’s kissing or having sex.

  150. From patty

    Shani, we all know Rafe never slept with anyone besides his wife so he didn’t have an affair nor did he cheat. I don’t agree or approve of the kiss with Carrie but Rafe was determined to save his marriage after that and stayed away from her. Even though Carrie seems to want to pursue it, we have yet to even hear him say he is in love with her. The kiss is not what broke their marriage apart, the grief sex and Sami’s lies did.

  151. From Shani

    patty 150 I agree.

  152. From Kat

    145 Maryl, I see it the way you do.
    Strictly talking about the Kiss,
    Rafe and Carrie at the time, were totally married to others,
    they had lusted for each other for quite some time, and We All saw that one……
    and they finally gave in and kissed……
    and if Sami had not walked in, where could all that have gone, could a full affair have started right then and there. I would say Yes, the way those two feel for each other.

    Sami and EJ are both in the middle of a divorce, I think there is a difference –
    the sex between EJ and Sami, – EJ had at that time also signed the much wanted (by Nicole) Divorce Papers.
    Not Sami however…….
    I think there is a big difference, if a couple is living together/married, or separated, papers filed and the “Married” Part if over. At least in my mind….
    I would Not want my Husband working with my Sister in Law in the same office, lusting for each other, and what the Heck
    so they Kiss, It’s not cheating.. LOL
    Not while they are still going home to the Other Half,
    unlike Sami – Now- and EJ (both times).
    Well folks, we all had our say, how we see it all, the writers are doing their job, they got us plenty talking about it.
    So in an hour I get to watch the talked about scene, EJ taking off his shirt, and trying to fix Sami’s plumming, with Rafe’s wrench, that Sami took out of the Loft and she shouldn’t have, Tools stay with the Man..when you split up.
    Just to make one thing very clear, I have ever said, that I “HATE” Rafe, so some of you, save the “RafeHater” word, I am not one, just think his ROLE/Character is boring…OK- and I also never said, that Rafe is as bad as EJ. Rafe is just boring,
    and he needs a job.
    For Me, EJ brings so much more to the screen
    than Rafe, but the writers are doing that.
    However, I think that I would like James/EJ in any role – because he has such a presence
    on screen.

  153. From Kat

    150 patty, Rafe stayed away from Carrie, Because He got caught by Sami……..?????? Otherwise I guess we will never know where this could have gone, in secret?????????????

  154. From Maryl

    patty–you are right about EJ’s many transgression–we “EJ Girls” know about every one of them–we are not defending him or trying to make him look innocent. Of course, he isn’t–he’s Mr. Tall, Bad and Sexy–that’s what makes him such a powerful imposing character. As far as Rafe’s transgressions–you’re right–they don’t compare to EJ’s in the degree of badness, however, he is not completely without stain and to gloss over some of his actions is showing that it seems to be ok for him to do questionable things, because he is Mr. Perfect. So EJ fans take up for EJ and Rafe fans take up for Rafe. It won’t change any time soon. IMO. The EJ character is driven by reasons–he always acts on his instincts that’s what makes him so dangerous and exciting–great for a fictional character–(not so good for real life situations). But since this is fiction–a viewer can afford to accept him as this very complex, intriguing character who does have a softer side to him which he lets us see once in a while. Rafe on the other hand, as a fictional character is kind of like “what you see is what you get”. Very boring and bland for a viewer like myself. Not much excitement in any of Rafe’s actions–even when he is hanging on EJ for a SL, he still comes across lacking. For those fans who love Rafe–good for you!! You have chosen the easy one. For those of us who love EJ–it’s not so easy to defend our complicated bad boy, but I will chose his character any time of the day over Rafe’s.
    Oh, by the way, when EJ cheated with Taylor (Nicole’s sister), I believe the marriage between EJ & Nicole was an “arrangement”. It was not meant to be the real thing–or a marriage based on love. Nicole agreed to the arrangement so she could have time with Sydney. EJ had made it clear to her what the so-called marriage was about. Of course, Nicole wanted it to be real and eventually, she got her wish. No excuses, but just the facts of what was going on between EJ and Nicole at that time.

  155. From MAB

    Here we go again…people putting words in my mouth. I never said EJ wasn’t guilty of those things, but he’s supposed to be. He’s a DiMera!!!!! Unlike Rafe who everyone claims is a ‘good guy’ when he is FAR from it. You just can’t admit that your precious Rafe is no better that the rest of them. That’s the difference, bottom line! If you think EJ is devil spawn, so be it, who cares. I don’t get that wrapped up in hatred of a fictional character. This is not real life. And I don’t consider anyone God’s gift, but if anyone fits the bill, EJ/James Scott sure does come close!

    I don’t care if Rafe loves children or not, he has a fetish towards EJ’s kids, period. And it’s not about protecting them, it’s about him sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong! Sami & Nicole willing had children w/ EJ and he is their father, so Rafe needs to get his own life & own children and stop trying to take EJ’s. And if his claim is that all he’s trying to do is protect them, well I’d like to know from what. EJ has never harmed Johnny or Sydney and never will.

    Michele – you’re so right. Rafe never has to answer for anything he does. I’m just sick of the good guy claim when he doesn’t come close. And it has nothing to do w/ EJ, although some will claim it does. Rafe has major issues, but it makes him human just like the rest of them. The problem has always been that Rafe fans will never admit to his wrongdoings. They make excuses for anything & everything he does. EJ fans will admit to his, but we’re still able to see the other side to him too.

    There would be nothing interesting happening on any soap opera in there weren’t villains. And the DiMeras are the crème de le crème. I don’t know why some constantly complain about them getting what’s coming to them. If they did and went away, we’d have a bunch of people roaming around Salem w/ nothing to do, being boring.

    Kat – I believe Nicole was right when she told EJ that he would never get over loosing Sami. I’ll always believe he loves her and wants her regardless of what he says or does. EJ was at his worst emotionally when he lost Sami, trying to kill himself.

    Rafe having feelings for Carrie and kissing her while married to his wife is cheating. And no one said Sami & EJ didn’t also cheat. Also, same goes for Rafe lovers, you pick on every little thing EJ does as well. Difference is EJ is supposed to be bad. Rafe is supposed to be a good guy, but he is not. And I do prefer the villain, and I admit to it everyday. The EJ character is far more interesting & versatile. I’m not tearing down Rafe…I’m tearing down the fact that he isn’t a good guy like some consider him to be.

  156. From patty

    Mab, it looks like the creme de la creme is going to turn sour real soon or haven’t you heard, Steph kicks Kate to the curb, EJ is not his son, Lexie is dying, Chad won’t have anything to do with him and the ISA is closing in on him.

    Maryl, I understand and it’s fine if you prefer tall badass EJ to the tall ,dark, sexy, strong silent type like Rafe. I know he’s not perfect, nobody is,I just don’t agree that he is just as bad as EJ . You may think that Rafe comes across lacking, well to me and many others, EJ is the one lacking, little things like human decency and morality and yes, class. He’s just a thug dressed in expensive suits and sorry, I don’t get thrilled by that.

  157. From MAB

    Whatever’s in store for the DiMeras only keeps them on screen more, so I say bring it on! The more stories involving the DiMeras, the better. Kate screwed up, and now she’s gonna have to deal w/ Stefano’s wrath. I say oh well, she should’ve known better…but I’ll always keep hope that one day they’ll reunite, that is when someone does us all a service and kills off Ian McAllister. I think it’s funny Stefano hands CW to Sami. As far as the rest of the DiMeras, Lexie is only leaving because the actress is retiring. Chad’s future as a DiMera is always up in the air. His character only became interesting because of the reveal he was a DiMera, so I think eventually he will return to his roots. And as far as EJ, I’ve said since the beginning that I don’t like where the writers are going w/ him not being Stefano’s father. I think it’s the stupidest idea ever! But I’m not holding by breath that this spells the end of the DiMeras. We don’t know what plans Stefano, or EJ, have in place, and who’s to say that all this drama may just turn out to be another DiMera scheme in the end?? I think some of this is all a little too convenient all of a sudden, like EJ just up and moves out of the mansion w/o even discussing it w/ Stefano. I’m gonna have to wait to see how this all plays out. And for those who relish the idea that the DiMeras may vanish, I sure wouldn’t hold my breath in thinking they are history.

  158. From Kat

    156 patty, thanks for all the good news, sounds like it will get real interesting in Salem.
    Stefano on the war path, EJ finding out that Stefano is Not Daddy Dearest, ISA after Stefano, fun, fun,.
    Better than just a Salem with only boring Rafe, and by the way, no body ever does say, that Rafe is as Bad as EJ, we all know what/who EJ is and we enjoy him anyway. He is exciting, and it’s fictional.
    No matter what, Rafe’s character just is sooo boring to ME.
    I am watching a fictional SL in Salem, Not Reality TV. Of course if EJ was a real character on TV, he would be despised by me,
    but in a fictional story – he keeps me interested.
    Today – Sami and EJ made it worth watching,they own the screen,and Stefano on the phone with Kate- great stuff.
    Bring on big drama in Salem, make it juicy and worth watching.
    Still can’t stand Ian, but he is an interesting character, so easy to dislike, so far…..

  159. From Maryl

    patty–Rafe is not so tall–compared to EJ he is average in height. I guess if you like the burly type he might be sexy and handsome. He could also use some of the “thugs” clothes once in a while too. He goes around looking pretty slouchy most of the time. Now–your turn. Ha!

  160. From jolie

    I think we’d all be without a soap to fuss over if the Dimeras faded from existence. And Shane and John and Billie and agent whoever can worry themselves silly but they’ll never get the goods on the Man! Yes, Stefano is a bad egg but you can’t help but like the guy. He is purely evil at times and still has some class. I am not happy about Kate cheating. What the heck writers?? She would know better so I am not buying it. Sloppy storyline. Totally against her grain. He has that hold on her and they’ll drift back together. So torture her a bit but don’t keep them apart long. I am ready for Chad to take up his part in all this. He is lounging around being all pretty for the magazines but this is wasting his character. Get him in deep with his daddy dearest. And Elvis moving out…does he know something is about to change radically? Yes, Stefano stiffed him on the election but why? Something more in the recipe than what we are seeing.

  161. From Maryl

    jolie–good blog–agree with you 100%!!

  162. From Kat

    Maryl, Jolie, good one,
    patty, you are up next.
    Are we having fun yet, I am, don’t know what is better, the SL or the blogs….

  163. From patty

    Ok, my turn. You talking about those pink shirts there Maryl? Nah, I just don’t see Rafe in those. Those are for dandies and pansies(to borrow Kat’s word) but no one can wear those jeans like Rafe does!!

  164. From SandyGram

    Today’s show was very entertaining:
    - Kate being so upset and realizing she made a very big mistake being with you know who. I don’t think we’ve seen this kind of emotion from Lauren before, she can be a great crier. But as always didn’t like Creepy Ian!

    - Seeing a lighter side of Sami and EJ, although there were those underlying sexual overtures, they were charming today. And the hand shake just before he left and her softly saying ‘let go of my hand, great touch’ to the end of their salivating over one another.

    - EJ getting sprayed by the water was great fun!

    - Johnny saying he lived in Salem not the Land of Nod(we need more Johnny to keep things lightened up)

    - Finally Will and Sonny -loved the way Chandler and Freddie portray these characters and the writers have given them award winning scripts for this story line. Although Will says he’s not going to tell Sami, she will find out that Will is gay and as he said she will make it all about her.

    - SPOILER: Just wait until Will hears not only is she living in an apartment provided by EJ, but she will now be going to work for Stefano as CEO of Countess Wilhelmina when Stefano kicks Kate to the curb. Not only is Sami going to have to come to grips with Will’s sexuality, but how will she explain to him she has totally come to the dark side (for which she has always had one foot in the door)?

    How many times has it been mentioned that EJ should get his own place to live; or in jest I have said move them all into the DiMansion together….so what happens EJ suddenly owns an apartment building and it seems everyone is moving in there.

  165. From Kat

    163, patty, nothing wrong with EJ’s pink shirts, he is Man enough to pull it off wearing them, just like Brady could wear all those lavender shirts…..So all of a sudden the word, that I got cruified for, Pansy, is ok, I talked to my family the other day, and we talked about the blog and the word pansy, since my daughter in laws froze the other night, nothing wrong with calling some on here “Pansies” specially when the shoe fit.
    Nothing wrong with how those jeans fit Rafe, nobody ever said, they did Not fit great,

    and nothing wrong with that gorgeous body EJ showed us today…. wow. Let’s just all agree, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I go for EJ, you go for Rafe, but only in fiction world… just like I might not have chosen your husband, and you would not have chosen mine.
    Makes them both still great, but I pick mine…………..
    Why does it have to mean that Sami is going to the dark side, all she going to do, is run CW with Billie…..dah.
    So what about Will, he is living in EJ’s building, and so does his Mom, so what’s the beef…..
    When EJ thought that Sidney was not His, he had them leave, so give Stefano a chance, he is so deeply hurt right now, that maybe he just can’t be near EJ, his beloved EJ right now…. everybody re-acts different when in total pain….
    I heard that pansies are “woossies” O(?) Not Dandies….
    so in hind site I was right about some of the bloggers on here in the past.
    I think dandies are something all together different and I don’t want to go there, and just to make sure – patti – I never called anybody a Dandy, that is your word alone…….just to keep things straight.
    I am really having fun…..let’s finally all be good sports about our different opinions about Rafe and EJ etc…

  166. From Maryl

    patty–are you talking about the jeans that sag on Rafe’s b#@!?? Maybe they sag because of the way he slouches and his abs look like they are caving in–he has a caved in looking chest. The color of clothes is no object for EJ–he can wear anything and still look manly and sexy. His broad shoulders, abs, and chiseled muscular chest far exceeds Rafe’s physique.
    I’m tired and spent, patty, so give it your best–I won’t take the floor in this debate anymore for today! Ha! Enjoyed “batting” with you! Good night everyone!

  167. From patty

    …and what a b#@!?? that is! Ha!
    Actually, even though I like eye candy as much as the next gal, appearances are not what is important to me. What is inside and what they put out as a character is what really matters. Rafe puts out positive vibes behind those beautiful,smoldering kind eyes and has not a mean bone in his well proportioned body. EJ , though he does it brilliantly, portrays hatred and vengefulness . Even when he’s trying to be good, you can sense an underlying tone of deceitfulness in his dark soul. Nicole sees it and even though she loves him, can’t trust him. Sami is not bright enough to see pass the nose on her face.

  168. From patsy

    HUA Patty Nicole is not that smart IF sshe was she would not of got mixed up with EJ in the first place expecialy after he call out Samis name while they had sex the first time She deservers all the bad stuff that happens to her .She had a chance for real love and blew it for FIVF MILLION DOLLARS AND THATWAS NOT HER DADS FAULT ..

  169. From Claire

    Stephano giving Kate’s job to Sami is AWESOME, the rest of this show is garbage except Will story for the most part..and Michele : Nicole did AS MUCH worse as Sami in her ‘soap’ life, her so called ‘love’ let me laugh, she said the same to Eric and Brady, she is also not better than Sami in this area ! Ej not being Stephano son is
    awful..what a nightmare except
    for the Sami spoiler..Ha.

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